#geeknights | Logs for 2013-01-01

[00:00:33] <ruffas> what are your favorites?
[00:00:42] <aria> ...Many of them
[00:00:52] <aria> They're all sort of a blur to me currently
[00:01:02] <bronzdragon> Happy new year proper, guys
[00:01:09] <bronzdragon> UTC date just passed
[00:01:21] <bronzdragon> Linux now says a near year on it
[00:01:27] <ruffas> yay
[00:05:17] <bronzdragon> I like new year's
[00:05:23] <bronzdragon> It's cold, for one
[00:05:32] <bronzdragon> I like cold more than warm.
[00:06:04] <ruffas> we've hit freezing a few nights
[00:06:29] <bronzdragon> Every night was freezing in Norway, here it's all 5-10 degrees
[00:06:31] <bronzdragon> Meeeh
[00:06:38] <bronzdragon> My fridge is colder than that.
[00:07:00] <ruffas> your milk probably tastes really bad then
[00:07:20] <aria> ...your firdges are warmer than that?
[00:07:25] <aria> Ours are either 2 or 4
[00:07:30] <bronzdragon> I said COLDER
[00:07:34] <bronzdragon> BELOW 5-10
[00:07:49] <bronzdragon> IE, <5
[00:08:03] <bronzdragon> Silly people
[00:08:03] <aria> No I meant Ruffas
[00:08:26] <bronzdragon> Ruffas made the same mistake, saying "You
[00:08:31] <bronzdragon> 'll spoil milk fast"
[00:08:38] <bronzdragon> And not if you drink it first!
[00:08:57] <ruffas> it's not spoiling that worries me, it's waterieness
[00:09:11] <ruffas> and ours is at 8 (9 being the coldest)
[00:09:18] <bronzdragon> cold makes watery milk?
[00:09:20] <ruffas> 9 ices the milk
[00:09:27] <bronzdragon> Oh...
[00:09:28] <ruffas> and the ice melts, watering the milk
[00:09:54] <ruffas> and watery milk sucks
[00:09:55] <bronzdragon> See, I was using celcius, and the fridge comment was specifically to point out that it was celcius
[00:10:02] <bronzdragon> I was all subtle, yet clear.
[00:10:06] <bronzdragon> I was being clever, okay
[00:10:08] <ruffas> i realize that
[00:10:15] <bronzdragon> I'll not be clever around you, you'll just make fun of me
[00:10:29] <bronzdragon> =(
[00:10:29] <ruffas> watery milk is srs bzns!
[00:10:42] <ruffas> #1 cause of bad cereal
[00:10:46] <LtChibi> I could see why someone might get steamed.
[00:10:58] <aria> ...9 degrees isn't... cold
[00:11:04] <aria> its like, tshirt weather
[00:11:15] <aria> In Norway, that is summer
[00:11:25] <aria> If its 15, we'll go swimming
[00:11:49] <ruffas> water or air?
[00:11:58] <aria> Air
[00:12:34] <bronzdragon> 15 for water is pretty cold, actually...
[00:12:34] <ruffas> that'd take some getting used to
[00:12:44] <bronzdragon> Doable, but cold
[00:12:50] <bronzdragon> you'll want 17-18
[00:12:57] <bronzdragon> 22 if you're an old lady
[00:13:16] <aria> 30 if you're ruffas =P?
[00:13:23] <ruffas> 22 is perfect
[00:13:34] <ruffas> that's almost the exact temperature of springs
[00:13:35] <aria> Yes, for old ladies
[00:13:47] <ruffas> our water doesn't get colder
[00:13:59] <ruffas> it's a state law
[00:14:21] <ruffas> any body of water large enough to swim in cannot go below 72F
[00:16:34] <ruffas> 22C*
[00:21:05] <LtChibi> I swam for a long time competitively.
[00:21:23] <LtChibi> we had to swim in 10 degree water (c)
[00:21:57] <LtChibi> terrible time, only happened once. -.-
[00:22:04] <ruffas> where at?
[00:22:22] <LtChibi> Maryland, actually.
[00:22:50] <LtChibi> shouldn't have been that cold. pool had just been refilled, and there was a cold snap that morning.
[00:23:03] <ruffas> stupid cold snaps!
