#geeknights | Logs for 2013-03-08

[00:39:01] <Bronzdragon> hey, Aria!
[00:54:46] <yoshokatana> hmmmm
[00:54:55] <yoshokatana> I didn't get much coding done today
[00:55:05] <yoshokatana> was mostly dicking around on the internet
[00:55:12] <yoshokatana> so I feel kinda bad, but on the other hand
[00:55:18] <yoshokatana> I really want to play videogames
[00:55:28] <Bronzdragon> Story of my life.
[00:55:31] <yoshokatana> and I'm a little tipsy, so I'm not sure I should be coding :p
[00:56:15] <Bronzdragon> Relevant XKCD http://xkcd.com
[00:57:12] <yoshokatana> true fax
[01:06:48] <yoshokatana> instead of coding, I'm going to learn the mission editor for arma 3 :3
[01:07:13] <Bronzdragon> It's basically the same thing, right?
[01:09:35] <yoshokatana> haha yeah, but probably easier
[01:10:01] <Bronzdragon> Easier?
[01:10:05] <Bronzdragon> What kind of coding are you doing?
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[01:36:49] <Bronzdragon> Hai again yppaz
[01:37:00] <aria> How on earth?
[01:37:11] <Bronzdragon> How IN SPAAAAACE
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[04:02:04] <aria> Is the boat stuff in Ass Creed 3 well done?
[04:04:37] <aria> It looks cool from watching gameplay, but the giant "Hold squre to avoid damage!" in the middle of the screen isn't super promising
[04:05:10] <aria> and neither is being able to take out 3 ships all slightly larger than your own in 5 minutes in a 1v3 battle
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[05:15:20] <Cybylt> Why aren't there more games like Valkyria Chronicles
[05:15:46] <Cybylt> and hello aria
[05:16:12] <Cybylt> and GauntletWizard, and athenian200 or athenian201
[05:16:21] <athenian201> Hi.
[05:16:23] <Cybylt> I'm pretty sure the two of you are the same person
[05:16:26] <athenian201> We're the same person.
[05:16:33] <Cybylt> alright then
[05:17:00] <Cybylt> I got my preorder for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, awesome stuff
[05:17:07] <Cybylt> now I have to wait a week and a half
[05:17:09] <Cybylt> not so awesome
[05:17:21] <athenian201> Yeah, but at least your copy is guaranteed.
[05:17:43] <Cybylt> I'm not so sure about the demand in the area
[05:17:51] <athenian201> It's probably not too high.
[05:18:01] <athenian201> But good to be safe.
[05:18:31] <Cybylt> the series has been picking up pretty steadily as it goes on, but the WiiU and 3DS platform shift may knock back some numbers
[05:18:45] <aria> Hi
[05:19:31] <Cybylt> I wish they'd bring back the "There are hunters, and then there are Monster Hunters" ad campaign
[05:19:56] <Cybylt> more games need to be represented by presumably drunken irishmen wearing pelts
[05:22:25] <athenian201> There need to be more commercials like that in general.
[05:22:30] <athenian201> Video game or otherwise.
[05:22:31] <athenian201> LOL.
[05:22:33] <Cybylt> Yes
[05:25:10] <Cybylt> Really though, is there anything that plays like Valkyria? The closest I've seen was Xcom: Enemy Unknown
[05:25:14] <Cybylt> and even that wasn't all that close
[05:25:38] <Cybylt> and those bastards at sega never ported 3 because piracy on PSP is pretty ridiculous
[05:27:54] <Cybylt> http://www.youtube.com
[05:28:08] <Cybylt> Nothing ever mixed real time and take turn strategy rpg like this
[05:28:21] <Cybylt> and looked so very very pretty while doing it
[05:28:42] <aria> Because "Eh, horse betting and Ryuugagotoku makes enough money. You guys can make a Sonic game if you wanna be creative"
[05:28:57] <Cybylt> also probably the only game where it's fantasy ww2, and you're Belgium
[05:29:18] <aria> "But don't break any of the rules in this novel sized checklist of things you can't do in a Sonic game!"
