#geeknights | Logs for 2014-11-20

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[01:35:30] <Churba> FNPL recording now. You should watch.
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[02:59:41] <Churba> SHOW: COMPLETE
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[05:38:33] <VictorFrost> hola
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[05:38:44] <VictorFrost> yo
[05:38:57] <Churba> Yo
[05:39:03] <sK0pe> hey churba
[05:39:06] <Churba> I feel like I've already talked to you today
[05:39:09] <sK0pe> and Victor
[05:39:16] <Churba> Hey prad, how goes man?
[05:39:17] <sK0pe> lol
[05:39:22] <VictorFrost> haha
[05:39:43] <sK0pe> nothing much just taking a week of vegetating after University exams
[05:40:00] <sK0pe> how about yourself
[05:40:06] <sK0pe> working on any juicy articles?
[05:40:22] <Churba> Not much, just hanging out. Mostly taking the week off, apart from a few Press conferences and minor shit like that
[05:40:55] <Churba> A friend of mine offered me a free ticket to go to some crazy free man on the land conference
[05:40:55] <sK0pe> I am totally separated from that side of the world it's really interesting to me
[05:41:21] <sK0pe> In terms of journalism and media
[05:41:22] <Churba> It's much like flying - a lot of boredom, with moments of intense excitement and panic
[05:41:46] <VictorFrost> Mmmhm
[05:41:54] <Churba> (He's not one of them, he's a fellow journo, but he covers more estoteric stuff)
[05:42:01] <sK0pe> ok
[05:42:06] <VictorFrost> And I'm just playing Dirt 3.
[05:42:35] <sK0pe> Victor do you play on a wheel?
[05:43:07] <sK0pe> Racing games are one of the few situatons where I would consider a 3 monitor setup
[05:43:11] <Churba> I spend a lot of my time playing email and phone tag with people, chasing down people to talk to them, talking on the phone, going to cafes to meet up with people for interviews and such. I should polish my camera skills more, being able to do your own photos generally garners you some extra work around
[05:43:12] <VictorFrost> Nah, the wheel I have is half-sized, so it's just WEIRD to use. I just Keyboard it.
[05:43:34] <Churba> I use a controller, personally
[05:43:55] <Churba> I'd use a wheel and pedals, but I'd rather get a HOTAS before I spent money on a wheel
[05:44:17] <VictorFrost> a what now?
[05:44:22] <sK0pe> I use to play all the racing games earlier on but I just stopped I occasionally do and use just hte keyboard.
[05:44:44] <sK0pe> Hands on Throttle And Stick
[05:44:56] <sK0pe> it's for flying sims and fighters
[05:45:09] <Churba> Yup
[05:45:27] <sK0pe> http://ecx.images-amazon.com
[05:45:47] <Churba> I see a lot of star citizen and Elite dangerous in my future, and it's nicer to fly with that than a controller.
[05:46:08] <Churba> I saw a real nice one at PAX, but it was 200 fuckin' dollars
[05:46:20] <sK0pe> yeah I tried playing Star Citizen at PAX Aus for the first time, couldn't really control anything
[05:46:25] <Churba> and that was considered bargain basement
[05:46:43] <Churba> I didn't get the chance - the line was way too long for me to fight my way through
[05:46:44] <sK0pe> entry level HOTAS is the lower grade Thrustmaster
[05:47:15] <Churba> That thrustmaster looks like it's designed to be screwed onto something
[05:47:23] <sK0pe> It was in the Alienware booth behind all the machiens they were running it at 4k because it was the only game that would show off 3x titans working
[05:47:46] <sK0pe> the one I posted is an exact replica of a plane, I forget which one
[05:48:02] <Churba> I'm guessing a warthog, since that's what it's got written on the throttle base
[05:48:10] <sK0pe> yep
[05:49:06] <sK0pe> U.S. Air Force A-10C is what it replicates
[05:49:18] <Churba> oooh
[05:49:30] <Churba> The saitek x52 pro looks like a sweet one
[05:49:33] <VictorFrost> Isnt the warthog that gun with a plan wrapped around it?
