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[03:16:28] <pence> I think I will be escaping NYC tomorrow
[03:16:35] <pence> above all, I'll miss the food
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[09:15:58] <Apsup> Morning.
[09:31:12] <lukeburrage> Morning!
[09:40:59] <aria> Morning
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[11:59:04] <aria> Mornin'
[12:05:17] <pence> it is (maybe, just maybe) my last morning in NYC here!
[12:05:58] <aria> =O NYC is disappearing?!
[12:06:04] <aria> Oh no!
[12:06:23] <aria> We should take a snapshot before it's too late
[12:07:31] <pence> TMNT Hyperstone Heist style
[12:08:10] <aria> Seriously though, you should leave NYC quickly. We don't want you to die!
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[12:36:01] <ruffas> mornin
[12:36:08] <aria> Ruffas! Hai
[12:36:18] <aria> Pence says New York is gonna asplode!
[12:36:37] <aria> Also my back kinda hurts
[12:36:57] <aria> Well not hurt as much as feels like it would feel better if I could crack it...
[12:37:29] <ruffas> then crack that neck
[12:37:43] <ruffas> and that asplosion sounds ominous
[12:37:58] <aria> Ive cracked my neck in so many different ways today you could make a pretty awesome compilation video out of it
[12:39:13] <ruffas> hmm
[12:39:35] <ruffas> too much heat applied to this gravy methinks
[12:39:50] <aria> I know how to fix too much heat!
[12:39:56] <aria> You put it in the fridge!
[12:40:50] <ruffas> pfft
[12:40:59] <ruffas> it's not too too much
[12:41:06] <ruffas> just eatin it
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[12:51:15] <Apsup> Yo
[12:57:11] <ruffas> ey
[12:58:44] <aria> Apsup, you are physically close to me. How do you deal with sleeping wrong and your back/neck complaining?
[12:59:45] <Apsup> ~45minutes of sitting in a class left.
[13:00:28] <Apsup> Aria. My back/neck doesn't care about my sleeping habits.
[13:01:27] <aria> I'm not sure what I did. I woke up in a pretty basic position... had a blanket on and everything
[13:01:46] <Apsup> Also what does physical closeness have anything to do with it?
[13:01:54] <aria> Nothing?
[13:03:11] <Apsup> I get some neck pains sometimes, but those are probably because of how I sit on my computer.
[13:04:48] <aria> It happened over night
[13:05:00] <ruffas> i will occasionally get neck pains from sleeping, but only if alcohol was involved
[13:06:24] <Apsup> I get totally other pains when alcohol is involved.
[13:07:10] <aria> So Im playing this moe bullet hell shooter
[13:07:11] <ruffas> i don't get hung over (yet)
[13:07:13] <aria> Trouble Witches
[13:07:25] <aria> Its surprinslgy tasteful and cute so far
[13:07:28] <aria> Which I knew the controls
[13:09:28] <Apsup> My hangovers are usually limited to annoying headaches and that's if I drank heavily and didn't drink lots of water before bed.
[13:11:31] <aria> I do wish it had subtitles though =P
[13:14:58] <ruffas> the barcode on this snack my guest brought is adorable
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[13:17:18] <ruffas> http://i.imgur.com
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[13:18:47] <Apsup> Yo 3*3
[13:21:10] <nine> Hello mr. I-did-not-misspell-my-name-this-time-for-nine-to-joke-about.
[13:21:18] <nine> You make me sad. :<
[13:21:30] <aria> That is a very blury image
[13:22:24] <ruffas> my phone camera is very bad
[13:24:31] <Apsup> I misspelled my nick only once. I :(
[13:26:57] <Apsup> 20 minutes still...
[13:29:17] <Apsup> Entertain me!
[13:30:13] <aria> Sina Mora I believe this game is called
[13:30:16] <aria> its cool
[13:32:28] <ruffas> you shoot things with little girls
[13:33:16] <aria> Not this one
[13:33:24] <aria> Im basically the pig from porco rosso
[13:33:33] <aria> and shoot tanks with a plane
[13:34:11] <ruffas> you said it was moe
[13:34:14] <pence> sine mora's cool, but it never really clicked for me
[13:34:28] <aria> Different game. Trouble Witches is way moe
[13:34:36] <aria> you shoot cats with little girls
[13:34:42] <aria> your bullets are dog paws
[13:35:00] <ruffas> ...
