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[18:20:01] <apreche> gotta get my znc working again
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[18:24:49] <Apreche> Here we go.
[18:31:29] <Aria> You're a rare sight
[18:31:37] <Aria> And FRCBot is back
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[21:59:11] <Aria> Hey Apsup, you present?
[22:02:35] <Aria> When you read a story, do you imagine the details that are not explicitly described?
[22:04:06] <Aria> Like, if the characters are sitting around a table talking, do you also imagine a time of day and if the table is indoors or outdoors?
[22:07:30] <Apsup> No I don't think so.
[22:08:06] <Apsup> I feel that I tend to ignore even the details that are given, focusing on what is beign said and done more.
[22:08:39] <Aria> Do you imagine body langauge and gestures that aren't mentioned?
[22:08:52] <Apsup> No
[22:09:04] <Aria> Alright..
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[22:30:42] <Naoza> That's nifty, last time I logged into IRC I needed a specialized client. the browser wasn't quite up to the task
[22:31:05] <Aria> What browser are you using that has built in IRC?
[22:31:24] <Naoza> ..chrome
[22:31:25] <Aria> Konqueror I think does
[22:31:30] <Aria> Chrome has IRC?
[22:31:35] <Naoza> I don't think so
[22:31:53] <Naoza> just javascript that allows me to read what you type and type myself
[22:32:03] <Aria> Oh you're using the Quake webchat?
[22:32:12] <Aria> Cool
[22:32:25] <Naoza> I think that's what's going on
[22:32:39] <Aria> Say, can you replace "Yadda yadda" with "pish and posh", or are those used in different contexts?
[22:33:06] <Naoza> I think back to the last time I used yadda yadda
[22:33:09] <Naoza> earlier today
[22:33:19] <Naoza> and had I used pish and posh I would have confused people
[22:33:31] <Aria> Hrm alright
[22:33:54] <Naoza> I was typing a long uri, and only the first few characters mattered
[22:34:10] <Naoza> so I typed vastage.yaddayadda...
[22:34:30] <Naoza> and it went fine
[22:34:47] <Apsup> Not sure if I've ever seen pish and posh, or if I have I've not known what it means.
[22:35:20] <Naoza> only time I've heard it was in the context of the expression: pish posh applesauce
[22:35:20] <Aria> Oh?
[22:35:30] <Aria> Might that be a regional thing
[22:35:38] <Aria> They say it in England
[22:35:42] <Naoza> a way to say bullshit just to children
[22:36:29] <Naoza> if you have the english accent, I imagine you can unironically say poppycock
[22:36:38] <Naoza> which I would do at every opportunity
[22:37:01] <Aria> I hovered over your name to see where you were from, but of course it just gives me the web chat server =P
[22:37:15] <Naoza> CT
[22:37:18] <Naoza> US
[22:37:30] <Naoza> originally NB Canada
[22:37:55] <Aria> If you just start saying Poppycock unironically, I think you can get away with saying Poppycock unironically
[22:38:08] <Apsup> oh poppycock
[22:38:19] <Naoza> I don't see that doing anything but disrupting the conversation
[22:38:37] <Naoza> similar to how pish and posh probably would
[22:39:17] <Aria> Apsup, have you heard pish posh?
[22:40:42] <Apsup> Maybe?
[22:40:54] <Aria> Is that not a thing say?
[22:41:03] <Apsup> I don't say it.
[22:41:05] <Aria> Is that not a thing people say?**
[22:41:18] <Aria> I forgot a word there somehow
[22:41:41] <Apsup> I don't think people say it a lot. I would remember hearing it, if they did.
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