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[05:34:04] <Bronzdragon> Hey hey hey~
[05:34:15] <Cybylt> Hello
[05:38:29] <Bronzdragon> Wutcha upto?
[05:38:54] <Cybylt> Bout to start up Remnant
[05:39:19] <Bronzdragon> I see how it is.
[05:59:23] <Aria> Made it
[06:00:43] <Aria> Not sure if I was charged 6 bucks or 2
[06:00:52] <Aria> Since with the app, they're supposed to remove the initial 4
[06:01:00] <Aria> But I don't trust them to do that
[06:01:09] <Bronzdragon> 7.25
[06:01:17] <Bronzdragon> (It says that was what the meter was)
[06:01:21] <Bronzdragon> Also, tap to rate driver.
[06:01:34] <Aria> Right, sorry, 7 not 6, and yes, that is what the meter was
[06:01:42] <Aria> 5 stars, let me off outside when I asked for it
[06:01:52] <Bronzdragon> Well, there ya go.
[06:01:54] <Aria> instead of driving around for 10 minutes and charging me extra
[06:02:24] <Bronzdragon> Maybe there were more rides to take?
[06:05:48] <Aria> You would always prefer more money from the guy currently in your car, cause there is no travel time involved.
[06:06:35] <Bronzdragon> I guess.
[06:06:38] <Bronzdragon> That's true
[06:08:21] <Bronzdragon> ...
[06:08:25] <Bronzdragon> My socks are in the bedroom
[06:08:29] <Bronzdragon> But that's so faaaaaaar
[06:10:34] <Aria> Hrm
[06:10:37] <Aria> Googled for it
[06:10:46] <Aria> so maybe they do charge the initial 4 now?
[06:10:48] <Aria> I guess
[06:10:49] <Aria> Aw
[06:10:59] <Aria> Thats 7 monies for missing the bus ones
[06:11:00] <Aria> once*
[06:11:02] <Bronzdragon> I think the Initial 4 discount is only for new acount.
[06:11:14] <Aria> I see
[06:11:16] <Bronzdragon> Also, I could've tipped, decided against it.
[06:11:24] <Aria> =P
[06:11:46] <Aria> 7 Euro is 3 bus rides =O Buses are expensive
[06:13:11] <Bronzdragon> You could just take a cab every day
[06:14:10] <Bronzdragon> http://www.reddit.com
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[06:15:23] <Bronzdragon> Hey there Cybylt.
[06:15:41] <Aria> Hey there
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[06:17:47] <Bronzdragon> OH NO OTHER CYBYLT
[06:19:03] <Aria> I don't get what part of the image is dinosaurs
[06:19:16] <Aria> Ah!
[06:19:19] <Aria> I see it now
[06:19:41] <Bronzdragon> In the comments, someone coloured it in for easier viewing
[06:19:49] <Bronzdragon> As a bonus, they're no longer fighting over a water melon there
[06:20:46] <Aria> This one is way better http://imgur.com
[06:21:54] <Bronzdragon> =P
[06:22:03] <Bronzdragon> Actually... that's kind of sad
[06:43:36] <Aria> http://youtu.be
[06:44:14] <Bronzdragon> Hey, it's Pikachu
[06:44:24] <Bronzdragon> x3
[06:46:17] <Aria> I really need ad block at work
[06:52:30] <Aria> Im watching a pretty fun Dark Souls lets play
[06:53:20] <Bronzdragon> Oh?
[06:53:23] <Bronzdragon> That sounds fun.
[06:53:27] <Aria> Yup.
[06:53:33] <Aria> Sens fortress for the first time
[06:53:46] <Aria> His build is so OP for this area
[06:53:56] <Bronzdragon> He's terrible anyway?
[06:54:00] <Aria> He one hands a zwei
[06:54:09] <Aria> No, he's actually pretty good and careful
[06:54:20] <Aria> But maybe a bit TOO careful for Sens =P
[06:55:19] <Bronzdragon> No such thing.
[06:59:17] <Bronzdragon> You'
[06:59:24] <Bronzdragon> You're not going to share?
[06:59:30] <Bronzdragon> Also, don't you get a lot of calls early on?
[07:04:14] <Aria> Epiphany doesn't like JS apparently https://www.youtube.com
[07:04:49] <Aria> How did he get so strong this early on on his first playthrough?
