#geeknights | Logs for 2013-01-06

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[01:50:42] <aria> Either I didn't sleep enough, or I slept more than 30 hours
[01:50:47] <aria> Im not sure which..
[01:51:42] <Apsup> Not sure which I would expect from you.
[01:52:04] <aria> Also wtf my applications folder isn't loading...
[01:53:01] <aria> And I don't know which date it was yesterday either
[01:53:07] <aria> So I can't really confirm either wya
[01:53:09] <aria> way*
[01:55:13] <Apsup> This is the night of Sunday morning.
[01:55:17] <Apsup> Does that help?
[01:57:48] <aria> '_'
[01:57:55] <aria> What is a sunday?
[01:58:06] <aria> Also my keyboard is set to the wrong region...
[01:58:09] <aria> thats odd
[02:05:04] <Apsup> Well, you figure yourself and your temporary positions out, I go to the bed. Night.
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[02:52:02] <nine> Bitches, whores, and complete scumbags. Flock to me, my cock needs attention.
[02:52:49] <aria> Stupid awesome doing stupid things >_>
[02:53:04] <nine> Aaah, the first victim.
[06:56:09] <aria> Anyone up?
[07:03:00] <okeefe> Yep.
[07:03:16] <okeefe> Finished two more episodes of Utena.
[07:05:42] <aria> And?
[07:06:19] <aria> Are you pleased with your achivement? Were the episodes fruitful?
[07:09:41] <okeefe> I watched most of them at some point, but everything after the first 13 episodes or so I've forgotten. It's really quite good; I'm not sure why I stopped. Maybe I saw some in the wrong order and got confused, then?
[07:10:12] <okeefe> Watching two a day is a good pace for me.
[07:18:56] <aria> Yeah two a day seems to work best for me too with complicated plots
[07:19:09] <aria> otherwise I tend to forget
[07:31:20] <okeefe> I'm bad with names, so I've been taking notes about secondary characters. :P
[07:34:57] <aria> On what?
[07:35:28] <aria> Like, a notebook? Why not just leave the wiki open?
[07:38:36] <okeefe> A text file. I don't want to hit a wiki so as to avoid spoilers.
[07:39:27] <aria> Thats fair
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[08:36:57] <aria> So Im watching this interview with Richard Stallman
[08:37:06] <aria> Well, Im like a minute in
[08:37:13] <aria> This host is the worst host ever =P
[08:37:50] <aria> He doesn't understand the difference between free beer and freedom after having it explained to him like twice
[08:39:05] <aria> Make that 4 times in 5 minutes
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[08:49:22] <aria> How is this guy this dumb?
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[09:25:56] <nine> ARIA! LINK!
[09:26:06] <aria> Link is pretty cute
[09:26:08] <aria> I like his tighs
[09:26:44] <aria> In Soul Sacrifice, they give you more HP for saving dudes
[09:26:50] <aria> and stronger attacks for killing dudes
[09:26:52] <nine> >:¬|
[09:27:00] <aria> Which I don't fucking like
[09:27:02] <aria> cuase I like saving dudes
[09:27:06] <aria> but I also like not getting hit
[09:27:17] <aria> I assume its a skill based game where I can just never get hit
[09:27:29] <aria> so Id wanna go through the entire thing with base health because thats more fun
[09:27:34] <aria> http://youtu.be
[09:27:44] <aria> But I have to kill all the dudes for that
[09:27:54] <aria> So Ill get all the shitty cutscenes
[09:28:50] <aria> aw cmon
[09:28:56] <aria> you also get them as summons if you save them
[09:29:03] <nine> Stop overthinking it you dick.
[09:29:18] <aria> So they reward you for saving dudes
[09:29:30] <aria> they should reward you for killing dudes, cause you don't wanna kill dudes
[09:29:49] <aria> so you have to choose if you want it to be easy or if you want to roleplay
[09:30:18] <nine> ...
[09:30:32] <nine> Dealing more damage also makes it easier.
[09:31:07] <nine> It lets you kill them before they deal tons of damage, or you can just tank through it and kill them.
[09:31:33] <aria> Yeah of course, but its still not as good as health + extra dudes
[09:32:11] <nine> DEAR GOD.
[09:32:17] <nine> Why does Stallman use the word "gratis".
[09:32:19] <nine> He's not Dutch.
[09:32:20] <aria> Right, so my naked heavy hitting power within greatsword guy is harder to play than a full giants guy with a lightning weapon
[09:32:23] <nine> It sounds fucking horrible!
[09:32:29] <aria> He likes dutch.
[09:32:52] <aria> (also more fun)
[09:32:58] <nine> Uh, you do realize that the zaphander giantdad is of both camps and not 1.
[09:33:30] <aria> Huh?
[09:33:41] <nine> The equivalent would be killing guys and getting more damage AND more health.
[09:33:46] <nine> Instead of one or the other.
[09:34:04] <aria> Well.. I do more damage than a zaphander
[09:34:05] <aria> But yes
[09:34:18] <aria> Fine
[09:34:21] <aria> full havels lightning spear
[09:34:30] <nine> Better DaS equivalent would be your naked +15 greatsword superbuffing dude and a Giantdad with a +0 short sword.
[09:34:31] <aria> someone who just found havels in anor lonod
[09:34:34] <aria> and then tries to be cheap
[09:34:48] <nine> Tons of health, shit for damage.
[09:35:01] <nine> Lightning spear also deals a lot of damage.
[09:35:05] <aria> In Soul Sacrifice, it doesn't boost your damage that much actually
[09:35:12] <aria> they really reward saving dudes a bunch more
[09:35:13] <nine> You are quite shitty at thinking up NO DAMAGE.
[09:35:27] <nine> Well, you didn't say that before.
[09:35:35] <aria> =P
[09:35:44] <nine> And still. Point stands.
[09:35:45] <aria> Im not sure how much it matters if you play for a while
[09:35:53] <aria> but killing 1 dude hardly gives you a boost
[09:35:55] <nine> Killing dudes lets you deal more damage, saving dudes lets you take more damage.
[09:35:57] <aria> it might stack after a while
[09:36:07] <nine> WHO CARES.
[09:36:11] <nine> Time to watch this interview some more.
[09:36:18] <nine> Please Stallman stop saying GRATIS.
[09:37:42] <aria> They let you respeck..
[09:37:56] <aria> So I guess save all the dudes
[09:37:59] <aria> then respeck =P
[09:48:13] <aria> Oh..
[09:48:23] <aria> If you sacrifice goons
[09:48:29] <aria> so not the main enemy but all the tiny enemies
[09:48:31] <aria> you get ammo
[09:48:43] <aria> or HP back
[09:48:52] <aria> (so not levling up vit, but HP to use in the match)
[09:49:13] <aria> Also if you have a bunch of vit, you can revive your teammates a bunch, so thats good I guess
[09:50:27] <aria> Im not sure how this works, but you can break a spell..
[09:51:22] <nine> Dear god I hate this twat of a host.
[09:51:31] <aria> Yes, he sucks
[09:51:55] <nine> That's a fucking understatement.
[09:54:01] <nine> Ridiculously nervous, uneducated, making pathetic jokes and sniffing constantly and loudly in his mic.
[09:54:16] <aria> Also dumb.
[09:54:26] <nine> That's why I said uneducated.
[09:54:50] <aria> That assume you can teach him
[09:58:10] <nine> Not I personally, but I do think he can be taught.
[09:58:18] <nine> If he gets slapped in the face first.
[10:07:21] <aria> I kinda want a Vita
[10:07:26] <aria> but it only has like 4 games
[10:07:29] <aria> and 3 of those are not out yet
[10:07:38] <aria> and 2 of them are gonna get canceled
[10:18:30] <nine> Wow, that's a lot.
