#geeknights | Logs for 2014-10-04

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[10:04:23] <Bronzdra1on> Hello
[10:38:56] <Apsup> Hallo
[10:58:09] <Bronzdra1on> How does you do?
[11:02:12] <Apsup> Watching Giantbomb thing about them playing avalon.
[11:02:25] <Apsup> Which is a board game, little bit mafia like.
[11:02:41] <Apsup> Should be doing important stuff, but this is so entertaining.
[11:03:52] <Apsup> It's not even premuin, I think, so you should check it out too.
[11:04:22] <Apsup> Oh, wait, it's premuim. Though luck.
[11:57:01] <Bronzdra1on> =(
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[12:58:02] <open_sketch> boop
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[13:03:51] <Apsup> You booped Bronz off the server!
[13:05:00] <open_sketch> my god
[13:46:44] <Apsup> So annoying. I can hear the doorbell of my neighbour and even when I'm sure that it wasn't mine after two ringings, I had no choise but to go and check my door.
[13:56:43] <open_sketch> switch your doorbell
[13:56:47] <open_sketch> to a different sound
[13:56:49] <open_sketch> or even better
[13:56:52] <open_sketch> switch your neighbours
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[17:08:40] <Bronzdra1on> Hello GauntletWizard!
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