#geeknights | Logs for 2012-11-04

[00:07:32] <originalme8> hah!
[00:08:28] <originalme8> got it here
[00:08:51] <bronzdragon> aha!
[00:09:11] <originalme8> OK back to the FTP
[00:09:38] <originalme8> there is a VBA folder there now
[00:09:39] <originalme8> grab it
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[00:10:51] <bronzdragon> I am
[00:10:52] <bronzdragon> I have
[00:11:25] <bronzdragon> Oh, an windows executable?
[00:11:29] <bronzdragon> I have to run this in wine?
[00:12:17] <originalme8> ah sorry
[00:12:26] <originalme8> I am running it on windows >.< on my work laptop
[00:12:32] <originalme8> I didn't even think about hta
[00:12:32] <bronzdragon> =P
[00:12:35] <originalme8> that*
[00:12:54] <bronzdragon> It's fine, it'll just complicate linking...
[00:13:09] <originalme8> nah
[00:13:12] <bronzdragon> I could boot over into Windows, but I'd have to transfer some roms, and get Dolphin.
[00:13:16] <originalme8> Just go check source forge
[00:13:23] <originalme8> I think there is a linux version of VBA-M
[00:15:00] <bronzdragon> yup
[00:15:58] <originalme8> ok cool
[00:16:04] <originalme8> lemme go put laundry away real quick
[00:16:11] <originalme8> then I think we can get this
[00:16:21] <originalme8> just make sure the link option works in the VBA-M version you have
[00:20:30] <bronzdragon> Hmm...
[00:21:27] <originalme8> ok back
[00:21:41] <bronzdragon> How do I check the link optiosn work
[00:21:46] <bronzdragon> or rather, how do i set them up, even?
[00:22:09] <originalme8> Is it greyed out?
[00:23:13] <bronzdragon> well... I selected GBA for port 1
[00:23:23] <bronzdragon> But other then that, I'm not sure how to actually set it up
[00:23:55] <originalme8> No worries lemme get a link :)
[00:24:06] <bronzdragon> Yaaay
[00:24:10] <originalme8> http://www.ehow.com
[00:24:52] <bronzdragon> 4. "Download a copy of the Game Boy Advance bios to your VBA-M directory.
[00:24:52] <bronzdragon> Read more: How to Connect a GBA to Dolphin | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com
[00:25:03] <bronzdragon> I like how it coppies the 2nd part too
[00:25:08] <bronzdragon> Guess I need one of those?
[00:25:24] <originalme8> It should be in that directory
[00:25:26] <originalme8> the .bin file
[00:25:35] <originalme8> The vba directory you downloaded from em
[00:25:37] <originalme8> me*
[00:25:47] <bronzdragon> Oh, yeah
[00:27:54] <originalme8> all this to play a game that is how old?
[00:28:05] <bronzdragon> ... want me to google that too?
[00:28:17] <originalme8> lol nah
[00:32:34] <bronzdragon> There is no "link" section in the options for VBA-M....
[00:33:03] <originalme8> Crap, got the wrong one...maybe the linux one doesnt have it :\
[00:36:16] <bronzdragon> Hmm...
[00:36:17] <bronzdragon> well
[00:36:35] <bronzdragon> I think it might be Wine's abstraction that's making it not able to link
[00:36:54] <originalme8> Oh, you used Wine to run it? There isn't a native linux version of it?
[00:37:14] <bronzdragon> OH
[00:37:15] <bronzdragon> OH
[00:37:42] <originalme8> Find it?
[00:37:52] <bronzdragon> yup, it works for me
[00:38:02] <bronzdragon> Using the Windows version in wine
[00:38:14] <originalme8> ok
[00:38:15] <bronzdragon> Able to control it via VBA-M
[00:39:38] <bronzdragon> Are you running the Dolphin server?
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[00:40:21] <originalme8> Yea I may have to restart it though
[00:40:37] <originalme8> ok its back up
[00:40:39] <bronzdragon> eeeeey
[00:41:04] <bronzdragon> Alright, I'm ready to try this
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[00:42:17] <bronzdragon> Is the Gameboy emulator not working?
[00:42:24] <originalme8> i don't know
[00:42:29] <originalme8> I just turned it on :\
[00:42:37] <originalme8> I think you have to connect yours to my IP
[00:42:55] <bronzdragon> Ah... Maybe?
