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[02:33:56] <Coby> http://i.minus.com
[02:34:04] <Coby> Brachy's Shut up and Slam Gaiden
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[03:05:53] <Coby> I beat a Chaos Magala. His weapons are negative and positive affinity, but the negative becomes positive when you get the overcome frenzy buff which results in crazy affinity like 50%+
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[11:36:40] <Bronz|work> Hello!
[11:38:28] <Apsupp> Hallo
[11:39:48] <Bronz|work> How do you like being a ghost?
[11:53:44] <Apsupp> It's spooookyyy.
[11:57:23] <Bronz|work> Ah ok.
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[13:26:58] <Churba> Ey up all.
[13:28:53] <Bronz|work> Whoa, what's this?
[13:28:55] <Bronz|work> Churba?
[13:29:53] <Churba> Yep
[13:29:56] <Churba> Seems to be
[13:30:31] <Churba> Was just looking at bitching about PAX on Ghazi, and I got bored of it and figured I'd check in with people who actually know what's up
[13:32:08] <Bronz|work> What's up with PAX, you mean?
[13:32:20] <Bronz|work> I dunno, didn't everybody leave for PAX already here anyway?
[13:32:26] <Bronz|work> So I don't think there's anybody left.
[13:33:33] <Churba> Nah, bitching about things that happened at PAX. Apparently, a gamergator who was stalking Brianna Wu turned out to be one of the enforcers, and took a selfie with her.
[13:34:13] <Churba> People are bitching that he wasn't dragged before the howling, jeering crowd and pilloried in public, basically, because people want a spectacle, and they assume it wasn't dealt with because there wasn't a giant scene made about it.
[13:37:04] <Churba> Also, because he was able to get into pax, people are accusing PAX security of failing, and demanding paid, professional security guards instead of PAX security. AND THEN some genius decided to tell everyone that enforcers are paid, something PAX tries to keep on the down-low.
[13:37:40] <Bronz|work> Oh man, that sounds like a fine mess.
[13:38:32] <Bronz|work> I can just imagine that now. "You're saying PAX *PAID* someone to stalk Briana Wu?!?!"
[13:44:27] <Apsupp> I've lukicly managed to avoid hearing about all that bullshit.
[13:45:15] <Coby> You mean like personal security over a person who is controversial among the people who'd be at PAX? Or some guy was just creeping around her and happened to be security?
[13:45:57] <Bronz|work> Also, who's Brianna Wu?
[13:47:08] <Coby> some writer who is part of a glorified internet fight
[13:47:40] <Bronz|work> Ah, right.
[14:16:21] <Coby> Someone made a beatemup out of Fatal Fury
[14:19:09] <Coby> http://seeproduction.blogspot.it
[14:19:25] <Coby> it is appropriately poorly translated
[14:19:26] <Bronz|work> Somehow I read Fatal Frame there
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[14:19:51] <Churba> Copy - No, some guy who was an enforcer turned out to also be a hardcore true-beliver gamergate sort of chap.
[14:19:59] <Churba> Coby, rather, not copy.
[14:22:48] <Coby> Well that's not good
[14:22:49] <Churba> And she's a Game Dev, rather than a writer - She co-founded GiantSpaceKat, and they're making Revolution60. She does Graphic Design, IIRC. Basically her entire crime against the Gamergaters - at least to start with - Is that she made some snarky tweets while also being female.
[14:23:26] <Coby> Wasn't that the game that looks like turned down Reboot art?
[14:24:24] <Churba> Yeah, it wasn't good. He didn't specifically hurt anyone, but he did talk some pretty dark shit, and apparently made some tacit threats.
[14:24:59] <Churba> And yeah, the early meshes do look like reboot, but AFAIK, they're still pretty alpha and that might change. I'm half-remembering, to be honest, I don't care much about the game.
[14:25:14] <Bronz|work> Wait, I forget, is gamersgate pro or anti feminism?
[14:25:22] <Churba> Super, super anti.
