#geeknights | Logs for 2013-03-09

[00:02:57] <Cybylt> Kind of a random thing, but there's something I can't take seriously when it comes to the topic of feminism
[00:03:04] <Cybylt> the notion of "The Patriarchy"
[00:03:41] <Cybylt> it sounds just silly, like there's a legion of doom-esque group, probably in a dick-shaped spaceship, doing whatever they can to keep women down.
[00:03:50] <Cybylt> Like Minori-team levels of silliness here
[00:04:07] <Bronzdragon> Feminism can be silly at times
[00:05:14] <Cybylt> it's pretty much just that and the super extremists, but super extremists of any type are silly
[00:06:27] <aria> So I wanna make a gameshow
[00:06:32] <aria> about video games
[00:06:37] <aria> similar to The Tester or whatever
[00:06:44] <aria> but people /actually play video games/ in it
[00:06:50] <aria> Like every episode
[00:07:11] <Bronzdragon> Y'know what?
[00:07:20] <Bronzdragon> Profesional teams of 6
[00:07:24] <Cybylt> I think someone used to do that
[00:07:25] <Bronzdragon> They play games VS each otehr
[00:07:34] <aria> Where do I get that King of the Nerds money?
[00:07:45] <aria> Was it any good?
[00:07:47] <Bronzdragon> Street fighter, Smash, Call of Duty, Starcraft...
[00:08:00] <Cybylt> they'd bring in two teams and play 6-8 player Lan games of varrying sorts, it almost always ended with a game of socom
[00:08:04] <aria> Did they do the king of stuff I wanna do? Make a mod of the games specific for the challenge?
[00:08:05] <Cybylt> it was okay
[00:08:27] <aria> Well it should be warried, obviously
[00:08:36] <aria> varried*
[00:08:39] <aria> Wait, is that right?
[00:08:52] <aria> Eh I never pretended to know how to spell =P
[00:10:12] <spacejam> it should vary* ?
[00:10:36] <aria> it should have a lot of variety?
[00:10:43] <aria> Right, so you wouldn't have Street Fighter
[00:10:51] <aria> becaus that's just gonna have the one street fighter guyt
[00:10:53] <aria> and he's gonna win
[00:11:04] <aria> needs to be something isn't out yet, obscure, or easy to pick up
[00:11:13] <aria> Smash is good though.
[00:11:17] <Bronzdragon> Well, you'd make sure the same team competed each time
[00:11:24] <Bronzdragon> And you'd give them a week to train
[00:11:32] <aria> Eh still
[00:11:33] <Bronzdragon> You could even force every team member to compete
[00:11:44] <aria> ?
[00:11:44] <Bronzdragon> Basically, whoever wins the most matches is king
[00:11:57] <aria> I'm confuse
[00:12:11] <Bronzdragon> So, there are 6 people on both teams, right?
[00:12:26] <Bronzdragon> Match one, Team A person 1, Team B person 1
[00:12:26] <aria> anyway, for Smash, you'd have Smash Minus, but with extra manu items and stage hazards twice as often
[00:12:38] <Bronzdragon> Match 2 Team A person 2 vs Team B person 2
[00:12:40] <aria> Then the winners of that would go to the finale of that round
[00:12:42] <Bronzdragon> have 5 matches.
[00:12:53] <aria> and it's vanilla melee, Fox only, Final Destination
[00:13:17] <aria> You'd get the Wombo Combo guys to narrate the match
[00:13:54] <Cybylt> Fox only, final destination is for douchebags and assholes.
[00:14:06] <aria> Yes.
[00:14:09] <Cybylt> A true test of skill requires changing conditions and variety of play
[00:14:20] <aria> First round is that
[00:14:23] <aria> second round is for the internet
[00:14:48] <aria> In fact, not only can it have extra hazards, you can have it set to where it'll load a new stage in the background and suddenly change the stage while playing
[00:14:56] <aria> Could probably get that working on Dolphin without any lag
[00:15:02] <Bronzdragon> See, you set up the Fox only, final destination, then when one guy wins, you go "Alrght, you may select the stage now".
[00:15:12] <aria> 10 lives
[00:16:04] <Bronzdragon> Yes.
[00:16:19] <Bronzdragon> It'd be cool if, the longer you play, the more items drop
[00:16:30] <Bronzdragon> So for like, the first minute, nothing drops
[00:16:37] <Bronzdragon> Then like, a lone poke ball
[00:16:42] <Bronzdragon> then like, 30 seconds later, a hammer
[00:16:47] <Bronzdragon> by minute 3, it's just raining shit
[00:16:48] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[00:16:48] <Cybylt> the problem with that is the guy who excels at fox only, final destination will make it fox only, final destination
[00:16:59] <Cybylt> because he will invariably be a douchebag and/or asshole
[00:17:06] <Bronzdragon> You don't get to choose rules, just stage.
[00:17:31] <aria> Bronzdragon: Should be dependant on deaths. And yes, that would be great. Esciapply if after 35 deaths, it just goes into sudden death mode with the raining bombs
[00:18:33] <aria> I feel this episode should also feature Dream Fighter Mix, Battlestation D.O.N and PlayStation all-stars
[00:19:56] <aria> The contestants should have to reherse with those games
[00:20:16] <aria> and then for the actual match, play Smash
[00:22:15] <Bronzdragon> Yup
[00:22:40] <Bronzdragon> It'd be cool if the characters were themed too
[00:22:49] <aria> Should be a Dark Souls speedrun episode
[00:22:55] <Bronzdragon> Y'know what? We could just make a show dedicated to smash
[00:22:56] <aria> 15 minutes to play, get as far as you can
[00:23:00] <Bronzdragon> not Dark souls PVP?
[00:23:03] <aria> Nah
[00:23:05] <aria> thats buggy as shit
[00:23:06] <Robobuntoo> ...
[00:23:08] <aria> offline mode
[00:23:11] <Bronzdragon> Oh!
[00:23:19] <Bronzdragon> Dark souls, other team gets to try and invade
[00:23:24] <aria> Or cheaty isolated subnet mode
[00:23:26] <aria> Oh yeah..
[00:23:32] <Bronzdragon> =P
[00:23:41] <Bronzdragon> Other team gets to try and co-op
[00:23:58] <aria> But then you can just run around
[00:24:05] <aria> and stay in the guys world for 15 minutes
[00:24:08] <Bronzdragon> Well, still speedrun.
[00:24:12] <aria> Right yes
[00:24:17] <aria> so, you have 15 minutes to play
[00:24:19] <Bronzdragon> Ah, right, well, that's what the teammates are for
[00:24:21] <Bronzdragon> hunting them down
[00:24:21] <aria> we give them a character
[00:24:26] <aria> beat as many bosses as you can
[00:24:28] <Bronzdragon> I think you need to make it longer than 15 minutes though
[00:24:48] <aria> Ignoring the asylum
[00:25:23] <aria> In 15 minutes you could take Taurus, Gargoyles, and Pinwheel or the Moth
[00:25:49] <aria> If you're really good, Capra or Quelaag too
[00:25:53] <aria> I guess you couldn't in 15..
[00:25:58] <aria> Yeah, should be 20
[00:26:10] <aria> anyway, most players should get at least one boss in 20 minutes if they're prepped proper
[00:26:14] <Bronzdragon> You could do "Number of bonfires lit, plus number of bosses x2
[00:26:24] <aria> eeeeh--
[00:26:30] <aria> that's gonna change the way you approach the challenge
[00:26:37] <Bronzdragon> True
[00:26:39] <aria> bosses is definetly a more fair test of skill
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[00:27:03] <aria> For the final round of that challenge: PvP
[00:27:26] <Bronzdragon> Dark souls is also fun, because we can make 'em train with Demon's Souls.