[00:43:06] <bronzdragon> I have set only port 1 to GBA...
[00:43:08] <bronzdragon> that might be an issue
[00:43:40] <originalme8> mines not working either though
[00:43:51] <bronzdragon> Yours should just work
[00:44:07] <bronzdragon> ... thanks, four swords, I KNOW I WANT THAT =P
[00:44:22] <originalme8> It did before
[00:44:32] <bronzdragon> I know, same for me
[00:45:16] <bronzdragon> Oh!
[00:45:26] <bronzdragon> go back to link options in the GBA emu
[00:45:36] <bronzdragon> and reenable joybus thingamajick
[00:45:39] <bronzdragon> it worked for me
[00:45:58] <originalme8> nope
[00:46:22] <bronzdragon> not Options/link/Joybus?
[00:47:05] <bronzdragon> Also, I'm quite impressed at the non-laggyness of this game.
[00:47:14] <originalme8> no love
[00:47:30] <bronzdragon> (I'm currently looking at "Look at the TV screen!")
[00:49:18] <originalme8> oh figured it out
[00:49:22] <originalme8> moved the files
[00:49:26] <bronzdragon> ...
[00:49:27] <originalme8> had to redirect whre teh BIOS file was
[00:49:29] <bronzdragon> x3
[00:49:43] <originalme8> Now it says I am waiting for you :\
[00:49:46] <bronzdragon> So the entire GBA emu didn't boot?
[00:50:00] <bronzdragon> ... waiting for me?
[00:50:01] <bronzdragon> To do waht?
[00:50:26] <originalme8> Connect your GBA to it
[00:50:26] <bronzdragon> Should I be P1, you think?
[00:50:40] <originalme8> No, you should be P2
[00:50:56] <bronzdragon> I reconnected it
[00:50:57] <bronzdragon> I'm red link
[00:51:27] <originalme8> It still shows you need to connect on my screen
[00:51:27] <bronzdragon> (on the GBA)
[00:51:33] <bronzdragon> Not sure how...
[00:51:33] <originalme8> I am green on the GBA
[00:51:41] <originalme8> but it doesn't show you connected. :\
[00:51:44] <bronzdragon> should I enter your IP address on the thing?
[00:51:46] <bronzdragon> I'll try that
[00:51:52] <originalme8> Yea, lets try that
[00:52:00] <originalme8> Wonder if I have to open a seperate port
[00:52:13] <bronzdragon> Tell me what it is, so I can connect to it
[00:52:17] <bronzdragon> Or I could read up....
[00:52:31] <originalme8>
[00:52:49] <bronzdragon> thanks
[00:52:56] <originalme8> yep
[00:53:03] <bronzdragon> Well...
[00:53:09] <originalme8> I don't see anything
[00:53:12] <bronzdragon> VBA-M seems frozen, trying your IP?
[00:53:25] <originalme8> may need to open a port lemme see if I can find which
[00:54:32] <originalme8> ok try it again
[00:54:38] <bronzdragon> It seems to freeze as soon as I enter an external IP
[00:54:55] <originalme8> 1 more time
[00:55:51] <bronzdragon> Okay... the dialog disappeared after a really long wait
[00:55:57] <bronzdragon> ... and then I opened it again =P
[00:57:27] <originalme8> lame...looks like it doesn't work over the interwebs
[00:57:30] <originalme8> Just on LAN
[00:57:39] <bronzdragon> Okay
[00:57:44] <bronzdragon> did it just time out
[00:57:45] <bronzdragon> ??
[00:57:57] <originalme8> no, still running on my end
[00:58:02] <originalme8> may tell me you disconnected soon though
[00:58:05] <bronzdragon> well, I meant my end
[00:58:13] <bronzdragon> Anyway, GBA emu is running
[00:58:33] <originalme8> Does it have look at the TV screen now?
[00:59:10] <bronzdragon> Nothing, sorry
[00:59:20] <bronzdragon> Did you set player 2 to GBA on your end?
[00:59:27] <originalme8> No just thought of that
[00:59:31] <originalme8> was about to send a message
[00:59:33] <originalme8> try it again
[00:59:42] <bronzdragon> No luck
[01:00:09] <originalme8> hmmm
[01:02:16] <bronzdragon> Yeah...
