#geeknights | Logs for 2013-11-14

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[13:12:43] <BronzDragon> Hai Apsup
[13:16:45] <Apsup> heya
[13:16:53] <BronzDragon> How ya doin'?
[13:17:41] <Apsup> Should go and do landary today.
[13:18:01] <Apsup> But it's cold. I just want to wrap myself up in blankets and sit here.
[13:18:22] <BronzDragon> I know! I built a sort of kotatsu. It's like... magical.
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[15:48:12] <bronzdragon> Meep?
[16:11:18] <Apsup> beeb
[16:45:44] <bronzdragon> boop
[16:46:10] <bronzdragon> I wanna enable timestramps so I can see how long ago you said that, but when I last did that, Xchat crashed until I cleared the config.
[16:46:59] <Apsup> That sounds like it works well.
[16:47:19] <bronzdragon> Hehe, yeah...
[16:47:53] <bronzdragon> I since did install Python (which it was missing somehow). my IRC software still complains about missing Ruby though
[16:48:01] <bronzdragon> Why it needs both, I honestly don't know.
[16:48:22] <bronzdragon> Also, windows programs ship with all relevant libraries almost always, so they're really hard to get independantly.
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[18:30:56] <bronz_000> Cheerio!
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[21:42:05] <yoshokatana> dang
[21:42:40] <yoshokatana> I just closed about three weeks worth of bug and feature tickets in 1.5 days
[21:42:45] <yoshokatana> now I don't know what to do with myself
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