#geeknights | Logs for 2013-01-12

[00:13:29] <Apsup> Gotta say, Global offencive's match making failed in that match.
[00:16:12] <Bronzdragon> ...
[00:16:14] <Bronzdragon> How so?
[00:17:25] <Apsup> team I was in won 16-0, not very balanced match.
[00:18:22] <Apsup> Thought pre-made teams are probably difficult to balance.
[00:18:32] <Bronzdragon> True
[01:45:56] <Bronzdragon> Ah... I finally got Far Cry 3 to work.
[01:45:59] <Bronzdragon> Now look at the time!
[01:46:03] <Bronzdragon> Well, nap time it is~
[01:46:07] <Bronzdragon> Good night, guys
[01:46:42] <Apsup> Nigth
[01:46:48] <Apsup> *Night
[01:46:55] <ruffas> g'night
[01:47:01] <Bronzdragon> Ciao
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[01:55:13] <Apsup> Well, now I've seen Megami Tensei anime OVA.
[01:56:14] <ruffas> how was it?
[01:57:26] <Apsup> eeh. It was super low quality and I don't think the visuals would have been anything special even with decent picture quality and the story went by kinda fast.
[01:57:44] <Apsup> There wasn't much time to explain or explore in the 40 minutes it lasted.
[01:58:42] <Apsup> I was able to fill things thanks to my previous knowledge, otherwise I don't know how lost I would have been.
[01:58:54] <Apsup> Although, most of the story is kinda simple.
[01:59:14] <ruffas> only 40 min?
[01:59:25] <ruffas> you can't angst properly in 40 minutes!
[01:59:39] <Apsup> Yea. I wached it as 4 ten minutes youtube clips.
[01:59:40] <Robobuntoo> You can't 4 ten minutes!
[02:00:00] <Apsup> Thaks Robobunto.
[02:00:29] <ruffas> i'm glad he's back
[02:01:33] <Apsup> There was wery little angsting. It was "I want revenge because my ass was handed to me, I shall summon demon" "Oh fuck, summoning Loki was not a good idea" "Ok, let's start acting less of a dick and more heroicly" "Let's kick Loki's ass" The end.
[02:01:59] <ruffas> lame
[02:03:22] <Apsup> Also the main characater was reincarnated god that left his girlfriend to hell because she turned ugly.
[02:03:47] <ruffas> wow...
[02:54:40] <yoshokatana> yay upgrading video card drivers
[02:57:25] <Apsup> I wonder is there some good reason for many speedrunners playing the game on original japanese? At least that's what I've seen on this Awesome Game Done quick thing.
[03:25:31] <ruffas> so they're not distracted by the pretty words
[03:28:06] <Apsup> They mash a anyways.
[03:43:25] <ruffas> no idea then
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[05:12:03] <GauntletWizard> hrmm
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[05:16:53] <GauntletWizard> github apparently doesn't support issues for forked repos
[05:22:28] <GauntletWizard> oh, it does
[05:22:31] <GauntletWizard> https://github.com
[05:41:15] <yoshokatana> it's that time of the evening where I browse youtube watching archival footage of manned space missions and get ALL THE FEELS
[05:44:32] <ruffas> is that something you do routinely?
[05:45:28] <yoshokatana> hmm
[05:45:36] <yoshokatana> with startling frequency
[05:45:43] <yoshokatana> maybe two or three times a month?
[05:45:47] <yoshokatana> I mean, SPACE.
[05:47:55] <ruffas> SPACE indeed
[05:48:05] <ruffas> it's hard to argue with that
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[06:55:58] <Bronzdragon> wuzzup
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[07:16:27] <Bronzdragon> velvet is rebooting Agaaaaain?
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[07:20:55] <Bronz> YOSH!
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[07:22:50] <Bronz> Kulag!
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[07:57:11] <aria> http://youtu.be
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