[05:49:42] <VictorFrost> *plane
[05:49:50] <Churba> Yep, that's the one
[05:50:24] <Churba> Oh, and the Saitek comes with some crazy extra features like a little display that shows game information in compatable games
[05:50:47] <sK0pe> that plane's gun is crazy I just looked it up now
[05:51:40] <sK0pe> the Saitek looks pretty good too
[05:51:42] <Churba> It's the size of a volkswagen beetle
[05:51:52] <VictorFrost> I love the any car, any track mod.Playing a raid truck on a trailblazer or Gymkhana track really fucks with the AI. hehehehe
[05:52:28] <sK0pe> They probably need to write separate AI for those types of tracks
[05:53:13] <VictorFrost> Yeah, that's my theory.
[05:53:20] <Churba> You know what I fuckin' hate? I fucking hate when you click a picture in an online store to enlarge, and it doesn't have a bigger picture
[05:53:46] <sK0pe> The cheapest HOTAS looks like a T.Flight Hotas X
[05:54:27] <sK0pe> I think only amazon does the picture enlargement really well
[05:54:36] <Churba> When I was a kid, I used to play racing games with a stick
[05:55:01] <sK0pe> lol, my brohter and I would be on LAN playing keyboard vs keyboard
[05:56:59] <sK0pe> The X52 seems cheapest here http://www.itestate.com.au
[05:57:18] <Churba> Shit, that's alright
[05:58:08] <Churba> Even if I include shipping, that brings it up to the same price I'd be paying for the stick alone elsewhere, at least
[05:58:11] <sK0pe> I've bought computer components form them before and they were legit
[05:58:22] <Churba> Good fucking find mate, that's wicked
[05:59:03] <sK0pe> Just go to www.staticice.com.au for any computer related parts you want in Australia and you'll find the lowest prices, just got to check if they are in stock
[05:59:29] <Churba> Double nice! I normally just go to Umart, since they're convenient and cheap.
[05:59:38] <Churba> but this could be well handy, if it finds deals like that
[06:00:09] <sK0pe> Umart is often cheap but can often be misleading with prices
[06:00:32] <sK0pe> the NSW version anyway
[06:01:05] <sK0pe> How's that new keyboard feel anyway?
[06:01:20] <Churba> Pretty nice, gotta say
[06:02:26] <sK0pe> I guess worth the roam around for raffles.
[06:02:45] <Churba> The switches aren't quite as clicky as I like, but they've got good pressure and clean activation.
[06:02:57] <Churba> Too fucking right, talk about lucky
[06:03:59] <sK0pe> that was just work, a lot of people didn't even enter or turn up, like the sennheiser one I went to only me and this other guy rocked up for a $150 set of cans
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[06:04:09] <Churba> They're cherry black, the stiffest regular cherry switches(there's stiffer, but they're specialty stuff that you almost never see), which feels just right to me. If they just had the click of the blues, they'd be perfect
[06:04:12] <sK0pe> other guy got it but whatever
[06:04:28] <sK0pe> yeah I was looking at getting blues
[06:04:30] <Churba> I suspect that might have been half my luck
[06:05:20] <sK0pe> I'm just saving though cause I spent some money on a new graphics card and an SSD
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[06:05:56] <Churba> Same, but I need to pay my rego. Be a pain if I had to do the whole re-registering thing
[06:06:54] <Churba> I don't know the prices in WA, but QLD rego is fucking expensive as shit
[06:06:57] <sK0pe> One thing I can live without is the rego on the eastern states it was unnecessarily expensive
[06:07:11] <Churba> See, this guy, he gets it
[06:07:46] <sK0pe> yeah WA is the cheapest I think I just paid $420 or something like that
[06:08:00] <Churba> Since I didn't pay before my rego ran out, I'm paying 475 for 6 months
[06:08:07] <sK0pe> wow
[06:08:12] <Churba> Yep. It's fucked.
