#geeknights | Logs for 2013-09-27

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[01:02:22] <starfox> well there goes my hundred on mb02
[01:02:53] <starfox> OH SHIT
[01:02:56] <starfox> maybe not
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[01:08:07] <starfox> hi ruffas
[01:08:11] <starfox> salty real as fuck right now
[01:08:17] <ruffas> that it is
[01:09:46] <ruffas> I don't remember Silver Samurai being that good at anything
[01:10:23] <starfox> apparently there's silver samurai
[01:10:25] <starfox> and silversamurai
[01:10:46] <ruffas> ...
[01:10:49] <starfox> one with the space is fake, I was surprised too. The one I have seen before was a little potatoey
[01:10:58] <starfox> no space is super real evidently
[01:11:47] <ruffas> I'm looking forward to seeing this non-suck DBZ
[01:13:19] <Apsup> What is this, actual fighting game characters fighting?
[01:13:34] <starfox> real as fuck
[01:13:38] <ruffas> Ken's not
[01:14:01] <Apsup> That's Sol is pretty solid. Would have woted him if I hadn't logged in too late.
[01:14:18] <starfox> I've never seen evil ken really wreck anyone
[01:14:21] <ruffas> Kinda glad I accidently bet on him
[01:14:31] <ruffas> Evil Ken's got an adjective!
[01:14:43] <ruffas> that means' he's srs bzns
[01:14:51] <starfox> holy ken, on the other hand...
[01:15:37] <starfox> always bet guy who starts fighting before the match
[01:15:50] <Apsup> I can't pass betting on wings.
[01:16:01] <ruffas> Oh god! the timer!
[01:16:08] <ruffas> always on 45 seconds
[01:16:13] <Apsup> I really should get out of mines.
[01:16:26] <Apsup> Haven't been following saltybets lately.
[01:17:05] <ruffas> me neither
[01:18:28] <ruffas> i really just wanna watch for a bit before I go back to my j-drama
[01:18:46] <starfox> just so you know, first fight next round will be super real
[01:18:53] <starfox> mb02 vs silver samurai
[01:19:02] <starfox> who apparently is crazy go nuts good
[01:19:48] <ruffas> hmm...never bet DBZ?
[01:20:09] <ruffas> he's so well animated
[01:20:26] <starfox> dem thighs though
[01:20:48] <Apsup> There went my bucks.
[01:20:52] <Apsup> Back to bottom.
[01:21:14] <ruffas> me too
[01:21:21] <ruffas> still plenty of time for dream, though
[01:23:29] <starfox> gotta go waifu here
[01:23:47] <ruffas> never bet against Sengoku Basara
[01:24:46] <starfox> come on waifu let's see the touhou bs
[01:25:19] <Apsup> You have your waifus mixes me thinks.
[01:25:22] <Apsup> *mixed
[01:25:43] <starfox> aren't they all touhou garbage though?
[01:25:47] <ruffas> Card captor's usually really strong
[01:26:09] <starfox> bottom half of the bracket was seeming weak up until that one
[01:26:45] <ruffas> master > boss ?
[01:26:51] <starfox> two waifus
[01:27:01] <ruffas> simply going on adjective strength here
[01:28:02] <starfox> aww yeah
[01:28:05] <Apsup> long hair > short hair. When in doubt, I go with personal preference.
[01:28:29] <starfox> what the hell
[01:29:29] <ruffas> Sakura's clearly better but has shit for damange
[01:29:31] <ruffas> damage*
[01:29:32] <starfox> that backflip is murderous
[01:31:04] <starfox> the only round sakura won was that insta-KO fullscreen move or whatever
[01:31:32] <ruffas> she was so overwhelming though
[01:31:39] <starfox> mb02 is my boy
[01:31:41] <ruffas> if only she did more damage than a wet noodle
[01:31:42] <starfox> this should be a good one
[01:32:25] <ruffas> always bet chaos sagat
[01:32:33] <starfox> what mb02 is 4.5:1 against?
[01:33:14] <ruffas> well then
[01:33:19] <starfox> yowza
[01:33:44] <starfox> mb02 can win if he makes samurai zone around
[01:34:54] <ruffas> dat chip
[01:34:56] <starfox> wow super real
[01:35:08] <starfox> mb02 didn't do his heal thing
[01:36:43] <Apsup> Nooooo! I looked away and missed yet another chance to give all any monies to Sol.
