#geeknights | Logs for 2012-12-31

[00:16:46] <nine> Hey there people.
[00:50:35] <Apsup> Good night nine.
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[01:42:39] <nine> aria!
[01:47:20] <ruffas> there's no aria here
[01:52:51] <ruffas> he's here, but not -here-
[01:53:10] <nine> Shut up.
[01:53:12] <ruffas> in skypeland i imagine
[01:53:50] <aria> I am present!
[01:54:00] <aria> Skypeland? Psj
[01:54:27] <ruffas> psj, indeed
[01:54:48] <aria> The Ouya controller has a screen on it? Dreamcast style?
[01:57:15] <aria> What is thine request, Nine?
[02:07:12] <nine> \o/
[02:07:27] <nine> Aria 5<3
[02:07:40] <nine> You and Bronz haven't been anywhere online in weeks.
[02:07:43] <nine> Then suddenly, POOF.
[02:08:03] <aria> You speak the truth
[02:08:13] <aria> We've been "busy"
[02:10:24] <ruffas> bow chica wow wow
[02:10:32] <aria> ^_~
[02:18:37] <nine> I would expect you to still be busy between holidays.
[02:19:09] <aria> I suppose
[02:32:53] <aria> Are the VGAs worth watching?
[02:38:20] <ruffas> NO!
[02:38:30] <aria> =O
[02:38:31] <aria> No?
[02:38:32] <aria> But..
[02:38:36] <ruffas> NO!
[02:38:41] <ruffas> not even once
[02:38:43] <aria> Dark Souls trailer, Metal Gear 5
[02:38:57] <ruffas> watch it the next day on youtube
[02:39:06] <ruffas> you do -not- want to watch the VGAs
[02:39:24] <aria> What happens in the VGAs other than handing out awards and showing trailers?
[02:39:47] <aria> The trailer and award parts are fine, right?
[02:39:51] <aria> Can't I skip around?
[02:40:16] <ruffas> if you've got it recorded and have time codes for what you want to watch, go ahead
[02:40:34] <aria> ...
[02:40:36] <ruffas> everything that involves real people is terrible, forced, and a pain to behold
[02:40:43] <aria> Well its on youtube probably, I do not have time codes
[02:40:49] <aria> I see...
[02:41:16] <aria> Do they have a bunch of skits with game devs that are terrible actors?
[02:41:32] <ruffas> no
[02:41:34] <ruffas> not even
[02:44:03] <ruffas> in sum: never ever ever watch the VGAs
[02:44:11] <aria> ... =(
[02:44:22] <ruffas> anything good from them will be on not the VGAs in a day or two
[02:44:46] <aria> But you never explained what they do thats bad
[02:44:55] <aria> Do they give every award to Madden and CoD?
[02:45:15] <ruffas> it's not the awards that suck
[02:45:26] <ruffas> it's everything that's not game footage
[02:45:52] <aria> Are there skits?
[02:46:01] <aria> Movie/Music ads?
[02:46:03] <ruffas> i don't think so?
[02:46:09] <ruffas> i've repressed the memory
[02:46:20] <aria> Then... what else do they do other than awards and game footage
[02:46:22] <ruffas> maybe skits
[02:47:18] <ruffas> when i watched it: the hosts were terrible, their interaction with the recipients sucked, the dialogue was awful
[02:48:19] <aria> But I don't understand how much you can talk about non-games on a video game show
[02:48:39] <ruffas> who said they weren't talking about games?
[02:49:04] <aria> Oh, its like a terrible video game podcast in between the awards?
[02:49:16] <aria> Does it have the fat brittish guy?
[02:49:20] <aria> Cause I hate that guy
[02:49:40] <ruffas> i don't know who that is
[02:49:54] <aria> Jim Sterling
[02:49:57] <ruffas> but that sounds like a not-inaccurate discription
[02:50:00] <ruffas> still don't know
[02:50:00] <aria> He's really fat
[02:50:45] <aria> http://i.ytimg.com
[02:51:28] <ruffas> guy on the escapist? has opinions and isn't yahtzee?
[02:51:52] <aria> Loading Ready Run is on Escapist
[02:51:58] <aria> But yes, that guy
[02:52:28] <ruffas> you knew what i meant
[02:52:32] <nine> 5<3 aria.
[02:52:34] <ruffas> and he wasn't when i watched it
[02:53:52] <aria> Oh! Is the guy from XPlay on it? The video game prediction guy that is always wrong on super obvious shit and somehow still has a job?
[02:54:22] <ruffas> he probably was?
[02:56:23] <aria> I can't find him trough googling
[02:56:36] <ruffas> adam sessler i think
[02:56:41] <ruffas> unless there's a new guy
[02:56:53] <aria> Yeah thats the guy
[02:58:18] <ruffas> even NPH didn't save the show
[02:58:32] <aria> ...
[02:58:42] <ruffas> or nathan fillion
[02:58:44] <aria> Apperantly, if you want easy money, make a company and name it Lapple
[02:58:57] <aria> Some dude made a fork of debian or whatever
[02:59:01] <aria> he called it Lindows
[02:59:09] <aria> it came with Wine and the Win XP wallpaper (almost)
[02:59:20] <aria> And the desktop sorta kinda looked like windows
[02:59:24] <aria> I think maybe 2 people used it
[02:59:35] <ruffas> and he made money how?
[02:59:40] <aria> Microsoft sued him for naming his thing too close to Windows
[03:00:13] <aria> He won, and MS had to pay 20 million
[03:00:45] <ruffas> ...
[03:00:55] <ruffas> he wasn't named too close to windows?
[03:01:01] <aria> Apperantly not!
[03:01:10] <aria> Actually
[03:01:18] <aria> Says MS bought his laywer
[03:01:25] <aria> And they were punished for that
[03:02:07] <ruffas> : )
[03:05:21] <ruffas> that warms the cockles of my heart, that does
[03:11:43] <aria> There's a new Did you Know Gaming on Pokemon
[03:11:52] <aria> http://youtu.be
[03:17:41] <ruffas> neat
[03:19:02] <aria> May I please watch the VGAs if I skip all the non-games?
