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[01:54:47] <GauntletWizard> evening, gents
[01:59:56] <Apsup> Night.
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[07:54:35] <aria> http://youtu.be
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[09:00:34] <aria> HUh
[09:00:38] <aria> Artorias is hard
[09:00:48] <aria> I thought I could take him without heals wth this dud
[09:00:56] <aria> cause infinite end, so he can just block his attacks
[09:01:00] <aria> But I died
[09:01:18] <aria> (he was very low on health though. Maybe I can do him without healing if I try again)
[09:14:21] <aria> I had to heal
[09:14:52] <aria> But I he got one really good hit in right off the bat cause I thought there was a cutscene the second time too
[09:15:02] <aria> and he managed to buff
[09:15:18] <aria> and even then, I didnt get hit after healing
[09:25:49] <nine> >Artorias is hard
[09:25:51] <nine> You're bad.
[09:26:33] <aria> Hush mr has-to-hack-for-the-gargoyles
[09:26:48] <nine> Not "has to".
[09:26:50] <nine> "can"
[09:27:10] <nine> That character isn't even going to move beyond gargoyles.
[09:27:19] <nine> If I ever start him up again.
[09:27:26] <aria> With +5 chaos weapons...
[09:27:39] <nine> Yah.
[09:27:51] <nine> Because I didn't wanna grind to NG++ for a throwaway character idea.
[09:28:24] <aria> That's fine, just use base weapons instead
[09:28:29] <aria> Or sunbro at Gwyn or some shit
[09:28:35] <nine> That wasn't the character idea.
[09:28:38] <nine> >sunbro at Gwyn
[09:28:39] <nine> Wot.
[09:28:55] <aria> What? No one summons for Gwyn?
[09:29:01] <aria> I dunno, do Manus then
[09:29:03] <nine> What part of "not going past gargoyles" and "not gonna grind" do you not understand?
[09:29:05] <aria> or someone at least sorta hard
[09:29:10] <nine> He's not for that shit.
[09:29:15] <nine> How hard is that to fucking understand?
[09:29:28] <aria> You're hacking anyway, there wouldn't be a grind.
[09:29:44] <nine> Except having to grind through the game.
[09:29:55] <nine> Which, again, wasn't the fucking point of the character.
[09:30:14] <aria> Wut? Just set the klin as your spawn
[09:30:19] <aria> and then do the skip glitch
[09:30:26] <aria> takes like a minute with loading screens
[09:30:27] <nine> I don't know that one.
[09:30:29] <nine> Heard about it.
[09:30:32] <nine> Don't know how to do it though.
[09:30:35] <nine> And again, WHY WOULD I?
[09:30:40] <nine> Seriously, why the fuck would I do that?
[09:30:48] <nine> >takes like a minute
[09:30:53] <nine> >without having killed a single boss
[09:30:55] <aria> Because chaos weapons
[09:30:56] <nine> YEAH TOTALLY.
[09:31:05] <nine> Because chaos weapons?
[09:31:08] <nine> That makes no sense.
[09:31:19] <nine> That's not a fucking reason to go do shit I don't want to do.
[09:31:19] <aria> Chaos weapons are balanced for ng+
[09:31:22] <aria> not the very first enemy
[09:31:36] <nine> No shit sherlock.
[09:31:45] <aria> So was the character "dude that punches" or "dude that punches with fire"?
[09:31:54] <nine> Do you have the faintest grasp for why I made that character?
[09:32:06] <nine> Not to see how +5 chaos works against fucking black knights in the kiln.
[09:32:11] <aria> Because you thought the gargoyles were hard, I dunno
[09:32:21] <nine> Dude that punches with fire.
[09:32:32] <aria> Why not fire+0?
[09:32:37] <nine> If I could start the game in the Kiln, sure I could've done that.
[09:32:40] <nine> You can't though.
[09:32:57] <aria> You totally can,
[09:33:09] <nine> Because it wasn't just fire.
[09:33:12] <nine> CHAOS.
[09:33:14] <aria> set respawn to klin before the door, jump down, reload, then you're inside
[09:33:20] <nine> >before the door
[09:33:23] <aria> Chaos looks different?
[09:33:49] <aria> With hacking you can
[09:34:06] <nine> Except not.
[09:34:13] <nine> People haven't been able to do that.
[09:34:15] <nine> Yet.
[09:34:24] <aria> What? You can do that on the xbox
[09:34:38] <nine> No you can't.
[09:34:43] <nine> Kiln glitch, sure.
[09:34:56] <nine> But not skipping Asylum demon by editting your location data.
[09:35:04] <nine> Which is exactly what you're suggesting.
[09:35:21] <aria> Nah, you just put the lordvessle in your inventory and teleport. The editor has a "unlock all teleports" radiobox
[09:35:31] <aria> I guess you do have to do the asylum demon..
[09:35:49] <aria> http://img402.imageshack.us
[09:36:06] <nine> The editor has radioboxes?
[09:36:10] <nine> Never seen that thing.
[09:36:18] <aria> Isn't that the same editor?
[09:36:23] <nine> No.
[09:36:27] <aria> Oh.
[09:36:38] <aria> First result for "dark souls save editor"
[09:36:41] <nine> I didn't touch the save file.
[09:36:49] <aria> RAM?
[09:36:50] <nine> I didn't use a save editor.
[09:36:54] <nine> Yes, memory hacks.
[09:37:00] <nine> With your regular old cheat engine.
[09:37:20] <aria> Does that work online?
[09:37:33] <nine> Also, just hacking in the lordvessel doesn't awaken Frampt I think.
[09:37:34] <aria> Wouldn't everyone else see you having equiped what you had before the hacks?
[09:37:48] <aria> Doesn't matter, you teleport past frampt
[09:37:55] <nine> How would they see what you had equipped before?
[09:38:00] <nine> You fucking overwrite the item code.
[09:38:06] <nine> There's no trace of the previous item remaining.
[09:38:18] <aria> Do you do it before being summoned?
[09:38:19] <nine> The game's not cloudbased you know.
[09:38:26] <nine> ...
[09:38:35] <nine> It's not volatile you know.
[09:38:51] <nine> You change the memory, which then gets saved.
[09:38:54] <nine> No touching the save file.
[09:39:31] <aria> How is that better than just changing the save file?
[09:39:44] <nine> You still fucking explained why the hell I would go and dick on towards the Kiln.
[09:39:53] <nine> There's absolutely no reason to fucking do that.
[09:40:09] <nine> I didn't say it was better, or worse for that matter.
[09:40:14] <nine> I just said that's what I did.
[09:40:14] <aria> The reason would be because more fun when you don't destory the boss..
[09:40:23] <aria> Sure
[09:40:27] <nine> But I didn't intend to beat the boss on my end.
[09:40:50] <nine> Also gargoyles is already trivially destroyed by simple using golden pine resin.
[09:40:55] <aria> Kalameet drops fucking slabs!?
[09:41:03] <nine> He does?
[09:41:12] <nine> Don't remember him ever dropping anything.
[09:41:19] <aria> Well he does drop the ring..
[09:41:22] <nine> Just that that fight is pretty cool, albeit simple.
[09:41:26] <nine> With two people.
[09:41:32] <nine> Solo it's just slow.
