#geeknights | Logs for 2013-10-04

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[00:49:53] <jrdbnta> IT'S STARTING
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[00:56:38] <Walker> What's up crackers
[00:57:53] <jrdbnta> not much
[00:58:03] <jrdbnta> waiting for shaker classic 11 to start
[00:58:10] <Walker> Yup
[00:59:01] <Walker> Time to make some salt, chill out, and study geodetic surveying.
[00:59:20] <jrdbnta> in the mines right now
[00:59:26] <Walker> Same
[00:59:31] <jrdbnta> curious as to where I'll be the end of the tourney
[00:59:51] <Walker> I am terrible at this. Been in the mines since day 1.
[01:00:14] <jrdbnta> I get out every once and a while
[01:00:24] <jrdbnta> but I always bet poorly once and go back in
[01:00:26] <Walker> Snap, things are flashing
[01:01:01] <jrdbnta> Sppaman was good
[01:01:25] <Walker> I've seen him once and he got his ass kicked
[01:02:13] <jrdbnta> saw him twice
[01:02:20] <jrdbnta> he won one, lost the other
[01:02:46] <Walker> I really like the way he looks, though
[01:04:00] <jrdbnta> yeah
[01:04:17] <Walker> They're huge!
[01:04:17] <jrdbnta> there's another new character that has a similar style
[01:04:28] <jrdbnta> MAGMA
[01:04:37] <Walker> I'm feelin this spider monster
[01:04:39] <Walker> But pk
[01:04:40] <Walker> ok
[01:04:56] <Walker> Yup
[01:08:31] <jrdbnta> I don't know either of these two
[01:08:36] <jrdbnta> going bird
[01:08:36] <Walker> hitbox
[01:08:53] <Walker> shit
[01:09:30] <jrdbnta> damn
[01:09:34] <jrdbnta> it didn't take my bet
[01:09:40] <Walker> Nor mine :\
[01:14:27] <jrdbnta> nice
[01:14:30] <jrdbnta> I like roadshow
[01:14:35] <jrdbnta> never seen Rocky tho
[01:14:59] <Walker> Went roadshow
[01:17:10] <jrdbnta> real fight
[01:17:18] <jrdbnta> I think rocky's going to win tho
[01:17:55] <Walker> This is real shit
[01:18:38] <jrdbnta> the realist
[01:19:27] <Walker> OH SHIT
[01:19:27] <Walker> OH OH
[01:19:27] <Walker> OH
[01:19:28] <jrdbnta> clutch rocky
[01:19:31] <Walker> Goddamn
[01:20:06] <Walker> wtf is this
[01:20:06] <jrdbnta> alright
[01:20:07] <jrdbnta> hitbox
[01:20:10] <Walker> yeah
[01:20:24] <jrdbnta> it's the dad guy from ....
[01:20:25] <jrdbnta> fuck
[01:21:44] <jrdbnta> gegege no kitaro
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[01:23:21] <jrdbnta> lol
[01:23:35] <jrdbnta> song is so appropriate for him too
[01:24:02] <fundefined> that rocky fight was better than the last 3 rocky movies combined
[01:24:14] <jrdbnta> truth
[01:25:01] <Walker> God damn it. This class requires me to download a program form the NGS, but the government turned off their website.
[01:27:11] <jrdbnta> damn
[01:27:25] <Walker> POKERMON
[01:27:30] <jrdbnta> i'm sure the prof will give you leeway for that
[01:27:35] <Walker> 'bout to make $2
[01:27:48] <Walker> Yeah, I'm going to email him to see if he has a donwnload mirror now
[01:28:28] <jrdbnta> monster ball is a winner
[01:28:38] <jrdbnta> I saw it lose to Antman, and that's it
[01:31:18] <jrdbnta> THIS IS THE GUY
[01:31:21] <jrdbnta> same style as sppaman
[01:31:33] <Walker> All in on the fat kid
[01:31:52] <Walker> 2 more dorrars
[01:35:01] <jrdbnta> all on antman
[01:35:04] <jrdbnta> the best
[01:35:20] <Walker> Dude just humps the competition right off that bat
[01:35:27] <Walker> Can't say no
[01:35:55] <jrdbnta> Indeed.
[01:36:08] <jrdbnta> This guy is up there
[01:37:10] <fundefined> this entire tourney has been full of some bizarre fighters
[01:37:11] <Walker> Antman is going to eat everyone else alive
[01:37:20] <jrdbnta> Yeah.