[01:02:26] <bronzdragon> So close =(
[01:04:49] <originalme8> I wonder what port that joybus thing uses
[01:08:35] <originalme8> Hey bronzdragon try one more time
[01:08:38] <bronzdragon> Okay
[01:08:48] <bronzdragon> well...
[01:08:54] <bronzdragon> Not sure what to do, specifically
[01:08:58] <bronzdragon> I have all the things running
[01:09:06] <originalme8> Try the Joybus at my IP
[01:09:19] <originalme8> I just opened another port that supposedly is the joybus one
[01:09:38] <bronzdragon> well... stuff's happening
[01:09:58] <originalme8> ah, I see the freez on my side which they say is normal
[01:10:01] <bronzdragon> ... can't say it's good stuff
[01:10:14] <bronzdragon> VBAM also froze on my end
[01:10:25] <originalme8> okay give it a minute
[01:10:29] <bronzdragon> Yay!
[01:10:31] <originalme8> it's because of the network speed
[01:10:36] <originalme8> also brb
[01:11:23] <originalme8> Try putting a throttle in on VBA-M
[01:11:35] <originalme8> If you can that is, mine is all locked up :\
[01:11:48] <bronzdragon> I did earlier
[01:11:52] <bronzdragon> It's at 150%
[01:11:59] <originalme8> I dropped mine to 100
[01:12:10] <bronzdragon> I woudl change it now but...
[01:12:16] <bronzdragon> =P
[01:12:29] <originalme8> crap, wonder if we won't have a fast enough connetion
[01:12:35] <bronzdragon> Oh!
[01:12:43] <bronzdragon> I see a pink G!
[01:13:06] <bronzdragon> Is it gonna spell google?
[01:13:09] <bronzdragon> Who knows!
[01:13:12] <bronzdragon> Anything can happen!
[01:14:03] <originalme8> man, if it takes this long every time we may want to start it in the morning, go to work and come home to play lol
[01:14:16] <bronzdragon> =P
[01:14:56] <originalme8> Nope..it all just dropped
[01:15:11] <bronzdragon> Still going for me...
[01:15:13] <originalme8> Yep everything crashed on my end :\
[01:15:18] <bronzdragon> Awww =(
[01:15:54] <originalme8> crap
[01:15:56] <originalme8> so close
[01:16:22] <bronzdragon> yeah...
[01:17:02] <originalme8> Man...I am out of ideas at this point
[01:17:14] <originalme8> It seems like it wouldn't be bad with todays connections
[01:17:56] <bronzdragon> yeah
[01:17:58] <bronzdragon> it sucks
[01:18:21] <originalme8> oh let me try opening UDP
[01:18:51] <bronzdragon> Hmm...
[01:19:34] <originalme8> lol may have to reestablish the connection again >.<
[01:19:49] <bronzdragon> Oh noes
[01:20:04] <originalme8> OK one last try, if it doesnt work I am throwing in the towel
[01:20:24] <bronzdragon> That is fair
[01:20:42] <originalme8> Do you guys know of anyone who has got it to work?
[01:20:59] <bronzdragon> Nope, not via the Internet
[01:21:10] <originalme8> odd...now it's just choking even without you conecting
[01:21:13] <bronzdragon> Alright, I just re-loaded my rom
[01:21:24] <bronzdragon> Aren't I connected?
[01:21:33] <bronzdragon> ah, now I'm not
[01:21:35] <originalme8> I'm going to fully close dolphin
[01:21:39] <originalme8> I think mine is still hung up
[01:22:37] <originalme8> OK server is back up
[01:23:05] <bronzdragon> hang on, my GBAM is breaking up...
[01:23:21] <originalme8> lol
[01:23:23] <originalme8> ok
[01:23:25] <bronzdragon> *V
[01:24:54] <bronzdragon> alright, I linked locally with my VBA-M
[01:24:59] <bronzdragon> I have red link
[01:25:11] <bronzdragon> Should I do your IP?
[01:25:24] <originalme8> yep
[01:26:01] <bronzdragon> Okay, I typed your number in
[01:26:16] <originalme8> trying to connect I guess, because I am back to frozen
[01:26:25] <bronzdragon> White screen, it seems the thing is booting?
[01:26:38] <bronzdragon> I think I'm causing the freezing when I connect my VBA-M
[01:26:43] <originalme8> Yea, but Dolphin is dying now 0-2% speed
[01:26:49] <originalme8> I think so too
[01:26:52] <originalme8> I think it is the connection
[01:27:00] <bronzdragon> Yup
[01:27:36] <bronzdragon> Sadly...