[09:41:36] <aria> And I think there's a white slab in the chest he's guarding
[09:41:43] <nine> >Kalameet
[09:41:45] <nine> >guarding a chest
[09:41:51] <nine> TIP THERE IS NO CHEST THERE.
[09:41:55] <aria> chest in his boss room
[09:42:00] <aria> You missed the chest?
[09:42:00] <nine> At least, none I have s...
[09:42:05] <nine> He's not in a room.
[09:42:12] <aria> Valley, whatever
[09:42:31] <aria> Right across the ladder down, all the way to the other side of the arena
[09:42:33] <aria> there's a chest
[09:42:38] <nine> Shut up.
[09:42:48] <nine> I'm not gonna believe you, just gonna check myself.
[09:42:51] <aria> You've got time to get to it before the fight even starts
[09:43:26] <nine> If it's on the other side, you don't have time.
[09:43:51] <aria> You sure? He takes his time walking up to you
[09:44:10] <aria> I remember when I died I was afraid I lost my souls
[09:44:25] <aria> Then I rushed to my stain and he was still slowly walking towards me
[09:44:28] <aria> so I did a dance..
[09:44:53] <nine> Oh yeah, think I see the chest behind the waterfall.
[09:44:56] <nine> Never seen it before.
[09:45:18] <aria> I don't remember it being behind a waterfall, just in the open
[09:45:20] <aria> with its back to the wall
[09:46:15] <nine> You have the shittest memory in the fucking world.
[09:46:29] <aria> At least I remember there was a chest
[09:47:39] <nine> At least?
[09:47:47] <nine> Do you know what "remember" means?
[09:47:54] <nine> It indicates you knew.
[09:47:58] <aria> Fine, at least I'm not blind
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[09:48:15] <nine> I didn't know because I never fucking go all the way to the back of the fucking valley.
[09:48:41] <aria> You can see it from the fog door..
[09:48:53] <nine> http://i.imgur.com
[09:48:59] <nine> LOOKS OBVIOUS DOESN'T IT?
[09:49:08] <nine> Also, that's cropped down.
[09:49:34] <nine> It's not at all visible from the fucking ground.
[09:49:46] <nine> The mist obscures it.
[09:49:57] <nine> And I've never seen a single person go anywhere near there.
[09:50:11] <nine> Because people fight further to the middle of the valley.
[09:50:13] <aria> Oh shit, it is behind a waterfall. And put the settings higher I guess. Or lower as the case may be. Maybe on the 360, it only shows the waterfall from up close
[09:50:36] <nine> Console plebs.
[09:50:51] <nine> PC is as intended, obscured from view.
[09:50:57] <bronzdragon> Hai Aria
[09:50:59] <bronzdragon> Hai nine
[09:51:00] <aria> Hey
[09:51:12] <aria> Say that to my slabs
[09:51:14] <nine> Hey there Bronz.
[09:51:25] <nine> You mean white slab?
[09:51:38] <aria> Was it white?
[09:51:42] <nine> Iunno, yet to open it.
[09:51:44] <bronzdragon> ... to us that slab was kind of obvious
[09:51:46] <nine> Going by your word.
[09:51:48] <aria> I thought it was white, but online dude said it was regular
[09:51:57] <nine> bronzdragon: On PC it's obscured.
[09:52:01] <bronzdragon> I mean, c'mon, giant room. You're not going to walk around and see what's in it?
[09:52:01] <nine> By a waterfall.
[09:52:07] <nine> Because we can actually have graphics.
[09:52:18] <nine> There's a bunch of souls in the center.
[09:52:20] <nine> And one off the cliff.
[09:52:21] <bronzdragon> There's a waterfall, look behind [y/n]
[09:52:29] <nine> That you can see from across the valley.
[09:52:30] <bronzdragon> There's ALWAYS something behind waterfalls
[09:52:34] <nine> No there's not.
[09:52:39] <bronzdragon> That's the entire reasons for waterfalls exsisting
[09:52:47] <bronzdragon> Hydra waterfall, something behind him or not?
[09:52:56] <bronzdragon> ... can't think of any other waterfalls in the game
[09:53:04] <nine> ... except there's nothing behind the waterfall there.
[09:53:07] <bronzdragon> So there ya go, 100% of waterfalls have something behind them.
[09:53:08] <nine> Other than a fucking rock.
[09:53:13] <nine> There's a cave further on.
[09:53:17] <nine> But not behind a waterfall.
[09:53:27] <aria> There's like 4 bosses behind there foo'
[09:53:36] <aria> except the one with a ladder, and that has sif behind it
[09:54:02] <aria> There isn't a waterfall in front of the cave?
[09:54:18] <aria> There's mist and shit there anyway
[09:54:28] <aria> You have to walk past the waterfall to get there, it counts
[09:54:30] <nine> No there's not.
[09:54:43] <nine> Now you're just fucking around.
[09:54:45] <nine> GUESS WHAT.
[09:54:52] <nine> SHIT.
[09:54:58] <nine> Fat fuck.
[09:55:04] <nine> Also titty slab.
[09:55:54] <nine> That waterfall also looks like every other waterfall.
[09:56:00] <nine> I.e. streaming down rock.
[09:56:04] <aria> How many other waterfalls are there?
[09:56:26] <nine> A hanful.
[09:56:42] <nine> There's three in this fucking valley.
[09:57:05] <aria> One of them has a lizard
[09:57:09] <aria> one has a slab
[09:57:16] <aria> and the other one is-- you mean at the end?
[09:57:27] <nine> Except the lizard's not behind a fucking waterfall.
[09:57:37] <nine> It's just on a ledge.
[09:57:50] <nine> No, the tiny one to the left of the slabfall.
[09:58:21] <aria> If you go behind that, you would probably see the slab chest
[09:58:27] <nine> So that makes 4 in this valley.
[09:58:39] <nine> Behind what?
[09:58:45] <aria> The tiny one next to the slab
[09:58:49] <aria> tiny waterfall
[09:59:12] <nine> You do realize that you can't.
[09:59:18] <nine> Because it's a fucking wall.
[09:59:29] <aria> You can walk up to it and look to the left.
[09:59:32] <nine> Which applies to all but one of the waterfalls.
[09:59:38] <nine> And see the ladder?
[10:01:13] <aria> Yknow what I don't get with eating insects?
[10:01:18] <aria> They're still recognizable
[10:01:32] <aria> Who wants to eat like, a cow head?
[10:01:33] <nine> Then you haven't dipped them in enough chocolate.
[10:01:37] <aria> You eat the block of cow meat
[10:01:42] <nine> People eat pig snouts.
[10:01:48] <aria> Crazy people
[10:01:51] <aria> I find that disgusting too
[10:01:51] <nine> The cheeks taste good.
[10:02:00] <nine> It's just meat.
[10:02:04] <nine> The idea is disgusting.
[10:02:11] <nine> But that's because all you know is highly processed meat.
[10:02:42] <nine> You wouldn't wanna eat a steak you cut off from the cow yourself either.
[10:02:51] <aria> I guess you'd eat lobster thats recognizable..
[10:03:06] <aria> Still better than a snout
[10:03:10] <bronzdragon> ...
[10:03:18] <bronzdragon> Id eat self cut cow meat
[10:03:28] <bronzdragon> I've eaten self-plucked chicken before
[10:03:44] <aria> If its just a shred of meat its fine
[10:03:48] <bronzdragon> To be fair, I didn't pluck it myself, but I was there, maaaan
[10:03:54] <nine> bronzdragon: is your name aria?
