#geeknights | Logs for 2012-11-19

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[01:51:25] <Coldguy> hi
[01:53:15] <aria> Hi
[01:53:23] <Coldguy> sup
[02:16:06] <Coldguy> whoo.
[02:16:41] <Coldguy> going to do full service laundromat this week
[02:16:44] <Coldguy> becuase I can
[02:17:01] <aria> http://www.twitch.tv
[02:17:05] <aria> There is a new console
[02:17:35] <Coldguy> sUBSTANCE tv is also a good ashow
[02:18:25] <aria> Oh they're streaming?
[02:18:37] <aria> They usually stream in 2 hours from now
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[03:38:56] * nine slaps aria.
[03:51:16] <aria> What I do?
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[04:02:18] <nine> 5<3 aria.
[04:15:51] <nine> YOU LEFT Bronzdragon!
[04:31:13] <Bronzdragon> nine!
[04:31:17] <Bronzdragon> I did...
[04:45:04] <nine> Your word means nothing then!
[04:49:57] <Bronzdragon> I didn't wanna
[04:49:59] <Bronzdragon> but I had to
[04:54:33] <nine> Why?
[04:54:42] <nine> We're having discussions now you ain't part off!
[05:00:57] <Bronzdragon> Meh
[05:19:26] <nine> You're not true to your feelings!
[05:19:35] <nine> Or just that feeling, but that's not as dramatic sounding.
[05:19:36] <nine> SO YES.
[05:19:38] <nine> RAWR!
[05:20:34] <Bronzdragon> =O
[05:22:40] <nine> Sleep time.
[05:22:42] <nine> I'm out!
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[06:21:06] <GauntletWizard> hrmm
[06:21:21] <GauntletWizard> (an excellent way to join a chat channel, that)
[06:21:39] <GauntletWizard> I'm trying to decide between programming...
[06:21:44] <GauntletWizard> and playing they bleed pixels
[06:21:52] <GauntletWizard> and I think the irresponsible choice is going to win
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[14:04:53] <creamsteak> rawr
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[15:10:02] <bronzdragon> Rawr!
[15:10:29] <bronzdragon> I fail at setting alarms
[15:10:43] <bronzdragon> I wanted to wake up at 11 AM, Instead I woke up at 15PM....
[15:29:55] <Apsup> Those things happen.
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[16:01:49] <originalme8> yosh!
[16:08:27] <bronzdragon> yosh?
[16:14:02] <originalme8> Yea, I dunno :P
[16:15:16] <bronzdragon> Well...
[16:15:17] <bronzdragon> Okay
[16:16:57] <originalme8> Yea, I know
[16:17:01] <originalme8> It's a wierd morning.
[16:17:04] <bronzdragon> YOU'D BETTER
[16:17:08] <bronzdragon> weird, eh?
[16:23:16] <bronzdragon> I implied "tell me more"
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[16:33:31] <bronzdragon> Hai nine
[16:34:05] <nine> ... that didn't highlight for some reason.
[16:34:11] <nine> Hello bronzdragon's script.
[16:34:51] <bronzdragon> =3
[16:41:31] <bronzdragon> Don't you hate dying mid-drink?
[16:41:36] <bronzdragon> especially if it's due to toxin?
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[16:49:02] <bronzdragon> spacejam?!
[16:49:09] <bronzdragon> What kind of name is spacejam!
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[16:54:14] <nine> Hmmm, goatse.cx is now webmail.
[16:54:34] <nine> How the fuck do you die mid-sip to poison or toxin?
[16:54:53] <spacejam> Is it supposed to wait for you to swallow?
[16:54:59] <spacejam> Free webmail?
[16:55:11] <spacejam> A damn fine name, and don't you forget it
[16:55:16] <nine> Even with a whopping 8 vitality you won't sip up to max anyway.
[16:56:10] <spacejam> oh, well in RPG world it would happen with a plot-critical item i assume
[16:56:32] <nine> Yeah, estus flasks.
[16:56:35] <nine> The hold estus.
[16:59:15] <bronzdragon> ...
[16:59:19] <bronzdragon> Well, really bad timing really
[16:59:31] <bronzdragon> It didn't help I was being attacked by fire dogs
[16:59:40] <nine> Wut?
[16:59:40] <bronzdragon> They knocked me out of healing twice
[16:59:42] <nine> How?
[16:59:50] <nine> Those things kill themselves even before you see them!
[16:59:54] <bronzdragon> Listen, remember that branch in blighttown youhave to balance over?
[16:59:58] <nine> Aye.
[17:00:02] <bronzdragon> I slid off, on to the 2nd water wheel
[17:00:07] <bronzdragon> (the one you're not supposed to get on)
[17:00:08] <nine> Wut?
[17:00:11] <bronzdragon> I stood on it...
[17:00:12] <nine> Wut wut?
[17:00:16] <nine> You didn't die?
[17:00:19] <bronzdragon> nope
[17:00:23] <nine> Did you seriously fail at failing?
[17:00:24] <nine> HOW?
[17:00:24] <bronzdragon> It was like, 3 meters lower
[17:00:35] <bronzdragon> Anyway, I ran forward to the only ground I could find
[17:00:44] <bronzdragon> Which was 6 fire dogs and 4 toxin dudes
[17:00:45] <Robobuntu> 6 fire, can't lose!
[17:00:55] <nine> Oh yeah, that sopt.
[17:00:56] <bronzdragon> I agro'd 4 fire dogs and 2 toxin dudes
[17:00:56] <nine> spot*
[17:01:02] <aria> Nine, I die mid-sip every time I die to toxin
[17:01:04] <bronzdragon> So... that didnt' go to well...
[17:01:09] <nine> Why the fuck hadn't you cleared that before going to that accursed branch?
[17:01:17] <bronzdragon> I-- forgot
[17:01:18] <aria> Also that wheel Ive gotten on
[17:01:19] <nine> Why the fuck didn't you bone home?
