#geeknights | Logs for 2014-01-26

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[09:22:37] <Bronzdragon> YO
[09:22:46] <Bronzdragon> Itsa me!
[16:30:27] <Apsup> Blagh
[20:32:19] <Bronzdragon> Oh, sorry
[20:32:27] <Bronzdragon> I had ignored you until now, undiserved.
[20:32:31] <Bronzdragon> I do apologize
[20:42:54] <Apsup> Now I hate you!
[20:43:04] <Apsup> kiddin'
[20:44:59] <Bronzdragon> =O
[20:45:12] <Bronzdragon> I'm appauled you'd make such lighthearted jokes
[20:45:23] <Bronzdragon> I'd pegged you for a dark humour kind of guy.
[20:46:17] <Apsup> If you want an joke, I watched the new Justice League animated movie.
[20:46:20] <Apsup> It was stupid.
[20:46:25] <Apsup> And shitty movie.
[20:46:48] <Bronzdragon> I see.
[20:46:59] <Bronzdragon> I think I will skip it instead.
[20:47:09] <Apsup> It's a good choise.
[20:53:01] <Bronzdragon> Thank you.
[20:53:35] <Bronzdragon> So, speaking of good choices, beyond the bad one you made, did you make any other at least interesting ones?
[20:57:15] <Apsup> Nothing particulary interesting.
[21:00:21] <Bronzdragon> I see.
[21:07:58] <Bronzdragon> We're gamedevin'
[21:08:41] <Apsup> Cool
[21:09:06] <Bronzdragon> Hmm.
[21:48:14] <Bronzdragon> HMMM.
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