#geeknights | Logs for 2013-10-11

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[00:46:52] <apreche> salty time?
[00:47:18] <Apsup> Salty time? or bed time?
[00:47:25] <apreche> salty time
[00:47:40] <apreche> also, make netrunner decks for tomorrow time
[00:47:54] <Apsup> I definitely don't have that one.
[00:48:12] <apreche> I came up with a potentially good idea
[00:48:19] <apreche> I was out of runner ideas, but I think I have one now
[00:48:27] <apreche> we'll see if it works
[00:50:06] <starfox> can anyone tell if the bracket is some theme like last time?
[00:50:30] <apreche> i can't tell
[00:50:36] <apreche> but DIS MUSIC I AM PIRATING RIGHT NOW
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[00:51:31] <starfox> quite funky
[00:51:42] <Apsup> Not really hitting me.
[00:51:48] <Apsup> Not my thing, I guess.
[00:52:54] <Apsup> I guess, I play some Saga of Digital Devil while Salt is going on.
[00:53:08] <apreche> what is that?
[00:53:17] <starfox> who is from FOTNS in this?
[00:53:22] <apreche> Amiba
[00:53:29] <starfox> oh shits
[00:53:34] <starfox> I've never seen him outside this
[00:53:39] <apreche> http://koei.wikia.com
[00:53:40] <Apsup> Digital Devil Saga. Or in it's full Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. and it's second part to be exact exact.
[00:53:41] <starfox> and not seen hokuto obviously
[00:54:15] <apreche> http://www.crunchyroll.com
[00:54:19] <apreche> all free online
[00:54:43] <apreche> kain or warmachine...
[00:54:44] <Apsup> It's long, but it's in my "watch at some point in the future" list.
[00:55:13] <apreche> I'm feeling kain
[00:55:26] <ruffas> I've got ~90 episodes into HnK
[00:55:35] <ruffas> Still need to get around to finishing it
[00:59:05] <fundefined> all in warmachine
[00:59:45] <Apsup> Let's see if this gets me out of mines.
[00:59:45] <starfox> jesus 150 eps
[00:59:51] <starfox> ain't nobody got time for that
[01:00:30] <apreche> 500 on Kain
[01:00:30] <starfox> never seen kain fight
[01:01:46] <apreche> so real
[01:01:55] <apreche> time scammed
[01:02:12] <starfox> terrorists don't usually win in tourneys
[01:02:16] <starfox> everyone does too much damage
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[01:02:42] <apreche> is it still first to 5?
[01:02:51] <fundefined> always bet scammers
[01:02:59] <fundefined> yea, think so
[01:04:22] <apreche> YES
[01:04:29] <apreche> DREAM.EXE started downloading
[01:04:51] <starfox> dream.exe does not start at 1.2:1 odds
[01:05:02] <apreche> lol
[01:05:10] <apreche> it does when it's 1 wins to 3
[01:05:23] <apreche> he scammed himself
[01:06:05] <starfox> we haven't had darude - sandstorm yet
[01:06:15] <fundefined> warmachine finally got into melee range
[01:06:53] <apreche> :(
[01:06:55] <starfox> so ms fanservice is just going to wreck warmachine right?
[01:07:00] <apreche> mistake was made
[01:07:15] <starfox> warmachine wasn't even ghetto
[01:07:25] <Apsup> well, once in mines, forver in mines.
[01:07:26] <apreche> i'll take fanservice
[01:07:41] <apreche> because kill la kill episode 2
[01:07:56] <Apsup> Ya watched it?
[01:07:56] <ruffas> that was an episode, that was
[01:08:00] <fundefined> never seen either of these
[01:08:02] <apreche> yep
[01:08:14] <Apsup> Even more comparrasions to Utena there.
[01:08:40] <apreche> did I make another mistake?
[01:08:56] <apreche> well, I'm far from alone if that is the case
[01:09:00] <Apsup> yes we did.
[01:09:14] <starfox> she still has time to recover
[01:09:21] <starfox> stereo needs 3 more
[01:09:24] <apreche> round 1 always has the most mistakes
[01:09:27] <ruffas> She doesn't do nearly enough damage
[01:09:28] <apreche> round 2 you know the fighters better
[01:09:43] <apreche> whatever that bear was, it was awesome
[01:09:43] <starfox> wtf was that victory dance
[01:09:45] <fundefined> i shouldn't have trusted scott's judgment
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[01:10:18] <Coldguy> Salty yet?\
[01:10:23] <starfox> ok maybe our steaks aren't cooked yet
[01:10:29] <starfox> aw fuck
[01:10:30] <apreche> ouch
[01:10:55] <fundefined> noo, keep zoning
[01:11:58] <starfox> oh jesus
[01:12:05] <apreche> so loud demon does a fuck ton of damage, IF he heits
[01:12:27] <apreche> YES
[01:12:29] <starfox> aw yisss
[01:12:38] <Apsup> 4$ come to pappa.