[13:35:20] <pence> hahaha
[13:37:03] <pence> "the English voiceover dialogue in the Xbox 360 version is hilariously atrocious, easily as bad as Castle Shikigami 2"
[13:37:05] <pence> fantastic
[13:40:15] <aria> I played with japanese, I should try English then!
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[13:53:36] <aria> Its cool and all, but I don't understand when Im allowed to use slow motion and when Im not
[13:53:54] <aria> Also this train is the best thing since the next best train
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[14:03:31] <Apsup> And I'm home!
[14:06:31] <aria> So I tried this "Yar's revenge" thing
[14:06:44] <aria> Its kinda like Tsumi to batsu on the n64/wii
[14:06:49] <aria> but not any fun =P
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[14:49:47] <bronzdragon> Hey guys!
[15:01:11] <creamsteak> rawr?
[15:01:46] <bronzdragon> Rawr!
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[15:15:19] <bronzdragon> Neito.
[15:15:28] <Neito> Bronz.
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[15:20:25] <bronzdragon> Neo.
[15:20:44] <aria> Neito
[15:20:46] <aria> Bronz
[15:20:47] <aria> Neo
[15:21:03] <Neo> howdy
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[15:51:35] <originalme8> Sup people of the IRC
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[15:53:09] <aria> Hey
[15:53:10] <lukeburrage> Yo yo yo!
[15:53:14] <bronzdragon> originalme8.
[15:53:17] <bronzdragon> lukeburrage.
[15:53:30] <originalme8> Hey lukeburrage
[15:53:40] <originalme8> bronzdragon aria, sup sup?
[15:53:53] <lukeburrage> You know what?
[15:54:05] <bronzdragon> We're trying to find a good movie with "23" in the title. but it turns out there are non.
[15:54:19] <lukeburrage> What.
[15:54:22] <Neito> Wasn't there a Jim Carrey move called 23?
[15:54:38] <bronzdragon> Coudln't find one
[15:54:44] <originalme8> http://en.wikipedia.org
[15:55:11] <bronzdragon> Ah, that
[16:00:05] <lukeburrage> The film has been panned by critics, with a current rating of 8% on Rotten Tomatoes.
[16:00:22] <bronzdragon> Neither of us like Thriller movies though
[16:04:41] <bronzdragon> Hey lukeburrage. Earlier you said "You know what?". I'd like to know what!
[16:06:02] <lukeburrage> I can't remember.
[16:06:08] <bronzdragon> =(
[16:35:34] <originalme8> Witch! He's a witch!
[16:36:36] <bronzdragon> =O
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[17:48:05] <apreche> worse than being at work
[17:48:09] <apreche> being all alone at work
[17:49:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> apreche: You sure?
[17:49:24] <ProfPangloss|Work> Sounds like a prime opportunity to chat it up with Internet Friends
[17:50:14] <apreche> More like this http://www.youtube.com
[17:52:01] <ProfPangloss|Work> You have three hours
[17:52:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> Pick a number between 1 and 10
[17:52:20] <apreche> 11
[17:52:33] <aria> So 1?
[17:52:38] <ProfPangloss|Work> :(
[17:52:40] <ProfPangloss|Work> Okay fine, 11
[17:52:48] <ProfPangloss|Work> Click "random article" on Wikipedia 11 times
[17:53:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> You will write a 1500 word essay on the article it lands on
[17:53:09] <ProfPangloss|Work> 3 hour deadline
[17:53:11] <ProfPangloss|Work> Gogogo
[17:53:40] <aria> Oh hey
[17:53:42] <aria> Okami HD is out
[17:53:47] <apreche> WTFFFFFFFFFFF
[17:53:47] <aria> and ZoE HD
[17:53:49] <apreche> http://en.wikipedia.org
[17:54:35] <ProfPangloss|Work> Easymode: you are allowed to get more information/filler from related links
[17:54:51] <apreche> They are not helping very mcuh
[17:54:54] <ProfPangloss|Work> Hardmode: write the essay on a "disambiguation" page. Just the page.
