#geeknights | Logs for 2016-06-23

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[06:08:33] <Bronz|work> Good morning
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[09:04:34] <Bronz|work> hi Apsup
[09:05:14] <Bronz|work> How come this animation can be super smooth (Catching the bullet and putting it back in), but also super janky (arm clipping through the gun)?
[09:05:17] <Bronz|work> https://gfycat.com
[09:21:06] <Apsup> Because animations are made by flawed humans and enforcing quality takes time which takes money and something like reload animation is such a minor thing and so fast that as long as it about looks good, it's fine.
[09:26:35] <Bronz|work> Yeah, but, the detail of pressing the bullet back in is so smooth and pays close attention to detail
[09:26:41] <Bronz|work> It's just odd to me.
[09:28:14] <Apsup> Maybe it was so good that they thought that it's not worth risking loosing it by removing the clipping.
[09:28:24] <Apsup> As that would require redoing the animation anyways.
[09:29:38] <Bronz|work> Maybe.
[09:29:53] <Bronz|work> Could be that the animation was made for a gun with a shorter/differently shaped stock.
[09:30:02] <Bronz|work> Who knows?
[09:30:28] <Apsup> My PS4 controller might be busted. :[
[09:30:33] <Apsup> PS3
[09:30:35] <Apsup> I mean.
[09:31:39] <Bronz|work> Oh no!
[09:46:12] <Apsup> Apparently Steam sale starts today. And today I will be leaving for midsummer celebrations.
[09:46:40] <Apsup> So I'll miss the first days. If they have daily deals again, with my luck all good stuff is this weekend.
[10:28:22] <Bronz|work> They do do repeats on the most popular stuff
[10:28:35] <Bronz|work> Which is usually the best stuff too.
[10:41:38] <Apsup> Sure. But sometimes there are kinda off gems. Stuff that I'd like, but which isn't the most popular stuff.
[11:03:25] <Bronz|work> Definetly, that's fair.
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[12:48:57] <Aria> Oh its late isn't it
[12:49:04] <Aria> I figured I would wake up at like 10
[13:01:24] <Apsup> Good morning and good bye for the weekend.
[13:01:31] <Aria> Oh good bye
[13:01:42] <Aria> You leaving home?
[13:01:47] <Aria> Going home rather
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[13:19:13] <Bronz|work> Hey Aria!
[13:19:30] <Aria> hi
[13:19:34] <Bronz|work> Edmond said to tell you he gave you a very disapproving look
[13:19:49] <Bronz|work> I talked to him, and he asked if you found a job yet, or were looking.
[13:20:12] <Aria> =P
[13:22:21] <Bronz|work> I also told him that you might be leaving Ireland (due to rent being up), and he asked me what that meant for me.
[13:22:33] <Bronz|work> He's also anxious to know if I'm staying here or not.
[13:22:46] <Bronz|work> I told him I'd let him know early on.
[13:22:47] <Aria> I see
[14:59:13] <Aria> Hey Walter
[14:59:19] <Aria> You've left, right?
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