[17:01:26] <aria> it looks like you can jump to where the firekeeper soul is
[17:01:28] <aria> but nope
[17:01:28] <bronzdragon> I don't have bones.
[17:01:28] <nine> Also, aria, you're a bloody idiot then.
[17:01:30] <bronzdragon> I have 0
[17:01:59] <Robobuntu> six in, might lose...
[17:02:02] <nine> FOPF(_*&$_@
[17:02:04] <bronzdragon> ...
[17:02:20] <nine> I seriously can't comprehend how the fuck you die to toxin mid-sip though.
[17:02:20] <bronzdragon> I didn't beat any bosses before quelaag
[17:02:23] <nine> Sip sooner.
[17:02:31] <bronzdragon> I tried, but again, firedogs
[17:02:32] <nine> Asylum demon.
[17:02:42] <bronzdragon> I could kill them, but by that time, I'd be dead
[17:02:45] <nine> Could've run.
[17:02:46] <aria> Toxin kills you really fucking fast without resistance to it
[17:02:50] <nine> Or used spider shield.
[17:02:57] <nine> It does.
[17:03:02] <nine> Sipping doesn't take that long though.
[17:03:04] <bronzdragon> You can't spider shield while drinking...
[17:03:11] <nine> If you die mid-sip you waited till your health was already as good as gone.
[17:03:12] <aria> Yeah I can sip at full health
[17:03:21] <aria> but I try to time my sips so that I can make it to a bonfire
[17:03:26] <nine> Toxin isn't that fast you twat.
[17:03:30] <aria> but usually underesitmate the sip animation
[17:03:47] <nine> How often have you died to toxin?
[17:03:54] <aria> like... 4 times
[17:03:57] <aria> 5 times maybe
[17:04:00] <nine> I died once.
[17:04:05] <nine> Because the ladder was too long.
[17:04:09] <aria> You also have hacked stats
[17:04:13] <nine> I don't.
[17:04:51] <aria> One time, I used power within, got posioned, and then toxin
[17:04:58] <nine> AHHAHAHAHA
[17:04:59] <nine> How the fuck.
[17:05:00] <aria> I basiaclly died as soon as I got toxin
[17:05:09] <aria> fighting invader in the swamp
[17:05:16] <aria> (non-mildred)
[17:05:24] <nine> ... getting poisoned and toxin in the swamp? HOW?
[17:05:41] <aria> Well my destination was upper blighttown
[17:05:42] <bronzdragon> nine, toxin kills me in 20 seconds
[17:05:44] <nine> Also, why the hell use power within in the swamp?
[17:05:54] <nine> bronzdragon: sip animation is less than 1 second.
[17:06:01] <bronzdragon> But dooooooogs
[17:06:06] <aria> Cause the dude has chaos I had a +5 pike =P
[17:06:10] <bronzdragon> Listen, I died to toxin once, cut me a break please!
[17:06:18] <nine> NO!
[17:06:19] <nine> NEVER!
[17:06:27] <nine> Buy homeward bones.
[17:06:31] <nine> Use bow and arrow.
[17:06:41] <nine> There's so much shit you could've done before jumping to those 2 dogs.
[17:06:56] <aria> He wanted the firekeeper soul
[17:07:03] <nine> You don't even need to aggro 2 of those 6 widely spaced dogs if you wanna get out of there.
[17:07:04] <Robobuntu> 6 widely, can't lose!
[17:07:14] <nine> He didn't.
[17:07:20] <nine> He was dicking about on the branch he said.
[17:07:41] <aria> He has fallen off that branch so many times its insane
[17:07:44] <aria> You just fucking walk over
[17:07:48] <aria> its not even hard
[17:08:02] <nine> I've only made it back once, walking.
[17:08:07] <nine> Because those fucking planks.
[17:08:15] <nine> Cross to the sealer set is EASY.
[17:08:29] <nine> The way back is cursed by terrain clipping on those fucking planks.
[17:08:34] <nine> So ET bone home.
[17:09:01] <bronzdragon> stop talking about boners, nine
[17:09:40] <nine> But bonerdragon, you like it when I do it!
[17:09:45] <nine> (that's what she said)
[17:11:10] <aria> She did say that
[17:11:27] <aria> She smacked =(
[17:11:34] <aria> she was later smacked* =(
[17:11:37] <nine> How'd you know?
[17:11:43] <aria> How did--- I not write half of that sentence?
[17:11:44] <nine> You got bonerzdragon.
[17:12:13] <aria> Im bad at sentences apperantly
[17:13:12] <nine> AppArently.
[17:13:44] <bronzdragon> A
[17:13:54] <aria> I like A's!
[17:13:59] <aria> I have 3 of them in my name
[17:14:10] <nine> ...
[17:14:16] <nine> AriAdesu.
[17:14:22] <bronzdragon> Full name
[17:14:25] <bronzdragon> Real name
[17:14:26] <nine> Bakaria?
[17:14:34] <nine> Antaan?
[17:14:35] <bronzdragon> There ya go!
[17:15:02] <bronzdragon> I like Bees
[17:15:09] <nine> I'm not good with Svedish names.
[17:16:08] <nine> So what IS your three letter A containing real name, aria?
[17:16:23] <aria> Antaan
[17:16:24] <bronzdragon> "Aria"
[17:16:34] <bronzdragon> Sorry
[17:16:37] <nine> That's not a name.
[17:16:38] <bronzdragon> "Aaria"
[17:16:41] <bronzdragon> I mis-typed
[17:16:54] <bronzdragon> *miss
[17:16:54] <nine> TELL ME!
[17:17:06] <bronzdragon> This chat is logged publically, y'know
[17:17:17] <aria> It's gonna be Doctor Tyrannosaurus Rex once shit gets processed!
[17:17:40] <nine> What is it before that?
[17:17:48] <nine> Also, can't have Doctor as name, it's a title.
[17:17:59] <aria> No one complained!
