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[03:29:07] <aria> Hi
[03:53:47] <Zappy> yo
[03:55:01] <aria> Hello
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[04:07:08] <starfox> CS:GO time. Who's in?
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[06:36:52] <aria> GauntletWizard: Do you know a youtube guy?
[06:37:02] <aria> Give him a big hug from me
[06:37:03] <aria> and then a kiss
[06:37:12] <aria> It resumes my videos now
[06:37:15] <aria> and it actually works
[06:37:24] <aria> Im very grateful
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[07:05:28] <nine> aria: wut?
[07:05:35] <aria> What?
[07:05:37] <nine> What resumes your vids now?
[07:05:37] <aria> Youtube resumes
[07:05:43] <aria> it remember how far into a video you are
[07:05:48] <nine> o:
[07:05:50] <nine> Sexy.
[07:15:50] <aria> Me, right?
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[07:21:53] <aria> Mornin
[07:22:37] <bronzdragon> ...
[07:22:38] <bronzdragon> Aria?
[07:22:40] <bronzdragon> !
[07:22:55] <bronzdragon> Whadda ya doin' up?
[07:23:20] <aria> Got up early
[07:23:23] <aria> 4am
[07:23:35] <aria> or 3 maybe
[07:24:22] <bronzdragon> Yeah, I stayed up late...
[07:24:32] <aria> ..
[07:24:36] <aria> to 8...?
[07:25:06] <bronzdragon> Nah
[07:25:08] <bronzdragon> Not that late
[07:25:10] <bronzdragon> Like... 2
[07:25:44] <aria> So you only slept 6 hours?
[07:26:24] <bronzdragon> Feels like it, yeah
[07:26:44] <aria> =/
[07:27:32] <bronzdragon> It's fine
[07:29:06] <bronzdragon> Dimitri keeps telling me to go out on a date with him
[07:29:11] <bronzdragon> he calls it a "man date"
[07:29:22] <aria> Do that
[07:29:26] <aria> Sounds fun
[07:29:29] <aria> except for the name...
[07:29:42] <bronzdragon> he's gonna make me eat udon
[07:29:59] <bronzdragon> He says it's only a pale shadow of the udon he had in Japan though
[07:30:35] <bronzdragon> Which makes sense, since they have pretty much have a dish from every asian country
[07:30:41] <bronzdragon> Including every dish as a burger...
[07:31:19] <aria> ...
[07:31:20] <aria> udon burger!
[07:32:08] <bronzdragon> That is litterally the only one they don't have
[07:32:20] <bronzdragon> They do have FOE...
[07:32:32] <bronzdragon> What's the egg dish where you mix the-- right omlet?
[07:32:40] <bronzdragon> I forgot how to spell it
[07:32:45] <bronzdragon> anyway, FOE omlet burger
[07:35:31] <aria> ..
[07:35:35] <aria> I got no clue
[07:35:39] <bronzdragon> No clue?
[07:36:07] <aria> Nope
[07:43:33] <bronzdragon> Can't talk
[07:43:36] <bronzdragon> Sister sleeps
[07:43:37] <bronzdragon> Also...
[07:43:42] <bronzdragon> That's not gmail =P
[07:43:44] <bronzdragon> Can't talk anyway
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[07:53:34] <aria> Toxin kills me so fast...
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[07:58:35] <aria> Well there goes 60k in fucking blight town
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[10:08:55] <nine> AHAHAHAHAHA.
[10:09:19] <nine> Do remember, blow dart toxin is special. It ticks a lot faster, and deals a lot more damage than normal toxin.
[10:09:34] <nine> It also runs out faster, but by then you're already dead fifteen times over.
[10:10:59] <bronzdragon> Hai nine
[10:12:53] <aria> hi
[10:14:28] <aria> My character is great
[10:14:35] <aria> I have pigglet arms
[10:14:37] <aria> (caterina)
[10:14:39] <aria> and hoofs
[10:14:43] <aria> (havels leggings)
[10:14:49] <aria> and boar helm
[10:14:56] <aria> also super manly wide muscly chest
[10:15:10] <aria> I also have fast roll
[10:15:28] <aria> Havel ring and fap ring
[10:15:31] <aria> and 64 end
[10:15:32] <aria> Yup
[10:15:56] <aria> SL94
[10:15:59] <aria> just beat O&S
[10:16:02] <aria> Almost died...