[10:27:35] <aria> So Im watching a speedrun analasys on Dark Souls..
[10:27:37] <aria> which is...
[10:27:39] <aria> werid and nerdy
[10:27:43] <aria> but the video is quite fun so far
[10:27:51] <aria> doesn't really teach me anything I don't know though
[10:27:53] <aria> not yet anyway
[10:27:57] <aria> http://youtu.be
[10:45:34] <nine> Seen that one before.
[10:45:41] <aria> Wait, really?
[10:45:46] <nine> EpicNameBro is a huuuuge fucking Dark Souls nerd.
[10:46:08] <aria> he knows like half of the lore, so thats cool
[10:46:32] <nine> More like all the lore as interpreted by himself.
[10:46:37] <nine> He has a bunch of videos on the subject.
[10:46:48] <aria> Thats how the Dark Souls lore works
[10:46:59] <nine> Yup.
[10:47:12] <nine> And that's where I got my start with the DaS lore.
[10:47:24] <nine> He goes a lot further though.
[10:47:26] <aria> That?
[10:47:47] <nine> That channel.
[10:47:49] <aria> I think Ive seen all of his lore stuff
[10:47:58] <aria> I don't always agree with it
[10:48:08] <aria> but when he thinks the same as me, it's good getting confirmation Im not crazy
[10:51:00] <nine> Sharing an idea does not make you not crazy.
[10:51:05] <nine> It might just mean you both are.
[10:51:13] <aria> Hush
[10:51:43] <nine> It's the truth.
[10:51:49] <nine> Don't hide from the truth.
[10:51:57] <nine> It's not like craziness is inherently bad.
[10:52:36] <aria> So I feel like using the BKGA
[10:52:48] <aria> whats the best way to kill that one black knight?
[10:53:03] <aria> Taking 2 runs, 1 run to kill the necromancer
[10:53:11] <aria> and then die and go back to fight the black knight
[10:53:17] <aria> and killing 2 skeletons at base level?
[10:53:21] <aria> that seems kinda hard
[10:53:42] <aria> and the black knight is in such a tight space, there's such a high chance of backstab pushing him off the ledge
[10:54:01] <aria> I don't have to patience to go for parries on him, cause he'd one shot me, and it takes like 30 parries..
[10:54:08] <nine> Thought about parrying?
[10:54:51] <nine> Also parries deal more damage than backstabs.
[10:54:57] <aria> I know
[10:55:09] <nine> So if it takes like 30 parries, it'll take 90 backstabs.
[10:55:26] <aria> Nah, he's like 40 backstabs
[10:55:36] <aria> much much easier to pull off without getting hit than 30 parries
[10:55:50] <nine> A riposte deals a lot of damage.
[10:56:21] <nine> The only hard part about the parrying is that it's fucking dark in that corner.
[10:56:41] <aria> Wiki.. doesn't say how much health he got
[10:56:47] <aria> Nvm
[10:56:49] <nine> Not that much.
[10:56:51] <aria> 710
[10:57:01] <aria> 19 damage per riposte
[10:57:10] <nine> Wut.
[10:57:19] <nine> What are you smoking?
[10:57:38] <nine> More like 19 damage per riposte when using a giant club with 0 str.
[10:57:53] <aria> Thinking short sword
[10:57:58] <nine> ...
[10:58:14] <nine> Get bandits knife and that thief shield.
[10:58:36] <aria> How much would a unpgraded bandit knife to on him?
[10:58:42] <aria> Does it even go through his def?
[10:58:49] <nine> Why'd you use an unupgraded one?
[10:59:01] <aria> Cause BKGA run..
[10:59:05] <nine> Also too much dex required for bandit's knife.
[10:59:06] <nine> 12.
[10:59:19] <nine> ...
[10:59:21] <aria> Im assuming making a new character
[10:59:26] <aria> and getting that wep the first thing I do
[10:59:30] <nine> It's a fucking riposte with the highest crit weapon in the game.
[10:59:32] <aria> thats usually how I do a specfic weapon run
[11:00:07] <aria> I guess I could get the drake sword first and then take him
[11:00:08] <nine> You need humanity first.
[11:00:12] <aria> that would probably be easier and faster
[11:00:20] <aria> 3 humanity on the well
[11:00:28] <nine> I mean you need 10.
[11:00:43] <aria> Wait, there are that many? Well there you go
[11:00:46] <nine> The 3 manatee on the well isn't enough.
[11:00:56] <nine> You _NEED_.
[11:01:08] <nine> That does not mean that there _ARE_ 10.
[11:01:23] <aria> Eh, it doesn't exactly take long to run through the catacombs =P
[11:01:40] <aria> The asylum takes like thrice as long
[11:02:11] <nine> If you want to get to Pinwheel, sure.
[11:02:19] <nine> If you want to get to the knight, nope.
[11:02:24] <nine> Unless you like bonewheels.
[11:02:27] <aria> Make the first jump
[11:02:29] <aria> run down the corridor
[11:02:32] <aria> jump down the ladder
[11:02:33] <aria> its right there
[11:02:39] <nine> >jump
[11:02:40] <nine> >jump
[11:02:41] <nine> >jump
[11:02:45] <nine> >lawl health
[11:02:50] <aria> 5 estus...
[11:02:53] <aria> 3 jumps
[11:02:58] <nine> Though I know they are perfect for popping those manatees you need.
[11:03:52] <aria> Do they all have the same def?
[11:04:20] <aria> You do 40 damage on a riposte on the one in the basin if you two hand a shortsword
[11:06:23] <nine> Now go try the one in the Burg.
[11:06:47] <aria> Im not playing
[11:06:57] <aria> One in the burg dies quickly if I remember correctly
[11:07:21] <aria> 500HP on that one
[11:07:26] <aria> So it has to have less def
[11:07:28] <nine> Also, you'd have 10 estus.
[11:07:43] <aria> Nah, I'd rest in the catacombs
[11:07:43] <nine> >it dies quickly
[11:07:46] <nine> >has less health
[11:07:51] <nine> >concludes it must have less def
[11:07:57] <nine> IF BY DEF YOU MEAN HEALTH, THEN YES.
[11:08:08] <aria> 40 damage per hit
[11:08:16] <aria> 500 health
[11:08:24] <nine> >40 damage
[11:08:24] <aria> Too many punches
[11:08:27] <aria> he dies quicker than that
[11:08:31] <nine> >basin also 40 damage
[11:08:36] <nine> >BURG MUST HAVE LESS DEF
[11:08:47] <aria> No no, I dunno how much you do on the one in the burg
[11:08:50] <aria> 40 on the one in the basin
[11:09:06] <nine> Then fucking go stab the fuck in the Burg already.
[11:09:08] <aria> Im just judging based on how long it takes to kill him based on the one in the basin
[11:09:12] <nine> I told you several minutes ago.
[11:09:17] <aria> But researching!
[11:09:38] <nine> That's fucking researching.
[11:09:51] <nine> Sitting still and mumbling isn't "researching".
[11:10:04] <aria> I'm on the wiki!
[11:10:14] <aria> I don't get why it doesn't just list their stats
[11:10:21] <nine> Who fucking knows how correct that fucking thing is.
[11:10:31] <nine> Because they don't fucking know.
[11:10:45] <nine> You can't just pull up a fucking window in-game listing all the fucking stats of every single enemy.
[11:10:54] <nine> Those health numbers are approximations.
[11:11:05] <aria> Hasn't PC version been hacked to all hell yet?
[11:11:20] <nine> >implying that data was put on the wikis
[11:11:28] <nine> The wikis already had all the data that you need.
[11:11:48] <nine> Knowing exactly how much def and health an enemy has is useless information for a wiki.
[11:11:55] <nine> And for someone fucking with the game as well.