[01:12:42] <apreche> $73
[01:12:44] <fundefined> nvm, i take it back
[01:12:58] <starfox> she didn't look too good in that one
[01:13:13] <apreche> moleman fo sho
[01:13:24] <apreche> MAHVEL > DC
[01:15:04] <Coldguy> now will he be so pringle?
[01:15:24] <starfox> yeah this fight is pretty french fried for a tournament
[01:17:53] <starfox> never seen common akuma either
[01:18:00] <apreche> me either
[01:18:04] <apreche> but I'm betting it
[01:18:12] <apreche> OH
[01:18:13] <apreche> puzzle akuma
[01:18:16] <starfox> aw fucking puzzle fighter
[01:18:16] <apreche> hmm
[01:18:19] <apreche> still betting it
[01:18:24] <ruffas> he's pretty stronk for puzzles
[01:18:26] <apreche> always bet puzzle
[01:18:36] <starfox> yang is like poor man's yun
[01:18:45] <fundefined> don't think puzzle fighters have enough damage
[01:18:51] <apreche> felicia does :)
[01:20:08] <apreche> oh crap, my bet didn't register
[01:20:28] <ruffas> mine either
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[01:21:21] <apreche> hmm, if it's Dragon claw in next round, bet it
[01:21:24] <apreche> if it's DragonClaw, do not bet it
[01:23:34] <fundefined> all obamas
[01:23:39] <Coldguy> Akuma looking like a bet against next round
[01:24:17] <apreche> against moleman...
[01:24:18] <apreche> will be close
[01:24:31] <Coldguy> not enough damage
[01:24:39] <Coldguy> plus mole man has more distance
[01:24:45] <apreche> mole wasn't exactly boss zeroko damage levle
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[01:25:38] <fundefined> all planned
[01:25:54] <starfox> something super weird just happened
[01:26:09] <starfox> my keyboard isn't working in firefox
[01:26:15] <apreche> weeeeird
[01:26:18] <Coldguy> wow a comeback?
[01:26:19] <starfox> but it is in everything else
[01:26:55] <apreche> OH
[01:27:00] <apreche> glad my bet didn't happen
[01:27:15] <Coldguy> damn
[01:27:31] <fundefined> Puzzle fighters are dead
[01:27:42] <apreche> always bet robot
[01:28:00] <apreche> is that from One Must Fall 2097?
[01:28:09] <Coldguy> ninjas vs robots, at least robots win in smash up in that format
[01:28:19] <starfox> but waifu AND sword
[01:28:49] <apreche> wow, can't believe robot is underdog
[01:29:02] <apreche> oh, iado is why
[01:30:13] <apreche> Robot also has iaido!
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[01:30:42] <Coldguy> did hr falcon punch him?\
[01:31:36] <apreche> hmmm
[01:31:38] <Coldguy> Steel!?!
[01:31:40] <apreche> Steel
[01:31:46] <Coldguy> oh 90s
[01:32:12] <fundefined> betting on old man strength
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[01:36:10] <apreche> old man strength < superhuman strenght
[01:36:33] <apreche> BETTING LARGE ON AMIBA
[01:36:47] <starfox> definitely
[01:36:56] <ruffas> Those hands!
[01:37:06] <apreche> second time I've seen a jazz hands battle
[01:37:08] <Coldguy> its dance time
[01:37:12] <apreche> I think it was chizuruxxx vs. regular amiba
[01:37:14] <fundefined> I think i've seen this matchup before, chizuru has the upper hand
[01:37:54] <apreche> OMG, A DREAM?
[01:37:55] <Coldguy> O.o
[01:38:02] <fundefined> wt
[01:38:02] <starfox> yeah but she's made of glass
[01:38:18] <apreche> YES
[01:38:25] <apreche> I will make $6641 if Amiba wins
[01:38:32] <starfox> wat
[01:38:43] <apreche> dis music
[01:39:56] <apreche> dream.exe has crashed
[01:40:15] <apreche> now a tough choice
[01:41:31] <fundefined> i bet uppercut but unsure
[01:41:48] <apreche> i bet shredder thinking he would be underdog
[01:41:52] <apreche> gotta win dream to get my cash back
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[01:46:17] <fundefined> didn't see fanservice have any aerials so i'm betting on warmachine
[01:46:34] <apreche> why did people bet fanservice?
[01:46:44] <apreche> is there something I'm missing?
[01:46:58] <Coldguy> boobs?
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[01:47:14] <starfox> ok, got that figured out for whatever reason
[01:47:24] <apreche> well money for me then
[01:47:24] <starfox> apparently winkey + left shift
[01:49:02] <apreche> I think yang...
[01:49:22] <starfox> yang = yes
[01:49:38] <fundefined> nah mole has this
[01:50:55] <starfox> clutch as fuck
[01:52:00] <apreche> blackedout -> $77554 (.$77554)
[01:52:03] <apreche> on mole
[01:52:23] <starfox> I saw some guy went all in with 100k on puzzle akuma
[01:52:28] <apreche> wtffff
[01:53:14] <fundefined> so close
[01:54:14] <apreche> dragon claw all the way
[01:54:29] <Apsup> Broke 100$
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[01:56:23] <Apsup> How can this be?