[17:17:59] <nine> And while this chat may be.
[17:18:04] <nine> Personal queries are not.
[17:18:15] <nine> Unless either party chooses to be a huge cunt.
[17:18:16] <aria> They did complain about Tyrannosaurus
[17:18:18] <aria> and also rex
[17:18:19] <nine> Thankfully I'm just a dick.
[17:18:21] <aria> but not Doctor
[17:18:22] <bronzdragon> Personal queries is not a concept that's above logging
[17:21:26] <nine> I don't believe you aria.
[17:21:28] <nine> Doctor's a title.
[17:23:15] <aria> We don't have a rule that says "You can not be named something that is a title"
[17:23:37] <aria> If you want, you can even name yourself "Go fuck yourself shitwad"
[17:23:41] <aria> But thats mean
[17:23:44] <aria> No one would do that!
[17:24:06] <aria> Some dude changed his name to "Yes thank you very much" or something like that a while ago...
[17:27:01] <nine> Lies and slander.
[17:27:04] <aria> Ima link this again http://youtu.be
[17:28:34] <nine> You're still full of shit.
[17:28:42] <nine> And that vid is still atrocious.
[17:28:57] <bronzdragon> That's not how you spell that word.
[17:29:44] <aria> http://no.wikipedia.orgærsaagod-Takkskalduha
[17:29:45] <aria> There
[17:30:07] <nine> There what.
[17:30:09] <aria> He changed his name to "Here you go-Thank you very much"
[17:30:18] <nine> No he didn't.
[17:30:55] <nine> His name is "Espen Thoresen Hværsaagod-Takkskalduha"
[17:31:09] <aria> Well I translated it...
[17:31:28] <nine> I know.
[17:31:35] <nine> I know enough Danish to recognize the parts.
[17:31:50] <nine> Still doesn't make it "Here you go-Thank you very much"
[17:31:53] <bronzdragon> You know Danish?
[17:32:01] <nine> Espen Thoresen for one is just his normal name.
[17:32:05] <bronzdragon> *cough cough grumble*
[17:32:08] <nine> I know some Danish.
[17:32:12] <aria> ...>_> Fine, Hereyougo-thankyouverymuch
[17:32:19] <nine> I can thank people in Danish.
[17:32:55] <nine> Silly comedians.
[17:33:50] <aria> Im pretty sure the first half is just left there to avoid confusion by Wikipedia, but even if not, he appended the funny part to his name rather than changing it to it
[17:34:07] <aria> Oh wait
[17:34:09] <aria> Yes ok so
[17:34:13] <aria> In the article
[17:34:42] <aria> he changed his name at some point and was refused a credit card based on his name
[17:34:49] <aria> so he added the old part back
[17:34:56] <nine> ...
[17:34:57] <aria> At some point, he didn't have the normal part
[17:35:06] <nine> Another reason to hate on credit card companies.
[17:35:10] <nine> Fuck the cunts.
[17:35:54] <aria> He also added the "Thank you very much". It used to just be "Hvær Så God"
[17:37:30] <aria> apperantly he doesn't like gay people because they get "unfair advantages" during marrage =P
[17:39:04] <nine> Wut.
[17:39:14] <nine> Also, that's not your name.
[17:39:17] <nine> TELL ME YOUR NAME.
[17:39:25] <nine> WITH ALL THE A'S!
[17:39:26] <aria> He also married a dude to pay less taxes
[17:39:40] <nine> Satirist he is.
[17:39:49] <nine> Dodging the question you are.
[17:40:44] <aria> You know the first part of my current legal name and my entire future legal name
[17:42:26] <nine> I don't.
[17:42:38] <nine> And your future legal name is a ruse untill I see the papers.
[17:51:02] <nine> ...
[17:51:10] <nine> From The New World is now gay.
[18:05:10] <nine> HOLY FUCK A NIPPLE.
[18:05:19] <nine> NIPPLE IN BROADCAST ANIME.
[18:05:20] <nine> JOFPWUF*(_@#&$(_@&#$(_@
[18:05:47] <aria> That is not super uncommon
[18:06:59] <nine> Except it is.
[18:07:16] <nine> Nipples are restricted to blu-ray and DVD.
[18:07:23] <nine> Unless you go a decade or two back.
[18:08:00] <aria> After 22, no one cares
[18:08:10] <nine> Except for the US.
[18:08:13] <nine> Also, they're 14.
[18:08:24] <aria> I meant the time
[18:08:31] <aria> 22 as in, at night
[18:08:35] <nine> They do in Japan.
[18:08:48] <nine> Most of the stuff gets broadcasted past 25 o'clock.
[18:09:36] <nine> And even then nipples don't get shown.
[18:10:06] <aria> Stuff showing at 25 o'clock can be 20 minutes of bouncing boobs if it wants to
[18:14:53] <originalme8> What's this about nipples and 25 O'clock? (Didn't know there was a 25 O'Clock)
[18:16:00] <aria> 25 o'clock is a Japan exclusive time
[18:16:05] <aria> the clock goes up to 28 there
[18:18:23] <bronzdragon> ...
[18:18:28] <bronzdragon> YOU LIE
[18:21:38] <bronzdragon> nine; imagine the smallest boobs you can imagine
[18:21:45] <bronzdragon> Would you call those tits?
[18:25:56] <nine> aria: it can't in Japan.
[18:26:27] <nine> bonerzdragon, trying some damage control? I know you're a girl. Aria told me all about it!
[18:26:38] <nine> Secret's out of the box, no way to put it back in! MUAHAHAHA.
[18:27:09] <bronzdragon> ... I like things in my box
[18:27:15] <bronzdragon> OH NOES, Fruedian slip!
[18:27:23] <nine> Trying too hard.
[18:33:24] <bronzdragon> Do you get a kick button on PC
[18:33:28] <bronzdragon> Questionmark?
[18:35:29] <aria> I can't reliably kick
[18:36:04] <nine> ~?