[10:16:06] <aria> had a tiny bit of health left
[10:16:16] <aria> (0 flasks and was wounded when I went in mind you
[10:16:25] <aria> and even though I have all the def ever ever, I do only have 600HP)
[10:16:58] <aria> If Solaire wasn't there to distract him, I'd have died at the end =P
[10:17:15] <aria> He randomly switched agro when he had a perfect chance to kill me
[10:24:06] <aria> Well alright, Im done with this game
[10:24:15] <aria> Ive achived all I was ever gonna achive.
[10:24:31] <aria> Now I just need to do some pvp with that character
[10:24:47] <aria> Maybe I should be a gravelord servant?
[10:25:02] <aria> Actually, I want something where I can invade people who aren't looking for pvp
[10:25:07] <aria> cause that character looks fucky scary as shit
[10:39:08] <aria> Why do people--
[10:39:14] <aria> make level 1 pvp characters
[10:39:18] <aria> with maxed out gear?
[10:39:24] <aria> Whats the point of sticking level 1 then?
[10:49:20] <aria> Does everyone who pvp's have a billion million health?
[10:49:31] <aria> all of these builds have like 40+ vit
[10:50:15] <aria> Doesn't seem like fun to pvp if yknow, there isn't a chance of losing..
[11:08:47] <aria> ...Fuck yes http://youtu.be
[11:23:42] <bronzdragon> Hey hey hey
[11:23:55] <aria> Hey have you seen this Nvidia Shield thing?
[11:28:27] <nine> Yes, most people have 40 or higher health.
[11:28:39] <bronzdragon> Nine, did you see this? http://cinemassacre.com
[11:28:43] <nine> Because the >40 reduced improvements aren't as horrible on health.
[11:28:45] <bronzdragon> Might be interesting to you.
[11:28:52] <nine> And it lets people survive an attack.
[11:29:22] <nine> Why might it be interesting to me?
[11:29:24] <nine> Also, hi.
[11:29:28] <bronzdragon> Hai hai
[11:29:32] <bronzdragon> Because it's Dark souls related
[11:29:41] <bronzdragon> and it's a guy you've heard off, possibly?
[11:29:50] <bronzdragon> if you watch AVGN, perhaps?
[11:30:23] <bronzdragon> It's up to you whether you like it or not, but y'know, juz' in case.
[11:30:50] <nine> Oh yeah, the extra dude.
[11:33:50] <nine> BWAHAHAHA.
[11:34:09] <nine> R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1R1R1R1R1R1R1
[11:36:45] <nine> >6 minutes in
[11:36:48] <nine> >praise for the visuals
[11:36:58] <nine> >on the 360 version of the game
[11:37:09] <nine> >followed by "The first thing I did was go to the graveyard!"
[11:37:12] <aria> It looks the exact same
[11:37:16] <nine> TOO MUCH HILARITY.
[11:37:23] <nine> It looks horrible.
[11:37:50] <nine> 1024x720 internal rendering is crap.
[11:38:25] <nine> ZWEEEEEEEEhander.
[11:39:39] <bronzdragon> ZWEEEE
[11:40:04] <bronzdragon> He doesn't know how to german?
[11:40:21] <nine> nope.
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[11:41:46] <bronzdragon> 'sup
[11:43:40] <nine> >quick lvl up glitch
[11:44:18] <nine> >spend forever killing low level shit for souls to get 20k souls to get crest to then let dumb ai kill itself over and over again
[11:44:30] <nine> DON'T LOSE YOUR SOULS.
[11:44:36] <nine> AND FUCKING HELP OTHERS.
[11:49:53] <aria> I tried to explain to him how to game
[11:49:57] <aria> Lets see if he replies
[11:50:12] <nine> You tried to?
[11:50:15] <nine> LAWL.
[11:50:24] <nine> He's probably not that bad anymore.
[11:50:31] <aria> Video from today
[11:50:41] <nine> Just the footage from when he just started out.
[11:51:52] <nine> The video was uploaded today yeah.
[11:51:58] <nine> That doesn't mean he fucking played all that today.
[11:52:02] <aria> I don't think he has currently ringthested the bells yet
[11:52:14] <aria> I wasn't suggesting that
[11:52:17] <nine> Shit gotta be recorded, editted, voiced over, uploaded.
[11:52:43] <aria> But they're usually pretty quick, commentary is probably from yesterday or so
[11:52:57] <aria> He's done more complicated videos in a day before
[11:53:38] <nine> Yeah, but he didn't play in one sitting.
[11:53:43] <nine> So he took his time.
[11:54:08] <aria> I know. Again, Im not suggesting the footage is super recent
[11:54:16] <aria> just that he hasn't actually gotten very far
[11:54:24] <aria> because the commentary is probably very recent
[11:55:09] <nine> The commentary is specifically targetted at new players.
