#geeknights | Logs for 2016-06-10

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[07:29:30] <Bronz|work> Good morning.
[07:31:59] <Apsup> Morning!
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[07:38:13] <Bronz|work> How goes it today?
[07:38:24] <Apsup> Today goes fine so far.
[07:38:44] <Apsup> Took shower, drinkin morning coffee, chilling surfing the net.
[07:43:34] <Bronz|work> Appetantly, it's currently Ramadan.
[08:12:31] <Bronz|work> *apperantly
[08:13:32] <Bronz|work> I had a dream yesterday.
[08:14:01] <Bronz|work> I dreamed we had an HTC vive, and I was all "k cool" and never even plugged it in.
[08:14:11] <Bronz|work> I should mention that the Oculus is ariving today.
[08:22:13] <Apsup> cool
[08:24:16] <Bronz|work> I really hope so.
[08:26:48] <Apsup> Well it's relatively new piece of technology and you'll get to experience the growing pains of a new thing firsthand.
[08:26:58] <Apsup> That's what being early adpoter is.
[08:37:16] <Bronz|work> Yeah!
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[09:27:04] <Bronz|work> Hi Aria!
[09:29:44] <Aria> Hi
[09:30:47] <Bronz|work> how goes!
[09:35:28] <Aria> Hungry
[09:35:39] <Aria> Looking forward to getting my oculus
[09:36:24] <Aria> Says its in Ireland, but delivery hasn't been attempted
[09:36:40] <Bronz|work> "By end of day, Friday"
[09:36:47] <Aria> Mhm
[09:36:47] <Bronz|work> So y'know, could be 11.59, technically.
[09:36:57] <Aria> Thats in 1 hour
[09:37:43] <Bronz|work> I clearly meant 11.59 PM, or 23.59
[09:37:46] <Bronz|work> Context, man.
[09:40:35] <Aria> http://i.imgur.com
[09:49:27] <Bronz|work> Apperantly, it's Dark Souls 1 global restart day today
[09:49:34] <Bronz|work> So a lot of low level invaders and such.
[09:50:19] <Aria> Its not a from arranged thing
[09:50:28] <Aria> Just means the people on the subreddit make new characters
[09:53:29] <Bronz|work> I know.
[09:53:38] <Bronz|work> But you like dueling in Dark Souls!
[09:54:01] <Aria> Not enough to fight with the fullscreening
[10:15:53] <Bronz|work> Fahmi forgot I asked for time off.
[10:23:15] <Aria> Good thing you reminded him!
[10:29:57] <Bronz|work> We'll see if he forgets again
[10:30:04] <Bronz|work> "I'll look into it after this stuff" =P
[10:31:46] <Aria> GGXrd has pretty good lights
[10:33:31] <Bronz|work> fo real
[10:34:27] <Bronz|work> Is 'Taco Friday' really a thing in Norway?
[10:34:35] <Aria> Yeah
[10:34:39] <Aria> Well I mean
[10:34:41] <Aria> No
[10:34:48] <Bronz|work> Not offically,
[10:34:50] <Bronz|work> But practically?
[10:35:25] <Aria> But sometimes you eat Taco's on Fridays, at which point someone will announce "Tacofredag"
[10:35:45] <Bronz|work> I ask because https://www.reddit.com
[10:35:55] <Aria> RIght
[10:36:27] <Aria> anyway, its a thing, but not much of a thing
[10:37:42] <Bronz|work> "Same here in Norway as well. Taco isles in every store."
[10:37:45] <Bronz|work> That sounds like a thing.
[10:38:01] <Aria> Taco isles are a thing for sure
[10:38:38] <Aria> But you don't eat Taco's every friday
[10:38:41] <Aria> Or close to that
[10:38:44] <Aria> Or only on Friday
[10:39:10] <Bronz|work> ok, fair enough.
[10:39:25] <Bronz|work> I don't think I've ever seen a taco before in my life (other than the one time we ate them)
[10:39:47] <Aria> This guy has black hair, but the top has like a little patch of blonde. But it doesn't look good. It just looks like he's losing his hair =P
[10:39:54] <Aria> https://www.youtube.com
[10:40:14] <Aria> Maybe that#s why I was so surprised by that
[10:40:20] <Aria> Because Tacos are common in Norway
[10:40:24] <Aria> I don't like them a lot though
[10:40:38] <Bronz|work> He can't do Thursday/Friday, but he can do Monday/Tuesday
[10:40:49] <Aria> Do that
[10:41:04] <Aria> Fridays are easier anyway
[10:42:57] <Aria> Did you see that song I linked?