[00:23:07] <ruffas> what's a cold snap?
[00:23:28] <LtChibi> unexpected drop in temp.
[00:23:35] <ruffas> i kid
[00:23:39] <ruffas> i'm from florida
[00:23:54] <LtChibi> oh, nice. what part?
[00:24:12] <LtChibi> used to live near fort Lauderdale.
[00:24:18] <ruffas> near gainesville
[00:25:58] <LtChibi> cool beans. :3
[00:26:29] <ruffas> not really
[00:26:36] <ruffas> there's nothing to do here
[00:27:06] <ruffas> but because "near gainesville" = woods, there's stars and trees and whathaveyou
[00:27:16] <ruffas> which don't exist in orlando really
[00:29:51] <bronzdragon> You have Internet
[00:29:57] <bronzdragon> that means everything
[00:30:02] <ruffas> barely
[00:30:04] <bronzdragon> That does explain why you're online so much.
[00:30:30] <ruffas> it hasn't happened this trip, but every so often, the dns server fucks up
[00:31:04] <ruffas> yeah, everyone i went to school with has moved away for uni, etc
[00:31:35] <ruffas> so things to do here are: drink, get high school pregnant, go muddin'
[00:33:31] <ruffas> also internet
[00:37:11] <bronzdragon> Why not get pregnant?
[00:38:08] <ruffas> i lack the necessary equipment
[00:38:23] <bronzdragon> There are... ways
[00:38:41] <aria> A penis?
[00:38:51] <aria> Surely you have access to a penis
[00:39:05] <bronzdragon> We can provide a penis, if need be
[00:39:12] <ruffas> aria, you were looking this stuff up earlier
[00:39:13] <aria> Multiple, in fact
[00:42:01] <ruffas> that's not in short supply
[00:44:43] <aria> Wiki said if you wanted a vagina grafted onto you, it might not stay in place, so keep that in mind
[00:46:09] <ruffas> those don't come with functional plumbing though
[00:49:02] <aria> Just use a female
[00:49:43] <ruffas> i'd have to find a high schooler first
[00:52:46] <bronzdragon> Ruffas, do you consider the following praise?
[00:53:01] <bronzdragon> "I watched all the cutscenes fully in Metal gear because they're so good"
[00:53:27] <aria> That is not accurate. This explains the situation better
[00:53:52] <aria> "The story in this new MGS game is so good that I watched all the cutscenes. It is my game of the year because of it"
[00:54:11] <ruffas> sure?
[00:54:14] <aria> Now, that is praise, but is it n low-level praise to earn "best story of the year"
[00:54:41] <aria> "is it not" not, "is it n"
[00:54:48] <bronzdragon> But he said "I read all the words, AND it's my game of the year"
[00:55:03] <bronzdragon> Not "... THEREFOR... [goty]"
[00:56:20] <ruffas> that doesn't sound goty worthy though
[00:57:01] <bronzdragon> Persona 4 Arena
[00:57:25] <ruffas> what about it?
[00:58:25] <aria> "Game of the year, I read every last word!"
[00:59:15] <ruffas> definitely persona then
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[01:27:25] <GauntletWizard> damnit
[01:27:51] <GauntletWizard> I'm sitting here contemplating buying an overly expensive car
[01:29:31] <ruffas> how much so?
[01:31:02] <GauntletWizard> tesla
[01:31:25] <ruffas> why?
[01:32:08] <okeefe> Probably so that he can speedily get from one place to other places.
[01:32:35] <ruffas> how much is a tesla anyway?
[01:36:16] <GauntletWizard> lots
[01:38:39] <bronzdragon> Hey, GauntletWizard!
[01:38:43] <bronzdragon> Happy new year and such
[01:52:46] <GauntletWizard> happy new year!
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[03:00:04] <GauntletWizard> fuck it
[03:00:07] <GauntletWizard> Reservation made
[03:00:20] <bronzdragon> =O
[03:00:22] <bronzdragon> Oh noes
[03:00:26] <GauntletWizard> I am now #17,811 in line for a Tesla model S
[03:00:57] <bronzdragon> ...
[03:01:00] <bronzdragon> Yaaay
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[07:40:49] <okeefe> Happy New Year!