[10:03:56] <nine> No. It's not.
[10:04:05] <bronzdragon> I'm just sharing anecdotes!
[10:04:25] <nine> "If its just a shred of meat its fine", but that's exactly what the snout is as well.
[10:04:37] <nine> Don't care 'bout your anecdotes.
[10:04:38] <aria> No, its snout shaped
[10:04:49] <aria> rather than sorta roundish
[10:04:56] <nine> We weren't talking about shapes aria.
[10:05:03] <aria> Yes I was
[10:05:04] <nine> Snout shaped meat is still meat.
[10:05:11] <nine> Letter shaped chocolate is still chocolate.
[10:05:15] <nine> No you weren't.
[10:05:17] <aria> I was saying insects are gross because they still look like an insect
[10:05:29] <nine> You were moaning about mean being fine.
[10:05:39] <nine> Yes, and then you said ^
[10:05:45] <nine> meat even*
[10:05:55] <bronzdragon> Wait, are chocolate incects gross?
[10:06:08] <bronzdragon> Coz I've eaten insects made out of chocolate, and those were tasty
[10:06:28] <nine> There's no chocolate insects that look convincingly like insects.
[10:06:34] <nine> There's chocolate-covered insects though.
[10:06:38] <aria> I guess its shape, color and texture, not just shape
[10:07:03] <nine> Actually, you're just being grossed out about shape, and perceived badness.
[10:07:11] <nine> Pig snout's just meat.
[10:07:21] <nine> Very soft meat.
[10:07:21] <aria> So is insect meat
[10:07:31] <nine> Except not.
[10:07:39] <nine> There's the carapace.
[10:07:41] <nine> Which ain't meat.
[10:07:59] <nine> Or do you call bones meat?
[10:08:47] <bronzdragon> Only an insane person would!
[10:09:18] <nine> Well, I wouldn't rule it out that aria's insane.
[10:09:28] <nine> She says a lot of ridiculous shit.
[10:13:34] <aria> Fuck you doing youtube? Why is the guide useless now?
[10:13:44] <aria> It was good like 3 days ago
[10:16:27] <bronzdragon> They didn't like everyoen just using the guide and not actually looking at all the pages
[10:28:37] <aria> So yesterday
[10:28:41] <aria> The windows resize
[10:28:43] <bronzdragon> Yesterday
[10:28:44] <aria> the MBR broke somehow
[10:29:05] <bronzdragon> ... on the computer you were fixing?
[10:29:09] <aria> Yeah
[10:29:18] <aria> Thought it would be like, half a second to fix
[10:29:19] <aria> and it was
[10:29:23] <aria> But then Windows freaked out
[10:29:37] <aria> and had to like, I dunno, do shit with badly formatted text I can't read
[10:29:46] <aria> because windows doesn't do unicode I guess
[10:30:02] <bronzdragon> I guess?
[10:30:03] <aria> and that took like.. 3 minutes of staring at text
[10:30:30] <aria> And after that I figured it was fine
[10:30:32] <aria> so I rebooted
[10:30:35] <nine> Badly formatted text?
[10:30:35] <aria> and it did that thing again!
[10:30:41] <aria> Nah, just numbers
[10:30:48] <aria> x out of x^x
[10:30:50] <nine> That's not badly formatted text you twat.
[10:31:04] <aria> Oh yeah, it couldn't do æøå's
[10:31:20] <nine> http://www.youtube.com
[10:31:24] <nine> You stupid Dane.
[10:31:50] <aria> Anyway, when it did that thing again, it worked the second time
[10:32:57] <nine> TIP: Don't fucking use a language with non-Latin characters.
[10:33:00] <nine> Like Dutch.
[10:33:05] <nine> You should know it by now.
[10:33:27] <aria> It didn't ask me
[10:33:34] <aria> also, I'm used to unicode working
[10:33:48] <nine> It does on Windows.
[10:33:53] <bronzdragon> É would like to say hi, nine
[10:33:57] <nine> Just not the shitty repair tools.
[10:34:06] <nine> É would?
[10:34:21] <nine> You do realize that's a Latin character, right?
[10:34:23] <bronzdragon> how about "één".
[10:34:30] <bronzdragon> Which is just a regular old word
[10:34:42] <nine> ...
[10:34:54] <nine> You seriously picked "een", where the marks are OPTIONAL?
[10:34:59] <bronzdragon> ...
[10:35:05] <bronzdragon> "een" is a different word
[10:35:10] <nine> Nope.
[10:35:12] <nine> Context.
[10:35:16] <bronzdragon> Yes, it is
[10:35:19] <nine> The marks are optional for the number.
[10:35:34] <bronzdragon> It is a 100%, completely different word
[10:35:38] <nine> http://www.vandale.nl
[10:35:40] <nine> FIRST RESULT.
[10:35:42] <bronzdragon> People just don't write the marks because it's hard on keyboards
[10:35:54] <nine> een [een] (hoofdtelwoord) 1 1.
[10:35:56] <bronzdragon> Whaaat
[10:36:04] <nine> You ignorant twat.
[10:36:19] <nine> http://www.vandale.nl
[10:36:25] <nine> That's één btw.
[10:36:28] <bronzdragon> Stop sourcing me!
[10:36:41] <nine> Notice how it fucking defaults to NO MARKS HERE CAPTAIN.
[10:36:42] <bronzdragon> Okay fine
[10:37:17] <nine> You should've just picked a word where the marks are needed.
[10:37:36] <nine> Also, what's this shit with you not already having made aria fluent in Dutch?
[10:37:43] <nine> Just fuck already!
[10:38:55] <bronzdragon> ... there aren't any
[10:39:00] <bronzdragon> It's just that one word
[10:39:09] <nine> "Om het woord één te onderscheiden van het lidwoord een, krijgt het alleen accentstreepjes als uit het zinsverband niet kan worden opgemaakt dat het als zodanig moet worden uitgesproken."
[10:39:12] <bronzdragon> Not considering foreign words, of course
[10:39:29] <nine> Are you sure?
[10:39:49] <nine> I'm not looking, but I'm not trusting your quick claim of defeat.
[10:40:32] <bronzdragon> Well, as far as é goes.
[10:40:39] <bronzdragon> At least, if I can trust wikipedia
[10:40:52] <bronzdragon> Well, there is "hé", bur I'm not counting that.
[10:40:57] <bronzdragon> Because seriously, that's barely a word.
[10:41:06] <nine> What's a word?
[10:41:14] <nine> Also, that's just short for "hee".
[10:41:38] <nine> Which is in the same category as "hé" in terms of words.
[10:42:09] <nine> Also, sidenote in regards to you claim of typing accents, it ain't fucking hard for anyone with basic fucking computer skills.
[10:42:45] <bronzdragon> I don't run the dutch keyboard layout, and therefor I don't have the sticky apostrophe
[10:42:51] <aria> Nine
[10:42:55] <aria> What does Oswald drop?
[10:43:10] <aria> and was is the purpose of killing him if not for his loot?
[10:43:16] <aria> Oh, how many souls is he worth...?
[10:46:35] <bronzdragon> 2,000 souls (10,000 in NG+). 2 Twin Humanities. Book of the Guilty (if not already purchased).