[05:29:26] <Cybylt> lol
[05:29:55] <Cybylt> It's not like pumping out shitty sonic games made sega nearly bankrupt
[05:29:55] <Robobuntoo> ...
[05:30:03] <Cybylt> except that's exactly what it did
[05:30:10] <Cybylt> and that's why they don't have platinum anymore
[05:30:34] <aria> When you say "nearly bankrupt"
[05:30:39] <aria> that's not really accurate
[05:30:51] <Cybylt> What exactly happened?
[05:31:13] <aria> it's more like they lost money again which they hadn't in a long while, so they decided to just be conservative and reap the rewards of social and arcade
[05:31:24] <Cybylt> oh
[05:31:43] <aria> Also Sonic has always pulled it's own weight, even when bad; They sell enough on brand to make up the budget
[05:31:48] <Cybylt> Then why was it brought out that they lost a ton of money and on the verge of going under?
[05:32:01] <Cybylt> just to sell the story?
[05:32:07] <aria> Because they had 2 companies before
[05:33:02] <Cybylt> they were starting to show promise as a publisher too, picking up platinum and the total war guys
[05:33:09] <Cybylt> even if viking was meh
[05:33:28] <aria> the revenue of the company that actually makes games is mostly measured by their royalities I'm assuming, and the real Sega is who's making most of the money even if that isn't the case, with gambling, social and arcade
[05:34:20] <aria> Platinum probably also costs a whole bunch
[05:34:57] <aria> They have 250 staff, and their games never sell that well
[05:35:04] <Cybylt> Right
[05:35:12] <aria> They pump out games really quickly, so they probably break even normally
[05:35:16] <Cybylt> they should, but they usually don't
[05:35:30] <aria> But a couple of Max Anarchy's and you're in trouble
[05:35:49] <Cybylt> they had no reason to hold that off
[05:36:24] <aria> Sonic and Sega All Star Racing With Banjo and Kazooie probably didn't meet expectations. Just judging by quality, I'd assume it was an expensive title to make and probably market
[05:36:57] <Cybylt> Really? That was the game they poured their money into?
[05:37:02] <aria> It's a shame. I like a lot of what Sega was doing until they decided to scale back
[05:37:13] <aria> Marketing for sure
[05:37:15] <Cybylt> Sonic, in a racing game where he's in a kart
[05:37:26] <aria> not sure if it was expensive to make, but it was really competent at what it was trying to do
[05:37:32] <Cybylt> how did that ever sound good to anyone
[05:37:49] <aria> I played it soley for Banjo =P
[05:37:54] <aria> Actually
[05:37:57] <aria> that's not true
[05:38:00] <aria> I saw the trailer because Banjo
[05:38:07] <aria> I played it soley for the guy from Shenmue =P
[05:38:14] <Cybylt> haha, nice
[05:38:45] <aria> Speaking of Shenmue
[05:39:15] <aria> Greenlighting 16 super high budget games without understanding the market probably scared them a whole bunch
[05:39:45] <Cybylt> When did that happen?
[05:39:55] <aria> pre Dreamcast launch
[05:39:59] <aria> well, Dreamcast launch
[05:40:00] <Cybylt> I remember hearing Shenmue was insanely overbudget
[05:40:15] <aria> It was meant to have 15 sequels
[05:40:25] <Cybylt> Damn
[05:40:36] <aria> Where every game was short, but still worth your 50 bucks
[05:40:46] <Cybylt> so they really wanted to go all out with the episodic nature
[05:40:54] <aria> Yeah
[05:41:00] <aria> And they assumed that naturally
[05:41:06] <aria> they'd all sell super well, and after 5 games
[05:41:17] <aria> you can start reusing a lot of the assests
[05:41:27] <aria> so that game 9 costs a tenth of game 1
[05:41:31] <Cybylt> right
[05:41:41] <Cybylt> basically runs the course of the gen
[05:41:52] <aria> But game 1 already cost, yknow, as much as 10 small scale games, and then didn't even sell well
[05:41:53] <Robobuntoo> You can't as ten smalls!