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[14:43:09] <aria> Herro
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[15:04:14] <Apsup> Good new 2013, peoples!
[15:04:42] <nine> Hi!
[15:05:03] <nine> Happy 2013 for those who took their sweet time catching up to us future people.
[15:05:29] <nine> Time to download a ton of animu.
[15:05:30] <ruffas> we can only pass time so quickly
[15:05:49] <nine> Because apparently fansubbers have nothing to do on new years eve save for subbing animu.
[15:06:01] <aria> Nine, you're like 9 hours older than Churba
[15:06:23] <nine> How do you know?
[15:06:28] <nine> Are you our mother or something?
[15:06:35] <nine> That would explain SO MUCH!
[15:06:36] <aria> Maybe
[15:06:57] <nine> But yeah, Churba's the Australian, not i.
[15:07:16] <nine> He's 9 hours in front of me.
[15:08:03] <aria> http://www.youtube.com
[15:08:10] <nine> Also, I slept perfectly through midnight. :3
[15:10:28] <bronzdragon> Hey guys
[15:11:26] <nine> Hey bronzdragon.
[15:11:28] <nine> What up?
[15:11:35] <nine> Slept well with all that fireworks going off?
[15:12:53] <ruffas> mornin bronz
[15:13:30] <ruffas> we didn't have any fireworks in the area, but there were definitely some gunshots
[15:14:09] <aria> ...
[15:14:13] <aria> So in the avengers
[15:14:14] <bronzdragon> Somewhat, I woke up at 7
[15:14:23] <aria> Thats way fucking early wtf
[15:14:26] <bronzdragon> (And slept again until 14
[15:15:01] <aria> Anyway, in the avengers, the arrow dude
[15:15:04] <aria> can't remember his name
[15:15:07] <nine> http://admiralhotcakes.tumblr.com
[15:15:19] <aria> He's CG in all the shots where he's standing on a roof not looking at the people he's arrowing
[15:15:25] <nine> Green arrow?
[15:15:31] <aria> well probably not all, but like, the ones were in pans past him
[15:15:36] <aria> Green? But he's wearing black
[15:15:43] <nine> iunno
[15:15:46] <ruffas> hawkeye
[15:15:58] <aria> Him
[15:15:59] <nine> Green Arrow is an arrow underwear pervert.
[15:16:17] <ruffas> a DC one though
[15:16:37] <aria> Huh
[15:16:38] <bronzdragon> Brb guys
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[15:16:49] <aria> Captian American was also CG during jump kicks
[15:17:47] <Apsup> Everything is CG these days. There are no actors anymore. Computers have taken over Hollywood! Conspirasy!
[15:17:47] <ruffas> are you disappointed by the lack of realism in the avengers?
[15:18:01] <aria> Im impressed actually
[15:18:12] <aria> I wouldn't have guessed.
[15:18:19] <aria> I thought they were just composited in
[15:20:35] <aria> So the only actor in this shot is Thor, who admitetly, is the one that looks the silliest and most like a dude in a costume preting to be hitting things with a hammer
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[15:21:55] <ruffas> which is a great role to play
[15:29:58] <LtChibi> So, basically, someone having a great time.
[15:47:45] <bronzdragon> ...
[15:47:52] <bronzdragon> *wink*
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[16:55:13] <nine> I returneth.
[16:58:27] <bronzdragon> You have!
[17:05:56] <ruffas> there was much rejoycing
[17:15:37] <bronzdragon> meh
[17:19:59] <nine> bronzdragon, go ask the butcher if his meathooks are clean.
[18:41:19] <bronzdragon> ... I have no idea what that means
[18:41:29] <bronzdragon> Is that one of your gay man euphonisms?
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[22:19:52] <aria> Where the fuck is Bronz!?
[22:20:10] <ruffas> eating dinner obviously
[22:20:14] <ruffas> that's where he always is
[22:20:25] <aria> Its 11
[22:20:26] <bronzdragon> Wait, fuck, you're online
[22:20:30] <bronzdragon> ...
[22:20:30] <bronzdragon> =(
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[22:20:37] <ruffas> see, dinner
[22:20:43] <aria> =P
[22:20:48] <bronzdragon> =(
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[22:35:48] Apsupp is now known as Apsup
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