[10:46:49] <aria> I see
[10:46:59] <aria> I guess he killed him for the 2k souls then
[10:47:08] <bronzdragon> Not for the humanities?
[10:47:19] <aria> He didn't pick up the loot
[10:47:40] <nine> 2k souls.
[10:47:42] <aria> also doesn't need more humanity
[10:47:57] <nine> He did.
[10:48:04] <nine> You fucking watched that Gargoyles Runner vid.
[10:48:17] <aria> And?
[10:48:23] <aria> What does he say?
[10:48:30] <aria> No, he doesn't get that far
[10:48:34] <aria> it stops after the boss
[10:48:38] <nine> I know.
[10:48:42] <aria> He didn't kill oswald in that video
[10:48:47] <nine> But I recall him talking forward a bit.
[10:48:53] <nine> Also, no, he doesn't say it.
[10:48:55] <aria> Yeah? I forgot then
[10:49:03] <nine> I recalled someone else saying that.
[10:49:06] <nine> Well, writing.
[10:49:12] <nine> He needs the 2k souls for levelling.
[10:49:18] <aria> K
[10:49:19] <aria> I guessed
[10:49:26] <nine> And he buys a bone iirc.
[10:49:35] <aria> Nah, gets bone for free from the fight
[10:49:43] <aria> he levels dex up to 18
[10:49:49] <nine> Yes, but then he buys a bone I think.
[10:49:53] <nine> Lemme find vid and check.
[10:50:00] <aria> Watching speedrun
[10:50:05] <aria> he only has 2 bones after 2 bosses
[10:50:17] <aria> (1 cause he used one)
[10:50:38] <aria> also the way he kills Quelaag is so cheap =P
[10:51:01] <nine> He buys 2.
[10:51:04] <aria> He punches her in the snout while she's blowing fire so she staggers and tries to blow more fire
[10:51:13] <aria> (and repeat)
[10:51:23] <nine> Yeah.
[10:51:33] <nine> When I saw that Quelaag fight I was astonished.
[10:51:39] <nine> Halberds too OP vs Kellogs.
[10:52:05] <aria> Sure thats not just a way of cheesing it that goes faster because halberd?
[10:52:11] <aria> I assume the stagger is instended
[10:52:18] <aria> so if you whale on her while she's blowing fire
[10:52:22] <nine> Yes it's intended.
[10:52:24] <aria> she cancels out of it
[10:52:27] <nine> That's why he can kill her so fast.
[10:52:31] <aria> But he somehow made her try again
[10:52:31] <nine> Because she can't attack.
[10:52:42] <nine> That's just random luck.
[10:52:45] <nine> I think.
[10:52:51] <nine> Either way, he repeatedly staggers her.
[10:52:55] <nine> So she can't attack.
[10:53:18] <aria> He stood still and looked around in Sens when he didn't need to
[10:53:27] <aria> not sure why
[10:53:47] <aria> I mnean, it was pretty short, but doubt he stopped holding forward to scratch his nose
[10:53:55] <nine> Also, he doesn't get a bone after ringing the belltower bell.
[10:54:04] <nine> Timestamp?
[10:54:24] <aria> Um... dunno anymore, Im at 22 in Anor Londo
[10:54:30] <aria> so like 18-20 somewhere
[10:54:34] <nine> Time does not move that fast.
[10:54:39] <nine> Skipping dick.
[10:54:47] <aria> What?
[10:55:04] <nine> Where does he stop walking and look around in Sen's?
[10:55:15] <aria> Second room
[10:55:20] <aria> first room with pendants
[10:55:38] <nine> You mean him waiting for the fucking things to align proper?
[10:55:41] <nine> He doesn't look around.
[10:55:50] <aria> But it starts perfect, he would've made it
[10:55:51] <nine> He stares straight at the PENDULUM.
[10:56:08] <nine> Then starts moving when it comes to the middle and goes straight through all in one go.
[10:56:31] <aria> He already had a chance to take it all in one go. You have 3 chances for that
[10:56:58] <nine> No he didn't.
[10:56:59] <aria> Why is it so fucking dark?
[10:57:10] <aria> anor londo is red
[10:57:17] <aria> its supposed to be orange and shit
[10:57:36] <nine> ...
[10:57:41] <nine> That's not how you spell golden.
[10:57:50] <nine> Also it's a shitty console version of the game.
[10:57:53] <nine> What did you expect?
[10:58:03] <nine> Game takes five fucking years each loading screen.
[10:59:17] <aria> aww he missed the elevator
[10:59:22] <aria> I bet he's so sad now
[10:59:27] <nine> ?
[10:59:28] <bronzdragon> =(
[10:59:32] <nine> Oh yeah.
[10:59:33] <nine> That one.
[11:00:54] <aria> Why did ENB refer to this as "sub one hour" and correct himself every time he said "one hour" when its 59:29?
[11:01:04] <aria> Thats just straight up one hour
[11:01:13] <nine> No ít's not.
[11:01:23] <nine> "straight up one hour" is 1:00:00.000.
[11:01:33] <nine> It's basically an hour.
[11:01:44] <nine> But the feat here is that it's below the counted hour.
[11:02:17] <nine> So probably just being respectful towards the fact that it was done in under an hour.
[11:03:41] <nine> What I find most ingenious about the runs is the deliberate things done to activate the red tearstone.
[11:03:56] <aria> Really?
[11:04:02] <bronzdragon> Harder punches!
[11:04:04] <aria> That part is not very hard
[11:04:10] <aria> you just check which punches you can take
[11:04:11] <nine> Not very hard?
[11:04:11] <aria> and take those
[11:04:16] <nine> Yes.
[11:04:23] <nine> It takes a bunch of research.
[11:04:38] <nine> "Can I take this hit with this equipment and then survive that fall to activate redstone.
[11:04:44] <nine> And that in a bunch of places.
[11:04:50] <aria> doesn't require more skill than most proficiant pvpers have. Every fucking other thing he does requires tons of skill
[11:05:09] <bronzdragon> brb <--
[11:05:15] <bronzdragon> gotta eat dem fried eggs
[11:05:22] <aria> Id like some fried eggs
[11:05:24] <nine> :|
[11:05:51] <aria> also wtf Seath
[11:05:54] <nine> Every fucking other thing he does doesn't require more skill than most proficiEnt pvpers have.
[11:05:57] <nine> Your words.
[11:06:06] <aria> I mean, I always thought seath was a easy, but what the fuck?
[11:06:10] <aria> you can just stand there and punch him?
[11:06:11] <nine> The things he does require a bunch of skill, all of it.
[11:06:20] <nine> Yup.
[11:06:34] <aria> How are those my words?
[11:07:18] <nine> Because you claim that proficient pvpers have the calculated skill, yet not the skill to dodge shit.
[11:07:47] <aria> Oh sure, we can dodge shit, but I can't fucking dodge everything in the game in an hour
[11:07:53] <nine> >we
[11:07:59] <nine> You're no proficient pvper.
[11:08:27] <nine> Neither can you make the right movements and decisions to activate redstone on the go that reliably.
[11:08:35] <aria> I win most of my fights, most of which against gankers
[11:08:49] <nine> No proof.
[11:09:07] <aria> Ive never acidentally killed myself trying to get the RTS
[11:09:21] <nine> I doubt you've ever used it.