[03:19:17] <aria> They have Samuel L Jackson as the host, cmon!
[03:19:20] <ruffas> that's the only way i'll allow it
[03:19:36] <ruffas> don't trust it
[03:19:40] <ruffas> it's a trap
[03:20:07] <aria> I won't dissapoint you sir..
[03:21:20] <aria> ...the voice that says you have to be old enough to watch this is annoying
[03:21:37] <ruffas> i warned you
[03:21:40] <ruffas> http://boingboing.net
[03:22:06] <aria> Also, this skit thing was bad -- but now there's Samuel L Jackson
[03:22:38] <aria> Also thats quite a bit of money
[03:22:41] <ruffas> don't let your guard down
[03:23:46] <aria> Every 2 words are censored
[03:24:28] <ruffas> it's samuel l jackson
[03:25:27] <aria> Alright, I can see this being not excellent..
[03:28:50] <ruffas> told ya
[03:29:13] <aria> Borderlands 2 wins best shooter over CoD and Halo? ^o) Was not expecting that
[03:44:49] <aria> I dunno, this is ok. They.. there's a lot of "Hey look, it's Samuel L Jackson", but that aside, its already had a Metal Gear trailer which looked pretty darn cool
[03:44:57] <aria> Bunch of ads, but luckily I can skip those
[03:46:16] <aria> Also, they did a pretty bad job of hiding that it was a Metal Gear game. It starts by showing a Japanese actor in a Swedish game
[03:51:07] <ruffas> the whole thing's bad ad you should feel bad watching it
[03:51:13] <ruffas> bsd*
[03:52:32] <ruffas> bad**
[03:53:20] <aria> Im skipping all the non-games...
[03:53:26] <aria> Last of Us trailer looked really good!
[03:53:54] <ruffas> it seems interesting
[03:54:28] <aria> Every joke they have is btw "look guys, we got Samuel L Jackson"
[03:55:01] <ruffas> sounds right
[03:55:55] <aria> They had an award for Best Character
[03:56:02] <aria> There was one nomee
[03:56:05] <aria> Master Cheif
[03:56:16] <aria> +n
[03:56:22] <aria> and another e
[03:57:48] <ruffas> ?
[04:02:52] <aria> Dark Souls 2 trailer was pretty great
[04:03:37] <aria> Castlevania trailer was pretty lousy
[04:08:02] <ruffas> running man 103's really good
[04:08:36] <aria> How do you Americans deal with all these ads?
[04:11:20] <ruffas> i don't watch tv on tv
[04:11:29] <ruffas> most people have DVR
[04:11:40] <ruffas> how do your ads work?
[04:15:50] <aria> They're less
[04:15:53] <aria> Mostly just that
[04:15:57] <nine> Any bitches here bought Payday The Heist?
[04:15:57] <aria> also better...
[04:16:08] <aria> I got it for free somehow
[04:16:22] <aria> We get ads between shows, not in the middle of them
[04:16:33] <aria> And we don't get this many
[04:17:28] <aria> Also, we don't usually get the same ads every commercial break
[04:17:40] <nine> Aria, what are you talking about?
[04:17:43] <nine> Did you move to the US?
[04:19:02] <ruffas> he's watching the VGAs
[04:19:11] <ruffas> after several warnings against it
[04:19:42] <aria> ...Im sorry
[04:19:43] <aria> But..
[04:20:11] <aria> the video game trailer~!
[04:21:10] <ruffas> should be on youtube already
[04:21:55] <aria> Yeah, but like this they're all in quick succession, and you get to see people make fools of themselves before every trailer
[04:22:49] <ruffas> it's not the funny jester though, it's the sad clown
[04:23:13] <nine> ARIA.
[04:23:17] <nine> PLAY PAYDAY.
[04:23:19] <nine> WITH ME.
[04:23:22] <nine> AND NINE BOOMER.
[04:23:33] <aria> Wait, Nine Boomer?
[04:23:46] <aria> And I can't, I busy with Peace Walker
[04:26:12] <okeefe> I am replaying Portal 2 with the commentary on.
[04:28:18] <aria> Is it good?
[04:28:35] <aria> I tried a tiny bit of it
[04:28:58] <aria> But then something came up and I didn't try it again
[04:29:03] <ruffas> me too; i've not got around to playing the rest
[04:30:22] <aria> This is terrible..
[04:32:41] <aria> ...
[04:32:49] <aria> 17 dudes came on stage from valve to accept an award
[04:33:00] <aria> every other company has had one or two
[04:33:02] <ruffas> for?
[04:33:26] <aria> game of the decade (2002-2012, I'm not joking), going to Half Life 2
[04:34:54] <ruffas> i like that
[04:38:59] <aria> ...Bioshock Infinite is published by Gamestop!?
[04:39:35] <ruffas>
[04:39:50] <aria> There was a gamestop logo after the Bioshock Infinite demo
[04:41:37] <ruffas> hmm
[04:42:07] <aria> Game of the Year went to Walking Dead. Also "Studio of the year" for telltale
[04:43:01] <aria> Should've been Dark Souls DLC =P
[04:43:28] <okeefe> I keep hearing excellent things about the Walking Dead game.
[04:43:46] <aria> ^ that was a joke
[04:43:57] <aria> I wasn't expecting the VGAs to give it to the walking dead though
[04:44:03] <aria> I was expecting something more mainstream
[04:44:58] <aria> There. It wasn't as bad as you made it out to be Ruffas.
[04:45:06] <aria> At least not when you skip 90% of it
[04:45:39] <ruffas> that'll do it
[04:45:43] <ruffas> and walking dead was really good
[04:46:19] <ruffas> we played it a few times and then wiki'd the other branches
[04:50:18] <nine> I bought it, but waited for all the eps to come out.