[00:27:40] <aria> Yup
[00:28:37] <aria> Touhou should be featured
[00:28:49] <aria> One of the challenges should be making a Skyrim area
[00:28:56] <aria> and people from Bathesda judging it
[00:30:23] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[00:30:36] <Apsup> Good late evening everyone.
[00:30:42] <aria> Touhou would be a fun one
[00:30:43] <aria> Hey Apsup
[00:30:55] <aria> We wanna produce a video game team based challange show
[00:31:02] <aria> Wanna fund us?
[00:31:23] <Apsup> With what money?
[00:31:44] <aria> Canada money
[00:32:37] <Apsup> I'm not canadian. Couldn't you use your Nowegian oil money?
[00:33:10] <aria> It's reserved for showing things off at Pax (No, seriously)
[00:36:27] <aria> Does Forza let you do custom races?
[00:36:37] <aria> Can we emulate a Initial D race in it?
[00:38:42] <Apsup> My knowledge from forza comes from the demo that has one race in one map.
[00:45:49] <aria> so for FPS round..
[00:46:23] <aria> would Tribes 2, and then Quake live for the deul work?
[00:46:55] <Apsup> Idon't know.
[00:47:12] <aria> Assuming.. 10 players
[00:47:14] <aria> 5v5
[00:47:21] <aria> whichever team wins wins
[00:47:44] <aria> Winner chooses 1 person from the losing team, losing team picks one person
[00:47:48] <aria> and then they have a quake death match
[00:48:03] <aria> I'm not sure if Tribes works with so few players..
[00:48:57] <Apsup> Why not Quake team deathmatch?
[00:49:11] <aria> Because that's just head clicking
[00:49:20] <aria> and you wanna save Quake for the deul
[00:49:24] <aria> Could be CS
[00:49:29] <aria> But CS is still headclicking
[00:49:40] <aria> Tribes rewards teamwork and movement more
[00:50:08] <Apsup> 5 vs 5 is about the optimal team size for CS.
[00:50:29] <Bronzdragon> You could have multiple episodes...
[00:50:45] <aria> If Tribes is to be featured, it kinda needs to be the first episode
[00:50:50] <aria> because largest teams needed
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[00:58:36] <aria> ...
[00:58:38] <aria> Man
[00:58:56] <aria> If we could get 30 players and 30 PCs and get all the networking right
[00:59:02] <aria> F-Zero AX would be so awesome
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[01:38:21] <aria> Apsup: I need your help here
[01:44:06] <Apsup> ask
[01:44:15] <Apsup> I dunt promise nothiing.
[01:45:27] <aria> I got mad at Bronz for playing games when he said he wouldn't. His defense was that he was about to close it as soon as he opened it, but forgot about it before his fingers could travel to alt f4. He used this as a senciere excuse, but I find it hard to believe. I don't wanna be mad at him if he's telling the truth tough. Is this possible at all?
[01:46:03] <Apsup> Yes/No/maybe
[01:49:22] <aria> That's not helpful at all
[01:49:53] <Bronzdragon> To be fair, you're dragging him into an argument, and making him pick a side based on a fairly vague argument.
[01:53:50] <Apsup> Could I consult an faq to see how which possible answer would affect to my aligitment.
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[02:29:43] <aria> https://pbs.twimg.com
[02:29:54] <aria> That's so great.
[02:40:10] <Apsup> Well good night.
[02:40:13] -!- Apsup has quit [Quit: leaving]
[02:40:30] <aria> Aw cmon, such a good image doesn't even get acknowledgement?
[02:40:40] <aria> Cybylt: https://pbs.twimg.com
[02:52:54] <Cybylt> Bahahaha
[02:53:07] <aria> Also this article http://www.p4rgaming.com
[02:54:04] <Cybylt> Wow
[02:58:15] <aria> They actually haven't removed the comment yet
[02:59:41] <Cybylt> That's surprising
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[03:05:36] <aria> I actually kinda wanna play some Sim City
[03:05:52] <aria> But the one one doesn't seem to offer the ability to fuck around
[03:05:53] <Robobuntoo> ...
[03:07:48] <Cybylt> not really
[03:08:10] <Cybylt> Oh boy, new Chaos codex coming to 40k
[03:08:28] <Cybylt> not that I play chaos, it's just that the more codexes get done the closer I am to new tau
[03:08:42] <aria> Wait, did you get this much into 40k through the chest high wall dating sim, without having played the actual game?
[03:09:15] <Cybylt> what chest high wall dating sim?
[03:09:40] <aria> "Space Marines"
[03:09:49] <aria> http://youtu.be
[03:09:50] <aria> That game
[03:09:54] <Cybylt> I got into 40k a year or two ago because my girlfriend got me a tau battleforce and I've been into it since
[03:10:30] <aria> I see. I thought you mentioned being introduced to the series a week or so ago, via the xbox game
[03:10:43] <aria> Though I guess I misunderstood
[03:10:49] <aria> did you at least play the Xbox game recently?
[03:10:55] <Cybylt> I never really liked Space Marines but gave the game a shot because it was cheap. And the fact that you called it chest high walls and such tells me you haven't played it
[03:11:04] <Cybylt> I have played space marine, but it was on PS3
[03:11:16] <aria> I played the demo
[03:11:23] <aria> Isn't it a chest high wall dating sim?
[03:11:55] <Cybylt> No, the only way you heal is by performing executions, if you're not in the enemy's face at all times you're doing it wrong
[03:12:07] <Cybylt> the only excuse not to be is heavy bolter or lascannon
[03:12:27] <aria> That's just how I play shooters though..
[03:12:41] <aria> Surely the goal is to not be hit
[03:12:45] <Cybylt> It's more like a musou game that happens to have competant shooting than it is a shooter
[03:12:48] <aria> rather than to hit, but get your health back
[03:12:51] <Cybylt> COVER IS FOR THE WEAK
[03:13:16] <Cybylt> The glory of triumph in battle will keep you alive
[03:13:48] <Cybylt> the only thing that naturally regens is your shield and that's only one melee hit or two bullets
[03:13:53] <Cybylt> until you get the iron halo
[03:14:13] <Cybylt> speaking of which, the attention to detail on Titus and the other marines is greaty
[03:14:15] <Cybylt> great*
[03:14:55] <Cybylt> they have service studs, Sidonus' pauldron is the aquila, Titus' belt has the steel skull while his chestplate features the Ultramarine skull and laurels
[03:15:15] <Cybylt> you gain purity seals stamped into your armor as you play
[03:15:36] <aria> Regen health and shields is a modern thing yknow
[03:15:47] <aria> 10 years ago, default was that nothing regened
[03:15:56] <aria> You can still balance a game around not being hit.
[03:16:33] <Cybylt> You will be hit in Space Marine
[03:16:37] <Cybylt> it is unavoidable
[03:17:11] <Cybylt> there's a reason these guys have gone through the gene seed, and it's not to be a coward who hides behind walls
[03:18:06] <Cybylt> they have two hearts, three lungs, increased bone and muscle density, a solid plate rib cage and a couple of new organs to facilitate some of this as well as toxin immunity
[03:18:43] <aria> ...
[03:19:03] <aria> There's a reason we have ribs you know =P
[03:19:39] <Cybylt> Not in the glory of the Imperium there isn't
[03:19:55] <Cybylt> You really shouldn't try to make sense of anything that happens in 40k
[03:20:19] <aria> Do they... surgically split their ribcages so they can bend?