[10:44:19] <Bronz|work> No, actually, I totally skipped over that. I'll take a look now.
[10:44:43] <Bronz|work> Actually, can you text/what's app/email it so I have the link on my phone?
[10:44:45] <Aria> Just skip to the middle and look at the guys head
[10:45:07] <Aria> I don't have a phone nearby. Do the short URL
[10:45:26] <Aria> https://youtu.be
[10:45:32] <Aria> Oh thats not so short
[10:45:40] <Aria> Did YouTube add a letter?
[10:45:44] <Aria> Did they add two?
[10:46:01] <Bronz|work> They added like, 5!
[10:46:07] <Bronz|work> Anyway, I'll manage
[10:46:41] <Bronz|work> ... I can't type japanese, so I guess I'll do the URL.
[10:47:02] <Aria> ...
[10:47:06] <Aria> Um..
[10:47:16] <Aria> I didn't mean to imply its a song worth listening to
[10:47:33] <Aria> I just wanted confirmation that the guy has a bad sense in hair colors
[10:48:11] <Bronz|work> Psyche, gonna click https://youtu.be
[10:48:17] <Bronz|work> Wait, no, not that one!
[10:48:38] <Bronz|work> https://goo.gl
[10:48:48] <Aria> Oh good job there
[10:49:34] <Bronz|work> Ok, I got the video up.
[10:52:26] <Bronz|work> Well, it didn't look great, I agree with you.
[10:52:31] <Bronz|work> Not worth the effor though.
[10:53:42] <Aria> >.> I expected you to click the link, click the middle of the video, then close the tab
[10:54:13] <Aria> Its not my fault you wanted sound
[10:55:16] <Bronz|work> Videos don't play for some reason.
[11:27:17] <Bronz|work> Oh no, I think I left my phone charger at home! D=
[11:28:08] <Aria> Borrow one from AK
[11:28:09] <Aria> OH NO
[11:30:05] <Bronz|work> Kay also had one.
[11:30:18] <Bronz|work> =(
[12:20:20] <Aria> Oculus GETTO
[12:20:52] <Bronz|work> WOO!
[12:21:18] <Bronz|work> So I guess you're goin to disappear for the next 6 hours.
[12:21:30] <Aria> Nah
[12:21:36] <Aria> I'll wait until you get home
[12:22:02] <Aria> Also box is not labled, as is not very big
[12:22:03] <Aria> Might be a toy
[12:22:14] <Aria> Though its heavy, has to be Oculus
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[12:28:55] <Aria> Hi Apsup
[12:29:01] <Apsup> hello
[12:29:04] <Aria> I finally got my Oculuis!
[12:29:19] <Apsup> Woo
[12:29:23] <Aria> It only took a year.
[12:29:34] <Apsup> how is the future?
[12:29:41] <Aria> Haven't opened it yet
[12:29:51] <Apsup> laaame
[12:29:52] <Aria> My guess is filled with ads.
[12:32:11] <Bronz|work> C'mon, you're not going to open it?
[12:32:26] <Bronz|work> I admire your self-restraint, but I don't need you to wait for me.
[12:33:21] <Aria> But I'll miss market open in an hour
[12:33:30] <Aria> Acutally, you get dizzy after less than an hour, right?
[12:33:32] <Aria> Hrm...]
[12:33:42] <Aria> Fine, I'll install the software at least
[12:34:26] <Bronz|work> Y'know what you need? VR stock app.
[12:36:31] <Aria> Ok good news
[12:36:37] <Aria> It is actually the Oculus
[12:36:46] <Aria> Dunno how to open it
[12:36:57] <Bronz|work> I guess that's the bad news =P
[12:37:22] <Aria> Im legit stuck..
[12:37:54] <Aria> Well that wasn't fucking smooth
[12:37:55] <Bronz|work> Just google "Occulus unboxing"
[12:38:10] <Aria> All the things fell as I opened the box =P
[12:39:49] <Apsup> don't open box upside down.
