#geeknights | Logs for 2013-03-18

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[00:38:08] <Bronzdragon> OH NOES
[00:38:31] <Bronzdragon> EVERYONE I (slightly) CARE ABOUT IS ABANDONING ME t_t
[00:42:25] <Bronzdragon> ... Thinking about it now, that was really rude. I apologize. The way that I said that was not the way I meant that.
[00:42:33] <Bronzdragon> You all mean a lot to me, guys...
[00:55:31] <nine> < Cybylt> nine, Hammerhead/Firewalker or Mako?
[00:55:32] <nine> Huh?
[00:55:52] <nine> Oh, he left
[00:56:29] <nine> Bronzdragon: Stop lying.
[00:58:11] <Bronzdragon> Okay, I kinda dislike you <3
[01:23:31] <Tivvi> http://vinepeek.com
[01:23:38] <Tivvi> i discovered this
[01:23:42] <aria> GauntletWizard: Or any laywer person or google employee
[01:23:43] <aria> http://i.imgur.com
[01:23:58] <aria> Why does American copyright affect my googling experience?
[01:24:20] <aria> (that screenshot does not cover nearly all of the DMCA notices)
[01:25:01] <aria> Also that website is pretty ok
[01:25:14] <Bronzdragon> That dog is cute.
[01:26:18] <aria> Why do all these people with glass late glass-frames film their food?
[01:26:44] <Bronzdragon> Vinepeek isn't glass
[01:26:47] <aria> less*
[01:26:48] <Bronzdragon> It's iPhones.
[01:26:55] <Bronzdragon> wait, oh
[01:26:58] <aria> I mean, glasses without the actual glass part
[01:27:09] <Bronzdragon> Because Saint Patric's day around dinner time
[01:27:18] <Bronzdragon> or "day at dinner time"
[01:29:11] <Tivvi> this is weird
[01:29:32] <Tivvi> what?
[01:29:47] <Tivvi> oh god
[01:29:51] <Tivvi> OH GOD
[01:29:52] <aria> Many hipstery time people filming their food
[01:29:59] <aria> What did you see?
[01:30:04] <Tivvi> there was
[01:30:10] <Tivvi> a girl screaming on the street
[01:30:50] <Bronzdragon> ...
[01:30:59] <Bronzdragon> Just that, or was there a mangled body too?
[01:31:10] <Tivvi> it was
[01:31:13] <Tivvi> really weird
[01:31:27] <Tivvi> i'm sad there isn't much more porn
[01:31:37] <Tivvi> oh that was a cool one
[01:31:57] <Tivvi> it as just pictures of a dude lying on the floor
[01:32:03] <Tivvi> oh lool
[01:32:07] <Tivvi> some dudes and a bong
[01:32:09] <Tivvi> ahahahah
[01:32:23] <aria> The closest thing to porn Ive seen was just now, and I don't think it was intended that way at all. Two guys lifted their shirts to show off their abs, then the next shot was them hugging
[01:32:41] <Tivvi> yeah i saw that
[01:32:46] <Tivvi> woho
[01:32:51] <Tivvi> disney land!
[01:33:22] <aria> Currently a guy with a sweet beard
[01:33:30] <Tivvi> concert
[01:33:48] <Bronzdragon> Death itself, staring into my soul
[01:33:52] <Bronzdragon> Oh, 's gone now
[01:34:05] <Tivvi> oh god britts
[01:34:12] <Tivvi> and people dancing
[01:34:24] <Tivvi> a kid in red sleeping pants
[01:34:41] <Tivvi> ey aria
[01:34:47] <Tivvi> what's a "hegre" in english
[01:34:48] <aria> Yeah?
[01:35:01] <aria> What's a hegre In Norwegian?
[01:35:06] <Tivvi> it's a bird?
[01:35:15] <aria> Oh..
[01:35:19] <aria> Those are called Hegre?
[01:35:21] <aria> I didn't know that
[01:35:22] <Bronzdragon> http://translate.google.com
[01:35:27] <aria> Heron apperantly
[01:35:34] <Tivvi> makes sense
[01:35:40] <aria> Bronz, what is the Dutch word for Heron?
[01:35:59] <Bronzdragon> https://www.google.no
[01:36:16] <Bronzdragon> I think it's a...
[01:36:22] <Bronzdragon> One with the long legs, right?
[01:36:40] <Bronzdragon> Right
[01:36:44] <Bronzdragon> Reiger.
[01:37:06] <Bronzdragon> Fun fact, if you want to translate a single word, your best bet is wikipedia
[01:37:17] <Bronzdragon> then clicking the article in the language you want
[01:38:36] <Tivvi> well
[01:38:38] <aria> Chance of malware in this http://thepiratebay.se ?
[01:38:44] <Tivvi> that was the closeest to porn i saw
[01:38:52] <aria> What was it?
[01:38:58] <Tivvi> a lady in a tub
[01:39:02] <Tivvi> showing her tummy and legs
[01:39:09] <aria> Bronzdragon: That's how I got Heron
[01:39:31] <aria> That's pretty close
[01:39:52] <Tivvi> walk into the club like what up i got a big cock
[01:47:49] <aria> The other torrent says this torrent isn't safe...
[01:56:45] <nine> aria, don't fucking download Windows through torrents.
[01:56:46] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[01:56:51] <nine> Download it from Microsoft itself.
[01:56:56] <nine> Seriously, da fuck.
[01:56:56] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[01:57:42] <aria> Im trying
[01:57:45] <aria> they don't let me
[01:58:00] <aria> They only let Windows users download it
[01:58:11] <aria> You need to run a .exe
[01:58:14] <aria> and it'll get it for you
[01:58:16] <aria> there is not http download
[01:58:39] <nine> Then grab your ass old Win 95 CD and run that virtually.
[01:58:41] <nine> Problem solved.
[01:58:42] <aria> I also can't figure out how to buy a non-upgrade lisence
[01:58:56] <aria> ...That's not easier than torrents
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[02:00:04] <nine> Well, if you want to get insta-raped by malware out of the box go ahead.
[02:00:31] <aria> MS isn't willing to give me a legit copy..
[02:00:50] <nine> Bullshit. Just download the fucking iso.
[02:00:50] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[02:01:08] <aria> http://windows.microsoft.com
[02:01:10] <aria> Please find it for me
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[02:01:19] <nine> Hi Cybylt.
[02:01:27] <Cybylt> Hello nine
[02:01:35] <nine> >Norwegian nonsense.
[02:02:46] <Cybylt> I gotta ask, you seem to know your slurs for various european folk, is "wops" used out there like it is here? Or is that strictly a thing for areas of large immigration?
[02:05:20] <aria> Change language. Im honestly trying to find the ISO
[02:05:28] <aria> but I can only find upgrade nonsense
[02:05:45] <nine> < Cybylt> nine, Hammerhead/Firewalker or Mako?
[02:05:46] <nine> Wut?
[02:05:53] <aria> Mass Effect stuff
[02:05:56] <nine> Cybylt: You said that before, I have no clue what you ask of me.
[02:06:04] <Cybylt> Mass Effect vehicles
[02:06:19] <nine> Never used any of them.
[02:06:36] <Cybylt> the six wheeled tank of indestructibility and climbing or the paper mache hovercraft
[02:06:37] <Cybylt> oh
[02:06:38] <aria> Which one of two mass effect vehicles you prefer. One that drives slow and is a Resident Evil character, the other is a floating CS character
[02:06:41] <Cybylt> nevermind then
[02:07:13] <aria> I'd really appriciate it if someone could link me the ISO
[02:07:18] <aria> I.. can't figure their website out
[02:07:21] <aria> http://windows.microsoft.com
[02:07:31] <aria> Not the upgrade
[02:07:44] <aria> I accidentally clicked on that when I was gonna get focus to the page..
[02:07:54] <aria> Although--
[02:08:00] <aria> I might've found something on that page
[02:08:21] <nine> They've tightened down some.
[02:08:26] <nine> Why the fuck do you want win 8 anyways?
[02:08:27] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[02:08:52] <aria> Need to run some Windows-software
[02:08:59] <aria> And figured I'd play video games some too
[02:09:08] <aria> Those are generally only on windows
[02:09:18] <aria> playing on Bronz's computer is fine and dandy, but I paid for this video card..
[02:09:46] <nine> So you pick Win 8?
[02:09:48] <nine> And not Win 7?
[02:09:54] <nine> Don't you know your Windows?