[18:36:12] <nine> No.
[18:36:19] <nine> Controls aren't broken up.
[18:36:54] <aria> Wait you can't assing buttons to specific spells
[18:38:33] <nine> No. You can not _assign_ specific buttons to specific spells.
[18:38:38] <nine> Because the port is atrocious.
[18:39:29] <aria> Do people think the father mask looks good?
[18:39:36] <aria> This dude had Artorias shield and artorias sword
[18:39:46] <aria> so either he's on NG++, or he cheats
[18:39:55] <aria> But he was using Ornstein armor
[18:40:04] <aria> so he doesn't care about stats as much as looks
[18:40:09] <aria> But then he had the father mask!
[18:40:15] <aria> (also Im in the parish at level 3)
[18:41:34] <nine> Or on NG+.
[18:41:53] <nine> You can kill Sif twice before getting to NG++
[18:42:08] <aria> Yeah but you make a cursed sword the first time
[18:42:17] <aria> Unless you read the wiki beforehand
[18:42:17] <nine> ... except you don't.
[18:42:24] <nine> Which he probably did.
[18:42:37] <aria> Also, parish
[18:42:43] <aria> so no has fight Sif twice
[18:42:46] <aria> actually sure
[18:42:49] <aria> but he has to be on ng+
[18:43:01] <nine> Also, you keep on adding fragments of incomplete information and expect me to draw conclussions from that.
[18:43:08] <nine> You can have both those weapons without being on NG++.
[18:43:28] <nine> And you can kill Sif before gargoyles.
[18:43:33] <aria> Yes, but you can't be on NG
[18:43:43] <nine> And I never said he was.
[18:43:53] <nine> You're the one that said he must be on NG++ or else he's cheating.
[18:43:53] <aria> You can't forge a weapon out of a boss soul before gargoyles
[18:44:02] <nine> SO I point out that that is wrong.
[18:44:13] <nine> True.
[18:44:30] <nine> You can also just trade a boss soul to a character that already used it.
[18:44:56] <nine> So you can arrive in Lordran and have your full Artorias shenanigans.
[18:45:06] <aria> My point is that he's either really fucking far in the game for being level 1-10 in the parish, or he cheats
[18:45:09] <nine> Before killing any more bosses.
[18:45:29] <nine> Not that rare to have people be low level on NG+ or farther.
[18:45:29] <aria> in which case, when you cheat, do you care about the added 1 carry weight the father mask gives you?
[18:45:48] <nine> And then we get to your main point.
[18:46:03] <nine> "HE MUST BE CHEATING!!!!¡"
[18:46:08] <aria> Thats not my point at all
[18:46:18] <aria> my point was "either he shouldn't care, or he's cheating or shouldn't care"
[18:46:33] <aria> So he must be using that mask because he think it looks good
[18:46:46] <aria> and*
[18:46:46] <nine> And who the fuck cares about that?
[18:46:52] <nine> Some men like dicks, some don't.
[18:46:55] <nine> PANIC!
[18:47:10] <aria> My question was "Do people like that mask?"
[18:48:18] <aria> Actually, before SL10, no way you can carry both those weapons and still be able to move
[18:48:29] <aria> so maybe he needs the extra points from the mask
[18:48:39] <aria> But at SL10, that armor isn't gonna save you from anything anyway
[18:48:49] <aria> Just use +9 super light stuff
[18:49:46] <nine> You can always move.
[18:49:50] <nine> Also, fap and havel's.
[18:50:12] <aria> Ill check..
[18:50:26] <nine> Mask gives little now.
[18:51:39] <aria> Which class starts with the most end?
[18:51:40] <apreche> I watched, many episodes of JoJo's bizarred adventure TV series.
[18:51:46] <aria> Good!
[18:51:49] <aria> As you should
[18:51:55] <apreche> it is, ok
[18:52:21] <nine> It's awesome.
[18:52:34] <aria> Ok, pyromancer can have 20end at SL10
[18:52:40] <aria> if he levels nothing but end
[18:52:58] <aria> So a total of 113.4 equipment load with all the buffs
[18:53:07] <aria> lets check if he can carry all the things..
[18:53:27] <nine> Yup.
[18:53:30] <nine> 113.4 is a fucking lot.
[18:53:46] <aria> Yeah, that is a fucking lot. And he can easily carry it, and the helm does nothing for him
[18:54:02] <aria> But thats assuming he has leveld nothing but END
[18:54:12] <aria> and started as a pyromancer
[18:55:06] <nine> It's a possibility.
[18:55:24] <nine> I started pyromancer and levelled nothing but strength save for 1 point.
[18:56:48] <nine> It made me 2-shot stone guardians.
[18:56:50] <nine> Hilarious that.
[18:57:11] <aria> The stone guardians are actually kinda weak
[18:57:39] <aria> Still would take me 2 minutes
[19:00:39] <nine> They are extra weak to clubs.
[19:00:54] <aria> I got summoned but it was super buggy
[19:01:00] <aria> I got hit by something that wasn't there
[19:01:10] <aria> And then I didn't get health back when host healed
[19:01:22] <nine> Moonlight butterfly as a phantom is hilarious broken.
[19:01:33] <aria> Ive seen that =P
[19:01:52] <nine> Shit just flies 20 miles overhead.
[19:02:31] <aria> I don't think the butterfly can hit phantoms
[19:02:31] <aria> only host
[19:02:43] <aria> and even then, it misses the host by as much as it possible can miss him on phantom's screen
[19:08:15] <nine> Yup.
[19:08:17] <nine> BUT IT STILL HITS.
[19:11:19] <aria> Ok so nice
[19:11:20] <aria> nine
[19:11:27] <aria> remember how I said he could carry heavy fucking gear?
[19:11:50] <aria> yeah impossible to use either of those weapons at level 10
[19:12:05] <aria> 34str, 18dex, 20 int and 20 faith
[19:14:12] <nine> Carry != use.
