#geeknights | Logs for 2012-11-10

[00:14:57] <Apsup> Half minute hero I've already played, not actually sure if fully but bunch. Also don't feel like it. But what is the second game you are referencing. Won't be playing it tonight, but it might go to the list.
[00:17:10] <Aria> Im not sure what the name of it was
[00:18:10] <Apsup> Is there anything more you can give to me.
[00:21:33] <Aria> Disgaea?
[00:22:04] <Apsup> You don't destroy villages in Disgaea, not in the first one at least.
[00:22:39] <Aria> Oh that wasn't Disgaea
[00:22:43] <Aria> Ill look up the name of it
[00:22:55] <Aria> You get a hydra if you're really good
[00:24:56] <Aria> Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman
[00:25:01] <Aria> That's the name of it
[00:25:12] <Aria> Also there's Ys on PSP
[00:27:59] <Apsup> Ys seven I've played. I have no interest for the first two as in my understanding they keep the old school shit gameplay and then there is one Ys that I haven't played and should get on in the future.
[00:38:16] <Apsup> Well good night everybody.
[00:38:18] <Aria> Origins?
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[00:38:22] <Aria> Cause that one has-- aww
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[04:53:48] <JoshBytes> drinking a hefeweizen
[04:53:51] <JoshBytes> that is all
[05:03:58] <okeefe> Fighting some code.
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[05:47:15] <okeefe> Yay, figured it out.
[05:56:40] <JoshBytes> after midnight we gonna let it all hang out
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[06:02:47] <okeefe> But not here, apparently.
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[10:57:53] <bronzdragon> Hey guys
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[12:06:45] <bronzdragon> Hai
[12:06:54] <bronzdragon> I made a hexaflexagon
[12:06:58] <bronzdragon> It took me 5 tries...
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[12:45:13] <bronzdragon> Hey J-J-Venster!
[12:45:16] <nine> You actually made one? Wow, gj bronzdragon.
[12:45:24] <nine> JWindow?
[12:45:48] <nine> Are you seriously going that low to insult VentureJ(2)?
[12:45:55] <bronzdragon> I also made an 18 sided one
[12:46:03] <bronzdragon> It doesn't seem to flex very well...
[12:46:06] <bronzdragon> I need bigger paper
[12:49:32] <nine> Did you prefold it well?
[12:49:48] <bronzdragon> Listen, I don't have time for prefolding
[12:49:55] <bronzdragon> I need hexaflexagons, STAT
[12:49:59] <nine> No wonder it doesn't flex well.
[12:50:26] <nine> Inferiour hexaflexagons are hardly worthy to be called hexaflexagons.
[12:51:09] <bronzdragon> Note "hardly". IE, still within the limit
[12:51:21] <bronzdragon> And it's not that inferiour. The little trooper's doing the best it can!
[12:51:33] <bronzdragon> You woudln't kick a 3-legged dog, WOULD YOU?
[12:52:08] <nine> You crippled the little trooper like a heartless bitch because you needed your fix.
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[12:52:48] <bronzdragon> ... Oh god, I'm a monster!
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[13:13:54] <nine> I'm so glad I don't have to live with you, bronzdragon.
[13:15:13] <aria> >_>
[13:17:44] <nine> I feel for you, 5<3 aria.
[13:17:56] <aria> He has redeeming values
[13:18:36] <nine> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA.
[13:18:40] <nine> Fanneh joke.
[13:20:33] <bronzdragon> This isn't related to anything, but...
[13:20:56] <bronzdragon> I tried to think of the fanciest name, and I came to "Charelston S. Fancypennings"
[13:21:08] <bronzdragon> It's impossible to say that in an indignant huff though.
[13:21:34] <aria> I still like Doctor Tyrannosaurus Rex
[13:23:42] <bronzdragon> That's pretty cool, but not really 'fancy'
[13:25:20] <aria> I think its fancy >=(
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[13:30:42] <bronzdragon> UTC stands for Unreal Tournament Clock
[14:10:32] <nine> No.
