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[06:10:35] <Bronzdragon> Yo
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[07:19:27] <Bronzdragon> Yo Apsup
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[07:56:33] <Bronzdragon> Hey! Cybylt!
[07:56:36] <Bronzdragon> Long time no see!
[07:56:43] <Cybylt> Hello
[07:57:04] <Cybylt> Got a shiny new pc and all I've really done with it is games
[07:57:38] <Bronzdragon> Isn't... isn't that the reason you got a new one?
[07:57:47] <Cybylt> Yes
[07:58:03] <Cybylt> still haven't put irc on it
[07:59:09] <Cybylt> and got myself hooked on FFXIV again
[07:59:15] <Cybylt> how are you?
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[08:01:45] <Bronzdragon> Me?
[08:01:55] <Bronzdragon> I just installed a new xcom mod called Long war
[08:02:06] <Bronzdragon> It's like, a completely new game now.
[08:05:18] <Cybylt> which xcom?
[08:08:10] <Bronzdragon> The new one
[08:08:17] <Bronzdragon> Enemy Unknown.
[08:08:26] <Bronzdragon> Though you need the Enemy Within expansion pack as well
[08:11:56] <Cybylt> Never got that expansion
[08:12:03] <Cybylt> What changes does the mod make?
[08:12:40] <Bronzdragon> It changes pretty much every part of the game.
[08:13:13] <Bronzdragon> It adds about 3 times the weapons, adds more different grenades, switches abilities around.
[08:13:29] <Cybylt> if it lets you aim valkyria chronicles style I will send money to the maker
[08:13:29] <Bronzdragon> Your squad is now 6 by default, up to 8, with 8 different classes, instead of 4.
[08:13:55] <Bronzdragon> It doesn't, sorry.
[08:14:12] <Bronzdragon> It still plays generally the same, but all the tactics are very different.
[08:14:37] <Bronzdragon> http://www.nexusmods.com
[08:14:44] <Bronzdragon> There's too much to list.
[08:18:08] <Cybylt> Sounds really good
[08:18:15] <Bronzdragon> Hmm, yeah.
[08:22:50] <Cybylt> I've hit the zodiac weapon quest
[08:23:33] <Cybylt> Well, technically I've completed a portion of it since I have Gae Bolg Zenith
[08:23:38] <Cybylt> but getting it to Atma
[08:23:58] <Cybylt> grind out random events til you get a crystal, do this in twelve regions
[08:24:26] <Cybylt> I've gotten a crystal per day so far
[08:24:28] <Bronzdragon> I know non of these words
[08:24:37] <Cybylt> FFXIV
[08:24:48] <Cybylt> Zodiac Weapons are the top tier stuff
[08:24:54] <Bronzdragon> Oh, I see.
[08:24:56] <Cybylt> they were in XI as well
[08:25:13] <Cybylt> easier to get in 14, but upgrading them is another matter
[08:26:16] <Cybylt> play Guild Wars 2?
[08:27:22] <Apsup> I play both GW 2 and XIV.
[08:27:35] <Bronzdragon> You guys should hook up!
[08:28:18] <Cybylt> I was asking more as a reference to explain FATEs
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