#geeknights | Logs for 2013-11-08

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[01:05:44] <apreche> KLK was good
[01:05:51] <apreche> I like how it doesn't follow the standard shonen fighting progression
[01:05:58] <apreche> of weakest guy to strongest guy
[01:09:57] <Apsup> This was clearly an upping the stakes, let's get serious episode. I'd guess that next week and couple next weeks are back to weakling of the week formula.
[01:13:19] <apreche> I hope she does what she said and finds some secrets about her father
[01:14:02] <Apsup> That will surely happen at some point.
[01:14:18] <apreche> I'm always most interested in the terrible secret of space.
[01:18:16] <Apsup> I'm wondering if the brief gimpse of mamma Kiryuin means that she will be the next stage of escalation.
[01:18:35] <apreche> i'm sure she has a connection to papa matoi
[01:19:00] <apreche> it could be that old story of the scientist working for someone
[01:19:04] <apreche> who tries to take the science and do evil
[01:19:12] <Apsup> Take over the world!
[01:28:39] <apreche> http://challonge.com
[01:28:43] <apreche> the bracket is being prepared
[01:30:13] <apreche> oh, slightly upgraded salty interface
[01:31:49] <apreche> so I paid for illuminati
[01:31:53] <apreche> how come I'm not illuminati in the chat?
[01:32:05] <Apsup> Dunno.
[01:32:38] <apreche> oh, it's separate
[01:32:41] <apreche> you have to pay on twitch for that
[01:32:55] <apreche> $5 a month
[01:32:59] <apreche> mmm, no
[01:33:30] <apreche> omg
[01:33:36] <apreche> the theme seems to be all wrestlers?
[01:33:40] <apreche> or not
[01:33:43] <apreche> ok, not
[01:33:46] <apreche> but lots
[01:37:35] <apreche> i'm going to try to all-in every dream
[01:38:03] <Apsup> I'm in mines so when I bet I have little other options than all in.
[01:38:20] <apreche> oh, I'm in the illuminati mines
[01:38:23] <apreche> which is $700~
[01:38:35] <Apsup> You and your pay to win mines.
[01:38:57] <apreche> i only paid because charity
[01:40:44] <Apsup> Random video game streamer from my city got a article about herself in Finnish news site.
[01:41:14] <apreche> what is she streaming?
[01:42:17] <Apsup> I think it's randomly whatever she is playing at the time. But she does stream at least 3 times a week so she does it more regularly than just random streaming like what you do.
[01:43:41] <Apsup> There's article about board games too. And in that too the person being interviewd is from my city. This is pretty much the geek capital of the country.
[01:44:04] <apreche> The RIT of Finland
[01:44:32] <Apsup> Largest student to other people ratio kinda does that.
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[01:51:33] <Walker> Huh
[01:52:07] <Walker> I feel like this ad on saltybet for overactive bladder relief is poorly targeted
[01:52:42] <Walker> On second thought, I feel like I've seen people piss themselves in the chat window
[01:52:58] <apreche> Y U NO ADBLOCK?
[01:53:22] <Walker> Absent mindedness. Just got this desktop recently and haven't gotten round to it.
[01:53:32] <Walker> Thank you for reminding, actually, I'll do that now
[01:53:42] <pence> will I lose all my salt again?
[01:53:45] <apreche> ok, so here are my dream bets for the first round
[01:53:47] <pence> we'll find out
[01:53:56] <apreche> i'm going all in on everything first round, all dream (I think)
[01:54:00] <apreche> until I win a dream
[01:54:03] <apreche> and get megasalt
[01:54:20] <apreche> biscuit, cm punk, chadha, hugo, tizoc, shermie, zangief, ramon
[01:54:32] <apreche> if anyone thinks one of those aren't the underdog, let me know
[01:54:48] <apreche> oh yes, i love this song
[01:54:49] <Walker> I wouldn't know
[01:55:07] <Walker> Man, this track is chill as fuck
[01:55:07] <apreche> summer madness by Kool and the Gang
[01:55:12] <apreche> aka Darude - Sandstorm
[01:56:01] <Walker> This is pot smokin' music
[01:59:35] <apreche> old salt graphic feels good
[01:59:49] <apreche> oh shit, I have to make netrunner decks for tomorrow...
[02:00:48] <apreche> oooh, it is a wrestling tournament, everyone is a grappler
[02:00:53] <apreche> even if they aren't thematically a wrestler
[02:00:54] <Apsup> Close your eyes and pick a card. Any card.
