#geeknights | Logs for 2013-10-18

[00:41:13] <apreche> TIME TO GET SALTY
[00:43:24] -!- starfox [starfox!32aba502@hide-EA88667A.org] has joined #geeknights
[00:44:18] <starfox> my bets, let me show you them
[00:44:36] <apreche> I heard you like salt
[00:45:04] <starfox> as in "yo dog we heard you like salt"?
[00:45:11] <apreche> no
[00:45:16] <apreche> as in I heard you like Mudkips
[00:45:21] <apreche> because ALL POKEMONS
[00:45:30] <apreche> looking up stats now
[00:46:26] <apreche> only pikachu and ditto have any stats
[00:46:30] <apreche> this is going to be epic
[00:46:39] <apreche> ALways betting on the Pokemon I like more in round 1
[00:46:47] <apreche> round 2 will decide based on round 1 performance
[00:46:52] <apreche> Rooting for Gengar, my boy
[00:46:55] <starfox> I want snorlax to win
[00:47:06] <starfox> but I think he will not
[00:47:20] <apreche> that's not Snorlax, it's Borlax
[00:47:23] <starfox> I have a hunch he is french fried
[00:47:40] <apreche> Jigglypuff is probably smash bros.s style
[00:47:50] <starfox> and pika?
[00:48:06] <apreche> also, mewtwo will fly and diglett will be all ground
[00:48:08] <apreche> what will happen?
[00:48:33] <starfox> I hope salty vetted the ai's
[00:48:41] <starfox> shaker classic deserves better than a glitch fest
[00:49:06] <starfox> although now that I think about it super-glitchy porygon might be worth it
[00:49:15] <apreche> I think I've seen ditto play once, and it was somewhat glitchy
[00:49:23] <apreche> my memory can't be trusted
[00:52:31] <apreche> DAT ART
[00:52:53] <starfox> who's the waifu?
[00:52:59] <starfox> and ronald obviously
[00:53:01] <apreche> twitch-chan?
[00:53:16] <starfox> the one that beat rare akuma?
[00:53:28] <apreche> that's the one I'm thinking
[00:53:30] <apreche> the colors are right
[00:53:58] <apreche> could also be Aleti
[00:54:00] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[00:54:04] <starfox> chat is saying aleti
[00:54:15] <apreche> dat shit was historic
[00:56:52] <starfox> dat combo
[00:58:39] <apreche> ITS STARTING
[00:58:53] <apreche> Chansey
[00:59:54] <apreche> YES
[01:00:07] <starfox> real fight
[01:00:10] <apreche> NO
[01:00:34] <apreche> Chansey is a lot like E. Honda
[01:01:11] <starfox> needs to learn how to block
[01:01:12] <apreche> NOOO
[01:01:18] <apreche> oh, PHEW
[01:01:24] <apreche> thought it was over
[01:01:24] <starfox> best of 9 in tourney
[01:02:06] <apreche> he is blocking, Pikachu has mad chip
[01:02:10] <starfox> what a fight so far
[01:02:28] <starfox> OH SHIT
[01:02:35] <apreche> Should have been the finals
[01:02:50] <apreche> FUCK
[01:02:58] <apreche> glad I only bet $100
[01:03:01] <starfox> I wonder if salty runs test fights for the tourney
[01:03:11] <starfox> to make sure there aren't slaughters
[01:03:23] <apreche> he's no fool
[01:03:31] <apreche> always bet hitbox
[01:03:33] <starfox> uh oh hitbox
[01:03:34] <apreche> always bet 3d...
[01:03:37] <starfox> vs my man
[01:03:43] <apreche> hitbox
[01:03:56] <starfox> grappler got this
[01:04:08] <apreche> oh, shit
[01:04:09] <apreche> bars
[01:04:25] <starfox> Astro -> $30390 (Σ$30390)
[01:04:45] <apreche> assist
[01:04:46] <starfox> wtf get that shit out of here
[01:05:00] <apreche> it is very Smash Bros. style Jigglypuff
[01:05:32] <starfox> lax has mexi hp
[01:06:13] <apreche> so glad I got home in time for this
[01:06:20] <apreche> THOSE HEALS
[01:06:23] <starfox> I bet pikachu wrecks jiggly, that thunderbolt won't hitbox
[01:06:25] <starfox> hahaha
[01:06:30] <apreche> do one hit, then time scam
[01:07:13] <apreche> I think pika will beat jiggly
[01:08:06] <apreche> bulba
[01:08:08] <starfox> fire beats plant
[01:08:12] <apreche> i know that
[01:08:14] <apreche> green beats red
[01:08:15] <starfox> bulba looks better though
[01:08:39] <apreche> also, player 1 has won both matches so far
[01:08:56] <starfox> good thing about all unknown fighters is all the high rollers stay out
[01:09:22] <apreche> well, they just don't roll high
[01:09:27] <starfox> sure
[01:09:48] <apreche> neither of these will get out of round 2
[01:10:02] <apreche> unless mewtwo and diglett both spud
[01:11:45] <apreche> mewtwo
[01:11:54] <starfox> 3d vs ms paint
[01:12:14] <apreche> i have a feeling mewtwo will explode psychic shit everywhere
[01:12:27] <starfox> diglett might be a scammer
[01:13:01] <apreche> mistakes were made?
