#geeknights | Logs for 2012-12-29

[00:04:48] <aria> Bronz claims a much higher number
[01:58:13] <bronzdragon> You guys are boring
[01:58:27] <bronzdragon> (Not you Aria, you're pretty okay)
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[03:14:15] <aria> Hast'st anyone here good news to share?
[03:18:23] <ruffas> i've made about 60% of a hat
[03:18:40] <aria> =O
[03:18:43] <aria> I like hats
[03:19:45] <ruffas> so do i
[03:19:50] <ruffas> they're easy to make
[03:21:07] <aria> Can you make me a tophat
[03:21:22] <aria> Like, a really long one
[03:21:53] <ruffas> umm, maybe?
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[03:34:17] <bronzdragon> I could
[03:34:20] <bronzdragon> Out of paper
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[04:18:55] <aria> So earlier, I played with a dude who's name was xxKillerDawgXx89
[04:22:22] <ruffas> not 69?
[04:22:29] <aria> Maybe it was 69
[04:22:53] <ruffas> that'd be much bro-ier
[04:29:42] <bronzdragon> Aria's litteraly torturing me
[04:30:28] <aria> Just so I don't look bad: in the game
[04:32:58] <ruffas> what game?
[04:33:01] <ruffas> and how?
[04:33:07] <aria> MGS Peace Walker
[04:33:33] <ruffas> how you is torture?
[04:33:39] <ruffas> there a rack laying about?
[04:34:05] <aria> Stun rod. Also rubber shotgun
[04:34:21] <bronzdragon> I was laying on the floor, defensless
[04:34:23] <ruffas> ahh
[04:34:31] <bronzdragon> And aria kept electrocuting me
[04:34:34] <bronzdragon> mercilessly
[04:36:15] <ruffas> http://www.youtube.com
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[04:42:17] <ruffas> evenin
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[04:49:39] <bronzdragon> Ruffas
[04:49:49] <bronzdragon> Does throwing me off a cliff count as trying to kill me?
[04:52:01] <bronzdragon> (
[04:52:07] <bronzdragon> (Aria tried to kill me again)
[04:52:17] <aria> Again?
[04:52:18] <aria> Hardly
[04:58:36] <ruffas> depends on the height of the cliff
[04:58:51] <aria> I was testing for invisible walls
[04:59:04] <aria> I found one
[05:03:07] <ruffas> grats?
[05:07:01] <ruffas> brilliant: http://imgur.com
[05:08:25] <aria> A index?
[05:09:12] <aria> an*
[05:09:57] <ruffas> at a grocery store
[05:10:04] <ruffas> instead of being left to fend for yourself
[05:10:20] <bronzdragon> Indeed
[05:10:42] <aria> http://25.media.tumblr.com
[05:11:07] <ruffas> what bothers me is that none of the grocery stores around here stock refried beans with the rest of the beans
[05:11:21] <bronzdragon> What are refried beans?
[05:11:31] <ruffas> what it says on the tin
[05:11:47] <ruffas> they're always x aisles away, in the -other- ethic aisle
[05:12:36] <ruffas> well, not really
[05:12:41] <ruffas> they're cooked, mashed beans
[05:13:28] <ruffas> if you've ever had a taco/burrito, those are probably the beans
[05:13:56] <bronzdragon> I see
[05:16:57] <bronzdragon> Good night, Mr. Ruffas
[05:17:18] <bronzdragon> (and I've never eaten a burrito, nor taco)
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[05:17:51] <aria> ...
[05:18:03] <aria> Guess we're having Taco's tomorrow
[05:18:21] <ruffas> i've had that same conversation with several euros
[05:18:40] <aria> Really?
[05:18:41] <aria> Huh
[05:18:47] <aria> Tacos are common place in Norway
[05:19:06] <aria> Not Burritos though
[05:19:08] <ruffas> but did you know what refried beans were?
