#geeknights | Logs for 2014-11-07

[00:26:22] <Apsup> Every time I read the name of the lastest Call of Duty somewhere, my brain turn the advanced warfare to advance wars.
[00:31:51] <lackofcheese> Hmmmm
[01:21:22] <Coldguy> hi
[01:37:14] <lackofcheese> 'lo
[01:37:18] <Victor-Frost> allo
[01:39:13] <lackofcheese> Just sent an email to apply for a student travel grant to this: http://www.araa.asn.au
[01:47:38] <lackofcheese> Pretty scary, really.
[01:50:24] <Coldguy> So anyone watching NXT tonight?
[01:54:28] <lackofcheese> Not I.
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[02:31:42] <Coldguy> yo
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[06:35:01] * Victor-Frost does a little dance.
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[15:27:08] <apreche> what's NXT?
[15:31:12] <apreche> reminder: this IRC is logged! - http://frontrowcrew.com
[16:07:20] <Apsup> Oh my. Better not reveal where I hid the bodies on this channel.
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[16:39:22] <apreche> OMG
[16:39:24] <pence> netrunner spoilers 3 days running...
[16:39:33] <apreche> http://www.fantasyflightgames.com
[16:39:36] <apreche> insanity
[16:39:36] <apreche> that Jinteki ID
[16:39:38] <pence> yeah
[16:39:54] <apreche> well, of course the spoilers are because of Worlds
[16:39:57] <apreche> http://www.twitch.tv
[16:40:03] <pence> the shell-game ID
[16:40:09] <apreche> you can play a tournament
[16:40:13] <apreche> and change your ID based on the opponent
[16:40:32] <pence> I actually laughed out loud at An Offer You Can't Refuse
[16:41:15] <apreche> turn 1, put out some neural katana hedge fund
[16:41:18] <apreche> turn 2 offer you can't refuse
[16:41:25] <apreche> 3 net damage (at least) or I score
[16:41:49] <apreche> i don't think offer you can't refuse will deal a net damage with personal evolution
[16:42:02] <pence> yeah, you just add it as an agenda, you don't score it
[16:42:16] <apreche> exactly
[16:42:25] <apreche> the art on Enhanced Vision
[16:42:27] <apreche> I need playmat
[16:43:21] <pence> literally holding a knife and fork
[16:44:25] <pence> hm, is it me or does that datapack art look like it's in a clamshell instead of a box
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[16:45:26] <apreche> maybe
[16:45:39] <apreche> the art on that is great too.
[16:45:46] <apreche> some sort of shiva shooting lasers at its own head?
[16:45:50] <pence> oh, they actually mention it, "Additionally, as the first Data Pack in the SanSan Cycle, The Valley introduces our new LCG® packaging to Android: Netrunner Data Packs. While the packaging is now molded plastic, every Data Pack still contains the full complement of sixty cards."
[16:46:00] <apreche> nice
[16:46:22] <apreche> new currents
[16:46:30] <apreche> traffic jam could be a neutral runner current
[16:47:28] <apreche> there are currently no genetics, completley new subtype
[16:47:49] <pence> yeah, looks like resources that trigger on certain events
[16:48:12] <apreche> well, there are already a lot of cards that only happen the first time you do something
[16:48:15] <apreche> like security testing
[16:48:46] <apreche> but since they aren't genetics, this card won't help them
[16:48:53] <pence> and the art on casting call... chaos theory and two lookalikes with non-dinosaurus plush toys
[16:49:19] <apreche> why is Chaos Theory on so many NBN cards
[16:49:21] <apreche> there must be a story there
[16:49:45] <pence> I assume it's because jackson works there, and she's associated with dinosaurus
[16:50:04] <apreche> Howard is her DAD
[16:50:09] <apreche> not a bad guess
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[18:34:39] <GauntletWizard> Marn, gents
[18:35:21] <pence> what's up?
[18:35:48] <GauntletWizard> not a whole lot
[18:35:55] <GauntletWizard> still contemplating server motherboards
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[20:12:38] <yoshokatana> guess who's back!
[20:13:27] <yoshokatana> (apparently there was a bug in my irc client that kept bouncing me if I connected from my work computer and my laptop. this bug has been squashed)
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[20:53:03] <GauntletWizard> So, Blizzard has announced a tf2 clone
[20:53:05] <GauntletWizard> thoughts?
[21:20:49] <apreche> i saw that announcement
[21:21:00] <apreche> have to play it to know
[21:21:11] <apreche> so the Star Wars LCG finals are happening now
[21:21:18] <apreche> and I don't even really fully know how to play the game
[21:21:19] <apreche> but
[21:21:20] <apreche> this guy is in the finals
[21:21:26] <apreche> who is playing some crazy trench run card
[21:21:41] <apreche> that everyone considered to be a joke way to win.
[21:21:51] <apreche> and how he's won with it like 7 times
[21:23:19] <pence> someone winning a tournament with a crazy rogue deck is pretty much my favorite thing in a card game
[21:23:20] <apreche> im' excited for a game I don't know how to play.
[21:23:43] <GauntletWizard> is there a stream?
[21:23:53] <apreche> http://www.twitch.tv
[21:23:55] <apreche> all weekend
[21:23:58] <apreche> Netrunenr starts tomorrow
[21:24:09] <apreche> the schedule is in the jpgs below the straem
[21:26:37] <pence> I'm pretty sure one deck I played yesterday is the dumbest one I've played in months... anarch with dugger's, all the in-faction doubles, and power nap for economy
[21:27:36] <apreche> yeah, tha'ts dumb
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[22:04:41] <GauntletWizard> goddamnit
[22:04:57] <GauntletWizard> I just bought a bunch of random junk from The Might Be Giants
[22:05:19] <GauntletWizard> admittedly, the last time I did such I was eminently pleased
[22:21:46] <GauntletWizard> It happened!
[22:21:55] <GauntletWizard> Trench Run wins
[22:22:05] <GauntletWizard> I don't exactly know why that's so awesome, but it's clearly awesome
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