[14:25:32] <Churba> Wait, let me clarify
[14:26:09] <Churba> Gamergate is anti, GamerSgate, with the S, is vaugely pro, but mostly are just a website that sells videogames.
[14:27:01] <Bronz|work> Oh, that's a little confusing.
[14:27:03] <Coby> There are people who think it's about transparency of the relationship between devs and journalists. And then there's people directing that for the purpose of attacking feminists, women, trans, basically anyone they deem to identify as "SJW"
[14:27:30] <Coby> like some kind of boogeyman who wants to take away the videogames or whatever
[14:28:24] <Coby> whole thing's blown up into a mass exercise of Poe's law
[14:30:00] <Apsupp> It's stupid bullshit on top of stupid bullshit.
[14:30:07] <Coby> Yes
[14:31:09] <Churba> I'm not so sure that the transparency side are really around anymore. I've been keeping a vauge eye on a few gator hangouts over the last few months - basically shortly before last PAX AUS to now - and every time I've seen gaming journalisim come up, it's basically either been nonsense from people who don't know the first fucking thing about journalisim, people making shit up(but I repeat myself), or simply not a concern. And as tim
[14:31:54] <Churba> Mostly it's just attacking feminists, and E-celeb drama.
[14:32:44] <Coby> I think the most absurd case I saw was a charity let's play thing shutting down because what's his name... TotalBiscuit promoted it and he is vaguely related to the gamergater side.
[14:32:47] <Bronz|work> We didn't get the full message there, Churba.
[14:32:52] <Coby> also he's a member of the company that ran the charity
[14:33:08] <Coby> or an advertising partner, or something
[14:33:25] <Apsupp> Even when they try to have a point they are laughably hypocritical. Feminist critizing a game is censorship and restriction or free speech, but telling "sjws" to shut up is totally fine, thus says Bullshigater logic.
[14:34:45] <Churba> Sorry Bronz, what was the last word that came through?
[14:35:02] <Coby> tim, I think it was supposed to be time
[14:37:16] <Churba> I don't remember that one. I remember Ablegamers refusing gamergate money, but not any shut-down charity stream.
[14:37:25] <Churba> I'll need you to jog my memory there.
[14:39:10] <Bronz|work> "...simply not a concern. And as tim"
[14:39:25] <Coby> That was the whole story as far as I had heard it. They were saying they were shutting it down. I'll have to go look back to see who the group was
[14:40:01] <Churba> IT's true, I am tim.
[14:40:10] <Churba> No, wait, I'm not. Here's the rest - And as time has worn on, the number of posts that are even that kind of lip-service to the idea of journalisim have dwindled to basically nothing.
[14:40:48] <Bronz|work> Whenever I hear anything about Total Biscuit, it's just dumb drama.
[14:40:57] <Bronz|work> I'm all for smart drama, mind you.
[14:42:36] <Apsupp> I think that for about last ten times someone has linked TB's tweet on a other channel, it has been bitching about framerate.
[14:43:07] <Coby> PC is best is most of what I hear from him
[14:44:11] <Apsupp> Well, PC runs games at 60fps so it's obviously twice as good as consoles.
[14:47:51] <Coby> Not with my ageing screen though, not without screen tearing
[14:47:56] <Apsupp> I need to go get me food. To eat. To not starve.
[14:47:59] <Apsupp> See ya.
[14:48:03] <Bronz|work> Enjoy!
[14:48:09] <Coby> Bye
[14:51:48] <Churba> Later!
[14:53:22] <Bronz|work> Hello!
[14:53:36] <Churba> The TotalBuiscut game - IT's a puzzle game, where you have to carefully tweak settings and keep an oscilating graphics slider as high as possible. If you manage to max it out and get the perfect solution, the game just posts a 10,000 word rant about how clever you are to a random website.
