#geeknights | Logs for 2015-05-19

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[06:55:04] <Bronz|work> Hello
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[07:24:22] <Bronz|work> Hi Churba
[07:54:15] <Churba> Yo bronz
[08:05:06] <Bronz|work> How do 'n such?
[10:20:42] <Churba> Ah yeah, same old really. Working, writing, playing some games here and there.
[10:27:38] <Bronz|work> Sounds like the good old time.
[10:41:33] <Churba> How's yourself, outside of real slow moving MIRC conversations?|
[10:43:38] <Bronz|work> Oh well...
[10:43:40] <Bronz|work> Y'know.
[10:43:42] <Bronz|work> Keeping busy
[10:44:13] <Bronz|work> Actually, Aria and I happened to get a racing wheel, pedals and a gear shift mounted on a bucket seat.
[10:44:16] <Bronz|work> It's cool
[10:58:53] <Churba> Oh man that's pretty sick
[11:01:33] <Bronz|work> I know!
[11:04:33] <Churba> What have you been playing with it, if I might ask?
[11:05:16] <Bronz|work> So far, mainly project cars
[11:05:26] <Bronz|work> Though also some Fzero on the gamecube emulator
[11:27:06] <Churba> Oh man, project cars, had my eye on that for some time now. Looks IMMENSE
[11:51:06] <Bronz|work> We even set up face tracking via webcam.
[11:53:44] <Churba> I'm always slightly sad that no matter how esoteric and strange the vehicles get in any racing game, my car will likely never be included
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[11:56:22] <Churba> Though, I suppose in Some I can re-create my first car
[11:56:26] <Churba> Almost, anyway
[11:59:57] <Bronz|work> Just slide the balance slider all the way left, and it'll be wonkey too!
[12:02:03] <Churba> I'm afraid the joke is lost on me because all of my vehicles have been rock-solid, reliable and perfect except for all of them
[12:03:09] <Bronz|work> I'm also slightly disapointed in the selection of cars
[12:03:17] <Bronz|work> There's not that many 'normal' road cars
[12:03:32] <Bronz|work> They're all road cars that are good at specific rasing tasks
[12:03:45] <Bronz|work> They don't have sucky cars, except go-karts, I guess.
[12:06:22] <Churba> I like how Forza and Grand Turismo are just like "You want cars? Fuck it, have ALL THE FUCKING CARS"
[12:06:59] <Churba> Gran Turismo 6 has 1197 cars
[12:07:00] <Bronz|work> Yes, that part is very nice
[12:09:30] <Churba> I'll admit, I'm tempted to buy another mini
[12:09:43] <Churba> Not the shitty new ones, I mean a proper mini
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[13:10:59] <Bronz|work> Hello!
[13:17:04] <Churba> New face.
[13:23:42] <Churba> brb, restart
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[13:30:31] <Bronz|work> Hello yoshokatana.
[13:30:35] <yoshokatana> morning
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[13:36:06] <Churba> Right, back
[13:36:22] <Churba> Fucking dragon age and it's looping sound bug.
[13:45:40] <Bronz|work> Oh nooooo
[14:10:08] <Churba> Also got into a dumb, confusing argument in which I'm half convinced this guy is trolling me.
[14:11:33] <Churba> Basically, a mate of mine says "I want to learn to program, but I don't know where to start". So, this other guy suggests he learn these two languages, and I've suggested that he learn how a computer works from the ground up, then worry about languages after he's got a grasp of that.
[14:13:38] <Churba> Programmer guy keeps getting real confused by this, and I've literally run out of ways to explain that I mean "How the computer physically works." The closest we've got now is that he thinks I might mean learning logic gates and binary, and still thinks you should just learn java first.
[14:15:42] <Churba> Ideas?
[14:18:26] <Apsup> Ultimately both methods work. Learning from gound up gives you more and wider variety of tools, but taking a language and going from it, let's you make stuff a lot faster.
[14:39:39] <thatsatanicpony> I’m not that new a face, I’m a new skin on an old face (wryterra)
[14:41:27] <thatsatanicpony> And I think that learning how the computer works is less and less important these days, even if it still has value, so what does he want to learn?. Does he want to learn how computers work or does he want to make applications? It’s getting similar to the transition from everyone knowing how to repair their own car to garages needing licensed connectors and diagnostic tools. You don’t need to know how it works or care any more
[14:41:28] <thatsatanicpony> the languages are so high level.
[14:44:31] <Churba> True, but he's starting from zero. Like, computers are a magic box that makes noise, and internet comes out zero.
[14:44:54] <Churba> He can use a computer just fine, being a product of the modern age, but any deeper than that, he's rather adrift.
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[15:03:36] <Bronz|work> hello again
[15:04:16] <thatsatanicpony> hey again (laptop disconnects everytime i lock the screen and you better believe i lock the screen when i step away from my desk!)
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