#geeknights | Logs for 2013-04-28

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[20:01:23] <Apsup> woodchuck: Are you here. Do you hear me!?
[20:13:01] <woodchuck> I hear you; am I too late?
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[20:18:53] <Apsup> No, but we should fight! Or play Backgammon.
[20:24:11] <woodchuck> fight? how we do that(throw uppercut?)
[20:24:40] <Apsup> Well, backgammon it is then.
[20:24:54] <woodchuck> ok
[20:25:33] <Apsup> Do you have prefered method? Yahoo games has worked well for me.
[20:26:02] <woodchuck> yahoo won't lrt me sing in.
[20:26:11] <Apsup> :[
[20:26:24] <Apsup> Then how should we play?
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[20:29:44] <woodchuck> the kongrogate version?
[20:30:11] <woodchuck> What is the current
[20:30:11] <woodchuck> FRC Grand Prix game?
[20:30:16] <Apsup> It's shit and breaks rules, but if we can't have anything better.
[20:30:29] <Apsup> Backgammon.
[20:31:07] <woodchuck> I though we played backgammon 4 times and we were done.
[20:31:22] <Apsup> Nope, I think it's at least 6 rounds.
[20:31:52] <woodchuck> that is crazy.
[20:32:26] <Apsup> You need many rounds to get good results with this many people.
[20:38:33] <Apsup> So, shall we play, I woke up way too early today and I'm falling alseep here. So kinda want to get this over with.
[20:39:33] <woodchuck> Okay; I was looking for new versions; can't find one thats multiplayer.
[20:40:01] <Apsup> Let's play on the shitty kongrogate then.
[20:40:33] <woodchuck> http://www.kongregate.com
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[20:41:35] <woodchuck> did you join?
[20:41:41] <Apsup> yes
[21:03:34] <woodchuck> that was epic.
[21:03:42] <Apsup> Fuck that die luck.
[21:03:45] <Apsup> 1-0 to you.
[21:03:55] <woodchuck> long game; don't know how I won.
[21:06:20] <woodchuck> you suck; i missed double 6's
[21:11:30] <Apsup> 1-1
[21:18:07] <Apsup> 2-1
[21:22:22] <Apsup> I want to double, do you accept?
[21:22:50] <woodchuck> no
[21:23:10] <Apsup> that goes to me then. 2-2
[21:31:17] <Apsup> 3-2
[21:32:30] <Apsup> You dropped?
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[21:34:59] <woodchuck> no
[21:35:10] <Apsup> I want to double. Do you accept?
[21:35:33] <woodchuck> we arnt in a game right now.
[21:35:39] <Apsup> we aren't.
[21:35:48] <Apsup> Then I'm playing against some random dudde.
[21:36:38] <woodchuck> thats why I coukldnt create a game.
[21:37:05] <woodchuck> what is the password.
[21:37:08] <Apsup> Well I created a new game with password gammon
[21:42:55] <Apsup> I want to double. do you accept?
[21:43:44] <woodchuck> ok
[21:53:22] <Apsup> I won with gammon, and double, 4 points to me. Final points 7 - 2
[21:54:57] <woodchuck> we only doubled once.
[21:55:23] <woodchuck> it is 5-2 apsup
[21:55:49] <Apsup> Yes, but I won without you gettin any pieces out from the board, that's gammon and it doubles the points.
[21:57:35] <Apsup> Thus 7 -2
[21:57:52] <woodchuck> ok
[21:58:54] <Apsup> And now I watch (hopefully) funny youtube video and go to sleep.
[21:59:24] <woodchuck> i gots homework
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