[11:09:21] <aria> Actually thats not true
[11:10:00] <aria> I use it a bunch of low level characters
[11:10:33] <nine> Why the fuck would you?
[11:10:42] <aria> Because I die in one hit anyway
[11:10:56] <nine> To what?
[11:10:59] <aria> Its my go to ring if I can fast roll and I don't wanna ninja
[11:11:07] <nine> Sinner.
[11:11:13] <aria> any +15 or elemental weapon
[11:11:32] <nine> EIGHT WHOPPING VIT!
[11:12:18] <aria> I mean, the game doesn't have that many usefull rings...
[11:12:54] <nine> Restone being one of the less useful rings.
[11:13:00] <aria> What?
[11:13:06] <aria> It helps a bunch
[11:13:13] <aria> Its top 3 or so Id say
[11:13:26] <nine> What's the other 2?
[11:13:37] <aria> havel and cloranthy
[11:13:40] <aria> Maybe fap
[11:13:45] <nine> >2
[11:13:46] <nine> >mentions 3
[11:13:51] <aria> With maybe
[11:13:59] <aria> Rusted is #1 for pve
[11:14:11] <aria> wolf is #4 or 5
[11:14:15] <nine> FaP, Havel's, Cloranthy, Wolf Ring are all more useful.
[11:14:58] <nine> Bluestone is fucking useless.
[11:15:02] <nine> We can agree on that, right?
[11:15:05] <aria> Yes
[11:15:26] <nine> The def increase is not enough to survive one more hit at that low life.
[11:15:44] <aria> Isn't it balanced towards high def/vit tank builds?
[11:15:46] <aria> I assumed it was
[11:16:04] <aria> also the way he passes the lava is awesome
[11:16:26] <nine> Awesome?
[11:16:31] <nine> You dickbag.
[11:16:34] <nine> It's amazing.
[11:16:52] <aria> I knew you could do it if you had ninja flips and enough vit
[11:17:05] <aria> But I had no clue there was a way of doing it without that
[11:17:16] <nine> I knew.
[11:17:25] <nine> I was trying some shit myself.
[11:17:38] <nine> Sadly there's an instant-kill box where I tried.
[11:17:42] <aria> I liked the bit where the capra fell down
[11:17:51] <nine> Yay for brainless demons.
[11:18:54] <aria> Why does he fight the centepede? I thought the shortcut was stuck open if you skipped the lava
[11:19:14] <nine> Have you checked?
[11:19:20] <aria> No
[11:19:23] <aria> of course not
[11:19:31] <nine> I never heard that.
[11:19:38] <nine> It defaults to fucking closed after all.
[11:19:49] <aria> It also defaults to having bonfires
[11:20:00] <aria> Ive had the bonfire not show up actually without skipping the lava
[11:20:13] <nine> Wut?
[11:20:16] <nine> What bonfire?
[11:20:30] <aria> The one under the larva thing
[11:20:40] <nine> That's not a shortcut.
[11:20:46] <nine> And I've always had it there.
[11:20:46] <aria> Hm?
[11:20:59] <aria> I know its not a shortcut, I wasn't implying it was
[11:21:10] <aria> I just noted that it dissapears if you skip the lava
[11:21:14] <nine> We were talking about the fucking shortcut.
[11:21:21] <nine> And that it defaults to being CLOSED.
[11:21:33] <nine> Then you come and use the same fucking words.
[11:21:53] <aria> Your argument for why it doesn't glitch is that by default its closed. And by default, the bonfires are also not glitched
[11:22:07] <aria> also, by default there aren't clubby demons standing in lava
[11:22:11] <aria> but sometimes there are
[11:22:16] <nine> Yes, but "it" in this context was the fucking shortcut.
[11:22:19] <nine> WHICH HAS NO BONFIRE.
[11:22:52] <aria> I assumed it was the area in which the shortcut is
[11:23:02] <aria> I like how he kicks the witch of izalith
[11:23:06] <nine> Nobody ever said Demon Ruins.
[11:23:10] <nine> Just shortcut.
[11:23:30] <nine> Stop making a fucking ass out of yourself.
[11:23:41] <nine> It makes your English atrociously disjointed.
[11:23:55] <aria> Pretty sure this is just you being bad at understanding
[11:24:08] <nine> No.
[11:24:32] <nine> One moment we talk about the shortcut, to which I say _IT_ defaults to closed.
[11:24:55] <nine> And then you follow up with the same fuckign words that _IT_ defaults to having bonfires.
[11:25:11] <nine> Which _IT_ does not have.
[11:25:32] <nine> Unless by _IT_ you suddenly changed the fucking meaning in the context to no longer mean the shortcut but the entire fucking game.
[11:25:46] <nine> Which is disjointed as fuck from what we were talking about.
[11:25:52] <nine> And you do this shit repeatedly.
[11:26:51] <aria> Wait huh? He's not gonna tank the four kings?
[11:27:12] <nine> No need.
[11:27:36] <aria> He heals prior to getting hit though, instead of dodging
[11:27:59] <nine> I'll be there in a minute.
[11:28:19] <aria> Eh I guess you can't really dodge that attack and still attack
[11:28:27] <aria> cause youll have to keep dodging it for fucking ever
[11:29:13] <nine> Only 30 seconds or so.
[11:29:27] <aria> Which is very long in a speed run
[11:29:30] <aria> or in a dark souls fight in general
[11:29:36] <nine> But yeah, he only needs to block the homing magic.
[11:30:07] <aria> He heals again at the end, expecting to get hit
[11:30:16] <aria> I think he expected to get hit anyway
[11:30:23] <aria> since he homeward bones right after
[11:30:48] <nine> He didn't need restone for the last bit.
[11:31:03] <aria> It would still shave off a few seconds
[11:31:14] <aria> Probably would've kept it on if he was 100% certain it would be safe
[11:32:21] <nine> A few seconds?
[11:32:29] <nine> It's one swing.
[11:32:54] <aria> the .11 at the end
[11:33:47] <nine> What would shave more seconds would be getting lucky with Gwyn not trying to grab.
[11:34:05] <aria> Well yes, but thats luck
[11:34:33] <nine> It's better to be safe than sorry.
[11:35:07] <nine> Oh, and aria.
[11:35:17] <nine> I missed your comment about Taurus Demons in the lava.
[11:35:20] <nine> They are there.
[11:35:30] <nine> You might not be able to see them on consoles though.
[11:35:40] <aria> They're only there sometimes
[11:36:08] <nine> No. They're there till you kill them.
[11:36:32] <aria> Those are respawning
[11:36:58] <nine> We're talking about the chaos ember right?
[11:37:01] <nine> They're always there.
[11:37:25] <nine> Done watching that.
[11:37:26] <aria> Yeah, those. They often don't show up
[11:37:30] <nine> Let's discuss shit Scrym talked about.
[11:37:32] <nine> ANIMU.
[11:37:33] <nine> http://randomc.net
[11:37:46] <nine> Does this agree with Scrym's statements you think? :3c
[11:37:49] <aria> And Im pretty they're not actually supposed to be there at all until you kill ceassless
[11:37:50] <bronzdragon> Animu
[11:37:54] <nine> Often don't show up?
[11:37:59] <nine> They've always been there for me.