[12:42:42] <Bronz|work> I'm with Apsup here.
[12:42:51] <Bronz|work> Opening boxes upside down is almost never a good idea.
[12:44:50] <Aria> I'd like to see you figure out which side is up
[12:46:55] <Bronz|work> It's the one that's on top!
[12:47:43] <Aria> It doesn't want to save to my G drive
[12:47:46] <Aria> F works
[12:47:53] <Aria> I should've done C, I don't want load times in VR...
[12:47:54] <Bronz|work> Is G:\ full?
[12:47:59] <Aria> G has like 6TV
[12:48:01] <Aria> B
[12:48:04] <Aria> F is close to full
[12:48:19] <Bronz|work> 6 TVs?
[12:48:20] <Aria> Didn't even give me the option
[12:48:24] <Bronz|work> That's a lot.
[12:51:04] <Aria> Oculus account?
[12:53:47] <Aria> Really Facebook? You won't let me use my 800 dollar toy without verifying my email?
[12:54:11] <Aria> Aria was taken. But I got Golgo
[12:54:18] <Bronz|work> Golgo is aight
[12:54:19] <Aria> Rockets also taken
[12:57:06] <Aria> I think every step in this account creation process was pretty unreasonable
[12:59:40] <Aria> I need to turn off SLI, or it won't accept that I plugged it in
[12:59:50] <Bronz|work> ...
[13:00:21] <Aria> But you aren't allowed to turn off SLI while you're going through setup, because its a GPU accelerated app
[13:01:50] <Aria> Also it says beta in the corner
[13:01:54] <Aria> I thought this shit was out yo
[13:02:42] <Aria> Maybe in the final version, I don't need to change my GPU settings every time I wanna use the damn thing
[13:04:41] <Bronz|work> Mebe
[13:04:58] <Aria> They want me to pull this plastic tab out of the thing
[13:05:01] <Aria> But its stuck
[13:05:04] <Aria> There is no way I can get it out
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[13:05:56] <Aria> Hey Yosh, do you have an Oculus?
[13:08:59] <Aria> I'm stuck
[13:09:04] <Aria> This thing won't open
[13:09:31] <Aria> I got it open!
[13:10:27] <Aria> Its updating firmware wirelessly!
[13:10:28] <Aria> Thats cool
[13:10:42] <Aria> But seriously, fuck that thing
[13:11:45] <Aria> ... >.>
[13:12:04] <Aria> It asks me how tall I am in USA units
[13:13:28] <Aria> The screen is off, I haven't put it on my head, already warm
[13:15:00] <Bronz|work> USA units?
[13:15:06] <Bronz|work> So like, 8 freedoms?
[13:15:38] <Bronz|work> A 'double roman candle's' reach?
[13:15:39] <Aria> I typed in 190cm and it was okay
[13:16:00] <Bronz|work> 53 big macs?
[13:16:09] <Aria> But it had 2 text fields. One for the one thing and one for the other
[13:16:17] <Apsup> you are tall.
[13:16:29] <Bronz|work> I'm 199cm =D
[13:16:49] <Bronz|work> Actually, the doctor said "199.5, but imma round it up to 2"
[13:22:18] <Aria> VR is super cool
[13:22:38] <Bronz|work> Is it?
[13:22:54] <Bronz|work> Btw, when did the markets open again?
[13:22:58] <Bronz|work> So I can remind you.
[13:23:15] <Aria> Alright scratched up the headset by bumping into a wall
[13:23:20] <Aria> 7m
[13:23:29] <Bronz|work> ... already?
[13:29:55] <Aria> I can't figure this out
[13:30:02] <Aria> How do I get to the browser in VR?
[13:30:08] <Aria> Also how do I play lucky tale?
[13:30:40] <Aria> Right, so far, VR is very cool. I need more space
[13:30:50] <Aria> That HTC outside camera thing is super crutch
[13:30:57] <Aria> The screen is piss poor quality
[13:31:07] <Aria> Number of pixels I mean
[13:31:14] <Aria> UI is not great
[13:32:16] <Aria> Is there really no browser?