[04:50:24] <nine> Watched Fast Karate stream a few episodes.
[04:57:42] <ruffas> the end is rough
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[05:24:18] <aria> So anyone else seen the Phantom Pain trailer?
[05:24:41] <aria> I mean, I would expect a lot of talk/speculations, but I haven't heard any
[05:36:10] <nine> You're the only one that watched it.
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[05:44:54] <aria> http://youtu.be
[05:45:07] <aria> Anyone else into Metal Gear?
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[05:58:28] <ruffas> not like you, no
[05:58:58] <ruffas> that doctor just oozes evil
[06:09:42] <aria> Everyone does
[06:09:46] <aria> Its metal gear
[06:22:09] <aria> So... 4 games and a movie
[06:22:27] <aria> Are all announced to come out before the end of this console generation
[06:22:33] <aria> Thats a lot of metal gear in a short while
[06:22:42] <ruffas> that is
[06:22:59] <ruffas> snake's too od for that shit
[06:23:01] <aria> To be fair, one of those games isn't for consoles, but still
[06:23:04] <ruffas> old*
[06:24:03] <aria> Well
[06:24:39] <aria> Previous two games are about Big Boss. The two Fox games too. Rising is about Raiden
[06:25:12] <aria> Movie is probably gonna be a retelling of MG1 with young Snake fighting Big Boss
[06:25:46] <ruffas> BB's getting too old for that shit
[06:25:57] <aria> Fair enough =P
[06:28:09] <ruffas> that may be too much MG
[06:29:20] <aria> I bet you development time for Peace Walker was less than 1/4th of 4's, but that game turned out excellent.
[06:29:35] <aria> Probably because the staff realized how dumb their story was =P
[06:30:47] <ruffas> well, it IS a metal gear game
[06:31:58] <aria> http://youtu.be
[06:32:03] <aria> This is the final boss
[06:32:58] <aria> The metal gear is piloted by a high schooler in her underwear who turned out to be the ture evil overlord ALL ALONG!
[06:33:16] <aria> (The music is part of the game)
[06:33:42] <ruffas> ...
[06:34:20] <aria> Right before this, there's a dude shooting his prostetic rocket arm with flame throwers in it at Snake
[06:34:31] <aria> it misses and makes a peace sign
[06:34:38] <aria> Snake later uses it as a lighter
[06:35:00] <ruffas> i was okay with that up until the peace sign
[06:35:51] <aria> Also theres a part where you have sex with master miller in a card board box
[06:37:18] <ruffas> as long as it's consensual
[06:37:46] <aria> Oh yeah, you need to wow him with your CQC skills first, and then invite him into your love box
[06:38:15] <aria> Oh! Also, one of the best weapons is two sticks you stick in the ground, put a rubber band in between, and then a player sits on the rubber band while another player pulls it back and shoots him at enemies
[06:39:00] <ruffas> that's just great
[06:40:05] <aria> http://youtu.be
[06:41:42] <ruffas> do the holders have to be in their skivvies?
[06:41:59] <aria> No, but they may
[06:42:52] <ruffas> ahh
[06:42:58] <okeefe> That's a little odd.
[06:43:28] <aria> And here's the scene with Master Miller I mentioned http://youtu.be
[06:44:21] <ruffas> didn't know snake was in this
[06:48:05] <ruffas> it's a love box
[06:54:20] <aria> And thats why Peace Walker is great
[06:54:59] <ruffas> as long as it's self aware
[06:55:17] <aria> I go by the assumption that it has to be
[06:55:19] <aria> But I can't be sure
[06:56:21] <aria> Oh! Also, every boss you fight before her is voiced by Hatsune Miku
[06:56:29] <ruffas> it seems pretty obvious it is
[06:56:39] <ruffas> i've heard
[06:56:46] <aria> Its great
[06:57:38] <ruffas> they should have had one vocaloid per boss or something
[06:58:14] <nine> There're not that many.
[06:58:31] <nine> ...
[06:58:33] <nine> That box.
[06:58:37] <aria> Which box?
[06:58:42] <nine> Mission Complete.
[06:58:43] <nine> Oh god.
[06:58:50] <nine> The one you linked.
[06:58:54] <aria> Oh right
[06:59:07] <aria> I didn't realize it was you who said that, I thought it was Ruffas
[06:59:09] <aria> My bad
[06:59:12] <aria> I apologize
[06:59:35] <nine> >:C
[06:59:52] <nine> UNLIKE RUFFAS'!
[07:00:11] <aria> Yes, I know, I apologize
[07:00:26] <ruffas> all the sentences are nicely in line
[07:00:40] <aria> Your name is longer than ours
[07:01:08] <ruffas> i realize this
[07:01:46] <aria> Well, just that
[07:02:24] ruffas is now known as ruff
[07:02:40] <ruff> there, now it's all nice and in line for you
[07:02:43] <nine> Four letters is best length for conversations like this.
[07:03:01] <aria> You speak the truth
[07:03:50] <ruff> we'll see about that
[07:09:37] <nine> Well?
[07:09:41] <nine> Do you see it yet?
[07:09:58] <aria> This video is quite loud
[07:10:04] <aria> So I'll link it.
[07:10:08] <aria> You have been warned
[07:10:08] <aria> http://youtu.be
[07:11:01] <ruff> why's he smear himself with poo?
[07:11:23] <nine> FUCKING LAUTREC!
[07:11:27] <nine> Also, that's bronze.
[07:11:45] <aria> I don't think that's what's happening in that video
[07:12:19] <nine> FORUMS DOWN!
[07:12:20] <nine> PANIC.
[07:12:52] <aria> No they're not silly
[07:12:58] <aria> They just don't load
[07:13:06] <nine> :
[07:13:08] <nine> :¬|
[07:13:21] <ruff> that's poo
[07:13:28] <nine> That generally constitutes as them being DOWN.
[07:13:34] <nine> Also, that's a bad bronze.
