#geeknights | Logs for 2013-10-25

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[00:37:58] <apreche> welp, I didn't improve my score, but I'm getting a lot better at highway
[00:38:01] <apreche> my weakest
[00:38:14] <starfox> more like cryway
[00:38:18] <apreche> i watched a replay of someone else on Highway, and the only diff between them and me
[00:38:22] <apreche> was they had perfect execution
[00:38:23] <Coldguy> i like highway
[00:38:35] <apreche> spiral is best
[00:38:52] <Coldguy> that is a good one
[00:38:59] <Coldguy> need to solve mountain
[00:39:15] <Coldguy> those corner ghosts are eluding me
[00:39:49] <apreche> boo, I thoguth this saltybet would be halloween theme
[00:39:56] <apreche> maybe it sort of is?
[00:40:00] <starfox> 7 days apreche
[00:40:05] <starfox> 24 + 7
[00:40:09] <starfox> == 31
[00:40:18] <apreche> well, isn't felicia just going to take it?
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[00:40:26] <starfox> never seen her
[00:40:27] <apreche> maybe it's fake felicia, or she's been modded
[00:41:02] <starfox> I can't believe how much shit happened in madoka
[00:41:08] <apreche> what episode you at?
[00:41:14] <starfox> done episode
[00:41:15] <apreche> if it's not episode 10 it doesn't mean shit
[00:41:25] <apreche> well then
[00:42:26] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[00:42:27] <apreche> felicia
[00:43:02] <starfox> oh that one
[00:43:45] <Coldguy> The Madoka spoof in pokemon is a tad creepy
[00:43:54] <apreche> maybe I'll get some early bets going on here
[00:46:58] <apreche> ok, felicia on bracket is not pocket felicia
[00:49:18] <apreche> 10 minutes!
[00:49:29] <starfox> pocket = puzzle?
[00:49:42] <Coldguy> brb
[00:51:55] <apreche> ok
[00:51:57] <apreche> first round I have
[00:52:02] <apreche> lei-lei
[00:52:11] <apreche> baby bonnie hood (if it's not real felicia)
[00:52:15] <apreche> lilith
[00:52:16] <apreche> pyron
[00:52:18] <apreche> donovan
[00:52:23] <apreche> anakaris (toss-up)
[00:52:31] <apreche> sasquatch bbb (depending which sasquatch)
[00:52:33] <apreche> and jedah
[00:52:37] <apreche> mostly bet red
[00:52:55] <apreche> and now, peeing
[01:00:56] <apreche> HERE WE GO
[01:01:58] <apreche> mistakes may have been made. Did not know phobos had mexidefense/health
[01:03:17] <Coldguy> hi
[01:03:45] <Coldguy> im bACK
[01:04:52] <apreche> SHIT
[01:04:55] <Coldguy> o shit
[01:05:36] <starfox> felicia real?
[01:05:41] <apreche> noep
[01:05:45] <apreche> betting baby
[01:05:50] <apreche> but I got it wrong last match, so what do I know?
[01:06:08] <Coldguy> baby
[01:09:16] <starfox> sudo apt-get install dream
[01:09:32] <apreche> sudo deluser starfox
[01:09:43] <apreche> sudo killall apt-get
[01:11:48] <starfox> downloading package 'dream'
[01:11:57] <apreche> come on OHKO
[01:12:05] <apreche> bring out the hunters
[01:12:17] <apreche> FUCK
[01:12:58] <apreche> welp, lost twice so far
[01:13:01] <apreche> still taking lilith
[01:13:40] <starfox> 3d waifu can't lose
[01:15:15] <starfox> clutttttch
[01:17:00] <apreche> lilith does ridiculous chip dmg
[01:19:52] <starfox> aww yiss bet on the wolf
[01:20:07] <apreche> can't not bet on dude on fire
[01:20:11] <apreche> even though I knew wolf was strong
[01:21:59] <starfox> talbain beating lilith?
[01:22:07] <apreche> Toxicfen -> $122073 (.$122073)
[01:23:37] <starfox> has the underdog won every time?
[01:23:44] <apreche> I think it's rigged
[01:23:47] <apreche> fraud
[01:24:23] <starfox> salty collusion
[01:27:30] <starfox> victor is pretty potato
[01:27:43] <apreche> donovan is usually strong
[01:27:46] <apreche> Salty is doing something
[01:27:57] <starfox> got his salty finger on the scales
[01:28:16] <Coldguy> you think its a not AI match?