[11:12:06] <nine> Because they just want egghead-inducing curse weapons.
[11:12:30] <aria> It doesn't tell me how to get the axe as the first weapon I get
[11:12:30] <aria> Well I guess like.. thrid or whatever
[11:12:54] <nine> Yes it does.
[11:13:03] <nine> Black Knights sometimes drop the weapon they use.
[11:13:11] <nine> HEY, there's this BKGA wielding twat in the catacombs.
[11:13:31] <aria> Why do they do weapons instead of wov of silence?
[11:13:56] <nine> That's sufficient information for anyone with a fucking brain to conclude that to get that axe early you have to go to the catacombs, kill that fucker and get lucky.
[11:13:59] <aria> Or shield
[11:14:00] <nine> Tadaaaa.
[11:14:17] <nine> Wut?
[11:14:25] <aria> But it takes like fucking 10 minutes to kill him once
[11:14:26] <aria> you need to make that run twice
[11:14:31] <nine> No you don't.
[11:14:31] <aria> and he's also hard and it takes forever
[11:14:34] <aria> and then I have to restart
[11:14:51] <nine> You'll have to restart anyways because the chances of it dropping on the first attempt are fucking low.
[11:15:04] <aria> You really think I can take 2 immortal skeletons and a black knight in that tiny ass room at base level =P?
[11:15:19] <aria> Oh I meant restart because it didn't drop
[11:15:26] <nine> How often do you think that dude with the sub-1 hour speedrun had to start over because twat knight didn't drop his halberd?
[11:15:27] <aria> so you have to do the run twice before restarting
[11:15:29] <aria> then restarting like 10 times
[11:15:29] <nine> A LOT.
[11:15:43] <nine> You already said you would go for the necromancer first.
[11:15:51] <aria> Yes
[11:15:54] <aria> And then you have to die
[11:15:59] <nine> No you don't.
[11:16:12] <nine> You just kill the fucking skeletons.
[11:16:12] <aria> How do you get out of that?
[11:16:18] <nine> By going up the fucking ladder?
[11:16:22] <aria> You can't. Immortal
[11:16:34] <aria> I don't think you remember how many hits they take early on
[11:16:51] <nine> I don't think you remember jack shit about the catacombs.
[11:17:16] <aria> With any kind of equipment, its a peace of cake
[11:17:42] <nine> Didn't you just say "I don't think you remember how many hits they take early on"?
[11:17:46] <aria> I can do the boss in like 3 minutes from firelink with a +5 claw or +5 whip
[11:17:54] <nine> If it's a 'peace' of cake, then why the fuck are you planning to die?
[11:18:00] <nine> >+5
[11:18:03] <nine> TRY +0.
[11:18:03] <aria> With a base claw, or base shortsword, fucking impossible to kill anyone
[11:18:31] <nine> Yet +5 suddenly makes it ai-okee?
[11:18:35] <aria> Yes
[11:18:39] <aria> The skeletons have crazy def, almost no health
[11:18:50] <aria> Cause they wanna teach you not to fuck with them early on
[11:18:57] <nine> 35 damage.
[11:19:01] <nine> Man, that's one fucking hit less.
[11:19:19] <aria> On the skeletons? You do like.. 7
[11:19:31] <nine> Which then becomes a whopping 8.
[11:19:32] <nine> \o/
[11:20:05] <aria> Just check, make a new character, clear out the graveyard
[11:20:05] <aria> takes forever
[11:20:15] <nine> If you can't even kill the skeletons after killing the necromancer, you won't be able to kill the black knight.
[11:20:22] <nine> If you even manage to kill the necromancer.
[11:20:35] <nine> Because 2 archers, 2 skeletons and the necromancer all piling you.
[11:20:36] <aria> See
[11:20:39] <aria> the only way to kill the necromancer is to run in and runstab
[11:20:41] <nine> Not to mention any twats that followed you.
[11:20:54] <nine> Yes, it takes forever.
[11:20:54] <aria> I can kill him, but not make it out alive
[11:21:00] <aria> if he isn't there, I can slowly kill all of them
[11:22:11] <aria> +5 weapon helps a lot
[11:22:25] <nine> You already said you don't have the patience to parry and riposte the black knight.
[11:22:33] <nine> Now you talk about slowly killing them off one by one.
[11:22:40] <aria> Ill see if I can find a youtube
[11:22:44] <aria> so I can actually look at the numbers rather than guess
[11:22:44] <nine> PS. You can just fucking climb up the fucking ladder once you kill McNec.
[11:22:59] <nine> Or just fire up your console.
[11:23:06] <aria> I don't have the patience to messing up the riposte. But Im not gonna mess up a backstab =P
[11:23:34] <nine> ... that sentence makes no fucking sense.
[11:23:43] <aria> Alright so..
[11:23:48] <aria> To riposte him 30 times
[11:23:50] <nine> I know what you mean.
[11:23:57] <aria> I need to do a hard task 30 times
[11:23:58] <nine> The sentence is just fucked.
[11:24:03] <aria> to backstab 50 times
[11:24:04] <nine> Because that's not what patience means.
[11:24:07] <aria> I need to do an easy task 50 times
[11:24:14] <aria> it takes longer, but its not very active
[11:24:31] <aria> Yes it is, it's tiring to be trying hard for a long time
[11:24:39] <aria> more so than waiting something out
[11:24:41] <nine> That's called NERVES.
[11:24:44] <nine> Not PATIENCE.
[11:24:50] <aria> Meh
[11:25:03] <nine> Patience is waiting for a long time.
[11:25:29] <nine> Just fucking parry the twat.
[11:25:39] <aria> What the fuck is this guy doing...?
[11:25:44] <nine> You should already be able to parry all the black knights.
[11:25:49] <nine> They're the easier ones to parry.
[11:26:11] <aria> Yeah, but you only fight them 6 times per character
[11:26:21] <aria> unless you beat gwyn
[11:26:30] <aria> How the fuck is he fat rolling this early on?
[11:26:37] <aria> Oh, knight just straight up fat rolls?
[11:26:41] <nine> Yes.
[11:26:47] <nine> It's barely lighter than Elite Knight armour.
[11:26:56] <nine> And base endurance for knight is fuck low.
[11:27:03] <aria> I figured they'd give him the end to make it exactly be medium
[11:27:30] <aria> Two handed leap with morning star does 26 to them
[11:27:51] <aria> Also this player is fucking lousy
[11:27:52] <nine> Knight starts out with 10 endurance and 31 weight.
[11:27:59] <aria> he hit 1 guy in 1 min 40 seconds
[11:28:10] <nine> I can't see this guy.
[11:28:16] <aria> He gets hit while blocking once. Its a miracle
[11:28:33] <aria> =P
[11:28:35] <aria> http://youtu.be
[11:28:41] <aria> I don't think you wanna watch it...
[11:29:17] <aria> Oh that isn't a leap, thats just the morning star's r2 I guess
[11:29:33] <aria> I didn't realize morning star was that slow..
[11:30:17] <nine> ...
[11:30:21] <nine> That's a warrior you twat.
[11:30:35] <aria> Oh? What does Knight get?
[11:30:40] <nine> And morning star's a fucking club weapon.
[11:30:43] <nine> They all are slow.
[11:30:49] <nine> Knight armour.
[11:30:50] <aria> But its fucking tiny
[11:30:50] <nine> Duh.
[11:30:57] <nine> Also a tower kite shield.
[11:31:05] <nine> The black one with the chess piece on it.
[11:31:16] <aria> Thats not terrible
[11:32:15] <nine> Did I say it was?
