#geeknights | Logs for 2014-12-25

[08:06:06] <Demisedulous> Merry Christmas everyone
[08:49:49] <hitstun> Merry Christmas!
[10:06:26] -!- Bronz|work [Bronz|work!walter@hide-66DA6620.emea.ibm.com] has joined #geeknights
[10:06:28] <Bronz|work> Yo ho ho.
[10:06:32] <Bronz|work> Merry Christmas!
[10:07:25] <Demisedulous> Same to you!
[10:07:30] <Bronz|work> Me?
[10:07:33] <Bronz|work> Why is that?
[10:07:59] <Demisedulous> Is your christmas not merry?
[10:08:09] <Bronz|work> It's plenty merry
[10:08:18] <Bronz|work> I like my co-workers enough.
[10:08:31] <Demisedulous> Then I send the good tidings right back at ya
[10:08:33] <Demisedulous> happy holidays
[10:08:40] <Bronz|work> Thanks!
[10:09:00] <Bronz|work> There's just one thing though, I messed with my SSL settings, and now it won't work.
[10:10:22] <Bronz|work> Anyway, wutcha all upto?
[10:11:04] <Demisedulous> Mulling over hot pockets and blog posts at 2 am christmas day
[10:11:29] <Bronz|work> Sounds like a good day.
[10:11:54] <Demisedulous> Relaxing I guess
[10:14:18] <Bronz|work> I feel I should be doing something productive...
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[11:20:46] <Bronz|work> Yo ho ho!
[11:20:50] <Bronz|work> And merry christmas!
[11:21:08] <AriaDesu> That was yesterday
[11:21:34] <Bronz|work> Today is 1st christmas day
[11:21:39] <Bronz|work> That should also count
[11:21:56] <Bronz|work> Christmas, then christmas day, then 2nd christmas day
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[11:57:37] <Bronz|wo2k> Herro
[12:33:24] Bronz|wo2k is now known as Bronz|Work
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[16:30:15] <Bronz|Work> You're back!
[16:31:43] <Demisedulous> Six hours of sleep, not the best nap q.q
[16:31:57] <Demisedulous> Got woken up by relatives with christmas wishes to ruin my sleep lol
[16:32:28] <Bronz|Work> So merry!
[16:32:46] <Bronz|Work> Well, what's done is done. Welcome back.
[16:33:21] <Demisedulous> When there's so much snow and the weather is so cold you gotta try and be merry about something!
[16:37:39] <Bronz|Work> I love snow, people tell me I'm weird.
[16:37:47] <Bronz|Work> Maybe because I never get snow?
[16:38:14] <Demisedulous> lol, I live up in the north
[16:38:26] <Demisedulous> The temperature gets down to -40 and the snow gets up to 3 feet
[16:39:29] <Demisedulous> Kind of ruins the magic when you could freeze to death if you're not careful..
[16:39:54] <Bronz|Work> I dunno, lethal magic is the best magic.
[16:39:59] <Bronz|Work> But that's fair.
[16:47:11] <AriaDesu> -40? Does everything move in slow motion at -40?
[16:49:28] <Bronz|Work> Did you know? -40 is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius
[16:50:20] <AriaDesu> I found this out right before you told me
[16:50:24] <Demisedulous> Yeah I did know that, quite interesting
[16:50:24] <AriaDesu> Thats pretty cool
[16:50:37] <AriaDesu> -40 is very cold.
[16:50:56] <AriaDesu> I'm used to like -10 if its really cold
[16:51:29] <AriaDesu> Apperantly the coldest its ever been in osly is -30
[16:51:37] <Demisedulous> -40 is the kind of cold that makes all exposed skin feel like it's being cut by knives
[16:51:50] <Demisedulous> also makes my breath freeze in my beard/moustache
[16:52:10] <AriaDesu> In finnmark it was -50 one time
[16:52:13] <Bronz|Work> That sounds uncomfortable.