[07:13:37] <nine> Not poo.
[07:14:07] <ruff> he's clearly using poo-bucket tool
[07:14:22] <ruff> is the odor part of the armor's defense
[07:14:33] <aria> Actually...
[07:14:38] <aria> That's an actual stat
[07:15:06] <ruff> odor?
[07:15:11] <aria> Toxin defense, which is seperate form poison defense
[07:15:52] <nine> Which is also shared with Poison defense.
[07:15:53] <aria> Also, how easily enemies smell/notice you
[07:15:57] <nine> THey just build seperately.
[07:16:02] <nine> But one stat resists both.
[07:16:07] <nine> Equally.
[07:16:30] <nine> People like throwing shit during PvP.
[07:16:45] <aria> That is true
[07:16:56] <nine> And somehow that's toxic to your health.
[07:17:03] <nine> Not poisonous, no, the far more deadly TOXIC.
[07:17:10] <nine> Thank god it's not blowdart toxic.
[07:17:18] <nine> That shit's even worse, though shorter.
[07:17:29] <aria> That is the most common throwing item to use, above throwing knifes/darts and firebombs
[07:17:34] <aria> (for good reason)
[07:17:36] <ruff> blowdarts wreck your shit?
[07:17:47] <aria> Yes.
[07:17:57] <nine> Thank god there's no player-usable darts.
[07:18:26] <aria> The last time I got toxined by one of those was on a character with no resistance
[07:18:45] <aria> I think I died in 5 seconds...
[07:18:50] <nine> A character with no armour providing resistance you mean.
[07:18:53] <aria> I was also posioned from the lake
[07:18:59] <nine> Swamp.
[07:19:04] <aria> swamp
[07:19:14] <aria> Well, he was base stats on top of naked
[07:19:18] <aria> So very little resistance
[07:22:19] <ruff> g'night gents
[07:22:23] <ruff> enjoy your darts
[07:22:28] <aria> Oh noes
[07:22:32] <nine> Why naked?
[07:22:35] <nine> WHY NAKED?
[07:22:39] <nine> YOU DIRTY PEASANT!
[07:22:39] <aria> But we'll miss you =(
[07:22:56] <ruff> farewell!
[07:22:56] <aria> I wouldnt survive a hit anyway
[07:23:12] <aria> It would either be 2 hits and fast roll
[07:23:20] <aria> or 2 hits and fast roll with rags
[07:24:02] <nine> Wot.
[07:24:09] <nine> Base stats would survive enough hits.
[07:24:16] <nine> Unless I invade from Kellog's Domain.
[07:24:19] <nine> With my big stick.
[07:24:21] <nine> And 40 str.
[07:24:21] <aria> In blighttown? More than 2 hits?
[07:24:26] <nine> No.
[07:24:28] <nine> Not I.
[07:24:49] <nine> But my str pumped char can take 2 hits from other twats there.
[07:25:18] <aria> Nah, the dudes with dude-sticks in Blighttown, and the Dungpie giants totally kill you in 2 hirs with base stats
[07:25:24] <aria> or 1 naked
[07:25:38] <aria> the lava bugs you can take a couple of hits from maybe
[07:25:46] <nine> I have a dude-stick. :D
[07:25:48] <nine> It's great.
[07:25:56] <nine> 40 str makes it do TONS OF DAMAGE.
[07:25:58] <aria> I didn't know you could get those...
[07:26:08] <aria> I thought you used a great club
[07:26:11] <nine> You can get the drop from the dudes with sticks.
[07:26:15] <nine> Ya.
[07:26:17] <nine> That's my stick.
[07:26:21] <nine> No.
[07:26:22] <nine> Large club.
[07:26:25] <nine> IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE.
[07:26:29] <aria> Great club is not a dude-stick, its just a stick
[07:26:30] <nine> (2 str requirement lower)
[07:26:38] <nine> Large club is great.
[07:28:01] -!- ruff has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[07:28:47] <aria> I meant these http://i.imgur.com
[07:28:55] <aria> They hit you with another dude
[07:30:20] <aria> They do 385 damage. You start with how much health? 500?
[07:31:45] <aria> 531 for the sorcerer. You wouldn't survive two hits even with medium armor I don't think
[07:34:04] <aria> Why does the wiki not have an entry for the dung giants?
[07:34:33] <aria> Oh
[07:34:41] <aria> Infested Barbarian apperantly
[07:34:42] <nine> WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE BEAT HAZARD?
[07:34:52] <aria> Huh?
[07:35:00] <aria> =O
[07:35:03] <aria> Im sorry
[07:35:10] <nine> Not me though, already have a partner.
[07:35:15] <aria> aww
[07:35:19] <nine> We gon' play sum Fast Karate for the Gentleman.
[07:35:21] <nine> SCIENCE!
[07:35:39] <nine> Oh, those dudes.
[07:35:45] <nine> No. You can't get a corpse-club.
[07:35:51] <nine> Those guys with guys drop souls btw.
[07:35:54] <nine> Quite reliably.
[07:36:00] <aria> I know
[07:36:02] <nine> Probably from the corpse, because those fuckers have no souls themselves!
[07:36:10] <aria> But isn't it usually just 200 souls?
[07:36:33] <aria> why do you assume they have no souls themselves?
[07:36:35] <nine> WHO CARES.
[07:36:38] <nine> FREE UNLIMITED HARD SOULS.
[07:36:49] <nine> They don't drop any souls.
[07:36:56] <nine> Only bosses drop souls.
[07:36:57] <aria> But.. cashing them in takes more time than just killing high-paying enemies
[07:37:04] <nine> And you find souls from dead guys.
[07:37:08] <nine> Not from the undead.
[07:37:20] <nine> And those fuckers are dragging dead guys along and HIT YOU WITH IT.
[07:37:34] <nine> Shut up baka-aria. o3o
[07:37:55] <aria> Well yes, but you get loose when you kill them like any other humanity-less soul-full enemy
[07:41:18] <aria> So why aren't you using a great club? You have 40 str, and it only requires 19
[07:41:34] <aria> Are you one handing?
