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[02:11:46] <Apreche> I just bought a bunch of duck comics thanks to some new releases in the usa.
[02:12:13] <Apsup> Always time for more duck comics.
[02:13:26] <Apsup> Apparently getting some of the orginal english versions of some Don Rosa stories was non-trivial task.
[02:24:48] <Apsup> Oh, a geeknights about Cucumber quest.
[02:25:20] <Apsup> Stopped reading that a while back. Still on the rss feed, but I just skip it or take a quick glanse at the pictures, as I have lost the story.
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[13:50:41] <Coldguy> Hello
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[14:55:49] <Apreche> Apsup: just get the dead tree version like me.
[14:55:59] <Coldguy> ?
[14:56:03] <Coldguy> Happy New Year 2010 New Lang Syne: http://youtu.be
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