#geeknights | Logs for 2014-03-31

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[15:46:24] <Bronzdragon> He's not been around very long
[15:46:32] <apreche> well, if it fails, let me know
[15:46:41] <Bronzdragon> Via IRC?
[15:46:43] <Bronzdragon> =P
[15:46:53] <apreche> no, some other means that I look at more often
[15:47:31] <Bronzdragon> If I remember, I'll send a tweet/forum post.
[16:21:13] <pence> wow, looking at the decklists from the uncommons store championship, there's totally 12 influence worth of caprice in that HB deck
[16:21:28] <apreche> yes
[16:21:39] <apreche> you use your clicks breaking those bioroids
[16:21:47] <apreche> and you have no more clicks to run again if you lose the psi game
[16:22:21] <apreche> and if you break bioroids the hard way, you are not going to do well
[16:23:13] <apreche> the rez cost is cheap compared to the strength because they can be clicked through
[16:23:16] <apreche> so the corp gets a great deal
[16:24:17] <pence> access NAPD contract, you're gonna have a bad time
[16:24:28] <apreche> so many times at that tournament
[16:24:37] <apreche> you'll see in a game I'll upload later
[16:25:16] <pence> word
[16:28:53] <pence> everyone was running Subliminal Messaging around here the week after fear and loathing came out, and now it's pretty much gone
[16:29:04] <apreche> i see it in Jinteki
[16:29:11] <pence> yeah
[16:29:20] <apreche> and also weyland combo decks where the players won't run.
[18:00:29] <GauntletWizard> Good morning
[18:08:11] <Apsup> Good wrong time of the day.
[18:20:16] <GauntletWizard> It;s morning where it matters
[18:20:19] <GauntletWizard> in GST
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[18:52:26] <woodchuck> how much wood
[19:41:33] <Bronzdragon> Hello
[19:52:16] <woodchuck> yup
[19:52:49] <woodchuck> haven't seen ya in a while.
[19:53:51] <Bronzdragon> Nope.
[20:08:05] <Bronzdragon> So wuzzup here?
[21:23:58] <pence> almost netrunner time...
[21:24:48] <pence> watching this scott vid, sad jinteki looking at deus x all game
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[22:09:31] <woodchuck> ;
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[23:12:43] <GauntletWizard> Kinda wishing i'd done more at comicon
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