[02:01:16] <pence> yeah
[02:01:24] <apreche> IT BEGINS
[02:01:41] <pence> BISCUIT-OLIVA
[02:01:45] <apreche> dis stage
[02:01:51] <Walker> You can't beat those pecs
[02:03:15] <apreche> yo dawg, I heard you like wrestling rings, so I put a ring in your ring
[02:04:23] <Walker> AW SHIT
[02:05:31] <pence> fuck yes I went all in on sheen
[02:05:36] <pence> oh nooo
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[02:05:40] <pence> yes
[02:05:40] <apreche> mistakes were made
[02:06:32] <Walker> Man, you literally made a list of mistakes
[02:06:42] <apreche> that is true
[02:06:59] <apreche> but when I usually try to pick winners, they also end up being mistakes
[02:07:07] <pence> betting CM Punk
[02:07:08] <apreche> if I wasn't me I could just do the opposite of me
[02:07:16] <apreche> i all-in'd punk
[02:07:19] <apreche> this could be my dream
[02:07:22] <apreche> nope
[02:07:38] <pence> dat parry
[02:07:59] <ruffas> i'm glad punk's losing
[02:08:06] <Walker> I went muscle
[02:08:23] <ruffas> me too
[02:08:29] <pence> all the hulkamaniacs
[02:08:32] <ruffas> don't like the cut of punk's jib
[02:08:56] <pence> comeback!
[02:08:57] <Walker> He kinda looks like a bitch
[02:09:29] <ruffas> straight edge'll do that to a guy
[02:09:54] <pence> dream.exe has failed to start
[02:10:43] <Walker> Going for mister creepy thighs
[02:10:50] <pence> look at them twtich
[02:11:17] <apreche> YE
[02:11:18] <apreche> S!
[02:11:21] <apreche> WAS WAITING FOR THIS SONG
[02:12:32] <apreche> wow, so wrestle, such america
[02:12:44] <pence> very rights
[02:13:06] <ruffas> they've got the theme spot on thus far
[02:13:45] <apreche> next week he should do all ninjas
[02:15:24] <Walker> Fack it, all in Hugo
[02:15:35] <apreche> same
[02:15:41] <pence> same
[02:15:57] <apreche> :(
[02:15:59] <Walker> Or my bet button could stop working, that works
[02:16:07] <Apsup> there goes my moeny. Every time you guys annouse that you bet same as me I lose money.
[02:16:07] <Walker> Good thing
[02:16:38] <apreche> bet against me to win
[02:16:44] <apreche> next round I'm betting tizoc, so go for a-green
[02:17:19] <pence> dreams
[02:18:06] <pence> fuuuuuck
[02:18:12] <apreche> It's the UNDERTAKER
[02:18:16] <apreche> dude was the shit when I was a kid.
[02:18:30] <apreche> heard that gong while watching wrestling and it was all OOOOH SHIIIIIIIIT
[02:19:10] <Walker> I wish I had this nostalgia, 'cause this music sucks
[02:19:18] <apreche> it sure does
[02:20:04] <Walker> That guitar solo was so promising
[02:20:14] <Walker> I haven't heard a guitar since
[02:21:13] <pence> about to get frauded
[02:21:15] <apreche> yugen - $59143 (100%)
[02:21:18] <apreche> on Tizoc
[02:21:34] <ruffas> that was dirty
[02:21:41] <Walker> Just made $72
[02:21:52] <apreche> i'm betting shermie
[02:21:55] <apreche> go clark steel for win
[02:22:29] <pence> nop, betting shermie
[02:23:09] <apreche> oh shit
[02:23:18] <apreche> i thought shermie would be under
[02:24:09] <Walker> Damn it, Scott. This is what I get for trusting you.
[02:24:34] <apreche> it's obvious I am worse at SaltyBet than any other game.
[02:24:45] <Walker> To be fair, there's the fool, then there's the fool who bets everything
[02:25:28] <apreche> Tatanka!
[02:25:42] <apreche> so racist
[02:25:46] <ruffas> tatank means nothing to me
[02:25:50] <ruffas> before my time
[02:25:51] <apreche> http://i.imgur.com
[02:26:10] <pence> irl t.hawk
[02:26:19] <pence> oh no
[02:26:23] <pence> I don't know what to think on this one
[02:26:37] <ruffas> he's a real american
[02:26:41] <apreche> i won't say what I'm doing until its over, so as not to confuse
[02:26:55] <pence> all in red cyclone
[02:27:15] <ruffas> always be waifu
[02:27:27] <pence> :[
[02:27:40] <Walker> Tiny asian girls are uniformly kickass
[02:27:44] <Walker> And in the game
[02:30:11] <Walker> DREAMS
[02:30:14] <pence> go ramon
[02:30:17] <pence> hit him with your chest
[02:34:29] <apreche> NUMBA WANN
[02:35:04] <pence> HO HO HOOOO
[02:35:23] <pence> yo dawg
[02:37:12] <Walker> Oh my god
[02:37:16] <Walker> The backup singers
[02:37:24] <pence> boy tooooooy
[02:37:26] <apreche> i forget whose song this was
[02:37:27] <Walker> I can sing better than that
[02:37:30] <apreche> Shaun Michaels?
