#geeknights | Logs for 2016-06-30

[00:38:51] <Aria_> I watched a video review of the new star ocean
[00:39:01] <Aria_> The guy mentioned it was short like six times
[00:39:21] <Aria_> Then I saw in the written review the video was hosted on that it's 20 hours.
[00:39:31] <Aria_> I expected like... 4?
[00:39:42] <Aria_> And would've been happy with 4, honestly =P
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[09:05:59] <Bronz|work> Hi Apsup
[09:07:12] <Apsup> morning
[09:29:12] <Bronz|work> How goes?
[09:42:42] <Apsup> Fine fine. Will go to present my Not-Spider-Man game idea to the class.
[09:42:45] <Apsup> today.
[09:43:00] <Apsup> I meant to say today somewhere in that sentence, but forgot.
[09:43:02] <Apsup> :[
[09:53:38] <Bronz|work> Ah, well, many people forget about today, and focus only on the past, or the future
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[10:23:11] <Aria> Good morning
[10:24:59] <Bronz|work> Hello aria!
[10:25:09] <Bronz|work> I left you a steak, I realized this morning.
[10:25:20] <Bronz|work> It'll be on the counter, wrapped in tinfoil.
[10:25:31] <Apsup> Good morning.
[10:25:40] <Aria> alright, cool, thank you
[10:25:54] <Apsup> I'd say that you are up late, but it's not like I woke up early ether.
[10:26:29] <Aria> And I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my eyes open even this late
[10:26:34] <Bronz|work> Ya'll a bunch of lazy-asses.
[10:29:06] <Apsup> guilty as charged.
[10:29:54] <Bronz|work> I sencance you to 1 hour of naps after lunch!
[10:30:11] <Bronz|work> *sentence
[10:30:13] <Apsup> I don't always eat lunch.
[10:30:38] <Bronz|work> Dangit, Apsup! Stop avoiding the law with your legal loopholes!
[10:31:29] <Aria> I like Platinum's online presence
[10:31:47] <Aria> They don't just post promotional stuff, but also useful stuff, also fun stuff
[10:34:44] <Apsup> That's always fun.
[10:36:06] <Bronz|work> You know what I don't like? 1/3rd of all my tweets are bloody promoted tweets.
[10:36:18] <Aria> Stop using twitter.
[10:36:40] <Apsup> And follow more people.
[10:36:44] <Aria> This actor in Bayonetta had done nothing since 2004, and then they were in Bayonetta, and has done nothing else since
[10:37:09] <Aria> Which is strange. How did they find that guy?
[10:42:34] <Bronz|work> Maybe he auditioned?
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[10:47:12] <Bronz|work> Hi mr. Duck.
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[11:03:03] <PlugMyDuck> hi.
[11:03:10] <PlugMyDuck> just hopping online to idle =)
[11:06:15] <Bronz|work> That's fine.
[11:06:21] <Bronz|work> Good luck with idling.
[11:28:23] <Aria> Rick Astley put a bunch of his songs without music videos on YouTube
[11:28:28] <Aria> With lyrics in the description
[11:29:29] <Aria> So good on him
[11:36:20] <Bronz|work> Coolio.
[12:09:22] <Aria> This guy is pretty good https://www.artstation.com
[12:26:06] <Aria> This steak is kinda bland like this
[12:27:52] <Bronz|work> try making some gravy, maybe even go so far as boiling some rice
[12:28:10] <Bronz|work> All you need for both is to add hot (or boiling) water.
[12:28:33] <Aria> Sure
[12:43:22] <Bronz|work> Speaking of, this chiken soup is extremely salty
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[13:12:27] <Apsup> Blagh.
[13:12:32] <Aria> Hello
[13:12:39] <Apsup> I leave home, check the weather, sunshine and 27 decrees.
[13:12:42] <Apsup> Now, rain.
[13:12:46] <Bronz|work> =(
[13:12:49] <Apsup> Still pretty warm though, but rain.
[13:13:07] <Apsup> Was supposed to do food shopping after class, but no way I go in the store looking like a wet dog.
[13:18:21] <Bronz|work> Indeed, when they see hot wet dogs, they tend to throw those out, I think.