[07:06:52] <Bronzdragon> https://www.youtube.com
[07:07:00] <Bronzdragon> (The song is kind of cute, I guess)
[07:07:30] <Aria> I guess
[07:07:47] <Bronzdragon> Anyway, it's Swedish.
[07:07:54] <Aria> No it's not
[07:08:00] <Bronzdragon> No?
[07:08:11] <Bronzdragon> Oh, Finnish
[07:08:15] <Aria> Yes
[07:08:15] <Bronzdragon> Man, people lies to me
[07:08:23] <Aria> Those languages are not alike
[07:08:26] <Bronzdragon> I guess you can't figure out what it says then.
[07:08:39] <Aria> I can figure out its Finnish
[07:08:44] <Aria> I could ask one of the Fins
[07:09:49] <Bronzdragon> It's a realastate company
[07:09:58] <Bronzdragon> *real estate
[07:10:05] <Aria> Yeah, sure, ok
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[07:15:40] <Aria> Hello again
[07:16:53] <Bronzdragon> Hai hai.
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[07:48:41] <Cybylt> Maybe I should have quit while playing games
[07:49:00] <Cybylt> looks like the connection messed up a lot during
[07:49:37] <Bronzdragon> Eh...
[07:49:44] <Bronzdragon> We'll just keep saying hi to you
[07:49:44] <Aria> IRC is not---
[07:50:02] <Aria> IRC does not produce a lot of network traffic
[07:50:18] <Cybylt> It's not that, it's my ISP being dicks
[07:50:54] <Bronzdragon> https://www.youtube.com
[07:51:11] <Bronzdragon> The reason is because Cybylt doesn't want a bunch of join/quit messages
[07:51:17] <Cybylt> we went over the unstated bandwidth cap, and the period has yet to be reset, so until then they periodically cut the connection for a second to stop us from doing things like using streaming services that do produce a lot of traffic
[07:51:36] <Bronzdragon> Oh, that's horrible.
[07:51:42] <Cybylt> Yeah
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[07:53:04] <Aria> Surely you can use that as a reason to cancel your subscription and get internet from a real company
[07:53:32] <Cybylt> only isp in the county
[07:53:37] <Aria> ...
[07:53:44] <Aria> D=
[07:53:49] <Cybylt> american isps monopolized the fuck out of regions
[07:54:12] <Cybylt> to the point where they can essentially charge other companies for trying to put up cables in the areas they own
[07:55:20] <Bronzdragon> That doesn't sound very legal
[07:55:26] <Bronzdragon> Or rather, like it should be legal.
[07:55:26] <Cybylt> it shouldn't be
[07:55:57] <Cybylt> but it doesn't break monopolization laws because there are technically multiple competing companies
[07:56:07] <Cybylt> You know, just with incredibly little overlap
[07:56:39] <Cybylt> where I live should be up for google fiber in the not too distant future at least
[07:57:04] <Cybylt> Big cities have more trouble with that because it means major construction
[07:57:11] <Cybylt> I think they talked about that on Fast Karate
[07:57:26] <Bronzdragon> How much is your cap?
[07:57:27] <Cybylt> New York doesn't have aerials or cable poles, it all runs underground
[07:57:30] <Cybylt> Dunno
[07:57:36] <Cybylt> they don't say
[07:57:38] <Bronzdragon> ...
[07:57:45] <Bronzdragon> >___>
[07:57:47] <Cybylt> we were actually told there wasn't one
[07:58:26] <Cybylt> which was then proven to be bullshit when we got a message saying we passed the cap
[07:59:53] <Bronzdragon> Here's something to watch without sound: https://www.youtube.com
[08:00:01] <Cybylt> for whatever reason the PS3 just kind of ignores it, everything else in the house drops for a second every now and then, PS3 just keeps going
[08:00:09] <Cybylt> Netflix, online games, whatever
[08:00:21] <Bronzdragon> Maybe there's a larger buffer on the PS3?
[08:00:25] <Cybylt> maybe
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[08:01:06] <Bronzdragon> Herro again
[08:01:25] <Cybylt> Hello
[08:01:57] <Cybylt> I'm a bit stuck in remnant
[08:02:07] <Bronzdragon> Oh no!