[19:14:22] <nine> Use effectively at that I mean.
[19:14:27] <nine> You can still use it, but it'll be pitiful.
[19:14:32] <nine> But you can still do it.
[19:14:44] <aria> Well yes, but Ill assume hes able to use it first, and then he levels the end needed to carry it
[19:15:07] <nine> Don't think he needs to level much end with havels, dad's and fap.
[19:15:14] <nine> What was his complete gear?
[19:16:40] <aria> Ornstein armor, gantlets and leggings
[19:16:42] <aria> father mask
[19:16:46] <aria> artorias proper sword
[19:16:48] <aria> and artorias shield
[19:17:30] <nine> Yeah, don't need to level any endurance with that gear.
[19:17:34] <nine> If starting as pyro.
[19:17:51] <nine> Also, you sure it was the non-cursed sword?
[19:17:59] <aria> Do you think he was carrying gear he couldn't attack with, and also fat rolling?
[19:18:17] <nine> I'm not saying he wasn't cheating.
[19:18:28] <nine> I was saying that 11 endurance is all you need to carry that gear.
[19:18:46] <nine> FaP and Havel's on top of dadmask puts you at 96.4.
[19:18:50] <nine> You only need 50.2.
[19:19:15] <nine> So he can just run with whatever two rings he wants.
[19:19:57] <nine> Hell, he don't even need dad's mask.
[19:20:04] <nine> Just a helm that's 2.0 or less in weight.
[19:21:12] <nine> Voila, if he started as thief he needs father's mask to carry that stuff.
[19:36:05] <bronzdragon> Oh beartato, when will you not be so guillible?
[19:36:07] <bronzdragon> http://nedroid.com
[19:56:41] <nine> The day you'll be a guy.
[19:59:35] <bronzdragon> http://i47.tinypic.com
[20:02:14] -!- Apsup has quit [Ping timeout]
[20:13:47] <apreche> Did people watch my YouTube video? I has a proud of its obscure jokeness.
[20:13:48] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[20:15:32] <bronzdragon> New season spoilers?
[20:15:37] <bronzdragon> I haven't watched it yet...
[20:16:41] <bronzdragon> also; hi apreche!
[20:19:06] <aria> Don't vot, he is monkey
[20:27:51] <apreche> it is a spoiler, yes
[20:27:54] <apreche> for s3e2
[20:28:14] <aria> You should warn people then
[20:28:19] <bronzdragon> Can't watch it then.
[20:28:34] <apreche> well, I think you know what you do have to watch right now
[20:29:08] <aria> I don't like watching things weekly
[20:29:17] <apreche> me either
[20:29:19] <aria> Nine: I can level 39 times currently
[20:29:32] <bronzdragon> Only 26 for me...
[20:29:33] <Robobuntu> 26 for, might lose...
[20:29:46] <bronzdragon> I won't level then, Ubuntu
[20:29:47] <Robobuntu> oo-BOON-too
[20:29:50] <apreche> but I do like the weekly community.
[20:31:06] <aria> Aren't you the one who always scoffs at people when they bring up that argument?
[20:31:23] <aria> If something is remotely worth watching, excitement for that thing never goes down in the history of ever?
[20:31:23] <apreche> it's subtle
[20:31:35] <apreche> there are people who say they need to be up on something weekly for the water cooler discussion
[20:31:41] <apreche> I say
[20:32:11] <apreche> I have to get the jpg jokes on pony reddit because they will only be there and be funny for about 6 hours
[20:32:12] <Robobuntu> 6 hours, can't lose!
[20:32:20] <apreche> oh fuck you
[20:32:40] <aria> Thats the exact same thing though
[20:32:47] <apreche> I see how you think that
[20:32:57] <apreche> but there is subtle and small difference
[20:33:05] <nine> ...
[20:33:18] <nine> apreche: you put an img tag without href in the newsletter.
[20:33:22] <bronzdragon> Like... other things taht are small and subtle
[20:33:45] <bronzdragon> Why do you need an href on an image?
[20:33:58] <apreche> nine: I did? I'm pretty sure I copied the href/img combo from imgur
[20:34:02] <bronzdragon> Do you mean src? And even so, that's still valid HTML.
[20:34:04] <apreche> if not, oops
[20:34:54] <nine> "Nine: I can level 39 times currently" Lvl 1 to 40? :3c
[20:35:09] <bronzdragon> The font after "Jasque" in the fanart section is different
[20:35:14] <aria> Oh sorry, I suck at math
[20:35:15] <bronzdragon> Smaller, it seems
[20:35:15] <aria> 3 to 39
[20:35:18] <apreche> the difference is
[20:35:35] <aria> Actually thats not sucking at math
[20:35:38] <aria> thats sucking at talking
[20:35:42] <apreche> People who want to see TV to talk at the water cooler are boring people who have nothing else to talk about otherwise.
[20:35:42] <aria> I meant "to level 39"
[20:35:45] <nine> <~apreche> nine: I did? I'm pretty sure I copied the href/img combo from imgur
[20:35:49] <nine> No image in the newsletter for me.
[20:35:50] <nine> Gmail.
[20:35:57] <apreche> I have a neverending fountain of shit to say.
[20:36:01] <aria> Also no image for me
[20:36:03] <apreche> I just wnat to be able to GET jokes
[20:36:07] <apreche> wtf no image
[20:36:17] <aria> Fan art has flavor text
[20:36:17] <apreche> I tested that shit!
[20:36:19] <aria> but no actual fanart
[20:36:21] <nine> Nvm, seems Gmail did it.
[20:36:31] <aria> Im dumb
[20:36:33] <apreche> I see the image
[20:36:40] <apreche> yeah, gotta allow in gmail, obviuosly
[20:36:44] <aria> I didn't click on "allow images" because gmail
[20:36:47] <aria> Im dumb
[20:36:50] <aria> Image shows up
[20:36:52] <bronzdragon> I've done that too.