[06:08:21] <VictorFrost> Rego?
[06:08:26] <Churba> Registration
[06:08:34] <VictorFrost> right on
[06:08:55] <sK0pe> I remember in NSW I paid just over $800 plus that extra 3rd party for the state gov which makes no sense
[06:09:55] <Churba> Fucking hell
[06:10:10] <VictorFrost> Yikes.
[06:11:01] <Churba> I'm lucky, the van only has a four banger in it. It's even worse if you drive a 6 or an 8
[06:11:41] <sK0pe> right different state laws too, I think registraitons should be national but that is unlikely to happen
[06:11:46] <VictorFrost> Here, it doesn't matter the engine size, just what the use is. personal, commercial, etc..
[06:12:27] <Churba> Oh, that matters too. Commercial is even worse.
[06:12:28] <sK0pe> Victor that's what it is in WA
[06:13:27] <Churba> People bitch about the EPA or what have you with emissions limits in california, but they're fucking greasy kids stuff compared to the Transport Department.
[06:13:47] <sK0pe> lol
[06:14:18] <VictorFrost> Smog test is the only real emissions hiccup. But even that aint that big of a thing
[06:14:45] <VictorFrost> And classic cars don't even need to smog as well as any other
[06:15:02] <Churba> Good news for me, considering I'm a nutter for old muscle
[06:15:50] <sK0pe> That new audi with the hydrogen engine would be awesome if it was purchaseable
[06:17:06] <Churba> You can briefly run an old petrol engine on hydrogen
[06:17:15] <sK0pe> Is the smog check a full mechanic check up too?
[06:17:23] <Churba> Nah
[06:17:37] <Churba> They just whack this little dooverlacky in your exhaust pipe, and get you to run it for a bit.
[06:17:39] <VictorFrost> Nope
[06:17:50] <sK0pe> Alright so the UK and Sydney check ups are way worse
[06:17:53] <VictorFrost> And the OBDII if they can
[06:18:04] <sK0pe> OBDII?
[06:18:07] <VictorFrost> They also make sure you have a catalytic converter
[06:18:13] <VictorFrost> The car computer port
[06:18:17] <sK0pe> ok
[06:19:50] <Churba> Really, though, if you put hydrogen through your regular petrol engine, it's going to stop one way other the other - either when it breaks because hydrogen has a much more powerful bang, or when you get too much water in the cylinder, and it won't turn from overpressure.
[06:20:28] <sK0pe> very true
[06:20:29] <Churba> If you're lucky. If you're unlucky, you crack the head or blow the plugs out.
[06:20:39] <VictorFrost> Kabooosh
[06:20:59] <Churba> plugs hitting the inside of the bonnet - hood, for you - make a hell of a noise, tell you what
[06:21:36] <sK0pe> However the hydrogen and oxygen engine is an awesome idea, I remember wondering why we didn't have this technology for all engines back in highschool
[06:21:58] <sK0pe> didn't know about the might of petrol lobbyists
[06:22:21] <VictorFrost> Hydrogen has to be trasnported and stored pressurized. gas - petrol for you - is much easier to handle.
[06:22:37] <Churba> I thought I figured out a hydrogen engine a few years back, but I couldn't ever figure out how to solve the water problem.
[06:23:24] <sK0pe> I don't know too much about the mechanics of it, only the chemistry
[06:25:39] <VictorFrost> Hydrogen is good, but it's just that it's its own special kind of beastie.
[06:25:49] <Churba> I know more about the mechanics, but the chemistry is simple enoough to grasp.
[06:26:08] <Churba> The main problem is making it strong enough without adding too much extra weight or manufacturing expense.
[06:26:18] <sK0pe> and the water problem?
[06:26:58] <sK0pe> would it be rusting from residual water?
[06:27:27] <Churba> Couldn't figure out how to get all the water out after combustion without having bottom-mount valves - essentially, an upside down engine - and having a sufficient vaccum.
