#geeknights | Logs for 2013-12-06

[00:10:01] <apreche> salt is coming
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[01:51:47] <pence> currently listening to marvel on saltybet
[01:52:09] <Rudicron> how about that 30s loop length?
[01:53:11] <apreche> Got taken for a ride
[01:53:43] <apreche> huh, according to saltystats
[01:53:47] <apreche> I've bet 584 times
[01:53:49] <apreche> and won 380 times
[01:53:54] <apreche> lost 204 times
[01:53:55] <apreche> not bad
[01:55:27] <pence> I need to up my betting game from my current all-in stuck in the saltmines forever strategy
[01:55:36] <apreche> Illuminati
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[01:57:35] <Apsup> pay to win game.
[02:00:24] <starfox> going jugg
[02:00:27] <apreche> JUGG
[02:00:28] <pence> Juggernaut
[02:00:44] <starfox> don't you know who the fuck he is?
[02:01:04] <starfox> jugg's gotcha
[02:01:11] <apreche> YES
[02:01:17] <apreche> I bet big, gonna win big
[02:01:20] <Birdville> Went Hulk
[02:01:25] <Birdville> damn
[02:01:29] <pence> shit, juggernaut's dangerous
[02:01:52] <apreche> just won so much, gonna be conservative rest of the night...
[02:02:08] <apreche> broke 10k for firs ttime!
[02:02:11] <apreche> $10001 exactly
[02:02:27] <starfox> mummy
[02:02:33] <Birdville> yup
[02:02:45] <apreche> i also remember mummy doing well in previous tournaments
[02:02:51] <starfox> ooh dat dance
[02:02:56] <apreche> but I thought he was darkstalkers, not marvel
[02:03:00] <pence> same
[02:03:15] <pence> that guy's totally darkstalkers
[02:04:47] <starfox> come on ana get your head out of your butt
[02:05:39] <pence> doing kettlebell swings with sentinel
[02:05:51] <starfox> nice comeback so far
[02:06:02] <starfox> jugg's gonna wreck either of these guys though
[02:06:21] <apreche> SO REAL
[02:06:29] <apreche> Ok, should I quit while Im ahead?
[02:06:31] <Birdville> nice comeback
[02:06:36] <starfox> nope
[02:06:39] <pence> I'm scared I actually have some money now
[02:06:44] <starfox> bet more
[02:06:53] <starfox> uh drdoom is fake doom?
[02:06:58] <apreche> real doom
[02:07:16] <apreche> the most real of possible dooms
[02:07:24] <Birdville> Bettin ont eh good doctor
[02:08:47] <pence> if this had assists it would be indistinguishable from marvel
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[02:10:14] <Walker> WHERE MAH CURLY MUSTACHE
[02:11:33] <apreche> please deny this dream...
[02:11:36] <starfox> aw crap my bet didn't go through on black
[02:11:51] <apreche> does it say undefined? just reload
[02:11:59] <starfox> aye
[02:12:05] <starfox> ah ok it got it
[02:12:33] <apreche> both fake
[02:12:54] <Birdville> Ryu was and Xman right?
[02:13:01] <apreche> haha, no
[02:13:11] <apreche> too many non-marvel characters in this marvel night
[02:13:20] <Walker> Should've been an xman
[02:13:38] <pence> death by jab
[02:14:10] <Rudicron> Cyclops would have been a good substitution there.
[02:14:29] <apreche> i don't see captain america in the bracket
[02:14:47] <apreche> but I see plenty of other non-marvels
[02:14:52] <starfox> jin saotome isn't marvel, right? he's good though
[02:14:59] <apreche> capcom
[02:15:48] <starfox> this music is a little baccanish
[02:15:57] <apreche> It's from MvC
[02:16:17] <starfox> what's the baccano theme from? Original composition?
[02:16:34] <Walker> Aw snaaaap
[02:16:36] <starfox> that was first match I lost
[02:16:47] <pence> wtb servbot
[02:16:48] <pence> yesss
[02:16:49] <Walker> I just won
[02:16:50] <apreche> hitbox
[02:16:50] <starfox> argh tough one
[02:16:59] <starfox> jin's good though, no hit issues I think
[02:17:06] <Walker> fiddy on Jin
[02:17:16] <starfox> going jin, hoping dream
[02:17:18] <apreche> can't betray the bot
[02:17:24] <starfox> NICE ODDS
[02:18:57] <starfox> jin getting boxed a little
[02:19:06] <Walker> Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
[02:20:31] <starfox> jin has trouble when bot summons his army of minions
[02:20:57] <apreche> servin' it up
[02:21:07] <pence> servbot projectiles
[02:21:11] <pence> more servbots
[02:21:53] <apreche> got served
[02:21:55] <starfox> aw nice try jin
[02:22:07] <Walker> ach
[02:22:27] <apreche> monkey
[02:22:28] <starfox> what is sonson?