[13:32:21] <Aria> We should've gotten the Vive
[13:32:25] <Aria> But um... using this
[13:33:16] <Aria> Im super happy its not a vive, because the headset would get so in the way. Also its getting pretty warm, and I would assume the vive has all the same problems, but 100 times worse.
[13:40:22] <Bronz|work> =P
[13:40:33] <Bronz|work> I bet it only has half the problems, but three times as bad.
[13:41:29] <Aria> Do old games not work?
[13:41:38] <Aria> Im trying to play Project Cars from steam
[13:41:43] <Aria> But it doesn't see the headset
[13:41:47] <Aria> Its also on sale in the Oculus store
[13:41:50] <Aria> Do I need to rebuy it?
[13:41:55] <Aria> Because fuck that shit
[13:42:44] <Bronz|work> ... you don't own it on steam.
[13:42:53] <Bronz|work> You don't 'own' it at all
[13:43:40] <Aria> Oh!
[13:43:43] <Aria> Is that why?
[13:43:54] <Bronz|work> Probably?
[13:44:03] <Aria> That makes sense =P
[13:44:08] <Aria> What other games do VR?
[13:44:08] <Bronz|work> Not sure of the Oculus works outside of the Oculus store.
[13:44:49] <Bronz|work> https://www.reddit.com
[13:44:58] <Bronz|work> Did you enable 3rd party apps?
[13:45:02] <Aria> Yes
[13:45:14] <Bronz|work> Oh!
[13:45:27] <Bronz|work> Keep talking and nobody explodes is VR
[13:45:39] <Aria> Also steam
[13:45:41] <Aria> But I will try it
[13:45:45] <Bronz|work> Steam has a tab or category or something for VR games.
[13:45:54] <Aria> Can I filter my own library?
[13:46:10] <Bronz|work> Should be able to, yes
[13:48:38] <Aria> *SIGH*
[13:48:41] <Aria> I cant run SteamVR
[13:48:46] <Aria> Oculus headset is okay
[13:48:52] <Aria> But you have to have Steam controllers
[13:49:12] <Bronz|work> ... you have a steam controller.
[13:49:20] <Bronz|work> I know you don't WANT to use that but y'know...
[13:49:24] <Aria> No the other one
[13:49:28] <Aria> The HTC one
[13:49:42] <Aria> It supports either headset, but you need to own both before it supports either
[13:49:49] <Bronz|work> KTaNE works with a 360 controller.
[13:50:07] <Aria> Yes, but I can't launch it in VR mode
[13:50:23] <Aria> Because its "Steam VR"
[13:50:34] <Aria> Oh shit it worked
[13:50:35] <Bronz|work> >_>
[13:50:37] <Bronz|work> WOO!
[13:52:02] <Aria> It works
[13:52:03] <Aria> Cool
[13:52:06] <Aria> Not the best game ot play alone
[13:52:09] <Aria> But it works
[13:56:51] <Bronz|work> Don't think we have anything else.
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[14:08:31] <Bronz|work> I have to say, the Macbook's 3 finger swipe to switch workspaces is smoooooth
[14:09:09] <Aria> Ok. Rift was cool
[14:09:17] <Aria> Not very happy that none of my DK2 games work on it
[14:10:16] <Apsup> For a second I was wondering why you were playing Donkey Kong games on VR.
[14:10:32] <Apsup> But I guess you didn't mean that DK.
[14:10:56] <Bronz|work> Minecraft VR isn't avaiable yet, right?
[14:12:00] <Bronz|work> Guess it's time to play Mirror's edge in VR using mods.
[14:12:09] <Aria> Oh that would be so cool
[14:12:27] <Aria> But seriously, the screen is a lot more pixalated than I imagined it would be
[14:12:48] <Aria> Its like in movies, when they zoom into the LCD and then transition into VR
[14:12:53] <Apsup> I thought that the resolution was known beforehand.
[14:12:58] <Aria> The transition effect where everything is fucked? Thats Oculus
[14:13:06] <Aria> Yes, I knew the number of pixels
[14:13:22] <Aria> But not how it looks on your face
[14:13:27] <Bronz|work> The screendoor effect is real!