[11:40:01] <aria> Eh I can't find a youtube of it. Do you have a character with the ring, but ceasless alive?
[11:40:19] <aria> go check if the demons are there, if they are, reload and see if they're still there?
[11:40:32] <aria> Not sure about how often it bugs out, but 3 or 4 reloads should be enough
[11:40:37] <aria> was about half for me
[11:42:26] <nine> Why would I need the ring?
[11:42:33] <nine> I have a character who left Ceasy alive.
[11:42:48] <nine> But he hasn't progressed past that to begin with.
[11:42:54] <nine> So yeah, no reason to kill dear old Ceasy.
[11:43:02] <aria> Cause you want to walk over the-- oh right
[11:43:09] <nine> To what?
[11:43:11] <aria> Maybe its a bug where if you have the ring too early?
[11:43:12] <nine> See the demons?
[11:43:17] <aria> To grab the ember
[11:43:23] <aria> (I was thinking)
[11:45:49] <nine> Don't see 'em.
[11:45:58] <nine> With the lava up.
[11:46:00] <aria> Does that mean that you do see them?
[11:46:07] <nine> Have seen them with it up though.
[11:46:15] <aria> Ah, k
[11:46:16] <nine> This character hasn't rung the second bell though.
[11:46:23] <nine> But I've seen them standing in the lava.
[11:46:31] <nine> Not on this character though, with 3 loads.
[11:46:32] <aria> When they show, i think its a bug related to bonfireing
[11:47:13] <nine> Any detailed idea?
[11:47:27] <aria> When you bonfire, it spawns them and then deletes them
[11:48:37] <nine> There they are.
[11:48:44] <aria> What did you do?
[11:48:57] <nine> I rested at the bonfire, B'd out and looked.
[11:49:00] <nine> Took 3 steps.
[11:50:16] <MC________> Whoa holy shit I'm still here.
[11:50:23] <aria> Herro
[11:52:00] <aria> Do we really "see a lot of dragons" in the DkS2 trailer?
[11:52:03] <aria> Isn't it just the one?
[11:52:08] <aria> (and a skeleton)
[11:54:16] <nine> Just killed one of the taurus demons.
[11:54:22] <nine> Hurray for 999 arrows.
[11:54:26] <nine> (and no skill to fire)
[11:55:04] <MC________> Alright, time to uninstall firefox in my quest to stop flsh being being an enormous tube of cuntpaste.
[11:55:20] <bronzdragon> MC
[11:55:21] <aria> Why not just uninstall flash?
[11:55:22] <nine> :<
[11:55:24] <bronzdragon> You are a person!
[11:55:26] <nine> They die in two hits.
[11:55:32] <nine> But they don't drop their fucking axe.
[11:55:33] <nine> I want that axe.
[11:55:37] <nine> I wanna level up to lvl 40.
[11:55:43] <nine> I NEED THAT AXE TO LVL UP TO LVL 40!
[11:55:43] <MC________> Indeed, I am an MC.
[11:55:48] <MC________> An MC of YOUR chosing.
[11:56:00] <aria> Dog!
[11:56:04] <aria> MC Dog!
[11:56:04] <MC________> And I can't just uninstall flash, because then I can't access flash content!
[11:56:43] <aria> You could use gnash if you're crazy..
[11:56:45] <MC________> Indeed, I am MC Dog to you Aria. And to someone else, I may be a different MC.
[11:57:18] <aria> But without firefox you can't acess firefox content
[11:57:46] <MC________> I have been using chrome.
[11:57:54] <MC________> But it's shitty so I'm trying to fix my firefox.
[11:58:08] <aria> I see. Chrome doesn't use the same Flash instal
[11:58:12] <aria> l
[11:58:20] <MC________> Yeah yeah, it does some other thing.
[11:58:36] <MC________> Even with flash uninstalled chrome has its own thing.
[11:58:45] <aria> So reinstalling flash is probably less effort
[11:58:52] <MC________> Already tried.
[11:59:06] <MC________> The best part of reinstalling flash was where there wasn't any flsh nd firefox ran perfectly.
[11:59:23] <aria> Did you delete .flash or equivalent
[11:59:26] <MC________> lso my a key is broken and I hve to hit it extra hard.
[11:59:32] <bronzdragon> I vote for MC Foxy
[11:59:48] <MC________> Delete .flash?
[11:59:51] <nine> I killed 3 of the demons aria.
[11:59:52] <aria> I had that problem with my macbook
[11:59:59] <aria> Settings folder for flash, I meant
[12:00:03] <MC________> lot of dragons" in the DkS2 trailer?
[12:00:03] <MC________> 06:52 < aria> Isn't it just the one?
[12:00:03] <MC________> 06:52 < aria> (and a skeleton)
[12:00:06] <aria> (and cache)
[12:00:07] <nine> Then rested at bonfire (because I couldn't get the others to aggro), they're still dead.
[12:00:31] <nine> Just uninstall it.
[12:00:37] <MC________> Well I completely uninstalled firefox but I'll go into the firefox directory after I reboot and clean out any straggling files.
[12:00:40] <nine> Then clear all your cached flash stuff.
[12:00:53] <nine> Check your other folders as well.
[12:00:53] <MC________> Time to reboot.
[12:00:56] <nine> Appdata and such.
[12:01:00] <aria> Wait wait
[12:01:02] -!- MC________ has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[12:01:09] <aria> reboot because you uninstalled firef--?
[12:01:37] <aria> Surely that isn't required, Firefox is just an X client
[12:01:46] <nine> :|
[12:01:57] <nine> He uses Windows you shortsighted twat.
[12:02:06] <aria> Its the same thing
[12:02:09] <nine> But yeah, it's not required.
[12:02:11] <nine> Not the same thing.
[12:02:31] <aria> Also his A key is broked, so high chance of Mac, because those keyboards fall apart when you look at them funny
[12:02:41] <nine> No.
[12:02:42] <nine> Windows.
[12:02:42] <aria> ANd on Mac, firefox is an X client
[12:02:53] <nine> He wouldn't touch Mac with a 5km long pole.
[12:02:56] <nine> If not longer.
[12:03:06] <aria> Well no, that's silly
[12:03:12] <aria> you can't even see what you're doing
[12:03:20] <nine> But yeah, Borrok just killed a few of the taurus demons, and they didn't respawn after resting.
[12:03:35] <nine> You don't need to see what you're doing with a mac.
[12:03:45] <nine> Shit let's you do nothing so might as well not bother looking.
[12:03:56] <aria> Yes you do, do you know how hard it is to do shit on a mac?
[12:04:03] <aria> I guess you could just only use the CLI
[12:04:36] <nine> It's hard because IT WILL NOT LET YOU DO ANYTHING.
[12:04:45] <nine> It actively tries to keep you from doing anything.
[12:04:53] <nine> Thereby effectively letting you do nothing.
[12:05:05] <nine> At which point just leaning back and dozing off is the bets course of action.
[12:05:09] <aria> It also breaks very easily..
[12:05:27] <nine> ... after warranty is over.
[12:05:31] <nine> We make a good team.
[12:05:47] <aria> Software wise too
[12:05:58] <aria> If you click on it too hard, it cracks
[12:06:08] <aria> so it puts pillows everywhere you'd wanna click
[12:06:22] <aria> Making it so you get used to clicking extra hard for it to register
[12:06:26] <nine> Gotta make people comfortably stressed.