[11:55:28] <aria> And he says things that will make you a worse player! =P
[11:56:06] <nine> Yup.
[11:56:10] <nine> But so do you.
[11:56:36] <nine> You have to ask mr. got-the-game-six-days-ago on how to play the fucking game.
[11:56:55] <nine> How did it go btw. Zweihander ruined the black knight?
[11:57:01] <aria> I only ever ask about stats
[11:57:05] <aria> Hm?
[11:57:17] <aria> Oh, nah
[11:57:24] <bronzdragon> Well, we did see an uchigatana in the footage
[11:57:25] <aria> two much effort to switch to two hands for parry
[11:57:27] <bronzdragon> And a black knight sword
[11:57:28] <aria> used something else
[11:57:34] <bronzdragon> Oh
[11:57:34] <bronzdragon> sorry
[11:57:40] <bronzdragon> I'll be <--
[11:59:31] <nine> ARIA. YOU ONLY NEED TO PARRY.
[11:59:56] <aria> Yes
[12:00:00] <aria> But its more presses
[12:00:08] <aria> which is more effort while youtubes
[12:00:26] <nine> ...
[12:00:28] <aria> I mean, I didn't have a problem switching to a shortsword mid parry...
[12:00:33] <nine> You're playing a fucking game.
[12:00:40] <nine> ...
[12:00:46] <aria> No, Im pressing l1 r1 for 10 minutes
[12:01:36] <aria> 1 button every time you hit him vs menuing once..
[12:02:30] <nine> You only have to hit him twice.
[12:03:11] <aria> Hah no
[12:04:37] <nine> At least you went max fat with piggu.
[12:04:39] <bronzdragon> Actually, pressing right on the d-pad is easier
[12:04:47] <bronzdragon> Since it's less order-sensative
[12:04:49] <aria> No I didn't
[12:04:51] <nine> Though havel's legs, that's boarbarian nonsense.
[12:04:54] <aria> I went giant chest
[12:04:56] <nine> But 62 end!
[12:05:04] <aria> 64*
[12:05:10] <aria> I need it for fast rolls
[12:05:18] <aria> as well as both equipload buffs
[12:05:22] <aria> well rings
[12:05:22] <nine> Yah, my bad. 64.
[12:05:23] <bronzdragon> Also, the switching weapons button is easier because it can be queued up.
[12:05:38] <bronzdragon> Unlike the 2 hand button, which actually needs to be timed.
[12:05:52] <nine> Hardly.
[12:05:52] <aria> I didn't actually.. switch from zwei hander for every hit
[12:06:00] <aria> I just swapped it out with a shortsword..
[12:06:08] <nine> Like a stupid baka.
[12:06:18] <nine> Zweihander would've anally devastated the knight in no time.
[12:06:22] <bronzdragon> A 'stupid' baka?
[12:06:28] <nine> But at least it made the skeletons a cakewalk.
[12:06:28] <aria> That works
[12:06:32] <bronzdragon> As opposed to an intelligent one?
[12:06:33] <aria> because stupid is an adjective
[12:06:39] <nine> bronzdragon: yes.
[12:06:49] <bronzdragon> Just checking
[12:06:53] <nine> A stupid idiot.
[12:07:03] <bronzdragon> I know what baka means >__>
[12:07:22] <nine> No you don't. You idiot.
[12:07:28] <bronzdragon> =(
[12:10:16] <bronzdragon> Watashi wa kanashīdesu
[12:10:25] <aria> That took a while
[12:10:30] <aria> also I like that "ii"
[12:10:35] <bronzdragon> Japanese is hard, alright!
[12:11:21] <bronzdragon> Watashiwakanashīdesu happy now?
[12:12:01] <nine> You something something idiot.
[12:12:05] <nine> I don't know Japanese.
[12:12:13] <nine> Because I'm not a faggot.
[12:13:08] <bronzdragon> *weeaboo-d-ha-aru
[12:13:52] <nine> What's "wa kanashidesu" supposed to mean anyway. :|
[12:14:07] <bronzdragon> "is being sad"
[12:14:29] <aria> It would be "am" because context
[12:14:37] <nine> 私は悲しいです
[12:15:04] <bronzdragon> You're good at typing that
[12:15:17] <bronzdragon> Do you have an IME
[12:15:22] <nine> Yeah, so good I only need two keys, and a modifier key
[12:15:22] <bronzdragon> Questionmark
[12:15:27] <nine> Nope.
[12:15:30] <nine> I have google translate.
[12:15:36] <aria> Windows just comes with one
[12:15:41] <nine> Which lets you type phonetically.