[07:42:07] <aria> Oh wait, you can easily one hand it as well
[07:42:13] <aria> is it slower than the large club?
[07:44:56] <aria> !!
[07:45:05] <aria> Smough's Hammer gives you health back per hit?
[07:45:21] <aria> Only 10 hp though...
[07:45:36] <aria> Thats even worse than the chaos blade =/
[07:47:15] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-188249E.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #geeknights
[08:10:00] <aria> Apsup, no one else is excieted for this new metal gear game
[08:10:12] <aria> can you please say metal geary things at me so I don't feel so alone?
[08:14:59] <Apsup> You mean the Revenagenaze?
[08:15:51] <aria> Im thinking of Phantom Pain
[08:15:56] <aria> I saw the trailer for the first time today
[08:16:08] <Apsup> Well there's nothing to be excited as there is nothing there. Just a teaser.
[08:16:19] <Apsup> Come back when there is actual news.
[08:16:38] <Apsup> Meanwhile I'm excited about Reweganzeabzeblalala.
[08:16:38] <aria> But its so full of clues and shit. Also animations and graphics are really good
[08:16:58] <Apsup> Pretty teasers are nothing new.
[08:18:12] <aria> How about firedudes and psycho manti?
[08:19:41] <Apsup> Vague images.
[08:20:06] <aria> Huh...
[08:20:11] <aria> there's a socom in the trailer
[08:20:59] <aria> Which according to this Gaf dude wasn't used before 96
[08:21:35] <aria> (I'm assuming it's set after phantom pains, so early 80s)
[08:21:45] <aria> I wonder if thats a mistake or not
[08:23:47] <Apsup> Remember, you are talking about game series where there was a working, talking, AI in 60s.
[08:24:03] <Apsup> Having a gun a decade or two early is nothing special.
[08:25:00] <aria> Yeah, but thats fully fictional. They didn't have the computer that partook in Jeopardy in the 60s
[08:25:19] <aria> ^ I meant to say "after ground zeros"
[08:27:36] <Apsup> They also had Sony Walkman years early and that's a real thing.
[08:27:55] <aria> Oh yeah..
[08:28:01] <aria> wasn't the first one only a few years early?
[08:34:58] <Apsup> about 5. Still find it funny how they, at the start of the game, bring it up as the "new upcoming amazing tech". When there is nuclear lauch system, tank-thing, with working AI, in the game.
[08:35:28] <aria> =P
[08:40:44] <aria> Yknow what they could've done if they wanted to make it slightly harder for people to guess it was a Metal Gear game?
[08:41:21] <aria> Pretend its a ghost recon game or something. Cause no one makes no IP's anymore =P
[08:43:03] <Apsup> That would not raise hype. As it is now it's obvious enough that people can point at it and say "Wow, look at that, new Metal Gear incoming" but it's also vague enought that it's not obvious to everybody so it seems clever.
[08:43:40] <aria> C'mon, its super obvious
[08:45:53] <Apsup> For people who don't know about Metal Gear. What does it have, random logo lines, guy who kinda looks like snake, some weird dudes. Not obvious at all.
[08:46:37] <aria> Well, they made a point of saying it was being made in Sweden before the reveal, then the first guy they show is a Japanese actor
[08:47:00] <aria> also both Snake and Psycho Mantis are iconic characters people outside the fandom know of
[08:48:48] <Apsup> Not well enought to regocnize them of teaser like that.
[08:49:20] <Apsup> You kinda need to be a fan to regocnize a character from his stubble.
[08:49:52] <aria> =P
[08:53:44] <Apsup> Get to go back home today. Finally get to play all the games that I bought on this sale, but haven't been yet able to play.
[08:53:50] <Apsup> Also new years party tonight.
[08:53:52] <Apsup> or "party"
[08:54:06] <aria> New years is to-- =O
[09:18:43] <nine> http://admiralhotcakes.tumblr.com
[09:18:46] <nine> AHAHAHAHA.
[09:33:03] -!- Apsup has quit [Quit: leaving]
[09:47:09] <aria> ...
[09:47:20] <aria> Gray Fox clearly has ears and a nose in MGS2
[09:47:35] <aria> but according to the wiki, those were cut off long before that
[09:47:52] <aria> Also how does he get captured by /everyone/?
[10:33:22] -!- aria has quit [Quit: leaving]
[10:40:53] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[10:41:07] <bronzdragon> Hai
[11:21:48] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@hide-E91ED796.bstnma.east.verizon.net] has joined #geeknights
[11:24:48] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[12:20:43] -!- Neito [Neito!~neito@hide-E91ED796.bstnma.east.verizon.net] has joined #geeknights
[12:37:41] <nine> Hi bronzdragon.
[12:37:46] <nine> Merry 13:37.
[13:34:39] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[13:47:59] <bronzdragon> Hi nine!
[13:48:08] <bronzdragon> Happy old year?
[13:50:27] -!- Kulag has quit [Ping timeout]
[13:54:48] -!- aria [aria!aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[13:58:57] -!- Kulag [Kulag!kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
[14:06:02] <bronzdragon> Aria! =D
[14:30:02] -!- Apsup [Apsup!Aleksi@hide-B4B1B39B.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #geeknights
[14:50:42] -!- ruffas [ruffas!4b5b5b5b@hide-6C77D8AA.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
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[17:16:19] <aria> http://youtu.be
[18:02:09] <nine> Remind me to kill myself next time you post a video like that.
[18:02:16] <aria> Yes sir
[18:02:28] <nine> Good girl.
[18:03:03] <aria> So you didn't like it then?
[18:03:12] <nine> I cracked a grin at a few points.
[18:03:18] <nine> But the majority was a bit too over the top.
[18:03:29] <aria> That is a fair complaint
[18:03:41] <nine> Yet failed to tip over and crash spectacularly.