[14:10:33] <nine> Fuck you.
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[15:14:13] <aria> Hello there Ruffas
[15:14:20] <aria> I managed to fix all the knots in my hair!
[15:14:22] <ruffas> how bout them ponies?
[15:14:36] <aria> And I made a ponytail with it so that I'd make new knots!
[15:14:42] <aria> ...Oh shit there are new ponies!
[15:14:47] <ruffas> presently
[15:14:57] <ruffas> http://www.justin.tv
[15:15:43] <aria> ...I'll wait for proper encoded HD version on youtube =P
[15:15:50] <ruffas> pfft
[15:16:00] <ruffas> stream is actually pretty good
[15:22:51] <ruffas> why you is ponytail?
[15:23:48] <nine> Fixing knots in your hair is an achievement?
[15:24:04] <aria> Of course the stream is good
[15:24:06] <aria> it has ponies in it!
[15:24:17] <aria> And yes, knots are super annoying
[15:24:21] <aria> and my hair was way too knotted
[15:24:31] <aria> Ponytail for no particular reason..
[15:24:33] <nine> Put some conditioner in, done.
[15:24:44] <nine> Not because you're a ponyfan?
[15:25:04] <aria> I don't think you've had long hair, Nine =P
[15:25:04] <ruffas> yeah, knots aren't a thing that should happen
[15:25:26] <ruffas> i have
[15:25:28] <ruffas> 0 knots
[15:25:32] <aria> See
[15:25:41] <aria> Having 0 knots doesn't prepare you for knots =P
[15:25:44] <nine> I have conditioner. On top of my hair already being soft.
[15:25:45] <nine> :3
[15:25:54] <aria> If you let your hair knot and don't fix it for a bit
[15:25:59] <aria> it gets really super bad
[15:26:05] <nine> Then you're a disgusting bastard.
[15:26:17] <ruffas> or you're doing it wrong
[15:26:25] <ruffas> just go full dreadlocks
[15:26:30] <nine> That's usually what disgusting bastards do, ruffas.
[15:26:41] <nine> Fuck dreadlocks
[15:26:44] <nine> Ugly crap.
[15:27:09] <nine> Braids should not be permanent.
[15:27:14] <ruffas> i agree
[15:27:20] <ruffas> especially not on white folk
[15:27:25] <nine> Anyways, time to be a faggot and watch some chinese cartoon porn.
[15:28:06] <ruffas> the chinese get in on that too?
[15:29:12] <nine> You call this stuff "anime", don't ya?
[15:29:14] <nine> You tell me.
[15:30:06] <ruffas> i'd say chinese animation
[15:32:21] <nine> >joke
[15:32:24] <nine> >
[15:32:25] <nine> >
[15:32:32] <nine> >repeat at infinitum
[15:32:33] <nine> >
[15:32:35] <nine> >ruffas
[15:32:49] <nine> >ruffas' head
[15:34:41] <ruffas> <3
[15:41:51] <aria> http://25.media.tumblr.com
[15:42:06] <aria> http://24.media.tumblr.com
[15:42:50] <ruffas> those are special
[15:48:40] <aria> A second person said the new James Bond is good
[15:48:46] <aria> But it still has Daniel Craig
[15:48:55] <nine> So?
[15:49:21] <nine> Can't deal with his sexy blue eyes?
[15:49:50] <aria> I can't deal with lack of sexier eyes
[15:49:51] <ruffas> yeah, he's 2nd best james bond
[15:50:03] <aria> ...
[15:50:13] <aria> You people are crazy
[15:53:28] <nine> Wut?
[15:53:31] <nine> Why am I crazy?
[15:53:32] <ruffas> nah man
[15:54:54] <aria> Because you like dumb James Bond without ladies, one liners and chase scenes
[15:59:15] <ruffas> have you seen casino royale?
