#geeknights | Logs for 2013-11-20

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[06:52:16] <woodchuck> anyone here?
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[09:12:51] <Aria> yup
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[09:13:51] <Bronzdragon> Yo
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[10:34:35] <Aria> No?
[10:34:35] <Aria> Ok
[10:40:25] <Bronz> no.
[10:40:27] <Bronz> Ok?
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[10:53:19] <Aria> Herro
[10:54:55] <Apsup> hi
[11:06:20] <Aria> which flag is a red triangle with stars next to it?
[11:06:32] <Aria> Everyone here has their nationality as a flag on their desk
[11:06:40] <Aria> guy in front of me has a flag I don't recognize
[11:06:57] <Aria> is that like a 'all of the EU' flag
[11:06:58] <Aria> ?
[11:09:49] <Apsup> Draw the flag and ask from google.
[11:13:26] <Apsup> http://countries.bridgat.com
[11:13:29] <Apsup> This one?
[11:14:26] <Bronz> Turkey, probably
[11:14:53] <Bronz> http://upload.wikimedia.org
[11:16:08] <Bronz> Oh, wait, I read that wrong, sorry.
[11:24:52] <Aria> That's not it
[11:24:56] <Aria> Blue base
[11:25:00] <Aria> yellow triangle
[11:25:01] <Aria> white stars
[11:31:32] <Apsup> Where did it red triangle come from your initial explanation?
[11:32:43] <Bronz> http://upload.wikimedia.org
[11:34:04] <Bronz> Aria's currently working, so if his answers are sparse, please forgive him.
[11:35:48] <Aria> ...
[11:35:50] <Aria> Sorry
[11:35:53] <Aria> I meant yellow
[11:35:59] <Aria> I mustve typed it wrong
[11:36:09] <Aria> That is the correct flag
[11:36:16] <Bronz> So it it Bosnia and Herzegovina?
[11:36:17] <Aria> Which flag is that?
[11:36:20] <Aria> Bosnia
[11:36:21] <Aria> ah
[11:36:23] <Aria> Yes
[11:36:55] <Bronz> UH, I'm so good at stuff!
[11:56:07] <Apsup> iTunes hates me.
[11:56:41] <Apsup> Last night I listened at least two hours of this podcast. Now it lies to me that I only have listened 2minutes.
[11:59:40] <Aria> D=
[11:59:51] <Aria> I wouldn't trust that itunes
[11:59:56] <Aria> It probably plans to kill you
[12:00:03] <Aria> Do you have experience with RHEL?
[12:00:34] <Bronz> ReHabiliation of Endagnerd Life?
[12:02:22] <Bronz> So what's up with being called, then there beign absolutely no sound for ~5 secons, and then hanging up?
[12:13:33] <Bronz> The toaster I use has a dial for darkness. It's a dark gray color, On the left side, it has the outline of a slice of bread, but on the right, it's a filled pictograph. The ink is white
[12:13:41] <Bronz> Which side will give lighter toast?
[12:18:27] <Bronz> This is just a sample of the sort of problems I have to deal with on a day to day basis.
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[12:26:45] <Bronz> Did you see Pegu's forum post?
[12:27:00] <Bronz> I feel like we all need to get togehter and put everyone on a Linux crash course.
[12:34:13] <Aria> Please link it
[12:39:55] <Bronz> I realize that maybe it's not nice to make fun of Pegu when he's not here.
[12:39:57] <Bronz> http://forum.frontrowcrew.com
[12:40:03] <Bronz> Don't think I'm trying to do that.
[12:45:05] <Aria> That is crazy =P
[12:45:32] <Aria> speaking of being bad at linux
[12:45:40] <Aria> Where the hell are the firefox ssl certs stored?
[12:46:30] <Bronz> Why... would you need to access them?
[12:46:54] <Aria> I wanna import them into a different application
[12:47:14] <Aria> Apparently, I haven't trusted "org" as a signer of SSL certs...
[12:47:37] <Bronz> Sounds dangerious
[12:50:18] <Aria> MAYBE
[13:04:12] <Aria> Ok, no
[13:04:15] <Aria> I dunno why this doesn't work
[13:04:32] <Aria> The ca-bundle.crt file is in there
[13:04:47] <Aria> Surely that has "org" as a trusted signer
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[14:47:28] <Bronz> Hello Neito.
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[14:48:07] <Bronz> I... see
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[14:49:22] <Bronz> !!!
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