[01:27:48] <originalme8> lame
[01:27:52] <originalme8> well, we tried
[01:27:58] <bronzdragon> I just had a crazy idea
[01:28:03] <originalme8> What's that?
[01:28:03] <bronzdragon> But it's crazy, so nevermind
[01:28:07] <bronzdragon> What if...
[01:28:11] <bronzdragon> we streamed out X sessions
[01:28:18] <bronzdragon> of the VBA-M
[01:28:18] <originalme8> <---on windows
[01:28:22] <bronzdragon> I mean, they're tiny windows
[01:28:28] <bronzdragon> shush, I'm sure there's something that does that
[01:28:36] <originalme8> Yea, there is.....
[01:28:42] <bronzdragon> Did your system stop locking up just now?
[01:28:55] <originalme8> Yea, but you aren't connected still lol
[01:28:58] <originalme8> I think it just timed out
[01:29:06] <bronzdragon> I X'd out VBA-M
[01:29:11] <bronzdragon> (Not on purpose)
[01:29:47] <bronzdragon> I think I'm done for today
[01:29:53] <bronzdragon> With trying, i mean
[01:30:04] <originalme8> Yea, I'm with you
[01:30:21] <originalme8> Maybe someone in the IRC will stumble across this convo later with another idea
[01:30:45] <bronzdragon> =P As if
[01:30:50] <bronzdragon> They'll just ignore it
[01:31:02] <originalme8> could post on the forums
[01:31:08] <originalme8> may have a better shot there
[01:31:38] <bronzdragon> DUE TO LAG, IN CASE YOU WANTED A SUMMATION
[01:31:45] <bronzdragon> Okay, I'm done
[01:32:10] <originalme8> OK, going to go close down my ports againi
[01:32:36] <bronzdragon> Okay
[01:32:44] <originalme8> at least you can tell Aria that we tried
[01:32:49] <bronzdragon> I had fun!
[01:33:06] <originalme8> Yep
[01:33:17] <originalme8> learned more about emulation than I ever thought I would
[01:33:23] <bronzdragon> ... really?
[01:33:29] <bronzdragon> I didn't learn NOTHING
[01:33:40] <originalme8> Meh, I never ran emulation before this :P
[01:34:05] <originalme8> Back to IMGUR until girlfriend gets off work :P
[01:34:42] <bronzdragon> =P
[01:34:53] <bronzdragon> Have fun!
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[01:35:49] <originalme8> I'll be in the IRC if you get bored and have another crazy idea
[01:36:10] <bronzdragon> what if...
[01:36:14] <bronzdragon> I buy plane tickets?
[01:36:17] <bronzdragon> =D Eh? EH?
[01:36:36] <bronzdragon> Until then, imma get some grub. Cya in a bit.
[01:36:38] <originalme8> lol
[01:36:41] <originalme8> Cya
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[13:05:42] <aria> http://youtu.be
[14:02:33] <aria> So are people around?
[14:02:36] <aria> What yall up to?
[14:06:25] <nine> Nothing.
[14:06:39] <nine> Killing time time and time again till visit arrives.
[14:09:06] <aria> Is visit a cute lady friend?
[14:38:39] <aria> This bango O game
[14:38:40] <aria> pretty darn fun
[14:55:50] <nine> JoJo's Bizarre Adventure time.
[14:55:53] <nine> GO WATCH IT.
[14:56:37] <aria> Dave and Joel are saying to watch Tiger and Bunny
[14:56:42] <aria> so I wanna do tha
[14:57:01] <aria> The other half of this episode was basically saying "I wanna stop recording this so I can play more Dark Souls"
[14:57:05] <nine> JoJo's is better.
[14:57:14] <nine> Tiger & Bunny is entertaining.
[14:57:21] <nine> Which ep?
[14:58:15] <aria> Step two is die
[14:58:32] <nine> Number plox.
[14:58:35] <nine> As in date.
[14:58:37] <nine> The filename.
[14:58:41] <aria> 459
[14:58:45] <nine> ...
[14:58:51] <aria> http://www.daveandjoel.com
[14:58:55] <nine> 040509 you mean?
[14:59:10] <aria> FK-111021
[14:59:15] <nine> 111021
[14:59:20] <nine> Got it.