[02:09:58] <nine> Every other version.
[02:10:02] <aria> 8 is newer
[02:10:08] <nine> Vista was newer.
[02:10:24] <aria> Its bad enough having to wait 29 days between being able to go online!
[02:11:03] <aria> Eh,
[02:11:12] <aria> 8 has a nice browser
[02:11:19] <aria> it has a higher RAM cap
[02:11:28] <aria> boots faster
[02:11:33] <aria> and is the current version
[02:11:44] <aria> I don't know why I would choose the other one. Is it super buggy?
[02:11:48] <aria> benchmarks shows it performs better
[02:12:04] <nine> Wooooooooh, higher RAM cap, because Win 7 totally doesn't allow for the amount of RAM you have.
[02:12:13] <aria> It doesn't
[02:12:16] <aria> 7 allows 16GB
[02:12:17] <aria> I have 32
[02:12:18] <nine> It also doesn't boot faster unless you have a relevant motherboard.
[02:12:31] <nine> Bullshit.
[02:12:32] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[02:12:41] <aria> =P?
[02:12:57] <nine> So, when can I see your movie?
[02:13:11] <aria> My movie?
[02:13:15] <nine> Yes.
[02:13:30] <nine> You apparently need 32GB of RAM.
[02:13:53] <aria> My arch boots in 1 second, after the like 5 second BIOS boot. Windows boots in like 10 seconds after the 5 seconds BIOS boot. Arch is still faster, with the slow BIOS
[02:13:54] <Robobuntoo> You can't like ten seconds!
[02:14:04] <aria> what kind of movie requires 32GB of RAM?
[02:14:21] <nine> Movie editting.
[02:14:25] <nine> You fucking idiot.
[02:14:26] <Robobuntoo> ...
[02:14:44] <aria> Using what? Adobe stuff has a hard cap on 12GB, Final Cut on 8GB
[02:14:48] <nine> The only reason to have 32GB of RAM is video edittnig.
[02:15:27] <aria> (Avid and Lightworks might let you use RAM...)
[02:15:45] <aria> There are plenty of more RAM intensive tasks than movie editing
[02:16:00] <nine> Few.
[02:16:02] <nine> You do none.
[02:24:51] <aria> MS rep says
[02:24:52] <aria> There are no full retail versions of Windows 8. If you need a full version, you will need to purchase the Windows 8 Pro OEM from New Egg.
[02:25:26] <aria> $130
[02:27:41] <aria> ...
[02:27:46] <aria> So...
[02:27:50] <aria> I got prompted for a servey
[02:27:52] <aria> survay*
[02:27:57] <aria> survey*
[02:28:08] <aria> It's clearly asking me because I'm a Linux user
[02:28:13] <aria> in straight out said so
[02:28:34] <Bronzdragon> Aha?
[02:28:36] <aria> But when it asks me what my next computer is gonna be, I can only choose between Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Android
[02:28:41] <Bronzdragon> So, what's the problem?
[02:28:46] <Bronzdragon> Oh...
[02:43:59] <Cybylt> Anybody have dawn of war 2?
[02:44:09] <Cybylt> I want to play a co-op campaign
[02:44:33] <Bronzdragon> Nup
[02:44:41] <Bronzdragon> Or rather, "I do not... yet"
[02:44:56] <Cybylt> I am let down that Tau are only available in that survival mode thing
[02:45:47] <Bronzdragon> I'll see you in a bit
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[02:48:01] <Cybylt> https://www.google.com
[02:48:07] <Cybylt> damn that's a big url
[02:48:10] <Cybylt> wait a second
[02:48:19] <Cybylt> http://static.giantbomb.com
[02:48:20] <Cybylt> that's better
[02:48:44] <aria> That's a guy
[02:48:47] <aria> with blue skin
[02:48:52] <aria> Also video game gun
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[02:49:43] <Cybylt> he also has no nose or ears
[02:49:49] <Cybylt> and that's a Tau fire warrior
[02:50:12] <Bronzdragon> Hai again.
[02:50:19] <Bronzdragon> Wait, who has no nose, nor ears?
[02:50:41] <Cybylt> http://static.giantbomb.com
[02:51:13] <Cybylt> http://thetoyhq.com
[02:51:20] <Cybylt> but this is why tau are cool, the XV8s
[02:51:30] <Bronzdragon> Well... he has ear shells
[02:51:41] <Bronzdragon> Specific ear-height things...
[02:51:51] <Bronzdragon> surely he must have actual ears.
[02:51:55] <Bronzdragon> or at least something.
[02:52:16] <Bronzdragon> Also, I like that he has a gun, but also a katana
[02:52:52] <Tivvi> ey bronz
[02:52:52] <Cybylt> the katana is just fanart bits
[02:53:00] <Tivvi> I found vinepeek to be fucked up
[02:53:01] <Robobuntoo> ...
[02:53:13] <Cybylt> because people think tau are the weeaboo army because of their robots
[02:53:34] <aria> Why so, Tivvi?
[02:54:21] <Tivvi> http://vine.co
[02:54:23] <Tivvi> don't clikc thatl ing
[02:54:25] <Tivvi> link*
[02:54:28] <Tivvi> don't
[02:54:30] <Tivvi> just...
[02:54:31] <Tivvi> fuck
[02:54:32] <Robobuntoo> ...
[02:54:43] <Tivvi> it's linked for Bronzdragon
[02:55:09] <Cybylt> Specifically the ones made by forgeworld
[02:55:16] <Cybylt> http://2.bp.blogspot.com
[02:55:21] <aria> ...please tell me what is is
[02:55:24] <aria> it*
[02:55:26] <Tivvi> DON*T!
[02:55:29] <Tivvi> it's a penis
[02:55:35] <aria> Is it..
[02:55:37] <aria> some sort of..
[02:55:39] <aria> icky penis?
[02:55:43] <aria> is it like.. cut up?
[02:55:43] <Tivvi> no
[02:55:44] <Tivvi> just a penis
[02:55:51] <aria> Why shouldn't I click on it?
[02:56:04] <aria> Also what did you expect?
[02:56:09] <aria> Cause I expect constant peni
[02:56:20] <Bronzdragon> ...
[02:56:31] <Bronzdragon> This is a really oddli shaped penis
[02:56:38] <Bronzdragon> I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to angle that way
[02:56:43] <Bronzdragon> Granted, I've only seen 2 IRL
[02:56:43] <aria> Is it.. in a 8-shape?
[02:56:53] <Bronzdragon> more like... S shaped...
[02:57:02] <Tivvi> yeah
[02:57:02] <aria> I see.
[02:57:08] <Tivvi> and it's super tiny
[02:57:10] <Tivvi> like really
[02:57:47] <Bronzdragon> True...
[02:57:58] <Bronzdragon> Also, what kind of penis has barbs on the side?
[02:58:00] <Bronzdragon> =/
[02:58:02] <aria> Why shouldn't I click on it?
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[02:58:39] <Bronzdragon> Because I think our description is more exciting.
[02:58:46] <aria> Fair enough
[02:58:54] <Bronzdragon> If you actually click on it, you'll go "Eh, that's it? =/"
[03:01:10] <Tivvi> he is jerking it tho
[03:01:12] <Tivvi> or trying
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[03:06:07] <Bronzdragon> Y'think?
[03:06:10] <Bronzdragon> I don't see hands.
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[03:39:14] <Bronzdragon> Hai woodchuck
[03:39:28] <ruffas> howdy bronz
[03:39:28] <Bronzdragon> RUFFAS
[03:39:30] <Bronzdragon> OH SHIT
[03:39:31] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[03:39:40] <Bronzdragon> It's been like, forever
[03:39:42] <Bronzdragon> Where have you been!
[03:39:46] <ruffas> busy
[03:39:50] <woodchuck> What did I miss?
[03:39:53] <Bronzdragon> Too busy for meeeee?
[03:40:02] <ruffas> i've been babysitting 22 japanese people
[03:40:18] <Bronzdragon> I see, that would be busy
[03:40:36] <ruffas> they're only here for 1 month, so there are lots of activities
[03:40:40] <woodchuck> I messed up; I went to Megacon even though I know I shouldn't have.
[03:40:44] <ruffas> and somebody has to drive there
[03:40:52] <ruffas> why in the hell would you do that?!
[03:41:15] <ruffas> also, where the hell in florida do you live?
[03:41:33] <ruffas> and should i buy this shirt?