[01:13:13] <starfox> what kind of a mewtwo isn't a zoner?
[01:13:19] <starfox> bogus mewtwo that's what
[01:13:23] <apreche> that diglett could take the whole tourney
[01:13:47] <starfox> so the big 3d ones suck
[01:14:01] <apreche> i think this one could do well against normal size opponents
[01:14:09] <apreche> he's doing these combos into the air
[01:15:00] -!- ruffas [ruffas!44cd62eb@hide-BF4D4B18.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[01:15:45] <starfox> I don't know anything about MUGEN ai's, is there no way to tell your guy to hit at the hitbox?
[01:15:48] <starfox> there it is
[01:15:52] <starfox> first four rounds are just data
[01:16:29] <apreche> if he wins, it would be the greatest dream of all time
[01:16:36] <apreche> coming back from 4-0
[01:16:49] <apreche> nope
[01:16:58] <apreche> WAT
[01:16:59] <starfox> oh?
[01:17:01] <apreche> WATTTTT
[01:17:07] <apreche> DREAM.EXE has been clicke don
[01:17:10] <starfox> oh jesus let this happen
[01:17:12] <ruffas> all he needs to do is touch diglett
[01:17:36] <apreche> nope
[01:17:46] <starfox> worth it
[01:17:55] <apreche> PJSalt
[01:18:18] <apreche> beedrill
[01:18:27] <starfox> flying > meowth
[01:18:28] <ruffas> hulk meowth?
[01:18:33] <apreche> even though meowth might blast coins all over the place
[01:18:40] <apreche> beedrill is one of my favs
[01:18:46] <apreche> butterfree is better, though
[01:18:48] <ruffas> mine too
[01:19:34] <ruffas> beedrill doesn't seem to be very good at flying
[01:20:11] <apreche> mistakes were made
[01:20:45] <apreche> oooh
[01:21:12] <starfox> what's more fucked up, capturing pokemon to stay in little ball cages and fight for you, or betting on the poke fights?
[01:21:36] <apreche> people do this in real life with real animals
[01:22:03] <starfox> right but we mostly stopped after the romans
[01:22:13] <apreche> well, they used people
[01:22:18] <starfox> and animals
[01:22:32] <starfox> "who would win, a lion or a tiger?"
[01:22:34] <apreche> animal use is still prevalent
[01:22:37] <starfox> "well ceasar let's see"
[01:22:52] <Apsup> As long as it can fight, it will be put against other things that can fight.
[01:23:41] <starfox> yeah D:
[01:23:56] <apreche> I CHOOSE YOU, DITTO!
[01:24:10] <ruffas> I really like the look of that black jolteon
[01:24:21] <starfox> saltymon
[01:24:21] <apreche> seems pretty happy to be there
[01:24:31] <starfox> so does ditto for that matter
[01:24:56] <apreche> i remember, I have seen this ditto fight before
[01:24:57] <starfox> yeah dis fight
[01:25:34] <starfox> final pika vs ditto?
[01:25:41] <apreche> diglett strong
[01:25:49] <apreche> aos, we have 4 still to see
[01:25:58] <apreche> I am hoping for gengar
[01:26:08] <apreche> he is in my top 5 favorite pokemon
[01:26:13] <apreche> up there with Spiritomb and Dragonite
[01:26:28] <starfox> what's that white kind of sasquatch-looking one
[01:26:38] <starfox> that swipes a few times
[01:27:07] <ruffas> slackoth?
[01:27:14] <ruffas> one of the ones before slacking
[01:27:24] <apreche> slakoth is a sloth
[01:27:36] <starfox> looks like vigoroth
[01:27:48] <apreche> yes, it's vigoroth
[01:27:49] <starfox> http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net
[01:27:54] <starfox> I am only up to date on the first 150
[01:28:13] <apreche> GENGAR
[01:28:22] <starfox> big G got this
[01:28:36] <apreche> remember the plan
[01:28:38] <apreche> Nightmare, Dream Eater
[01:28:40] <Apsup> Too bad it probably won't make me rich.
