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[10:01:39] <Bronzdragon> Hello
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[10:24:44] <AriaMibbit> Dawg
[10:28:26] <AriaMibbit> Dawg?
[10:28:32] <Bronzdragon> dawg
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[13:17:44] <AriaMibbit> Ubuntu.
[13:17:45] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[13:18:03] <Bronzdragon> AriaMibbit
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[13:27:27] <Bronzdragon> Hey tiwi
[13:27:46] <AriaMibbit> Took you long enough!
[13:28:04] <AriaMibbit> Im eating sweet chicken. I don't like it
[13:28:41] <Bronzdragon> He likes it, just not so much
[13:28:47] <Bronzdragon> Of the sweetness
[13:30:04] <Bronzdragon> I'm hungry.
[13:30:06] <AriaMibbit> Why does anyone fly with British Airlines?
[13:30:08] <AriaMibbit> Fuck those guys
[13:30:08] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[13:30:25] <AriaMibbit> You can't see prices until the very end of the order
[13:30:27] <AriaMibbit> which takes forever
[13:30:34] <AriaMibbit> so you can't plan your trip based on price
[13:30:58] <AriaMibbit> You need to pick date, then it lists a billion flights and you need to pick one
[13:31:07] <AriaMibbit> they all take like 4 hours for a 1 hour by car distance
[13:31:17] <Tiwi> klm
[13:31:19] <Tiwi> use it
[13:31:38] <AriaMibbit> and then after you agree to let them email you and agree that you won't sue them or not order, they tell you it's 500 EUR
[13:31:42] <Bronzdragon> KLM doesn't go to Ireland
[13:31:45] <AriaMibbit> KLM doesn't come here..
[13:31:54] <Bronzdragon> KLM is pretty good
[13:32:05] <Bronzdragon> It staands for Royal Air Company
[13:32:10] <Bronzdragon> Y'know RAC = KLM
[13:32:33] <AriaMibbit> Norwegian is also good. Their website isn't slow as balls
[13:32:42] <AriaMibbit> you press the two buttons, it lists ALL THE PRICES
[13:32:46] <AriaMibbit> and you pick whatever is the cheapest
[13:33:57] <Bronzdragon> Norwegian website is good
[13:34:01] <Bronzdragon> KLM airplanes are good
[13:34:45] <AriaMibbit> KLM goes here it seems. Starting at 670EUR
[13:35:01] <AriaMibbit> The website >>>> the flight
[13:35:10] <AriaMibbit> When the flight is as short as this
[13:35:17] <AriaMibbit> It matters if the flight is 2 hours
[13:35:25] <Bronzdragon> =P
[13:35:30] <Bronzdragon> The KLM goes via fance
[13:35:36] <Bronzdragon> And the flight takes 4 houts
[13:35:39] <Bronzdragon> *hours
[13:36:12] <AriaMibbit> You're right
[13:36:57] <AriaMibbit> =/
[13:37:04] <AriaMibbit> the cheapest really is the 117 one
[13:37:09] <AriaMibbit> it was 73 yesterday! >=(
[13:39:00] <AriaMibbit> Anyway, what's Tiwi up to?
[13:39:08] <AriaMibbit> Also gosh this food is waaay too sweet
[13:39:10] <Tiwi> still doing math
[13:39:16] <Bronzdragon> Math?
[13:39:19] <Tiwi> I'm reading about eigenvalues
[13:39:19] <Bronzdragon> what kind of math?
[13:39:30] <Tiwi> and phase planes for differential equations
[13:39:52] <AriaMibbit> ...
[13:39:53] <Bronzdragon> Explain "Phase planes"?
[13:39:57] <AriaMibbit> How cheap can you get to London?
[13:40:06] <AriaMibbit> Because London -- Dublin is £12
[13:40:08] <Bronzdragon> Me?
[13:40:58] <Bronzdragon> ... apperantly, London is in Canada
[13:41:09] <AriaMibbit> Oh. I was wrong then.
[13:41:51] <Tiwi> phase planes are
[13:42:10] <Tiwi> it's basically a drawn representation of a differential system
[13:42:55] <AriaMibbit> Sky is indeed ~15mb/s
[13:42:59] <Tiwi> and how the solutions change over t for all given C1 and C2
[13:43:01] <AriaMibbit> "As fast as your line can go" my ass
[13:46:33] <Bronzdragon> Sky is the best ISP
[13:47:10] <AriaMibbit> Sky is very popular
[13:47:28] <AriaMibbit> I saw some guy on youtube who had Sky
[13:47:29] <Bronzdragon> AS FAST AS IT CAN GO, MAYN
[13:47:42] <AriaMibbit> He also had 6 screesn connected to his Mac
[13:47:48] <AriaMibbit> Macs don't even fucking do 6 screens
[13:47:48] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[13:48:17] <AriaMibbit> (he was using a signal splitter so 2 of the screens showed the same thing
[13:48:25] <AriaMibbit> but they were 6x27" arranged in a grid
[13:49:05] <Bronzdragon> ...
[13:49:20] <Bronzdragon> Well, 2 screens showing the same thign wouldn't be bad per-say
[13:49:27] <Bronzdragon> I mean, you can't look at 6 monitors at once
[13:49:39] <AriaMibbit> It's a terrible use of $1300
[13:49:41] <Bronzdragon> So you just put your IRC and stock on the 6th one, put it on either end and bingo
[13:49:57] <Bronzdragon> You'd rather have 2 macs with 3 screens each?