[05:42:46] <Cybylt> and in most of the world the dreamcast fumbled under the ps2 hype machine
[05:43:04] <aria> The Ryuugagotoku/Yakuza games are pretty much the same thing as Shenmue, but not episodic, and those do really well in Japan, but poorly here
[05:43:21] <Cybylt> which is kinda sad, because Yakuza is pretty sweet
[05:43:44] <Cybylt> still wish we got that I think it was edo era one
[05:43:56] <Cybylt> because it looked like Yakuza + Way of the Samurai
[05:44:02] <Cybylt> both of which I really really like
[05:44:09] <aria> I haven't played that. I want to
[05:44:17] <Cybylt> 2 was the best
[05:44:27] <Cybylt> 3 was okay, 4 is pretty cool, 1 was okay
[05:44:39] <Cybylt> 2's parry system just made it though
[05:45:30] <Cybylt> especially once you unlock the one hit kill mode
[05:45:38] <Cybylt> made every fight really tense
[05:46:20] <Cybylt> engrish death cries from the magistrate are silly and campy as hell
[05:48:07] <aria> So I'm watching this documentary thing on Minecraft
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[05:48:54] <aria> The guy who made Minecraft (and isn't currently working on it, because he hired a group of people to take over) is surprisngly not a douche =P
[05:49:33] <aria> Also they haven't acknowledged the fact that the game lags when it should never under any circumstances on a computer from the past few years do, unless you made it wrong
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[05:52:42] <Cybylt> I liked him more when I found out he was willing to fund Psychonauts 2, but then let down when it turned out he wouldn't because he didn't understand quite how much money that would take
[05:52:52] <Cybylt> and all of the legal paperwork that moving around that much money takes
[05:53:15] <aria> He could totally afford Psychonauts 2
[05:53:29] <aria> I mean c'mon, Minecraft
[05:53:42] <Cybylt> He could, but the legal stuff is what deters him, not the cost
[05:53:48] <aria> Though I guess /most/ of the Minecraft money went to the Swedish government, because he didn't have a company for most of the time
[05:54:12] <Cybylt> He is just short of being a billionare if not straight up billionare
[05:54:16] <Cybylt> Notch has dosh
[05:54:38] <aria> If it isn't, he managed his company wrong =P
[05:54:42] <aria> he*
[05:59:18] <Cybylt> Pretty much
[05:59:43] <Cybylt> Has he made anything else or just coasting off that sweet sweet minecraft money
[05:59:56] <aria> They're working on 2 games
[06:00:04] <aria> been working on those since 2010
[06:00:17] <aria> Also they made the 4 games for the charity event not too long ago
[06:00:20] <aria> Like a week ago
[06:00:29] <aria> The wo
[06:00:36] <aria> Wolfire FPS was also from that
[06:01:58] <aria> Though all of those were made in like a week or something, and streaming the entire process
[06:02:16] <aria> 72 hours apperantly
[06:03:12] <Cybylt> Wow, that's really quick development
[06:03:52] <aria> The ones done by Mohjang I don't think are anything special, haven't played them, but the Wolfire one is cool
[06:04:17] <aria> They made 2 different more or less iphone-quality twin stick shooters
[06:04:20] <aria> And one other thing
[06:05:24] <aria> http://youtu.be
[06:05:34] <aria> There ya go, that's the Wolfire one
[06:06:30] <aria> 2 people for 3 days, while taking viewer requests and interacting.
[06:06:34] <aria> I'm pretty impressed
[06:07:32] <aria> Their previous project like this was Reciver, which was done in a week. That was also impressive for having been made by 1 person over a week, but not as fun as this.