[01:28:56] <starfox> WAT odds
[01:29:08] <apreche> :(
[01:29:25] <Apsup> Mining mining mining.
[01:29:28] <ruffas> i figured it would be bad
[01:29:35] <ruffas> but i like it's moevs
[01:29:37] <ruffas> moves*
[01:29:56] <apreche> show me ya moves
[01:30:14] <Apsup> I could like it as a fighting game character, but it doesn't roll well as saltybetter
[01:30:36] <apreche> maybe AI is still downloading
[01:32:04] <apreche> lol, Nidoking of Mexico
[01:32:33] <starfox> squirtle my man
[01:32:42] <apreche> yeah, probably going Squirtle without even seeing him
[01:32:59] <starfox> where's sail when you need him
[01:33:58] <starfox> also are ash or gary on the roster?
[01:34:08] <apreche> http://challonge.com
[01:34:11] <starfox> that should be the post-fight
[01:34:15] <starfox> no I mean in all of saltybet
[01:34:58] <apreche> technical difficulties
[01:35:15] <ruffas> or pokeraps
[01:35:36] <apreche> post-fight missingno
[01:35:47] <starfox> ^ better idea than mine
[01:42:07] <starfox> salty, y u no start next fight?
[01:42:15] <apreche> his shit is down
[01:42:24] <apreche> chat says Nintendo C&D LOL
[01:42:32] <starfox> ahahaha
[01:42:46] <starfox> aww yiss
[01:42:55] <apreche> yes, squirtle
[01:43:05] <Apsup> Fire hedgehog gooooooo!
[01:43:31] <starfox> squirtle with dat gen1 sound
[01:43:43] <apreche> GB Pocket Graphics
[01:43:51] <ruffas> dat bubble beam!
[01:43:58] <apreche> i think that's just bubble
[01:43:58] <Apsup> Cyndaqul used move. Do nothing and lose.
[01:44:00] <apreche> not even bubble beam
[01:44:18] <Apsup> You little shit. Are you level 1 or what!
[01:44:46] <starfox> that bubble doesn't use any meter
[01:44:50] <apreche> ok, Pikachu or Jigglypuff?
[01:44:50] <starfox> why doesn't he spam it
[01:45:05] <starfox> pika piiiii
[01:45:10] <apreche> i also think pika
[01:46:50] <starfox> hmm squirt in trouble?
[01:46:59] <apreche> Y U NO BUBBLE?
[01:47:05] <apreche> there we go
[01:48:13] <Apsup> Yea, I think I go to bed now. Maybe I left the dreams there.
[01:48:20] <Apsup> Nigthy night people.
[01:48:22] <apreche> did it just crash mid-match?
[01:48:32] <ruffas> g'night
[01:48:42] <apreche> night
[01:48:42] <starfox> black jiggly
[01:48:53] <starfox> still betting pika
[01:51:47] <starfox> clutch thunder
[01:52:11] <apreche> ALL IN Diglett?
[01:52:22] <starfox> negative
[01:52:28] <apreche> I'm betting 1000
[01:52:34] <starfox> pika will take off ~75% with that bolt
[01:52:51] <starfox> oh nm
[01:53:00] <starfox> uhh yeah dig I guess
[01:53:17] <apreche> lol odds
[01:54:03] <apreche> this music, I just want to play Pokemon now
[01:54:16] <apreche> after Rune Factory I'll finish Poke Black
[01:54:57] <apreche> not now dream.exe, not now!
[01:56:20] <starfox> bulbasaur used DREAMS, it's super effective!
[01:56:37] <apreche> CrazyPieGuy -> $1000295 (.$1000295)
[01:57:02] <starfox> I'll take that salt
[01:58:15] <apreche> SHIT SHIT SHIT
[01:58:22] <starfox> OH JESUS
[01:58:38] <starfox> bulba needs to learn how to use his mexivines
[01:58:46] <apreche> best pokebattle of all time or best pokebattle of all time?
[01:58:59] <apreche> OHHHHHHH
[01:59:02] <apreche> !!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:59:11] <starfox> FUCK FUCK FUCK
[01:59:24] <starfox> still worth it
[01:59:26] <apreche> CrazyPieGuy heart attack
[01:59:39] <apreche> sticking withditto
[02:00:05] <apreche> I think that's the most hype saltybet I've ever seen
[02:00:29] <starfox> dafuq
[02:03:03] <apreche> Lavendar Town FTW
[02:03:25] <apreche> Nido
[02:03:32] <apreche> but bubbles...