[06:27:30] <VictorFrost> The water problem is the in cylinder compression issue
[06:27:44] <sK0pe> ok that makes sense
[06:28:01] <Churba> Rust would only be a problem if you've got a rust-succeptable metal as your block materiel, but that can be ameliorated or eliminated entirely.
[06:28:51] <VictorFrost> I think the best use of hydrogen would be in fuel cells for cars, rather than for direct combustion.
[06:28:53] <sK0pe> yeah was just trying to think of one problem, was a pretty flimsy guess
[06:29:02] <VictorFrost> Electrics are just getting better and better
[06:29:32] <Churba> But yeah, victor's right - the biggest problem there is compression. Water is practically imcompressible, which means that as more accumulates, pressure goes up, and eventually gets high enough that your engine just can't turn.
[06:29:41] <Churba> Assuming it doesn't just self-destruct
[06:29:51] <VictorFrost> Kabooosh
[06:30:06] <sK0pe> the hydrogen battery does look better
[06:30:26] <Churba> Still, they really need to figure out a better way to do power application and power banding with electrics. Having 100% power 100% of the time is cool and all, but it's ungodly hard on your drive components.
[06:30:27] <sK0pe> Can't have space shuttle cars
[06:30:43] <Churba> That's why teslas are notorious for driveline problems
[06:30:50] <Churba> Yeah, especially not if you're a teacher.
[06:31:06] <VictorFrost> I thought they had some sort of PWM going on.
[06:31:16] <VictorFrost> And that was dark, Churba. Hilarious, but dark
[06:32:25] <sK0pe> lol
[06:32:43] <Churba> I think they do now, but it's only recent, some time from the middle of this year. Before that, it's not uncommon for tesla drivelines to tear themselves apart at 10,000 miles or so.
[06:33:08] <Churba> Less, if you like to give it a bootfull on a regular basis
[06:34:33] <VictorFrost> AUGH, stupid games for windows live. I wanted to buy the Japan DLC for Dirt 3 but it wont let me because it cant talk to GFWL.
[06:34:56] <VictorFrost> I thought codemasters was gonna move dirt 3 to steam only.
[06:34:58] <sK0pe> Didn't GFWL stop?
[06:34:59] <Churba> I've been having the same issue with ME3, though it's more a case of stupid bioware than stupid anything else.
[06:35:24] <Churba> sort of
[06:35:32] <sK0pe> that's why Street Fighter 4 moved to Steam from my understanding
[06:36:09] <Churba> The GFWL store and a lot of the other functionality is gone, but they do still have servers for other stuff.
[06:36:19] <sK0pe> that sucks
[06:37:02] <VictorFrost> Mostly just so that you can log in.
[06:37:02] <Churba> Basically, it still handles authentication and all that other stuff, but title updates, the store, and some but not all multiplayer through the service has stopped
[06:37:25] <Churba> The social stuff like achivements and shit still works, too
[06:37:47] <VictorFrost> Dirt 3 multi sitll works. I played with Paul Sanja the other day
[06:38:04] <VictorFrost> Poor guy didn't know what the handbrake button was.
[06:40:16] <Churba> Hey man, we all had to start somewhere
[06:40:26] <VictorFrost> Yep
[06:40:46] <VictorFrost> I tried to help him out. Followed him as he ran a lap, gave him some tips.
[06:41:39] <Churba> Good man
[06:41:53] <Churba> I wish multiplayer racing across continents was a little more viable
[06:42:33] <VictorFrost> yeah.Thats one thing dirt 2 did better
[06:43:04] <sK0pe> across continents?
[06:43:10] <Churba> I remember once we raced in Dirt 3, I tried to drift around you in a hairpin - I cleared the car I could see, got fucked up by your hitbox, and went into a wall
[06:43:20] <sK0pe> oh the ping
[06:43:32] <Churba> And like 50% of the time I could just drive right through your car
[06:43:32] <VictorFrost> Dude, you wanna play a bit of dirt 3?