[18:03:57] <nine> Journey joke was good.
[18:04:11] <nine> Gangnam Style one went a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit too long.
[18:04:29] <nine> Time to watch Star Trek!
[18:04:44] <aria> You're supposed to close the tab as soon as you realize its the singing bit
[18:05:33] <nine> And miss the atrocious CERN joke at the end?
[18:11:27] -!- ruffas [ruffas!4b5b5b5b@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[18:11:34] <aria> Hello Ruffas
[18:13:17] <ruffas> howdy
[18:15:44] <ruffas> it's nearly the new year there in future land isn't it?
[18:15:54] <aria> Well nearly
[18:15:56] <aria> its 19:15
[18:18:10] <ruffas> close enough
[18:20:36] <ruffas> have you new year's plans?
[18:30:33] <aria> I does not
[18:30:49] <aria> Like, a new year resolution?
[18:30:54] <aria> I should make one of those
[18:31:45] <ruffas> i meant a party or some such
[18:31:49] <ruffas> but those work
[18:36:46] -!- Zappy has quit [Ping timeout]
[18:39:29] <aria> No such thing
[18:39:33] -!- Zappy [Zappy!textual@hide-3F4E6465.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #geeknights
[18:46:27] <aria> So how do trans work?
[18:46:52] <aria> Wikipedia says they undergo surgery to either grow a dick or breasts. But that-- doesn't seem like it should work
[18:47:32] <aria> (No, it doesn't explain in more detail)
[18:47:52] <ruffas> what brought that on?
[18:49:04] <nine> My plans are to sleep through the fireworks.
[18:49:12] <aria> But fireworks!
[18:49:32] <aria> Also why are there so many versions of gay?
[18:49:35] <nine> Loud and annoying most of them.
[18:49:56] <nine> Good fireworks are expensive as fuck, so everybody just buys shitty fireworks.
[18:50:05] <nine> Versions of gay?
[18:50:07] <nine> Wut?
[18:50:22] <nine> That's not what that word means.
[18:51:19] <ruffas> haven't you heard? there's a spectrum
[18:51:31] <nine> That's not 'versions'.
[18:51:32] <ruffas> and i miss the days when i got free fireworks
[18:52:19] <aria> Intersex, transsex, genderqueer, hijra (?), third gender, trigender, queer hetrosexual, androgyne, bigender,
[18:52:26] <nine> ...
[18:52:30] <aria> These are actually not all of them, there are more catagories
[18:52:35] <nine> That's not 'gay'.
[18:52:47] <nine> Gay is male homosexuality.
[18:53:09] <nine> Those are all non-sexual.
[18:53:21] <nine> Gender identity != what you like to fuck.
[18:53:39] <aria> Pretty damn sure gay is homosexuality regardless of sex
[18:53:50] <aria> and generally you like to fuck the other thing
[18:53:58] <nine> Mostly it means men.
[18:54:04] <nine> Lesbians are the female version.
[18:54:13] <nine> Both is just homo.
[18:54:26] <nine> homosexual*
[18:55:04] <aria> But sure. gender identify and orientation are seperate enough to warrent unique wikipedia sections, but whats the difference between the ones I listed?
[18:55:34] <ruffas> fiddly gobbledygook
[18:57:11] <nine> I don't know the details of those, but from my guess I agree that there seems to be a bunch of overlap.
[18:57:34] <nine> Still only that 'queer heterosexual' being a sexuality, the other gender identities.
[18:57:52] <aria> What the fuck is queer hetrosexual?
[18:57:58] <aria> And queer is an official term?
[18:57:58] <nine> And amongst those there's the kind of identifying as opposite gender, neither gender, or both.
[18:58:01] <nine> Iunno.
[18:58:05] <aria> What does it mean? I thought it was just dumb slang for gay
[18:58:19] <nine> Queer was the word for homosexuals before gay.
[18:58:45] <nine> I'd say 'gay' is dumb slang for queer, at one point.
[18:59:01] <ruffas> most slang for gays is dumb
[18:59:05] <nine> Now it's just dumb slang (as all slang is dumb at some point) for homosexual.
[18:59:28] <ruffas> queer = weird, gay = happy, fag = bundle of kindling
[18:59:47] <nine> Yup.
[19:00:32] <aria> So what is a queer hetrosexual?
[19:00:55] <nine> Iunno.
[19:01:04] <nine> You're the one with the fucking wikipedia page a mouseclick away.
[19:01:12] <ruffas> eddie izzard?
[19:01:14] <nine> It's a sexuality I'd say.
[19:01:25] <nine> Probable.
[19:01:39] <nine> Back to Star Trek.
[19:01:43] <aria> But Im reading about intersex's
[19:01:53] <ruffas> open another tab
[19:02:00] <aria> Apperantly, they're assigend a sex depending on the lenght of their penis
[19:02:03] <aria> or used to be anyway
[19:02:49] <ruffas> that's an odd way
[19:03:34] <aria> "micropenis" is a medical term
[19:03:47] <ruffas> that is a thing though
[19:03:58] <ruffas> don't see what it's got to do with sexuality
[19:04:23] <nine> Nothing.
[19:04:31] <nine> It's gender and identity.
[19:04:53] <ruffas> or that
[19:05:04] <nine> It takes some mighty dense twat to equate those with sexuality.
[19:05:17] <aria> What, micropeni?
[19:05:27] <nine> Gender and identity.
[19:05:31] <nine> Dense twat.
[19:05:34] <aria> Well its in this article, I'm reading the article. I thought the term was funny, 'tis all
[19:05:50] <nine> It is.
[19:05:56] <nine> Fart-level funny.
[19:05:59] <aria> Meh, y'all weird, thinking you're women
[19:06:02] <nine> Fartjoke-level funny*
[19:06:12] <nine> Wut?
[19:06:25] <nine> We all?