[15:00:28] <aria> Fucking Bango O
[15:00:32] <aria> how do people play this game?
[15:00:35] <aria> Its fucking impossible
[15:25:40] <aria> Apperantly Bangai O
[15:35:27] <Apsup> Impossible, or just hard?
[15:36:36] <Apsup> Yea, it's really fucking hard. In HD I got thought all the normal stages, but harder bonus stages, fuck those.
[15:40:07] <aria> Too hard for me
[15:40:40] <aria> I tried the first couple of stages
[15:40:52] <aria> I beat stage 1
[15:40:53] <aria> and 2
[15:40:55] <aria> And maybe 3
[15:41:00] <aria> I could not beat 4
[15:41:07] <aria> I tried like 50 times
[15:41:11] <aria> I could also not beat 5
[15:41:18] <aria> Then I gave up
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[17:32:33] <aria> Apsup, how are you so good at this game?
[17:35:57] <aria> I finally did well, and then my time runs out
[17:36:00] <aria> this game is fucking hard
[17:39:21] <aria> Nooo
[17:39:25] <aria> Time ran out with 1 enemy left!
[17:39:33] <aria> I had full health!?
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[18:03:04] lukeburrage_ is now known as lukeburrage
[18:07:49] <aria> So Bangai O HD is pretty darn fun
[18:07:53] <aria> although fucking impossible
[18:41:19] -!- ruffas [ruffas!b85a3769@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[18:41:33] <aria> Ruffas
[18:41:37] <aria> have you played Bangai O?
[18:41:54] <ruffas> briefly
[18:42:02] <aria> Have you beat Bangai O?
[18:42:07] <aria> Cause that game is fucking hard
[18:42:08] <aria> God damn
[18:42:40] <ruffas> yes, it is
[18:45:11] <ruffas> how far are you?
[18:45:56] <aria> I just played the demo and chickend out from buying the full version, cause it taunted me and said it would get harder
[18:46:01] <aria> Demo was 5 stages
[18:46:14] <aria> It was super fun
[18:46:19] <aria> So I wanna keep going
[18:46:25] <aria> But Im not gonna make it past stage 6 =P
[18:46:36] <ruffas> get a piracy card
[18:47:00] <aria> But it's by cave. I wanna give cave monies
[18:47:28] <ruffas> ahh
[18:47:35] <ruffas> send em a check
[18:47:43] <aria> I could do that
[18:48:31] <ruffas> i wonder how a company would react to that
[18:48:41] <ruffas> "hey, i pirated your game, but i really liked it
[18:48:47] <ruffas> so here's some money"
[18:48:59] <aria> I think it's just like 10 bucks though
[18:49:00] <Robobuntu> you can't like 10 bucks!
[18:49:17] <ruffas> if you say so Robobuntu
[18:59:14] <aria> Noticed how when you're in a group of people playing smash, the only thing anyone ever says is "OOOHHH!!!"?
[18:59:49] <ruffas> i say falcon pawnch a lot
[19:00:23] <aria> (Though to be fair, it's a constant series of OOOHHH's that keep getting louder and more frequent the longer you play)
[19:08:43] <aria> No Wombo Combo?
[19:08:46] <aria> http://youtu.be
[19:13:13] <lukeburrage> I don't understand what happens in that video at all.
[19:13:47] <aria> Really? it's pretty straight forward punching of a dude, followed by the people watching going nuts
[19:14:01] <aria> Also, from the related videos http://youtu.be
[19:23:54] <lukeburrage> I really have no idea who won.
[19:25:09] <aria> The team with 4 lifes left
[19:28:15] <bronzdragon> 'ello Luke
[19:31:40] <aria> this video is amazing http://youtu.be
[19:55:23] -!- lukeburrage has quit [Quit: lukeburrage]
[21:00:34] -!- yoshokatana [yoshokatana!yoshokatan@hide-3567B4F5.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #geeknights
[21:01:35] <Apsup> aria: Little late on this, but you realize that Bangai O HD's demo levels are not the first levels of the game. Last level of the demo is from the final quater of levels. At that point it's challenging but not ballcrushing like in demo it feels like.
[21:04:55] <bronzdragon> (He didn't realize you could dash. Dashing makes the game a lot easier)
[21:06:13] <Apsup> Well the game has quite a lot of different mecanics and the demo doesn't take it's time to teach them.