[06:09:44] <aria> I guess they also did Desperate Gods. I forgot about that. Can't remember how long that was, but think that was just a weekend. I was gonna make a Dark Souls Chess mod of that, but never got around to it
[06:16:08] <aria> I really should sleep
[06:16:17] <aria> Its 7:14
[06:16:40] <Cybylt> That game sounds pretty neat
[06:16:56] <Cybylt> keeping yourself going by getting kills
[06:17:07] <Cybylt> And you probably should
[06:18:34] <aria> How did EA not expect Sim City to not have enough servers at launch?
[06:18:57] <aria> I could've told you that half a year ago
[06:19:15] <aria> Just let someone else take care of hosting for the first two weeks
[06:19:29] <aria> Then you get their data and add servers accordingly
[06:21:13] <Cybylt> their servers were outsourced, apparently
[06:21:27] <aria> And still got it wrong?
[06:21:33] <Cybylt> the dumb thing was making it online only
[06:21:35] <aria> Who was it outsourced to?
[06:22:19] <Cybylt> I don't remember who, but it was outsourced. From what i heard the issue wasn't the capacity so much as it was just too many people getting on in too short a time
[06:23:58] <Cybylt> http://i.imgur.com
[06:23:59] <aria> I bet you Amazon/Canonical would've just had it working, with 5 minutes of downtimes while realizing their estimations were wrong
[06:24:07] <Cybylt> also this
[06:24:36] <aria> To be fair.
[06:24:46] <aria> Save/reload is not a plus
[06:25:00] <aria> And I bet you there were things added to the new game
[06:25:08] <Cybylt> What I don't get is the size, especially with forced multiplayer
[06:25:30] <aria> Apperantly it lags even at that size
[06:25:35] <aria> so that's probably why
[06:25:36] <Cybylt> wow
[06:25:49] <aria> It lets you zoom in really close
[06:27:13] <Cybylt> Oh, and Maxis that made this isn't really Maxis, as about 95% of the Maxis staff since acquisition has quit. EA just figured the brand stamp would push more copies.
[06:29:56] <aria> Im sure there is still a Maxis office, and a large number of staff working there
[06:30:01] <aria> and that those people made this game
[06:31:48] <Cybylt> Right, technically it is Maxis, except just about none of the people in this particular Maxis made games that made Maxis known or anything along those lines.
[06:32:17] <Cybylt> Seeing as they kinda vanished after Spore, made Darkspore which I'm not even sure anybody played and vanished for another couple years
[06:34:36] <Cybylt> and didn't Wright, who was the leading vision of the company, quit after Spore?
[06:36:18] <aria> I wouldn't know
[06:36:27] <aria> Not very invested in that company
[06:36:39] <aria> I mean.. I like Maxis branded stuff
[06:36:47] <aria> but I know nothing of them
[06:36:57] <aria> I thought they were Swedish, but I guess they aren't.
[06:38:58] <Cybylt> I'm not really sure where they're from
[06:40:07] <Cybylt> Though I'm sad they're the victim of EA and have since been zombified into something else while the name is kept for brand selling. I wonder if the same will eventually happen with Bioware
[06:40:14] <Cybylt> though I guess some will say it already has
[06:41:39] <aria> Honestly, I doubt Maxim is nearly as strong of a brand as "Sim*"
[06:41:48] <aria> Bioware is probably a stronger brand
[06:41:52] <aria> but even that EA can do without
[06:43:07] <Cybylt> Good point
[06:45:30] <aria> So I have no clue what this comic is
[06:45:37] <aria> I started reading from a random page
[06:46:12] <Cybylt> what's the comic?
[06:46:21] <aria> But so far it has had a guy with a shirt that has "penis" and has a drawing of a penis on it, a girl who has a shirt where it says "fuck me" and a arrow poiting down, and this http://img.batoto.net
[06:46:21] <Robobuntoo> ...
[06:47:50] <Cybylt> alright...
[06:48:01] <aria> Im like 3 pages in.
[06:48:16] <aria> Not sure if I should keep going..
[06:50:21] <aria> Alright, I'll keep reading
[06:50:22] <aria> http://img.batoto.net
[06:51:13] <Cybylt> did they just address stat growth via tattoos?