[17:54:56] <apreche> all I've got now is that it is some rocks
[17:55:14] <aria> This article.. is.. confusing?
[17:55:18] <aria> I feel really dumb now =P
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[17:57:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> I call this game, "How to Become the Most Boring Person at a Party: The Game"
[17:59:47] <ProfPangloss|Work> Also, suck it up apreche I got http://en.wikipedia.org
[18:00:44] <apreche> There are that many communes in France? Do they all grow wine or something?
[18:01:06] <originalme8> Doesn't everybody grow wine in France?
[18:01:17] <aria> Really? Thats fewer than Id have guessed
[18:01:41] <aria> So Ruffas, you like Okami, yes? Its now on xbawks and ps3
[18:01:49] <aria> maybe steam, probably not
[18:02:41] <aria> So I clicked some different languages
[18:02:41] <apreche> Bought Okami for wii
[18:02:43] <apreche> waste of moneys
[18:02:53] <aria> French actually doesn't have that much stuff
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[18:03:07] <apreche> you guys are better off paying full price for X-COM
[18:03:08] <aria> Dutch and swedish had like twice as much text
[18:03:56] <apreche> these are the relatively new games that it is ok to play
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[18:04:38] <apreche> CS:GO, NS2, FTL, X-COM
[18:04:40] <aria> Zelda 1 and nothing else I'm assuming?
[18:04:42] <apreche> I miss anything?
[18:04:47] <apreche> I'm actually playing Zelda 3
[18:04:59] <aria> Of course you are =P
[18:05:05] <apreche> I'm in level 5, Ice TEmple
[18:05:16] <apreche> I forget where to get the other two magic spells
[18:05:22] <apreche> and you need one of them to get into turtle rock
[18:06:02] <aria> I could tell you
[18:06:06] <aria> But you probably don't want that
[18:06:08] <apreche> I also spent all my rupees on bomb/arrow upgrades in the happiness fountain
[18:06:20] <apreche> so now I can't afford four potions I need
[18:06:30] <apreche> and I already used the 300 rupee chests in the dark world village
[18:06:47] <apreche> where is a good way to farm rupees quickly?
[18:06:51] <apreche> digging game is not so lucky
[18:06:58] <aria> Emulator cheat menu
[18:07:12] <apreche> not a bad idea
[18:07:26] <apreche> I've never tried ot use the cheat menu in an emulator
[18:07:27] <aria> Or legit while holding down emulator fast motion feature
[18:07:40] <apreche> I haven't tried anything like that since using a real deal Game Genie back in the day.
[18:08:18] <aria> I never grind in anything. If its not trivial to skip the grinding, I just don't play
[18:08:41] <apreche> that is also what I do.
[18:08:50] <apreche> but in Zelda for rupees there is usually some place to just find the rupees
[18:08:52] <apreche> without grinding
[18:09:24] <Neito> Depends on the Zelda. Or your definition of Grinding.
[18:09:26] <aria> Last I played Zelda it was Skyward sword on the wii. I without even trying the vanilla game removed so much bullshit and it made the game great
[18:10:09] <aria> (To be fair, I had seen Fastkarate's stream so I knew what was gonna be bullshit before playing it)
[18:10:10] <apreche> what Zelda game had bullshit?
[18:10:16] <aria> Skyward Sword
[18:10:25] <apreche> what kind?
[18:10:27] <aria> Stamina gauge
[18:10:35] <aria> Text speed locked at 1 word a minute
[18:10:47] <Neito> Zelda 2 had crazy leveling bs.
[18:10:49] <aria> Limit on ammo and money
[18:10:50] <apreche> oh right, I completely forgot the stamina guage
[18:10:56] <Neito> That said, I think it's one of the better Zelda games.
[18:11:00] <apreche> every zelda has limit on ammo an dmoney
[18:11:03] <Neito> Or at least, doesn't deserve the shit it got.
[18:11:13] <aria> Yeah thats fine,
[18:11:13] <apreche> Zelda 2 leveling was important, and wasn't grindy
[18:11:23] <aria> I just didn't care for it cause the game is too slow
[18:11:32] <apreche> because the magical spells they gave you were so powerful
[18:11:39] <aria> Skyward sword was fun with my mods
[18:11:41] <apreche> it only made sense that magic had to be leveled up
[18:11:49] <Neito> True.