[03:41:33] <ruffas> http://www.teefury.com
[03:41:41] <woodchuck> Well now that I live in Orlando, I thought I might as well.
[03:41:57] <aria> Hello there Ruffas
[03:42:11] <Bronzdragon> That t-shirt is alright...
[03:42:16] <Bronzdragon> Might be a bit too busy though
[03:42:46] <aria> I quite like that shirt
[03:42:48] <aria> I say you should buy it
[03:42:50] <ruffas> oh, you're in orlando too?
[03:43:11] <ruffas> it'll go well with my catbus shirt
[03:43:18] <woodchuck> It is cool; but I has too many shitty movies in it.
[03:43:19] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[03:44:11] <ruffas> i don't think any of those are that bad
[03:44:54] <aria> ^o)
[03:44:57] <aria> I agree with Ruffas
[03:45:06] <aria> all of those movies are well worth pirating
[03:45:28] <ruffas> couldn't steal a good copy of mononoke for ages
[03:45:38] <Bronzdragon> Hey ruffas, use your powers of man to get a Norwegian company to ship Aria his computer case already
[03:45:42] <ruffas> all the cg purpley bits looked like crap
[03:45:47] <ruffas> ?
[03:46:27] <woodchuck> Ponyo make me feel like pedophile.
[03:46:40] <aria> ...
[03:46:44] <aria> have you seen anime?
[03:46:47] <aria> do you even anime?
[03:47:40] <Bronzdragon> What Aria said
[03:48:27] <ruffas> ^
[03:48:44] <woodchuck> I anime boobs.
[03:48:54] <Bronzdragon> Hey, ruffas, I'm tired and it's 04.48
[03:48:57] <Bronzdragon> What I do?
[03:49:04] <ruffas> definitely not sleep
[03:49:09] <aria> See?
[03:49:51] <Bronzdragon> ... Oh well
[03:50:16] <ruffas> and you definitely should download Wolf Children to watch sometime after wednesday
[03:50:30] <Bronzdragon> ... I'll do that tomorrow
[03:50:34] <Bronzdragon> or 'today'
[03:50:48] <ruffas> it's not tomorrow til you go to sleep
[03:51:27] <Bronzdragon> What if I sleep at 3PM, and wake up at 11 PM?
[03:51:34] <Bronzdragon> Is it tomorrow at 11PM?
[03:51:39] <ruffas> nope
[03:51:44] <woodchuck> Sleep is for people who aren't drinking.
[03:51:47] <Bronzdragon> So...
[03:52:00] <ruffas> or have been drinking
[03:52:02] <aria> Why after Wednsday?
[03:52:55] <ruffas> because that's when my japanese return to their country
[03:53:00] <ruffas> and i'm no longer super busy
[03:53:27] <aria> I see
[03:53:27] <ruffas> or wednesday night (your time) even
[03:53:32] <aria> Are japanese fun?
[03:53:55] <ruffas> yep
[03:53:55] <aria> Do any of them wear things like this? about:blank
[03:54:01] <aria> Wait, that isn't right..
[03:54:04] <aria> http://japanesefashioninferno.tumblr.com
[03:54:05] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[03:54:06] <ruffas> :P
[03:54:07] <aria> There
[03:54:19] <woodchuck> Linkedin wants me and Scoot to be friends.
[03:54:37] <Bronzdragon> Who is Scoot?
[03:54:39] <Bronzdragon> Scootaloo?
[03:54:47] <Bronzdragon> hi-5
[03:55:04] <ruffas> apparently there's a chain that has something like that one it
[03:55:16] <ruffas> and one of them did have one
[03:55:20] <Bronzdragon> I'm gonna go to bed.
[03:55:23] <Bronzdragon> Ciao
[03:55:39] <aria> ... =P
[03:55:41] <woodchuck> I ment Scott.
[03:55:43] <aria> I like Japanese people.
[03:55:53] <aria> They have a shirt tastes
[03:56:10] <ruffas> g'night
[03:56:22] <ruffas> they've got nice engrish
[03:56:26] -!- Bronzdragon has quit [Quit: leaving]
[03:57:21] <ruffas> you ever get that computer thing bought aria?
[03:57:39] <aria> oh yeah
[03:57:45] <aria> It's over <--
[03:57:51] <aria> Im trying to download Windows from the Windows website
[03:57:54] <aria> but they won't give it to me
[03:57:58] <aria> also I don't have a case =P
[03:58:06] <aria> because the website I bought it from hasn't shipped it yet
[03:58:24] <ruffas> ...
[03:58:28] <aria> But everything else I've got
[03:58:37] <aria> Was a lot cheaper than expected,
[03:58:46] <aria> bought it from mostly Amazon and OutletPC
[03:58:52] <aria> ended up being around $900
[03:59:23] <aria> Ended up getting a GPU with it after all
[03:59:42] <ruffas> nice?
[03:59:45] <woodchuck> Do you need to activate Windows?
[04:00:22] <aria> some cheap AMD GPU, but apperantly it's cheap because AMD does a thing similar to the Nvidia Ti thing, but with a larger performance gain or something? I dunno, some guy recommended it and benchmarks backed him up
[04:00:30] <aria> woodchuck: I need to download Windows first
[04:00:39] <aria> they don't provide an ISO
[04:01:07] <aria> They did for 7
[04:01:27] <ruffas> you're stuck with 8?
[04:01:41] <aria> my own 7 copy I bought from MS.com, Bronz's 7 we got the ISO from MS, then used a serial from the pirate bay and it just worked
[04:01:41] <woodchuck> 7 has the start button.
[04:01:57] <aria> Nah, I decided to go with 8 because it's newer
[04:02:10] <aria> Im not sure if I can get 7 from MS.com or not
[04:02:27] <woodchuck> But the tiles...who you stand it.
[04:03:07] <aria> I have never used it, but from my understanding, it lets you avoid the Metro interface entirely if you so wish
[04:03:12] <aria> that being said, it looks pretty alright
[04:03:26] <ruffas> meh
[04:03:26] <aria> I currently am using a tiling Windows Manager under Linux, and I really like it
[04:04:21] <woodchuck> What is the trick to going full linux; I just can't do it.
[04:04:37] <ruffas> don't get him started
[04:04:54] <aria> For me it was using it a tiny bit, then going back to Mac OS and comparing them
[04:05:00] <aria> I dropped Mac OS shortly after
[04:05:18] <aria> For dropping Windows it was noticing lag in video games
[04:05:40] <aria> I figured since my computer lags, Bronz's doesn't, I'll play games there
[04:05:52] <aria> then the same process of comparing Windows to Linux, and I dropped Windows.
[04:07:18] <woodchuck> I know terminal commands; but I just know the windows enviorment so well.
[04:08:01] <aria> I switch desktop enviornments a lot, and I don't find it particullary jarring
[04:08:08] <ruffas> i'm lazy as hell about it, so windows is good
[04:08:23] <aria> so I don't have the problem of not wanting to invest time learning, since I can usually guess how to do things with some accuracy
[04:09:44] <aria> That being said, I'm not particullary invested in Linux either
[04:10:02] <aria> I run FreeBSD, and I'm moving to Windows in the next few days
[04:10:36] <aria> (I'll still do my more casual tasks on Linux, but in a VM running on Windows)
[04:11:03] <aria> If I get a new Mac laptop or Google Pixel, I'll put Linux on that though
[04:11:28] <aria> I guess the Google Pixel just ships with Linux...
[04:11:34] <aria> I should get a Google Pixel..
[04:11:44] <ruffas> google pixel?
[04:11:53] <aria> http://www.google.com
[04:12:03] <aria> It's a Google Branded laptop with a high res screen
[04:12:35] <ruffas> ahh
[04:14:00] <aria> Not sure how I feel about only having 2 modifier keys
[04:15:25] <ruffas> i like how the keyboard lights up when you scroll to it
[04:15:43] <ruffas> that seems like a good number of keys
[04:15:57] <ruffas> you don't need windows key or function
[04:16:08] <aria> I use both those keys
[04:17:17] <aria> So whats holding you back woodchuck?
[04:17:42] <ruffas> all i use them for is volume/brightness and the sidey thing
[04:17:49] <aria> Also, what has Ruffas been up to, with the good Japanese folks?