[06:43:39] <Churba> Nah, I don't have it installed anymore
[06:43:45] <VictorFrost> ah, bummer
[06:44:20] <sK0pe> brb my cat wants me to clean her litter tray
[06:44:52] <VictorFrost> But, yeah, you could do a world tour for, say, rally cross, and hit Battersea, shibuya, and... LA? I think?
[06:44:58] <VictorFrost> No
[06:44:58] <Churba> Always though you were more of a dog guy, but hey
[06:45:01] <VictorFrost> Marina del rey
[06:45:21] <Churba> Oh yeah, Grid 2 DLC includes bathurst
[06:45:39] <Churba> That's cool, but I wish it was in more campaign races.
[06:45:51] <Churba> I don't often race online.
[06:46:07] <VictorFrost> I hate that french track in Grid 2
[06:46:16] <VictorFrost> Man, that is a fucking thin track
[06:46:33] <Churba> I don't mind france, it's those fucking italian tracks that get me, the ones on the long cliff-lined road
[06:46:46] <VictorFrost> That too.
[06:48:06] <Churba> No room to pass, and the AI is always hyperagressive on that track for some reason
[06:48:08] <sK0pe> lol I have to pick a pet that suits my lifestyle, I have no problem with dogs, trained my friend's rescued pitbull in Sydney and registered it as a Staffordshire X,
[06:48:27] <Churba> It's a member of the X-dogs
[06:48:33] <sK0pe> lol
[06:48:40] <Churba> Shoots fucking lazers from it's eyes
[06:49:04] <Churba> And lightning bolts from it's arse
[06:49:17] <sK0pe> Their leader is a Chinese Watercress Dog
[06:49:21] <Churba> Chased it's tail once, decimated a city block
[06:49:25] <sK0pe> with psychic abilities
[06:50:50] <Churba> Been reading a new manga today
[06:51:00] <Churba> Called Acony, it's delightfully wierd
[06:51:28] <sK0pe> in what way, there are many weird things from the random images posted
[06:52:03] <Churba> Supernatural stuff being treated as normal, but not entirely normal, more just taken in stride
[06:52:27] <Churba> Main character is the token normal, but he's not pulled in to save the world or anything, it's more slice of life
[06:52:49] <sK0pe> supernatural as in werewolves, vampires etc?
[06:53:13] <Churba> Nah, japanese supernatural. Ghosts, giant frog samurai, moving rooms in houses, forest spirits.
[06:53:20] <sK0pe> ok
[06:53:44] <sK0pe> can they speak to normals?
[06:53:48] <Churba> Yep
[06:54:01] <sK0pe> inter supernatural relationships?
[06:54:05] <Churba> Nope
[06:54:08] <Churba> Well, not yet, anyway
[06:54:12] <Churba> If any appear
[06:54:14] <sK0pe> lol :P
[06:55:40] <sK0pe> I'm finally going to start reading through my 'Y the Last Man' series
[06:56:05] <Churba> Man, the heist in 3000 miles to graceland is SUPER payday
[06:56:06] <Churba> https://www.youtube.com
[06:56:15] <VictorFrost> churbs, that grannies gettin high video was great
[06:56:31] <Churba> true shit, man
[06:57:39] <sK0pe> man if you could dress up in a game as elvis to rob a casino it would be awesome, this is great
[06:57:53] <Churba> Well, the Golden Grin casino heist is coming up
[06:58:52] <sK0pe> I stopped playing Payday, wasn't my scene
[06:59:18] <Churba> It's all good, not everything is for everyone
[06:59:47] <sK0pe> lol 'what's his problem' , 'he's deaf' while having a shotgun pointed at his face
[07:00:31] <VictorFrost> That reminds me, I need to pickup Saints Row 4 this holiday season.
[07:00:51] <VictorFrost> which further reminds me that I need to sort out the forum secret santa. 'Scuse me gents.