[03:21:19] <aria> What happens if they flex their muscles or run out of stamina?
[03:22:06] <Cybylt> okay make sense of this, orks are fungus and their tech works because they think it will work
[03:22:19] <aria> Yes but see--
[03:22:25] <aria> That's just the rule of the universe
[03:22:46] <Cybylt> not really, they go back and forth on it a lot
[03:23:01] <Cybylt> but in general it does feel like if orks believe something strong enough it's true
[03:23:01] <aria> The other thing inherits human rules
[03:23:43] <Cybylt> and space marines don't run out of stamina
[03:24:05] <Cybylt> the longest a marine has been on active duty has been somewhere around 500 hours
[03:24:05] <aria> Ever?
[03:24:34] <Cybylt> they go on long enough that it sure does seem like that
[03:25:03] <aria> But in the game I played--
[03:25:12] <aria> There was limited sprint
[03:25:22] <aria> (don't quote me on that)
[03:25:47] <Cybylt> you played as a 300 year old captain and I don't think there is limited sprint, I'd have to go back to check
[03:26:55] <Cybylt> fun fact, those bolts in his forehead represented 75 years of service each
[03:26:55] <aria> Ooh
[03:27:03] <Cybylt> he's considered young for his rank
[03:27:22] <aria> I know how to design a dog-like monster's sides now, I was struggling with that before
[03:27:29] <Cybylt> awesome
[03:27:44] <Cybylt> how'd you get to that breakthrough?
[03:27:57] <aria> I tried to think of a way rib cabe plate could work
[03:28:16] <aria> If there are layers of plates, all in a J shape
[03:28:26] <Cybylt> I would suggest looking at one of those collar/vest things, might help
[03:28:28] <aria> It could work, but would be sticking out
[03:29:05] <aria> This particular animal also has a visible spine (somewhat, it's not grotesque, but visible)
[03:29:21] <Cybylt> like bumps and a ridge on its back?
[03:29:28] <aria> Yes
[03:29:40] <aria> I guess I'll also extrude the bones in their legs, and make the skin a bit stretched and it'll look natural
[03:29:55] <aria> It does however require that when you shoot it, bone fragments break off..
[03:31:08] <aria> I decided to make it's blood be transparent just now. Meaning that the red muscles don't make sense.
[03:31:46] <aria> I guess it can still be red if it's evenly red, rather than redder where there would be more blood..
[03:32:09] <aria> Right, I'll not think out loud.
[03:32:59] <Cybylt> well, what if something in its diet gave it the red coloration through its body?
[03:33:40] <aria> Having red skin is not hard to justify. We don't have the skin colour we have because of our blood
[03:34:24] <aria> However, for the skin of a naked animal with a design similar to what I'm imaging to look natural, the areas with more blood flow should have slightly redder skin, because you expect that when looking at it
[03:34:53] <aria> Even if it doesn't bleed red, you won't actually notice or care. But if you study it's design you'd probably notice and it would break the illusion
[03:35:18] <aria> Where is Tiwi when you need him. Do we have any science or medicine people in here?
[03:36:33] <Cybylt> Not I
[03:37:36] <aria> So I tried looking at the Lickers for RE for insiration
[03:37:40] <aria> http://www.electricblueskies.com
[03:37:52] <aria> Yeah those things make no sense =P
[03:40:16] <aria> Alright, so help me out here
[03:40:27] <aria> Imagine a lion type animal
[03:40:37] <aria> Lives in a pack, hunts in a pack
[03:40:44] <aria> Protects their young
[03:40:49] <aria> It doesn't have any fur
[03:41:09] <aria> Walks on 4 legs, but it's not super fast
[03:41:19] <aria> What kind of enviornment would they live in?
[03:42:28] <Cybylt> Probably somewhere temperate and thick with brush so they can sneak up on things as they don't have a lot of speed
[03:43:34] <aria> Right, so there can't be many trees, because then hunting for flocks of animals doesn't work, and large animals can't easily move around.
[03:44:38] <Cybylt> so midwestern north american plains
[03:44:47] <aria> I was thinking that too
[03:45:03] <aria> But since they aren't very fast, I have to assume they're at least good at not tripping or sliding. Which means somewhere slippery, or very uneven
[03:45:07] <aria> so somewhere rocky
[03:45:56] <Cybylt> go a bit more west from there and you got craggy mesas surrounded by plains with spots of forests
[03:46:12] <aria> Any googable areas?
[03:46:32] <Cybylt> or you can just say california since it features every major biome minus rainforests
[03:46:48] <Cybylt> maybe swamps
[03:47:00] <aria> Oh yeah...
[03:47:05] <aria> Swamps are good
[03:47:19] <aria> Do animals not mind being in a swamp though?
[03:47:24] <aria> I mean, laying down and such
[03:48:01] <Cybylt> if they have thick skin, are comfortable in water and resistant to disease or have a decent ability in climbing
[03:48:09] <Cybylt> sure
[03:49:20] <Cybylt> the top predator, depending on which kind of swamp we're talking about, would either be large cats or aligators/crocodiles
[03:49:27] <Cybylt> maaaaybe fresh water sharks
[03:49:37] <aria> Seems the onyl half-way large creatures that live in swamps are racoons and that type of thing, or aligators
[03:50:06] <aria> Right, so I need to draw from the cat-like creatures
[03:50:26] <aria> In which case, they all build houses to not have to deal with the swamp
[03:50:34] <Cybylt> the large cat would be more of a rainforest estuary
[03:50:39] <aria> and their camoflauge is that of their building material
[03:52:15] <Cybylt> if their skin and build is thin and stretched enough to highlight their bone structure and musculature, maybe they just roll in mud and stuff and stick to the brush, or sit in air pockets on the tree line
[03:52:36] <Cybylt> bait and sit hunters
[03:53:21] <aria> Not actually writing their AI yet, but Im making notes on how it should work--
[03:53:44] <aria> They're supposed to try and block your escape without engaging, stalling for backup to arrive
[03:53:48] <aria> then surround you and charge
[03:54:30] <Cybylt> so perhaps their pride works in areas instead of being gathered in one spot
[03:54:41] <Cybylt> but they'd need some way of notifying each other...
[03:55:48] <aria> That's not too hard. Just need to make a noise. Right, so reptilian skin is what makes the most sense then
[03:56:05] <Cybylt> yeah
[03:56:26] <aria> alright, thanks
[03:56:32] <aria> then I don't have to worry about veins and stuff
[03:56:54] <Cybylt> not really
[04:00:30] <aria> Huh, Aligators have a lot more bumps than I expected them to
[04:01:23] <Cybylt> Yup
[04:01:41] <Cybylt> it makes them hydrodynamic the same way a golfball is aerodynamic
[04:02:38] <aria> I guess I should actually sculpt most of this, rather than use paralaxes..
[04:04:33] <aria> Well this looks silly http://conceptart.org
[04:05:02] <aria> (I didn't make that, I just tried to find similar stuff)
[04:05:40] <Cybylt> that is terrible
[04:05:50] <Cybylt> it's the shittiest necromorph ever
[04:05:51] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[04:06:03] <aria> That's a necrimorph?
[04:06:05] <aria> Are you sure?
[04:06:18] <Cybylt> it kinda looks like one, but terrible
[04:06:25] <Cybylt> the "clever girl" one
[04:06:41] <aria> huh..
[04:11:40] <aria> I really should sleep.
[04:14:19] <Cybylt> what time is it there?