[20:36:55] <bronzdragon> twice
[20:36:56] <nine> I had.
[20:37:01] <nine> That's the weirdest part.
[20:37:02] <aria> And links to imgur
[20:37:09] <nine> Reopened the mail, re-allowed and it loaded.
[20:37:19] <apreche> y u read crappy newsletter anyway?
[20:37:26] <nine> Skim != read
[20:37:30] <apreche> I'm very surprised more people keep subscribing, and none have unsubscribed
[20:37:44] <nine> Mostly to see if you keep it going.
[20:37:45] <aria> Scott is nekid, Rym is fancy and has a nice fancy bodysuit
[20:38:11] <apreche> well, if people keep subscribing and not unsubscribing, I sort of have to.
[20:39:05] <aria> apreche: I enjoy it
[20:39:09] <aria> but if I were to grow tired
[20:39:21] <aria> I wouldn't figure out how to unsubscribe through the official means
[20:39:23] <aria> because that always suck
[20:39:24] <aria> s
[20:39:28] <aria> Id just block it
[20:39:33] <bronzdragon> I'm watching your NS 2 video
[20:39:46] <bronzdragon> I like the part where you click with armory equiped and go "ehh... eehhhh"
[20:39:59] <apreche> wait until you see the videos of me losing at Starcraft against the AI
[20:40:17] <apreche> I was able to win one
[20:40:23] <apreche> so I thought I would be able to win from then on
[20:40:26] <apreche> that I had figured it out
[20:40:26] <apreche> not the case
[20:40:48] <apreche> I won 1/5 tries
[20:40:50] <bronzdragon> How hard can it be?
[20:40:58] <bronzdragon> Just... click the build marine button
[20:41:00] <bronzdragon> LIke, constantly
[20:41:01] <apreche> how much can I suck?
[20:41:10] <bronzdragon> Only press that button
[20:41:16] <apreche> I tried that once
[20:41:21] <apreche> Didn't have enough SCV
[20:41:36] <apreche> Another time, too much SCV
[20:41:49] <apreche> I even tried zerg
[20:41:59] <bronzdragon> Zerg is hard
[20:41:59] <apreche> I made fewer zergs than I had previously made mrines
[20:42:02] <bronzdragon> You have to be subtle.
[20:42:10] <apreche> even though the point of zerg is that it is supposed to be easy to make lots of them
[20:42:24] <bronzdragon> Well... you make a bunch of zerg, but youalso have something to back that up
[20:42:30] <bronzdragon> With terran, just make marines.
[20:42:35] <apreche> I made the regular zerg and the hydralisk whatevers
[20:42:45] <apreche> the time I won I made marines and also tanks
[20:42:55] <apreche> because tanks
[20:43:15] <bronzdragon> Tanks are pretty good
[20:43:19] <bronzdragon> They shoot stuff
[20:44:35] <apreche> I think today I will try SC again and also CS:GO
[20:44:43] <apreche> after I take my shit to the laundry
[20:44:44] <bronzdragon> apreche, add this to the hopper. tutorial videos for NS2.
[20:44:54] <apreche> there are already NS2 tutorial videos
[20:44:55] <bronzdragon> How to be a marine, and not suck.
[20:45:00] <apreche> I can tell you right now
[20:45:00] <bronzdragon> they don't have your sexy voice
[20:45:08] <apreche> rule #1
[20:45:13] <apreche> aim
[20:45:18] <apreche> rule #2
[20:45:49] <apreche> when out of ammo, don't reload if there are aliens there, just switch to pistol, or axe, you will be dead soon anyway.
[20:46:03] <apreche> rule #3, stick together team
[20:46:10] <bronzdragon> That's true for all tactical shooters nowadays
[20:46:10] <apreche> rule #4
[20:46:23] <GauntletWizard> rule #34
[20:46:26] <apreche> if you spent res on something, keep it alive. Don't buy a shotgun and go die
[20:46:48] <bronzdragon> What if I'm bad at the game, and can't stay alive with a shotgun?
[20:46:53] <apreche> don't buy one
[20:47:03] <bronzdragon> What happens to my res if I don't buy anything?
[20:47:04] <nine> Too many rules.
[20:47:09] <nine> Obviously it's shit.
[20:47:11] <apreche> you keep it
[20:47:17] <apreche> spend it on mines
[20:47:22] <apreche> they don't require skill, and are very effective
[20:47:28] <GauntletWizard> MINE EVERYTHING
[20:47:33] <bronzdragon> They also stay out when you die, right?
[20:47:38] <apreche> yes
[20:47:39] <apreche> I watched the pros
[20:47:44] <apreche> on marine, the first thing they get is mines
[20:47:44] <bronzdragon> Sounds like a plan.
[20:47:52] <bronzdragon> I should play some NS2...
[20:48:03] <GauntletWizard> I haven't played since it came out
[20:48:13] <GauntletWizard> Somebody should schedule stuff
[20:48:28] <bronzdragon> Like I said, NS2 scrub league
[20:48:48] <bronzdragon> Rym trains a team, Scott trains a team
[20:48:57] <bronzdragon> After an hour or so, they fight
[20:49:03] <bronzdragon> TO THE DEAAAAATH
[20:49:08] <apreche> there is no way we would have that many reliable dedicated players
[20:49:23] <bronzdragon> Do it for an hour, and then a match
[20:49:33] <bronzdragon> Also, you only need 6 people...
[20:49:34] <Robobuntu> 6 people, can't lose!
[20:49:35] <bronzdragon> 3v3.
[20:49:39] <bronzdragon> (shush you)
[20:49:46] <apreche> you really need 6v6
[20:49:56] <bronzdragon> Is it that critical?
[20:51:08] <apreche> map is big
[20:51:13] <nine> "I watched the pros" Which pros?
[20:51:16] <apreche> without enough players to cover it, it's very hard to hold res
[20:51:26] <bronzdragon> No small maps? And I suppose that makes sense
[20:51:43] <bronzdragon> You'll just go round and round.