[04:17:54] <ruffas> and that last one isn't really important
[04:17:55] -!- Cybylt has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[04:18:10] <aria> I use win key for accessing the menu without using the mouse
[04:18:11] <ruffas> lots of parks
[04:18:20] <aria> Also for a lot of window management stuff
[04:18:25] <ruffas> we played laser tag for ~4 hours today
[04:18:46] <aria> That sound fun
[04:18:52] <aria> I'd pay dollars to join you.
[04:21:56] -!- ruffas_ [ruffas_!b85a3769@hide-BF4D4B18.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[04:22:10] <aria> Welcome back
[04:22:26] <ruffas_> stupid laptop getting overhot
[04:23:31] <aria> =(
[04:24:01] <ruffas_> oh well
[04:24:03] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[04:24:32] <ruffas_> just fyi, i'm probably gonna fall asleep in the next 30 min or so
[04:24:53] <aria> I wish I could say that
[04:24:55] <aria> its 5:30
[04:25:04] <aria> 4gamer has a youtube video of a guy typing
[04:25:29] <ruffas_> ...
[04:25:31] <aria> http://youtu.be
[04:26:41] <ruffas_> that's a keyboard
[04:26:49] <ruffas_> with the tiny japanese backspace key
[04:27:02] <aria> That's a Japan thing?
[04:27:05] <aria> Bronz's keyboard does that
[04:27:06] <aria> I hate it
[04:27:11] <aria> Its the worst.
[04:27:39] <ruffas_> that is a japan thing
[04:27:47] <ruffas_> and it's almost as stupid as azerty
[04:28:22] <aria> Huh
[04:28:31] <aria> Do you know a phone provider called "Ting"?
[04:28:52] <aria> They look like a cool company
[04:28:59] <aria> "Select one of the very small computers below.
[04:29:00] <aria> (Some of them even make phone calls.)"
[04:29:03] <aria> https://ting.com
[04:29:32] <ruffas_> new to me
[04:31:28] <ruffas_> still gonna be more expensive than my current plan
[04:31:32] <ruffas_> but it seems nice
[04:34:35] <aria> I just like their marketing
[04:35:26] <ruffas_> yeah
[04:36:46] <aria> http://i.imgur.com
[04:38:00] <ruffas_> falcon is best
[04:43:34] <aria> Ruffas
[04:43:40] <aria> do you know where I can get a good screen?
[04:44:08] <aria> there are some good cheap korean ones on ebay, but all the 16:10 ones are huge and and expensive
[04:44:09] <Robobuntoo> You can't 16 ten ones!
[04:44:13] <aria> And they probably have dead pixels
[04:45:49] <woodchuck> How much wood culd a woodchuck chuck?
[04:46:05] <aria> Woodchuck can't chuck wood!
[04:46:12] <woodchuck> 10 woods.
[04:48:58] <woodchuck> What was to robo trigger agin...I frogot.
[04:49:26] <aria> noun 10 verb
[04:49:27] <Robobuntoo> You can't noun ten verbs!
[04:49:39] <aria> Wait no, verb 10 noun
[04:49:39] <Robobuntoo> You can't verb ten nouns!
[04:58:34] -!- ruffas_ has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[04:58:40] <aria> D=
[04:58:42] <aria> RUFFAS
[05:11:02] <aria> Why does both Android and iOS' main menus suck?
[05:12:46] <aria> Richard Stallman is 60
[05:12:49] <aria> he's still crazy
[05:13:16] <aria> But damn, a 60 year old who's still proper into computers and not being a huge douche
[05:14:12] <woodchuck> ten woods
[05:14:39] <aria> woodchuck! You never told me. What is it that is keeping you from enjoying your time on Linux?
[05:15:17] <woodchuck> I feel at home in Windows. I know were everything is.
[05:15:35] <aria> But what kind of stuff is not obvious at a glance?
[05:15:36] <woodchuck> chuck 10 freds
[05:15:37] <Robobuntoo> You can't chuck ten freds!
[05:15:40] <aria> What kind of menu did you use?
[05:16:01] <woodchuck> Gnome and KDE
[05:16:13] <aria> Recent versions?
[05:16:32] <aria> And in neither could you easily spot your desired buttons?
[05:16:56] <aria> I could see KDE being a bit harder to get used to
[05:17:07] <aria> But it looks so much like Windows..
[05:19:06] <woodchuck> KDE gives you too much power. I shouldn't have all format power in notepad.
[05:20:15] <aria> And Gnome? Too little?
[05:21:45] <aria> KDE does thing thing--
[05:21:52] <aria> where they wanna avoid clients
[05:22:00] <aria> they want everything to feel like a task
[05:22:15] <aria> so you're doing task A, and want everything on your computer to respond to that
[05:22:29] <aria> then when you say you wanna do task B, everything transform to help you do task B better
[05:22:53] <aria> so their clients tend to use a lot of the same frameworks and work together pretty well
[05:25:22] <aria> this thing*
[05:25:23] <woodchuck> Wht distro do you use?
[05:25:30] <aria> Arch Linux
[05:25:38] <aria> Currently, on this laptop
[05:25:53] <aria> I have a Mac with Fedora on it, boyfriends computer has Ubuntu
[05:25:54] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[05:25:58] <aria> we have a Sabayon desktop
[05:26:04] <aria> and some other stuff
[05:26:09] <aria> Debian, FreeBSD
[05:28:16] <aria> Why do you ask?
[05:30:51] <aria> Arch is really good
[05:31:41] <woodchuck> I have used Ubunto, Mint and debiean.
[05:31:51] <aria> Those are all the same thing =P
[05:32:10] <aria> Debian is old Ubuntu and Mint is buggy Ubuntu
[05:32:10] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[05:32:38] <woodchuck> yes I know they are all Gnome. they only KDE was Kubuntu
[05:32:39] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[05:32:56] <aria> Well not that part
[05:33:04] <aria> The content delivery system
[05:33:17] <aria> they all ship with the same set of applications and libraries
[05:55:56] -!- athenian200 has quit [Ping timeout]
[06:35:42] -!- Cybylt [Cybylt!Cybylt@hide-84D66C61.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #geeknights
[06:36:08] <nine> < woodchuck> yes I know they are all Gnome. they only KDE was Kubuntu
[06:36:09] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[06:36:10] * nine giggles.
[06:38:40] <Cybylt> Hello
[06:39:20] <aria> Hello
[06:40:35] <Cybylt> The more I see of 40k orks the more I like them
[06:42:20] <Cybylt> http://wh40k.lexicanum.com
[06:43:57] <Cybylt> And how their Painboyz or mad doks healing tool is called a stabby bit
[06:45:50] <Cybylt> Any time you see one with hair it's actually a parasitic animal called a squig leeching them
[06:50:47] <Cybylt> It needs to be this time tomorrow right now
[06:50:55] <Cybylt> I want Monster Hunter goodness goddammit
[07:02:29] -!- aria_ [aria_!AriaDesu@hide-2D1A9BEE.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[07:05:06] -!- aria has quit [Ping timeout]
[08:09:00] -!- Cybylt has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[10:23:28] -!- aria_ has quit [Quit: leaving]
[11:14:21] <Linkigi> But the real problem is that it's been a week and nobody is subbing Initial D :(
[11:18:40] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[11:22:11] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-6C77D8AA.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[11:51:46] <nine> Who cares truly, linkigi.
[11:51:49] <nine> No-one I say.
[11:51:50] <nine> No-one!
[11:52:35] <ruffas> definitely not
[11:52:48] <nine> Hush you.
[11:53:03] <ruffas> :P
[11:53:17] <ruffas> what are you chastising him about?
[11:55:27] <Linkigi> :(]
[11:55:27] <nine> Complaining that Initial D doesn't get speedsubbed.
[11:55:31] <Linkigi> I care
[11:55:37] <nine> It's not that popular.
[11:55:43] <Linkigi> I know
[11:55:49] <Linkigi> but I want my caaaaaars
[11:55:50] <nine> And it could've been that it didn't get a single episode subbed.
[11:56:00] <nine> You've had like 8 episodes of cars already.
[11:56:05] <nine> And JoJo has Cars as well.
[12:01:36] <ruffas> anything standing out this season?
[12:16:54] <Apsup> nine or someone with knowledge, where should/could I look for anime that's currently coming out and begin subbed. My usual source fails me and I'd like to see if alternatives could work.
[12:18:15] <ruffas> http://anidb.net does that kinda
[12:18:46] <ruffas> if you go to a show, it'll tell you who's subbing a show, how far along they are, and where to DL it
[12:22:11] <Apsup> Well, it seems that there is no english subs for last weeks Bakuman. Two groups sub it to english and nether have done last weeks episode. Great.
