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[01:45:26] <okeefe> (Re: twitter) I wonder if apreche tried to sell him on Burning Wheel.
[01:52:33] <Apsup> Thaks for that. Today I lost my open tabs because of fuckup and I had forgotten to reopen twitter. What could I do without another constant flood of information.
[01:54:21] <Apsup> Also found the tweet you were referencing.
[01:54:23] <pence> *checks twitter* hahaha
[01:54:59] <pence> you have to do that right though, "play any other games, or just Pathfinder?"
[01:56:33] <Apsup> I assume that they didn't talk about the person's level 18 dark elf Barbarian/Fighter.
[01:57:48] <okeefe> Dungeon World might be a softer sell...
[01:58:20] <pence> I've been reading through the final version of DW, and I'm more excited to actually play this than the basic book
[01:59:07] <okeefe> Then again, there are people who actually like rules-heavy, broken systems.
[02:00:03] <pence> there's your icebreaker right there
[02:00:19] <Apsup> Like Burning Wheel?
[02:00:38] <okeefe> LOL
[02:01:06] <okeefe> BW is nothing compared to the madness of 3.5/PF.
[02:02:17] <pence> I really want to see someone's crazy min-maxed BW character now
[02:02:57] <pence> why would I spend my RPs on relationships and shoes when I could get full plate?!
[02:03:06] <Apsup> It's different kind of madness. I'm currently in 3.5 campaing and I barely know the basic rules and I'm able to roll fine, when other player has fun with his huge amount of knowledge from different sources. On the other hand BW expects you to know and understand the rules.
[02:03:23] <Apsup> But different games, hard to compare.
[02:04:05] <okeefe> I've had a friend convince the group to make 4-LP humans with greyed out stats. Then the group hated the game because there were only ever rolling one or two dice for everything. That was his problem.
[02:04:24] <pence> wow
[02:05:19] <okeefe> Yeah, we (my BW group at the time) were impressed at that train wreck.
[02:05:47] <Apsup> True powergamer refuces to play anything but elf in Burning Wheel game.
[02:05:47] <pence> so it was like
[02:06:00] <pence> dump 3 points into required skills
[02:06:18] <pence> and the rest into grey-shading sword/persuasion
[02:06:50] <pence> and Brawling for forks
[02:07:16] <Apsup> How do you fork Brawling for persuation?
[02:07:21] <okeefe> I think he greyed the STATS, which means there weren't a whole lot of points for anything else. Then some of your skills are grey, but you still got B2s and G2s for even what you're good at.
[02:07:38] <pence> oh wow, yeah
[02:07:56] <okeefe> Apsup: I bet Brawling is forkable into (Dwarven) Coarse Persuasion.
[02:08:29] <Apsup> Makes sence.
[02:08:31] <pence> you're going to have like... exponent 3 stats at best
[02:08:46] <okeefe> If everone in his group knew the rules and wanted to play a cracked out game, that's one thing. But they were all learning except him, and they revolted.
[02:08:53] <Apsup> I really want to play/run BW dwarf game.
[02:09:05] <pence> haha, did you see the video where some guys playing dwarves wanted to fork sing into an excavation test
[02:09:18] <pence> and the GM made them actually sing for the dice
[02:09:42] <Apsup> Well, dwarfs could probably fork singing for about everything.
[02:09:48] <Apsup> Nothing wrong there.
[02:09:56] <okeefe> Yeah, saw that Luke posted that today.
[02:10:40] <okeefe> Last Burning Con, I played in a Burning Dwarf Fortress game.
[02:10:52] <okeefe> Err, last as in 2011.
[02:12:08] <pence> this is in the magic item section of dungeon world:
[02:12:08] <pence> The Burning Wheel 2 weight
[02:12:08] <pence> An ancient wooden wheel, as might appear on a war-wagon, banded with steel. On a glance, it appears to be nothing special—many spokes are shattered and the thing seems mundane. Under the scrutiny of magic or the eyes of an expert, its true nature is revealed: the Burning Wheel is a gift from the God of Fire and burns with his authority.
[02:12:39] <pence> Once used, the Burning Wheel ignites and burns with brilliant light. It does not confer any protection from those flames, nor does it provide any bonus to swimming.
[02:14:41] <okeefe> I think there's a joke about the swimming, but I don't know the context for it.
[02:15:24] <okeefe> Inspectacles are a similar joke. :)
[02:15:55] <okeefe> Ditto Tears of Annalise and Violation Glaive.
[02:16:31] <pence> I particularly like the description on the violation glaive
[02:16:57] <pence> I assume the swimming joke might just be that BW doesn't have a swim skill, and doesn't address drowning in any way
[02:17:50] <okeefe> Likely that's part of it, and might be all of it.
[02:18:18] <okeefe> I'm also very happy that Dungeon World has an Apocalypse Dragon.
[02:20:46] <pence> oh nice, I hadn't seen that yet
[02:21:03] <pence> I've only flipped through it and noticed all the stuff they changed (that I like)
[02:21:13] <pence> like no highlighting stats, and marking XP on a 6-
[02:21:52] <okeefe> I'm wicked excited about DW. I will do a final reread once I have the physical artifact.
[02:25:53] <Apsup> It's hard to believe, but I'm soon reaching the point of too much rpg gaming. Next year I will be probably playing three different campaigns.
[02:32:18] <Apsup> [#geeknights]
[02:32:26] <Apsup> http://www.youtube.com
[02:33:03] <Apsup> Some people take their pranks to another level.
[02:33:21] <pence> wow
[02:33:34] <pence> "I was born in Mexico"
[02:36:56] <okeefe> Heh, that was pretty good.
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[03:21:26] <Apsup> Man I'm not sure if the finnish word for command-line interface is amazing or awful. Writing it once it kinda fun, but writing it bunch of times is just pain.
[03:22:26] <Apsup> It's compound word made from four not that short words.
[03:25:49] <okeefe> Do Finns use a lot of acronyms? E.g., CLI.
[03:28:02] <Apsup> I don't think so, not in casual texts at least. Have't realy read that much academic texts in finnish to see how things are in there.
[03:28:12] <Neito> http://qdb.us
[03:28:19] <Neito> That's all I can think of right now.
[03:29:55] <okeefe> Verwaltung == Files?
[03:30:00] <Apsup> Yea, Finnish has lots of compound words, but germans take them to another level.
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[10:51:11] <Apsup> Yo
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