[05:19:15] <aria> No clue
[05:19:22] <aria> But I think thats an English thing rather
[05:19:23] <ruffas> that's what i meant
[05:19:30] <ruffas> that's a mexican though
[05:19:33] <aria> if you said the Norwegian name, I'd probably recognize them
[05:19:34] <ruffas> so more spanish
[05:19:58] <aria> No I meant, I think I don't recognize it because Im no good at English, rather than being no good at Mexican food
[05:20:35] <ruffas> google says refried bønne
[05:21:01] <aria> ...I hope you can tell how it came to that conclusion and that it's wrong
[05:21:05] <ruffas> somehow, i think that's wrong
[05:21:12] <aria> =P
[05:21:52] <aria> http://satwcomic.com
[05:22:21] <ruffas> i lol'd
[05:23:09] <aria> So I played the sleepy dogs DLC a few days back
[05:23:17] <aria> I saw a 30 min video of it
[05:23:49] <aria> where most of the video was having steam-related, GPU-driver related, and then game-download-being-corrupted-related bugs
[05:23:56] <aria> so there was very little actual gameplay
[05:24:03] <ruffas> ...
[05:24:05] <aria> but what I saw was hilarious and looked very promosing
[05:24:08] <ruffas> i liked the actual game
[05:24:19] <ruffas> i've not DLC'd
[05:24:20] <aria> the hosts however, assured me it was well worth the money and a blast to play
[05:24:52] <aria> The DLC took us, not kidding, 20 minutes at most. And we went looking for collectables and goofed about for a few minutes as well
[05:25:15] <ruffas> that's...quick
[05:25:49] <aria> It was super cheap (2 bucks) so I don't feel wronged
[05:25:56] <aria> But I think it came out as 15 bucks
[05:26:16] <aria> also, that video really should'be mentioned the lenght
[05:26:35] <ruffas> sounds like it should have
[05:26:41] <ruffas> was it just more fights?
[05:26:57] <aria> Yeah. They gave you the Monk moveset
[05:27:04] <aria> so you had different animations and attacks
[05:27:07] <aria> mostly the same though
[05:27:12] <aria> and 2 new enemy types
[05:27:46] <aria> You basically had 10 encounters with only those two enemies, and that was the entire DLC
[05:27:56] <ruffas> ahh
[05:29:38] <aria> It was funny though, what little of it there was. Worth youtubing
[05:30:04] <ruffas> giant bomb?
[05:30:26] <aria> I did watch a giant bomb preview
[05:30:34] <aria> That is not the video you should youtube
[05:30:45] <aria> you should youtube one with all the unique dialog
[05:30:56] <ruffas> you do tend to giant bomb
[05:33:04] <ruffas> I love the look on the Running Men's faces when flower tea is mentioned
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[05:40:12] <ruffas> morning future man
[05:45:06] <Apsup> Morning.
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[05:48:10] <aria> Yknow whats a good website?
[05:48:12] <aria> Cinemassacre
[05:48:20] <aria> to register an account, you fill in 2 fields
[05:48:21] <aria> and thats it
[05:48:47] <spacejam> and then you get to...comment?
[05:48:54] <aria> Yeah
[05:49:08] <spacejam> sometimes i've watched avgn and wished i could comment
[05:49:17] <spacejam> it's nice to know it's not beyond my abilities
[05:49:42] <aria> Actually... seems they don't wanna send me the confirmation email
[05:49:50] <aria> So.. Ill probably be auto-banned soon
[05:50:05] <spacejam> mmm
[05:50:08] <spacejam> write james an email
[05:50:33] <aria> It might just be slow
[05:50:38] <spacejam> frozen synapse has some really good music
[05:50:44] <spacejam> true
[05:50:48] <aria> What's that?
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[05:51:19] <spacejam> i've heard it has some similarities to xcom
[05:57:40] <aria> ...
[05:57:44] <aria> In what?
[05:57:56] <aria> Oh Frozen Synapse
[05:57:56] <aria> I see
[05:57:58] <Apsup> It's top down squad controlling game, that's pretty much where similarities start and end.
[05:58:02] <spacejam> turn based vaguely top down squad management?
[05:58:25] <spacejam> having yet to play xcom myself, i cannot vouch for the accuracy of said similarities
[05:58:32] <spacejam> basically you plan out five seconds of moves
[05:58:39] <spacejam> at hte same time the enemy moves their guys
[05:58:51] <spacejam> and your guys are kinda dumb and will only shoot at things in front of them mostly
[05:59:01] <spacejam> it turns into kind of a real time chess but with just a few pieces
[06:02:31] <aria> That souds pretty cool
[06:03:10] <spacejam> the single player AI was surprisingly resilient
[06:03:51] <spacejam> in most single player strategy games, my strategy is "exploit big loophole a hundred times" or "funnel every enemy guy through this one section of death"
[06:04:04] <spacejam> or "build a boat or two"
[06:04:13] <spacejam> none of which works in FS
[06:04:15] <aria> The Hobbit is out?