[12:30:30] -!- Snickety-Snake [Snickety-Snake!djcrocker@DECCB10F.E40122CD.82D2B239.IP] has joined #geeknights
[12:53:12] -!- Kulag has quit [Ping timeout]
[12:57:05] -!- Kulag [Kulag!kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
[13:36:59] -!- Bronzdragon [Bronzdragon!~Bronzdrag@35B4B148:D962AFA:6A691D91:IP] has joined #geeknights
[13:37:24] <Bronzdragon> Hey guys
[13:37:44] <Snickety-Snake> Hey Bronz!
[13:38:06] <Bronzdragon> 'sup snake
[13:38:09] <Bronzdragon> How's your day been?
[13:39:09] <Snickety-Snake> Pretty plain. Haven't done much, but I've got a meeting and class in about half an hour
[13:39:43] <Bronzdragon> Ah, must suck they scheduled that at the same time!
[13:42:09] <ruffas> i've got no class today
[13:42:18] <ruffas> cause suicide on campus
[13:42:21] <ruffas> and bombs too
[13:42:25] <Bronzdragon> Ah, that sucks.
[13:42:27] <Bronzdragon> Wait, bombs?
[13:42:34] <Snickety-Snake> Yikes
[13:42:40] <Bronzdragon> Are the two related?
[13:43:44] <ruffas> suicide dude had bombs in his room
[13:44:07] <ruffas> http://www.orlandosentinel.com
[13:44:44] <Bronzdragon> Did you know him at all?
[13:44:59] <ruffas> nope
[13:45:05] -!- Cybylt [Cybylt!Cybylt@hide-84D66C61.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #geeknights
[13:45:07] <Bronzdragon> Sucks man.
[13:45:20] <Cybylt> Hello Bronzdragon
[13:45:26] <Bronzdragon> Hey, Cybylt
[13:45:32] <Bronzdragon> Say hi to ruffas and Snickety-Snake too.
[13:45:42] <Cybylt> Hello ruffas, Snickety-Snake
[13:45:58] <ruffas> hey
[13:46:01] <Snickety-Snake> Hi Cybylt
[13:46:06] <nine> "and where to DL it" No it doesn't.
[13:46:08] <ruffas> well, there's no class today because of it
[13:46:17] <ruffas> it gives a link to the sub group
[13:46:19] <Cybylt> I'd say good morning but I have not a damn clue what time it is wherever you are
[13:46:25] <ruffas> who will give you a link
[13:46:41] <nine> Yeah, but it doesn't say whether you can grab it from torrents or xdcc or edonkey.
[13:47:10] <Bronzdragon> Cybylt, this is going on at ruffas' campus; http://www.orlandosentinel.com
[13:47:22] <ruffas> it tells you that it knows a guy that can hook you up
[13:47:37] <nine> Important difference.
[13:47:42] <nine> I just use it for notifications.
[13:47:50] <nine> Then !find gets me the episode on IRC.
[13:51:58] <Cybylt> Damn
[13:52:38] <Bronzdragon> That stuff is pretty messed up.
[13:53:33] <ruffas> sure is
[13:54:47] <Bronzdragon> Luckily, it wasn't worse than it is.
[13:55:07] <ruffas> that too
[13:58:07] <Cybylt> I made it to Mot in SMT: Nocturne
[13:58:15] <Cybylt> It made me want to not play Nocturne so much
[13:59:04] <Cybylt> In lighter news
[13:59:49] <Cybylt> Seriously though, Beast Eye is the cheapest move to ever happen to the press turn system
[14:01:37] <Bronzdragon> I have no idea what half those words mean =(
[14:03:19] <Cybylt> Press Turn is a specific form of take-turn jrpg battles where you have these kind of tokens in the top right of the screen.
[14:03:37] <Cybylt> If you land a critical you don't lose the token, instead it highlights
[14:03:41] <Cybylt> if you miss you lose two tokens
[14:03:45] <Cybylt> you usually have four
[14:04:09] <Bronzdragon> I see.
[14:04:19] <Bronzdragon> So how is Beast Eye cheap?
[14:05:37] <Cybylt> Beast Eye was a special move that turns one token into four
[14:05:47] <Cybylt> even if it was a half-token(highlighted)
[14:06:06] <Cybylt> Which is to say, Mot could potentially have infinite turns
[14:06:21] <Cybylt> though he usually settled for 8 to 12
[14:06:34] <Bronzdragon> Ah...
[14:06:39] <Bronzdragon> that's pretty BS
[14:06:44] <Cybylt> it was more than enough to buff the fuck out of his magic stat and slam you with a one hit party wipeout spell
[14:06:45] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[14:07:52] <Cybylt> because buffs are insane in Nocturne, raising is by 10%(or was it 15%...) per stack and stacking 4 times
[14:08:04] <Cybylt> it*
[14:08:17] <Bronzdragon> Does it stack with other buffs?
[14:08:28] <Bronzdragon> Or is it only a increase from base?
[14:09:06] <Cybylt> I think it was a flat stack, so 40-60% when maxed
[14:09:11] <Cybylt> which is still a lot
[14:09:18] <Bronzdragon> Yes. It is.
[14:09:25] <Cybylt> Debuffs worked the same way
[14:09:51] <Cybylt> so this one called Fog Breath was awesome since it was a party wide double stack debuff on agility
[14:10:06] <Cybylt> http://www.youtube.com
[14:10:09] <Cybylt> Here's Mot in action
[14:10:41] <Cybylt> wait, it was 2 tokens for one, I was thinking Dragon's Eye
[14:10:50] <Cybylt> later bosses get the 4 for 1 move
[14:10:57] <Cybylt> Mot just spams his two for one
[14:11:37] <Bronzdragon> Sounds like fun!
[14:11:50] <Cybylt> also, if you don't play SMT much at all, it's worth noting Megidolaon is unblockable damage
[14:11:54] <Cybylt> called Almighty
[14:13:13] <Cybylt> and this game has awesome battle songs
[14:13:16] <Cybylt> http://www.youtube.com
[14:16:55] <Bronzdragon> Okay, yeah, I can get into this...
[14:19:05] <Cybylt> Though Beelz' theme is a bit special since they took his old NES fight song and made it new
[14:19:19] <Cybylt> they did the same with Metatron
[14:19:43] <Cybylt> http://www.youtube.com
[14:19:48] <Cybylt> there's the normal fight theme
[14:20:27] <Bronzdragon> That's also a good song.
[14:22:11] <Cybylt> Well if it's gonna be the song you hear the most because jrpg-ness then it should be good
[14:22:14] <Cybylt> or catchy
[14:22:15] <Cybylt> or both
[14:23:08] <Cybylt> Meguro has a pretty solid lineup of songs in the games atlus has him compose for
[14:23:20] <Cybylt> which is most of them, except devil survivor
[14:23:26] <Bronzdragon> Battlesongs are really important.
[14:23:29] <Cybylt> and devil survivor has musac
[14:23:33] <Cybylt> which is terrible
[14:23:36] <Bronzdragon> If you get those wrong... don't put enough effort into them...
[14:23:41] <Bronzdragon> Yes, like that
[14:23:47] <Bronzdragon> God help you, in that case
[14:23:51] <Cybylt> seriously
[14:24:05] <Cybylt> elevator music is just the worst thing you can put into an srpg
[14:25:36] <Cybylt> P3's was alright, and I dunno if I should feel bad or not that I reconized Mass Destruction at the outro of a fast karate
[14:25:59] <Bronzdragon> Never feel guilty
[14:26:53] <Cybylt> I hated this song the first few times hearing too
[14:26:55] <Cybylt> but it grows on you
[14:30:37] <Cybylt> http://www.youtube.com
[14:30:43] <Cybylt> This one's just awesome though
[14:57:07] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!yoshokatan@hide-7B3C3B9D.nyc.biz.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[14:57:55] <Cybylt> http://i.imgur.com
[15:04:15] <Cybylt> off to bed
[15:04:35] -!- Cybylt has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[15:15:33] -!- Neito [Neito!~neito@CC88F599.6DD38336.5E4272EE.IP] has joined #geeknights
[15:53:30] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[16:13:26] -!- aria [aria!AriaDesu@hide-2D1A9BEE.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[16:14:04] <aria> Morning
[16:16:14] <woodchuck> A kid at my schhol tried killed himself.
