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[04:32:00] <open_sketch> the patchnotes for my stupid magical girl game
[04:32:07] <open_sketch> is actually longer than games i've published
[04:32:10] <open_sketch> this thing will be the death of me
[04:43:14] <open_sketch> http://forums.sufficientvelocity.com
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[04:53:00] <Demisedulous> combat crossdresser
[04:53:13] <Demisedulous> littlest witch
[04:53:17] <Demisedulous> police girl
[04:53:22] <Demisedulous> hehehe I like this
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[07:47:43] <Bronz|work> Good mornin'.
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[08:34:11] <Bronz|work> Hello MrBRAD.
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[09:38:20] <Bronz|work> Hi Apsup
[09:38:40] <Apsup> Mornin
[09:50:33] <Bronz|work> How do you do?
[09:57:18] <Apsup> Living.
[09:57:44] <Bronz|work> 10/10 would live again.
[09:57:45] <Robobuntoo> You can't 10 ten woulds!
[10:04:29] <Bronz|work> How much wood would ten woodchucks chuck if ten woodchucks could chuck wood?
[10:04:30] <Robobuntoo> You can't would ten woodchucks!
[10:16:42] <Apsup> I'm now a 3DS owner.
[10:17:42] <Bronz|work> Do you own any games with it, or just the 3DS?
[10:18:51] <Apsup> Got the Monster Hunter 4U. And I've had to use considerable amount of my mental strenght to not just get everythihng off the eStore.
[10:37:35] <Bronz|work> I should get me some Monster Hunter, and I did consider getting a 3ds for it.
[10:37:44] <Bronz|work> But I'm sure there will be a WiiU version at some point.
[10:49:27] <Apsup> Maybe with the next MonHu generation, I wouldn't go waiting for a WiiU port of this one.
[10:49:47] <Apsup> Were they planning for one, they would have made it already.
[11:01:34] <Bronz|work> I dunno how MonHu usually works, but I thought they did the street fighter thing of releasing the game 50 times?
[11:02:52] <Apsup> Ye, they do make multiple editions of one "generation", but I feel that the game called "Ultimate" would be the last of it's generation.
[11:03:14] <Apsup> Althoug, that would mean only 2 games for 4th generation which is possible, but I dunno.
[11:06:07] <Bronz|work> Honestly, I doubt it.
[11:06:34] <Bronz|work> There's no way they made a MoHo game and have it excusively on handhelds.
[11:07:37] <Apsup> Why not? They probably looked at the sales numbers of the version that had both 3DS and WiiU release and realized that no one has WiiU even in japan.
[11:08:47] <Apsup> So far there are more handheld mainline Monster Hunter games than there are console versions.
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[11:17:19] <AriaDesu> Hello
[11:17:50] <Apsup> Hallohallo
[11:18:15] <AriaDesu> Just came home from the doctor
[11:18:20] <AriaDesu> He told me to drink salt water
[11:19:02] <AriaDesu> Also on the sick note he put different symtomps than I told him I have
[11:19:39] <Bronz|work> Hello!
[11:19:44] <AriaDesu> Hello
[11:19:52] <Bronz|work> Did you get a sick note for 2 days?
[11:19:56] <AriaDesu> Yes
[11:19:57] <Bronz|work> Also, salt water? blech.
[11:20:36] <Bronz|work> I accidentally closed down my windows VM...
[11:20:42] <AriaDesu> Good job
[11:21:01] <AriaDesu> how do you even do that? If you close the screen, you just close the screen
[11:21:08] <AriaDesu> So you can't accidentally hit the X
[11:21:14] <AriaDesu> Since its a KVM
[11:21:52] <Bronz|work> I clicked the X, and it was all "Do you want to shut down your machine?"
[11:22:00] <AriaDesu> Ah
[11:22:06] <AriaDesu> Thats a useful prompt
[11:22:10] <Bronz|work> And it had "Allow" and "Cancel"
[11:22:20] <AriaDesu> =P Thats less useful
[11:22:25] <Bronz|work> and I got confused and a lil panicked, so I clicked the right button, y'know the cancel one?
[11:22:32] <Bronz|work> Except it was allow?
[11:22:41] <Bronz|work> And cancel was on the left?
[11:22:56] <Bronz|work> Who even does that!
[11:22:56] <AriaDesu> Bombchus are like 60 rupees?
[11:23:10] <Bronz|work> Actually, it says [No] [Yes[.
[11:24:28] <Bronz|work> Also, they are?
