#geeknights | Logs for 2013-10-03

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[15:43:33] <jrdbnta> morning
[15:51:46] <apreche> checking in
[15:52:43] <jrdbnta> oh snap
[15:52:58] <apreche> I guess we're going to use this to get salty.
[15:52:59] <jrdbnta> another saltybet cover
[15:53:08] <apreche> can't get salty at work
[15:53:13] <apreche> tonight after podcasting
[15:53:13] <jrdbnta> It does work excellent for that
[15:53:40] <jrdbnta> this cover's of you wa shock
[15:53:56] <apreche> the name of the song is
[15:54:02] <apreche> Ai wo Torimodose
[15:54:16] <apreche> GET IT RIGHT
[15:54:16] <jrdbnta> ah, okay
[15:54:27] <apreche> because, you know
[15:54:33] <apreche> your Google searches will be more fruitful.
[15:54:54] <jrdbnta> true
[15:55:07] <jrdbnta> looking for a song with just the lyrics usually works
[15:55:14] <jrdbnta> but it's not very effective
[15:57:11] <apreche> that song is acutally one you can find with the lyrics, because people think it's the title
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