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[05:19:32] <mib_qx7h9t> friends
[05:19:34] <mib_qx7h9t> hello?
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[20:20:36] <Churba> Ahoy ahoy ahoy
[20:22:35] <Apsup> Yo Churbs
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[22:11:59] <open_sketch> yoooooooooooooo
[22:15:24] <Churba> Yooooooo
[22:24:57] <open_sketch> whats the haps with you
[22:27:50] <Churba> Eh, rough week. Been feeling like shit the whole time, and I can't even drive around, my car's out of registration
[22:28:16] <Churba> So, bit of cabin fever on top of feeling shitty. Other than that, though, not so bad. Decently productive, if not exactly inspired.
[22:30:12] <open_sketch> you can drive out of registration
[22:30:16] <open_sketch> you have just chosen not to
[22:30:30] <open_sketch> you have let the Man dictate to you when you can and cannot drive
[22:30:33] <open_sketch> your van cries for freedom!
[22:37:18] <Churba> My wallet would be so lonely without my driver's licence, though, I couldn't possibly put it through that pain
[22:38:18] <Churba> I mean, they've been so close ever since I was 16, I couldn't bear to part them now
[22:40:53] <open_sketch> lol
[22:41:21] <open_sketch> what sort of things have you accomplished in this isolated state?
[22:47:01] <Churba> Started plotting out everything in Terror Former, or rather, whatever I'm going to call it when I come up with a better name, read three books, wrote a little and tested a few recipies for the cookbook project that I've been dragging my feet on, did my usual work, practiced building IDs from scratch and from prior artwork(I may or may not now have a S.H.I.E.L.D security ID), worked on the Van a little(Just adjustments, I need to bu
[22:47:42] <Churba> I throw myself into things to try and take my mind off things. It doesn't really work, but still, at least I get shit done I guess.
[22:49:36] <Churba> Half of that comment got cut off, I'm pretty sure. Point out where, I'll paste the rest in.
[23:18:33] <open_sketch> "worked on the Van a little(Just adjustments, I need to bu"
[23:18:46] <open_sketch> (sorry for slow, some germans needed shooting down in war thunder)
[23:18:58] <Churba> I need to buy some parts), fixed a broken vaccum booster on my sister's car. Some chores.
[23:19:04] <Churba> It's cool, I fully understand
[23:19:06] <open_sketch> solid
[23:19:15] <open_sketch> that sounds like a pretty good accomplishthing
[23:22:43] <Churba> Eh, it's an easy job, if you know what you're looking at. Just pop out the old one, throw in the new one, and bleed the air from the system, good as gold..
[23:23:04] <open_sketch> i have no idea what im looking at tho
[23:23:05] <open_sketch> cars
[23:23:07] <open_sketch> are magic to me
[23:23:10] <open_sketch> fuel goes in
[23:23:13] <open_sketch> go goes? out
[23:27:02] <Churba> Close enough!
[23:27:55] <Churba> It's pretty much just a bunch of simple systems, working simultaneously, if not in concert.
[23:32:07] <Churba> I've always found it easier than coding and the like. I can't pick up and touch Python, or C#, but I can pick up a camshaft, or feel with my hands and feet and arse if something's going wrong.
[23:37:59] <Churba> My old boss when I was working with cars used to tell us to take every car for a test drive, if possible, no matter what's going on with it. Your arse is a diagnostic instrument as much as your OBDII scanner or a visual inspection.
[23:39:41] <Churba> Side note - the engineer character in Terror Former is based pretty heavily on a combination between my old boss Don the Mechanic, and his wife Ruby, who is a hard-drinking, sweary, irish party animal of a 65 year old.
[23:39:52] <Churba> She'll fuckin' match me rum for rum, the mad bint.