[19:06:45] <nine> >people setting off loud screeching fireworks outside
[19:07:09] <nine> >downstairs neighbour playing music loudly with the base resonanting through the entire building
[19:07:14] <nine> I HATE THIS FUCKING SHIT.
[19:07:25] <aria> "Other cases where vaginoplasty has caused complications, is that the implant or artificial vagina will not stay in place"
[19:07:43] <nine> The whole fucking day leading up to midnight is the worst of the year imho.
[19:07:57] <nine> Because it's the only one guaranteed to be obnoxiously annoying.
[19:08:13] <aria> Just get drunk earlier
[19:08:20] <nine> I don't get drunk.
[19:08:36] <nine> If I did, it would probably make it all worse.
[19:09:33] <ruffas> get elsewhere?
[19:11:00] <aria> Play Dark Souls. That should be the default approach to free time best spent playing Dark Souls
[19:11:01] <nine> Like?
[19:11:17] <ruffas> out in the woods or something?
[19:11:21] <ruffas> asia?
[19:11:39] <aria> Or explain to me how you can add a penis onto someone and have it work
[19:12:01] <aria> Surely you'd think someone would've had a second penis added to them at some point somewhere...
[19:12:14] <nine> Going elsewhere puts me 1) away from my home, 2) nowhere worth my time and 3) probably still close enough to people lighting loud fireworks half a day early.
[19:12:33] <nine> I just hate the everliving shit out of the way up to midnight.
[19:12:43] <nine> Because people are inconsiderate dumb dickbags.
[19:12:59] <nine> aria, do you know how a dick works?
[19:13:01] <aria> Are your walls made out of microphones?
[19:13:10] <nine> Ejaculating is not a required function.
[19:13:24] <nine> No.
[19:13:27] <aria> Yes it is
[19:13:37] <aria> Thats the best part
[19:13:40] <ruffas> the uppy downy is all that's required
[19:13:48] <nine> For you maybe, no way to get pregnant otherwise eh.
[19:14:08] <nine> Fake dick just needs to be a tube that can fill up with blood.
[19:14:10] <nine> DONE!
[19:14:24] <aria> But thats not better than a vagina!
[19:14:40] <nine> Which is just an underdeveloped dick.
[19:14:43] <nine> In some regards.
[19:14:50] -!- Apsup has quit [Ping timeout]
[19:15:17] <aria> That sounds better!
[19:15:31] <nine> Go learn some basic high school biology.
[19:15:35] <nine> Seriously.
[19:15:38] <nine> You'd like it.
[19:15:54] <nine> You might even have some cute younger classmates! :D
[19:16:51] <aria> Neovagina is a thing.
[19:17:13] <ruffas> what kind of thing...?
[19:18:00] <okeefe> I wake up to this very odd conversation.
[19:18:17] <aria> Well its.. like a vagina, cept... newer
[19:18:26] <aria> I'm assuming also better. Because neovagina.
[19:18:37] <ruffas> is it like neotokyo?
[19:18:42] <aria> Yes.
[19:18:47] <ruffas> old one got destroyed, so they made a new one?
[19:19:41] <aria> Sure
[19:20:07] <ruffas> was it the first or second impact that did 'er in?
[19:20:25] <okeefe> I think you're confusing your anime, ruffas.
[19:20:43] <nine> I think you are.
[19:21:07] <nine> Old Tokyo got submerged in water in NGE, did it not?
[19:21:10] <ruffas> eva's got a neotokyo doesn't it?
[19:21:19] <okeefe> Eva's got Tokyo-3.
[19:21:28] <nine> I'd call that newer.
[19:22:06] <nine> I want an anime that has Neonew-new-neotokyo.
[19:22:57] <nine> Then Godzilla vs. 5-gajirollion comes and destroys it.
[19:23:19] -!- LtChibi [LtChibi!LtChibi@hide-A3462C55.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #geeknights
[19:23:34] <aria> I'd watch that
[19:23:39] <nine> Wait, it's Gojiro, isn't it?
[19:23:51] <nine> You only watch trashy Japanese TV series.
[19:24:10] <okeefe> I only watch Godzilla and friends via MST3K.
[19:24:15] <nine> Go watch some animated trashy Japanese TV series.
[19:24:29] <aria> I'm not sure who gojiro is
[19:24:37] <aria> are you thinking of "gojira"?
[19:25:17] <nine> I don't know.
[19:25:34] <nine> Something starting with a g, has a j, r, i, o and a.
[19:25:45] <aria> Gojira is Japanese for Godzilla
[19:25:50] <nine> I'm only sure of the g, j, r and i really.
[19:25:54] <nine> Then that's the one.
[19:25:58] <aria> but there are many other monsters with simmilar names that you might be thinking of instead
[19:26:14] <nine> Godzilla version 5-Gojirallion comes and destroys Neo-new-new-neotokyo.
[19:26:30] <aria> Yup, perfect
[19:26:32] <nine> With his hyper-burning plasma breath of mostly certain doom.
[19:27:42] <nine> Stop me before I write another brilliant nine idea for a script for an amazing movie.
[19:27:45] <nine> I've done it before.
[19:27:47] <LtChibi> Tokyo XVII
[19:28:02] <LtChibi> This time, it'll definitely survive.
[19:28:19] <nine> RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR.
[19:28:38] <nine> Just take down the sign, bring it with you and add an 'I".
[19:28:39] <LtChibi> .... make that Tokyo XVIII.
[19:28:46] <LtChibi> yuuuup.
[19:29:22] <nine> That would probably make the best Godzilla short.
[19:29:48] <nine> Just a dude hammering a sign with "TOKYO XVII" onto a pole, followed by Godzilla's roar.
[19:30:05] <LtChibi> So, in this version of Tokyo, we added the best heat-seeking missles money could buy.
[19:30:06] <nine> Then he just pulls the nails and walks off with a paintbucket and brush.
[19:30:16] <LtChibi> .... and here comes Ice-Godzilla.