[14:54:19] <Coby> ahaha
[15:01:35] <Coby> And looked into that story, charity got retweeted by him because he is a partner of the company. Streamer and friends said he ruined everything and that he should go die among other creative things involving his mouth and many penises
[15:04:30] <Coby> Threatened shutdown, though maybe didn't follow through on it? Though this was the streaming group, not AbleGamers, the charity group they were directing money towards
[15:21:17] <Churba> Ah, different situations. The thing I'm talking about is a response to what you're talking about - GG hosted their own charity stream after the other one shut down(which turned out to be because the guy got abused to shit by gators for saying he didn't want them in the livestream chat), and Ablegamers refused their money from the GG-run event.
[15:21:52] <Churba> Now GG hates Ablegamers, basically because they found out what ablegamers is about.
[15:22:06] <Churba> Namely, inclusivity, diversity, etc, etc.
[15:22:37] <Apsupp> The name would have told that, but in my experience the literacy rate in GG is low.
[15:26:06] <Churba> Wierdly, I've actually met TotalBiscut at a party in Leicester. He didn't seem like a bad guy at the time, we mostly just shot the shit a little bit, and then both circled away in the general currents of the party.
[15:27:00] <Churba> (This was back when he was just hosting a World Of Warcraft show.
[15:27:50] <Churba> Had no idea it was the same guy, until I saw a picture of him a while back in some gaming site article.
[15:28:47] <Coby> That is stupid. This whole thing was stupid. But even the story from the perspective of one of the streamers felt like they were throwing a tantrum over being tangentially involved with "those people"
[15:29:51] <Churba> Yeah, it's a bit of a dumb reason to cancel. I wouldn't have, personally.
[15:30:09] <Churba> JESUS
[15:30:43] <Coby> The only reasonable argument I saw was one of them saying they don't have enough mods to deal with how many people would be brought in by his signal boost
[15:30:48] <Coby> That's fair
[15:30:52] <Churba> I didn't realise how staggeringly large my ship in STO is, until just now - I was logged into one of my other toons with a different ship - a klingon warbird of some description - and spawned into a map parked next to one, thing's fucking giant
[15:32:01] <Churba> On my screen when I'm flying it, it looks much smaller.
[15:32:18] <Coby> It scales the camera pan?
[15:33:20] <Coby> Anyway, that's enough looking into any of that nonsense for the year. My head hurts every time I do
[15:34:30] <Churba> Nah, doesn't scale the camera pan. You just get used to looking at it at a particular size, because it will always keep your ship at a view-distance that allows you to see all of it by default.
[15:34:40] <Apsupp> Still playing and having fun with STO?
[15:38:51] <Churba> Hell yeah. Just about to run a Crystaline Cataclysm fleet action. See if I can place first again.
[15:41:10] <Apsupp> That has falled to that weird mmo space whre it's still alive enough for new content to be made, but it's not really talked about anywhre.
[15:42:49] <Apsupp> Did I just write falled?
[15:42:56] <Coby> You did
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[15:44:53] <Churba> YEAH
[15:45:08] <Churba> First place son, You can't stop the healboat
[15:45:45] <Churba> STO has been puttering along quietly, yeah. Secret world shares the same thing - high player count, but also not talked about much.
[15:46:22] <Churba> Heal so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me
[15:46:39] <Coby> Been wanting to try Secret World, but I know I'll just go back to ARR and Monster Hunter
[15:46:50] <Churba> Secret world is fucking amazing.
[15:47:21] <Churba> It's honestly one of the best MMOs I've ever played, and it does a ton of super unique stuff, with a theme that basically nobody else has.
[15:48:42] <Churba> Plus, it's good at making you feel super badass, as you stride into battle in a sharp suit, firing off magic and swinging an enormous slegehammer about
[15:50:10] <Churba> Or in my sister's case, a lepoard-print bra, sparkly slit-side bell-bottoms, a giant white fur coat, and a pimp cane.
[15:50:21] <Churba> With giant heart glasses.
[15:50:59] <Apsupp> I've been meaning to play some more Secret World, but haven't.
[15:51:13] <Apsupp> The fact that the game is bigger than 20 gigs doesn't help for that.
[15:51:39] <Churba> Yeah, TSW is a massive install
[15:52:15] <Apsupp> If I want to play it I need to plan ahead and download it over several days.