[08:02:13] <Cybylt> I have a team of three under my control, and then two teams of five that I can't control
[08:02:31] <Cybylt> and I think I'm just supposed to pile on the boss because I guess it keeps spawning stuff
[08:04:05] <Cybylt> hmmm
[08:05:04] <Cybylt> Apparently if I just bum rush the boss and kill him fast, the second wave spawns immediately and nine times out of ten David will but out Gae Bolg and simply wipe them all out
[08:05:07] <Cybylt> so that sounds nice
[08:06:14] <Cybylt> http://static.giantbomb.com
[08:06:40] <Cybylt> Gae Bolg is a big magic gun that has a pretty low chance of actually coming up, but if you can pull it off you basically get a free win
[08:06:41] <Bronzdragon> Oh wow, dat gun.
[08:06:52] <Bronzdragon> It looks like...
[08:06:55] <Bronzdragon> Y'know...
[08:07:24] <Cybylt> I don't know
[08:07:36] <Cybylt> a backwards hammer?
[08:08:14] <Bronzdragon> https://www.youtube.com
[08:09:07] <Cybylt> So it's a big stone penis?
[08:09:18] <Bronzdragon> Yes.
[08:09:46] <Cybylt> http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net
[08:09:52] <Cybylt> what about from this angle?
[08:10:19] <Cybylt> I think the thing at the back twists, but I don't remember
[08:10:26] <Bronzdragon> I guess less so.
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[09:22:49] <Bronzdragon> I'll be out buying stuff.
[09:48:23] <Bronzdragon> Yo.
[09:50:14] <Bronzdragon> Giantbomb cast sandwich talk was funny.
[10:03:31] <Aria> Herro
[10:03:37] <Bronzdragon> 'sup
[10:06:02] <Aria> Nothing much
[10:06:12] <Bronzdragon> Keeping busy?
[10:06:16] <Aria> Sure
[10:06:18] <Aria> Are you?
[10:06:29] <Bronzdragon> I'm thinking about taking a shower.
[10:06:38] <Aria> Alright, yeah, sure
[10:07:14] <Bronzdragon> I'm currently watching a video on shaving.
[10:07:23] <Aria> This asylum demon fight is kinda epic
[10:07:31] <Bronzdragon> Yeah?
[10:07:37] <Aria> Usually he dies in like 3 hits and doesn't even get to attack back
[10:07:58] <Aria> but this guy has died against him like 4 times, and this fight is going on for pretty long, wrecking the entire arena =P
[10:08:05] <Aria> (episode 1 of the same lets play
[10:08:16] <Bronzdragon> I see.
[10:08:18] <Bronzdragon> What class?
[10:09:38] <Bronzdragon> This guy does three passes...
[10:09:41] <Bronzdragon> Should I?
[10:11:20] <Bronzdragon> It must be nice to have a sink large enough to put your hands in.
[10:11:46] <Aria> Huh?
[10:11:48] <Aria> Deprived
[10:11:54] <Aria> you should (shower?)
[10:11:56] <Bronzdragon> So they have the club.
[10:11:57] <Aria> It would be nice
[10:12:00] <Aria> Yeah
[10:12:11] <Bronzdragon> So they kill in, what? 8 punches?
[10:12:20] <Bronzdragon> (assuming you don't drop-attack)
[10:14:46] <Aria> Yes, but who doesn't drop attack=
[10:14:47] <Aria> ?
[10:14:51] <Aria> Realistically, it's three
[10:17:54] <Bronzdragon> Okay
[10:17:55] <Aria> Episode three has a montage =(
[10:17:57] <Bronzdragon> Cya in a bit.
[10:17:58] <Aria> Thats no fun
[10:18:02] <Bronzdragon> =P
[10:18:09] <Aria> (unless its at least speed up a lot more
[10:18:32] <Aria> He's grinding the very first few hollow
[10:18:38] <Aria> Why is the very first thing you do grind?
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[11:32:04] <Bronzdragon> Hello hello!
[11:44:20] <Aria> Hey again
[11:44:29] <Bronzdragon> I think I did some things wrong when shaving
[11:44:38] <Bronzdragon> (Didn't hurt myself except for the one spot I usually cut)
[11:44:59] <Bronzdragon> (I used a stiptick stick, which stung, but stopped the bleeding, but then I cut it a second time =P)
[11:45:19] <Bronzdragon> Anyway, I lathered wrong, so I think I could've gotten a smoother shave.
[11:45:38] <Aria> =(
[11:45:41] <Aria> I see
[11:45:42] <Aria> Alright
[11:52:56] <Bronzdragon> ... I want this 
[11:52:58] <Bronzdragon> http://www.reddit.com
[11:54:52] <Aria> That is pretty cool!
[11:55:03] <Aria> Can't you just download it? Isn't the first post it?