[15:59:21] <ruffas> it opens with a chase
[15:59:29] <aria> Nah, he's chasing the other dude
[15:59:43] <aria> Rather than guns shooting in circles around him as he runs/drives off
[16:00:23] <ruffas> so...that chase scene isn't a chase scene?
[16:00:47] <aria> Not a bond being chased scene
[16:00:59] <aria> Also, his face isn't nearly handsome enough
[16:01:11] <aria> He doesn't even do the =7
[16:01:50] <ruffas> which is your favorite bond then?
[16:02:14] <aria> Hrm..
[16:02:52] <aria> I like all the other ones actually
[16:03:20] <aria> Actually no, not Timothy Dalton and Lazenby
[16:03:49] <aria> But Connery, Roger Moore and Brosnan are all excellent
[16:04:59] <aria> Probably would go Sean Connery, then Brosnan
[16:05:12] <aria> Daniel Craig is the worst anyway..
[16:05:16] <ruffas> didn't really like brosnan
[16:06:14] <aria> Well with Brosnan, he still didn't look wrong, but his movies were also new and had budgets, without them not being bond movies
[16:06:36] <aria> With the new dude, sure they're good action movies, but they aren't bondy anymore
[16:08:06] <ruffas> they're well bondy
[16:08:21] <ruffas> they are, strictly speaking, more bondy than most of the previous ones
[16:08:23] <aria> Bondyness is measured in one liners and villains who can't aim
[16:08:53] <aria> Also in villians not using their chance to kill Bond
[16:10:02] <ruffas> is more true to books
[16:10:12] <ruffas> less campy
[16:10:13] <aria> Psj, the books
[16:10:24] <aria> when has Bond been about the books other than before the first movie came out =P?
[16:14:05] <nine> aria: Wut?
[16:14:10] <nine> aria> Because you like dumb James Bond without ladies, one liners and chase scenes
[16:14:17] <nine> When did I say this? Seriously what.
[16:14:45] <nine> You're trying to put words in my mouth now?
[16:14:56] <nine> How 'bout your cock instead?
[16:16:17] <ruffas> korea's honing in on japan's weird crown
[16:16:18] <ruffas> http://www.metro.co.uk
[16:17:26] <nine> Meh.
[16:17:56] <nine> Toilet theme park's nowhere near as weird as used panties in vendomats.
[16:18:20] <ruffas> not actually a thing
[16:18:50] <nine> Actually a thing
[16:18:57] <nine> Maybe not used, but panties still.
[16:19:50] <ruffas> vendomats with fresh undies would be well useful in downtown areas
[16:20:02] <ruffas> where people have a bit too much and have accidents
[16:21:10] <nine> :|
[16:21:22] <nine> You talkin' 'bout the Frenchies now?
[16:22:46] <ruffas> could be
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[16:48:56] <nine> "I was a Ballerina co.,ltd." Wut.
[16:49:07] <ruffas> ?
[16:49:18] <ruffas> is that a real thing?
[16:49:57] <ruffas> that -is- a real thing
[16:50:27] <nine> It is.
[16:50:59] <nine> I don't even know if that is the weirdest part.
[16:51:05] <nine> Or that they actually do stuff.
[16:53:22] <ruffas> since it's a real thing, they might as well do things
[17:02:36] <aria> Nine: When you said Daniel Craig was best bond.
[17:02:51] <aria> And my cock will go there as soon as you start behaving
[17:03:43] <nine> I never said he was best bond.
[17:03:55] <nine> I asked about your opinion in regards to his sexy eyes.
[17:04:01] <nine> Nothing else did I say.
[17:04:21] <nine> And asking me to behave is like asking a fire to be freezing cold.
[17:13:29] <aria> Oh I thouhgt you said he was best bond. Was that Ruffas?
[17:14:37] <ruffas> i said 2nd best
[17:15:55] <aria> Who is first best?