[15:52:21] <Churba> It's understandable - the areas are massive, there's a ton of sound-files, models, abilities, etc going on, but just because they're there for a good reason doesn't make it a smaller download
[15:56:20] <Apsupp> I gotta to. It's rpg club night. Time for some misery and drama.
[15:56:24] <Apsupp> *go not to
[15:58:50] <Coby> ARR really has that going for it, no bloat on the install at all because they gotta keep it down for consoles
[15:59:59] <Coby> under 15 gigs going into their... third year?
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[16:00:26] <Apsupp> Also talking about ARR makes you sound like a pirate.
[16:00:42] <Coby> Corsair when
[16:00:56] <Coby> Actually nevermind that, guns and cards are both taken now
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[16:02:10] <Coby> What HR are you Apsupp?
[16:02:55] <Apsupp> 4
[16:03:27] <Coby> How you liking high rank? Or have you already got a taste from village
[16:03:52] <Coby> http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net
[16:04:00] <Coby> I hit G3 last night
[16:04:09] <Apsupp> Haven't actually done much guild hall high rank, on village, it's what it is. Silgly more difficult, but not too much,
[16:04:19] <Apsupp> also I'm late.
[16:05:02] <Coby> Cya
[16:05:15] <Bronz|work> Bye
[16:06:21] <Coby> Secret World have a free trial or something? Is it still even sub?
[16:08:07] -!- Apsuppp [Apsuppp!AndChat155@hide-9CB8CC4A.elisa-mobile.fi] has joined #geeknights
[16:08:40] <Apsuppp> Apparently I hurried for nothing.
[16:09:01] <Bronz|work> OH NOOOO
[16:09:03] <Bronz|work> Btw, hello again.
[16:09:25] <Bronz|work> I like you Apsuppp, but I'm not sure if I like you 3 times as much as the rest.
[16:10:11] <Apsuppp> I'm definitely not as god as apsup prime.
[16:10:41] <Churba> Coby - It's buy-once with a subscription option for extra stuff. They don't have a free trial generally availiable, but you can get one from any current player, ususally - they give out trial codes to existing players.
[16:10:50] <Churba> I think I've got a few spare, if you want one.
[16:17:47] <Coby> if you got a spare you don't mind handing out then sure
[16:18:09] <Coby> How's it play?
[16:25:05] <Coby> Sounds like Templars are most my speed in a it reminds me of 40k kind of way
[16:26:02] <Apsuppp> The character I've played most is templar.
[16:26:03] <Churba> It plays...well, pretty mmo-ish, to be honest. Better to look at gameplay videos than asking me, honestly I can't describe it well.
[16:26:29] <Churba> (I'm illuminati, btw. Some of our mission briefs and debriefs are fucking hilarious.)
[16:26:47] <Churba> Just logging in to the site now to check my key status
[16:27:20] <Apsuppp> Illuminati is good too, but dragons are just bores.
[16:27:55] <Churba> Alright, I got keys to spare. What's your email?
[16:28:36] <Churba> Key is good for 72 hours after you first log in, BTW. If you buy afterward, you don't lose anything.
[16:29:11] <Coby> razull@live.com
[16:30:38] <Bronz|work> I got your email address now.
[16:30:48] <Bronz|work> Btw, this chat is totally logged and uploaded to the geeknights website.
[16:30:50] <Coby> D:
[16:30:58] <Bronz|work> So, y'know...
[16:31:02] <Coby> not my main one
[16:31:27] <Churba> Invite is sent. Should arrive shortly, let me know if you have any problems with it - It gives me the key, too, just in case it doesn't arrive on your end.
[16:35:11] <Coby> Got it
[16:35:30] <Churba> Sweet.
[16:36:13] <Coby> Downloading it now
[16:36:18] <Churba> Key offers open to all while I have them Except open_Sketch because he doesn't get one till I see a finished version of his Magical Girls RPG as per our agreement.