[13:50:10] <AriaMibbit> ...
[13:50:30] <AriaMibbit> External GPU could work.
[13:50:52] <AriaMibbit> I tried taking another bite of chicken
[13:50:55] <AriaMibbit> nearly threw up
[13:51:04] <AriaMibbit> Cmon, I was enjoying it a while ago D=
[13:51:15] <AriaMibbit> Most of it is still left
[13:51:37] <Bronzdragon> ...
[13:51:37] <Bronzdragon> =(
[13:51:43] <Bronzdragon> that... doesn't sound good
[13:51:48] <Bronzdragon> Just put it in the fridge
[13:51:53] <Bronzdragon> Warm it up in an hour or so
[13:51:57] <Bronzdragon> Let your stomach rest
[13:52:08] <AriaMibbit> Yeah..
[13:54:40] <AriaMibbit> Tiwi, do you have any Ireland recommendations?
[13:54:51] <Tiwi> lol what
[13:54:57] <Tiwi> idk get drunk?
[13:55:01] <Bronzdragon> Aria is in Ireland currently
[13:55:02] <Tiwi> get a kebab?
[13:55:04] <Bronzdragon> And will be for some time
[13:55:07] <Tiwi> i knowz
[13:55:10] <Bronzdragon> This sounds like Irish behaviour
[13:55:21] <AriaMibbit> Kebab is Irish?
[13:55:24] <Tiwi> ya
[13:55:26] <AriaMibbit> Kebabs are from Norway, silly
[13:56:01] <Bronzdragon> Listen, every country has kebab
[13:56:08] <Bronzdragon> It's just excellent for being drunk
[13:56:13] <AriaMibbit> First night I stayed, I saw 2 dudes who were literally carrying a barrel of beer. It was too heavy for one guy.
[14:00:43] <Tiwi> yepp
[14:00:47] <Tiwi> that's ireland for ya
[14:00:48] <AriaMibbit> UPC seems to be the only non-crappy ISP in all of Ireland
[14:01:01] <AriaMibbit> http://www.uswitch.ie
[14:01:14] <AriaMibbit> (select dublin 15 Tyrrelstown)
[14:02:02] <Bronzdragon> Yup
[14:04:36] <AriaMibbit> >_>
[14:04:47] <AriaMibbit> ratemyISP.ie seems bought off...
[14:05:00] <AriaMibbit> Everyone is 1 stars on average by 50 million people
[14:05:09] <Bronzdragon> ... really?
[14:05:10] <AriaMibbit> Except UPC which is 2 and a half stars
[14:05:18] <AriaMibbit> And East Cork Broadband is 5 stars
[14:05:37] <AriaMibbit> They offer up to 10mb/s for 50 bucks a month, and only in Cork.
[14:06:37] <AriaMibbit> Oh these aren't averages, but reviews...
[14:06:39] <AriaMibbit> Still
[14:31:56] <Tiwi> thanks guys
[14:32:01] <Tiwi> now I'm watching QI
[14:32:14] <Bronzdragon> QI?
[14:37:27] <AriaMibbit> Qaman aider.
[14:45:04] <Tiwi> the show?
[14:45:10] <Tiwi> with stephen fry?
[14:45:20] <Bronzdragon> Oh, that one!
[15:01:47] <AriaMibbit> Why do so many people have those stupid ear rings where it's a giant hole in your ear?
[15:01:51] <AriaMibbit> (filled or non-filled)
[15:02:02] <Bronzdragon> Because fasion
[15:02:24] <AriaMibbit> Also, this group of 3 people all have a ring at the side of their lip
[15:05:05] <Bronzdragon> ...
[15:05:19] <Bronzdragon> So, why is this timezone listed as "Western Europe and Spain"?
[15:05:32] <Bronzdragon> I mean, why is spain not included in Western Europe?
[15:05:36] <Bronzdragon> Spain specifically...
[15:05:43] <AriaMibbit> Because they have silly hats.
[15:05:51] <Bronzdragon> Do they?
[15:07:44] <AriaMibbit> http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk
[15:07:48] <AriaMibbit> Compare to..
[15:08:01] <AriaMibbit> http://www.russian-language-for-lovers.com
[15:08:02] <Bronzdragon> That lady is so fucking white.
[15:08:02] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[15:08:04] <AriaMibbit> Much better.
[15:08:05] <Bronzdragon> Goddamn
[15:08:14] <Bronzdragon> And indeed, Russia make good hat!
[16:10:17] <AriaMibbit> Hey, anyone live in a country where estate agents are the norm when renting, as opposed to talking to landlords directly?
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[17:30:14] <Bronzdragon> Hey Tiwi, 'sup, I'm back.
[17:32:33] <AriaMibbit> !
[17:32:42] <AriaMibbit> It was horrible. No one said anything
[17:33:11] <Bronzdragon> =(
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[18:22:45] <Cybylt> Your Hamon isnt strong enough ! TO COMPENSATE YOU NEED JOJO BLURAYS !! JOJO BLU RAY PART 1 NOW IN STORES!!!!!
[18:25:54] <Bronzdragon> =O
[18:26:29] <Cybylt> if only it were on amazon...
[18:26:42] <Cybylt> the season finale subs went up yesterday
[18:26:48] <Cybylt> it was awesome and you should see it
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