[16:52:21] <Demisedulous> I haven't observed any slowing down in this temperature, but maybe I'm slowed down too so I just can't tell
[16:52:24] <AriaDesu> Where in the world are you?
[16:52:35] <Demisedulous> Northern Canada, way north
[16:52:41] <Demisedulous> Middle of buttfuck, nowhere
[16:53:13] <AriaDesu> Maybe you should move somewhere warmer
[16:53:18] <AriaDesu> In order to survive I mean
[16:53:51] <Bronz|Work> How do you food?
[16:53:56] <AriaDesu> Ice.
[16:54:16] <Demisedulous> Sixty hour drive to the nearest town to do grocery shopping and everything else
[16:54:22] <Demisedulous> Err sixty minute
[16:54:23] <Demisedulous> woops
[16:54:54] <AriaDesu> How many days do you shop for at the time? Cause things expire.
[16:55:02] <AriaDesu> I guess at -40 they dont
[16:55:23] <Demisedulous> We get lots of canned food and meat for our deep freeze, so every month or so we go shopping
[16:56:25] <Demisedulous> Food around here consistst of soups, chillis, and spaghetti
[16:56:32] <Demisedulous> Good ol meaty tomato dishes, delish
[16:56:54] <Bronz|Work> Sounds pretty good.
[16:56:56] <Demisedulous> We made borscht one day and pretended to be russian ya
[16:57:08] <AriaDesu> Why do you stay where you are?
[16:57:48] <Demisedulous> Not enough cash to leave I guess
[16:57:58] <AriaDesu> Is you house literally all by itself, or is your town just too small to have proper shops?
[16:58:15] <Demisedulous> It's a small, rural community
[16:58:25] <Bronz|Work> I'm gonna go home.
[16:58:29] <Bronz|Work> Cya in like, an hour.
[16:58:33] * Bronz|Work waves
[16:58:35] <Demisedulous> prolly 500 people in the main town,
[16:58:40] -!- Bronz|Work has quit [Quit: leaving]
[16:59:13] <AriaDesu> Oh thats not so small. You don't have any grocery shops there?
[16:59:31] <Demisedulous> One general store and a gas station
[16:59:43] <Demisedulous> Both are incredibly overpriced and stock only junk food and bare necessities
[16:59:55] <AriaDesu> Right
[17:00:07] <AriaDesu> But at least you can get something in a pinch
[17:00:21] <Demisedulous> Yeah I guess
[17:00:27] <Demisedulous> There's a school out here too
[17:00:38] <Demisedulous> It has 50 students and goes to grades K-10
[17:00:38] <AriaDesu> I see
[17:00:56] <Demisedulous> For high school you need to bus to the bigger town
[17:01:02] <Demisedulous> a 3 round trip every day
[17:01:18] <Demisedulous> My school days were 6 am to 4 pm.. Kinda glad it's over now
[17:02:06] <AriaDesu> So Im watching this youtube show about a blacksmith making video game swords and the like. On his website he sells metal bikini armor for $1000+
[17:02:39] <Demisedulous> Hot damn that sounds kickass, what's his website?
[17:02:52] <AriaDesu> Wait it does?
[17:03:19] <Demisedulous> Not the bikini armour lol, the video game swords part
[17:03:29] <AriaDesu> Oh yeah, ok, fair enough
[17:03:35] <AriaDesu> https://www.youtube.com
[17:03:48] <Demisedulous> I'd love to have a Master Sword replica on display
[17:04:00] <AriaDesu> He doesn't sell the video game swords, because copy right
[17:04:05] <AriaDesu> But he made a master sword
[17:04:16] <Demisedulous> Well seeing it is almost as good
[17:04:31] <AriaDesu> Look at this shit: http://swordandstone.com
[17:04:48] <AriaDesu> 1950 usd
[17:06:02] <Demisedulous> Haha that's ridiculous
[17:06:11] <Demisedulous> Did you look at the "Women's Ensembles" section
[17:06:14] <Demisedulous> Even more crazy
[17:06:21] <AriaDesu> Yes, thats where I found that one
[17:08:27] <AriaDesu> Oh yeah, the link I sent
[17:08:31] <AriaDesu> itll be on the blade video
[17:08:43] <AriaDesu> scroll down, not up
[17:08:51] <AriaDesu> Different guy for the recent videos
[17:08:53] <AriaDesu> THe old guy is better
[17:09:31] <AriaDesu> I never thought the Master Sword was very interesting...