[11:32:26] <aria> I was just observing
[11:32:45] <aria> Im not sure what kind of equipment this guy has. But he's about an hour into the game, does 14 damage to then with a broadsword
[11:32:56] <aria> So there you go, they have a bunch of def
[11:34:07] <nine> And yes, they have def.
[11:34:12] <nine> Which means jack shit when they are in pieces.
[11:35:25] <nine> Also, if you're going to go Hunter, just grab the fucking Estoc.
[11:35:56] <nine> It's a thrusting sword so it deals more damage on crit than a fucking shortsword.
[11:37:02] -!- aria has quit [Ping timeout]
[11:39:24] <nine> Fuck everything that has a hole.
[11:39:31] <nine> A big enough hole of course.
[11:41:22] -!- aria [aria!~AriaDesu@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[11:41:29] <aria> Not sure what happened
[11:41:30] <aria> Hi
[11:46:56] <nine> >:¬<
[11:47:19] <nine> Anyways, I said go grab the estoc.
[11:47:20] <aria> Maybe.
[11:47:36] <nine> Since you seem to be considering a Hunter start.
[11:48:01] <aria> Well I wanna minimize the number of times the run needs to be made
[11:48:09] <aria> So get whatever good weapon thats gonna make it easy
[11:48:12] <aria> or whatever level
[11:48:24] <aria> But not spend 10 minutes preparing for every run
[11:48:44] <nine> Warrior starts with longsword.
[11:48:51] <nine> Also more str.
[11:49:01] <aria> and a high poise helm...
[11:49:23] <nine> ...
[11:49:30] <nine> Yeah, I guess.
[11:50:20] <nine> Oh wow. Yeah, that's the only piece with poise on the warrior set.
[11:50:22] <nine> BWAHAHAHA.
[11:51:01] <nine> That's funny.
[11:51:12] <aria> I noticed from you laughing
[11:51:13] <nine> Also more def, so you might be able to survive a hit from the BKGA.
[11:51:23] <aria> Really?
[11:51:24] <aria> Huh
[11:51:25] <aria> Alright
[11:51:29] <aria> I guess I should give it a try
[11:51:41] <aria> Ugh but I don't have access to my cloud saves..
[11:51:50] <aria> Eh thats fine
[11:51:57] <aria> Ill try after this youtube I guess
[11:51:59] <nine> MIGHT.
[11:52:01] <nine> Just speculating.
[11:52:09] <nine> But it's more armour.
[11:52:18] <aria> Ill not wear the entire thing
[11:52:28] <aria> Cause a bunch of running and jumping
[11:52:36] <aria> but I can put it on before the fights I guess
[11:53:00] <nine> Yup.
[11:53:49] <aria> So...
[11:53:51] <aria> I notice
[11:53:53] <aria> new players can't read
[11:54:04] <aria> or I guess people on youtube
[11:54:11] <nine> Link?
[11:54:15] <nine> Context.
[11:54:17] <nine> ANYTHING.
[11:54:18] <aria> Same one you saw earlier
[11:54:23] <aria> He picked up a spear
[11:54:28] <nine> ...
[11:54:30] <aria> next video he's all like "man I wish I had a spear"
[11:54:35] <nine> That video was one minute and 38 seconds.
[11:54:42] <aria> Nah the other one
[11:54:42] <nine> He had a fucking morning star.
[11:54:45] <aria> the 10+ min one
[11:54:47] <nine> YOU NEVER LINKED THAT ONE.
[11:55:01] <aria> Really?
[11:55:07] <aria> Whats the last thing I said before disconnecting?
[11:55:19] <nine> 12:32 < aria> So there you go, they have a bunch of def
[11:55:33] <nine> 12:28 < aria> http://youtu.be
[11:55:37] <nine> Was your last link.
[11:55:51] <nine> Which is the first timer dicking in the graveyard.
[11:55:59] <aria> 12:33 < aria> Because it's not actually worth watching...
[11:55:59] <aria> 12:33 < aria> http://youtu.be
[11:55:59] <aria> 12:34 < nine> And yes, they have def.
[11:55:59] <aria> 12:34 < nine> Which means jack shit when they are in pieces.
[11:55:59] <aria> 12:34 < aria> No see, that is a problem because you can't get them out of the way to kill the necromancer
[11:56:02] <aria> 12:34 < aria> cause he fire's you
[11:56:03] <aria> 12:35 < aria> so the only possible way, speaking from experience and my limitations as a player
[11:56:06] <aria> 12:35 < aria> is to kill the necromancer first
[11:56:09] <aria> 12:35 < aria> and then either run away
[11:56:11] <aria> 12:35 < aria> or die
[11:56:14] <aria> 12:35 < aria> You can't start by killing the necromancer, then just shifting focus
[11:56:17] <aria> 12:35 < aria> cause fire and arrows and shit
[11:56:20] <aria> 12:35 < aria> and backstabs
[11:56:22] <aria> 12:36 < aria> Actually
[11:56:25] <aria> 12:36 < aria> Is Vamos hard?
[11:56:27] <aria> 12:36 < aria> ive never faught Vamos at a low level
[11:56:30] <aria> 12:36 < aria> I wanna try his hammer once
[11:56:32] <aria> 12:36 < aria> and thats a certain drop
[11:57:48] <nine> 12:34 < nine> Which means jack shit when they are in pieces.
[11:57:49] <nine> 12:35 < nine> Also, if you're going to go Hunter, just grab the fucking Estoc.
[11:57:51] <nine> 12:35 < nine> It's a thrusting sword so it deals more damage on crit than a fucking shortsword.
[11:57:54] <nine> 12:36 -!- aria [~aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has quit [Ping timeout]
[11:57:56] <nine> My end of the convo.
[11:58:23] <nine> The timeout is 120 seconds, which makes perfect sense.
[11:58:50] <aria> This guy hasn't leveld
[11:59:04] <aria> required souls to level is 0
[11:59:06] <aria> he thinks he doesn't have enough
[11:59:07] <aria> cause he can't figure out that -> means +1 level
[11:59:10] <aria> Im not sure how
[11:59:35] <nine> ... required souls is never 0?
[11:59:47] <aria> If I saw correctly
[12:00:13] <aria> Level 5 wanderer
[12:00:32] <aria> No? its not 0 to go 1 up from base level?
[12:00:48] <aria> Maybe it said he had 0...
[12:00:50] <aria> But he has 900 now, and he has only killed like 3 dudes since
[12:01:03] <nine> It's never 0 I think.
[12:01:11] <nine> And base level is variable.
[12:02:01] <aria> Nah, ReqSouls 0
[12:02:05] <aria> Oh
[12:02:06] <aria> >_>
[12:02:07] <aria> Im dumb
[12:02:10] <aria> super dumb
[12:02:12] <nine> I know.
[12:02:24] <aria> he never speked
[12:02:41] <aria> so it tells him 0 required to stay where he is
[12:02:43] <nine> Your ability to NOT READ OR LISTEN EVER is astonishing.
[12:02:54] <aria> I thought it just always said +1 level
[12:03:08] <nine> ...
[12:03:19] <nine> You're super dumb.
[12:03:26] <aria> Hush
[12:03:29] <nine> AHAHAHAHA.
[12:03:39] <nine> >dude walks into the flooded shrine
[12:03:51] <nine> >there's another bloodstain in the water
[12:03:57] <nine> I love seeing that shit.
[12:04:39] <nine> Is... is he really gonna fight Petrus.
[12:05:24] <aria> No
[12:05:24] <aria> I was sad he didn't
[12:05:29] <nine> :<
[12:05:35] <nine> He joins the Way of White.
[12:05:39] <nine> What a faggot.
[12:05:49] <aria> I did that once
[12:05:55] <nine> I never, EVER will establish a covenant with fucking Petrus.
[12:05:59] <nine> NEVER.
[12:06:15] <aria> Well its not with Petrus
[12:06:16] <nine> If I want to be Way of White, I will start as a Cleric or Knight.
[12:06:22] <nine> THROUGH PETRUS.
[12:06:24] <nine> JEEEZ.
[12:06:26] <aria> Fine
[12:06:55] <nine> Also, "first a covenent with the gods"
[12:07:05] <nine> BUT I AM HERE TO KILL THEM!
[12:07:52] <nine> Oh god.
[12:07:57] <nine> He just starts booking it for loot.
[12:08:07] <aria> I like loot.
[12:08:18] <nine> Quite skillfully runs through the graveyard though.
[12:08:21] <nine> For a first timer.
[12:08:44] <aria> and then he doesn't use the weapons he picks up..
[12:08:52] <aria> Whats required for aa zaphander?
[12:10:37] <nine> 20 str.
[12:10:42] <nine> And 10 dex?
[12:10:42] <aria> What?
[12:10:47] <aria> Oh 1 hand?
[12:10:53] <nine> 24/10
[12:10:54] <aria> So thats what, 15?
[12:10:55] <aria> 16?
[12:10:58] <nine> 16.
[12:10:59] <nine> To two-hand.
[12:11:08] <aria> K
[12:11:34] <nine> http://www.youtube.com
[12:11:38] <nine> 16/10 required.
[12:11:43] <nine> For THE LEGEND to return.
[12:12:05] <aria> So do people think the game is actually hard..?
[12:12:12] <nine> It is.
[12:12:13] <nine> First time.
[12:12:23] <nine> Until you learn to stop being a fucking imbecile.
[12:12:30] <aria> Cause when I and Bronz played for the first time, we just sorta figured when it took forever to kill the skeletons you go the other way
[12:12:33] <aria> and it was easy
[12:12:41] <aria> when Havel is tough, you save him for later
[12:12:47] <aria> (although I don't think we did that)
[12:13:00] <aria> First boss doesn't ever hit you, so there's that..
[12:13:01] <nine> I spend a whopping, 2 minutes in the graveyard.
[12:13:02] <nine> Then was out.
[12:13:04] <aria> But on youtube, everyone dies
[12:13:08] <nine> With delicious lewt.
[12:13:08] <nine> First time.
[12:13:19] <aria> I got the loot too actually
[12:13:26] <nine> Okay, not that delicious because I didn't get the zweihander or winged spear, but still.
[12:13:26] <aria> But I didn't think I was supposed to
[12:13:39] <aria> I didn't expect the game to make me punch a dude that long =P
[12:14:14] <aria> The one time I didn't go the intended path was in the church
[12:14:15] <nine> I did die on the Asylum demon on first meeting.
[12:14:28] <nine> Because I never saw the door to the side until the second time I went through.
[12:14:36] <aria> Me too. many a time. Cause I wanted to punch him =P
[12:14:43] <aria> I died like 20 times
[12:14:48] <nine> Punch?
[12:14:55] <aria> In the butt.
[12:14:58] <nine> I didn't know yet how to get rid of that sword.
[12:15:05] <nine> So I scratched him a bit.
[12:15:10] <nine> Dodged a bit and died horribly.
[12:15:22] <aria> =P
[12:15:25] <nine> And yes, I know in the butt.
[12:15:32] <aria> I had seen Giant bomb do the tutorial
[12:15:32] <nine> I was making a multi-sentenced story.
[12:15:34] <nine> DEAL WITH IT.
[12:15:40] <nine> I hadn't
[12:15:46] <nine> HE'S BACK!
[12:15:48] <nine> LVL 99.
[12:16:35] <aria> Are you watching OnlyAfro?
[12:16:51] <nine> OF COURSE.
[12:16:54] <nine> I just fucking linked you that.
[12:16:54] <aria> Sure...?
[12:16:55] <nine> I love it.
[12:17:00] <aria> No you didn't.
[12:17:03] <aria> You never linked
[12:17:04] <nine> Anyways, those challenges are boring as shit.
[12:17:11] <aria> Why's that?
[12:17:16] <nine> 13:10 < aria> K
[12:17:17] <nine> 13:11 < nine> http://www.youtube.com
[12:17:17] <nine> 13:11 < nine> 16/10 required.
[12:17:19] <nine> I FUCKING DID.
[12:17:23] <aria> Wait that?
[12:17:31] <aria> That isn't "just", that one is long ago
[12:17:35] <nine> You super dumb twat that NEVER READS OR LISTENS.
[12:17:42] <aria> I figured it was zaphander proof
[12:17:42] <nine> 6 minutes.
[12:17:50] <nine> CHAOSHANDER PROOF.
[12:17:52] <aria> Thats fucking forever
[12:17:53] <nine> AND GIANTDAD.
[12:18:07] <aria> Has lightning been nerfed?
[12:18:15] <nine> If that's fucking forever don't even try to get that BKGA.
[12:18:17] <aria> Everyone used to use lightning all the time
[12:18:23] <nine> It's gonna take a lot longer than 6 fucking minutes.
[12:18:32] <nine> Lightning is shit to begin with.
[12:18:36] <aria> Im actually pretty good at running past shit
[12:18:49] <nine> That's not the part that's gonna take long.
[12:19:02] <nine> You're gonna ragequit in the middle of the third sip animation.
[12:19:19] <aria> =P
[12:20:27] <nine> Mo'fuck.
[12:20:38] <nine> Asylum cunt only gives 2k souls.
[12:20:52] <aria> You started dark souling?
[12:21:40] <nine> No.
[12:21:49] <nine> Just mathemagicianing it up with wiki.
[12:22:01] <nine> Warrior needs to lvl up from 4 to 7 to 2-hand Zweihander.
[12:22:05] <nine> You need 2223 souls for that.
[12:22:16] <aria> So tutorial
[12:22:27] <nine> Gives 2100 guaranteed.
[12:22:42] <nine> Unless you actually kill any of the hollows.
[12:22:57] <nine> Lost soul gives 100.
[12:23:01] <nine> The lowest one.
[12:23:24] <nine> No wait, 200.
[12:23:34] <nine> It's 200/400, my bad.
[12:23:40] <nine> I thought 100/200 for the lost undead souls.
[12:23:58] <aria> So tutorial + a dude or tutorial + firelink loot
[12:24:07] <aria> How about the BKGA?
[12:24:24] <nine> Not even.
[12:24:49] <nine> Just run through the asylum, get 100 from Oscar, 2k from Demon, then just get the soul off to the left when running to the crow.
[12:24:54] <nine> Pop that and you have 2300.
[12:25:11] <aria> I meant a dude in the asylum
[12:25:16] <aria> but sure, a loot in there works too
[12:25:32] <nine> Then to Firelink, lvl up to 7 with 16 str, rush through graveyard by going past winged spear, grab zweihander, then run into catacombs.
[12:25:59] <nine> Eh, don't hollows in asylum only give 20 souls?
[12:26:14] <nine> Killing the two before the fog gate I guess.
[12:26:21] <aria> I dunno. But there are two guys with shields and swords
[12:26:30] <nine> ...
[12:26:39] <aria> Yes those
[12:26:42] <nine> Those are in front of the door to rusted iron ring.
[12:26:43] <nine> Too far.
[12:26:49] <nine> Don't need those scrubs.
[12:27:05] <nine> Just grab the lost undead soul, pop and move on.
[12:27:08] <nine> It's on the way.
[12:27:16] <aria> Anyway, what does BKGA require?
[12:27:20] <aria> And what does Vamos hammer require?
[12:27:58] <nine> A LOT.
[12:28:22] <nine> Which is why I'm confused as to why you'd wanna get that fucking thing the moment you step foot on Lordran soil.
[12:28:35] <nine> 36/18 for axe.
[12:28:41] <aria> ...
[12:28:42] <aria> What
[12:28:43] <aria> What
[12:28:47] <nine> 14 str for Vamos hammer.
[12:28:49] <aria> I can't fucking wield that
[12:28:53] <aria> Ok, thats better
[12:28:54] <nine> No.
[12:29:12] <nine> You can't fucking wield a Black Knight Greatweapon at the start.
[12:29:16] <nine> That's the fucking point.
[12:29:23] <nine> They're GREATWEAPONS.
[12:29:42] <aria> But you can wield a halberd pretty early
[12:30:38] <nine> Seems you need 18 dex for all Black Knight weapons.
[12:30:41] <nine> Makes sense I guess.
[12:30:46] <nine> No you can't.
[12:30:48] <aria> They're all 18?
[12:30:51] <aria> Even the sword?
[12:30:59] <nine> Halberd is 32/18.
[12:31:01] <nine> Yes.
[12:31:04] <nine> Even the greatsword.
[12:31:15] <nine> (not the Ultra Greatsword that's called Greatsword)
[12:31:28] <nine> Fucking Black Knights and their large weapons.
[12:31:33] <nine> Lost all sense of scale!
[12:31:44] <aria> Two ahnding what do you need?
[12:32:02] <nine> 2/3rds.
[12:32:05] <nine> Of that str.
[12:32:44] <aria> calc 66% of 36
[12:32:56] <nine> 24.
[12:33:03] <aria> Not too bad
[12:33:04] <nine> Dead god you're a super dumb twat.
[12:33:08] <nine> What's 36/3?
[12:33:09] <nine> TWELVE.
[12:33:18] <nine> Fucking basic school mathematics here.
[12:33:35] <nine> It's only 2 more levels than what you need for the halberd.
[12:34:01] <aria> So go for the vamos hammer then
[12:34:05] <aria> have you used that?
[12:34:07] <aria> Is it good?
[12:34:12] <nine> No, go for the zweihander and kill BK with that.
[12:34:15] <nine> No it's not.
[12:34:22] <aria> But fire
[12:34:25] <nine> You said you have no experience with hammers at all.
[12:34:35] <nine> Don't kill Vamos.
[12:34:38] <aria> You can make it occult and put a lightning buff on it
[12:34:43] <aria> and itll be fire occult lightning
[12:34:44] <nine> It's a shitty hammer and shitty helm.
[12:34:49] <nine> >:C
[12:34:58] <nine> That's not how shit works.
[12:35:09] <aria> I was joking
[12:35:13] <aria> Ive killed him before
[12:35:17] <aria> I hit a zombie with the hammer
[12:35:20] <aria> and didn't use it again
[12:35:34] <aria> But I was level like 5000
[12:35:43] <nine> 80 more like.
[12:35:52] <aria> Sure =P
[12:36:47] <nine> Man, I lol'd my ass off when I was helping a dude play DaS.
[12:37:01] <nine> We arrived in the forest, butterfly half, and had to face the stone giants.
[12:37:04] <nine> I had a stick.
[12:37:07] <nine> And was fucking buff.
[12:37:17] <nine> Like lvl 19 MY MUSCLES ARE GINORMOUS.
[12:37:34] <nine> Because 20 is for gods.
[12:37:36] <nine> ANYWAYS.
[12:37:43] <nine> That day I learned my fucking stick was AMAZING.
[12:37:53] <nine> It murdered stone giants with ease.
[12:38:03] <aria> They're pretty weak
[12:38:13] <nine> At low level with non-strike weapons they ain't.
[12:38:30] <aria> They always have low health
[12:38:44] <aria> but they hit hard and fucking peace walk all over you
[12:38:50] <nine> Not that low, and huge defenses against non-strike.
[12:38:54] <nine> Yup.
[12:38:54] <aria> With their stupid jpop and rocket hands
[12:39:01] <nine> And then I had my fucking stick that killed them in 2 hits.
[12:39:14] <nine> Jpop and rocket hands? Explain that one.
[12:39:22] <aria> Peace Walker has that
[12:40:03] <aria> Look up "metal gear zeke fight"
[12:40:35] <aria> In the cutscene leading up to it, there's a dude with a rocket in his prostetic hand
[12:41:04] <nine> You know.
[12:41:17] <nine> Maybe I should put 10 more levels in str on my club wielder and go to ash lake.
[12:41:27] <nine> Get the Dragon Greatsword and invade people with that thing.
[12:42:19] <aria> I did that a bit
[12:42:24] <nine> With my sack on it would be 24.6 encumberance. :|
[12:42:25] <aria> it has very short reach
[12:42:30] <nine> Does it?
[12:42:38] <aria> But the r2 is really good
[12:42:46] <nine> 1h or 2h r2?
[12:42:51] <nine> I know 2hr2 is magic.
[12:42:51] <aria> Yes its also fucking super heavy
[12:42:52] <aria> 2h r2
[12:43:01] <aria> Its high damage and pretty quick magic
[12:43:04] <aria> and few people use it
[12:43:05] <nine> I don't need to lvl up to use it 2h.
[12:43:08] <aria> so people don't expect it
[12:43:19] <aria> I only used it two hand
[12:43:21] <nine> Maybe just use it with 40 str.
[12:43:23] <aria> Thing is
[12:43:31] <aria> the only quick attack you have is side roll and attack
[12:43:46] <nine> Hey, it's a str weapon.
[12:43:48] <aria> So if a fight goes on long, and you fight a katana user or something, you have to be predictable
[12:43:54] <nine> What the fuck do you expect? Fast attacks?
[12:44:05] <aria> str weapons usually have range or dead angles
[12:44:13] <nine> Which it does.
[12:44:19] <aria> Without that, you need some speed
[12:44:37] <nine> Unless you mention the Posh Whale.
[12:44:46] <aria> Posh Whale?
[12:44:54] <nine> Wash Pole.
[12:44:57] <aria> Oh.
[12:45:11] <nine> Fucking infinite reach katana.
[12:45:44] <aria> Doesn't that one break if you block it?
[12:45:47] <nine> Man, fighting black hydra with base pyro stats and 40 str will be silly.
[12:45:50] <aria> I thought it was only useful in pve
[12:45:58] <aria> Ive almost never seen people use it
[12:46:04] <nine> It has shit durability yes, but not that shit.
[12:46:14] <nine> Neither have I.
[12:46:48] <nine> Eh, I should just settle for my Demon Great Machete I think.
[12:47:02] <nine> I'm already edging the level range for invading blight town.
[12:47:28] <aria> Man I wish I had xbox live again..
[12:47:33] <aria> Stupid Xbawks
[12:47:37] <aria> making you pay to play
[12:49:48] <nine> :¬|
[12:50:16] <aria> I didn't actually care before, cause I have a PS3 and PC
[12:50:18] <aria> and a wii
[12:50:24] <aria> Then I got 16 months for free
[12:50:27] <nine> Ah yeah, people prolly don't use the Posh Whale because it's fucking heavy.
[12:50:27] <aria> which is like forever
[12:50:29] <nine> 8.0
[12:50:43] <aria> So I got Dark Souls...
[12:50:46] <nine> With 20 less durability (60 total) than Uchi and Iaito.
[12:51:09] <nine> Forever has ended I assume.
[12:51:11] <nine> Poor boy.
[12:51:17] <nine> Eternity not long enough for his patience.
[12:51:21] <aria> Yup, and now they want me to pay =(
[12:55:13] <nine> Should've demanded freedom.
[12:55:46] <aria> Fucking expensive too
[12:55:50] <aria> its like 70 bucks
[12:56:05] -!- Kulag has quit [Ping timeout]
[12:56:36] <aria> If I could deal with heavy armor
[12:56:42] <aria> Id make a character to use the board helm
[12:56:49] <aria> boar*
[12:57:06] <nine> Piggu Knight.
[12:57:08] <nine> Just do it.
[12:57:31] <nine> Who cares if you die.
[12:57:34] <nine> It's just a game.
[12:57:40] <aria> I wouldn't die...
[12:57:40] <nine> Also, learn how to be a fucking piggu knight!
[12:57:44] <aria> Just be bored
[12:57:46] -!- Kulag [Kulag!kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
[12:57:52] <nine> >implying you can kill with a crescent axe.
[12:58:05] <nine> I would gladly kill you.
[12:58:09] <aria> With a what?
[12:58:09] <nine> If you had DaS on PC.
[12:58:16] <nine> Crescent Axe.
[12:58:26] <aria> Thats not even a real thing
[12:58:33] <nine> http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com
[12:58:37] <nine> FUCK YOU IT IS YOU TWAT.
[12:58:49] <aria> Whaaa
[12:58:53] <aria> Ive never used that
[12:58:55] <aria> Is it good?
[12:59:03] <aria> Looks good
[12:59:44] <aria> ...
[12:59:59] <aria> Well some dude is using it..
[13:00:06] <aria> he's using WoG in the forest, dressed in giants
[13:00:11] <aria> he has that axe when people spawn
[13:00:20] <aria> then switches to giants halberd when he attacks
[13:00:59] <nine> >looks good
[13:01:05] <aria> (lightning halberd)
[13:01:05] <nine> >shit scaling on 3 fucking stats
[13:01:25] <aria> I meant its pretty
[13:01:35] <nine> You know, since you wanna use BKGA. Why not a Boarbarian?
[13:01:41] <nine> http://i.imgur.com
[13:01:48] <aria> Cause heavy as shit
[13:02:09] <nine> http://i.imgur.com
[13:02:11] <nine> ALSO, PIGGU KNIGHT.
[13:02:19] <aria> ...people... make this shit?
[13:02:24] <aria> Why?
[13:02:49] <nine> Because they have fun.
[13:03:13] <aria> By specing out stats and builds?
[13:03:18] <nine> People cospvp as Tarkus, Iron Golems, Solaires everywhere!
[13:03:19] <aria> I mean, its fun on your own character
[13:03:25] <aria> but following a guide doesn't seem very fun
[13:03:42] <nine> GUESS WHAT BITCH! http://i.imgur.com
[13:05:16] <aria> I do actually like the naked one you linked
[13:05:24] <aria> Id make that if I had a save editor
[13:05:51] <aria> But DWGR?
[13:05:54] <aria> Doesn't seem to fit...
[13:06:08] <nine> Old build.
[13:06:10] <aria> I'd do wolf
[13:06:17] <aria> Oh it's above 25%?
[13:06:17] <nine> When flipping was still batshit insane.
[13:06:22] <nine> Yah.
[13:06:26] <aria> Hrm..
[13:06:30] <aria> does it work with fap?
[13:06:51] <nine> >BKGA, BOAR FANG HELM, HAVELS SHIT -> 30 END
[13:07:03] <nine> "must be less than 25% hurrr" I hear you think.
[13:07:16] <aria> I dunno, it said DWGR
[13:07:36] <nine> yes.
[13:07:44] <nine> Which was flippity floppity below 50%.
[13:07:58] <aria> I didn't know, I assumed you linked modern shit
[13:08:05] <aria> cause you only got hte game 3 days ago
[13:08:06] <nine> 'course not.
[13:08:14] <nine> 6 months.
[13:08:25] <aria> Yeah that thing
[13:09:22] <nine> http://i.imgur.com
[13:09:26] <nine> \o/
[13:10:19] <nine> And some random lunacy that's in this album: http://i.imgur.com
[13:10:39] <aria> I don't think that guy actually tested it
[13:11:43] <nine> Pfffffffffffft.
[13:11:52] <nine> Who needs to test things when you can just have unlimited stamina.
[13:12:03] <nine> And the game thinks you have 0% encumberance?
[13:12:38] <aria> also, 99 dex actually speeds up animations
[13:12:44] <aria> do people pvp at max level?
[13:13:12] <aria> I wouldn't mind a couple of maxed out fights
[13:15:59] <aria> So...
[13:16:02] <aria> does everyone use a shield?
[13:16:09] <aria> Cause I never use a shield
[13:16:11] <aria> But this youtube dude does
[13:16:18] <aria> and so did those images you linked me
[13:20:57] <aria> Say
[13:20:59] <aria> you play on PC
[13:21:06] <aria> is there any user made stages?
[13:21:09] <aria> yes grammar
[13:21:22] <aria> Also Ima try using a save editor and trying some shit out..
[13:21:24] <nine> No.
[13:21:30] <nine> There's no usermade content.
[13:21:37] <nine> Because there's no fucking modding tools.
[13:21:40] <aria> Really? I'd probably make some if I played on PC, seems plenty fun
[13:21:46] <aria> Well, unofficial ones
[13:21:47] <nine> GOOD LUCK TRYING!
[13:21:59] <nine> Link me one.
[13:22:09] <aria> There are none?
[13:22:14] <nine> https://mugenmonkey.com
[13:22:18] <aria> Does the Armored Core stuff work?
[13:22:24] <nine> Why the fuck would there be?
[13:22:33] <nine> Also, Ryu Hayabusa invading the Burg.
[13:22:50] <aria> Is that naked dude bare handed?
[13:23:00] <aria> Oh wait
[13:23:06] <aria> Ryu Hayabusa
[13:23:19] <nine> Shadow set + uchi.
[13:23:26] <aria> Why not Iaito?
[13:23:27] <nine> + pyro for firestorm (Ninpo)
[13:23:30] <aria> Iaito doesn't look dumb when you r2
[13:23:36] <nine> Because Iaito requires 20.
[13:23:48] <aria> I tried actually making a ninja char
[13:23:51] <aria> I chose female because dumb
[13:23:56] <aria> female ninja is apperantly sexy ninja
[13:23:59] <nine> >ninja
[13:24:00] <nine> >female
[13:24:00] <aria> instead of stealth ninja
[13:24:01] <nine> LAWL.
[13:24:09] <aria> So I didn't go through with it
[13:24:17] <nine> Like with everything.
[13:24:40] <aria> I make most of my characters...
[13:24:40] <nine> I'm tempted to kill Ceasy and farm demons for the greataxe.
[13:25:01] <aria> Did I mention the part where I have like 20 characters?
[13:25:08] <aria> So for the save editor
[13:25:20] <aria> do I have to make my dude first, then quit out, edit the save, and then load it?
[13:25:25] <aria> or can I just generate a character
[13:25:55] <nine> I don't know.
[13:26:10] <aria> But you hacked to do chaos fists!
[13:26:11] <nine> What are you doing it on, what are you using, what does the fucking README tell you to do?
[13:27:27] <aria> Its a windows application
[13:27:31] <aria> doesn't come with a read me
[13:27:35] <aria> or like, anything
[13:28:04] <aria> Its just yknow, a song and text saying "run as admin, 100% safe warez free certified 100%"
[13:28:13] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[13:28:13] <nine> Did you just conclude it has no readme from "Its a windows application" or from actually looking?
[13:28:23] <aria> The first thing
[13:28:28] <nine> :|
[13:28:30] <nine> You're wrong.
[13:28:43] <nine> Now tell me you GFWL name so I can invade your ass.
[13:28:53] <aria> I dunno, tries aria?
[13:28:57] <aria> tried*
[13:29:15] <nine> Nope, still waiting for game to start.
[13:29:57] <nine> So, that's your gamertag?
[13:30:07] <nine> Because I'm not going to randomly send out fucking friend requests.
[13:32:28] <aria> Well I made a GFWL account many moons ago to play Age of Empires Online
[13:32:32] <aria> I think that was aria
[13:32:39] <aria> My Xbox name is long
[13:32:53] <nine> That's your GFWL.
[13:32:59] <nine> Xbox = GFWL.
[13:33:05] <aria> Its like xxHaloCoD1337SXILZxx773
[13:33:48] <aria> Speaking of, I actually fought a guy named xxKillerDawgxx once =P
[13:33:59] <aria> and nah, I had to make a new account for AoE
[13:34:10] <aria> Xbox name is Get yo ipv6 on
[13:37:43] <aria> OK
[13:37:47] <aria> what do you use for a str build?
[13:38:06] <nine> Preferably a weapon.
[13:38:15] <aria> I mean starting class
[13:38:35] <nine> Whatever.
[13:38:52] <aria> Bandit seems to be the best
[13:38:56] <nine> Warrior, Bandit, Pyromancer, Hunter, Wanderer all fucking work.
[13:39:11] <nine> Bandit is best, if you never need to put a point in dex.
[13:39:21] <nine> Bandit is most used for it's high vit and end.
[13:39:35] <nine> Making it easier to get that up to 40.
[13:40:26] <aria> Ill leave the vit at 12 I think
[13:40:31] <aria> But 36 str was it?
[13:40:34] <aria> And 18 dex
[13:40:44] <nine> Google mugenmonkey.
[13:40:47] <nine> There's a builder, use that.
[13:40:51] <nine> It has a best class finder.
[13:40:56] <aria> and the rest in end to get it up to whatever is the correct level
[13:43:07] <aria> Fucking hammer requires 46 str?!
[13:43:18] <nine> ?
[13:43:21] <nine> Which one?
[13:43:25] <aria> tutorial
[13:43:30] <nine> Yah.
[13:43:32] <nine> Why?
[13:43:36] <aria> also I kept pressing A to dodge...
[13:43:44] <aria> Thats a lot...
[13:43:45] <aria> I just got it
[13:43:49] <aria> I thought Id be able to use it
[13:43:52] <nine> ... it's a big str weapon.
[13:43:55] <aria> I thought it was around 36
[13:43:57] <nine> What the fuck did you think?
[13:43:59] <nine> :|
[13:44:06] <nine> Somewhat reasonable I guess.
[13:44:15] <nine> But the demon weapons are crazy in str demand.
[13:44:27] <nine> >Sreaching for world to invade...
[13:44:31] <nine> >waiting before Ceasy.
[13:44:32] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!~bronzdrag@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[13:44:37] <aria> Took you a while
[13:44:38] <aria> good mornin
[13:44:43] <bronzdragon> hey
[13:44:47] <nine> It's 2:45.
[13:44:51] <nine> What the fuck aria.
[13:45:00] <bronzdragon> Yeah Aria!
[13:45:01] <bronzdragon> wait...
[13:46:17] <nine> Failed to invade. :<
[13:49:30] <aria> <how many fucking hits does that guy take?
[13:51:49] <nine> ?
[13:53:53] <aria> So..
[13:53:55] <aria> there you go
[13:54:00] <aria> This took me like 5 min
[13:54:18] <aria> I took 2 runs of killing everyone up that little hill
[13:54:20] <aria> and the asylum
[13:54:27] <aria> and now I can use a zweihander
[13:54:32] <aria> and I do like 200 damage do these does
[13:54:34] <aria> dudes*
[13:54:40] <aria> also light
[13:55:33] <bronzdragon> ...
[13:55:35] <aria> it does take all my stamina though
[13:55:40] <bronzdragon> Wait... does--
[13:55:47] <bronzdragon> Do invasions still hapen without gold?
[13:55:52] <aria> No
[13:55:59] <bronzdragon> Aww, that sucks
[13:57:03] <aria> 300 on a riposte
[13:57:07] <nine> Aria took my advice? LAWL.
[13:57:31] <aria> This shit needs to be patched...
[13:57:43] <aria> I guess its not better than the drakesword...
[13:57:53] <aria> but the drakesword requires skill to get
[13:58:09] <aria> this doesn't even require running
[13:58:15] <aria> just sorta walking in zig zag
[14:00:39] <nine> ...
[14:01:09] <nine> It deals a lot less damage than a drakesword though.
[14:01:21] <nine> Till you get it upgraded/some str.
[14:01:27] <nine> Mostly upgraded.
[14:02:58] <aria> I don't think it does actually
[14:03:02] <aria> Maybe I don't remmeber
[14:03:06] <aria> I one shot all the early dudes
[14:07:14] <bronzdragon> I love oneshotting all the early dudes!
[14:13:32] <nine> Of course you one-shot the early dudes.
[14:13:56] <nine> You have a weapon you can't use without prior knowledge of a specific build order.
[14:14:21] <nine> Same thing that happened with my stick-swinging sack-wearing idiot.
[14:14:25] <nine> 40 str, 16 dex.
[14:14:27] <nine> End*
[14:14:29] <nine> Rest all base.
[14:14:31] <nine> Lvl 34.
[14:14:51] <nine> Swinging demon machetes one handed!
[14:17:23] -!- aria has quit [Connection reset by peer]
[14:17:56] -!- aria [aria!AriaDesu@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[14:33:42] <nine> HEY ARIA!
[14:33:45] <nine> YOU SUCK!
[14:33:52] <nine> I RHYME!
[14:33:57] <nine> shit it's one short. :<
[14:43:27] <bronzdragon> try sublime
[15:09:28] <aria> Stupid crossover
[15:09:34] <aria> not being as good as regularass wine
[15:27:32] <bronzdragon> Hai again
[15:27:39] <bronzdragon> I'z back from when I'z was gone
[15:42:05] <aria> Dragon?
[15:42:08] <aria> I can't call you..
[15:42:47] <bronzdragon> Sorry! The voice chat with Aria failed due to an error [Code: 7 Remote: true] at 4:42 PM.
[15:43:02] <bronzdragon> That's what it tells me
[15:43:05] <aria> That was just not answering on my end I think
[15:43:33] <aria> Huh
[15:43:37] <aria> says its on their end
[15:43:41] <bronzdragon> Huh?
[15:44:06] <bronzdragon> Call me now?
[16:05:18] <nine> I'm off. Sleep time is best time.
[16:05:19] -!- nine [nine!nine@hide-887AEA2B.ip.telfort.nl] has parted #geeknights
[16:06:55] -!- aria has quit [Ping timeout]
[16:10:54] -!- aria [aria!AriaDesu@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[16:23:55] -!- bronzdragon has quit [Quit: leaving]
[16:25:54] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!~bronzdrag@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[17:21:54] <aria> Ok
[17:21:55] <aria> Im done
[17:21:55] <aria> Nine
[17:22:00] <aria> I played some with that character
[17:22:02] <aria> plenty of fun to be had
[17:22:16] <aria> Not sure what I wanna do further
[17:22:20] <aria> maybe be a forest hunter
[17:42:16] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!yoshokatan@hide-3567B4F5.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[17:47:48] <bronzdragon> Nine isn't here
[17:47:50] <bronzdragon> he slept
[18:28:27] -!- aria has quit [Ping timeout]
[18:50:26] -!- yoshokatana has quit [Quit: yoshokatana]
[19:54:22] -!- spacejam [spacejam!spacejam@hide-C81D949.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[20:41:05] -!- Zappy has quit [Quit: ["Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com"]]
[20:42:12] -!- Zappy [Zappy!~textual@hide-3F4E6465.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #geeknights
[21:20:31] <bronzdragon> You guys are boring
[22:57:01] -!- spacejam [spacejam!spacejam@hide-C81D949.nyc.res.rr.com] has parted #geeknights