[02:22:32] <starfox> betting squid
[02:22:43] <Walker> Betting pole
[02:22:43] <Birdville> squid
[02:22:55] <starfox> squid > monkey
[02:23:15] <Birdville> in every sense
[02:23:32] <pence> giant.... pole
[02:23:45] <starfox> ahahaha
[02:23:47] <pence> CHAOS DIMENSION
[02:23:52] <starfox> pan-dimensional being >> monkey
[02:24:10] <Birdville> Son Goku needs to yell for more power
[02:24:43] <apreche> wow
[02:24:43] <pence> just keep using giant pole
[02:24:46] <apreche> such monkey
[02:25:03] <apreche> so win
[02:25:04] <starfox> much chaos will win match
[02:25:05] <apreche> much pole
[02:25:44] <pence> don't eat what you juggle
[02:26:25] <starfox> real shuma fake
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[02:26:38] <pence> monkeydance
[02:26:57] <jrdbnta> man
[02:27:11] <jrdbnta> feels good to finally get in on a shaker classic
[02:27:24] <Birdville> need to go back to the Chaos Dimension
[02:27:29] <jrdbnta> stupid work schedule keeping me not at a computer when they're going on
[02:27:44] <pence> I never noticed that shuma is kind of like arakune
[02:27:45] <apreche> SO REAL
[02:27:53] <apreche> no chaos please
[02:27:55] <apreche> YES
[02:27:59] <starfox> not chaotic enough
[02:28:11] <starfox> not even mad that was so real
[02:28:17] <apreche> tooth
[02:28:27] <Walker> Fucked in the bunghole by a monkey with a curtain rod
[02:28:31] <Walker> How's it feel?
[02:28:50] <Walker> Holy shit obese cactus all in
[02:28:57] <apreche> amingo = mexi everything
[02:29:01] <starfox> no doubt he's got some cactuar bullshit
[02:29:16] <Walker> Gah, bet didn't go through
[02:29:26] <apreche> if it says undefined, your bet works
[02:29:28] <apreche> just reload
[02:29:52] <starfox> steaks
[02:29:53] <pence> shoulda bet mexico for odds and money
[02:29:56] <apreche> whoah, cactus OP
[02:30:02] <Walker> Nah, didn't work
[02:30:40] <Birdville> FRAUD
[02:30:47] <apreche> more arms = more wins
[02:30:51] <starfox> ken holy?
[02:31:16] <Walker> Going Ken
[02:31:19] <Birdville> What about squid?
[02:31:20] <starfox> closest thing we have to a waifu this tourney
[02:31:42] <starfox> monkey has a tail and a rod, that's 2 extra arms right there
[02:31:59] <Birdville> Wnt Goro
[02:33:40] <starfox> use more knifes
[02:33:55] <pence> not even every character can defeat ken
[02:33:56] <starfox> first 4 rounds are data
[02:34:21] <starfox> seriously did she just turn on hax?
[02:34:28] <Walker> To die: to sleep;
[02:34:28] <Walker> No more; and by a sleep to say we end
[02:34:28] <Walker> The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
[02:34:28] <Walker> That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
[02:34:28] <Walker> Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
[02:34:28] <Walker> To sleep: perchance to dream...
[02:35:12] <starfox> going big on juggernaut bitch
[02:35:27] <apreche> jj
[02:35:50] <Birdville> all the way
[02:35:52] <Walker> Hundred on Jug
[02:36:21] <starfox> displeased about this turn of events
[02:36:40] <starfox> two hits and he's KO'd though
[02:37:37] <apreche> 500 on jugg, not good
[02:38:25] <starfox> stop trying to hit him and hit him
[02:38:45] <pence> I'M... JUGGERNAUT
[02:39:09] <starfox> fuck
[02:39:20] <starfox> totally zoned him
[02:39:36] <Birdville> welp in the mines. dreams all night
[02:39:40] <apreche> black
[02:39:54] <Walker> yup
[02:40:19] <apreche> oh, this time my bet didn't go through
[02:40:21] <apreche> N/A
[02:41:56] <starfox> dem dodges
[02:42:39] <pence> his projectiles: zombie goasts
[02:43:23] <apreche> oh, this is tough
[02:43:32] <Walker> Serv
[02:43:35] <apreche> bot loyalty
[02:43:36] <starfox> bot = box
[02:43:40] <Birdville> bot
[02:43:53] <starfox> giant rod can't hitbox
[02:44:01] <apreche> grocery was out of english muffins
[02:44:05] <apreche> so TIME TO LEGGO THE EGGO
[02:44:23] <apreche> HAMMER TIME
[02:44:25] <starfox> damn it can hitbox
[02:44:40] <apreche> CAN TOUCH THIS
[02:44:57] <Walker> Graduated, got my wingds, and you gotta let go of my constructed lego eggo waffle halo
[02:45:21] <Walker> Dat hammer
[02:45:45] <apreche> hammer > stick
[02:46:33] <Walker> ...or not
[02:46:48] <starfox> had just about enough of this stupid monkey
[02:47:32] <apreche> just realized
[02:47:35] <apreche> no actual Marvel left
[02:47:56] <Walker> lulz
[02:48:32] <Birdville> Blackheart
[02:48:53] <starfox> cactuar though
[02:49:09] <apreche> i thought blackheart is darkstalkers?