[01:56:42] <starfox> scorpion robot needs to do his "you are already dead" thing
[01:57:42] <starfox> I think his AI is not best maybe
[01:58:34] <apreche> so real
[01:59:28] <apreche> fuck
[01:59:45] <fundefined> bet everything, lost everything
[02:00:00] <apreche> betting big on chizuruxxx
[02:00:09] <Apsup> Back to nothing.
[02:00:37] <starfox> this is the spaz half of the bracket I guess
[02:00:42] <starfox> still sad amiba lost
[02:03:09] <apreche> war
[02:03:47] <fundefined> yeah, yang has no answer to projectiles
[02:04:56] <starfox> wow close scam
[02:06:36] <starfox> that bollywood waifu can dispatch warmachine, right?
[02:07:12] <apreche> she can definitely beat steel, right?
[02:07:32] <apreche> war vs. steel would be canon as fuck
[02:07:56] <starfox> modest wager on steel
[02:08:03] <apreche> keep dreaming
[02:08:20] <starfox> that's the idea
[02:08:22] <apreche> OH SHIT
[02:08:27] <starfox> AHAHAHA
[02:08:39] <starfox> she's glass dude
[02:08:48] <fundefined> nooo, my bet on steel didnt go through
[02:09:00] <starfox> aw dang
[02:09:02] <apreche> you might end up being glad it did not
[02:09:13] <starfox> what the shit is this
[02:09:39] <apreche> dream.exe has stopped responding
[02:09:59] <apreche> sandman confirmed dead
[02:10:26] <starfox> well now she'll wreck war
[02:10:37] <apreche> yep
[02:10:52] <apreche> but then we'll watch her get destroyed by rare akuma or some shit
[02:10:56] <starfox> all in chorizo
[02:11:13] <fundefined> war has a nonzero percent chance of winning, all in warmachine
[02:11:40] <starfox> dat zone
[02:11:54] <starfox> 1848 salty bettors
[02:12:10] <starfox> PDScOtTyZ -> $17066 (Σ$17066)
[02:13:10] <apreche> THE END
[02:13:23] <starfox> also one guy put in half the money on warmachine
[02:13:24] <starfox> tomomazo -> $500000 (Σ$600000)
[02:13:24] <apreche> now for crazy matches, and then bed
[02:15:24] <apreche> never bet against dark donald ever
[02:15:33] <starfox> anyone seen creeper before?
[02:15:39] <apreche> nope
[02:15:44] <apreche> still not betting it
[02:16:07] <apreche> creeper is 7 and 0 on stats
[02:16:18] <apreche> dark donald is 16 and 0
[02:16:57] <apreche> odds
[02:17:47] <starfox> I kind of wish dark donald would be retired
[02:17:48] <ruffas> well that was a thing
[02:17:53] <apreche> Dark Donald vs. Mike Tyson
[02:17:55] <apreche> I want to see it
[02:17:56] <starfox> let him fade into the salty lore
[02:19:04] <apreche> one more for me, that's it
[02:19:37] <ruffas> how many of these exhibition matches are there usually?
[02:19:47] <apreche> dont' know because I never stay for all of them
[02:20:30] <apreche> bet on rock
[02:20:41] <starfox> is that giygas?
[02:20:45] <apreche> probably
[02:20:57] <Coldguy> yup
[02:21:02] <starfox> are they from the same game or what
[02:21:09] <starfox> and google says yes
[02:21:41] <Coldguy> paula beats gigas ness is recovery man
[02:22:15] <apreche> Halloween special
[02:22:43] <apreche> wut
[02:22:45] <starfox> wtf is this
[02:23:23] <Apsup> This is halloween.
[02:23:29] <Apsup> a little early.
[02:23:50] <starfox> oh doomguy should be a character
[02:24:24] <Coldguy> reminds me of twat
[02:24:36] <Coldguy> doom guy made a cameo
[02:24:46] <apreche> wolf3d guy also
[02:24:48] <apreche> and wolf3d hitler
[02:25:04] <apreche> END OF SALTYBET FOREVER
[02:25:07] <starfox> I've never played earthbound. Is giygas supposed to be weird like this?
[02:25:12] <starfox> haha what a way to go out
[02:25:15] <Coldguy> yup
[02:25:15] <apreche> wtf play earthbound
[02:25:17] <fundefined> govt shutdown finally got to saltybet
[02:25:29] <starfox> saltybet scammed us
[02:25:30] <Coldguy> pokey is the real evil
[02:25:57] <starfox> that was way lame
[02:26:01] <apreche> ok, bedtime
[02:26:48] <ruffas> g'night
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[02:29:05] <Coldguy> -sweet new botcvhamania
[02:31:44] <starfox> never bet dbz
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