[14:42:41] <Bronz|work> Here's a riddle for ya. A doctor was putting groceries in the car, when suddenly, a woman in the parking lot started giving birth. The doctor of course throws down the groceries, and starts the process of deliving the baby.
[14:42:48] <Bronz|work> The doctor was alone, how can that be?
[14:42:59] <Aria> The doctor was the woman
[14:43:20] <Bronz|work> You figured that way fast.
[14:43:31] <Aria> It wasn't...
[14:43:35] <Aria> hard?
[14:43:47] <Bronz|work> Well, yeah, but I thought you'd ignore me for a good 10 minutes.
[14:44:10] <Aria> I look over sometimes
[14:44:16] <Aria> I dunno how long that had been on screen
[14:45:32] <Bronz|work> Seconds.
[14:45:37] <Bronz|work> Like, sub 5
[15:32:12] <Bronz|work> What's a good name for a Knight?
[15:32:19] <Aria> Onion
[15:32:35] <Aria> Pumpledoor
[15:36:57] <Bronz|work> ... I aint gonna call my hero "Pumpledoor"
[15:37:05] <Bronz|work> Btw, hello from Therese.
[15:37:19] <Aria> Hi Therese. Have you tried those VR headsets?
[15:37:28] <Aria> They have pixels the size of apples
[15:37:47] <Aria> Or at least grapes
[15:37:56] <Bronz|work> She left already.
[15:38:01] <Bronz|work> She said it as she was leaving.
[15:38:02] <Aria> Well screw her
[15:38:14] <Bronz|work> We should invite her over, to see for herself.
[15:38:23] <Aria> Sure
[15:38:33] <Aria> Aren't Fahmi and Anne coming?
[15:38:37] <Aria> We only have one headset
[15:38:47] <Bronz|work> "At some point during the weekend"
[15:38:49] <Bronz|work> IE, not today.
[15:38:53] <Aria> Oh ok
[15:38:56] <Aria> Is it friday?
[15:39:08] <Bronz|work> Yup, today's Friday.
[15:39:21] <Aria> So 'this week' means today then
[15:39:23] <Aria> Today or before today
[15:39:58] <Bronz|work> Saturday and Sunday count as part of this week.
[15:40:04] <Bronz|work> Sunday is argueable, but I count it.
[15:41:26] <Aria> Fair enough
[15:41:40] <Aria> I don't want guests two days in a row
[15:41:51] <Aria> Plus I still need to find software for this thing, since I don't have any]
[15:42:18] <Bronz|work> Well, it doesn't have to be soon that we invite her over.
[15:42:36] <Aria> Ok
[15:42:43] <Aria> I figured out how to redeem that Eve game
[15:44:22] <Bronz|work> Cool.
[15:47:50] <Bronz|work> What's a good, super down-to-earth name for a dragon?
[15:48:53] <Aria> 'East woods stable cellar'
[15:49:15] <Bronz|work> >_>
[15:49:59] <Aria> 'Hidden underground room with reinforced door and spears'
[15:50:15] <Aria> 'shed'
[15:50:28] <Aria> 'Storm shelter'
[15:50:40] <Aria> 'Prison'
[15:50:41] <Bronz|work> I was thinking "Steve".
[15:50:49] <Aria> Oh...
[15:50:59] <Aria> That is not much of a dungeon
[15:51:02] <Aria> Thats a person
[15:51:12] <Bronz|work> ... why would you give me dungeon names?!
[15:51:31] <Aria> You asked for dragon names. Right. I misread
[15:51:48] <Aria> Ganondorf Dragmire
[15:52:02] <Aria> See, because Drag
[15:52:04] <Aria> Dragon?
[15:52:13] <Bronz|work> Drag gandorf?
[15:52:32] <Aria> Rawrar Drof Dragon Mire
[15:52:50] <Aria> Anyway, go with Oscar
[15:52:56] <Aria> Or Lucy
[15:53:33] <Bronz|work> Oh, I like Lucy!
[15:53:41] <Bronz|work> I didn't think of the dragon being female, actually.
[15:53:51] <Aria> Luke
[16:07:38] <Bronz|work> Ok, going home now.
[16:07:44] <Bronz|work> It's still raining, but I'll be fine.
[16:07:47] <Aria> You're ;ate
[16:07:57] <Bronz|work> I know.
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