[07:01:23] <sK0pe> np Vic just drops that he wants Saints Row 4
[07:01:42] <VictorFrost> lol, that was not a hint drop.
[07:01:47] <VictorFrost> I don't do that shit.
[07:01:49] <sK0pe> sure ;)
[07:01:54] <sK0pe> jk
[07:02:35] <VictorFrost> ah shit, I need to install outlook. Gotta get that form email stuff working agian.
[07:02:54] <VictorFrost> wait. no, already installed.
[07:02:56] <sK0pe> really
[07:03:19] <sK0pe> what system does outlook have that is required for this?
[07:03:39] <VictorFrost> It lets you mass email based on information in spreadsheet.
[07:03:54] <sK0pe> does outlook online do this too?
[07:03:57] <VictorFrost> I can just make a quick tmeplate and it'll send everyone their santa's info
[07:04:02] <VictorFrost> *shrug*
[07:04:21] <VictorFrost> All I know is google docs has not functionality like this, and thats a real misstep
[07:04:36] <sK0pe> true
[07:05:00] <sK0pe> especially when you figure that they have forms and what not
[07:05:19] <Churba> Anyway, I gotta go. Catch you later, gents.
[07:05:22] <sK0pe> bye
[07:05:23] <VictorFrost> ciao
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[07:06:00] <VictorFrost> I mean, I could have made the form with excel, but it just would have been uglier. Besides, last year's form already worked perfectly.
[07:06:37] <sK0pe> If it aint broke
[07:07:21] <VictorFrost> yep
[07:08:02] <VictorFrost> Actually, I'm trying to move off of google drive and dropbox and just use skydrive
[07:08:13] <VictorFrost> excuse me, One drive
[07:08:14] <sK0pe> yeah I read it on the forums
[07:08:46] <sK0pe> the Microsoft cloud infrastructure is just better now?
[07:10:30] <VictorFrost> Well, I look at it this way. I subscribe to Office 365 and dont see a future where that is not the case. 365 comes with infinte onedrive storage. I use Windows 8 on all my machines, so my one drive syncs up always because Onedrive come preinstalled on windows now.
[07:11:02] <sK0pe> Yeah definitely if you subscribe to Office 365, that makes sense
[07:11:18] <VictorFrost> It just fucking works and works better than google drive in 98% of times. The 2% is pretty, complex online forms.
[07:12:39] <sK0pe> On a tangent I just found the great Windows 8 safeboot functionality, you can change whatever bios settings and hardware and safeboot, it will adjust all the drivers required, e.g. moving between IDE, AHCI, RAID
[07:12:55] <VictorFrost> Nice.
[07:12:58] <sK0pe> people hate on Windows 8 but I think it is solid
[07:13:22] <VictorFrost> It is. I can't wait until windows 10 so we can get cortana.
[07:13:54] <sK0pe> I think DX 12 will also be on Win 10, rumoured I think
[07:14:13] <sK0pe> So voice commands for desktop? that would be cool
[07:15:24] <VictorFrost> Yeah. and, since windows apps already work well with Google, with would be fully integrated with google services.
[07:15:34] <VictorFrost> * it would be
[07:16:21] <VictorFrost> brb
[07:17:19] <sK0pe> Voice is super handy, works in Google Now, some games, if it could be used for most computing tasks we would be inching towards Star Trek stuff.
[07:21:56] <VictorFrost> Eh, fuckit. I'm just not feelin being productive right now. I'll just do the secret santa stuff tomorrow.
[07:26:35] <sK0pe> lol, 6 people on FNPL, forgot it was on
[07:34:50] <sK0pe> I gotta go, I'll see you around Victor.
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[16:16:42] <Coldguy> Hi there
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[18:46:19] <GauntletWizard> Marn
[18:46:36] <pence> marn'n
[18:59:02] <Coldguy> Hello
[18:59:48] <Coldguy> For those who are peeking in here anyone have an opening in their company for a QA Analyst/Automation Tester?
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