[01:38:31] <ruffas> Strider can only win even rounds : /
[01:41:16] <starfox> goku has a dream
[01:42:32] <ruffas> always bet DBZ
[01:43:04] <starfox> he has real ai as well as HP south of the border
[01:43:21] <ruffas> he lacks mexibeams though
[01:43:36] <ruffas> gonna let it ride on SB
[01:43:48] <Apsup> Wow, goku got me out of mines andin to 400. Now I'll risk it all.
[01:43:51] <starfox> I don't know, that one beam was taking off ~1/3
[01:43:54] <starfox> maybe a quarter
[01:44:09] <ruffas> not 80%
[01:44:53] <starfox> true
[01:45:06] <ruffas> oh, it's not Master Sakura's damage that was low, it's Zeroko's HP pool that's massive
[01:45:23] <ruffas> ...
[01:45:28] <starfox> 150 combo and counting
[01:46:04] <Apsup> Only scrubs drop combos.
[01:46:47] <starfox> just noticed the salt shakers flying around in the background sprinkling
[01:48:44] <ruffas> attaboy!
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[01:48:51] <Apsup> + 500
[01:49:02] <Apsup> Now I can stop putting all in all the time.
[01:49:05] <starfox> everyone has to go all in on the final
[01:49:14] <ruffas> poppycock
[01:49:17] <ruffas> all in all the time
[01:49:23] <starfox> mm ok
[01:49:27] <Apsup> Well, I can. Doesn't mean I will.
[01:49:29] <Apsup> Sol time.
[01:49:35] <starfox> silver got this
[01:49:44] <ruffas> i hate them both
[01:49:47] <starfox> always bet pulsating chest
[01:49:49] <ruffas> but always bet mahvel
[01:49:55] <Apsup> What? Sol is my man!
[01:50:43] <ruffas> biased against Guilty Gear
[01:51:38] <starfox> mb02 was the best not-autowin character I had seen up til this point
[01:51:46] <starfox> so now I'm going with silversamurai
[01:52:31] <starfox> I assume the sun guy is going to win the other fight
[01:52:39] <starfox> so who wins, silversamurai or sun god?
[01:52:52] <Apsup> Well fuck.
[01:53:28] <Apsup> Sol betrayed me. Just like always when I play GG.
[01:53:47] <starfox> you might say he's... guilty as charged
[01:53:52] <starfox> YEAAAAAAAAAAAA
[01:54:06] <ruffas> come on Motonari!
[01:54:54] <starfox> he does poorly in the first round
[01:54:58] <starfox> he's still got this
[01:56:32] <starfox> what's mouri from?
[01:57:01] <starfox> oh shit, I'm all in on...
[01:57:04] <starfox> fuck fuck
[01:57:10] <starfox> I guess samurai
[01:57:10] <ruffas> sengoku basara
[01:57:32] <starfox> I have never even heard of that before
[01:57:40] <starfox> yup all in on silver
[01:57:49] <starfox> YOU MUST GO ALL IN
[01:57:56] <ruffas> you should watch it
[01:58:03] <ruffas> it will make you 50% manlier
[01:58:07] <ruffas> at least
[01:58:23] <ruffas> and you'll learn totally true Japanese history
[01:58:51] <ruffas> 100% accurate
[01:59:09] <starfox> holy jesus
[02:00:17] <ruffas> best music
[02:00:46] <starfox> snake eataaaa
[02:01:03] <starfox> the chat during "famous" songs is hilarious
[02:01:09] <starfox> even more so than normally
[02:01:48] <starfox> yes give me 9 rounds
[02:02:17] <starfox> wow last one was kind of anticlimactic
[02:02:17] <ruffas> well, shit
[02:02:23] <ruffas> back where i started
[02:02:28] <Apsup> 94 salts in the end. Won't be throwing a party with that.
[02:04:57] <ruffas> i ended up with 25 after betting against the sun
[02:06:09] <ruffas> waifu.avi
[02:06:12] <starfox> lol wut is this
[02:06:30] <starfox> my favorite cutscene
[02:07:32] <starfox> all in rare akuma I guess
[02:07:47] <ruffas> don't see why not
[02:09:54] <starfox> rare akuma at level 7 charge
[02:10:08] <starfox> make that 9
[02:10:32] <starfox> why does the waifu have double money bet?
[02:11:05] <starfox> ain't no thang for rare akuma
[02:11:21] <ruffas> always bet waifu, duh
[02:13:25] <starfox> not sure what is going on here, neither of them are doing any damage
[02:13:38] <starfox> despite ungodly numbers of supers going off
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[12:41:13] <plugmyduck> =]
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[19:58:21] <apreche> whoah, this is still here
[20:36:11] <GauntletWizard> and even active in the last 24h!
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