[04:14:30] <aria> 05:12
[04:16:20] <Cybylt> am?
[04:16:27] <aria> Yes
[04:17:15] <Cybylt> damn...
[04:17:37] <aria> Great Wizard of Oz is apperantly good.
[04:18:46] <Cybylt> " a backlash Kickstarter project called Tropes Vs. Men, which was supposedly going to take a look at examples of misandry in gaming. The project received just over their target goal of $3000 in donations and has ... disappeared."
[04:19:02] <Cybylt> "The creators of the project claim that, instead of making the show, they donated the money to a charity for prostate cancer, but when Gameranx contacted the charity they said that they had received no such donation."
[04:19:36] <aria> Are they--
[04:20:08] <Cybylt> Cashing on controversy, yes
[04:20:08] <aria> Is that two layers of meta, or are they just dicks?
[04:20:42] <Cybylt> It was people being dicks and cashing in on the butthurt people against something that wouldn't have gotten so big if they didn't draw so much attention by being so butthurt
[04:21:38] <aria> To be fair
[04:21:52] <aria> the lady also disappeared
[04:22:01] <aria> even though she made her goal by quite a bit
[04:22:06] <aria> so this might be part of the joke
[04:22:24] <Cybylt> Not really, she did scheduled interviews and panels at conventions and the first video has been up for two days now
[04:22:54] <aria> Well now. But it's been more than a year since she was funded, hasn't it?
[04:23:08] <Cybylt> 7 or 8 months I believe
[04:23:32] <Cybylt> The extra money turned it from being a lone project to hiring a guy to do the filming and help with editing
[04:24:35] <Cybylt> She's pretty much doing exactly what she said she was doing with the money. The people of the vs Men lied about everything they've done and then went away
[04:26:14] <Cybylt> Also it's called Tropes vs Men, focussed on games and claimed to be after points of misandry in games and asked for $3000. At the very best they quickly realized there are no cases of misandry in games and gave up
[04:26:59] <aria> Maybe they're gonna make some games =P
[04:33:01] <Cybylt> I know the one case they could work
[04:33:03] <Cybylt> musou games
[04:33:13] <aria> How so?
[04:34:00] <Cybylt> 99.9% of men are nameless, faceless goons sent to slow down the top 1% of physical perfection while all women are highly important individuals
[04:34:32] <aria> I guess
[04:36:13] <Cybylt> it's the strongest case you could take and even then it's still a power fantasy
[04:36:16] <Cybylt> for men
[04:42:00] <aria> Huh
[04:42:07] <aria> VLC did a kickstarter
[04:42:11] <aria> to bring VLC to Windows Metro
[04:42:16] <Cybylt> huh
[04:42:22] <aria> But they aren't doing it native
[04:43:33] <aria> They're gonna be using MinGW, but apperantly that doesn't work, so they need to submit patches to MinGW, and the kickstarter money is mostly for funding that
[04:43:40] <Cybylt> Doing my fast karate archive binge thing I heard them saying they really enjoyed Dragon Age 2 while everything else in existence says its a pile of crap
[04:44:00] <Cybylt> I wasn't really brought over by the demo either and I loved the first game
[04:44:04] <aria> I have a friend who liked-- one of those games
[04:44:38] <Cybylt> 1 honestly had nothing that really set it apart from other Tolkien fantasy knockoffs except the chantry thing
[04:44:44] <Cybylt> which is probably why they made it the focus of 2
[04:45:52] <Cybylt> there was definitely a huge pullback in the look of the game
[04:46:09] <Cybylt> http://www.illgaming.in
[04:46:20] <Cybylt> aside from the protage there I'd swear this is a late PS2 game
[04:46:40] <aria> Eh
[04:46:42] <aria> it looks fine
[04:46:50] <aria> Eh I'd argue it looks good
[04:46:56] <aria> Its stylized sorta cartoony
[04:46:59] <aria> but not unappealing
[04:47:16] <aria> Also I think you're misremembering PS2 graphics =P
[04:47:42] <aria> ..ok, the actual enviornment is super lazy..
[04:47:46] <Cybylt> http://cache.gawkerassets.com
[04:48:06] <aria> Still better than PS2
[04:48:21] <Cybylt> there were like three environments
[04:48:32] <aria> ...then why are they so terrible?!
[04:49:06] <Cybylt> I don't know
[04:49:08] <Cybylt> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com
[04:49:14] <Cybylt> compare the same creature from the previous game
[04:49:17] <Cybylt> on xbox
[04:49:53] <Cybylt> 360
[04:50:07] <aria> Wait
[04:50:10] <Cybylt> http://blogs.btcalgary.ca
[04:50:19] <aria> First image is xbox 1 or 360?
[04:50:23] <Cybylt> 360
[04:50:32] <aria> Oh right
[04:50:34] <Cybylt> the big grey dirt field is 360
[04:50:41] <Cybylt> all of it is
[04:50:42] <Cybylt> http://blogs.btcalgary.ca
[04:50:49] <Cybylt> and again the same monsters from the previous game
[04:51:25] <Cybylt> http://images4.fanpop.com
[04:51:29] <Cybylt> and in the sequel
[04:51:34] <aria> This is PS2 http://image.gamespotcdn.net
[04:51:37] <Cybylt> the faces look better than I thought up close
[04:52:21] <Cybylt> I think my problem is this is what I think of when I think PS2
[04:52:21] <Cybylt> http://thecarouselpodcast.files.wordpress.com
[04:52:21] <Robobuntoo> You can't 2010 ten dds!
[04:52:25] <Cybylt> and stylized
[04:53:00] <Cybylt> http://i71.photobucket.com
[04:53:25] <aria> Well I mean
[04:53:27] <aria> good art is good art
[04:53:34] <Cybylt> Yeah
[04:53:36] <aria> Wind Waker still looks really fucking good
[04:53:37] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[04:53:48] <aria> But the number of verts in that is less than the Dragon Age pictures
[04:54:04] <Cybylt> http://www.the-nextlevel.com
[04:54:36] <aria> Yup
[04:54:38] <Cybylt> actually, onimusha has about the same amount of on-screen enemies, the same level of detail in environment and the enemies look about the same quality
[04:54:52] <aria> No way
[04:55:06] <Cybylt> hell, since it has discernable separate rocks on the walls I'd say the level detail is higher
[04:55:28] <Cybylt> though the protagonist has much less detail and visual... everything
[04:55:35] <aria> Way low res textures, and all the limbs are clearly sharp
[04:55:41] <aria> I'll agree on the enviornment though
[04:55:50] <aria> those Dragon Age enviornments looked like shit
[04:55:51] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[04:56:18] <Cybylt> and the ones in Origins were so pretty
[04:56:51] <Cybylt> a lot of people joke that Capcom mastered face capture in Onimusha while Bioware floors the uncanney valley
[04:56:55] <aria> So I'm looking at.. a review of a toy Kamen Rider..
[04:57:01] <aria> it doesn't use the show design
[04:57:08] <aria> it's weird, but.. sorta in a good way?
[04:57:31] <aria> they added a bunch of detail where the original was intentionally simple and clean
[04:58:26] <Cybylt> huh
[04:58:34] <aria> He looks like he's made out of Star Wars panels
[04:59:19] <Cybylt> http://2.bp.blogspot.com
[04:59:28] <Cybylt> DA2's prettiest environment, the main city
[04:59:30] <Cybylt> on pc
[04:59:33] <Cybylt> the prettiest platform
[04:59:44] <aria> When is this game from?
[04:59:54] <Cybylt> 2011?