[19:30:25] <nine> Sadly they found all the buildings that Ice-Godzilla set on fire.
[19:30:29] <LtChibi> ....FFFFFfffffffffffffff........
[19:30:55] <LtChibi> City planner. Highest mortality job in Japan.
[19:31:12] <LtChibi> Nobody takes the job a second time.
[19:31:27] <nine> Kinda hard to do in most cases.
[19:32:06] <LtChibi> God, that would be a brilliant short.
[19:32:58] <LtChibi> It's just somebody's job to sit at the "Welcome to Tokyo" sign. He has a decent supply of roman numerals.
[19:33:03] <nine> Sooner of later they'll just make a factory that produces cardboard cutouts of Tokyo.
[19:33:12] <nine> And put that up when the previous one has burned out.
[19:33:24] <LtChibi> He increases the count by I's every time he hears godzilla. again.
[19:34:19] <LtChibi> It's the scene from Blazing Saddles every time. They put up a set of the city.
[19:34:29] <nine> Well, he probably just modifies the number to the next one in line.
[19:34:44] <nine> Gotta keep his job from being too repetitive.
[19:35:20] <nine> Anyways, Star Trek episode, then I'mma sleep.
[19:35:27] <nine> Happy new year all y'all nutcases.
[19:35:32] <LtChibi> Every time Godzilla walks by him on the way to Tokyo, they just sort of wave at each other.
[19:35:38] <LtChibi> You too!
[19:35:46] <ruffas> g'night
[19:36:24] <aria> =O
[19:36:25] <aria> Ruffas
[19:36:30] <aria> were you leavi-- oh right him
[19:36:30] <aria> ok
[19:36:32] <aria> good night
[19:36:57] <ruffas> :p
[19:39:00] <LtChibi> ubuntu.
[19:39:18] <LtChibi> aw, I guess that bot doesn't exist anymore. :P
[19:39:21] <aria> ='(
[19:39:45] <ruffas> i think he's on holiday
[19:40:20] <LtChibi> most probably. x3 I'm actually about to leave for holiday myself. Later!
[19:40:33] <ruffas> later
[19:40:43] -!- LtChibi [LtChibi!LtChibi@hide-A3462C55.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has parted #geeknights
[20:15:58] -!- nine has quit [Quit: leaving]
[22:52:14] -!- LtChibi [LtChibi!LtChibi@hide-B692E451.feralhosting.com] has joined #geeknights
[22:54:15] <aria> Turns out there's a bunch of HAWPs I hadn't seen
[22:57:58] <aria> Oh hey fireworks started proper
[22:57:59] <aria> Ima brb
[23:10:06] -!- LtChibi has quit [Quit: BAM]
[23:12:41] -!- LtChibi [LtChibi!~LtChibi@hide-B692E451.feralhosting.com] has joined #geeknights
[23:12:54] <aria> How nice of you to join us
[23:17:36] <ruffas> how were the boom booms?
[23:17:57] <aria> Decent
[23:17:58] <bronzdragon> Heeeey
[23:17:59] <bronzdragon> Aria!
[23:18:00] <aria> Samey
[23:18:03] <aria> Finally
[23:18:05] <bronzdragon> ^ but less
[23:18:06] <aria> Im so god damn tired
[23:18:09] <bronzdragon> OH NOES
[23:18:13] <bronzdragon> Why'd you stay up
[23:18:27] <ruffas> because boom booms!
[23:18:35] <bronzdragon> ... like he would
[23:18:37] <aria> Because fucking you!
[23:18:44] <bronzdragon> Mine've been disapointing, btw
[23:18:54] <aria> Oh the fireworks were nice
[23:19:01] <aria> I just didnt have much interest in them
[23:19:54] <ruffas> aww
[23:20:04] <ruffas> you don't hate the like nine does do you?
[23:21:14] <aria> Nah
[23:21:19] <aria> Im just tired
[23:21:28] <bronzdragon> It rains here
[23:21:41] <ruffas> i'll not have any today
[23:21:51] <ruffas> because we're 30 min drive from the nearest city
[23:31:13] <bronzdragon> So, new year's resolutions?
[23:31:54] <ruffas> read more moon runes
[23:34:44] <ruffas> possibly in (comic)book form
[23:36:14] <bronzdragon> Did I mention I read Black Jack?
[23:36:19] <bronzdragon> Not in moon runes, but still
[23:37:14] <ruffas> i have
[23:37:18] <ruffas> well, most of it
[23:39:04] <ruffas> did y'all see this thing Banta linked? http://i.imgur.com
[23:39:08] <ruffas> it's great
[23:40:19] <bronzdragon> I am amazed
[23:40:25] <bronzdragon> I think amazed is the right word.
[23:40:59] <ruffas> "Terrorist actions against my ass are not acceptable!"
[23:41:45] <ruffas> "This could be the biggest turd in Japan--no, the world..."
[23:41:45] <bronzdragon> x3
[23:48:25] <LtChibi> That... wow.
[23:52:15] <ruffas> aren't doujin's great?
[23:52:34] <LtChibi> I believe last year, there was a geekchat on new year's day.
[23:52:53] <LtChibi> or new year's eve night.
[23:53:13] <ruffas> could be
[23:53:23] <ruffas> dig up the thread and make it happen
[23:53:30] <LtChibi> might try and set one up, yeah.
[23:53:52] <bronzdragon> Oh, did I wish you guys a happy new year?
[23:53:59] <bronzdragon> Because happy fuckin' new year, 'bout an hour ago
[23:54:22] <ruffas> crazy future man!
[23:55:18] <LtChibi> woah, dude. messing with time and space, here.
[23:55:41] <LtChibi> also, happy fuckin' new year to you, too.
[23:55:42] <ruffas> non sequitor: Uniqlo lists made in stuff info in:japanese, english, french, russian, chinese, and thai
[23:58:49] <aria> I is done
[23:58:54] <aria> that was a lot of quotes
[23:58:56] <aria> Im glad I read them all