[17:16:24] <ruffas> connery obviously
[17:16:59] <aria> But Connery movies are the most campy!
[17:17:15] <ruffas> and?
[17:17:25] <ruffas> adam west is second best batman
[17:17:32] <ruffas> and he's campy as all hell
[17:18:29] <aria> I thought you didn't like Borsnan for beign campy, and Craig for being less campy
[17:19:25] <ruffas> nah, i just don't like brosnan
[17:19:32] <ruffas> and his movies were meh
[17:19:57] <aria> Fair enough
[17:22:26] <ruffas> there's a place for campy and for grim n gritty
[17:22:50] <aria> Oh yeah, sure! But not in Bond
[17:23:20] <ruffas> yes in bond
[17:23:51] <aria> When you buy a Zelda, and it turns out to be a sci fi tower defense with QTEs, you'll be dissapointed!
[17:24:08] <ruffas> it's not like they tricked you
[17:24:38] <aria> Its called 007!
[17:25:00] <ruffas> and they make sure you know what that means
[17:27:38] <ruffas> there's still lots of campy bond if that's your am
[17:27:40] <ruffas> jam*
[17:29:51] <aria> But there's also lots of non-bond action movies
[17:30:03] <aria> why use the Bond brand to deliver a non-bond movie?
[17:30:38] <ruffas> it's well bond
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[17:53:13] <ruffas> what's your opinion of daniel craig's bond?
[18:09:50] <ruffas> http://imgur.com
[18:10:07] <aria> Thats a lady in armor
[18:10:49] <aria> Why does she need so much? Everyone knows females are involnurable everywhere but the bikini-area
[18:11:11] <aria> Actually that might be a dude
[18:11:48] <ruffas> i'm 60% sure it's a dude
[18:14:37] <nine> It's a dude.
[18:16:20] <Apsup> Last few rows of this channel were Internet: the abridged edition.
[18:17:36] <aria> that made me laugh =)
[18:17:44] <ruffas> ^
[18:18:15] <okeefe> All the more fitting that I just skimmed over it.
[18:19:47] <ruffas> a tl'dr would have been more appropriate
[18:20:34] <ruffas> tl;dr*
[18:21:07] <okeefe> I paged through it and gleaned the aria doesn't like this Bond.
[18:21:25] <ruffas> oh, that's not what we meant
[18:21:25] <okeefe> ... The More You Know ..*
[18:21:28] <ruffas> just from the link down
[18:23:05] <aria> I actually don't remember much of Quantom of Solice
[18:23:18] <okeefe> That's because it was not very good.
[18:23:25] <aria> I also have no idea what that title is supposed to mean
[18:23:46] <ruffas> that's find cause it's not very good
[18:23:47] <okeefe> They were in the middle of a writers' strike, so they pieced together what they could.
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[19:09:25] <aria> Wait that's Gothic?!
[19:09:29] <aria> I played the demo for that on 360
[19:09:33] <aria> It did not fucking run
[19:09:38] <aria> I can't believe it went through QA
[19:09:53] <aria> It was at 5FPS when you looked towards grass
[19:10:15] <aria> Also all the animations were as if from two decades ago
[19:11:23] <aria> The tutorial quest was also handled horribly.
[19:33:58] <bronzdragon> Aria
[19:33:58] <bronzdragon> You
[19:34:02] <bronzdragon> personnessness
[19:34:12] <aria> hi
[19:34:19] <bronzdragon> Rawr!
[19:34:19] <bronzdragon> Good
[19:34:26] <bronzdragon> keep being a person
[19:34:39] <bronzdragon> How is you?
[19:34:39] <aria> 'Sir
[19:43:02] <ruffas> howdy bronz
[19:43:51] <bronzdragon> Hey Ruffer!
[19:43:54] <bronzdragon> Ruff-boy
[19:44:02] <bronzdragon> Ruffarian
[19:46:14] <ruffas> :p
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[19:46:51] <bronzdragon> YOSH!