[01:37:31] <jrdbnta> They were all made by one guy
[01:37:42] <jrdbnta> Gogogo23, or something like that
[01:39:21] <jrdbnta> I think ufo has this
[01:39:28] <jrdbnta> he attacks way more often than magma
[01:39:40] <Walker> More mobility and zone control
[01:39:50] <Walker> Ooh, odds disagree
[01:40:11] <Walker> Magma disagrees
[01:40:26] <Walker> Ouch
[01:40:38] <jrdbnta> Magma is offended by my lack of faith
[01:40:43] <jrdbnta> my Salt wallet agrees
[01:40:45] <jrdbnta> ;-;
[01:44:17] <jrdbnta> toss up, bird or rocky?
[01:44:28] <fundefined> even though bird will win, you must bet rocky
[01:44:33] <Walker> went bird randomly because of an ad
[01:44:39] <Walker> Gotta dream on Rocky, though
[01:47:13] <apreche> I missed so much because dinner ;(
[01:47:18] <apreche> BALL FTW
[01:47:32] <Walker> word up
[01:47:37] <apreche> ALL ON BALL
[01:47:42] <fundefined> i dunno, polon has crazy regen
[01:47:47] <apreche> I saw ball earlier this week
[01:47:53] <apreche> I believe in it
[01:47:57] <Walker> Ball's got balls
[01:48:05] <jrdbnta> I BELIEVE IN POKEMANZ
[01:48:36] <Walker> nop
[01:48:39] <apreche> MISTAKES
[01:48:51] <apreche> DREAMS
[01:48:57] <jrdbnta> DREAMS.EXE HAS STALLED
[01:49:41] <apreche> Mexican flag added to the stage? lol
[01:50:08] <apreche> so this tournament was supposed to have a theme, what is it?
[01:50:18] <jrdbnta> weird shit
[01:50:28] <apreche> not much of a theme
[01:50:35] <jrdbnta> all the fighters were made by one guy
[01:50:39] <apreche> Sad I didn't get to see medamaoyaji
[01:50:52] <apreche> Eyeball dad FTW
[01:51:07] <jrdbnta> indeed
[01:51:32] <apreche> Ambassador magma might take this
[01:51:38] <apreche> I saw him, pretty stron
[01:51:49] <jrdbnta> so is Antman
[01:51:57] <apreche> never seen antman
[01:52:04] <apreche> is it Marvel comics antman?
[01:52:06] <jrdbnta> you're in for a treat
[01:52:07] <apreche> or an actual ant?
[01:52:08] <Walker> Antman will wreck your shit
[01:52:08] <jrdbnta> no
[01:52:18] <jrdbnta> he has disrespect
[01:52:23] <Walker> Antman is almost Dark Donald good
[01:52:34] <apreche> welp, going all in antman
[01:52:37] <apreche> I trust you guys
[01:52:54] <apreche> or maybe I should go dream since I just lost it all...
[01:53:10] <apreche> WTF
[01:53:39] <jrdbnta> nikumaru's good tho
[01:53:44] <jrdbnta> if he wasn't facing Antman
[01:53:56] <apreche> antman has regen health, can't lose
[01:54:06] <apreche> a lot of times fighters with better ai just lose because of health/damage ratios
[01:54:08] <Walker> ecactly
[01:54:22] <Walker> ecactefvuck
[01:54:26] <Walker> exactly
[01:55:02] <apreche> boss zeroko is a good example
[01:55:06] <apreche> only gets a few hits in with crazy high damage
[01:55:09] <apreche> has crazy high hp
[01:55:15] <apreche> takes a ton of hits, but doesn't die
[01:57:34] <fundefined> can't see anyone besides antman winning
[01:57:34] <apreche> all in ambassador
[01:57:45] <apreche> Tezuka ftw
[01:58:02] <fundefined> bird ftw
[01:58:15] <apreche> BIRD = DREAMS
[01:58:21] <Walker> My money's on magma
[01:58:43] <apreche> I' think I'll take magma over antman in the final
[01:58:43] <Walker> Crushin' yo dreams
[01:59:10] <Walker> I like that idea
[01:59:28] <apreche> oh right, the heal...
[01:59:48] <fundefined> i guess missile spam>>>wing spam
[02:01:04] <apreche> putting it on my calendar so I don't miss any next week
[02:01:35] <Walker> There is the heal, but Antman is an uppity fucker that I want to lose\
[02:01:46] <apreche> hmm
[02:01:56] <apreche> I'll take antman in this one
[02:02:37] <fundefined> gankrape
[02:04:00] <apreche> gotta see antman vs god tier
[02:04:58] <fundefined> those EEEEEEEs actually fit with the music
[02:05:09] <Walker> I'd like to see an all-god-tier bracket
[02:05:17] <apreche> dark donald wins
[02:05:31] <Walker> Yeah...