[11:55:03] <Bronzdragon> Yeah~
[11:55:17] <Bronzdragon> It's for unix
[11:55:20] <Bronzdragon> I don't have Linux
[11:55:24] <Bronzdragon> *Linux.
[11:56:06] <Aria> Trailer for this new Alien game reminds me a lot of our design for Katyusha
[11:56:12] <Aria> (it plays before every youtube)
[11:56:19] <Aria> You should look it up
[11:57:07] <Bronzdragon> ... I have adblock, I can't watch that trailer
[11:57:14] <Bronzdragon> Besides, you're in the UK, remember?
[11:57:23] <Aria> You can still manually look it up
[11:59:04] <Bronzdragon> Colonial Marines?
[11:59:39] <Bronzdragon> That's the most recent game on Wikipedia.
[11:59:45] <Aria> Next one
[11:59:57] <Aria> Natural Selection or whatever its called
[12:00:00] <Aria> Infestation
[12:01:40] <Bronzdragon> That's older
[12:01:42] <Bronzdragon> Also, for DS.
[12:02:07] <Bronzdragon> Older by 2 years, in fact. (Oct 2011)
[12:02:39] <Aria> There is another one. starts with I
[12:03:26] <Bronzdragon> Oh!
[12:03:34] <Bronzdragon> There's a game called Alien: Isolation
[12:06:00] <Bronzdragon> Wait, it's called "Alien: Isolation: Origins"?
[12:06:04] <Bronzdragon> >__>
[12:06:20] <Bronzdragon> Oh, my mistake
[12:06:25] <Aria> x)
[12:06:29] <Bronzdragon> This is another video, showing the origins.
[12:06:38] <Bronzdragon> The origins of Alien: Isolation
[12:06:39] <Aria> Look at the commercial
[12:06:44] <Aria> or teaser or something I dunno
[12:06:51] <Bronzdragon> I watched this:
[12:06:51] <Bronzdragon> 12:06 < Bronzdragon> This is another video,
[12:06:54] <Bronzdragon> ...
[12:06:58] <Bronzdragon> https://www.youtube.com
[12:07:01] <Bronzdragon> There.
[12:07:08] <Bronzdragon> (I don't like this terminal very much...
[12:07:28] <Aria> Can't watch this, because age gated, and epiphany hasn't got js
[12:07:36] <Aria> At least I don't have js in my epiphany
[12:08:06] <Aria> But I assume it shows off the game well
[12:08:24] <Bronzdragon> Uuuugh
[12:08:29] <Bronzdragon> Well...
[12:08:35] <Bronzdragon> It's a lot of quick cuts.
[12:08:42] <Bronzdragon> And like, your character gasping.
[12:09:00] <Bronzdragon> And like "scary tension... OH NO SHADOW! NOW CUT!"
[12:11:46] <Bronzdragon> Okay, so, I'm not working. I know, I'm wrong
[12:12:01] <Bronzdragon> Instead, I'm reading up on a ground-up guide to desktop ricing
[12:12:19] <Bronzdragon> It's talking about terminals. then how to change font colors and fonts, right?
[12:12:35] <Bronzdragon> Then what shell to use! It's an important choice, after all
[12:12:44] <Bronzdragon> Anyway, after that, it talks about how to change the prompt
[12:13:00] <Bronzdragon> Like... dude, does each thing needs it's own three paragraphs?
[12:13:05] <Bronzdragon> Still though, awesome, right?
[12:56:47] <Aria> ---
[12:56:49] <Aria> Ricing?
[12:58:05] <Aria> I don't even know what that means
[13:03:48] <Bronzdragon> Like, ricing cars
[13:03:50] <Bronzdragon> Rice cars
[13:03:59] <Bronzdragon> custimizing, adding LEDs.
[13:16:04] <Bronzdragon> Giantbombcast: "SteamOS, for the beta, only supports AMD." "But how will I get my tress-effects then!"
[13:17:54] <Aria> ...I think it only supports Nvidia actually..
[13:18:13] <Aria> And you're adding LEDs to your computer D=
[13:46:58] <Apsup> http://www.youtube.com I think that's pretty clever and funny idea.
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[14:14:15] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:14:27] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:14:54] <Cybylt> they were done from the phone
[14:15:05] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:15:21] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
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[14:16:55] <Cyb> okay nickserv, I guess my registered nickname isn't a registered nickname
[14:17:38] <Cyb> things still need touch ups
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[14:19:22] Cyb is now known as Cybylt
[14:19:46] <Aria> Going home in 10 minutes, but I just started a 31 min youtube
[14:19:47] <Aria> hrm..