[19:55:02] <yoshokatana> yay, I fixed my record player
[19:55:19] <yoshokatana> now I can listen to my (sadly very small) collection of records
[19:56:33] <ruffas> cool
[19:57:05] <aria> "59 Mega man playthroughs in a row! 88 kicks to the groin without passing out! Counted to a really high number!"
[20:00:18] <Apsup> Did kick on the groín from every death on megeman?
[20:01:20] <aria> Thats why he couldn't keep playing after 59 playthroughs? =P
[20:01:34] <aria> Hey Apsup, I feel like speed running a game
[20:01:41] <aria> Can you recommend me one?
[20:03:41] <okeefe> Mega Man 2.
[20:04:21] <Apsup> Dude, I'm not into speedrunning games, breaks the feel for me, but Mega Mans would probably be pretty cool for speedrunning.
[20:04:37] <aria> I don't like speed running mega man
[20:04:43] <aria> Becuase you can't really---
[20:04:50] <aria> do it much better than as good as you usually do it
[20:05:32] <aria> You go from like 45 minutes to like 40 minutes
[20:07:31] <Apsup> Super Metroid?
[20:07:49] <aria> That works
[20:08:14] <Apsup> I'd imagine that one has to really know and remember the map to properly speedrun it though.
[20:08:18] <aria> I usually rate a game based on speedrunability
[20:08:32] <aria> If I can do a 100 hour game in 5 hours, that's a great game
[20:10:13] <Apsup> I don't really care for speedruns. Watching them can be interesting, but I have no interest to play a game in that way.
[20:10:55] <Apsup> I'm the kind of guy who kills every enemy and picks up every drop even when not nessesary.
[20:11:10] <aria> But.. you like Dark Souls..
[20:11:42] <Apsup> Yes, but I don't speedrun it.
[20:11:53] <aria> Do you kill every enemy always?
[20:12:00] <aria> Cause there are a lot of enemies in that game =P
[20:12:32] <aria> Also, all the hollow soldiers drop the same terrible hollow gear =P
[20:12:54] <Apsup> Pretty much. Except those t-rex legs, those I awoid.
[20:12:58] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[20:13:17] <aria> You kill the mushrooms?!
[20:13:22] <aria> How!?
[20:16:29] <Apsup> With time. Also I don't mean I kill absolutely everything always, but generally, letting things live is more of an exception than rule.
[20:16:44] <aria> How about Sentinels, Drakes, the hellkite dragon (How!?), out of the way tree people
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[20:33:20] <aria> I don't think I've ever successfully killed a mushroom parent with melee
[20:33:38] <aria> I've tried many times. 90% of them giving up half way and running away
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[23:05:58] <nine> ...
[23:06:04] <nine> aria, you are pathetic.
[23:06:22] <nine> Go kill a big shroom with claws or so.
[23:06:35] <nine> Caestus if you wanna go manno a manno.
[23:06:45] <nine> Or bare handed, but that'll take forever and an age.
[23:06:55] <nine> http://www.youtube.com
[23:07:28] <aria> I don't cheat =P
[23:07:45] <aria> I /can/ kill mushroom men. I'm able to dodge their attacks
[23:07:54] <aria> Im just not nearly patient enough
[23:07:55] <bronzdragon> Hai nine
[23:08:14] <bronzdragon> Lovely as always
[23:08:42] <nine> It takes like 10 fucking seconds.
[23:08:42] <Robobuntu> you can't like 10 fucking!
[23:08:47] <nine> Also, no cheats needed.
[23:09:06] <nine> Just go punch a mushroom to death.
[23:09:14] <nine> Hell, go at it with a whopping 8 vit!
[23:10:09] <aria> See---
[23:10:12] <aria> you assume getting hit
[23:10:26] <aria> Also 8 vit? 99 vit wouldn't survive a mushroom hit without heavy armro
[23:11:20] <nine> Assume?