[16:16:26] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Ping timeout]
[16:16:54] <Bronzdragon> ...
[16:17:01] <Bronzdragon> This is not a good day for schools
[16:17:04] <woodchuck> spell check: he succeeded in killing jimself
[16:17:26] <Bronzdragon> Did you know him?
[16:17:56] <woodchuck> I think the dude is a dick; if he would of waited an hour or 2; my class would of been canceled.
[16:18:24] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!yoshokatan@hide-5D9748E0.ptr.us.xo.net] has joined #geeknights
[16:18:32] <woodchuck> The had to evacuate the entire building; some peoples I know got no sleep.
[16:18:59] <Bronzdragon> Funny thing about people who commit suicide, they're almost always dicks in the way they do it
[16:19:59] <woodchuck> He also had some IEDs; the FBI and Bombsquad had to come cause they dude frogot to make them stable.
[16:20:25] <Bronzdragon> Are you at the same school Ruffas is at?
[16:20:37] <woodchuck> UCF?
[16:20:41] <Bronzdragon> http://www.orlandosentinel.com
[16:20:43] <Bronzdragon> Oh shit!
[16:20:44] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[16:20:50] <Bronzdragon> Ruffas was here earlier talking about the same thing.
[16:21:35] <aria> ...
[16:21:37] <aria> Wait
[16:21:41] <woodchuck> We could meetup; have a Orlando geeknights committee
[16:21:42] <aria> you go to the same school?
[16:21:46] <aria> Why are you not best friends?
[16:21:51] <aria> How many people go to your school?
[16:22:30] <woodchuck> I have no clue; I figured that most people in here lived in New York.
[16:23:10] <Bronzdragon> New York is a pretty big city...
[16:23:31] <aria> Oh the 19 people in here, we have 2 Dutch, 2 Norwegians, 1 Finn,
[16:25:02] <woodchuck> guten Morgen
[16:25:32] <aria> https://pbs.twimg.com
[16:27:09] <Bronzdragon> ...
[16:27:13] <Bronzdragon> That's German =P
[16:28:18] <woodchuck> I don't know the scandinavian languages; arn't they germanic in orgin?
[16:28:24] <aria> God damn it
[16:28:41] <aria> apreche's answer when I asked him to find me a good screen "I don't think anyone makes a monitor of that DPI that isn't built into a Mac or a Chromebook. "
[16:29:16] <aria> It should be noted that the Mac screens aren't that good either, and I linked him the exact same LG screen that goes into the Mac with a LG frame and he said it probably sucks, get a Dell instead
[16:29:34] <aria> woodchuck, can you please find me a high res screen?
[16:29:46] <aria> All the decent ones I find are also huge
[16:30:09] <aria> I want a 23-27 inch, but with 2560x1600
[16:30:26] <aria> On the lower end of that is preferable
[16:31:41] <Bronzdragon> Scandinavian languages are indeed Germanic, but they split off earlier than the other typical germanic languages
[16:31:47] <Bronzdragon> They are more different than the other ones.
[16:33:03] <woodchuck> English is a germanic too.
[16:33:07] <woodchuck> http://www.newegg.com
[16:33:15] <Bronzdragon> Yes, it is!
[16:33:21] <aria> That screen is giant, 30"
[16:33:33] <woodchuck> I don't know what shiipping is like in not America.
[16:33:42] <Bronzdragon> For newegg, non-existant.
[16:33:55] <Bronzdragon> But that's fine, we can usually find a European retailer
[16:34:05] <aria> Don't worry about shipping. At that price, I don't consider the extra 15 bucks I'd pay for shipping =P
[16:34:05] <Bronzdragon> (that usually just imports from Newegg without telling you)
[16:35:09] <aria> I gave the large range because I don't think there are any monitors high enough resolution that are smaller than 27", so I'll deal with that.
[16:35:25] <aria> But honestly, I want 23"
[16:35:31] <aria> 25" is also ok
[16:35:54] <Bronzdragon> I think 1080p is fine for a 23" monitor
[16:36:08] <Bronzdragon> Sure, having a higher pixel density is nice, but they aren't available
[16:36:13] <Bronzdragon> So 'oh well'.
[16:36:26] <aria> I don't want higher density (though that too), I want smaller buttons
[16:37:47] <woodchuck> http://www.newegg.com
[16:38:23] <aria> It's 1920x1080 though..
[16:38:29] <woodchuck> this is my newest monitor; the contrast and color is greate and small buttons.
[16:38:43] <Bronzdragon> Small buttons is a plus?
[16:38:46] <aria> Oh sorry! Not physically small buttons
[16:38:49] <aria> I meant like--
[16:38:59] <aria> Icons in Windows I want to be small
[16:39:05] <aria> and text and such
[16:39:23] <aria> Because I use programs with super cluttered UIs
[16:39:40] <woodchuck> When I bought this I didn't have a video card capable of making a 23" no look like shit.
[16:39:40] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[16:40:19] <woodchuck> wack 10 monitors
[16:40:20] <Robobuntoo> You can't wack ten monitors!
[16:40:21] <Bronzdragon> But now you do?
[16:41:29] <aria> Bronz has a i5 with integrated graphics capable of running Valve games at 1080p 60FPS. His GPU broke, and instead of not playing games for /1 week/, /1 week!/ He bought a new graphics card
[16:41:36] <woodchuck> yes 550, and I almost got a 620; then I remebered that the one I got now is better.
[16:41:45] <Bronzdragon> But...
[16:41:50] <Bronzdragon> I didn't have video inputs
[16:41:53] <aria> 550 is quite a bit better than the 620
[16:41:58] <Bronzdragon> I couldn't connect anything to my PC... =(
[16:42:22] <aria> >=(
[16:42:29] <aria> You have a laptop
[16:42:30] <aria> It can do VNC
[16:42:35] <Bronzdragon> x3
[16:42:36] <aria> VNC over ethernet wroks just fine
[16:43:07] <woodchuck> Alot of new mother boards are comming with HDMI, I want DVI; and isn't display port soupose the become the new standard.
[16:43:11] <aria> Hell, the Raspberry Pi could probably run VNC for you
[16:43:25] <aria> People like display port
[16:43:29] <aria> I'm not sure what it offers
[16:43:37] <aria> I like DVI too. Giant cable, easy to find =P
[16:44:45] <woodchuck> http://www.rockpapershotgun.com
[16:44:50] <woodchuck> steam box
[16:45:14] <woodchuck> It is in pounds so my American can't understand it.
[16:45:41] <aria> How to build your own steambox?
[16:45:48] <aria> but we don't even have the steambox software!
[16:45:59] <aria> And there are zero Linux games!
[16:47:05] -!- Linkigi_ [Linkigi_!~Linkigi@hide-F811CE45.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #geeknights
[16:48:31] <woodchuck> there are about 60 penguin games out right now.
[16:48:57] <woodchuck> Besides you can just big picture mode it.
[16:49:31] <Bronzdragon> On Windows?
[16:49:52] <woodchuck> Yes.
[16:50:21] <Bronzdragon> Btw, I'm better at graphics, because I have two 560 Tis
[16:50:25] <Bronzdragon> Which is better than one!
[16:50:29] <Bronzdragon> ... (It's not =P)
[16:52:47] <Bronzdragon> (I can't SLI, my motherboard doesn't support it... I didn't check before I bought the graphics card)
[16:54:06] <woodchuck> I is poor; can only have one GPU
[16:55:19] <Linkigi_> well done
[16:55:27] <Bronzdragon> Thanks!
[16:55:28] <aria> Bronz is poor at choice. He can't read and see if his things will work
[16:55:40] <Bronzdragon> I can! I just choose not to.
[17:00:47] <woodchuck> I got to do the class thing and dodge bombs.
[17:01:05] <Bronzdragon> Okay, good luck!
[17:16:11] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[17:22:00] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[17:24:08] <Bronzdragon> Hey ruffas
[17:24:12] <Bronzdragon> Ask woodchuck about his day.
[17:27:24] <Bronzdragon> (or not)
[17:28:35] <ruffas> was his day exceptional?
[17:28:49] <Bronzdragon> Someone commited suicide at his school
[17:28:56] <Bronzdragon> Caused him to miss a bunch of classes
[17:29:05] <Bronzdragon> kid also had bombs.
[17:29:15] <Bronzdragon> Crazy, right?
[17:29:15] <ruffas> are you perhaps saying we attend the same school?
