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[07:52:56] <Bronzdragon> Hello it's me!
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[11:46:43] <Churba> https://www.youtube.com
[12:07:27] <Apsup> Yo Churb.
[12:13:49] <Bronzdragon> Yo Apsup, Churba
[12:30:00] <Churba> Yo bronz, Apsup
[12:30:13] <Bronzdragon> How's your saterday so far?
[13:09:36] <Churba> Aw yeah, not so bad. I made some stuff in the morning, we didn't record the show in the morning like we were meant to but we'll do that tomorrow, had a pizza
[13:09:46] <Churba> Yelled at an editor a bit
[13:10:37] <Churba> "Hey, gibbs, you want to cover the new royal baby?" "Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME JACK?"
[13:30:03] <Apsup> Hoo. I had a guest, wasn't able to irc.
[13:30:55] <Churba> There were lewd suggestions involving pineapples that followed
[13:31:04] <Churba> And anatomically impropable uses thereof
[13:31:22] <Churba> Also, started catching up on Star Wars rebels. It's really fucking good
[13:32:40] <Apsup> Maybe I should check it out. At some point. So many things to watch.
[13:33:04] <Apsup> And then I waste time by rewatching stuff like Avengers: Earths mightiest heroes.
[15:14:23] <open_sketch> hi churba!"
[15:14:29] <open_sketch> hi asup!
[15:14:34] <open_sketch> apsup
[15:14:37] <open_sketch> words words
[15:14:39] <open_sketch> hi internet!
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[15:56:17] <Churba> Hey Sketch! How goes, mate?
[15:56:30] <Churba> Been playing some dragon age - Son, you done hyped it up, but it was fair.
[15:56:49] <Churba> Game is fuckin' good
[15:57:11] <Churba> Playing a Rogue, assassin/bard subclasses
[16:03:40] <Apsup> The first DA or sequels?
[16:24:14] <Churba> The first, Origins for now. But I'm getting close to the end, and I'm about to embark on DA2
[16:24:25] <Churba> A little salty that bioware never have their DLC go on sale, though
[16:24:42] <Churba> Because I wouldnt' mind being able to get that for at least somewhat less than I paid for the entire fucking game
[16:31:25] <Churba> Don't know what class I'll play in DA2, though
[16:38:02] <Apsup> I haven't played DA2 or 3 yet ether. Got DA2 recently off humble bundle, but I have so many other crpgs to play, that it might take a while until I get to it.
[16:38:24] <Apsup> Especially when lots of my list is games that are generally well liked, when DA 2 was less so.
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[17:18:26] <open_sketch> dragon age
[17:18:32] <open_sketch> i keep trying to get through oranges
[17:18:36] <open_sketch> but i can never quite manage it
[17:18:48] <open_sketch> before getting distacted
[17:21:01] <Churba> WAIT
[17:21:08] <Churba> You're not the one hyping dragon age.
[17:21:16] <Churba> That's fuckin' Alex
[17:21:20] <Churba> FUCK
[17:22:11] <Apsup> One of my problems with DA 1 is how it was way too long and felt really long too. Some areas really dragged on and on and I took several long breaks form the game when I played.
[17:25:11] <Churba> Yeah, I'll admit, It's getting to that point now. I'm nearing level 20, between my dude and my party there's basically no skill challenge that's actually challenging anymore except for open combat, and even that can be a snooze sometimes.
[17:26:20] <Churba> And yet, I've only just reached...big city place thinger. Denerim, I think? Either way, I'm just strolling through it. To the point where many enemies are more annoying for wasting my time, than a real threat.
[17:27:13] <open_sketch> i kind of wish it didnt have combat
[17:27:16] <open_sketch> and i could just like
[17:27:20] <open_sketch> visual novel that shit
[17:28:00] <Churba> Urgh the combat is annoying as hell. They say they improved it in DA2, I fucking hope they're right.
[17:30:24] <Churba> Though, if I could just stealth through the entire game and kill as few people as possible, that would be sick as hell.
[17:30:43] <Churba> anyway, I gotta get to bed, FNPL in the morning and I can't be late.
[17:31:15] <Churba> Night all
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