[06:04:20] <aria> Fuck
[06:04:33] <okeefe> The Hobbit movie is... ok.
[06:04:35] <aria> Don't tell me I have to stay off the internet to avoid spoilers for 6 years until it comes out here?
[06:04:35] <spacejam> how's that bad news
[06:04:54] <aria> Because I have seen no advertisment in the flesh
[06:05:00] <spacejam> hmm
[06:05:01] <aria> So it probably isn't close to coming out yet here
[06:05:17] <ruffas> it's already out in japan
[06:05:19] <spacejam> spoilers happen
[06:05:24] <ruffas> surely norway can't be far behind
[06:05:27] <spacejam> i'm not sure i could ruin it
[06:05:31] <spacejam> it's basically the book
[06:06:00] <ruffas> what's the statute of limitations on spoilers?
[06:06:12] <aria> I was joking when I said 6 years. But it is not uncommon for movies to be released a week or two later, sometimes a month or two
[06:06:17] <ruffas> cause that's 75 years
[06:06:36] <aria> Ah yes, but movies is brand new, so the timer resets
[06:06:42] <ruffas> nah
[06:06:51] <spacejam> you could read the book
[06:07:05] <spacejam> i think it got better reviews than the movie
[06:07:19] <aria> I did as a kid, but I don't remember much
[06:07:21] <ruffas> and Tolkien had a brain-on for germanic languages, so you know is in Scandiwegian
[06:07:55] <spacejam> anyone here seen it?
[06:08:13] <aria> okeefe seems to have
[06:08:17] <ruffas> aye
[06:08:34] <spacejam> i heard negative things, but i'm not sure i actually thought it was bad
[06:08:34] <ruffas> 3 movies seems a bit much
[06:08:47] <ruffas> 2 would probably have worked better
[06:08:52] <spacejam> indeed
[06:09:17] <spacejam> i'm not sure anyone thinks that decision was made for artistic reasons
[06:09:38] <aria> Are they short-ish at least?
[06:10:15] <ruffas> no
[06:10:23] <ruffas> it's a peter jackson movie
[06:10:25] <okeefe> There's a lot of crap they added to the movie wrt the book.
[06:11:24] <okeefe> Yeah, movie #1 was 2h45m.
[06:14:45] <ruffas> i am continually amazed at how many languages tolkien invented
[06:15:09] <okeefe> He was a linguist. It was his hobby.
[06:15:50] <ruffas> it makes other hobbies sound puny
[06:15:52] <Apsup> From what I've heard it's not just adaptation of the Hobit. It actually takes lots of stuff from other books and stories and uses those to build three movies worth of stuff around the story of Bilbo.
[06:16:49] <okeefe> It takes the content/backstory that Gandalf related at the Council of Elrond from Fellowship (the book) and jams it in. And tosses in some extra shit.
[06:16:55] <ruffas> "what do you do for fun?" "I play hand-egg" "Oh? I make languages. I've done 2 this week."
[06:17:08] <okeefe> By extra, I mean fabricated entirely for the movie.
[06:17:26] <ruffas> all the brown wizard business is from other things
[06:17:47] <spacejam> yeah what book was that from
[06:17:59] <spacejam> are they going to retcon it into the hobbit: the movie: the book?
[06:18:03] <okeefe> Yeah, Radagast's mention is by Gandalf from Fellowship, as I mentioned.
[06:18:13] <spacejam> oh ok
[06:19:00] <ruffas> he's mentioned
[06:19:04] <okeefe> I reread the Hobbit just recently. I'm tempted to reread Lord of the Rings.. but it's like six times longer.