[17:10:05] <AriaDesu> But there are still a lot of video game swords I would like to display
[17:10:12] <Demisedulous> White and blue look so cool though
[17:10:39] <AriaDesu> It's supposed to be white? Not grayish regular steel texture?
[17:11:03] <Demisedulous> It's normally grayish, but in the more modern games it glows white with power
[17:11:15] <AriaDesu> Right ok, yes,
[17:12:13] <AriaDesu> Which one are you watching?
[17:12:21] <Demisedulous> https://www.youtube.com
[17:12:33] <AriaDesu> Right, ok
[17:12:57] <AriaDesu> He keeps saying "Zelda's Mastersword"
[17:13:19] <AriaDesu> Which Im not sure he means "sword from the Zelda franchise" or "sword belonging to the character Zelda"
[17:13:34] <Demisedulous> Zelda the character owns some kind of royal foil sword
[17:13:58] <Demisedulous> I'm letting the zelda thing slide cuz he's an old, tough guy wuth a beard
[17:14:02] <Demisedulous> and I can respect the beard
[17:14:35] * Demisedulous shivers
[17:14:42] <Demisedulous> Bandsaws are terrifying
[17:14:55] <Demisedulous> I blew one up in high school metalshop
[17:14:55] <AriaDesu> All his equipment is terrifying
[17:15:08] <Demisedulous> They hadn't changed the band in years and it got caught on me
[17:15:23] <Demisedulous> Band flew right off and zipped by the teacher's ear
[17:15:44] <Demisedulous> Dropped that class and took cooking lol..
[17:16:51] <Demisedulous> Wow this blacksmith did Fierce Diety's Sword too
[17:17:06] <AriaDesu> No see
[17:17:10] <AriaDesu> thats the new guys
[17:17:21] <AriaDesu> That are not as good at narrating
[17:17:29] <AriaDesu> Also their swords aren't as good
[17:17:34] <Demisedulous> ahh
[17:17:37] <Demisedulous> yawn to that then
[17:17:56] <AriaDesu> Well its still the same concept, you'll probabky enjoy watching it if you enjoyed this one
[17:18:14] <Demisedulous> I'd like to see this sword be made
[17:18:14] <Demisedulous> http://www.zeldadungeon.net
[17:18:38] <AriaDesu> But for example the Fierce Diety sword is they make is flat. The one in the game is 3D. The two spirals only touch at the tip. The one they make is welded together in the center
[17:19:11] <AriaDesu> I wanna see a life size Moonlight Sword
[17:19:43] <Demisedulous> that'd be ridiculous lol
[17:20:08] <AriaDesu> http://imageshack.com
[17:21:01] <AriaDesu> Didn't actually mean to link that
[17:21:11] <AriaDesu> Just say "Yes". but I guess I middle clicked
[17:21:32] <Demisedulous> ctrl+v master race
[17:21:48] <AriaDesu> Also not sure what that video is. I was looking for a picture of the moonlight great sword
[17:22:12] <Demisedulous> Yeah, that vid was just an ad for imageshack it seemed
[17:22:22] <AriaDesu> Great.
[17:22:22] <Demisedulous> feel dirty after watching it all..
[17:22:28] <AriaDesu> Im sorry
[17:27:22] <AriaDesu> The Iron Man shield is kinda bad.
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