[04:59:59] <aria> Huh..
[05:00:07] <aria> was it.. meant to be a MMO, but then that was too much effort?
[05:00:08] <Cybylt> it came out shortly after Mass Effect 2
[05:00:10] <Cybylt> No
[05:00:39] <Cybylt> single player, more or less the same as the first game but slightly faster paced combat
[05:00:44] <aria> Man I really should watch the rest of OOO
[05:00:45] <Cybylt> just about the same number of on screen enemies
[05:01:03] <Cybylt> smae party size and the party members were dumber in 2
[05:01:16] <Cybylt> while in 1 you could kinda micromanage their fight pattern
[05:02:04] <Cybylt> in 1 you could choose from 1 of three races, in 2 you're human only
[05:02:41] <Cybylt> and some of the writing was fanfic level
[05:02:41] <aria> I recommend reading the first comment and it's response, then playing the video from this point http://www.youtube.com
[05:03:29] <Cybylt> DEE-KAYED?
[05:03:36] <aria> Yup.
[05:03:49] <aria> As you should pronounce it. =)
[05:04:03] <Cybylt> it reminds me of a skit
[05:04:41] <Cybylt> a substitute teacher from the inner city comes to a school in the suburbs and does roll cal
[05:04:46] <Cybylt> call*
[05:05:13] <Cybylt> "Where is Jay-kwellin?"
[05:05:21] <Cybylt> "Do you mean Jaqueline?"
[05:05:51] <Cybylt> "Oh I see, you're playin with me, I'm keepin my eye on you Jay-kwellin"
[05:06:18] <aria> '_' I don't get it.
[05:06:40] <Cybylt> inner city basically means he taught in a black neighborhood
[05:06:55] <aria> I see.
[05:07:19] <Cybylt> and for a while the thing to do with naming was try to make it sound more african with weird spelling or some nonsense like Le-a
[05:07:25] <Cybylt> pronounced Lahdasha
[05:07:53] <aria> How does that work?
[05:07:59] <Cybylt> I don't know
[05:08:34] <Cybylt> "Balakay?" "Uhh... my name's Blake"
[05:09:11] <aria> Did you play RE6?
[05:09:13] <Cybylt> "Ay-ay-ron" "Aaron" "Alright I'm getting sick of this, you go to the principal's office Ay-ay-ron!"
[05:09:15] <Cybylt> I did not
[05:09:21] <aria> Everyone says it's bad
[05:09:34] <Cybylt> "Tim-OH-thy" the one black kid in class "present"
[05:09:34] <aria> but the only negative point I can see is that the FoV is super tiny
[05:09:36] <aria> but they patched that
[05:09:42] <aria> So Im debating picking it up
[05:09:59] <Cybylt> I would say get it if you have a co-op buddy
[05:10:02] <Cybylt> otherwise not worth it
[05:10:33] <aria> I do
[05:10:49] <Cybylt> then give it a shot
[05:10:58] <aria> In 5, we can't split screen though, cause the way it does the camera is so bad
[05:11:05] <Cybylt> it was
[05:11:14] <aria> But that's fine, we bought it twice and played it like 30 times, so it was worth the money
[05:11:17] <Cybylt> I was so glad to have the 55" tv when I had RE5
[05:11:34] <Cybylt> no, 74", the projection monitor
[05:11:47] <Cybylt> we risked burning the screen but it was worth it
[05:12:18] <aria> Yeah, playing on a beamer made it ok when the image covered the entire screen
[05:12:25] <aria> but we didn't have that when we first got the game
[05:12:40] <Cybylt> yup, you basically got a normal sized tv screen all to yourself with a tv that big
[05:12:43] <aria> Also it looks kinda bad when stretched that much
[05:22:39] -!- MrBRAD [MrBRAD!~whatsthis@hide-E5C62045.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #geeknights
[05:23:18] <aria> MrBRAD: What did War Z promise and not deliver on that got it removed from Steam?
[05:23:33] <MrBRAD> a finished game
[05:24:03] <Cybylt> ahahaha
[05:24:04] <aria> The feature was general quality?
[05:24:26] <MrBRAD> it promised a game, not an early dev version of what might be a game eventually
[05:24:42] <aria> Did they write in the product description "Extreme polish and fun"?
[05:25:00] <MrBRAD> did you know the guy behind The War Z is the same guy that made Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing?
[05:25:04] <MrBRAD> it explains a lot
[05:25:06] <aria> I thought it was labled as alpha though
[05:25:17] <MrBRAD> nnnnope
[05:25:46] <MrBRAD> do you know about Big Rigs?
[05:26:04] <aria> Yes I do
[05:26:08] <aria> it doesn't have gravity
[05:26:19] <aria> Or proper goal-line-passing scripting
[05:26:25] <MrBRAD> it is regarded as one of the worst things that exist
[05:27:48] <aria> I found what's actually missing
[05:27:49] <aria> Where the Steam store page promised multiple maps ranging in size from 100 to 400 square kilometers, buyers found just one roughly 100 square km map. Where it promised 100 players per server, it delivered just 50. Where it promised rentable private servers, levelable skills, and friends lists, there was simply nothing available but menu screen placeholders. That means that thousands -- likely tens of thousands (based on Steam's concurrent pl
[05:35:14] <Cybylt> that's pretty bad
[05:38:40] <Cybylt> to put it lightly
[05:44:27] <aria> Fuck.
[05:44:28] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[05:44:31] <aria> 6:42
[05:50:41] <aria> Good night
[05:50:43] -!- aria has quit [Quit: leaving]
[08:20:13] -!- Cybylt has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[09:39:10] -!- Snickety-Snake has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[11:12:23] -!- nine [nine!~nine@hide-887AEA2B.ip.telfort.nl] has joined #geeknights
[12:14:17] -!- Apsup [Apsup!~Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[12:25:34] -!- Bronzdragon [Bronzdragon!~Bronzdrag@DA6FD11B:74654DBB:6A691D91:IP] has joined #geeknights
[12:27:18] <Bronzdragon> hai
[12:38:33] <nine> WAAR, WAAR?!?
[12:52:50] <Bronzdragon> Here.
[12:54:38] <Apsup> Morning guys.
[12:54:55] <Bronzdragon> Hey Apsup.
[12:54:59] <Bronzdragon> How's it hanging?
[12:55:41] <Apsup> In the right leg.
[12:58:32] <Bronzdragon> Wait a minute... does this mean that the challenge is not a week each?
[12:58:37] <Bronzdragon> We
[12:59:01] <Bronzdragon> We'll play from "Whenever Apreche feels like waking up to midnight NY time?
[12:59:12] <Bronzdragon> Why not midnight GMT time?
[12:59:17] <Bronzdragon> Seems selfcentric
[13:01:59] <Apsup> The end time time NY time because that's what Scott has set his system clock for and that's what he uses to tederminate if submission is late and he's too lazy to do some clock math.
[13:04:53] <Bronzdragon> if he didn't set up an automatic filter for that, he's doing it wrong
[13:05:04] <Bronzdragon> And if he can't do clock maths once, he's still doing it wrong.
[13:09:02] <MrBRAD> I hope the next game isn't horrible
[13:09:35] <Bronzdragon> I don't get why he didn't just limit it to the flash version of Canabalt
[13:09:38] <Bronzdragon> Way more fair =
[13:09:40] <Bronzdragon> =(
[13:09:58] <MrBRAD> I want a game of skill, rather than persistence and masochism
[13:10:55] <MrBRAD> what was your score?