[23:11:32] <aria> Why does vit matter?
[23:11:36] <nine> Wut, I say 8 vit so you can not get hit regardless of armour.
[23:12:14] <nine> I'm now thinking about starting a sorcerer and just go punch everything.
[23:12:24] <aria> Im never gonna get hit, Im gonna be hitting him. But you can only hit him like thrice or 4 times before your stamina runs out, and then you've done like 700HP or something. Mushroom men have like 27002HP
[23:12:43] <nine> Nah, caestus doesn't take that much stamina.
[23:12:48] <nine> Gotta learn the combo.
[23:12:58] <nine> You can get like 3 hits between his two swings.
[23:13:30] <nine> Go do it.
[23:13:33] <nine> Grow some balls.
[23:13:42] <nine> Overcome your pathetic impatience.
[23:13:46] <bronzdragon> Nine; Gentle as always.
[23:13:56] <nine> This is aria I'm talking with.
[23:13:59] <nine> He can take it.
[23:14:01] <aria> Or I could run past them and spare myself ten minutes of staring at mushroom butt
[23:14:02] <Robobuntu> you can't myself ten minutes!
[23:14:02] <nine> 5<3 aria.
[23:14:14] <aria> I should mention I have multiple times punched the tutorial boss to death barefisted
[23:14:15] <nine> 10 minutes? Hardly 10 seconds.
[23:14:16] <Robobuntu> you can't hardly 10 seconds!
[23:14:25] <aria> and it takes less time than killing a mushroom parent
[23:14:31] <nine> Bullshit.
[23:14:58] <aria> It takes like... 10 minutesish
[23:15:02] <nine> Also, he's not a tutorial boss.
[23:15:06] <nine> Just a weak boss.
[23:15:07] <nine> In a tutorial area.
[23:15:19] <aria> I mean the first stray demon, the tiny one
[23:15:21] <aria> in the tutorial area
[23:15:26] <aria> Before you get your weapon
[23:15:45] <nine> aria, you will now boot up Dark Souls, go to the stone dragon, walk to the snapped arch tree and kill the mushroom.
[23:15:57] <nine> I know which you mean.
[23:16:00] <aria> Im watching a youtube
[23:16:02] <nine> He's a boss.
[23:16:07] <nine> "Tutorial boss" is bullshit.
[23:16:14] <nine> For one, you can die to it.
[23:16:25] <aria> How is he not a tutorial boss? he can't even hit you if you don't stand still
[23:16:33] <nine> He can.
[23:17:10] <nine> He can't hit you if you're close to him, or dodge around.
[23:17:11] <aria> Ive been hit by him
[23:17:19] <aria> I survived with my whopping 8 vit
[23:17:20] <nine> I have also been hit by him.
[23:17:23] <nine> Yup.
[23:17:37] <nine> Because most bosses don't kill you in one hit.
[23:17:42] <nine> On playthrough 1.
[23:17:44] <aria> Also the very very first time I played any souls game I took him with punches. He's not a proper boss =P
[23:17:57] <nine> Pfffffffft.
[23:18:12] <nine> You can take on every single boss with punches.
[23:18:18] <nine> Does that make every single boss not a proper boss?
[23:18:28] <aria> Not as a total nub you can't!
[23:18:30] <nine> Of course not. So a bullshit argument.
[23:18:44] <nine> Not as a total nub can you kill him with just fists.
[23:19:05] <aria> I was a total nub. He was the first enemy I faught in the game
[23:19:19] <nine> Yes, and nobody believes you. He's quite gullible.
[23:19:21] <aria> my only experience with the game was watching a youtube of it
[23:20:07] <nine> And you unequipped your broken sword (which is better than fists still iirc)?
[23:20:18] <aria> Fists are better
[23:20:19] <nine> I hardly believe you when you claim to be a total nub.