[12:06:32] <aria> and then when you click somewhere unexpected, it breaks
[12:06:54] -!- derpman69 [derpman69!~derpman69@hide-61E42FCA.dr02.roch.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #geeknights
[12:07:04] <nine> Welcome back faggot.
[12:07:13] <aria> Oh yeah
[12:07:18] derpman69 is now known as gangsta_in_spce
[12:07:24] <aria> I didn't recognize his host at first
[12:07:35] <aria> I prefer you as MC Dog
[12:07:52] <nine> There's competing names with the MC tag.
[12:07:59] <nine> I suggest not straying back to it.
[12:08:17] <nine> Now tell us.
[12:08:21] <nine> Why the fuck did you reinstall?
[12:08:23] gangsta_in_spce is now known as broken_A_key
[12:08:24] <nine> Reboot*
[12:08:30] <bronzdragon> I'm with Aria.
[12:08:48] <broken_A_key> Becuse upon uninstlling firefox, it ws recommended that I reboot.
[12:09:00] <broken_A_key> Even though this isn't usually n issue, I want to be thorou.
[12:09:04] <broken_A_key> throughouh?
[12:09:08] <broken_A_key> How the fuck do I even spell that.
[12:10:06] <aria> "recliner [rɪˈklaɪnə]"
[12:10:18] <aria> Wait no, thats not the one I wanted to copy/paste
[12:10:24] <aria> "re·clin·er"
[12:10:25] <aria> There
[12:11:05] <nine> Spelling, proper phonetics, US phonetics?
[12:11:12] <nine> No.
[12:11:16] <nine> What's the word.
[12:11:20] <nine> Syllables.
[12:11:26] <aria> http://24.media.tumblr.com
[12:11:37] <nine> Also thorough.
[12:11:48] <aria> Actually this one is better http://25.media.tumblr.com
[12:12:42] <broken_A_key> My kilo of rooibus will come tomorrow!
[12:13:54] <aria> Hey Bronz, did you see the Gunz 2 video?
[12:14:13] <broken_A_key> They're mking a sequel to tht shitty game?
[12:14:30] <aria> I loved that game!
[12:14:35] <aria> And yes
[12:15:02] <aria> Which I wouldn't expect, since its been 10 or so years since the first one, and I don't think it ever was that popular
[12:15:09] <broken_A_key> My memories were mostly of me dying.
[12:15:34] <aria> The thing with that game is that-- its very broken
[12:15:38] <bronzdragon> Aria, yes, I saw that vido
[12:15:39] <broken_A_key> nd making people rage by turtling with a sword.
[12:15:40] <bronzdragon> *video
[12:15:59] <aria> But every aspect of it is equally broken such that it ends up being balenced
[12:16:00] <bronzdragon> Also, I don't like rooibos.
[12:16:12] <aria> and also more fun because of the exploits
[12:16:14] <bronzdragon> Gimmie some good 'ol tea.
[12:16:25] <bronzdragon> earl grey or somethin'
[12:16:27] <aria> so if you play it like youre supposed to, you'll be at an disadvantage
[12:16:49] <aria> but if you use every glitch to your advantage, there's plenty of really skill-based fun to be had
[12:17:24] <broken_A_key> Yeah, I watched videos of k-stylers mashing ll these buttons.
[12:17:30] <broken_A_key> Butterflies and shit.
[12:17:35] <broken_A_key> No idea what was ctually going on.
[12:17:50] <broken_A_key> I was probbly only 12 years old.
[12:17:58] <nine> bronzdragon: He's talking actual tea.
[12:18:10] <nine> Not the overshredded shit we have in teabags.
[12:18:17] <bronzdragon> rooibos is not actual tea
[12:18:22] <bronzdragon> oh
[12:18:24] <bronzdragon> You mean like so
[12:18:28] <nine> Herbal tea, bitch.
[12:18:42] <broken_A_key> Loose leaf tea.
[12:18:42] <aria> the butterfly is usally the first thing you teach people, because it has so many chaining possibilities and is really easy to do,
[12:18:43] <bronzdragon> Well, I still don't particularly like rooibos, regardless wether it's fresh as shit
[12:18:54] <nine> Well fuck you.
[12:18:54] <bronzdragon> Taht said, fresh-ass rooibos is higher quality
[12:18:56] <nine> Rooibos is great.
[12:19:05] <bronzdragon> That is fair.
[12:19:06] <aria> some of the more advanced shit has super precice timing and requires awkwardly many keys pressed down at once
[12:19:08] <nine> And you probably never had actual rooibos.
[12:19:11] <nine> Just black tea with rooibos.
[12:20:22] <broken_A_key> Yeah, I was never able to get into that stuff.
[12:20:34] <broken_A_key> I probably played it for 5-6 hours total.
[12:20:59] <broken_A_key> Then I didn't care enough to learn how not to get my ass beat.
[12:21:12] <aria> That's fair
[12:21:24] <aria> I don't think I actually enjoyed it in my first few hours either
[12:21:40] <aria> but I had a friend who wanted me to play with him
[12:22:15] <aria> So I asked the lobby how they were doing the crazy shit they were doing and they actuall all stopped the match to teach me
[12:22:26] <aria> +y
[12:23:03] <aria> After I got the hang of some of the basic glitches it became a lot more fun
[12:23:20] <aria> Hopefully the new one will be equally broken
[12:24:01] <broken_A_key> It just wouldn't be the same without those crazy antics.
[12:29:27] <bronzdragon> So, the valve box is now called the piston in slang terms
[12:29:40] <aria> in slag terms?
[12:29:50] <nine> AHAHAHA
[12:29:53] <bronzdragon> close enough
[12:29:58] <nine> Do you know what slag is?
[12:30:02] <nine> AAHAAHAHAHAHAHA
[12:30:04] <bronzdragon> A hit?
[12:30:05] <bronzdragon> A battle?
[12:30:08] <bronzdragon> A cruve?
[12:30:12] <bronzdragon> *curve
[12:30:27] <nine> It's the leftover crap from melting ore.
[12:30:31] <aria> Wait so what did you mean to say?
[12:30:44] <bronzdragon> what I typed
[12:30:47] <bronzdragon> Slang
[12:30:50] <nine> In slag terms.
[12:30:52] <nine> BWAHAHAHAHA.
[12:32:01] <aria> Nya nya nya nya
[12:32:04] <aria> puni puni puni
[12:32:06] <aria> nya nya nya
[12:32:22] <aria> (You can probably guess what I'm watching)
[12:33:10] <nine> I can't.
[12:33:36] <aria> Nya nya!+
[12:33:40] <nine> The puni puni puni made me think of Pani Poni Dash.
[12:33:44] <nine> What?
[12:40:05] <aria> So what's this Capcom Rockpenis thing?
[12:47:05] <bronzdragon> *shrug*
[12:47:23] <bronzdragon> This new Pokemon thing is dumb.
[12:47:26] <bronzdragon> the names, I mean
[12:48:04] <aria> It was a dude making bad puns on youtube
[12:48:08] <aria> which pokemon?
[12:48:36] <bronzdragon> Pokeymon X/Y
[12:48:38] <bronzdragon> The new ones
[12:49:04] <aria> Those are the actual names?