[21:06:42] <bronzdragon> Actually, it has a fairly short "Here's how the mechanics work" section
[21:06:57] <bronzdragon> But usually you want to skip those because you can figure games out by trial and error
[21:07:06] <bronzdragon> But becaues demos are short, that's harder.
[21:07:47] <aria> I did not realize that
[21:07:49] <aria> How would I?
[21:07:56] <aria> It presents them as stage 1 through 5
[21:08:08] <aria> and then says that you get the next 95 if you buy the full version
[21:08:10] <Apsup> That doesn't teach anything. The full game has early on levels which are like "in this level you all other specail abilities except dash have been disabled and this level is designed around dash, have fun."
[21:08:27] <aria> It also says that it gets a lot harder and if you thought the demo was evcen remotly challening, you won't stand a chance
[21:08:47] <bronzdragon> ^ actually says that
[21:09:18] <Apsup> It cheats. It's mean game. Also it gets harder, but also easier, the last stage of the demo is apportiate difficutly for being level 35 or something around there.
[21:12:07] <aria> Out of 95
[21:12:11] <aria> 100*
[21:12:21] <aria> See, then I can't play 70% of the gam
[21:12:21] <aria> e
[21:12:26] <aria> And I don't want that
[21:12:54] <aria> Last stage of the demo wasn't actually the hardest stage in the demo
[21:13:14] <aria> third stage was the hardest, then fourth stage
[21:14:27] <Apsup> i don't remember anymore how the stages went in the demo.
[21:16:08] <Apsup> Also I've only complited around half of the game. There is 47 Fury Mode maps, the basic game, after those you unlock 13 Bonus Extreme Maps, 37 Bonus Normal Maps (still hard as balls) and 6 Bonus Puzzle Maps.
[21:16:09] <Robobuntu> 6 bonus, can't lose!
[21:16:38] <Apsup> I got through the Fury Mode but haven't played that much of the other levels, because so hard.
[21:16:50] <aria> I see. Maybe I stand a chance then
[21:16:56] <aria> Ill get it later then
[21:17:00] <aria> Right now, OOOs!
[21:18:12] <Apsup> Remember Bangai-O HD is horrible game that hates you and wnats to crush you under it's foot, but by doing so it just makes you stronger, better and faster.
[21:18:29] <aria> That sounds like my kind of game
[21:18:36] <bronzdragon> So... it's a Daft punk song?
[21:18:37] <aria> Other than the part where it hates me and is hard
[21:18:49] <aria> Also I just had a legit "Oh shit" moment in OOO
[21:19:01] <bronzdragon> It was awesome!
[21:19:07] <aria> They teased a plot point that I wasn't expecting to like or to be anything special
[21:19:29] <aria> But as soon as Bronz told me what I missed I went like "Oh shit" and smiled a bunch. Im a happy tokufan currently =3
[21:19:36] <bronzdragon> The obvious reveal was not obvious and actually an obvious and awesome twist
[21:20:16] <Apsup> what's OOOOOOOOOOO that you've been talking so much about?
[21:21:21] <bronzdragon> It's a Kamen Rider show
[21:21:37] <bronzdragon> Imagine a guy punching a 80's horror movie villan
[21:21:39] <aria> The Kamen Rider of 3 seasons ago
[21:21:48] <Apsup> oh...
[21:21:50] <bronzdragon> *villain
[21:21:56] <aria> And then punching a new one very 2 episode
[21:21:58] <bronzdragon> it's good though
[21:22:01] <aria> and its always awesome
[21:22:03] <bronzdragon> surprisingly good
[21:22:08] <bronzdragon> Like ponies
[21:22:12] <aria> Also unexpected ways of punching
[21:22:16] <Apsup> Everybody's talking about the Wreck it Ralph, but I have to wait months until I can see it. :[
[21:22:31] <bronzdragon> Likewise
[21:24:40] <aria> When does it come out here?
[21:26:36] <Apsup> imdb probably tells.
[21:26:43] <Apsup> Here it's feburary.
[21:29:58] <aria> Thats so long!
[21:37:15] -!- bronzdragon has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[21:38:25] -!- bronzdragon [bronzdragon!bronzdrago@hide-48E615F.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #geeknights
[21:39:36] <ruffas> that was a quality nap
[21:40:17] <aria> Ruffas, wanna watch some O's with us? it's really getting great
[21:41:52] <ruffas> i'd like to, but i've got work and study to do today
[21:42:00] <aria> I see
[21:42:00] <ruffas> and that'll just put it off more
[21:42:02] <aria> Fair enough
[21:42:05] <aria> Yeah
[21:42:10] <bronzdragon> Hey ruffas!