[12:15:44] <aria> Oh you're on ubuntu
[12:15:46] <aria> that also just comes with one
[12:15:56] <nine> I'm on Windows.
[12:16:10] <aria> I meant Bronz
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[12:46:38] <nine> HOLY SHIT NEITO.
[12:46:48] <nine> It's fucking Neito.
[12:47:27] <bronzdragon> ^ what he said
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[12:47:45] <nine> Time to ask Vamos for a fire weapon.
[12:47:49] <nine> OH SHIT.
[12:47:53] <nine> It's Derpman69.
[12:47:54] derpman69 is now known as MCjoeobrdfjkfs
[12:48:04] <nine> He got lazy.
[12:48:05] <MCjoeobrdfjkfs> THAT'S FUCKING NITO.
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[12:48:27] <nine> Come back MCjoeobrdfjkfs!
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[12:48:59] <nine> :<
[12:49:06] <MCJOERRGFD> :>
[12:49:07] <nine> No MCjoeobrdfjkfs.
[12:49:17] MCJOERRGFD is now known as MC________
[12:49:20] <nine> Now I have to deal with this lousy MCJOERRGFD faggot.
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[12:49:30] <MC________> I am now whoever you want me to be.
[12:49:38] <bronzdragon> ...
[12:49:42] <bronzdragon> Don't listen to him
[12:49:45] <nine> MCnine'slover it is.
[12:49:57] <bronzdragon> NoooooooOOooooo!
[12:50:08] <nine> What? You feel left out?
[12:50:15] <bronzdragon> ... yes
[12:50:18] <nine> You may love my cock if you want to.
[12:50:24] <MC________> I'm about to do a private decanting session.
[12:50:25] <nine> It's made of flesh and blood.
[12:52:42] <nine> Okay, let's order linguini tea.
[13:54:10] <nine> The Quantum Theory of MC________.
[13:54:20] <nine> Water shan't boil when observed.
[14:08:20] <aria> Why did MS make Windows so bad?
[14:08:23] <aria> What jerks
[14:08:33] <nine> They didn't?
[14:09:38] <aria> Im trying to extend an partition
[14:09:42] <aria> Can't figure out how
[14:10:20] <aria> At least with parted, you can set it to extend the mounted partition whenever possible later
[14:10:44] <aria> Also burning an iso is like 14 clicks
[14:10:47] <aria> as opposed to 1
[14:11:15] <nine> It's not 1 under Linux.
[14:11:28] <nine> First you have to install burning software.
[14:11:58] <nine> Then you have to modify your right-click menu so it gives you the option, then you have to click twice to start the program and have it burn the iso.
[14:12:09] <aria> Well yes, you can't just use a kernel
[14:12:15] <nine> At which point it'll complain you didn't put in an empty CD.
[14:12:23] <aria> But if you use gnome or whatever, you click the icon
[14:12:26] <aria> and it starts burning
[14:12:37] <aria> assuming empty cd is in there
[14:12:56] <nine> Also, if you wanna fuck with partitions in Windows, right-click -> manage your comptuer.
[14:13:06] <nine> Computer* -> disk management, there's everything.
[14:13:43] <aria> Try changing anything on the windows partition
[14:13:58] <aria> I believe it does let you shrink...
[14:13:59] <nine> It's the active one.
[14:14:02] <aria> But i was trying to grow
[14:14:05] <nine> No way are you gonna change shit with that.
[14:14:18] <nine> I don't have space to extend it.
[14:14:22] <nine> Do have the option to shrink it.
[14:15:58] <aria> ...
[14:16:13] <aria> Why the fuck can't I use space from the end of the harddrive?
[14:16:17] <aria> What the fuck?
[14:17:40] <aria> Oh
[14:17:44] <aria> you just have to move it manually
[14:17:46] <aria> ok that makes sense
[14:19:59] <aria> Right, time to write 400 gb on an old HD...
[14:20:06] <aria> Bet its gonna die mid move
[14:20:53] <aria> also, your HD is 100% full?
[14:21:13] <aria> How do you-- yknow, boot?
[14:21:39] <aria> Oh right,
[14:21:49] <aria> you can shrink an partition without it having negative side effectsd
[14:21:54] <aria> given enough space
[14:22:07] <aria> so just take some space from the other partition
[14:22:33] <aria> but it needs to be in the beginning, otherwise you have to write a bunch
[14:24:32] <bronzdragon> Stuff!
[14:35:03] <nine> Aria, what are you trying?
[14:35:51] <aria> resizing something, now I just have to wait for it to write all the stuff again
[14:35:54] <nine> Manipulating partitions under Windows isn't much different from under Linux.