[13:19:28] <Bronz|work> Btw, I apologize I implied you're a sausage/animal for the sake of a joke.
[13:20:04] <Apsup> Well, you also implied that I'm hot, so no offence taken :P
[13:38:11] <Aria> Ugh
[13:38:16] <Aria> EA opened low
[13:38:21] <Aria> right now they are where they closed
[13:38:22] <Bronz|work> =/
[13:38:25] <Aria> But I assume they will move back down
[13:38:30] <Bronz|work> Who knows?
[14:59:38] <Aria> Hey good news
[14:59:57] <Aria> Maybe I was wrong? I've not lost like 400 eur so far today
[15:00:00] <Aria> Still 300 in minus
[15:06:20] <Bronz|work> Eh, good news.
[15:08:08] <Aria> Nintendo should make a VR console
[15:08:11] <Aria> I want VR Pokemon snap
[15:34:55] <Bronz|work> Would it be with the VR controllers?
[15:35:04] <Bronz|work> Would you have to bring your hand to your face?
[15:36:11] <Aria> Oh yeah, you can have a button on the headset, and then use that as the only input
[15:36:37] <Aria> Does duolingo do Japanese?
[15:36:45] <Aria> I want to learn Japanese suddenly
[15:39:58] <Bronz|work> I don't think so, they don't have the keyboard for it.
[15:40:33] <Apsup> you can do japanese with normal keyboard.
[15:40:56] <Bronz|work> They also have Hebrew listed.
[15:41:15] <Bronz|work> I think they support English learning for japanese speaking people, but not the other way around.
[15:42:02] <Apsup> looking at the site, I don't see japanese on the list of languages you can want to learn.
[15:43:14] <Bronz|work> https://ja.duolingo.com
[15:43:23] <Bronz|work> Japanese is indeed not on there
[15:43:30] <Aria> Oh but I want to learn kanji, Apsup
[15:44:03] <Aria> That is not a bad idea
[15:44:08] <Aria> Maybe I should take that course
[15:44:24] <Bronz|work> I was gonna say "Rosetta stone supports it" but they support it for $119
[15:44:29] <Bronz|work> Not that bad, actually, but still
[15:45:20] <Aria> But but JA > EN is probably harder/you learn faster anyway
[15:45:23] <Aria> So I can do that
[15:47:01] <Bronz|work> 'k.
[15:47:48] <Aria> Ok, this is hard.
[15:47:52] <Aria> So never mind
[15:48:37] <Bronz|work> =P
[15:48:54] <Bronz|work> If you search for "Japanese course Duo-lingo" You'll find some posts where they help you get started
[16:03:55] <Aria> Why does Japan still use Kanji?
[16:04:08] <Aria> Korea managed to migrate away no problem
[16:15:54] <Apsup> Japanese are stubborn?
[16:17:18] <Aria> https://youtu.be
[16:18:55] <Apsup> I can't tell if that one girl slipped, or was it part of the dance.
[16:19:14] <Aria> It's not part of the dance, but might be on purpose
[16:20:08] <Aria> She manages a stretch without slipping in the middle
[16:29:07] <Aria> What is the Telltale marvel game?
[16:30:32] <Apsup> There is only one type of game Telltale makes these days, so I would assume that's it.
[16:30:47] <Aria> Yes but what IP
[16:31:15] <Aria> Insomniac is doing a spider man game, says my podcast
[16:31:41] <Aria> And Telltale doing something else for Marvel
[16:32:16] <Apsup> It's probably the rest of Marvel. At least stuff which's move licences are not on Fox.
[16:32:41] <Apsup> Apparently Marve/Disney don't like to use those characters anywhere ever anymore.
[16:33:07] <Apsup> So Avengers and associated characters?
[16:33:14] <Aria> But X-Men is like their second biggest thing
[16:34:28] <Apsup> As long as fox has the movie rights Marvel keeps them hidden in the comics.
[16:34:45] <Aria> Isn't Deadpool part of the Xmen license?
[16:34:53] <Aria> They did a Deadpool movie
[16:34:55] <Apsup> I guess so.
[16:34:58] <Aria> And three games
[16:35:15] <Apsup> The games came before. This thing is pretty recent.
[16:35:29] <Aria> Ah ok
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