[06:51:21] <aria> Seems so
[07:00:28] <aria> Ok Im bored of this comic
[07:00:36] <aria> I wanna sleep but its already 8am
[07:00:41] <aria> Might as well just stay up
[07:06:03] <Cybylt> that never works for me
[07:07:29] <Cybylt> unless I woke up at 2am
[07:07:51] <Cybylt> my workday of the week was cancelled because of rain
[07:08:15] <Cybylt> which I guess works out because I was too sore from the week of not-quite rainy weather
[07:09:02] <Cybylt> but I like work
[07:09:08] <Cybylt> and the food that comes after
[07:10:28] <Cybylt> I really really like the food that comes after
[07:25:36] <aria> ...
[07:25:39] <aria> I'd like so food
[07:25:44] <aria> Or sleep
[07:25:45] <aria> either or
[07:28:54] <Cybylt> food helps keep you up so if that's your plan
[07:28:56] <Cybylt> get food
[07:31:19] <aria> Nah
[07:31:22] <aria> I wanna sleep
[07:31:26] <aria> but can't commit
[07:41:48] <Cybylt> then sleep damn you
[07:43:29] <Cybylt> Hot damn, tanks are game breakers in Valkyria 3
[07:43:57] <Cybylt> in 1 driving a tank counted as two actions, in 2 it counted as 1 for a light apc, 2 for a light tank and 3 for a heavy tank
[07:44:07] <Cybylt> in 3? One point, no matter what build
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[08:34:42] <aria> Could've slept at 5.
[08:38:40] <aria> Right, good night
[08:38:43] <aria> if Bronz asks, I left at 5
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[13:30:44] <Apsup> Morning.
[13:31:20] <aria> Hi
[13:31:28] <aria> I slept at 10am
[13:31:37] <aria> So still pretty tired
[13:32:12] <aria> But thats fine
[13:32:18] <Apsup> You probably mean that you went to sleep at 10 am.
[13:32:19] <Robobuntoo> You can't at ten ams!
[13:32:19] <aria> what is you up to?
[13:32:59] <Apsup> Looking that my video with my Canabalt highscore is fine and going to send an email.
[13:33:34] <aria> Why wouldn't it be? Afraid of lag? Did you cheat?
[13:33:38] <aria> Whats your final score
[13:33:47] <aria> and yes, that's what I meant. Did I say it wrong?
[13:34:37] <Apsup> I didn't get shit for a highscroe. I meant that I made sure that the score is clearly visible as is other required information, stuff like that.
[13:34:39] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[13:37:54] <aria> New 8-4 play if you'd be interested
[13:38:04] <aria> Ill make it sure loud so I can't fall asleep
[13:38:23] <aria> Sadly 10 seconds it, they've said "I'm tired" like 4 times
[13:38:24] <Robobuntoo> You can't Sadly ten seconds!
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[13:55:32] <Bronzdragon> Hey
[13:57:28] <Apsup> Afternoon
[13:58:58] <Bronzdragon> How are you today, My dearest Apsup?
[14:00:39] <Apsup> I should write some appications for I want to work at summer.
[14:00:59] <Bronzdragon> that would make sense for a thing to do
[14:03:06] <Apsup> Yes, there is this thing that our university does where bunch of companies look for students for paid internship for summer and deadline for applying to those is today. Yay for I have been lazy again and left thing to last moments.
[14:22:27] <apreche> today - SnowXNetrunner
[14:23:27] <Apsup> I really hate writing open applications. I don't have much to tell about myself. No real work exprience or anything else significant in my resume.
[14:24:25] <apreche> you have to have done something
[14:26:46] <aria> ^
[14:26:50] <aria> On Apsup
[14:26:54] <aria> not apreche
[14:27:21] <aria> Though he's right. Just write about your own projects and school work
[14:30:41] <aria> ^o)
[14:30:48] <aria> God damnit Norwegian government
[14:30:51] <aria> You're doing it wrong
[14:31:27] <aria> They will give me 100k USD (roughly, a bit more) if I tell them I wnna show my game at GDC, Gamescom, E3 or Pax, and that's supposed to cover travel and booth and what other fees I may have
[14:31:34] <aria> And there is almost no screening
[14:31:48] <aria> But they won't subsidise actually making games
[14:32:28] <aria> Why the fuck is showing something at GDC worth government funding?