[02:05:42] <Walker> All-dark-donald bracket
[02:05:51] <apreche> dark donald still wins
[02:05:57] <Walker> heh
[02:06:52] <fundefined> polon did well to win one
[02:07:21] <apreche> FINAL BATTLE
[02:07:24] <apreche> ALL ON MAGMA
[02:07:31] <Walker> GO
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[02:07:53] <apreche> you guys know magma is ambassador magma, right?
[02:08:01] <ruffas> nooo way
[02:08:03] <apreche> http://en.wikipedia.org
[02:08:05] <jrdbnta> Yeah
[02:08:21] <apreche> DREAMS
[02:08:22] <apreche> YES
[02:08:36] <apreche> EYE LASERS YOU FOOL
[02:08:41] <Walker> !!!
[02:08:41] <apreche> YESYESYES
[02:08:42] <ruffas> wasn't expecting this to still be happening
[02:08:57] <ruffas> chop chop master onion!
[02:08:59] <Walker> FUNKING YEAH
[02:09:07] <apreche> dat missile is most damage, but he heals after it
[02:09:11] <Walker> Mama said knock you out
[02:09:21] <apreche> MORE MISSILES
[02:09:24] <apreche> YES
[02:09:25] <apreche> YES
[02:09:39] <apreche> I get 4219 on dream win
[02:09:51] <Walker> 127 here
[02:09:59] <apreche> I paid the real money...
[02:10:01] <Walker> Still more than I have ever one
[02:10:03] <Walker> won
[02:10:03] <ruffas> i'm mostly amazed to see clones that don't suck
[02:10:03] <apreche> but I keep going all in
[02:10:03] <Walker> one?
[02:10:04] <fundefined> antman doesn't really have damage outside of his giant punch
[02:10:28] <apreche> USE THE MISSILE
[02:10:32] <apreche> DON'T STAND THERE
[02:10:50] <apreche> WIN OR LOSE, GOOD FINALS
[02:11:03] <jrdbnta> INDEED
[02:11:41] <apreche> SPAM MISSILES PLEASE
[02:11:48] <fundefined> STOP PLANING
[02:11:53] <Walker> MAGMA YOU STUPID FUCK
[02:12:04] <apreche> SHIT
[02:12:16] <Walker> NOOOOO
[02:12:18] <jrdbnta> YEAH
[02:12:23] <apreche> YES MISSILES
[02:12:36] <Walker> !!
[02:13:19] <ruffas> dat flight!
[02:13:23] <Walker> Magma you crazy dreamer
[02:13:25] <jrdbnta> NOBAMA
[02:13:47] <apreche> YES YES YES
[02:13:54] <apreche> YES
[02:13:56] <apreche> OMG
[02:14:03] <Walker> HOLY SHIT
[02:14:10] <apreche> DREAMS
[02:14:10] <apreche> REAL
[02:14:35] <apreche> DREAM_SETUP.EXE DOWNLOADING
[02:14:36] <ruffas> what's the Ambassador Magma model from?
[02:14:42] <ruffas> it looks nothing like the manga
[02:14:45] <apreche> YESYES YES!!!!
[02:14:51] <apreche> probably from some live action version
[02:14:55] <apreche> maybe tokusatsu tv show
[02:14:56] <jrdbnta> FUCKFUCKFUCK\
[02:15:00] <fundefined> WHAT
[02:15:09] <Walker> Game over bitches!
[02:15:15] <apreche> WOOOOO
[02:15:20] <apreche> $$$$$$$$$
[02:15:28] <Walker> Out the mines
[02:15:37] <jrdbnta> back in
[02:15:38] <jrdbnta> ;-;
[02:15:39] <ruffas> might be that exhibition match after like last time
[02:15:46] <apreche> always exhibition match
[02:15:48] <jrdbnta> just where I was at the start
[02:15:58] <apreche> jrdbnta: that's what you get for not believeing in Tezuka
[02:16:10] <jrdbnta> NOW I KNOW
[02:16:14] <ruffas> gonna watch Kill La Kill after the silly match to come
[02:16:15] <jrdbnta> magma=ALL IN
[02:16:33] <apreche> MAGMA > RARE AKUMA
[02:16:47] <ruffas> i wouldn't go that far...
[02:16:56] <apreche> yeah, obviously
[02:17:08] <apreche> ring a ding ding ding dong
[02:17:19] <ruffas> any other tezuka characters?
[02:17:26] <apreche> i've seen astro boy
[02:18:22] <apreche> always bet god of manga
[02:18:23] <ruffas> any good?
[02:18:26] <Walker> Given the opportunity I would eat bread and hummus until my stomach ruptures
[02:18:39] <ruffas> bread of choice?