[12:49:30] <bronzdragon> Yes, correct
[12:51:25] <aria> Why was it announced today?
[12:51:27] <aria> At CES?
[12:52:40] <bronzdragon> *shrug*
[12:53:45] <aria> Do you have an trailer or article or something?
[12:57:51] <aria> >_> Why do poeple want a 6.1" phone?
[13:03:25] <bronzdragon> ... I wouldn't mind a 6.1" tall phone
[13:03:34] <bronzdragon> So really tall, but not super wide
[13:03:49] <bronzdragon> 2.2 aspect ratio or something
[13:03:58] <aria> It was pretty wide though
[13:05:00] <aria> Also this http://youtu.be
[13:05:23] <nine> People want portable tablets.
[13:05:28] <nine> That's why they want large phones again.
[13:05:37] <aria> I have a portable tablet
[13:05:59] <aria> its 7 inches, fits in my pocket. I don't wanna make phone calls with it..
[13:06:18] <bronzdragon> I think it's not meant for phone calls
[13:06:30] <bronzdragon> it has a phone because internet everywhere
[13:06:36] <broken_A_key>  http://youtu.be
[13:06:40] <broken_A_key> Woops
[13:06:40] <bronzdragon> Might's well add phone, right?
[13:07:00] <aria> So it can only call over 4g? No GSM?
[13:07:24] <bronzdragon> Well... GSM is tiny
[13:07:28] <bronzdragon> you don't need much, and it's cheap
[13:07:30] <aria> And sure, so it's mostly for people who don't actually ever use their phones, but still want to check reddit all the time always?
[13:07:46] <bronzdragon> But what if you get an orange envelope man!
[13:07:47] <aria> So instead of getting 2 devices, you can now have one
[13:07:51] <bronzdragon> It's IMPORTANT!
[13:08:10] <aria> Also this Pikachu looks goo-- nvm
[13:08:16] <aria> I was gonna ask if its wiiu
[13:08:21] <aria> cause it looked like wiiu quality
[13:08:29] <aria> also this trailer has the dumbest voice over
[13:08:34] <bronzdragon> =P
[13:08:36] <bronzdragon> Only slightly
[13:08:55] <aria> These pokemon are less bad then the black/white ones
[13:09:16] <bronzdragon> Also, there are an aweful gen1 pokemon in that trailer
[13:09:23] <bronzdragon> do you think it's ALL the pokemon?
[13:09:40] <aria> Hm?
[13:09:54] <bronzdragon> Did I say something confusing?
[13:09:54] <nine> Preparation fail on that 4k display.
[13:09:58] <aria> Yes
[13:11:14] <aria> X/Y look like sub-wii quality
[13:11:22] <bronzdragon> Well, it's 3DS...
[13:11:23] <bronzdragon> So...
[13:11:24] <nine> Where's the Pokémon vid?
[13:11:26] <bronzdragon> That would make sense
[13:11:38] <aria> Yeah, but its their best selling game series...
[13:11:42] <aria> ...
[13:11:43] <aria> ...
[13:11:46] <aria> On the 3ds =P
[13:12:20] <bronzdragon> nine http://www.youtube.com
[13:13:52] <aria> bronzdragon: <--
[13:16:02] <nine> FROAKIE?!
[13:16:18] <nine> The grass starter looks the best.
[13:16:22] <nine> Which ain't saying much.
[13:16:44] <nine> And those legendaries are just remixed previous legendaries.
[13:17:53] -!- MrBRAD [MrBRAD!~whatsthis@hide-AB9C79A0.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #geeknights
[13:18:58] <nine> Hi MrBRAD.
[13:19:04] <nine> How's Australia?
[13:19:09] <nine> Or Austria.
[13:19:17] <nine> Prolly the former.
[13:19:18] <nine> Because iinet.
[13:20:17] <nine> .at for Austria, must remember.
[13:37:34] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[13:38:02] <nine> Hi Apsup.
[13:38:05] <bronzdragon> Hi Apsup
[13:38:07] <nine> Bye Apsup.
[13:38:12] <broken_A_key> APSUP
[13:41:20] <bronzdragon> ^
[13:46:18] <bronzdragon> Ciao
[14:30:03] -!- aria has quit [Ping timeout]
[14:37:54] -!- aria [aria!AriaDesu@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
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[17:28:39] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@hide-E91ED796.bstnma.east.verizon.net] has joined #geeknights
[17:33:38] -!- spacejam [spacejam!spacejam@hide-C81D949.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[17:42:42] -!- aria [aria!AriaDesu@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[17:50:57] <aria> Deadwood season 1 has 13 minutes worth of people saying "fuck"
[17:51:12] <aria> That's without leaving any silence between fuck's
[17:51:54] <aria> Well, swears. Fuck the most though
[17:56:05] <aria> The word "cocksucker" is apperantly said 227 times in the first season
[17:56:59] <aria> http://www.youtube.com
[18:04:55] <GauntletWizard> morning, gents
[18:06:53] <aria> Mornin'
[18:08:19] <bronzdragon> Mornin'
[18:10:52] <okeefe> Good morning.
[18:11:03] <bronzdragon> Good mornin'
[18:16:40] <spacejam> gm
[18:19:00] <GauntletWizard> what's up in the wide world of sports?
[18:19:05] <GauntletWizard> And by sports, I mean anything but
[18:27:58] <bronzdragon> GET THE EGG IN THE BASKET
[18:28:10] <bronzdragon> MOVE THAT BUTT, GET IT IN GEAR
[18:28:14] <bronzdragon> RIDING GEAR THAT IS
[18:28:16] <bronzdragon> WHOOO
[18:28:23] <bronzdragon> [insert sports team] GOOOO
[19:06:43] <aria> I see now how sports works
[19:13:40] <okeefe> http://www.penny-arcade.com http://www.penny-arcade.com
[19:15:06] <bronzdragon> I liked that 2nd one
[19:15:10] <bronzdragon> It was teh funnies
[19:29:55] <okeefe> "Hoop-shots and goal points" is effectively my knowledge of televised sports.
[19:36:16] <aria> I like these
[19:38:46] <bronzdragon> I know soccer, actually
[19:39:16] <bronzdragon> And when I say "I know soccer" I can sometimes tell if the ref is actually BS-ing, or the players are actually trying to kick the shit out of each other.
[20:14:15] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[21:14:29] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@hide-E91ED796.bstnma.east.verizon.net] has joined #geeknights
[22:09:06] -!- Apsupp [Apsupp!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[22:41:37] <GauntletWizard> What music are people listening to?
[22:55:49] <spacejam> moz
[22:55:58] <spacejam> not anymore though
[23:16:09] <Apsupp> Right now nothing. And haven't been listening anything lately ether. Lost my musics when my external died.
[23:18:55] <bronzdragon> I was listening to the new Sonata Arctica album
[23:19:06] <bronzdragon> They've gone mainstream, maaaan, they sold out!
[23:19:22] <bronzdragon> In all seriousness though... I don't like it as much as their old stuff. =(
[23:39:42] <GauntletWizard> based on a forum thread, I'm currently checking out http://slimegirls.bandcamp.com
[23:39:43] -!- okeefe has quit [Ping timeout]
[23:44:54] <spacejam> catchy
[23:45:18] <spacejam> looking at http://www.saidthegramophone.com