#geeknights | Logs for 2013-11-21

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[09:44:56] <Bronzdragon> Hola!
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[15:41:29] <Bronzdragon> Yo!
[16:03:08] <Apsup> Heya Bronzey.
[16:08:34] <Bronzdragon> Wutcha upto?
[16:17:18] <Apsup> Watching videos to get some insight to unity's new 2d tools.
[16:17:27] <Apsup> And Unity itself, as I haven't used it before.
[16:17:30] <Bronzdragon> New 2D tools?
[16:17:43] <Bronzdragon> This sounds relevant to the things I'm trying to do. How new?
[16:18:00] <Apsup> Came last week I think.
[16:18:41] <Apsup> For a while I've been shittalking to my friends that I'll get to making games after Unity gets it's 2d tools, now it has them so time to not-shit-talk.
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[17:28:15] <Bronzdragon> mite, mate!
[17:28:40] <mite> Hi there
[17:28:49] <Bronzdragon> wutcha upto?
[17:29:48] <mite> apparently debugging some issue at work :)
[17:30:08] <Bronzdragon> Apperantly?
[17:30:24] <Bronzdragon> Does your boss know you're not sure what you're actually doing? =P
[17:32:42] <mite> :) naah it's just regular ADD
[17:34:06] <Bronzdragon> Yeah, I know that problem.
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[20:55:24] <GauntletWizard> I should try unity
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[23:40:42] <lackofcheese> 'lo
[23:41:46] <Apsup> heya
[23:44:18] <lackofcheese> I might actually get to watch a Shaker Classic today; historically I couldn't
[23:45:17] <lackofcheese> I've been off SaltyBet for a couple of months, but I guess I could easily still be the richest on the forum
[23:46:41] <Apsup> I usually these days only watch it during the classic and even then only half-focus on it.
[23:46:56] <Apsup> But it's Kill la Kill time for me.
[23:49:16] <lackofcheese> Yeah, I'm torrenting that now.
[23:52:51] <lackofcheese> Also I just realised I haven't seen that first episode of the new GiTS OVA so I'm getting that too.
[23:53:28] <Apsup> Oh yea, that has come out too already. Gotta check it out at some point.
[23:53:52] <lackofcheese> The first ep came out back in June, but the second one is out later this month which is cool
[23:54:31] <lackofcheese> Still, once that one is out it will probably be a few more months until the third :(
[23:54:39] <lackofcheese> Not that bad as OVA release schedules go, though.
[23:55:57] <lackofcheese> That said, I'm only guessing because the gap was 4 months between the first and second episode; I guess there's no guarantee they won't have a multi-year gap later :D
[23:57:18] <ShadedSpriter> I have the first OVA on my computer I just haven't been in the mood to watch it since getting it.
[23:57:39] <lackofcheese> How could you not be in a Ghost in the Shell mood!?
[23:58:24] <Apsup> Understandable. It took me a long time to watch SaC as I only watched an episode here, couple there.