#geeknights | Logs for 2015-04-25

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[09:01:31] <Churba> Join us today on FNPL for a goofball discussion about Cars and Handbags!
[09:01:41] <Churba> Or don't, because we're awful!
[09:35:33] <Churba> Nah jokes we're alright.
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[11:30:13] <Churba> fuckin' quieter than usual in here
[11:33:44] <Apsup> It's weekend. Shouldn't people be doing something more fun than just sitting on irc all day long`?
[11:35:09] <Churba> Hey, man, I attended dawn service, went for breakfast, recorded a show, managed to catch up in time for a midday service elsewhere, and even managed a few drinks down the pub before grave visits.
[11:35:41] <Churba> So to be fair, I guess I'm craving the normality of a dead-silent FRCF chatroom
[11:36:08] <Apsup> I managed to vacuum my aparment and thorw some of the trash lying around away. Still didn't clean my table.
[11:36:16] <Apsup> So, I've almost done something today too.
[11:36:33] <Apsup> Also, planning to have a cofee with a friend at somepoint near future.
[11:37:10] <Churba> (To be fair, services are mostly just sitting and standing at the right times and listening to blokes preach about sacrifice and such.)
[11:37:22] <Churba> So I guess I managed to...visit graves, and eat breakfast.
[11:37:54] <Churba> Still, good show today. Short, sharp, bashed it out on topic with enough jokes to keep it rolling.
[11:40:31] <Churba> Not bad, for an ANZAC day.
[11:41:30] <Apsup> And just when I was about to ask when should we have the coffee my friend has left steam, 3 minutes ago.
[11:50:22] <Churba> Fuckin' hate it when that happens.
[11:55:43] <Apsup> Churba: Regarding your latest tweet. Isn't the difference that now people talk based on the looks of the joker, when then it was about the choise of an actor?
[12:00:42] <Churba> Not really. Because people are basing their entire assessment on ONE photo. The Look of the joker amounts to "Propably white skin, looks like a nutter". The rest is all in how you act it.
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[12:07:49] <Apsup> Sure, there is no reason to jump to conclusions and do hasty judgements, and to be fair, I've barely seen how people have reacted to the new joker photo, only seen the picture.
[12:08:41] <Apsup> But I also think that people can have preferences on the look of character such as joker, who has long and varied history.
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[12:11:27] <Apreche> People who don't like the style of that joker haven't ever seen and issue of Suicide Squad. That's exactly the aesthetic of that series.
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[12:14:09] <Apsup> I've read maybe three or four issues of Suicide Squad.
[12:21:25] <Churba> Apsup - long story short, People are freaking the fuck out. In just the /r/movies thread, 5K+ comments, the overwhelming majority not just negative, but agressively so.
[12:23:46] <Churba> I'm interested to see how they play Amanda Waller. I could care less about if she's skinny or big AW, but that quiet, authoritarian menace and zero fucks given attitude is a must.
[12:24:49] <Churba> Shit, Kathmandu is well fucked up by this earthquake carry-on
[12:26:18] <Apsup> The thing that kinda bothers me in this movie is that it probably means that there won't be much more Suicide Squad episodes in the Arrow anymore and I really liked those. And if the movie doesn't reach to the level of those, then I'll be even more disappointed.
[12:33:07] <Churba> Haven't been watching arrow. Is it any good?
[12:35:55] <Apsup> It swings sometimes good sometimes less so. Season 2 has been strongest so far. First one had rough start at spots and season 3 hasn't been impressing too much ether.
[12:36:19] <Apsup> It's watchable, but I prefer Flash and that would be the show I'd even suggest to watch.
[12:37:16] <Churba> Fair play, might catch a few episodes and see how it goes.
[12:38:23] <Churba> Ha, dragon age. "Will you support the shitty traditionalist asshole who hates you, and whose polices will clearly lead to totalitarian ruin, or support the progressive guy whose polices will clearly lead to good things for everybody" Gee I wonder.
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[21:24:35] <Bronzdragon> Hello!
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[21:27:49] <Demisedulous> eyyyy
[21:32:25] <Bronzdragon> How goes it?
[21:56:09] <Demisedulous> it goes well
[22:01:29] <Bronzdragon> Good!
[22:01:53] <Bronzdragon> I haven't kept up with a few of the artists I regularly listen to, and they released albums.
[22:01:56] <Bronzdragon> That's a nice surprise.
[22:05:21] <Demisedulous> Unexpected media is always the best
[22:06:04] <Bronzdragon> Yup.
[22:09:55] <Demisedulous> except
[22:09:58] <Demisedulous> when you have
[22:10:02] <Demisedulous> a massive backlog of media
[22:10:16] <Demisedulous> and new stuff keeps coming out
[22:10:19] <Demisedulous> adding even more to the pile
[22:32:20] <Apsup> Late night music discussion. Nice.
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