[23:20:43] <aria> Although I probably didn't know to unequip it my first time
[23:20:47] <aria> Bronz was there
[23:21:04] <nine> So? You still lie.
[23:21:12] <bronzdragon> You didn't unequip
[23:21:15] <nine> Although I probably didn't know to unequip it my first time
[23:21:17] <bronzdragon> Mostly because it didn't matter anyway
[23:21:23] <nine> Also the very very first time I played any souls game I took him with punches. He's not a proper boss =P
[23:21:26] <nine> HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
[23:21:40] <bronzdragon> We weren't that close to the limit anyway
[23:21:43] <nine> aria's a liar.
[23:22:03] <aria> To the limit?
[23:23:32] <nine> aria's a liar.
[23:24:03] <aria> =P I have played vidja games prior to Dark Souls. I know how to Xbox controller. It's not very hard
[23:24:10] <aria> you just walk behind him nad punch his butt
[23:25:10] <nine> aria's a big liar.
[23:25:35] <aria> =/
[23:26:38] <bronzdragon> So mean
[23:27:17] <aria> I could just load up my first character and see if i have the great demon hammer on it
[23:27:25] <nine> bronzdragon is in cahoots with a very big liar.
[23:27:35] <bronzdragon> ='(
[23:27:44] <nine> You probably got it on your second playthrough.
[23:28:08] <aria> There's a 3DSi?
[23:28:24] <aria> If not; Did he mean 3DS or DSi?
[23:29:04] <bronzdragon> Either, I think
[23:29:12] <bronzdragon> Both have back facing cameras
[23:29:23] <nine> You two are liars.
[23:29:24] <bronzdragon> 3DS does have the AR cards though...
[23:31:22] <bronzdragon> Dude, let it go.
[23:32:19] <aria> I think you're finding this hard to believe because you're used to being heavy. When you play as a light character, your roll jump thing goes pretty far, and you walk fast
[23:33:23] <aria> You should do a light run. Or a speedrun
[23:33:35] <nine> Uh, I'm used to light.
[23:33:51] <nine> Why are you drawing more assumptions from one thing I told you?
[23:34:22] <aria> Because who in their right mind fat rolls Ceasless?
[23:34:36] <nine> Someone who wants to have _FUN_.
[23:34:50] <aria> But you walk fucking slow... and roll fucking slow
[23:34:52] <nine> I fat rolled when I was the summon.
[23:34:56] <nine> Because why the fuck not.
[23:35:05] <nine> Tarkus there to save the day!
[23:35:12] <aria> See--
[23:35:17] <nine> Yes, you walk and roll fucking slow.
[23:35:21] <aria> Tarkus would just punch Ceasless in the face
[23:35:25] <nine> That's why I don't do that usually.
[23:35:35] <nine> Yeah, but he didn't lean over far enough.
[23:35:39] <aria> Not dodge his arm and hit his arm for 2 damage
[23:35:52] <aria> Tarkus would grab his arm and pull him close then
[23:36:05] <nine> Are you saying Tarkus deals 2 damage? Because that looks like you saying he deals 2 damage.
[23:36:25] <aria> Nah, the player deals 2 damage. Tarkus makes all the damage
[23:36:27] <nine> HAVE AT YOU YOU LYING BASTARD!
[23:36:34] <nine> Still wrong.
[23:36:47] <nine> Unless you're one of those pathetic dex-only fools.
[23:37:19] <nine> Also, go blame Bamco for rushing FROM, so that you cannot pull Ceaseless closer.
[23:37:22] <nine> All their fault.
[23:37:26] <nine> It's not like I didn't try, unlike you.
[23:38:23] <aria> I use a different build every character. I usually go with a weapon I haven't tried, rather than one that does a lot of damage, and then level whatever that scales with, unless it doesn't scale
[23:39:29] <aria> Never more than 25% equipment load though
[23:39:38] <aria> (50% before with OP ninja ring)
[23:42:11] <nine> aria, hush. Stop lying.