[02:18:52] <Walker> Baguette
[02:18:59] <apreche> Hummus = pita only
[02:19:08] <ruffas> hummus = everything
[02:19:19] <apreche> here we go
[02:19:23] <jrdbnta> it makes a solid sandwich spread
[02:19:32] <ruffas> or dip
[02:19:39] <apreche> pita chips
[02:19:45] <Walker> Hummus and mustard on any sandwich is great
[02:20:25] <apreche> shit
[02:20:28] <apreche> is duane good?
[02:20:36] <ruffas> best fight!
[02:20:44] <apreche> going on Doruge, because I know he's good
[02:20:48] <jrdbnta> he one shot someone
[02:20:49] <apreche> and I hate duane
[02:20:54] <fundefined> What is this, a dance off?
[02:22:15] <apreche> what happens in a draw?
[02:22:19] <Walker> wtf is happening
[02:22:27] <apreche> I think duane lost 1 hp
[02:23:34] <Walker> this fight
[02:23:50] <ruffas> i don't even...
[02:24:01] <fundefined> Trippyer than a 70s music video
[02:24:06] <apreche> don't do drugs kids
[02:24:23] <Walker> I don't think I need them anymore
[02:24:29] <Walker> I watched Duane fight Doruge
[02:24:58] <ruffas> does Duane even have an attack?
[02:25:29] <apreche> maybe he can't hit doruge's hitbox?
[02:26:28] <apreche> is Doruge from something?
[02:27:10] <apreche> i think he's an Ultraman bad guy
[02:27:15] <Walker> mo money
[02:28:00] <ruffas> google makes him look Ultraman-y
[02:28:35] <apreche> he's from Barom One
[02:28:39] <apreche> http://en.wikipedia.org
[02:28:54] <apreche> whisch is by the same manga artist who makes Golgo 13
[02:30:05] <apreche> ok one more fight for me
[02:30:15] <apreche> always be thokuto
[02:30:43] <jrdbnta> oh shit
[02:30:49] <jrdbnta> jazz hands v. jazz hands
[02:30:56] <apreche> call spiral
[02:31:00] <fundefined> rave vs. jazz hands
[02:31:13] <apreche> DOSE ODDS
[02:31:25] <jrdbnta> REALEST ODDS
[02:32:00] <apreche> MISTAKES WERE MADE
[02:32:05] <ruffas> too real!
[02:32:15] <apreche> oh snap
[02:32:34] <jrdbnta> DREAMS.EXE IS LOADING
[02:32:42] <Walker> To bed with me, work in the morning
[02:32:50] <Walker> Goodnight people
[02:32:54] <jrdbnta> DREAMS.EXE HAS CRASHED
[02:32:58] <Walker> Dream hard
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[02:33:20] <apreche> ok, me also got to make netrunner decks, then rune factory and bed
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[02:34:38] <jrdbnta> I seriously need to move to a bigger city.
[02:35:00] <jrdbnta> Portland's great, but not enough nerds here.
[02:35:17] <ruffas> really?
[02:35:25] <ruffas> no nerds in Portland?
[02:35:36] <jrdbnta> There are nerds
[02:35:40] <jrdbnta> don't get me wrong
[02:35:45] <jrdbnta> just not enough
[02:36:11] <jrdbnta> and a lot tend to be "that guy"
[02:36:18] <jrdbnta> and those that aren't, already have their groups
[02:36:21] <ruffas> fuck "that guy"
[02:36:43] <Apsup> that guy?
[02:36:53] <Apsup> http://www.youtube.com
[02:37:50] <ruffas> exactly!
[02:38:35] <ruffas> except actively repellent
[02:40:36] <ruffas> that last guy, the dead babies guy
[02:40:52] <ruffas> that's "that guy"
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[02:41:40] <jrdbnta> yeah
[02:42:11] <jrdbnta> the problem for portland is that those guys have their geekeries, and that's ot
[02:42:14] <jrdbnta> *it
[02:42:19] <jrdbnta> not a lot of branching out
[02:42:45] <jrdbnta> which is awkward when i want to get my boardgaming on, but none of the boardgame geeks are around
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[02:44:17] <jrdbnta> SNAP
[02:44:24] <jrdbnta> silver samurai v. shishio
[02:45:36] <ruffas> looks like no contest
[02:47:24] <jrdbnta> so real
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[03:08:22] <jrdbnta> OH
[03:08:25] <jrdbnta> FUCK
[03:08:29] <jrdbnta> GYGAS V. GYGAS
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[18:44:16] <apreche> is this saltybet only, or can I still kill the last two hours of Friday here?
[20:25:22] <Apsup> This has been mostly dead outside of saltybet discussion, but in theory. Although I'm hours late with this, but anyways.
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