[21:42:13] <aria> We're only half way
[21:42:30] <aria> so you can probably watch some before the show is finished
[21:43:21] <ruffas> howdy bronz
[21:43:40] <bronzdragon> Howdo, Ruf-man?
[21:45:06] <ruffas> sleepy
[21:45:14] <bronzdragon> I seeeee
[21:45:20] <bronzdragon> I know how that feels
[21:45:39] <ruffas> not enough sleep these past few days
[21:46:00] <ruffas> but our guest is well on her way back to japan now, so regular schedule can be resumed
[21:46:42] <bronzdragon> Yay, guests!
[21:46:57] <bronzdragon> btw, we had the best plot twist 2 episodes ago
[21:47:01] <bronzdragon> it was like, THE BEST
[21:47:22] <ruffas> plot twists, in MY Kamen Rider?!
[21:47:37] <bronzdragon> It's more likely than you think!
[21:48:21] <aria> Its amazing, I know
[21:48:32] <bronzdragon> Like the opening song!
[21:49:04] <aria> See, I would expect good plot twists from many of the older heisei shows
[21:49:12] <aria> Like Kabuto or Ryuuki and such
[21:49:33] <ruffas> you'd probably like space sheriff gavan
[21:49:35] <aria> But OOO is so filled with gags and sillyness that I would never have expected any sort of actual plot =P
[21:50:14] <bronzdragon> ... his shirt is hard to read =(
[21:51:46] <ruffas> does it have engrish?
[21:52:22] <bronzdragon> the font is...
[21:52:25] <bronzdragon> well, it's 2 fonts
[21:52:32] <bronzdragon> (But yes)
[21:53:03] <bronzdragon> Speaking of plot twists
[21:53:08] <bronzdragon> The latest one was terrible
[21:53:09] <bronzdragon> =P
[22:08:04] <bronzdragon> Next 2 are party episodes
[22:08:14] <bronzdragon> for 1000th episode thing
[22:08:48] <ruffas> that's a lot of kamen rider
[22:11:07] <bronzdragon> Indeed
[22:13:48] <okeefe> "Too many RPGs!" said Papa Bear.
[22:15:45] <pence> details!
[22:16:23] <okeefe> Durance just arrived. Just finished reading 1001 Nights. Going to reread Apocalypse World so I can run it. Want to read Dread.
[22:17:35] <pence> I still need to read Freemarket, but I got a few of my friends interested by describing that burning con session
[22:18:05] <okeefe> Heh heh.
[22:18:10] <pence> right now I'm just playing one BW game and running another, most of those games are on my to-play list though
[22:18:30] <okeefe> It's unfortunate the BW forums went down right after the con. Usually there's a flood of activity about people posting games.
[22:18:46] <pence> except maybe AW, played a bunch of that already
[22:19:17] <okeefe> I run games that excite me at local conventions. I try to find a local group/meetup that's interested so I can practice, but that doesn't always happen.
[22:22:17] <okeefe> I've got a new group... need to try to convince them to try some of these.
[22:22:48] <pence> all new people, or do they have a history together?
[22:23:00] <aria> Good night people!
[22:23:05] <pence> nite aria
[22:23:06] <bronzdragon> Good night!
[22:23:23] <aria> Bronz is staying, not sure why he's trying to trick you lot
[22:23:25] <aria> Night pence
[22:23:32] <bronzdragon> I said good night to you!
[22:23:43] -!- aria has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[22:26:32] <ruffas> g'night
[22:26:43] <ruffas> oh, bronz no leavy
[22:29:19] <okeefe> pence: It's a new group with random people from the meetup who want to play weekly and also rotate GMs/games. It kind of fell into my lap.
[22:37:09] <pence> ahh cool
[22:37:29] <bronzdragon> I will reboot though
[22:37:33] <bronzdragon> Cya in a few seconds
[22:37:36] -!- bronzdragon has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
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[23:47:46] <pence> http://i.imgur.com I'm trying to figure out exactly what went wrong here
[23:58:19] -!- Coldguy [Coldguy!4b5df963@hide-BF4D4B18.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights