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[00:15:21] <Apsup> Damn it. Had an awesome game of NS2 going and it crashed.
[00:48:17] <GauntletWizard> :(
[00:48:27] <GauntletWizard> nothing ruins a day like a good game crash
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[05:53:02] <bronzdragon> Hey guys
[05:53:16] <bronzdragon> I didn't expcect you, nine.
[06:08:08] <nine> Wot?
[06:08:10] <nine> Why not?
[06:22:56] <bronzdragon> It's 7
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[06:31:39] <bronzdragon> Hey Aria.
[06:31:47] <bronzdragon> Didn't expect to see you this early
[06:32:00] <aria> Don't tell me youve been up all night
[06:32:07] <bronzdragon> Haha no
[06:32:14] <aria> I turned on my computer to check time..
[06:32:16] <bronzdragon> I woke up at 6, and I couldn't get back to sleep...
[06:32:27] <aria> I see
[06:32:28] <bronzdragon> That's... not an efficient way of checking time
[06:32:40] <bronzdragon> I was hoping I'd get a nap in before you got here, to be honest
[06:32:42] <aria> No?
[06:32:43] <bronzdragon> But now that you're here...
[06:32:50] <aria> Arch
[06:32:55] <aria> computer boosts quickly
[06:32:58] <bronzdragon> Still though
[06:32:59] <bronzdragon> it's huge
[06:33:00] <bronzdragon> And bright
[06:33:12] <aria> Everything is black thoguh =P
[06:33:16] <bronzdragon> (Did I mention heavy and huge?)
[06:33:28] <aria> Right next to my bed
[06:33:35] <aria> 3 seconds for it to choose Arch rather than recovery arch
[06:33:43] <aria> then 3 more seconds for it to boot
[06:33:57] <aria> and finally 3 more seconds for all my graphical things to load in
[06:34:05] <aria> 9 second boot time, not too shabby
[06:34:35] <bronzdragon> ... if you had your phone, for example...
[06:34:39] <bronzdragon> Eh well, whatever
[06:34:49] <aria> Oh I reached for my tablet first
[06:34:53] <aria> thats also next to my bed
[06:34:56] <aria> but its too bright
[06:35:24] <aria> I would've done phone, but dunno where it is
[06:35:32] <aria> not on my nightstand, thats for sure
[06:35:53] <bronzdragon> Fair enough
[06:35:54] <aria> You were up to 22:40?
[06:36:04] <aria> Thats pretty late given you woke up so much earlier than me
[06:37:05] <bronzdragon> Ah, yes, I stayed up because my sister and her boyfriend were still up
[06:37:12] <bronzdragon> And I thought they'd keep me up anyway
[06:37:24] <bronzdragon> (They were preparing to sleep...)
[06:37:33] <bronzdragon> So I entertained myself with youtubes
[06:37:37] <aria> Sure
[06:43:45] <aria> So anyone else awake?
[06:44:39] <bronzdragon> Mom is
[06:44:45] <aria> I meant in here
[06:44:48] <aria> But sure, mom is nice
[06:44:59] <aria> Do you have breakfast? May I have some?
[06:45:15] <bronzdragon> I ate it all
[06:45:27] <bronzdragon> we had only 2 slices of bread, so I had to pull a frozen loaf from the freezer
[06:45:32] <bronzdragon> I'm waiting for it to thaw
[06:46:48] <okeefe> Utena just got weird.
[06:47:06] <aria> Really? =P
[06:47:14] <bronzdragon> 'got' weird?
[06:47:19] <okeefe> Ok, it's been weird, but now it's serious-weird.
[06:47:21] <bronzdragon> Are you 5 minutes in?
[06:48:11] <okeefe> I'm at 16. 14 was the transition to serious-weird.
[06:49:49] <aria> So Verizon has an instant streaming service now
[06:49:58] <aria> It doesn't work with Linux
[06:50:04] <aria> Or Android apperantly
[06:50:18] <aria> Unless you have the one android phone that uses freebsd kernel I guess
[06:50:22] <aria> (it has an android client)
[06:50:43] <bronzdragon> I see
[06:51:06] <aria> Or maybe it just doesn't work with Nexus phones, I dunno
[06:54:53] <aria> Apperantly they ban you if you've rooted your android phone
[06:55:00] <bronzdragon> ...
[06:55:03] <bronzdragon> I guess that make sense?
[06:56:21] <aria> Why's that?
[06:56:46] <aria> Also the dude who did the video on "I couldn't get it working" got it wokring on his rooted phone after a few minutes
[06:57:06] <aria> He has a button that says "tell this application my phone isn't rooted
[06:57:07] <aria> "
[06:57:13] <bronzdragon> ...
[06:57:16] <bronzdragon> That's a good button
[06:57:20] <bronzdragon> I like that button
[06:57:25] <aria> Yup
[06:57:26] <aria> =P
[06:59:02] <bronzdragon> I should get me some juice
[06:59:14] <bronzdragon> Juicy juice of juduciousness
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[07:01:24] <aria> >=3
[07:01:32] <aria> My interwebs are really slow and I can't figure out why
[07:02:44] <bronzdragon> =(
[07:03:55] <bronzdragon> Okay, gonna get something to eat
[07:03:57] <bronzdragon> because hungry
[07:04:00] <bronzdragon> I'd get you some, but...
[07:04:02] <bronzdragon> Y'know...
[07:04:02] <aria> Make me something as well
[07:04:05] <aria> =P
[07:04:06] <bronzdragon> Gotta fend for yourself!
[07:06:10] <aria> Ugh fuck you ISP
[07:06:20] <aria> they don't provide support in the weekends >_>
[07:07:21] <okeefe> WHAT
[07:07:51] <aria> I was gonna complain at them that my interwebs were slow
[07:08:23] <aria> They also only offer support between 8 and 16 on the weekdays
[07:08:36] <aria> So I'm guessing they made sure to only provide support when people were at work
[07:16:25] <bronzdragon> Obviously
[07:16:29] <bronzdragon> C'moon
[07:19:16] <bronzdragon> Send them an email, I suppose
[07:19:39] <bronzdragon> say "I wanted to know why my internet is slow, please call me at this number and talk to me about it. 'k thanks"
[07:19:49] <bronzdragon> On a related note, I'm eating noodles
[07:20:00] <bronzdragon> It's 8AM.
[07:20:02] <bronzdragon> Is this normal?
[07:20:24] <aria> How can people dislike the lady in RE4?
[07:20:44] <bronzdragon> Ash?
[07:20:49] <aria> Yes, Ashly
[07:20:49] <bronzdragon> *Ashley
[07:20:56] <aria> She's the most useful thing ever
[07:20:57] <bronzdragon> or the lady on the phone
[07:21:06] <bronzdragon> Not for most people
[07:21:26] <aria> the segments with her take like 4 seconds to get through cuase you one-shot everyone
[07:21:57] <bronzdragon> Most people don't know that
[07:22:56] <aria> But it was still short and not hard
[07:23:57] <aria> So you shouldn't get enough time with her to hate her
[07:24:22] <bronzdragon> She's with you pretty long, y'know...
[07:25:19] <aria> Its like 5 rooms
[07:28:18] <aria> Huh..
[07:28:32] <aria> I guess there's a lot of hate going on for Elderscrolls Online
[07:28:43] <bronzdragon> reall?
[07:29:00] <aria> they've disabled comments and ratings on the official videos, and all the related videos are rants about dumbing stuff down (how?!)
[07:29:51] <bronzdragon> ...
[07:30:15] <aria> Maybe people expected it to be skyrim where they're super badass by the end of it, but no one else was?
[07:30:36] <bronzdragon> *shrug*
[07:30:43] <bronzdragon> I think people expected co-op skyrim
[07:30:46] <bronzdragon> Because that'd be cool
[07:30:52] <aria> Coop skyrim would be cool
[07:30:56] <aria> but not mmo skyrim =P
[07:31:15] <bronzdragon> But I want co-op Skyrim =(
[07:31:26] <aria> Actually, I wonder how it would work if it was Skyrim balanced for it to take 200+ hours to fully level a stat
[07:31:54] <aria> So 90% of players were comparable to a level 10 or 20 skyrim character
[07:32:23] <bronzdragon> Hmmm...
[07:36:19] <aria> Ima find some food or noodles
[07:36:26] <aria> brb
[07:36:26] <bronzdragon> God speed, sir
[07:45:57] <aria> hi
[07:46:01] <bronzdragon> hi
[07:51:42] <aria> So what did I miss?
[07:51:48] <bronzdragon> Not much
[07:56:48] <aria> So I'm watching a youtube, this dude is calling people poop-heads non-ironically
[07:57:03] <bronzdragon> ..
[07:57:08] <bronzdragon> Do they have poop for heads
[07:57:14] <bronzdragon> or at least poops on their head?
[07:57:20] <aria> They do not
[07:57:34] <aria> Pikachu can paralyze?
[07:58:16] <bronzdragon> Yes
[07:58:26] <bronzdragon> He has an attack that paralyzes
[07:58:38] <bronzdragon> Also, many secondary effects on his attacks have a chance of paralasis
[07:58:53] <aria> But he doesn't do physical attacks
[07:58:57] <aria> At least I don't think he does
[07:59:03] <aria> he doesn't in the cartoon...
[07:59:12] <bronzdragon> ... lightning paralyzes
[07:59:18] <aria> Oh.
[07:59:19] <bronzdragon> Also, he does quick attack
[07:59:21] <bronzdragon> He bashes stuff with his face
[08:06:42] <aria> So what is it with indie games and characters having stupid "=O" faces on characters in cutscenes?
[08:06:58] <bronzdragon> They're confused!
[08:07:18] <aria> Yes but it always looks really bad
[08:07:49] <bronzdragon> =P
[08:08:01] <aria> Huh
[08:08:08] <aria> This new Star Trek game doesn't look terrible
[08:08:24] <aria> Unless that was CG...
[08:08:45] <bronzdragon> =P
[08:14:58] <GauntletWizard> Oh, tinkerbell
[08:15:06] <aria> Hrm?
[08:23:00] <aria> So whats antichamber?
[08:23:15] <bronzdragon> I think it's a chamber before a bigger more useful chamber
[08:23:22] <bronzdragon> Imagine a hallway
[08:23:30] <bronzdragon> Maybe to put your coat/umbrella away
[08:23:40] <bronzdragon> Or maybe it's a little changing room in front of a big bathroom
[08:23:41] <aria> Videogame
[08:23:44] <bronzdragon> ...
[08:23:46] <bronzdragon> >__>
[08:23:52] <GauntletWizard> https://play.google.com
[08:24:18] <aria> "Music on Google Play is not available in your country"
[08:24:20] <GauntletWizard> like nightwish, but a capella
[08:24:26] <GauntletWizard> aria: Move somewhere cool
[08:24:37] <aria> I don't think there are colder countries
[08:24:47] <GauntletWizard> no, not cold
[08:24:48] <GauntletWizard> cool
[08:24:49] <bronzdragon> What Aria said
[08:24:55] <aria> =P
[08:36:33] <aria> http://youtu.be
[08:36:50] <bronzdragon> Megwin! On demand!
[08:37:12] <bronzdragon> ...
[08:37:20] <bronzdragon> Why are these captions in English?
[08:37:30] <bronzdragon> *Not English, Itallian
[08:37:34] <aria> How do you mean?
[08:37:35] <aria> Oh
[08:37:36] <bronzdragon> I got confused
[08:37:44] <aria> because someone translated it to Itallian?
[08:38:44] <bronzdragon> Can you add unofficial captations to videos?
[08:38:49] <bronzdragon> I thought only the uploader could
[08:39:00] <aria> Nah, but you can email someone with a srt file and have them add it
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[09:00:10] <aria> Anyone here know computers?
[09:00:14] <aria> I need a new computer
[09:00:19] <aria> should I consider System76
[09:00:22] <aria> (or maybe apple)
[09:00:56] <aria> Or are they overpricing by a lot and I'd be better off just ordering parts?
[09:01:04] <aria> (keep in mind newegg doesn't ship here)
[09:05:20] <nine> Order parts.
[09:06:22] <nine> Construction, setup and branding is usually factored into the price with prebuilt systems, though that doesn't make them highly overpriced.
[09:06:33] <nine> Apple being one of the few exceptions to that.
[09:06:37] <nine> Alienware being another.
[09:07:27] <bronzdragon> Parts aren't cheap in Norway
[09:08:41] <nine> Probably because NOBODY FUCKING LIVES IN NORWAY.
[09:09:25] <bronzdragon> Correction, Aria, 3 mooses and Santa Claus
[09:09:27] <nine> Seriously, what's the fucking density of humans in Norway anyway? Point-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-one per square kilometre?
[09:09:50] <nine> Mooses aren't people.
[09:09:52] <nine> They're mooses.
[09:09:59] <nine> aria's a faggot.
[09:10:05] <nine> And Santa Claus doesn't live in Norway.
[09:10:11] <nine> And if he did, he wouldn't exist anyway.
[09:10:39] <aria> Mooses count as 17 bears
[09:10:43] <aria> and bears count as 4 people
[09:11:14] <aria> System76 isn't actually that expensive looking at it. Seems cheaper than getting the parts legally
[09:11:19] <aria> (so with taxes or a norwegian store)
[09:12:16] <nine> DICK SO HARD RIGHT NOW.
[09:12:19] <nine> I COULD CUT DIAMONDS.
[09:12:58] <nine> Sounds like System76 is like Medion then.
[09:13:09] <nine> Though perhaps with proper video cards.
[09:13:17] <nine> Be wary of that.
[09:13:35] <nine> Prebuilt systems tend to have on-board graphics cards.
[09:13:50] <nine> At low pricepoints that is.
[09:14:41] <aria> Well they let you choose the GPU
[09:15:11] <nine> Which doesn't mean it's not on-board.
[09:16:30] <aria> It's normal Nvidia GTX 6** cards
[09:17:03] <nine> Oh, good.
[09:17:04] <nine> Pick that.
[09:17:09] <nine> I have a 560GTi.
[09:17:11] <nine> It's good.
[09:17:23] <nine> Don't get the low-end ones.
[09:17:32] <nine> Like 620 or so.
[09:17:33] <aria> Bronz has two of those, I'll take those and buy him a better one
[09:17:45] <aria> They don't offer bellow 650
[09:17:48] <nine> WHY'D YOU DO THAT?!
[09:17:53] <nine> Good.
[09:17:56] <nine> Get 680.
[09:18:00] <nine> For maximum lawl.
[09:18:01] <aria> no way
[09:18:05] <nine> 690?
[09:18:12] <aria> 2 670's
[09:18:20] <nine> Why two.
[09:18:23] <bronzdragon> I have 2 560TI's
[09:18:26] <bronzdragon> No G there
[09:18:37] <aria> oh?
[09:18:39] <aria> well ok
[09:18:42] <nine> No capital letters either, double twat.
[09:18:43] <aria> Ill take those
[09:18:51] <nine> I'll outcorrect you any day Bronz, don't even try me.
[09:18:52] <bronzdragon> SHADDAP, you know which one I meant
[09:18:53] <nine> GTX 560ti.
[09:19:12] <bronzdragon> I think the T is supposed to be capatalized
[09:19:42] <aria> Default configuration + slight upgrades seems cheaper than building "from scratch", but getting one of these with enough storage, a fast GPU and enough ram seems more expensive
[09:19:46] <nine> GeForce GTX 560 Ti.
[09:19:48] <nine> BITCH.
[09:19:50] <nine> Now stop whining.
[09:19:56] <aria> So I wish I could get one with no GPU and no RAM =P
[09:20:21] <nine> Look at buying RAM and GPU seperately.
[09:20:42] <bronzdragon> You forgot NVidia
[09:20:55] <bronzdragon> (Also trademark)
[09:21:00] <nine> Not part of the name, bitch.
[09:21:06] <aria> they overprice like crazy for RAM
[09:21:27] <nine> Fucking cunts, why'd they do that. :|
[09:21:31] <nine> RAM is cheap as shit.
[09:21:35] <aria> How much should a "2 GB nVidia GeForce GTX 680 with 1536 CUDA Cores" cost?
[09:21:42] <aria> (I'll newegg it)
[09:21:42] <nine> ...
[09:21:54] <nine> It worries me that they specify the number of CUDA cores.
[09:22:14] <nine> Also something like $300.
[09:22:46] <aria> Newegg has them for around $500
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[09:23:14] <aria> which is what they charge for it on top of what you'd pay for the free 650
[09:23:24] <aria> Oh wait, they charge 600 for it
[09:23:35] <aria> So theyre charing 200 extra for the GPU compared to newegg
[09:23:39] <aria> But you can't get no GPU at all
[09:23:49] <aria> so you'd have to pay for the packin 650 no matter what...
[09:23:52] <nine> Prebuilt man.
[09:23:54] <nine> Prebuilt.
[09:24:07] <nine> Their business is that of COMPLETE computers.
[09:24:35] <nine> Once you hit that "CUSTOMIZE" button, they pick up the rake and start raking in the dosh.
[09:24:36] <aria> To be fair, the most popular Norwegian hardware store has the card for over $1000
[09:24:43] <nine> Fuck that shit.
[09:24:57] <nine> How fucking high are import taxes for that shit to be normal.
[09:24:58] <aria> But you can't not customize =P
[09:25:03] <aria> Its mandatory before purchase
[09:25:13] <nine> You can buy the default setup.
[09:25:14] <aria> 75%
[09:25:20] <nine> Which shouldn't be too overpriced.
[09:25:37] <aria> Store-tax is another like 20% though
[09:25:54] <nine> TWENTY PERCENT YEAH.
[09:26:03] <nine> 20 out of 100.
[09:26:07] <nine> Not 20 out of 1.
[09:28:03] <aria> That's +110% total though
[09:29:08] <nine> :¬|
[09:30:23] <aria> Oh
[09:30:35] <aria> They have 3 computers (that you can customize slightly)
[09:30:43] <aria> the expensive one has a 2nd gen intel core
[09:30:52] <aria> the slightly cheaper one has a 3rd gen
[09:30:57] <aria> but the free gpu in that is a 630
[09:31:48] <aria> And I can't really use a 630
[09:32:12] <aria> So I have to upgrade, otherwise I'd be paying for something Im not gonna use
[09:32:41] <aria> But they charge $230 to include a decent GPU
[09:33:02] <aria> (2gb 660)
[09:33:55] <aria> Nine, how does the naming scheme work?
[09:34:08] <aria> Ti means 2nd rev, right?
[09:34:12] <aria> So whats GTi?
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[10:33:02] <nine> 5<3 aria.
[10:33:10] <aria> Hello
[10:33:13] <nine> GTi was me mixing GTX and Ti together.
[10:33:21] <aria> Oh.
[10:33:22] <nine> It's also related to cars.
[10:33:37] <nine> It doesn't just mean "2nd rev" but that's a decent enough explanation I'd say.
[10:34:12] <nine> As for the naming scheme for nVidia cards, first number is generation, second and third are the tier in that generation. Basically.
[10:34:32] <nine> So a 610 is probably worse than a 590.
[10:35:05] <nine> Because the latter is a (hypothetical) super high end card of the fifth gen/series, and the former a low-end card from the next.
[10:35:06] <aria> Yes I know that much, it was the part after the line and tier
[10:35:16] <nine> Iunno.
[10:35:26] <nine> There's nothing after the numbers usually.
[10:35:34] <aria> Well there's Ti
[10:35:40] <nine> Yeah.
[10:35:42] <aria> I also thought there was a GTi, because you said GTi
[10:35:46] <nine> One whopping card.
[10:36:03] <nine> To which Bronz started correcting me.
[10:36:07] <nine> Did you miss that entire part?
[10:36:10] <nine> Or just not read again? :<
[10:36:34] <aria> ...But you corre-- I guess I didn't read =P
[10:41:31] <nine> Ya.
[10:41:32] <nine> :p
[10:41:41] <bronzdragon> Nope
[10:51:46] * nine slaps bronzdragon.
[10:57:36] <bronzdragon> =(
[10:58:54] <nine> Stop attempting to correct me.
[12:12:01] <aria> So I just descovered what modern pop music is like and why MTV is still around http://youtu.be
[12:12:28] <aria> Can't say I'm very surprised, but a pleasant descovery none the less
[12:13:22] <bronzdragon> Hai
[12:21:14] <aria> Superman has a beard in the new movie?
[12:23:08] <aria> Also Zod looks dumb
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[12:28:02] <bronzdragon> Zod always looks dumb though...
[12:28:13] <aria> Hold your tongue!
[12:28:27] <aria> Zod in 2 is awesome
[12:28:41] <bronzdragon> Those are not mutially exclusive.
[12:28:49] <aria> Fair enough...
[12:28:50] <aria> Ok yes
[12:28:54] <aria> he looks really dumb in 2 too
[12:29:11] <aria> But here he doesn't look like a dumb hippie of superpowers coming from his beard
[12:30:06] <bronzdragon> ...
[12:30:07] <bronzdragon> aww
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[14:53:45] <bronzdragon> Heeey
[15:06:03] <Apsup> Byyyye!
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[20:28:36] <yoshokatana> hm?
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