[06:19:05] <ruffas> but that's about it
[06:19:32] <spacejam> his first mention was the most non of sequiturs i've ever sequited
[06:21:47] <ruffas> i meant to read it before i saw it, but my uni's library only had books about tolkein's stuff, spanish editions and one annotated copy of the hobbit
[06:23:21] <ruffas> honestly
[06:23:22] <ruffas> http://ehis.ebscohost.com(the+hobbit)&bdata=JnR5cGU9MCZzaXRlPWVkcy1saXZlJnNjb3BlPXNpdGU%3d
[06:23:34] <ruffas> stupid link won't even work!
[06:24:07] <aria> Link seems to work for me
[06:24:09] <Apsup> Not sure as I have not seen the movie, or read all of the books, but weren't there stuff at least from Unfinished Tales and maybe from some other lesser known Tolkien Middle Earh stuff.
[06:24:45] <ruffas> guess it does?
[06:25:37] <spacejam> is there a public library nearby?>
[06:26:07] <ruffas> can't be bothered
[06:26:10] <Apsup> I read part of Unfinished tales when I was younger and I remember there being a story that explained why Gandalf took Bilbo for the adventure. I would assume that's something that would come up in the movie.
[06:26:20] <ruffas> i'm home now anyway, just gonna borrow my mom's coy
[06:26:40] <ruffas> all the explanation you get for that is in the trailer
[06:27:17] <spacejam> the explanation is brief, but i wasn't totally offended by it
[06:27:24] <okeefe> Gandalf knew Bilbo's Took side of his family.
[06:28:54] <ruffas> there were loads of other Tooks though
[06:28:59] <ruffas> why get a half Took?
[06:29:37] <okeefe> Because Bilbo got sassy with him, I think. "Good morning!"
[06:30:04] <aria> So I noticed Zero Punctuation is better than it used to be
[06:30:11] <aria> Or maybe Im expecting less
[06:30:32] <ruffas> "Good morning?"
[06:30:53] <ruffas> aria, it's the same as it's always been
[06:31:26] <aria> I find myself chuckling more often
[06:31:49] <okeefe> ruffas: Read the book or watch the movie.
[06:32:10] <ruffas> i know, hence the quotes
[06:32:17] <ruffas> inside, not out
[06:32:25] <spacejam> did anyone listen to how to not suck at taking your turn?
[06:33:43] <okeefe> I did.
[06:33:59] <spacejam> i was partway through
[06:34:34] <spacejam> so far it's amusing, but i figure that there are already people who are intimidated by board games that wouldn't help
[06:35:39] <spacejam> being told by experienced players that you're annoying and speed up already
[06:52:10] <aria> How is there not a single new Hey Ash in and an half months?
[06:52:21] <aria> Dont they do episodes weekly
[06:53:52] <ruffas> is sleepy time
[06:53:54] <ruffas> g'night all
[06:53:58] <spacejam> bye
[06:53:59] <aria> Whaa
[06:54:11] <aria> Why is a man of the past sleeping before I do
[06:54:19] <aria> Oh its 8am, thats why
[06:54:22] <aria> Fair enough
[06:58:19] <aria> So someone in somewhere electrecuted a kid for misbehaving in class?
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[07:04:33] <spacejam> great now i've discovered hawp
[07:04:46] <aria> Hey you didn't know of HAWP?
[07:04:52] <aria> HAWP is rather fun
[07:05:38] <spacejam> i've heard the name before
[07:05:50] <spacejam> but i always assumed it was some sort of game review thing
[07:05:53] <spacejam> or maybe pokemon
[07:10:30] <aria> ...Why is this news
[07:10:45] <aria> Im watching a video game news thing
[07:10:51] <aria> (Its a couple of weeks old)
[07:11:15] <aria> One of their stories was "Koreans won a Starcraft Tournument"
[07:12:42] <spacejam> sounds like mainstream news
[07:14:40] <aria> Why does Far Cry 3 have crazy anisotropic filtering?
[07:16:59] <aria> ...
[07:18:18] <aria> ...I meant to actually comment on the crazy abient occlusion, but then in the video I watched, a texture bugged out and I mispoke, being distracted by the AF failing
[07:19:01] <aria> Anyway, everything has a super thick shadow around it
[07:22:19] <yoshokatana> what's the haps, irc?
[07:22:34] <aria> Im awake way past my bedtime
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[08:17:38] <GauntletWizard> http://www.kickstarter.com
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[09:43:42] <aria> !