[02:37:44] <ruffas> yep
[02:37:48] <pence> I remember hearing that so many times in wwf wrestlemania 2000
[02:38:06] <apreche> his fight with hitman hart is still one of the all-time greats
[02:38:27] <apreche> wait, alex is dream?
[02:38:28] <apreche> OMG
[02:38:31] <apreche> DREAM.EXE IS LOADING
[02:38:36] <apreche> I ALL-IN'D!
[02:38:41] <apreche> fuck
[02:39:14] <apreche> dream.exe crashed
[02:39:18] <ruffas> i remember blob girl from a random arcade game i played in japan
[02:39:24] <ruffas> she wasn't this OP
[02:39:29] <pence> dream.exe is taking a long time to load
[02:40:17] <apreche> she's from Arcana Heart
[02:40:19] <apreche> never heard of it
[02:40:24] <apreche> http://en.wikipedia.org
[02:40:26] <ruffas> that's it
[02:40:38] <ruffas> it was weird; didn't have enough quarter circles
[02:40:39] <pence> interesting, I thought arcana heart was a 3d fighter
[02:40:47] <ruffas> nothing of the sort
[02:41:42] <apreche> all over the green monster ass
[02:41:46] <Apsup> I've hear dof Arcana Heart, but don't have any real knowledge of it. Some kind of 2d anime fighter eh?
[02:42:09] <ruffas> it's the most 2d anime fighter i've played
[02:43:04] <pence> there was a period where the only console games I was interested in were shmups and fighting games, although I'm far from good at either
[02:45:21] <pence> ate her
[02:45:40] <apreche> tough choice here
[02:46:34] <pence> odds!
[02:46:37] <pence> all in on waifu
[02:48:04] <pence> she made daimon angry
[02:48:36] <ruffas> music is appropriate
[02:48:59] <pence> back to the mines I go
[02:49:04] <apreche> how come there are 1519 bettors, but 3000+ viewers
[02:49:17] <apreche> half the people don't bet?
[02:49:31] <pence> lurkers I guess
[02:49:38] <ruffas> how many lurkers do y'all have?
[02:49:38] <pence> no account, just watching
[02:49:49] <apreche> still, saltybet can be boring if you don't bet
[02:50:03] <pence> betting numba waan
[02:50:11] <apreche> i bet blob
[02:50:52] <pence> that looked like a 30 hit juggle, even though it was like 3 10 hit juggles
[02:51:12] <pence> numbaaa twoo
[02:53:44] <apreche> blob or daimon...
[02:53:47] <apreche> tough call
[02:54:21] <pence> hm...
[02:55:50] <pence> all in on daimon
[02:56:12] <apreche> really? I thought daimon would be favored
[02:56:14] <apreche> so I bet slime
[02:56:36] <ruffas> needs more leg trip
[02:56:51] <pence> people need to stop dashing in and trying to super her
[02:56:53] <pence> it never works
[02:57:08] <apreche> i've seen her in other tournaments, and she wasn't this good
[02:57:53] <pence> it begins
[02:57:55] <pence> choke
[02:58:19] <pence> choke incoming
[02:58:21] <apreche> salty rigged it
[02:58:46] <apreche> wow
[02:58:48] <pence> fuuuuck
[02:59:00] <apreche> ok, couple exhibitions and I'm out
[02:59:21] <pence> yeah, I'll hang out for a few more
[02:59:25] <apreche> smells like sweaty steroid dudes
[02:59:33] <ruffas> was this one earlier than usual?
[02:59:49] <apreche> they always start at 9, but this did seem fast
[03:04:54] <pence> uppercut becomes AVGN when he's knocked over
[03:05:05] <apreche> man, if shin scrub ken could win I could get enough salt for compendium
[03:07:06] <apreche> OH SNAP
[03:07:13] <apreche> SO REAL
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[03:12:38] <apreche> ok, done here
[03:15:52] <Walker> Starting writing a song and totally forgot about the Shaker
[03:15:54] <Walker> Who won?
[03:16:03] <pence> blobgirl
[03:16:09] <Walker> huh
[03:19:10] <pence> http://www.youtube.com salty
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