#geeknights | Logs for 2015-01-21

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[08:29:51] <Bronz|work> Good morning.
[09:02:43] <Apsup> Mornin'
[09:11:01] <Bronz|work> How do you do, Apsup?
[09:12:59] <Apsup> Sitting here drinking coffee. Classes in the afternoon, so I'm not in a hurry anywhere.
[09:19:33] <Bronz|work> That's always nice.
[09:19:43] <Bronz|work> I wish that work started late and ended late.
[09:19:52] <Bronz|work> Such that it was normal to eat Breakfast at home, and dinner at work.
[09:25:55] <Apsup> It has it's perks.
[09:26:21] <Bronz|work> I also can see why it isn't that way though.
[09:27:18] <Apsup> I just realized. A thing is in a room and I'm not sure where the room is and our map system doesn't regognize that particular room.
[09:27:32] <Apsup> Let's see if I can solve this issue.
[09:27:49] <Bronz|work> It's like a treasure hunt, except without the treasure.
[09:43:59] <Apsup> Why does it have to be winter?
[10:06:48] <Bronz|work> Because how else do you get snow and stuff?
[10:29:04] <GauntletWizard> Marn, bronz
[10:29:13] <GauntletWizard> I am excite, magfest is quite close
[10:29:18] <GauntletWizard> and I just beat Infinifactory
[10:29:55] <Bronz|work> That sounds like a Java class
[10:30:11] <GauntletWizard> great game, too short, and the blitz; while fun and profitable (not that I couldn't have convinced Zach to get me one of the patches anyway) kinda left me hungry for more
[10:30:27] <GauntletWizard> Bronz|work: You must know the developers I work with
[10:31:01] <GauntletWizard> I kid; All Java developers love FactoryConstructorMockFactoryImpl
[10:31:11] <Bronz|work> My favourite has ben FactoryFactory so far.
[10:36:48] <Bronz|work> I wish I could go to MagFest.
[11:37:40] <Bronz|work> Robobuntoo, can I eat ten sandwiches?
[11:37:41] <Robobuntoo> You can't eat ten sandwiches?s!
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[14:45:32] <Bronz|work> Hello yoshokatana
[14:45:37] <yoshokatana> morning
[15:08:44] <Bronz|work> If I were to ask how it is going, what sort of thing would you tell me?
[15:31:55] <yoshokatana> eh
[15:32:08] <yoshokatana> I made a big thing that's gonna get merged in today
[15:32:18] <yoshokatana> but I also need to fix a z-index + flash issue with our ads
[15:32:22] <yoshokatana> flaaaaash .____.
[15:32:29] <yoshokatana> but magfest is tomorrow, so that's good
[15:33:49] <Bronz|work> When everything is at 0, nothing is!
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[16:32:31] <wryterra|work> Afternoon, all.
[16:33:07] <Bronz|work> Hello!
[16:33:10] <Bronz|work> How's your work?
[16:33:28] <wryterra|work> Tiring but approaching its' end for the day.
[16:33:31] <wryterra|work> How's yours?
[16:33:40] <Bronz|work> Very much the same, actually.
[16:33:47] <Bronz|work> Less than 30 minutes now.
[16:34:32] <wryterra|work> Ah luck you you'll be out a half hour ahead of me :)
[16:35:23] <wryterra|work> s/luck/lucky
[17:01:05] <Bronz|work> Good bye
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