[13:11:03] <Bronzdragon> 6085
[13:11:06] <Apsup> There was a skill factor in Canabalt too. Sure there is luck factor, but skill helped to get longer runs.
[13:11:29] <Bronzdragon> Apreche poised it as "Who is the best gamer"
[13:11:59] <MrBRAD> I think this is really all a big joke by him to torture us with games like this
[13:12:17] <Bronzdragon> It wasn't THAT bad...
[13:12:25] <MrBRAD> at the end he'll say "Hah, I made you spend hours on them crappy games"
[13:12:31] <Bronzdragon> But yeah, I'd really like somethign like Counter strike for the next round
[13:12:44] <Bronzdragon> I don't get why he caters to people without PCs
[13:13:07] <Bronzdragon> Just say "Requirements: A PC that's from '98 or later
[13:13:14] <Bronzdragon> Most people have that.
[13:13:30] <Apsup> If he would want to torture us there would be a round of nes doctro jecyll mr. Hyde.
[13:13:57] <MrBRAD> a gaming "Grand Prix" without CS is a sad thing indeed
[13:14:19] <Bronzdragon> He did argue that you can't do flash, because iOS doesn't do flash
[13:14:28] <Bronzdragon> In other words, every game must be playable on iOS
[13:14:36] <Bronzdragon> That... does not bode well.
[13:15:00] <Bronzdragon> I thought it was going to be team fortress, Counterstrike, NS and Pacman CE DX.
[13:15:10] <MrBRAD> ie: point and click, 1 button, or imprecise joystick-like control is all that it will be
[13:15:20] <Bronzdragon> ('Team fortress' style team fortress)
[13:16:56] <MrBRAD> non-flash, phone only and free leaves only the dregs
[13:17:03] <MrBRAD> hence why I think this is a big joke
[13:17:26] <Bronzdragon> That's fair.
[13:17:51] <Bronzdragon> Though if the first round is any indication, I'll be better than 50% of participants
[13:17:54] <Bronzdragon> So that's good
[13:17:55] <MrBRAD> maybe we should make our own gaming grand prix, with keyboards... and hookers!
[13:18:10] <Bronzdragon> You mean fishing rod hookers, right?
[13:18:22] <MrBRAD> SEGA Bass Fishing aww yeah
[13:21:16] <Apsup> Last night I played an rts from time before rtses.
[13:23:38] <Bronzdragon> Next context: Build the largest self sufficient city in Sim City for the NES
[13:24:32] <Apsup> Was there a nes sim city?
[13:25:16] <Bronzdragon> Yes, the first one
[13:25:19] <Bronzdragon> It's called Sim City
[13:25:46] <Bronzdragon> Wait, I meant SNES
[13:25:46] <Apsup> It was on SNES.
[13:25:49] <Bronzdragon> I got 'em mixed up
[13:25:50] <Bronzdragon> I apologize
[13:58:52] -!- aria [aria!~AriaDesu@hide-2D1A9BEE.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[14:02:40] <MrBRAD> I need podcast suggestions. In return I offer podcast suggestions.
[14:02:52] <Bronzdragon> Fast Karate
[14:02:53] <MrBRAD> I'm interested in gaming, science, ssome news
[14:03:00] <Bronzdragon> Skeptoid?
[14:03:18] <aria> Fast Karate
[14:03:43] <Bronzdragon> Aria's suggestion is a good one
[14:03:46] <MrBRAD> Oh! I forgot about Fast Karate. I listened to it once but didn't subscribe, or I did but reinstalled winamp
[14:04:45] <Bronzdragon> In no particular order, I have Fast Karate; Geekngiihts; giantbombcast; Norman Centuries and skeptoid
[14:05:04] <Bronzdragon> I'd reccomend all of those expect the giant bombcast, and maybe Geeknights.
[14:05:52] <MrBRAD> Noted. I suggest the podcast of Dr Karl's radio show http://www.abc.net.au
[14:06:09] <Bronzdragon> *except
[14:06:23] <MrBRAD> people call in and get answers to science questions, it's better than I've described it
[14:06:27] <MrBRAD> he's a cool guy
[14:06:56] <aria> 8-4 is good for games
[14:12:55] <MrBRAD> I like to listen to the weekly show of Brian Carlton called 'The Stir'. I've been listening to him for a few years.
[14:13:10] <MrBRAD> Australian politics comes up often, but so does world news and well... anything and everything.
[14:13:35] <MrBRAD> Callers can bring up any topic. He's very informed, intelligent and nice to listen to.
[14:13:39] <MrBRAD> http://www.2ue.com.au
[14:18:45] <MrBRAD> while we're at it, what's a better program than winamp for downloading podcasts. iTunes doesn't count.
[14:19:21] <aria> Google reader
[14:19:48] <aria> Banshee probably, but I haven't used that feature
[14:20:14] <Bronzdragon> Wasn't there some sort of programe called "juicer"?
[14:20:21] <MrBRAD> is there a google reader client, or only browser based?
[14:20:29] <Bronzdragon> I think the term for programmes like that is "Podcatcher".
[14:20:52] <MrBRAD> 'thing wot downloades podcastes'
[14:22:16] <aria> It's browser based, but it'll grab your podcasts and embed them on the site
[14:22:34] <aria> If you have a android it can also sync with that
[14:22:54] <aria> (not sure if this is actually through reader, or some other Google service
[14:23:05] <MrBRAD> I'm too poor and pleb for a nice phone
[14:23:29] <Apsup> I still use iTunes for podcasts. It's good for the times when I want to use my iPod.
[14:24:21] <MrBRAD> can Reader automatically download things, so I don't need to open it up to be able to listen to what I want, and don't have to steam it there and then?
[14:24:38] <MrBRAD> ...or manually download it?
[14:24:57] <aria> Honestly-- I don't know
[14:25:09] <aria> WHich I should be recommending it
[14:25:26] <aria> I only know it works with android--
[14:25:38] <aria> Personally I stream them from the reader page
[14:26:04] <aria> Actually, I start listening in the morning, then it's cached by the time I get on the bus
[14:27:58] <MrBRAD> I'll give Juice a look
[14:33:06] <MrBRAD> BZZZT not good
[14:39:54] -!- nine [nine!~nine@hide-887AEA2B.ip.telfort.nl] has parted #geeknights
[14:44:56] <MrBRAD> Juice was so bad, even the uninstaller didn't work
[14:46:07] <Bronzdragon> You're doing it wrong
[14:46:13] <Bronzdragon> Do you have Windows XP or 2000?
[14:46:18] <Bronzdragon> Or GNU?
[14:46:53] <Bronzdragon> http://en.wikipedia.org
[14:52:52] <MrBRAD> Windows 7
[14:53:15] <Bronzdragon> PFFT
[14:53:19] <MrBRAD> I did download the correct version, I'm not THAT retarded
[14:53:29] <Bronzdragon> More like Windows BLEH-ven
[14:53:52] <MrBRAD> I should be using Gentoo then should I?
[14:54:15] <MrBRAD> Does Windows not respect my freedoms?
[14:54:47] <Bronzdragon> Yes.
[14:54:59] <Bronzdragon> I mean no
[14:55:06] <Bronzdragon> I think.
[14:55:43] <aria> You should be using BLAG!
[14:55:46] <aria> http://www.gnu.org
[14:56:17] <aria> =D Their website is http://www.blagblagblag.org
[14:56:18] <aria> That is great
[15:21:53] <Apsup> It seems that I did not reach my goal of top ten.
[15:22:19] <Bronzdragon> List is posted?
[15:22:31] <Apsup> It's in the google doc.