[14:36:08] <nine> The only difference is that Windows puts stuff more at the start.
[14:36:17] <aria> Problem is mostly ntfs being whiny
[14:36:21] <nine> So you'd have to write a bit more at worst.
[14:36:29] <bronzdragon> Windows can't partition the partion it's on
[14:36:31] <nine> ... it's no whinier than ext-anything.
[14:36:43] <aria> It so is whinier than ext4!
[14:37:12] <nine> Do tell what it's whinier about.
[14:38:09] <aria> "I can't take from over there! It's so faaaar"
[14:38:28] <aria> "I can't move only the first 20 files, that is craazy!"
[14:38:31] <nine> Neither can ext4.
[14:38:48] <aria> Nah, but ext can have gaps
[14:39:07] <nine> With partitions in-between?
[14:39:12] <aria> Hah no
[14:39:21] <nine> So it can't.
[14:39:39] <aria> It can have gaps in the partition, all the stuff doesn't need to go in the start
[14:39:57] <nine> Which is utterly irrelevant to the partition.
[14:40:04] <nine> Contents != the partition.
[14:40:20] <nine> I already pointed out that NTFS will indeed have most of its shit at the start.
[14:40:31] <nine> It will also have fucking gaps of empty space between shit.
[14:41:27] <bronzdragon> I'm bored =(
[14:41:46] <bronzdragon> The sad face is to indicate my displeasure at this fact.
[14:42:00] <nine> My penis is hard =)
[14:42:16] <bronzdragon> Did you know; A false or innacurate fact is called a factoid?
[14:42:17] <nine> The happy face is to indicate me shoving it down your throat.
[14:42:33] <nine> That's a lie!.
[14:42:48] <bronzdragon> You have an exclamation mark AND a period
[14:42:52] <nine> MO'FUCK.
[14:42:52] <bronzdragon> That's redundant
[14:42:55] <nine> IT'S NOT!
[14:43:02] <nine> It's redundant yeah.
[14:43:05] <nine> And unintended.
[14:43:12] <nine> I'm tired, so typing more autonomically.
[14:43:15] <nine> Which meanst .
[14:43:18] <nine> means*
[14:43:42] <nine> Muscle memory puts in lines by hitting period then enter.
[14:43:44] <bronzdragon> You start making less sense too.
[14:43:59] <nine> Exclamation mark is typed with my left hand solely.
[14:44:21] <nine> So when I put in that line, I autonomically put in a period before hitting enter.
[14:44:33] <nine> It all makes a lot of sense once you know my typing behaviour.
[14:45:18] <bronzdragon> Y'know what?
[14:45:20] -!- bronzdragon has quit [Quit: leaving]
[14:45:38] <nine> =|
[14:45:50] <nine> I was about to tell him that his factoid nonsense was bullshit.
[14:45:56] <nine> A factoid is not a fact.
[14:46:00] <nine> It's just presented as one.
[15:05:49] -!- djfooboo [djfooboo!~chatzilla@hide-F9866A2E.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #geeknights
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[16:01:23] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@hide-E91ED796.bstnma.east.verizon.net] has joined #geeknights
[16:01:33] <aria> OH NO NEITO!
[16:29:53] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[17:03:11] <aria> People on the internet hates capcom way too much...
[17:05:56] -!- spacejam [spacejam!spacejam@hide-C81D949.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[17:23:08] <spacejam> this channel appears to be officially abandoned
[17:23:12] -!- Kulag has quit [Ping timeout]
[17:23:36] <spacejam> oh nevermind, just on the wrong page
[17:23:37] <okeefe> IT'S A PARTY LINE, ALL THE TIME.
[17:23:49] <spacejam> we are here: http://frontrowcrew.com
[17:25:05] <bronzdragon> Yay, I'm black
[17:35:48] <aria> (That means his penis is big)
[17:36:00] <aria> Thus yey-worthy
[17:38:14] <spacejam> why do people spell yay with an e
[17:38:45] <okeefe> Non-native speaker? Terrible speller? Younger than 13?
[17:39:09] <spacejam> or perhaps...ALL THREE
[17:39:20] <aria> >=/
[17:39:31] <aria> because yey is different from yay
[17:47:01] <spacejam> uai
[17:47:12] <aria> You wanna use yey when you want to express a subtle hint of cinnamon
[17:47:57] <spacejam> yeaih
[17:48:19] <aria> Those are just silly
[17:51:49] -!- aria has quit [Ping timeout]
[17:54:46] -!- aria [aria!AriaDesu@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[18:04:42] <aria> This is insane http://youtu.be
[18:12:02] -!- Kulag [Kulag!~kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
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