[09:43:51] <aria> Pikmin in Norwegian is "my dick"
[09:44:11] <aria> I can't believe I never saw that xD
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[13:05:29] <bronzdragon> hey guys
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[14:49:49] <bronzdragon> ruffas!
[14:49:57] <ruffas> bronz!
[14:50:49] <bronzdragon> Words!
[14:51:34] <ruffas> and things?
[14:52:06] <bronzdragon> Possibly things
[14:52:09] <bronzdragon> I'm not quite sure yet
[14:53:19] <ruffas> hmm
[14:58:26] <Apsup> Action! People! Almost talking!
[14:58:36] <ruffas> almost
[14:58:39] <ruffas> not quite though
[14:59:19] <bronzdragon> Indeed, you can't talk in a chatroom
[14:59:22] <bronzdragon> Silly person.!
[14:59:36] <bronzdragon> At best we can type at each other, and then read the words quietly in our heads.
[14:59:42] <Apsup> You put ! after . and call you call me silly.
[14:59:57] <bronzdragon> Truth
[15:01:09] <ruffas> Good news everyone!
[15:01:32] <ruffas> my self christmas present has finally shipped
[15:02:20] <bronzdragon> A bit late...
[15:02:53] <ruffas> yeah, but i wasn't holding myself to a tight schedule
[15:04:35] <Apsup> Decisions decisions. Trying to decide should I buy Dark Souls on PC now that it's on sale. I already have it on Xbox, but I would have to buy the DLC and upgrade to gold account, so getting it on PC now wouldn't be that much more expencive.
[15:04:39] <ruffas> and i'll finally have a big boy phone once it arrives
[15:04:59] <ruffas> isn't the PC version a bit shit?
[15:06:02] <Apsup> From what I've heard it's just direct port, so you need controller and normally it doesn't look that good and 30fps.
[15:06:14] <bronzdragon> Well, that's true
[15:06:14] <Apsup> But there's mods to make it look pretty(er)
[15:06:22] <bronzdragon> also, run smoother
[15:06:34] <bronzdragon> Imagine blight town at 30 FPS, and the rest at 60...
[15:06:35] <bronzdragon> yeah.
[15:06:48] <Apsup> I rather not imagine blight town at all.
[15:06:53] <bronzdragon> the main problem is that Dark souls on console is already hacked to shit, and the PC is only easier
[15:07:09] <Apsup> I don't do PvP.
[15:07:15] <Apsup> so doesn't bother me.
[15:07:22] <bronzdragon> You're missing out man
[15:07:37] <Apsup> I've done it enouught, I know what it is and I know I don't like it.
[15:07:43] <bronzdragon> Nothing gets the blood boiling more then a red phantom who appears in front of Ornstein and Smough
[15:08:20] <Apsup> But I only have about 30 minutes to decide, so yes or no? What's the verdict?
[15:09:12] <ruffas> how much more on PC vs xbox?
[15:09:22] <bronzdragon> If you want to play it start to finish again, buy it for PC, I'd say
[15:09:51] <ruffas> and is the convenience (it is more convenient right?) worth it?
[15:10:16] <Apsup> PC is 20e, the DLC for xobx is 12e and gold is about 6e month
[15:10:50] <Apsup> I would have to finally get that wireless xbox controller reciever on my PC though.
[15:11:03] <Apsup> But I need it for other games too, so it's investement.
[15:11:23] <bronzdragon> I found it extremely hard to find the Wireless dongle
[15:11:24] <ruffas> go for it cause not xbox?
[15:11:37] <bronzdragon> It's been discontinued
[15:11:44] <bronzdragon> I had to buy an extra controller to get it.
[15:12:04] <Apsup> I'll get off brand one.
[15:12:09] <ruffas> churba and omnu are always recommending a certain knock off
[15:12:15] <bronzdragon> There are off-brand ones?
[15:12:50] <ruffas> bronz, it's china
[15:12:57] <ruffas> there's off-brand everything
[15:13:11] <Apsup> You find them even on amazon.
[15:13:13] <Apsup> Trivially.
[15:14:29] <bronzdragon> Fair 'nough
[15:17:39] <ruffas> just have to make sure to get a reputable knock-off
[15:20:21] <Apsup> From what I can read from there consumer rewiews is that this one model works well, but you have to get drivers online.