[20:52:14] <apreche> These pros
[20:52:15] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[20:52:20] <apreche> guruo tournament and wasabicup
[20:52:30] <apreche> Archea is pretty much the kings of NS right now
[20:52:35] <GauntletWizard> hrmm
[20:52:43] <GauntletWizard> Maybe a FRC team?
[20:52:53] <apreche> we need six really dedicated people
[20:52:54] <bronzdragon> We'd lose
[20:52:54] <Robobuntu> six really, can't lose!
[20:52:54] <aria> Being in a tournament doesn't actually make you a professional
[20:52:55] <GauntletWizard> I'm certian that rym and scott can reliabily get 4 other people
[20:52:59] <aria> contests don't count as work
[20:53:06] <apreche> as in, always show up, have low ping, never leave to go do something more important.
[20:53:15] <aria> If they get paid to practice and their sponsors get the content money, they are professionals
[20:53:24] <bronzdragon> Well, I have a high ping, so that's me out.
[20:53:25] <apreche> if that is the case, there are no ns2 pros
[20:53:26] <apreche> yet
[20:53:32] <apreche> but the tournaments are sponsored
[20:53:36] <apreche> they just played ESL
[20:53:55] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[20:53:57] <aria> NS2 isn't super popular yet. I don't think there are any NS2 pros
[20:55:22] <bronzdragon> Imma wash myself now
[20:55:24] <bronzdragon> cya in a bit
[20:56:12] <nine> "Being in a tournament doesn't actually make you a professional" I was about to say that.
[20:56:36] <nine> "as in, always show up, have low ping, never leave to go do something more important."
[20:56:39] <nine> You silly?
[20:56:44] <nine> That's not what makes a dedicated team.
[20:56:57] <apreche> it's what makes a player dedicated to being on the team
[20:57:30] <nine> Not really.
[20:57:33] <nine> Sometimes you need a break.
[20:57:55] <nine> And if your house catches on fire, you are going to fucking leave your match right that moment.
[20:58:01] <aria> Entire event is gonna be less than 2 hours though
[20:58:01] <nine> Dedication has nothing to do with that.
[20:58:14] <bronzdragon> If you're dedicated enough, you'll play through fire
[20:58:23] <bronzdragon> but that's such an extreme case that...
[20:58:26] <bronzdragon> why even consider that.
[20:58:27] <nine> No, you'll GTFO.
[20:58:34] <bronzdragon> Normal people would
[20:58:40] <nine> Then you'll get your shit sorted out, get back on track and own the other teams.
[20:58:41] <bronzdragon> Extremly dedicated people woudln't
[20:58:53] <nine> bronzdragon: you're wrong.
[20:58:53] <bronzdragon> bai
[20:58:57] <aria> GOOD BYE
[20:58:58] <bronzdragon> Okay.
[20:59:04] <aria> Now the chat can talk about non-Dark Souls for an hour
[21:00:03] <nine> Let's talk about Dark Souls instead.
[21:30:39] <bronzdragon> That, or you talk about NOTHING AT ALL
[21:40:22] <apreche> So I'm watching some NS2 vids and also thinking about my starcraft losses
[21:40:42] <apreche> I think I see one UI problem in most RTS
[21:40:52] <bronzdragon> Oh?
[21:40:57] <apreche> you have to click on buildings to make them do their thing
[21:41:01] <apreche> like, click on a barracks to build marines
[21:41:07] <apreche> click on an observatory to use scan
[21:41:11] <bronzdragon> Aha?
[21:41:12] <apreche> which means you need to change where you are looking
[21:41:18] <apreche> on the map
[21:41:23] <bronzdragon> Fun fact, most RTSes have hotkeys
[21:41:25] <apreche> to get a particular command to show up
[21:41:28] <bronzdragon> You press B for barracks
[21:41:32] <apreche> WHAAAAAAAAA
[21:41:35] <bronzdragon> And then you press 1 for the first unit
[21:41:37] <apreche> why is that not documented?
[21:41:39] <bronzdragon> Oh, dude.
[21:41:41] <apreche> I read all about hte hotkeys
[21:42:00] <apreche> what if I have three barrackses?
[21:42:05] <apreche> in different places?
[21:42:19] <bronzdragon> Usually, only one of them spanws units
[21:42:23] <bronzdragon> the primary one
[21:42:30] <bronzdragon> Which you can set, depending on the game
[21:42:38] <apreche> if you press b, does it change your view, so you are looking at the barracks?
[21:42:40] <bronzdragon> Sometimes, B cycles through the differet ones
[21:42:48] <bronzdragon> Depens on the game
[21:43:03] <bronzdragon> But it doesn't matter, since you have hotkeyed your units, right?
[21:43:15] <apreche> that's another problem
[21:43:18] <bronzdragon> Usually Ctrl + 1 assigns your currently selected units to group 1
[21:43:22] <apreche> yeah, I know that
[21:43:24] <bronzdragon> Meaning 1 will show you those units
[21:43:26] <bronzdragon> Okay, good
[21:43:34] <apreche> but it is still inadequate
[21:43:40] <apreche> there is an arbitrary limit on the number of guys I can group at once
[21:43:43] <apreche> also
[21:43:48] <apreche> I have to go to the guys to group them
[21:43:58] <apreche> I can't have newly built guys automatically join 1 when they spawn
[21:44:08] <bronzdragon> I think there's a key for "select all units of the type I have selected"
[21:44:12] <apreche> there is
[21:44:15] <apreche> if I control click a marine
[21:44:17] <bronzdragon> So you select a marine, press a key...