[16:36:45] <Coby> that did look like a pretty sweet game
[16:37:05] <Coby> I can't wait to see the Stands adaptation if it either
[16:38:26] <Coby> So does your faction determine anything other than pvp and plot stuff?
[16:40:57] <Apsuppp> Outfits?
[16:42:26] <Apsuppp> Also each faction has their own base with their own nova.
[16:42:33] <Apsuppp> Npcs
[16:42:45] <Apsuppp> Stupid Autocorrect.
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[16:52:13] <Apsuppp> One down.
[16:52:53] <Churba> Your faction basically determines 3 things - your PVP team, some outfits, the content of your briefings, and each gets a few unique quests, mostly related to your faction rank. On maybe 4 or 5 missions, it changes the nature of the mission - for example, dragons and Illuminati might be attacking a base, Templars would be defending it.
[16:55:34] <Churba> Also, sorry about my lag, trying to play and talk at once, but I'm down from two monitors to one at the moment, so I have to keep alt-tabbing to check in
[16:56:05] <Apsuppp> We might be starting playing finally.
[16:56:19] <Apsuppp> Still missing a player though.
[16:56:30] <Churba> haha, yeah, we were meant to play together a little more often, but times just didn't line up as often as we'd like.
[17:03:56] <Bronz|work> Hey, I'm going home, cya'll later.
[17:07:11] <Churba> later man
[17:41:25] <Churba> hah
[17:41:41] <Churba> From the latest Secret world Game Directon letter - More on the trip later in the letter, but first I want to talk a little bit more about the Enhanced Player Experience (I wanted to call it the Enhanced Player Elite Enjoyment Nirvana or EPEEN, but I was shot down by wiser voices).
[17:43:56] <Churba> Side note - that's one thing TSW is really good about, they're always very communicative with their playerbase.
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[18:15:37] <Coby> That's part of why I like ARR, too. Because the old team was ludicrously secretive about everything they decided to be very open
[18:15:49] <Coby> even contemplating putting out their four year rough plan
[18:16:15] <Coby> as well as having bi-monthly Q&A sessions, along with other ones whenever
[18:17:11] <Coby> about 40 minutes to go
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[18:18:52] <Coby> Welcome back, Bronz
[18:19:19] <Bronzdragon> Hello
[18:19:34] <Bronzdragon> I'm no longer at work, as you can tell by my dragonness
[18:23:59] <Coby> Yup
[18:25:18] <Coby> I think I'm usually asleep by now, so I haven't seen Bronzdragon in a while
[19:21:56] <Churba> Man, playing the exchange on STO is so fucking easy if you know what you're doing
[19:22:53] <Churba> A bunch of people will sell things for below half price to be compeditive and sell faster, because they don't know that most vendors will give you half price for everything automatically. Cue me in a mad buy/sell frenzy, making 300K+
[19:28:52] <Churba> The only downside is that the market is then generally very peaceable for a while
[19:38:32] <Apsuppp> From what I've heard playing marketplace is easy in almost any mmo if you know how.
[19:58:46] -!- Demisedulous [Demisedulous!half-ass@hide-21CCC867.va.shawcable.net] has joined #geeknights
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[20:25:29] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[20:25:53] <Apsup> Hello again.
[20:26:41] <Demisedulous> Afternoon
[20:55:12] zz_matchastrawberry is now known as matchastrawberry
[20:55:36] <Bronzdragon> How do you do?
[20:58:26] <Apsup> I'm fine. I'm home now.
[20:58:33] <Bronzdragon> How was work?
[21:02:13] -!- Apsup has quit [Ping timeout: 181 seconds]
[21:02:23] <Bronzdragon> oh.
[21:04:14] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[21:05:39] <Bronzdragon> oh!
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[21:12:24] matchastrawberry is now known as zz_matchastrawberry
[22:03:59] <Churba> Playing the exchange in TSW isn't easy. Because that Market is so fucking badly made.
[22:04:11] <Churba> It needs mods just to make it usable.
[22:04:35] <Churba> but, since the crafting and such works as it does, practically nobody uses it anyway.
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