[15:21:02] <ruffas> there are forum people that recommend a certain one, i just can't remember which it is
[15:21:22] <bronzdragon> Meh, don't ask google
[15:21:51] <ruffas> what
[15:22:00] <ruffas> what's google know?*
[15:22:14] <ruffas> http://imgur.com
[15:22:37] <bronzdragon> I'm hungry for rock now
[15:22:48] <Apsup> Well, actually I might just get Dark souls from amazon as it is cheaper and then get the offcial microsoft reciever as that gets free shipping so I wouldn't save much by buying the knock off.
[15:23:23] <ruffas> also http://i.imgur.com
[15:23:42] <ruffas> sounds like a plan
[15:24:36] <bronzdragon> That is the most evil camera
[15:25:17] <Apsup> Well I'm off to bowling, see ya later.
[15:25:30] <ruffas> i think it's neat (bullets aside)
[15:25:43] <bronzdragon> Strike them with your blows!
[15:27:12] <ruffas> i ain't punching no bullets
[15:28:22] <bronzdragon> C'mon, I bet ken could do it
[15:29:42] <ruffas> i bet he could
[15:30:18] <bronzdragon> Be more like Ken
[15:30:24] <ruffas> me != ken
[15:31:20] <ruffas> i need to finish that
[15:31:41] <bronzdragon> Agreed
[15:31:50] <bronzdragon> Are you watching the new season of Initial D?
[15:32:19] <ruffas> nope
[15:32:42] <bronzdragon> You should
[15:32:44] <ruffas> only thing i watched this season was sword art online
[15:32:53] <bronzdragon> It's like Initial D, but with more rendering
[15:33:10] <ruffas> i never watched the original
[15:33:17] <ruffas> so i don't have the nostalgia for it
[15:37:50] <ruffas> just its music
[15:40:11] <bronzdragon> ... and awesome car races
[15:40:18] <bronzdragon> You should watch some original Initial D
[15:42:05] <ruffas> it's low on the list
[16:10:43] <djfooboo> Wait, there is new Initial D?
[16:11:11] <djfooboo> mother of god.
[16:11:20] <bronzdragon> Indeed there is
[16:11:22] <bronzdragon> Not much though
[16:11:31] <bronzdragon> I think only a set of 2 episodes a month
[16:13:45] <djfooboo> Oh, I can wait until it's all out. Like all media
[18:33:04] <Apsup> I'm bach.
[18:37:50] <djfooboo> I'm holst
[19:30:43] -!- spacejam [spacejam!spacejam@hide-5AF2363A.res-cmts.haw.ptd.net] has joined #geeknights
[19:33:02] <bronzdragon> Hey
[19:33:17] <spacejam> oi
[19:33:19] <spacejam> time for food
[19:33:38] <bronzdragon> Aww
[19:33:40] <bronzdragon> Can I have some?
[19:33:52] <spacejam> i don't know
[19:33:55] <spacejam> can you?
[19:34:23] <bronzdragon> Depends on if you're willing to share
[19:34:31] <bronzdragon> (And able, but I'm glossing over that fact)
[19:34:46] <bronzdragon> And therefor, I once again come to you, asking if I can.
[19:35:10] <spacejam> perhaps you can have some food
[19:35:15] <spacejam> if you prove worthy
[19:35:40] <bronzdragon> A test?
[19:35:55] <bronzdragon> I am willing to undergo any resonable test!
[19:57:02] <spacejam> first you must travel to the nearest grocery store
[19:57:52] <bronzdragon> At this time of night?
[19:57:56] <bronzdragon> Surely they will be closed
[19:58:09] <bronzdragon> But fair enough, I could
[19:58:35] <spacejam> you must travel to one that is open
[20:00:40] <bronzdragon> Impossible
[20:00:47] <bronzdragon> I'll die before I reach one
[20:00:54] <spacejam> surely a true warrior could find a way
[20:01:16] <bronzdragon> Wait, now I have to be a true warrior?
[20:01:20] <bronzdragon> Nobody told be about this!
[20:01:39] <spacejam> i'm pretty sure we were all given instructions not to tell you, until now
[20:03:53] <bronzdragon> ...