[11:27:39] <Bronz|work> Btw, I got a call from a person working for ABB.
[11:27:44] <Bronz|work> Isn't that exciting?
[11:27:48] <AriaDesu> Oh yeah, I forgot, Zora Link can fly
[11:27:53] <AriaDesu> and sure!
[11:28:13] <Bronz|work> He works with BP though, so it was really a BP call..
[11:28:20] <AriaDesu> Right
[11:28:50] <AriaDesu> ALso, apperantly all the fairy rooms are connected. SO if you go out of bounds, you can get to another fairy room
[11:30:02] <Bronz|work> Which game?
[11:30:08] <AriaDesu> Zelda
[11:30:49] <Bronz|work> ... >__>
[11:30:54] <AriaDesu> Majoras Mask. Im watching a TAS speedrun. Its really good
[11:31:00] <Bronz|work> There are no games callled 'Zelda'
[11:35:47] <AriaDesu> Huh. Thats neat.
[11:35:50] <AriaDesu> This run is neat
[11:37:21] <Bronz|work> I wish I could see.
[11:37:51] <Bronz|work> So all the doctor said is "Drink salty water"?
[11:38:10] <Bronz|work> Because when I went, he said "Drink anything, your throat is too dry".
[11:51:45] <Bronz|work> I wish I could play vidja games here, maybe some hand of fate?
[11:52:17] <AriaDesu> He said drink salt water always to prevent common cold, drink tea or juice for sore throat
[11:53:55] <Bronz|work> You should make some stock using a few cubes.
[11:54:25] <Bronz|work> Just heat up 500 ml of water (about 2 cups-ish), and throw in any boullion cube you can find.
[11:55:59] <AriaDesu> Do we have cash in the house?
[11:56:01] <AriaDesu> Any at all?
[11:58:18] <Bronz|work> Nup
[11:58:31] <Bronz|work> I have 3 euro in my pocket, but that's Henrik's.
[11:58:49] <Bronz|work> Also, what magical Monday is this, where I'm bored at noon already?
[11:59:51] <Apsup> Normal monday?
[12:04:35] <Bronz|work> I work in a call center, so Monday is the busiest day by far.
[12:04:47] <Bronz|work> And mornings are especially busy, usually on Monday it doesn't get calm until 2.
[12:05:22] <Bronz|work> Anyway, cya in a bit, after my Lunch.
[12:14:26] <Bronz|work> apperantly, it's quiet because carnivalle
[12:32:59] <AriaDesu> Whats that?
[12:35:09] <Bronz|work> http://en.wikipedia.org
[12:36:12] <Bronz|work> You may know it as Fastelavn?
[12:36:15] <Bronz|work> That's the Danish name.
[12:36:29] <Bronz|work> Apperantly, anyway.
[12:41:54] <AriaDesu> I know what a carnival is
[12:41:56] <AriaDesu> I meant like
[12:42:09] <AriaDesu> Where is it and why
[12:42:25] <AriaDesu> And how big a deal is it in that place
[12:45:42] <AriaDesu> Zora Link grows wings out of his ankles when you teleport
[12:50:30] <Bronz|work> ...
[12:50:56] <AriaDesu> Because the wings are just part of the background
[12:51:07] <AriaDesu> and theyre aligned with regular links back
[12:51:22] <AriaDesu> And Deku and Goron are about the same height, so its fine for them
[12:51:30] <AriaDesu> But Zora is much taller
[12:58:07] <Bronz|work> Hmm-mm!
[12:59:16] <Bronz|work> Also, geeze, this Norwegian dude had so much trouble speaking to me.
[14:25:46] <Bronz|work> So, what are you guys upto?
[14:27:18] <Apsup> Waiting for my hair to dry so I can go to store. Or do landry, which ever I'll do first.
[14:31:35] <Bronz|work> Can't you do laundry now?
[14:31:39] <Bronz|work> with wet-ish hair?
[14:47:09] <Apsup> I have to go outside for landry and I don't wanna do that with wetish hair. Or while wearing a bathrobe.
[14:48:19] <Bronz|work> That's fair.
[15:38:03] <Bronz|work> Every single time I start an application that I've turned date over network off, I get a message.
[15:38:08] <Bronz|work> Including when I unlock my phone
[15:38:14] <Bronz|work> It's so annoying, and I know.
[15:38:24] <Bronz|work> I explicitly turned it off on an per application basis!
[16:01:02] <Bronz|work> Cya in a bit, Aria, bye the rest
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