[02:07:06] <ruffas> and bubble sweeps it
[02:07:20] <starfox> it's the only move he has
[02:07:34] <apreche> hmmm
[02:07:39] <apreche> pika
[02:07:49] <starfox> going big on pika
[02:08:37] <starfox> should have gone bigger
[02:10:37] <starfox> ditto ditto ditto
[02:10:53] <apreche> ditto > bubbles
[02:11:10] <starfox> 6 dittos. can't lose
[02:11:12] <apreche> ditto or pika?...
[02:11:25] <starfox> I'll go all in pika I think
[02:11:43] <apreche> oh shit
[02:12:55] <starfox> pretty real
[02:13:00] <apreche> holy crap
[02:13:19] <starfox> has a OHKO I guess
[02:14:41] <starfox> all in pikachu
[02:14:51] <apreche> sticking with ditto
[02:14:53] <apreche> not all in, though
[02:15:04] <starfox> championship you have to go all in
[02:15:09] <apreche> nope
[02:15:23] <starfox> it's a rule
[02:15:25] <starfox> or you're a wuss
[02:15:35] <apreche> enjoy the mines
[02:16:02] <apreche> DIS GUN B REAL
[02:16:24] <starfox> dat salt taste so good
[02:17:01] <starfox> NO
[02:17:40] <starfox> so hype
[02:17:46] <apreche> EVERYBODY CLUTCH
[02:18:23] <starfox> real as fuck
[02:18:36] <apreche> funny, these are the only two that were existing saltybettors
[02:19:14] <apreche> arceus going to send it to the final round
[02:19:15] <starfox> pika stop missing with your mexibolt
[02:19:30] <apreche> called it
[02:19:36] <starfox> come on baby
[02:19:40] <starfox> AH FUCK
[02:20:00] <apreche> fuck
[02:20:10] <starfox> YES YES YES
[02:20:18] <starfox> so real
[02:20:24] <apreche> not as good as diglett/bulbasaur
[02:20:30] <apreche> but far from disappoint
[02:20:58] <ruffas> gonna watch the rest of Pokemon Origins after the exhibition match
[02:21:04] <apreche> gotta watch that
[02:21:08] <apreche> but not tonight
[02:21:21] <ruffas> the first half is so good
[02:22:40] <starfox> don't understand the 7 thing
[02:22:46] <apreche> don't ask me
[02:24:30] <starfox> oh boy
[02:24:31] <apreche> ALETI
[02:24:36] <ruffas> at least it's not dark donald
[02:24:52] <starfox> I'd be ok if dark donald and duane were never seen again
[02:25:16] <apreche> Hope Salty hasn't spent all his hype tonight
[02:25:20] <apreche> better have some for next week
[02:26:43] <apreche> aleti's attack + Ronald's dodges is amazing
[02:27:38] <starfox> the menu dodge
[02:28:18] <apreche> Miku appeared?
[02:29:15] <apreche> OMG
[02:29:19] <apreche> SO CLUTCH
[02:29:30] <starfox> OH OH OH
[02:29:40] <apreche> YES
[02:29:46] <apreche> one more, then I'm done
[02:30:02] <starfox> that was sweet
[02:30:21] <apreche> I should create One Punch Man
[02:30:28] <apreche> invincible, meximexihealth
[02:30:31] <apreche> only has one attack, a punch
[02:30:33] <apreche> does infinity damag
[02:30:36] <apreche> can't miss
[02:30:39] <apreche> just like the manga
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[02:34:15] <apreche> DOUBLE MATCH
[02:34:53] <starfox> double waifus double wands
[02:34:58] <starfox> double robots though...
[02:35:03] <apreche> EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[02:35:27] <apreche> MAXIMUM SALT
[02:35:28] <starfox> DE DUDUDUDUDU
[02:36:22] <apreche> Salty is really good at giving the people what they want, and it never gets old
[02:37:45] <apreche> haha, ok one more for reals this time
[02:37:46] <starfox> knows the right amount to listen to fanboys, and the right amount to tell them STFU?
[02:38:10] <apreche> i think it's simply fanservice without pandering
[02:39:21] <apreche> YES
[02:39:22] <apreche> WHAT
[02:39:38] <apreche> ditt
[02:42:50] <starfox> mike tyson v uppercut?
[02:43:03] <apreche> scott vs. his mattress
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[23:05:53] <Coldguy> hi
[23:09:19] <Coldguy> For the idlers
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