[01:28:25] <apreche> hard to tell
[01:28:32] <apreche> thank god
[01:28:35] <starfox> victor's guy is pretty dopey if it's human
[01:28:39] <Coldguy> fight been going the same way each round
[01:29:14] <apreche> always bet egypt
[01:29:17] <apreche> but the way this is going
[01:29:19] <apreche> toss coin
[01:29:44] <starfox> betting on pulsating chest
[01:30:22] <starfox> oh shit dat drill
[01:30:46] <apreche> the anakaris I remember spams that move that drops the sarcophogus from the sky
[01:30:49] <apreche> and you can't do shit
[01:32:31] <apreche> ok, from now on just going to bet opposite
[01:34:27] <apreche> well, apparently my plan doesn't matter
[01:34:29] <apreche> whatever I bet loses
[01:34:37] <apreche> I won one all night
[01:35:05] <Coldguy> sometimes you need to know when to fold em
[01:35:16] <apreche> but round 2 is where the money is
[01:35:28] <apreche> oh wait, I won twice
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[01:38:25] <starfox> neither of these guys too good I think
[01:38:38] <apreche> again, bishamon usually kinda good
[01:38:41] <apreche> and that's a fake sasquatch
[01:38:50] <apreche> real sasquatch would blow this tournament away
[01:39:56] <apreche> miracles
[01:40:05] <apreche> dollas
[01:42:02] <ruffas> mistakes were made
[01:42:10] <starfox> one thing about all these frauds is it's driving the odds to 1:1
[01:42:26] <apreche> well, because no way to know who will win
[01:42:29] <apreche> so toss a coin
[01:42:50] <starfox> our lady chaos
[01:43:18] <ruffas> I know next to nothing about Dark Stalkers
[01:44:32] <starfox> vampires undefeated so far?
[01:44:44] <apreche> zzzzzzzz
[01:44:53] <starfox> and I am > 30k
[01:45:00] <apreche> 6173
[01:45:04] <apreche> robot
[01:45:06] <ruffas> 152
[01:45:26] <starfox> assuming it's the same ai's as round 1, robot should get this
[01:46:22] <apreche> felicia idle animation looks like bo peep dance
[01:46:54] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[01:48:09] <starfox> how did I guess that was a k pop thing
[01:48:24] <apreche> not hard
[01:49:07] <starfox> robots > catgirls
[01:49:17] <apreche> truth
[01:49:28] <ruffas> cat girl didn't know how to super
[01:49:36] <starfox> witches > dogboys?
[01:49:36] <ruffas> didn't know special bars went that high
[01:49:40] <apreche> RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
[01:49:42] <starfox> I got jon in this
[01:54:07] <starfox> chest fight
[01:55:54] <ruffas> seems like simply having been in Super Puzzle Fighter doesn't make Donovan a good choice
[01:59:48] <apreche> ok, now shit is real
[01:59:51] <apreche> dont' know who to bet
[01:59:54] <starfox> robot
[01:59:56] <apreche> probably dog and jedah..
[02:00:15] <apreche> doge
[02:00:32] <ruffas> chat loves Jon
[02:01:52] <starfox> mistakes
[02:03:41] <apreche> tough choice here
[02:03:43] <apreche> using coin
[02:03:52] <apreche> tails, jedah
[02:05:07] <starfox> what is happening to health bars
[02:05:22] <starfox> lol wut
[02:05:24] <apreche> OH SNAP
[02:05:24] <ruffas> originals, probably
[02:05:30] <starfox> fraud
[02:05:47] <ruffas> ...
[02:05:55] <starfox> dog or cheater
[02:06:57] <starfox> salty popping into chat
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[02:08:40] <starfox> not touching?
[02:08:55] <starfox> oh what come on salty
[02:09:07] <apreche> same glitch
[02:09:16] <starfox> too canon
[02:09:23] <starfox> for salty
[02:11:34] <starfox> don't know if I'll be touching the final now
[02:12:05] <apreche> i'll take doge
[02:12:49] <apreche> final
[02:13:21] <starfox> I won 500 bucks on jedah for winning the first round...
[02:13:34] <apreche> i didn't get a payout
[02:13:42] <apreche> I just got $58 and that's it
[02:13:44] <apreche> going to reload
[02:13:55] <starfox> oh no now it took it away
[02:14:00] <apreche> whatev
[02:14:07] <ruffas> i got a bunch of money i shouldn't have
[02:15:17] <starfox> call the SEC
[02:15:22] <starfox> salty exchange commission
[02:15:36] <Coldguy> they made a new candy box...
[02:16:28] <starfox> all in doge
[02:16:29] <apreche> i'll be vampille
[02:16:37] <apreche> yeah, it's called cookie clicker
[02:17:06] <starfox> document.cookies = 99999999999999999999;
[02:18:01] <apreche> actually glad I bet vampille, if dream I can get my money back
[02:18:07] <apreche> damnit
[02:18:18] <starfox> that furnado does a lot of dmg when it hits
[02:18:33] <apreche> sequel to sharknado
[02:18:35] <apreche> wolfnado
[02:20:12] <starfox> who would win a fight a sharknado or a wolficane
[02:20:16] <apreche> welp
[02:20:23] <apreche> not that good a tournament
[02:20:25] <apreche> hope for bette rnext week
[02:20:29] <apreche> i'll watch one exhibition
[02:20:37] <apreche> then gotta make Netrunner decks, read torchbearer, sleep
[02:27:28] <apreche> ok, bedtime
[02:27:33] <apreche> Obama's gonna win this one
[02:27:39] <starfox> yeah fuck dark donald
[02:28:00] <starfox> and this waifu too if she's putting up a fight against him
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[15:38:28] <VictorFrost> hola
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