[14:19:53] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:19:54] <Aria> Could be a problem
[14:20:03] <Cybylt> That could be
[14:21:00] <Cybylt> I need to think of what to put on missile broadside's left shoulder
[14:21:14] <Cybylt> I'm thinking Early Warning Override sensor piece
[14:21:30] <Cybylt> Or perhaps a drone controller
[14:21:32] <Aria> o.O Context?
[14:21:47] <Cybylt> tau broadside battlesuit
[14:21:50] <Cybylt> with missiles
[14:21:54] <Cybylt> 40k
[14:21:58] <Aria> Ah
[14:22:07] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:22:10] <Cybylt> specifically, that broadside
[14:31:14] <Bronzdragon> Oh hey guys
[14:31:21] <Cybylt> Hello
[14:35:49] <Cybylt> Bronzdragon
[14:35:54] <Cybylt> did you see my tau robots?
[14:36:26] <Bronzdragon> Let me look at 'em
[14:36:35] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:36:41] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:36:49] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:36:57] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:02] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:07] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:23] <Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:34] <Bronzdragon> 14:36 < Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:37] <Bronzdragon> 14:36 < Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:40] <Bronzdragon> 14:36 < Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:43] <Bronzdragon> 14:36 < Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:47] <Bronzdragon> 14:37 < Cybylt> http://i.neoseeker.com
[14:37:49] <Bronzdragon> ... whups
[14:38:42] <Cybylt> They are on the bathroom counter because that''s the only part of my room with actual lighting
[14:38:58] <Cybylt> the room itself is lit by a desklamp facing upward set behind the tv
[14:39:18] <Cybylt> it made painting a massive pain in the ass
[14:39:20] <Bronzdragon> But how can you see the figure's details like that then?
[14:39:33] <Bronzdragon> Oh, I see. You can't rotate the desklamp?
[14:39:40] <Bronzdragon> Or retrieve, then rotate
[14:39:48] <Cybylt> I can, which is what was what I did when I painted them
[14:39:55] <Bronzdragon> Anyway, the color looks good. That one guy looks a bit red though
[14:40:19] <Cybylt> Ralai needs some color fixes
[14:40:33] <Cybylt> I want to paint the "face" on that one the light grey
[14:41:03] <Cybylt> hard to point out in the angle he's in, but there is more of the white and grey on his back and shield
[14:41:20] <Bronzdragon> Hmm, I do think something to break up all the red would look good
[14:41:38] <Cybylt> two of the arms of the shield are grey, with tau symbol itself being white with a red smaller circle in the top
[14:41:50] <Cybylt> might also do the shoulders or jets
[14:42:14] <Cybylt> I don't want too much of that grey though because it doesn't look good in big sections
[14:42:41] <Cybylt> the jets on the the riptide used to be grey, didn't look good
[14:42:49] <Cybylt> not jets, the engines
[14:43:16] <Cybylt> which are the two rectangular bits that stick out the chest
[14:43:27] <Cybylt> the tops and sides of those used to be grey
[14:43:54] <Cybylt> works better for breaking up the red than as a main color
[14:46:52] <Bronzdragon> Hmm...
[15:10:05] <Cybylt> it's done, maybe
[15:10:35] <Cybylt> I goofed and didn't dry out the brush enough when I went to bring out the contours so I may have to go back at it again
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[15:17:24] <Bronzdragon> Yo.
[15:17:41] <Cyb> Hello
[15:17:49] <Cyb> went to feed birds
[15:18:04] <Cyb> come back and it's doing it again where it says Cybylt isn't registered
[15:18:25] -!- Cybylt has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
[15:22:48] Cyb is now known as Cybylt
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[18:31:31] <apreche> what what
[18:34:30] <Apsup> Hey, it's scott night on irc.
[18:48:59] <Apsup> I think I watch some Ippos off my backlog while watiting for KlK. That seems like a decent plan.
[20:35:55] -!- Cybylt [Cybylt!Cybylt@hide-7C1BCAFF.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #geeknights
[20:38:51] <Cybylt> Hello
[21:16:35] -!- Cyb [Cyb!~Cybylt@hide-7C1BCAFF.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #geeknights
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[21:20:52] <Apsup> There sure was a new Kill la kill. It was an episode
[21:34:58] -!- Cyb has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]