[23:42:54] <nine> Got the update yet?
[23:43:05] <aria> Yeah we got it a few weeks ago
[23:43:41] <aria> And most armors that tickle my fancy are light enough to where its 25% with 40end
[23:44:50] <nine> Opinion on brass armour?
[23:45:38] <aria> I'm using Brass chest peace with my third newest character
[23:45:55] <aria> It looks bauler with Helm of the wise
[23:48:07] <nine> You murderer!
[23:48:11] <aria> (black sorcerer boots and xanctus gloves(?), Darkmoon bow, sometimes Titanite catch pole, usually just the bow. Pyro glove, talisman, havel ring and hawk ring
[23:48:16] <nine> Your sins shan't go unpunished.
[23:48:28] <aria> Don't worry, I also murdered Gwyndolin
[23:48:32] <aria> so no one left to punish me!
[23:49:37] <nine> I shall find you and punish you.
[23:49:44] <aria> Xbawks
[23:50:00] <nine> Planet Earth.
[23:50:29] <aria> I also kill all the firekeepers
[23:50:54] <nine> You can't.
[23:51:08] <bronzdragon> You can't kill lady, I suppose
[23:51:17] <bronzdragon> But you can let Lautrec kill her
[23:51:17] <aria> Well I let Lautrec kill Anastasia for me
[23:51:20] <bronzdragon> And then take her soul
[23:51:21] <nine> Oh, you can kill Our Fair Lady.
[23:51:26] <nine> You can't kill Anastacia iirc.
[23:51:31] <nine> Lautrec for one beats you to it.
[23:51:34] <bronzdragon> Our fair lady isn't a firekeeper
[23:51:40] <nine> ...
[23:51:53] <nine> Has bronzdragon ever played the game, aria?
[23:51:59] <bronzdragon> She's a cleric!
[23:52:08] <bronzdragon> sorry, prietest
[23:52:22] <aria> Oh, he means spider fair lady
[23:52:44] <bronzdragon> ... I see
[23:52:55] <nine> Our Fair Lady is the poor girl corrupted by her mother's insane experiment.
[23:53:02] <bronzdragon> Are all the firekeepers female?
[23:53:06] <nine> Yet still has a heart of gold.
[23:53:09] <nine> Yes.
[23:53:17] <bronzdragon> Is that a requirement?
[23:53:24] <nine> It might be?
[23:53:26] <bronzdragon> Is Gwyn a firekeeper?
[23:53:28] <aria> Bronz meant Rhea
[23:53:28] <nine> It's not stated in-game.
[23:53:30] <bronzdragon> He keeps a fire...
[23:53:37] <nine> aria: No shit.
[23:53:41] <aria> Reah is reffered to as fiar lady by Nico
[23:53:45] <nine> Lady Rhea != "Our Fair Lady" though.
[23:53:52] <aria> And probably also by Petrus
[23:54:03] <nine> Yup, but not capitalized.
[23:54:08] <bronzdragon> ...
[23:54:17] <aria> That's fair
[23:54:18] <nine> Our Fair Lady is distinct from fair lady Rhea.
[23:54:31] <aria> No one actually says Rhea other than Rhea herself
[23:54:32] <bronzdragon> You'll have to forgive me this error.
[23:54:47] <nine> It's all "lady" yes.
[23:55:26] <aria> So this Dark Souls talk made us wanna play
[23:55:30] <aria> You should join un
[23:55:38] <bronzdragon> *us
[23:56:37] <nine> No Xbox.
[23:56:40] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@hide-680AA069.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[23:56:45] <nine> And I should go cook my potato slices.
[23:56:57] <nine> I put them out 12 hours ago for defrosting. :|
[23:57:30] <nine> I wonder how painful a farmed Treant Protector can be in Dotwo.
[23:58:14] <nine> http://www.dota2wiki.com
[23:58:49] -!- VentureJ has quit [Quit: Leaving.]