[20:04:02] <bronzdragon> I'd make the lousiest true warrior
[20:04:14] <bronzdragon> I haven't been trained in any weaponry, nor hand-to-hand combat
[20:04:22] <bronzdragon> Besides, ever brawl i've been in, I've lost
[20:04:30] <bronzdragon> (Depending on your definition of losing)
[20:05:02] <spacejam> well that's how it always starts out
[20:07:59] <spacejam> gotta build up your true warrior resume somehow
[20:40:38] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[20:44:47] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[20:58:54] -!- ruffas [ruffas!4b5b5b5b@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[20:59:12] <bronzdragon> Hai ruffas
[21:01:45] <ruffas> hai
[21:04:39] -!- aria [aria!aria@hide-700C3A1D.getinternet.no] has joined #geeknights
[21:04:57] <bronzdragon> Hey Aria!
[21:05:09] <bronzdragon> You've been away a long while...
[21:05:48] <aria> I...ve slept, longer than I perhaps should've
[21:05:59] <bronzdragon> Until now?
[21:06:00] <bronzdragon> =(
[21:06:08] <bronzdragon> ...
[21:06:38] <ruffas> sleep is good
[21:06:58] <bronzdragon> ...
[21:06:59] <bronzdragon> right
[21:07:00] <bronzdragon> webcam
[21:07:01] <bronzdragon> hang on
[21:09:32] <bronzdragon> Hey, did you fall asleep again?
[21:18:26] <GauntletWizard> Good evening, folks
[21:18:43] <bronzdragon> Hi Mr. Wizard
[21:21:28] <GauntletWizard> how goes?
[21:23:00] <bronzdragon> good
[21:26:20] <bronzdragon> And you, sir?
[21:51:17] <GauntletWizard> not too bad
[21:51:19] <GauntletWizard> chilling
[21:51:20] <GauntletWizard> coding
[21:51:24] <GauntletWizard> sysadmining
[21:51:31] <bronzdragon> Which Cod?
[21:54:32] <GauntletWizard> coding
[21:54:36] <GauntletWizard> as in, code
[21:57:44] <bronzdragon> Right
[21:57:48] <bronzdragon> Too little D's
[22:14:40] <aria> ...
[22:15:09] <aria> You couldn't guess in the context of something to be done together with sysadmining, "coding" is probably coding, rather than COD'ing?
[22:16:41] <bronzdragon> Well...
[22:16:52] <bronzdragon> His first 2 suggestions were unrelated
[22:17:10] <bronzdragon> So I didn't assume the 3rd was related to the 2nd, per say
[22:41:57] <GauntletWizard> sooo
[22:42:03] <GauntletWizard> anyone up to more interesting things?
[22:43:21] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!yoshokatan@hide-3567B4F5.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[22:45:52] <bronzdragon> Yo, yoshokatana.
[22:45:57] <yoshokatana> hullo
[22:46:11] <bronzdragon> And GW, I'm putting bananas into people's backs
[22:46:40] <bronzdragon> Is that interesting enough?
[22:47:01] <yoshokatana> ……?
[22:47:22] <bronzdragon> GauntletWizard asked me to tell him something interesting
[22:47:23] <bronzdragon> So I tried
[22:47:41] <yoshokatana> ah
[22:47:46] <bronzdragon> I'm also tying baloons around their waists afterwards
[22:47:49] <bronzdragon> It's so they
[22:47:58] <bronzdragon> 'll like me and do 'favors' for me.
[22:48:07] <bronzdragon> Sometimes, I need to 'convince' them in the brig first...
[22:48:33] <GauntletWizard> bananas
[22:48:44] <GauntletWizard> B, a n a n a s
[22:48:48] <GauntletWizard> BANANAS
[22:57:31] <bronzdragon> You like that song, then?
[23:01:48] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[23:31:09] -!- ruffas [ruffas!4b5b5b5b@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[23:31:26] <bronzdragon> hai
[23:31:44] <ruffas> iah
[23:32:14] <bronzdragon> Ian?
[23:32:19] <bronzdragon> What's he got to do with any of this
[23:34:36] <ruffas> nothing at all
[23:35:36] <bronzdragon> =>(
[23:35:42] <bronzdragon> Wait, I did that wrong
[23:37:12] <ruffas> :p