[15:23:09] <MrBRAD> ding ding ding we have a winner, gPodder seems to be pretty good and not horrible at all!
[15:24:55] <Bronzdragon> yay?
[15:25:09] <Bronzdragon> At least you did better than I, Apsup.
[15:25:20] <Apsup> Yup ^_^
[15:25:40] <Apsup> Also better than Rym or Scott.
[15:26:08] <Bronzdragon> To be fair, Scott probably didn't try super hard.
[15:26:24] <Apsup> Well yes, but still.
[15:28:59] <Bronzdragon> You did good, son.
[15:35:42] <Apsup> Why do programs do this. Just because I'm a Finn doesn't mean I want to program to default to a finnish translation. Especially when it's incoplite.
[15:42:03] <aria> ..
[15:42:07] <aria> I like it when they do that
[15:42:15] <aria> assuming it's a good translation
[15:42:30] <aria> Open source things usually have good translations
[15:43:53] <Bronzdragon> Because some finn gets pissed off and fixes it
[15:43:54] <Apsup> I like to default everything to english. Then if and when I need help with something I don't need to traslate the english information I find in internet to finnish UI.
[15:44:27] <Bronzdragon> Yes, me too
[15:44:34] <Bronzdragon> I hate it even more when websites do it
[15:44:40] <aria> ...
[15:44:53] <aria> You guys should not use applications that straight up don't work
[15:44:57] <Bronzdragon> Somethign can also be said for consistency.
[15:46:03] <Apsup> It's not that something doesn't work, but sometimes (often) I might want to do something that's hidden behind some layers of option menus and not that great interface.
[15:46:10] <Bronzdragon> It's also true that most applications are designed in English, and so buttons that make sense don't when translated
[15:46:35] <aria> Russia makes a lot of software too
[15:47:10] <aria> Apsup: On Mac, Qt and hacked GTK, you can search menus
[15:47:13] <aria> it's very useful
[15:47:33] <aria> Windows will probably have it in a few years as well
[15:47:51] <Bronzdragon> Ubuntu has it now also.
[15:47:52] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[15:48:30] <Apsup> ...but there's the problem. If I know what the thing I want to do is called in english it search doesn't help if the interface is in Finnish.
[15:49:04] <Bronzdragon> What is copy in finnish?
[15:49:22] <aria> If there is a lack of consistancy between translations
[15:49:24] <aria> then that makes sense
[15:49:30] <Bronzdragon> In Dutch, it's "KopiŽren".
[15:49:35] <aria> But for me, I usually know the name of something in Norwegian
[15:50:18] <aria> also, in Qt and GTK at least, applications know the name of a menu option in multiple languages. So if you have your default set to Finnish, and your secondary to English, searching in English will still work
[15:50:22] <Bronzdragon> We don't have a word for 'delete' so we usually use remove.
[15:50:31] <Bronzdragon> If you use both words... that doesn't work
[15:54:46] <Apsup> Maybe the game for Round 2 is to figure out what's the game for Round 2?
[15:55:02] <Bronzdragon> You mean "for round 3"?
[15:56:25] <Apsup> No I mean Round 2, as it's already way past the time when it should have been annoused, but still nothing.
[16:07:26] <MrBRAD> aaaaaand I already broke gPodder and a reinstall doesn't fix it. Time to dig for config files to delete!
[16:10:17] <Apsup> I tried gPodder for three minutes and unistalled.
[16:10:50] <Apsup> Maybe I should have taken a look at what it even tries to be before installing.
[16:11:07] <MrBRAD> it wasn't immediately A Terrible Thing That I Hate but it's not doing so great right now
[16:11:27] <MrBRAD> Juice was an immediate uninstall for me
[16:12:03] <MrBRAD> currently, I ticked one of the options, the program crashed and now it doesnt start
[16:12:22] <MrBRAD> uninstalling doesn't clear out configs
[16:12:23] <Apsup> Way too bare bone for me. I want something that plays the files on it's own, remembers where I was listening when I close it and open again later and supports global hotkeys. (Have to use and external program to get this for iTunes)
[16:12:49] <MrBRAD> I am using winamp so I get my global hotkeys through that
[16:13:19] <MrBRAD> so gPodder was a decent program for me up until I saw it's true face now
[16:14:14] <Apsup> I use foobar for my musics, sadly it's podcatcer plugin is shit and hasn't been actively developed for dew years.
[16:14:15] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[16:14:31] <MrBRAD> remembering where I was listening to. I'd like that. I can't stand iTunes though
[16:15:45] <MrBRAD> I'm going to keep digging around for what we are looking for. I don't like my chances of finding something good.
[16:20:54] <MrBRAD> apparently Zune isn't terrible as a podcather
[16:20:56] <MrBRAD> catcher
[16:24:18] <MrBRAD> uh oh, zune is now xbox.com
[16:24:29] <MrBRAD> I am wary of what zune may have become
[16:25:42] <Bronzdragon> Zune is the Microsoft music store name
[16:25:51] <Bronzdragon> (Different formthe microsoft music store)
[16:29:33] <Bronzdragon> New game announce
[16:32:35] <Apsup> I guessed that there would be a board game round, but this I did not except.
[16:33:47] <Bronzdragon> Good, I actually know how to play Backgammon
[16:33:58] <Bronzdragon> I've played ti like, 5 times in my life
[16:36:59] <Apsup> I've played it never, reading the wikipedia article.
[16:37:03] <MrBRAD> Haha oh wow.
[16:37:24] <Apsup> Good thing that there is time. I shall aquire knowledge before playing.
[16:37:29] <Bronzdragon> Want a friendly game, Apsup? non-scoring?
[16:37:34] <MrBRAD> "gotta be a free game on every platform ever" "buy a webcam for backgammon"
[16:37:44] <Bronzdragon> You can play it via phone
[16:38:41] <MrBRAD> via telephone?
[16:38:47] <MrBRAD> because my mobile is a hunk of shit
[16:38:49] <Robobuntoo> ...
[16:39:05] <Bronzdragon> yes, you say "Move slot 5 3 places"
[16:39:09] <Bronzdragon> Like chess, I gues
[16:39:36] <MrBRAD> my prediction was that this round would be who could swallow the most razor blades in a week
[16:39:41] <MrBRAD> I wasn't far off
[16:40:33] <Bronzdragon> I like Backgammon!
[16:44:17] <apreche> razor baldes are round 3
[16:44:36] <Bronzdragon> We're gonna shave for round 3?
[16:44:53] <apreche> no, scott johnson would automatically win
[16:45:24] <Bronzdragon> Is Schott Johnson the best gamer?
[16:45:47] -!- Bronzdragon has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[16:54:01] <apreche> no, he is the hariets
[16:54:03] <apreche> hariest
[16:54:25] <aria> I wish to challenge that.
[16:55:01] <apreche> you will lose. He has a built in sweater.
[16:55:13] <Apsup> But hairy men are usually attached to their hair which means they are not actually good at shaving. Thus hairy man could lose a round of shaving.
[16:56:28] <aria> I would shave my body hair if it wasn't a huge hassle.
[16:56:35] <apreche> he has shaved his back by force of wife. I think he even shaved, or considered shaving, his monster beard for the warm weather.
[16:59:25] <apreche> he may have actually done so, not sure
[17:07:12] <aria> That kickstarter 10 year hoodie is 90 bucks and it looks pretty alright
[17:07:13] <Robobuntoo> You can't kickstarter ten years!
[17:07:21] <aria> But I'm not sure how much I actually care about stuff lasting..