[14:32:29] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
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[17:58:26] <Cybylt> Hello
[18:00:27] <Apsup> Bye bye!
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[18:01:03] <Cybylt> awww
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[18:04:01] <apreche> aria: they like people promoting their country in other countries
[18:04:18] <apreche> that's why there are Norwegian comics at MoCCA Festival every year
[18:35:32] <Bronzdragon> Hey apreche
[20:13:51] <Cybylt> I'm tired, but a nap will destroy my sleep schedule
[20:14:08] <Bronzdragon> OH NOES
[20:14:59] <Cybylt> and I'm considering giving White Knight Chronicles 2 another chance
[20:15:14] <Cybylt> I was at the end of the story mode, did a bit of online, my character finally had his own Knight
[20:15:21] <Cybylt> and then my PS3's HDD corrupted
[20:15:33] <Cybylt> that was last january
[20:15:59] <Bronzdragon> that's no good
[20:16:16] <Cybylt> It does suck
[20:16:29] <Cybylt> my friends were surprised that I did not sell the system out of anger
[20:21:36] <Cybylt> Holy shit, a company on PSN vaguely understands deprecation of value
[20:21:38] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[20:21:46] <aria> ...
[20:21:48] <Cybylt> Valkyria Chronicles 2 is $9 instead of $20
[20:22:16] <aria> So White Knight Chronicles fun?
[20:22:22] <aria> I watched a bit of gameplay from the first one
[20:22:35] <aria> The bird bus things are sorta cool
[20:22:43] <aria> also the city on top of the giant dude was also cool
[20:22:50] <Cybylt> It's okay, 2 is the one you want if any though, it includes the entirety of 1 with the graphical and system upgrades
[20:23:47] <Cybylt> it plays a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles, where it's almost hotkey style combat with tabs dedicated to different moves, except you can put a combo onto one tab
[20:24:15] <Cybylt> and then the big deal with it is the Knights, except in 1 only the actual protagonist and another character could transform
[20:24:21] <Cybylt> out of the people in your party
[20:24:38] <Cybylt> in 2, your character and just about every other party member can transform
[20:25:21] <Cybylt> except your form isn't some ancient weapon like theirs, but a recently developed mass production model that's customizable
[20:27:45] <Cybylt> and then there's online
[20:27:55] <Cybylt> which has georama from Dark Cloud
[20:29:51] <Cybylt> you hire npcs from the story mode to fill it out and this adds stock to your shops and you can put gather points in the town
[20:30:22] <Cybylt> story mode's hilarious because of the player character
[20:31:00] <Cybylt> he/she was hired to cart for a winery... and ends up joining the cast for all this stop the badguy nonsense because... because
[20:31:24] <Cybylt> they don't talk, they're never acknowledged by the party except in the intro
[20:32:45] <Cybylt> http://thepunchlineismachismo.com
[20:38:25] <Cybylt> Robocop really makes it
[20:38:37] <aria> I can't stand his face..
[20:38:41] <aria> Raiden
[20:38:43] <aria> I m ean
[20:39:22] <Cybylt> I don't know why Raiden doesn't just go full brain-case cyborg
[20:39:39] <Cybylt> Raiden, as a human, is the top half of a skull and the brain
[20:39:42] <Bronzdragon> .. wouldy ou?
[20:39:58] <Cybylt> If I were nothing but top half of a skull and brain, yes
[20:40:48] <Cybylt> his eyes are artificial, his skin is artificial, I'm pretty sure the teeth in his top jaw are fake too.
