#geeknights | Logs for 2015-07-15

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[06:05:30] <Bronz|work> Hello, Apsup, everyone
[06:10:15] <Apsup> Hallo.
[06:13:47] <Bronz|work> How goes it?
[06:35:56] <Apsup> Fine. We start work quite late today. I hope we won't be doing quite full day.
[06:36:21] <Apsup> Would hate to get home in the evening and then have to soon after go to bed.
[07:05:25] <Bronz|work> I went to bed as soon as I got in, but that was only a nap.
[07:05:36] <Bronz|work> Btw, do you ever sign your name on any of the paintings?
[07:08:18] <Apsup> No? What paintings?
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[13:15:46] <Bronz|work> Hello Mr. Pony
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[13:27:12] <Bronz|work> Hey yoshokatana
[13:30:00] <yoshokatana> morning
[13:50:11] <Bronz|work> How goes it?
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[14:44:31] <Bronzdragon> Hello, I'm home again.
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[14:53:12] <Bronzdragon> Hai Apsup
[14:59:13] <Apsup> hallo
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[15:49:32] <Apsup> Damn me for having firstname.surname@gmail.com with a common first name and surname. Someone with my name had accidentally used my email when booking a flight.
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