[18:12:36] <aria> I made it so I die in one hit, but my hits also do all the damage so it wouldn't take so long. That way I actually cared about jumping out of the way and such
[18:13:19] <aria> I also assigned no clipping to a button in case I solved a puzzle and it would take 10 minutes to move the blocks accordingly
[18:13:27] <aria> Didn't have to use it though
[18:20:50] <aria> Is Metal Gear Rising out?
[18:21:14] <aria> Cause there's a bunch of videos from it on my youtube feed
[18:22:23] <aria> Max Anarchy was also supposed to come out nowish..
[18:25:55] <aria> January and February 2013 =/ I was way off
[18:26:33] <aria> Have any good games come out ~half a year ago that I can pick up for cheap?
[18:26:48] <aria> Armored Core 5 or Dragons Dogma maybe
[18:28:45] <apreche> Just go on steam or gog and find a cheap game
[18:29:13] <aria> Needs to be something I know is good and haven't played. I usually play most things I think look cool
[18:29:27] <apreche> read a book
[18:29:33] <apreche> too much gaming
[18:29:36] <aria> Recommendations make it easier to find good things I don't know are good
[18:29:50] <aria> Sure, tell me a good cheap book
[18:30:24] <apreche> Yesterday was Halloween, so how about a free Dracula?
[18:30:27] <apreche> http://www.gutenberg.org
[18:30:31] <aria> Already read
[18:30:53] <aria> But thats not a bad suggestion. I could do horror
[18:31:26] <ruffas> dracula's pretty dry
[18:31:40] <ruffas> try some Frankenstein then?
[18:31:56] <aria> Ruffas, where'd you go? =(
[18:32:17] <apreche> I never read this book, but the Hitchcock movie is great
[18:32:18] <apreche> http://www.gutenberg.org
[18:32:24] <apreche> didn't even realize it was book, but it is
[18:33:16] <aria> Is the book this short? Or am I doing gutenberg.org wrong?
[18:33:45] <aria> (About the lenght of a FRCF page)
[18:34:19] <apreche> it is kinda short
[18:34:28] <apreche> maybe I can read it and be done before I leave work
[18:35:09] <aria> Why don't MMOs where you fight game-controlled grunts have proper combat?
[18:35:36] <Neito> Because they don't care about fun, they care about addicting you to a barely-game.
[18:35:41] <apreche> because that problem gets very very hard to solve, if not impossible, when there is more than one player over the Internets
[18:35:53] <apreche> and in a game of skill, you would have much much fewer players
[18:36:01] <aria> Just make it work on your end, and then everyone else sees you clipping
[18:36:07] <apreche> not enough to sustain the servers
[18:36:32] <apreche> sure
[18:36:36] <apreche> but what happens when they join in?
[18:36:38] <apreche> and you team up on some guy
[18:37:03] <aria> Unless 20 people fight the same dude, that shouldn't work
[18:37:13] <apreche> then it's not an MMO
[18:37:21] <apreche> it's just a bunch of people playing single player games with a chat room
[18:37:31] <aria> That is most MMOs =P
[18:37:34] <Neito> Are we going by popular definition of MMO, or Scrym's definition of an MMO?
[18:37:36] <GauntletWizard> Single player games with chat rooms are actually pretty cool
[18:37:48] <apreche> so just make a single player game with a chat room
[18:37:49] <GauntletWizard> Uplink had an IRC client built in - it was great
[18:37:49] <Neito> ToME does it pretty well.
[18:37:52] <apreche> that isn't broken
[18:38:14] <apreche> what is ToME?
[18:38:21] <Neito> ToME connects you (or at least used to, haven't played it in a while) to the ToME IRC channel.
[18:38:25] <Neito> It's a roguelike.
[18:38:52] <Neito> One of the more modern waves of "Let's make nethack, but not nearly unplayable".
[18:38:53] <apreche> I've been looking for multiplayer rogue-likes, but the only one I can find is m@ngband, and it sucks
[18:39:12] <Neito> I can't think of any MP roguelikes off the top of my head.