[20:42:22] <Cybylt> But since I have a body that's somewhat functional, probably not
[20:42:59] <aria> http://japanesefashioninferno.tumblr.com
[20:43:06] <Cybylt> except the spine, spine can fuck off, it's an asshole. I would replace that in a minute if the tech and money to accomplish it safely were available
[20:43:06] <Robobuntoo> Censor yourself, Motherfucker!
[20:43:28] <Bronzdragon> What's wrong with your spine?
[20:43:37] <aria> Buch of stuff I'd replace..
[20:43:49] <Cybylt> severe scoliosis
[20:44:02] <Cybylt> if it were thrown it would come back
[20:45:53] <Cybylt> How is that backpack "soup stock" color
[20:46:22] <aria> I'd probably call it soup stock too
[20:46:38] <Cybylt> but it's blue or purple
[20:46:45] <aria> Nah
[20:46:53] <Cybylt> I can't tell the difference between those two
[20:46:57] <aria> It comes in blue soup stock and regular soup stock
[20:47:41] <Cybylt> but...
[20:47:43] <Cybylt> http://static.caloriecount.about.com
[20:47:46] <Cybylt> that's soupstock
[20:47:55] <Cybylt> I do not see the resemblance in color or tone
[20:51:34] <aria> That is soupstock, but it's not soupstock coloured, clearly!
[20:54:32] <Cybylt> I looked up soupstock color and all I got were pictures of bowls of soup
[20:54:41] <Cybylt> none of which were blue-ish
[20:55:52] <Bronzdragon> whaaat
[21:02:29] <aria> What is this blue-ish you speak of? I know only of Soupstock.
[21:02:59] <Cybylt> well I'm color deficient so all I see is blue
[21:03:28] <Cybylt> shades of blue and purple look pretty much the same to me, just in different shades and saturations
[21:04:35] <aria> I was by the way joking
[21:05:00] <Bronzdragon> Man, all I can see is difference in hue and brightness and saturation =(
[21:40:27] -!- Snickety-Snake [Snickety-Snake!~djcrocker@DECCB10F.E40122CD.82D2B239.IP] has joined #geeknights
[21:51:36] <Bronzdragon> Hey Snake
[21:51:42] -!- LtChibi has quit [Quit: BAM]
[22:00:51] <apreche> YABBA DABBA DOO!
[22:28:57] -!- spacejam [spacejam!spacejam@hide-C81D949.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[22:32:15] <Bronzdragon> Hai spacejam.
[22:32:35] <spacejam> hyi
[22:33:01] <Bronzdragon> Are you punching me?
[22:33:06] <Bronzdragon> It sounds like you are.
[22:33:17] <spacejam> nyi
[22:55:06] <Cybylt> http://www.neoseeker.com
[22:55:07] <Robobuntoo> You can't what ten months!
[22:55:18] <Cybylt> Shadowrun Returns is going alone nicely
[23:05:16] <Bronzdragon> I'm not sure if Robobuntoo meant wait...
[23:05:22] <Bronzdragon> In which case, eh, I could.
[23:08:14] <spacejam> looks like newgrounds is down
[23:08:52] <Bronzdragon> yeah, seems they hit the floor.
[23:09:25] <Bronzdragon> http://instantyeah.org
[23:10:11] <aria> Cybylt: A follow up to yesterday's conversation. While I'm not sure how much Shenmue 1 and 2 cost, 3 was budgeted 85 million USD, which was less than 1. 3 never came out.
[23:10:38] <Cybylt> fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
[23:10:43] <Cybylt> that's a lot of money
[23:10:48] <spacejam> shadowrun looks pretty cool
[23:13:10] <aria> For perspective, Skyrim was 40 million. Mass Effect 3 was 20-ish million
[23:15:01] <aria> It should be noted that the 40 million for Skyrim factors in marketing, and the 85 million for Shenmue 3 does not.
[23:22:39] <aria> The most expensive game up to that point was Final Fantasy 7 (I think?), which had 45 million USD as it's budget when combining earlier, scrapped versions of the game, as well as outsourced CG