[17:07:35] <aria> I mean, I don't want it to tear in a couple of months
[17:07:57] <aria> But if it makes it 2+ years, that's enough
[17:09:06] <aria> I'd rather just have a better looking sweatshirt.
[17:09:43] <apreche> already have too many hoodies.
[17:15:07] -!- aria has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[18:04:23] -!- aria [aria!AriaDesu@hide-2D1A9BEE.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[18:13:34] <aria> Hi.
[18:22:22] -!- Cybylt [Cybylt!Cybylt@hide-84D66C61.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #geeknights
[18:22:40] <Cybylt> I have an OP weapon in valkyria 2
[18:22:56] <Cybylt> but it was for beating an elite in a mission that should be too hard for me to win at this point so I think I deserved a scout rifle with perfect accuracy, defense debuff on enemies hit by it, seven shots instead of five, and can kill medium tanks in 10 shots to the radiator
[18:22:57] <Robobuntoo> You can't in ten shots!
[18:23:07] <Cybylt> But I did...
[18:23:10] <Cybylt> Ubuntu
[18:23:11] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[18:23:27] <Cybylt> Bobubuntu
[18:23:28] <Robobuntoo> oo-BOON-too!
[18:23:57] <Cybylt> Hello aria, how's that creature coming along?
[18:24:11] <Apsup> How did you aquire this godlike gun. Luck, grind or some other method?
[18:24:14] <aria> Well I slept.
[18:25:11] <aria> I would also like to know
[18:25:13] <aria> NG+?
[18:27:00] <aria> Has anyone played Golden Eye Source?
[18:27:10] <aria> Is it good?
[18:29:49] <aria> Do tables and such still explode?
[18:39:40] -!- MrBRAD has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 19.0.2/20130307023931]]
[18:54:50] -!- Snickety-Snake [Snickety-Snake!djcrocker@DECCB10F.E40122CD.82D2B239.IP] has joined #geeknights
[18:55:22] <Cybylt> There's a free dlc mission pack for Valkyria 2, has 25 missions. There are three labeled as early game but the enemy is geared for mid.
[18:55:40] <Cybylt> And in VC2 whenever you kill an enemy ace for the first time you get a special weapon drop
[18:56:06] <Cybylt> I killed the ace and then spent the rest of the mission gathering the mission items and avoiding combat
[18:56:31] <aria> There's a youtube channel called "Gritty Reboots"
[18:56:47] <aria> their only video is on Harvest Moon
[18:58:52] <Cybylt> awesome
[18:59:03] <aria> It wasn't particulary good =P
[18:59:11] <aria> I still wanna see what they do next
[18:59:12] <Cybylt> do you butcher the animals yourself in gritty moon?
[19:00:14] <aria> The most recent Pokemon movie that isn't out yet is Mewtwo fighting some insect Pokemon thing
[19:00:24] <aria> I might need to watch this.
[19:00:27] <aria> http://youtu.be
[19:01:56] <Cybylt> Insects? They look like robots
[19:02:09] <aria> Well that thing
[19:02:36] <Cybylt> 16? the fuck
[19:02:38] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[19:02:43] <Cybylt> They're on movie 16
[19:02:43] <aria> Yup
[19:02:46] <Cybylt> what the hell
[19:03:05] <aria> Pokemon has been around a while
[19:03:23] <Cybylt> it has but... 16 movies
[19:03:40] <aria> Yup.
[19:04:06] <Cybylt> that's like one for every year pokemon has been around
[19:04:21] <aria> Sounds about right =P
[19:05:07] <Cybylt> http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net
[19:05:21] <Cybylt> I want this gun, but I'm not at a point where it lets me into rank 2 battles
[19:05:22] <aria> That gun needs more Mewtwo
[19:05:42] <Cybylt> somehow, it classifies as a submachine gun
[19:05:44] <Apsup> The third Pokemon movie was the first move that I ever saw at opening night. Also only movie where I've waited in line that was long enough to reash on the street.
[19:06:16] <Cybylt> I don't think I've ever seen a movie on opening night
[19:06:19] <Cybylt> screw those lines\
[19:06:55] <aria> Cybylt: Well it didn't look like an assault rifle
[19:06:58] <aria> too small to be a machine gun
[19:07:48] <Cybylt> it's an MG42
[19:08:03] <Cybylt> with a drum magazine
[19:09:21] <Cybylt> all the weapons in VC are modeled on Russian and Eastern European guns. Except the lances, I really don't know where they got that from
[19:09:49] <Cybylt> They're rpgs with a pointed tip and mounted on a long firing base
[19:19:26] <aria> Are there any batmans that cover their entire face?
[19:19:34] <aria> Or are black/paint their jaw black?
[19:21:21] <Cybylt> Batman Beyond
[19:21:36] <Cybylt> That's the only one I can think of
[19:23:48] <aria> Does that one count?
[19:24:00] <aria> It's noob batman, not proper competent batman
[19:24:20] <Cybylt> He gets pretty good in the mid point of the series
[19:24:36] <aria> Yeah?
[19:24:38] <Cybylt> also he trolls Joker which has to count for something
[19:24:41] <aria> Maybe I should read some of that
[19:26:03] <Apsup> It's cartoon...although there might be some money grap comics to go along with it.
[19:26:15] <Apsup> Also that one Batgirl covered her whole face.
[19:26:23] <aria> I've seen some of the cartoon. He was never competent in that
[19:26:36] <aria> Also how does he open his mouth through the suit? http://1.bp.blogspot.com
[19:27:02] <aria> Are there any black Batman?
[19:27:03] <Apsup> The return of the joker move at least is pretty good.
[19:27:05] <Apsup> No.
[19:27:55] <aria> Cause if he was black, yknow, it would make sense he values being able to talk over the added stealth of not being a floating jaw
[19:29:48] <Apsup> You know that's Batman's MO relies highly on intimidation. Mouth is excelent indimidation tool.
[19:30:51] <aria> More so if you're black.
[19:37:52] <aria> http://www.youtube.com
[19:38:07] <aria> NSFW warning if you keep watching after the linked segment
[19:57:28] -!- Bronzdragon [Bronzdragon!~Bronzdrag@685296F5:6B6499B6:6A691D91:IP] has joined #geeknights
[19:57:45] <aria> You call blankets "comforters"?
[19:58:25] <Bronzdragon> I would
[19:59:38] <Bronzdragon> Acutally, a comfort in dutch is a small amount of liqour.
[19:59:45] <Bronzdragon> Like a night-hat
[19:59:49] <Bronzdragon> (That's English, right)
[19:59:51] <Bronzdragon> (Night cap, maybe?
[20:37:04] -!- Kulag has quit [Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.]
[20:39:09] -!- Kulag [Kulag!~kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
[21:04:12] <Cybylt> http://www.mnn.com
[21:52:07] <Bronzdragon> OMNIGEL IS REAL
[21:55:15] <Bronzdragon> Aria's being unfair
[21:55:19] <Bronzdragon> Cybylt, tell him to be more fair
[21:55:24] <Bronzdragon> I'll reboot meanwhile
[21:55:27] <Bronzdragon> Ciao~
[21:56:00] -!- Bronzdragon has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[22:17:46] -!- Bronzdragon [Bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[22:21:56] <Cybylt> Not Omnigel, medigel
[22:22:05] <Cybylt> omnigel was the hacking stuff
[22:31:19] <Bronzdragon> Right.
[23:11:28] -!- Cybylt has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[23:39:21] -!- MrBRAD [MrBRAD!whatsthis@hide-E5C62045.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #geeknights
[23:39:54] <Bronzdragon> 'ello Brad.