[17:29:19] <Bronzdragon> (Yes)
[17:31:03] <Bronzdragon> So, how're you doing, ruffas?
[17:31:57] <ruffas> fine
[17:32:05] <ruffas> heating up foods
[17:32:31] <Bronzdragon> I'm hungry =(
[17:32:57] <ruffas> me too
[17:33:06] <ruffas> maybe we attend the same stomach?
[17:33:17] <Bronzdragon> Eat haggis?
[17:33:27] <ruffas> could be
[17:36:14] <Bronzdragon> brb dinner.
[17:36:31] -!- Bronzdragon has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[18:32:51] -!- Linkigi_ has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:42:59] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@CC88F599.6DD38336.5E4272EE.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:46:08] <aria> Why can't I find the firefly opening on YouTube?
[18:46:34] <aria> I can find a bunch of mashups of it
[18:46:40] <aria> and fan made openings
[18:52:13] -!- Linkigi has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:52:25] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[18:52:58] -!- Bronzdragon [Bronzdragon!~Bronzdrag@AAA4B974:20A49FB:6A691D91:IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:54:40] <Bronzdragon> Hai again
[19:08:57] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[19:20:38] -!- Apsup has quit [Ping timeout]
[19:53:08] <woodchuck> I back
[19:53:24] <woodchuck> All the call of duty I played came in Handy.
[19:53:44] <Bronzdragon> Hay
[19:53:49] <Bronzdragon> Wait... really?
[19:54:02] <Bronzdragon> That's not something I expected to hear, ever
[19:54:25] <woodchuck> I had to dode all the bombs.
[19:54:46] <woodchuck> I'm refrancing a mall shooting a few mounths ago.
[19:54:54] <aria> ...
[19:55:08] <aria> Remind me to never move to Florida
[19:55:14] <Bronzdragon> What does "I had to dode all the bombs" mean?
[19:55:31] <woodchuck> One of the girls interviewed said, " I with my bowfriend were her, he play a lot of Coall of Duty"
[19:55:31] <aria> Dodge*
[19:55:52] <aria> .. =P
[19:55:54] <Bronzdragon> Are you typing on a phone?
[19:56:01] <woodchuck> They should of slaped her the moment she made that remark.
[20:00:47] <Bronzdragon> ... I'm pretty sure you can't slap women for saying stuff
[20:18:37] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[20:18:54] <Bronzdragon> Hey Apsup.
[20:19:11] <Apsup> Yup, my luck. I come home, "Let's see if that potentially interesting thread has gotten some new posts in it." BAM 32 new.
[20:19:39] <Apsup> And it probably be so far from original topic by now that everything I tought about it has no relation anymore.
[20:19:47] <Apsup> Hey Bronz.
[20:20:00] <Bronzdragon> Which thread?
[20:20:11] <Bronzdragon> Also, I wouldn't call that being unlucky
[20:20:20] <Bronzdragon> "People didn't entertain me enough! =("
[20:20:23] <Bronzdragon> Hey, I can entertain you!
[20:20:27] <Bronzdragon> I'll do a silly dance for you!
[20:20:36] <Bronzdragon> Did you enjoy that?
[20:21:50] <Apsup> Thread about RPGs of course. Too little interesting rpg discussion on the forums.
[20:22:18] <Bronzdragon> I would add some if I had any experience playing any RPG
[20:22:32] <Bronzdragon> Unfortunately, the closest i've come is roleplaying a dragon in a forum somewhere
[20:25:30] -!- Linkigi [Linkigi!Linkigi@hide-116BD11B.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #geeknights
[20:25:35] <Bronzdragon> Hai link
[20:25:38] <Linkigi> hi
[20:25:51] <Bronzdragon> Wuzzup?
[20:27:42] <Linkigi> not too much
[20:27:46] <Linkigi> spring breeeeaak
[20:27:50] <Linkigi> getting stuff ready for PAX
[20:27:53] <Linkigi> you?
[20:28:28] <Bronzdragon> I hate PAX
[20:29:00] <Linkigi> it takes all of your friends offline?
[20:29:41] <Bronzdragon> ... sure, lets go with that
[20:29:45] <Linkigi> okay
[20:29:50] <Bronzdragon> I'm jealous, because I can't go, and I'll never be able to go
[20:29:56] <Bronzdragon> And everybody is constantly talking about it always.
[20:30:43] <Linkigi> yeah, I figured
[20:32:01] -!- nine has quit [Quit: leaving]
[20:33:29] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-6C77D8AA.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[20:45:17] <Bronzdragon> Hai again ruffas.
[20:45:23] <Bronzdragon> Buff-lass?
[20:45:28] <Bronzdragon> Snuff-ass?
[20:45:43] <Bronzdragon> chuff-sass?
[20:52:38] <aria> http://korean.alibaba.com
[20:52:42] <aria> I may buy
[20:52:45] <aria> Ruffas
[20:52:48] <aria> you know Kora
[20:52:50] <aria> Korea*
[20:52:54] <aria> which screen I buy?
[21:01:09] <aria> Please someone explain this to me http://korean.alibaba.com
[21:02:35] <GauntletWizard> they're asesome lcd's that are super cheap
[21:02:47] <aria> What does overclocking it do?
[21:02:47] <Bronzdragon> The overclockable part
[21:02:53] <aria> Does it run hot when I have more frames?
[21:03:23] <GauntletWizard> Presumably, it means that there's more ghosting when you overclock it, because it's not quite designed for those speeds
[21:03:32] <aria> Ah
[21:03:33] <aria> that makes sense
[21:03:34] <Bronzdragon> Ah, possible?
[21:03:45] <aria> That's fine. I can deal with 60hz just fine
[21:03:49] <GauntletWizard> some pixels are 'stuck' because they fail to flip in the required time
[21:03:57] <aria> Can I.. have it at like 75hz with minimal ghosting?
[21:05:18] <aria> This one is cheaper http://korean.alibaba.com
[21:05:26] <aria> But they're both so large
[21:06:34] <Bronzdragon> You didn't seem to mind me.... being large
[21:06:44] <Bronzdragon> IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING
[21:08:28] <Bronzdragon> (I was talking about my penis, fyi)
[21:09:03] <ruffas> you getting a monitor then?
[21:09:34] <Bronzdragon> Comes with gettinga new PC
[21:09:42] <ruffas> ahh
[21:09:44] <aria> Yeah, but I can't find one that is high res..
[21:09:54] <aria> I want something ~23"-ish
[21:09:58] <aria> but with a good resolution
[21:10:27] <aria> Scott will make fun of me if I go with a 1920x1200, but yet, there doesn't seem to exist better alternatives
[21:11:06] <Bronzdragon> Go with the 1920x1200
[21:11:17] <Bronzdragon> Above that, you'll have to render at half resolution for games
[21:11:21] <Bronzdragon> Which... sucks.
[21:11:35] <aria> Eh that's perfectly fine
[21:11:44] <aria> Not gonna be playing too many games anyway
[21:12:39] <aria> Also, your one 560ti (the weaker one of the two even) can do 3840 x 1080 just fine
[21:12:44] <aria> so it should be fine.
[21:13:01] <Bronzdragon> =P
[21:13:13] <Bronzdragon> It can't render GAMES at 3840x1080...
[21:13:31] <aria> Sure you can.
[21:13:53] <Bronzdragon> Haven't tried
[21:13:55] <Bronzdragon> Probably could?
[21:14:45] <aria> We really haven't played anything on displays? Also I ran 2 instances of Skyrim a lot while doing that explosion-room mod
[21:15:06] <aria> And neither lagged with all the crazy ENBs and shit running twice at full res
[21:15:07] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[21:15:09] <aria> So HAH
[21:15:19] <Bronzdragon> Well, we've never had 2 games open at the same time...
[21:15:27] <Bronzdragon> (besides skyrim)
[21:15:36] <aria> Doesn't Dead Island do 2 screens?
[21:15:41] <Bronzdragon> But when something is minimalized like that, it seizes to run.
[21:15:42] <aria> NFS?
[21:15:44] <Bronzdragon> I don't think so?
[21:15:46] <Bronzdragon> Maybe?
[21:15:59] <Bronzdragon> the problem is that the middle would be under the bezzle
[21:16:02] <Bronzdragon> so I haven't tried
[21:16:04] <aria> Surely you've had something run with 2 screens at some point, just to test it
[21:16:22] <aria> OpenTDD
[21:16:36] <aria> By default it uses all your screen realestate
[21:16:45] <Bronzdragon> Only on your machine =P
[21:16:50] <Bronzdragon> But sure, I've done minecraft
[21:17:03] <Bronzdragon> but... those games don't really count, I woudln't count any 2D game.