[02:49:26] <Walker> Bah, back in the mines
[02:49:38] <Rudicron> He's mephisto's son, I believe.
[02:49:44] <apreche> ken was way strong, but betting cactus
[02:49:54] <jrdbnta> cactus will get me out of the mines
[02:49:56] <starfox> literally mexican
[02:50:01] <apreche> so he is
[02:50:11] <apreche> what comic does Blackheart appear in?
[02:50:23] <apreche> ghost rider?
[02:50:23] <Birdville> Wiki taught me different
[02:50:33] <starfox> you're fucking kidding me cactus
[02:50:52] <Birdville> yup
[02:52:13] <starfox> cactus collusion
[02:52:13] <apreche> ken could win it all
[02:52:36] <apreche> betting Marvel
[02:54:04] <apreche> welp
[02:55:29] <pence> all worship mummy
[02:55:51] <Birdville> Gundam tourney > "Marvel" tourney
[02:56:05] <apreche> Marve tourney would be better if it was actually marvel
[02:56:06] <apreche> and not mvc
[02:56:17] <Birdville> yup
[02:56:24] <apreche> Ken
[02:56:27] <apreche> taking the whole thing
[02:56:31] <starfox> please ken whip this ass monkey
[02:57:15] <apreche> dem odds
[02:57:35] <starfox> JESUS MOTHER FUCK
[02:57:55] <starfox> thank you
[02:58:49] <starfox> ken just needed some data
[02:59:55] <apreche> should I all-in Ken?
[03:00:03] <Rudicron> He could give Dan rolling lessons there.
[03:00:05] <apreche> why the fuck not, fake money
[03:00:16] <apreche> all-in ken
[03:00:19] <apreche> done
[03:00:31] <starfox> first rule of salty bet is all in the final
[03:00:36] <Birdville> same here
[03:00:36] <pence> all-in mummy
[03:00:43] <Birdville> all $46
[03:00:45] <pence> I have nothing to lose (in the mines)
[03:00:53] <apreche> 7649
[03:02:17] <pence> come on no hitbox move
[03:02:32] <apreche> magic hands is the ony thing that can hurt ken
[03:02:33] <starfox> that tornado does so much damage
[03:02:55] <apreche> whoah, the AI rolled under those sarcophogai, so pro
[03:02:58] <starfox> ken ai very good
[03:03:30] <apreche> yeah, ended over $10k thanks to my all-in
[03:03:33] <apreche> 10343
[03:03:39] <starfox> and I end up almost exactly where I started before the tourney
[03:03:42] <pence> 25
[03:03:44] <apreche> i'll bet 343 on this match and then I'm done.
[03:03:51] <pence> it was going so well until juggernaut lost...
[03:03:51] <starfox> 342
[03:04:04] <Birdville> 63
[03:04:15] <Birdville> i had a bad night
[03:04:33] <Walker> 30
[03:04:33] <Birdville> started with 548
[03:04:41] <Walker> I had a great night until Servbot betrayed me
[03:05:01] <pence> we need some tattoo assassins characters in here
[03:05:15] <Rudicron> Started at 200, landed at 98. maybe I need a better strategy than flipping a coin.
[03:06:05] <Birdville> 2 weeks off ruined my intuition
[03:06:53] <apreche> this is a really tough choice
[03:06:59] <pence> oh shit
[03:07:02] <apreche> too hype
[03:07:07] <Walker> sam rai
[03:07:21] <starfox> wow tough
[03:07:28] <apreche> samurai
[03:07:32] <starfox> sam
[03:07:35] <pence> this is like getting through the MK tournament
[03:07:36] <starfox> he has big chip
[03:07:38] <apreche> old and trustworthy
[03:07:38] <pence> and having to fight goro
[03:08:02] <starfox> sam beat mb02
[03:08:08] <apreche> whoah, ODDS
[03:08:09] <starfox> I like these odds
[03:08:36] <apreche> throw more giant shurikens!
[03:08:36] <Walker> snap
[03:08:46] <starfox> ken rolls under
[03:08:52] <apreche> dem rolls
[03:08:59] <apreche> dem kaiser rolls
[03:09:22] <starfox> more like keyser rollse am i rite?
[03:09:41] <apreche> wow
[03:09:48] <apreche> dis ken is too strong
[03:09:54] <apreche> let's see him vs. higher tier
[03:10:10] <starfox> so clutch
[03:10:18] <apreche> like boss zeroko or mouri motonari
[03:11:34] <starfox> yowza
[03:12:51] <apreche> ok, I'm done
[03:13:04] <starfox> always bet disrespect
[03:13:16] <starfox> playin some cs:go after this fight
[03:13:49] <Birdville> I'm out ttfn
[03:14:39] <Walker> peace
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[03:21:00] <Rudicron> also out; gotta find some aspirin after watching a round of the pacifier fighting.
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