[21:44:19] <bronzdragon> yeah
[21:44:19] <apreche> it selects all marines on scrine
[21:44:21] <apreche> screen
[21:44:25] <apreche> but still, arbitrary limit
[21:44:53] <bronzdragon> Yeah, that's just SC
[21:44:59] <spacejam> we talking sc2? i think in that if you push like g or somethign it selects all gateways
[21:45:03] <apreche> I have to re-research the hotkeys, which I thoguth I did
[21:45:13] <spacejam> there may be autojoin too
[21:45:32] <spacejam> also: is there a writer in the house? i am suddenly in medical need of a game writer
[21:46:47] <apreche> somewhat unrelated
[21:46:51] <apreche> I think some hotkeys use F1/F2
[21:46:53] <apreche> but I have HHK
[21:47:05] <spacejam> f1/f2 may be for regions?
[21:47:20] <spacejam> in red alert i think f5-f8 was screen regions
[21:47:56] <apreche> I don't want to buy a keyboard just for gaming
[21:48:12] <spacejam> i just use an ordinary keyboard
[21:48:18] <spacejam> it's even worse because it's a split keyboard
[21:48:56] <spacejam> hhk?
[21:52:01] <bronzdragon> Happy hacking Keyboard
[21:52:03] <bronzdragon> doesn't have F keys
[21:52:47] <nine> "you have to click on buildings to make them do their thing" CONTROL GROUPS, DO YOU USE THEM?
[21:53:05] <nine> Also, queue up shit.
[21:53:28] <spacejam> (but don't queue up too much if it gets spent right away. wasted resources)
[21:54:17] <spacejam> that's enough keys for RTSing
[21:55:02] <nine> Yup.
[21:55:08] <spacejam> i'm kind of fascinated by this hhk. what was the motivation for this thing?
[21:55:19] <nine> Nothing.
[21:55:35] <spacejam> they just wanted to make an amputee keyboard.
[21:55:44] <nine> Wut?
[21:55:48] <nine> How is it an amputee keyboard?
[21:55:53] <nine> It's just minimal as fuck.
[21:55:53] <spacejam> http://en.wikipedia.org
[21:56:14] <spacejam> amputee, has stuff removed
[21:56:27] <spacejam> you could argue that it has enough, but i was speaking illustratively
[21:57:10] <spacejam> also, i use win-break and printscr on a semi-frequent basis
[21:57:19] <spacejam> and f5
[21:57:36] <spacejam> i guess i need the HHK with 3 keys tacked around at random places all around it
[21:57:52] <bronzdragon> ... Shift+r for f5
[21:58:02] <nine> HHK is for when you're starring in the movie Hackers and need a small keyboard to carry around.
[21:58:03] <spacejam> well, ctrl-r in windows
[21:58:13] <nine> Also, Fn+Del for backspace is awkward.
[21:58:14] <spacejam> but then
[21:58:18] <spacejam> cache refresh
[21:58:21] <spacejam> there's no backspace?
[21:58:22] <bronzdragon> There is a win key!
[21:58:26] <spacejam> ok that's ultimate dealbreaker
[21:58:39] <nine> Backspace and delete as consolidated.
[21:58:48] <nine> The problem is, there's only 1 Fn key.
[21:58:55] <nine> Below the enter.
[21:58:59] <nine> While delete sits on top.
[21:59:03] <nine> HHK is not for touch typists.
[21:59:03] <spacejam> so technically, you could have a 181-key keyboard with ...
[21:59:20] <spacejam> i'd say 9 keys
[21:59:26] <nine> Possibly.
[21:59:28] <spacejam> and just specify the code for each key in binary
[21:59:32] <spacejam> chording wouldn't be possible
[21:59:34] <nine> Modifiers upons modifiers upon modifiers.
[21:59:35] <bronzdragon> these names for the different types are the best
[21:59:41] <bronzdragon> Most recent: Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional JP Type-S
[21:59:49] <nine> Though there's a limit to the number of keys you can press.
[21:59:50] <nine> Historically.
[22:00:43] <nine> HHK is the Dvorak of keyboards really.
[22:01:04] <nine> Maybe not even.
[22:01:11] <nine> At least Dvorak has claims about being faster.
[22:01:12] <nine> True or not.
[22:01:45] <aria> Why would Apreche, the person who says Dvorak sucks for the only reason that it makes it so you are less efficiant with a keyboard that is not your own, use a HHK which makes you less efficiant with non-HHKs?
[22:02:21] <spacejam> at any rate, if you want to play an RTS with an HHK anything is possible
[22:02:23] <spacejam> the only limit is yourself
[22:02:43] <bronzdragon> http://zombo.com
[22:03:47] <nine> aria: because it's apreche.
[22:03:53] <nine> He is right.
[22:03:55] <nine> End of line.
[22:06:07] <bronzdragon> Fair 'nough
[22:14:32] <bronzdragon> Dark souls time!
[22:14:45] <bronzdragon> there's a hint in this boss room...
[22:14:47] <bronzdragon> it says "Boss!
[22:21:47] <bronzdragon> =(
[22:50:23] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@CC88F599.6DD38336.5E4272EE.IP] has joined #geeknights
[22:53:32] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[23:05:24] -!- originalme8 has quit [Quit: bye]
[23:13:42] -!- Neito [Neito!~neito@CC88F599.6DD38336.5E4272EE.IP] has joined #geeknights
[23:31:49] <bronzdragon> Hai nine
[23:32:52] <nine> What?
[23:37:31] <bronzdragon> Neito starts with nine
[23:37:37] <bronzdragon> I'm bad at saying names
[23:37:40] <bronzdragon> Do I need say more?
[23:37:59] <aria> We got invaded by a WoG spammer
[23:38:03] <aria> who also spamed DLC magic
[23:38:09] <aria> and then did the Come at me Bro
[23:38:14] <aria> Also hiding behind mobs
[23:40:54] <aria> (Also, Dusk Crown)
[23:43:29] <aria> Twice now
[23:44:18] <aria> Nine: Do the DLC magics not require stats?
[23:55:09] <aria> Actually, he was spamming WoG at level 3 so I guess that solves it =P
[23:56:22] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]