[21:17:16] <Bronzdragon> I could render OpenTTD on my CPU
[21:17:21] <aria> Minecraft is the laggiest of all games, thus the best. Such is the logic of people who like Crysis, ie "PC master race"
[21:17:59] <Bronzdragon> Makes sense...
[21:20:24] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[21:23:57] <Apsup> Crysis is not best because it's laggiest, it's laggy because the best gruphix, which makes it the best game.
[21:24:23] <aria> It would look as good and lag less if it was better made.
[21:24:35] <aria> It's not best because it's best graphics
[21:24:53] <aria> it's best because only the best computers can display it's graphics, which are also, to be fair, good.
[21:42:03] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Quit: yoshokatana]
[21:43:04] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!yoshokatan@hide-7B3C3B9D.nyc.biz.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[21:44:22] <Bronzdragon> hi again
[22:01:19] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Quit: yoshokatana]
[22:02:09] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!~yoshokata@hide-7B3C3B9D.nyc.biz.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[22:28:25] -!- Cybylt [Cybylt!Cybylt@hide-84D66C61.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #geeknights
[22:29:15] <Cybylt> Hello aria, Bronzdragon, and Apsup
[22:29:23] <Bronzdragon> hay Cybylt
[22:29:41] <Cybylt> 8 and a half hours til I have MH3U
[22:30:08] <Bronzdragon> That is a lot of hours
[22:30:13] <Bronzdragon> TOO MANY
[22:41:54] <Cybylt> Then I dunno whether or not I care about the "charm tables" deal
[22:42:12] <Bronzdragon> I don't knwo what those words mean
[22:43:01] <Cybylt> charms are a bonus equip that just adds skill points and slots, in tri whihc you got were totally random, in Ultimate you have a pool the game selects from based on when you start a new character
[22:43:03] <aria> Guess I should buy a WiiU..
[22:43:14] <Cybylt> so there's ways to ensure getting the draw pool you want
[22:44:11] <woodchuck> Sup
[22:44:30] <Bronzdragon> puS'
[22:46:32] -!- Cybylt has quit [Broken pipe]
[22:46:44] -!- Cybylt [Cybylt!Cybylt@hide-84D66C61.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #geeknights
[22:54:21] <woodchuck> MATE is abondened now?
[22:55:01] <Bronzdragon> what is MATE?
[22:55:09] <Bronzdragon> Me and the Earth?
[22:55:29] <woodchuck> desktop enviroment for linux.
[22:55:45] <Bronzdragon> Is it good?
[22:56:01] <Bronzdragon> It looks.. can I say OSX-ian?
[22:56:03] <Bronzdragon> But less brushed
[22:56:09] <woodchuck> I can choose between Gnome, KDE, MATE, and XFCE
[22:56:21] <Bronzdragon> Which Gnome?
[22:56:25] <woodchuck> Wiki say it is abondoned.
[22:56:27] <Bronzdragon> Because that's eitehr your best or worst bet
[22:56:52] <aria> Mate is the non-Gnome guys trying to keep Gnome 2
[22:57:04] <Bronzdragon> I just now read that.
[22:57:22] <Bronzdragon> In the comments on one of the articles, there's a guy explaining how to Gnome2 using Gnome3
[22:57:27] <aria> But then the Gnome guys were like "No guys, seriously, it's customizable, seriously guys.. look.. look, we'll just recreate the Gnome 2 look in a day, and replace fallback mode with that"
[22:57:50] <Bronzdragon> "... fuck, everyone uses fallback mode now!"
[22:57:51] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[22:57:56] -!- woodchuck_ [woodchuck_!~woodchuck@9713CBFE.5D74B15C.6096928.IP] has joined #geeknights
[22:57:57] <aria> And then mate were like "I guess security patches and faster rendering, also more expansive frameworks and libs is a plus..."
[22:58:45] <aria> woodchuck_: What are you installing?
[22:58:51] <Bronzdragon> MORE WOODCHUCK
[22:58:51] <aria> And are those really your only options?
[22:58:57] <aria> Not even Enlightment?
[22:59:20] -!- woodchuck_ has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[22:59:31] -!- woodchuck_ [woodchuck_!~woodchuck@9713CBFE.5D74B15C.6096928.IP] has joined #geeknights
[22:59:31] <aria> Are you installing OpenSuse?
[22:59:57] -!- woodchuck has quit [Ping timeout]
[23:00:01] <woodchuck_> somethng weird just happened
[23:00:03] -!- woodchuck_ has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[23:00:09] <aria> We can tell
[23:00:18] -!- woodchuck [woodchuck!~woodchuck@9713CBFE.5D74B15C.6096928.IP] has joined #geeknights
[23:00:22] <aria> You're right
[23:00:26] <Bronzdragon> HEY THERE
[23:00:26] -!- woodchuck_ [woodchuck_!~woodchuck@9713CBFE.5D74B15C.6096928.IP] has joined #geeknights
[23:00:32] <Bronzdragon> Stop--- doing that
[23:00:34] -!- woodchuck_ has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[23:00:46] <Bronzdragon> =P
[23:01:19] <woodchuck> I want to look at sabayon
[23:01:48] <aria> But?
[23:04:04] <Bronzdragon> They steal your eyes when you look at Sabayon
[23:04:11] <aria> Right.
[23:04:14] <aria> That makes sense
[23:04:25] <Bronzdragon> That's what makes it so tempting.
[23:15:07] <aria> woodchuck: Did you fix your stuff?
[23:15:16] <aria> Why do you want Sabayon anyway?
[23:16:00] <woodchuck> I am trying arch; sayben; freebsd; fedora.
[23:16:32] <aria> It's not super entry-level, and among the more "advanced" distros, it's not the premire one. Arch would probably be a better choice for most usecases Sabayon has
[23:16:59] <aria> with the exception of "I'm really good at this Linuxing thing, but want the setup to be shorter than with Arch"
[23:17:24] <aria> Why those?
[23:17:57] <aria> Also add OpenSuse there, they recently had a major release, and they're usually pretty good
[23:18:28] <woodchuck> I have Unbuntoo on my laptop already.
[23:18:52] <aria> Suse isn't any closer to that then Sabayon is
[23:19:09] <aria> than*
[23:20:03] <aria> Since your problem is the UI, not the content delivery or avaibility of software, I suggest trying different desktop enviornments instead, then finding out what the best distro for that desktop is and go with that
[23:20:28] <aria> Although I bet you'll have a lot of fun playing with those 4 (or 5), so I support your project
[23:20:32] <aria> how far are you?
[23:20:49] <woodchuck> Downloading.
[23:24:40] <Bronzdragon> Good!
[23:25:24] <aria> That's a large part of it
[23:25:30] <aria> Have you prepared a boot medium?
[23:30:13] <woodchuck> I have lots of free space on my laptop; going to partitin it out.
[23:30:48] <aria> Oh I see
[23:31:39] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Quit: yoshokatana]
[23:32:14] <Bronzdragon> So are you installing all four at once?
[23:33:46] <Bronzdragon> Well
[23:33:54] <Bronzdragon> I'd suggest making a seperate home partition
[23:34:11] <Bronzdragon> So that when you overwrite with a different distro, you'll keep your home
[23:34:19] -!- Zappy [Zappy!textual@hide-3F4E6465.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #geeknights
[23:34:28] <aria> He's not overwriting
[23:34:41] <aria> they'll all be confined to their own partitions, sharing home
[23:34:43] <aria> Im assuming
[23:34:52] <Bronzdragon> In that case, I suggest sperating home
[23:35:00] <Bronzdragon> So that all distros have access to the same home
[23:35:06] <aria> Yes, do that
[23:35:08] <aria> always do that
[23:35:19] <Bronzdragon> Unless you don't have enough space to do it.
[23:36:11] <Bronzdragon> Ah, the six display figure
[23:36:22] <Bronzdragon> It just means that you can't calculate/make buffers beyond six
[23:36:29] <Bronzdragon> Could be any resolution (in theory)
[23:37:17] <aria> I suggest no context. =P
[23:48:08] <aria> http://youtu.be
[23:52:01] <woodchuck> sounds like a weird game.
[23:52:27] <Bronzdragon> You click buttons
[23:52:51] <aria> Made progresses?