[18:39:15] <aria> Dark Souls has 11 dudes. Teaming up against 1 enemy works just fine. And that has the best melee combat in any recent game
[18:39:34] <apreche> but that dark souls server probably only has 11 dudes connected to it
[18:39:44] <GauntletWizard> Nethack is awesome on a shared server with lots of bones files
[18:39:56] <Neito> The problem with multiplayer roguelikes is that if you have one good and a few terrible players, you end up with five people watching one person have fun.
[18:39:58] <apreche> yes, but bones files are not multiplayer
[18:40:11] <aria> Nah, you're connected to ~100 dudes, but you only get data from them briefly every few minutes
[18:40:21] <apreche> no, a multiplaye rogue-like would be best as LAN co-op only
[18:40:24] <apreche> not MMO
[18:40:24] <Neito> It's an indirect kind of multiplayer.
[18:40:33] <aria> but yknow, that runs on console. You can do better than that on modern hardware
[18:40:36] <GauntletWizard> YOu know what was an awesome singlemultiplayer experience?
[18:40:39] <GauntletWizard> Journey
[18:40:46] <Neito> Too bad it's PS3 only.
[18:40:47] <apreche> journey overrated
[18:40:49] <GauntletWizard> Journey did singleplayer with interaction right
[18:41:02] <apreche> average platformy game with nice arts
[18:41:08] <apreche> and one clever idea that gets old fast.
[18:41:38] <Apsup> Spelunky is multiplayer roguelike with co-op.
[18:41:39] <aria> Journey is less MMO-y than this game Im looking at with bad combat. But DkS has the same amout of player interaction; It just also has good combat
[18:41:42] <Apsup> IN a way.
[18:41:45] <GauntletWizard> It was short; Didn't get old for me before I finished it
[18:41:46] <lukeburrage> I am watching worst Star Wars.
[18:41:51] <aria> Spelunky has multiplayer?
[18:41:55] <aria> Suddenly much more interested
[18:41:58] <Neito> The console version does.
[18:42:01] <Neito> Not the PC version.
[18:42:01] <aria> Christmas special?
[18:42:08] <Neito> It's same-screen co-op.
[18:42:14] <Apsup> It's awesome in a chaotic way.
[18:42:15] <apreche> XBOx Spelunky co-op isn't bad
[18:42:15] <lukeburrage> Episode 2. It's actually painful.
[18:42:19] <apreche> but it's hard
[18:42:27] <GauntletWizard> xbox spelunky?
[18:42:31] <GauntletWizard> And it has co-op?
[18:42:38] <GauntletWizard> what rock have I been living under?
[18:42:44] <apreche> i was about to ask about that rock
[18:42:47] <GauntletWizard> Art really does matter; I've gotten so jaded that any one game mechanic can't hold my attention long
[18:42:49] <Apsup> I was just about to ask that.
[18:42:54] <Neito> That's... Kinda the point of a roguelike, Scott.
[18:42:58] <Neito> To be balls-bustingly hard.
[18:43:06] <Apsup> TO hard, but fair.
[18:43:13] <apreche> there's a difference between legit hard and bullshit hard
[18:43:14] <GauntletWizard> so a nice arts is more important to me than mechanics at the moment
[18:43:17] <apreche> super meat boy is legit hard
[18:43:37] <aria> ^
[18:43:39] <apreche> Ninja Gaiden is on the line
[18:43:49] <aria> Ninja Gaiden is totally legit hard
[18:43:56] <aria> there is no situation you cannot get out of
[18:44:04] <lukeburrage> I completed Ninja Gaiden. It's my only nintendo-hard completion.
[18:44:07] <aria> They give you immortaltity frames just in case people are gonna complain
[18:44:07] <GauntletWizard> The line scott draws is based on how much chance is involved
[18:44:15] <aria> Ninja Gaiden on xbox I mean, not NES
[18:44:16] <apreche> what about those parts where you get knocked back and the enemy respawns
[18:44:19] <Neito> Which Ninja Gaiden? NES or XBox?
[18:44:22] <GauntletWizard> Some people like slot machines, Scott likes state machines
[18:44:23] <apreche> and if you didn't keep the fireball you can't get through
[18:44:23] <lukeburrage> I beat Super Mario 3 but not 1.
[18:44:24] <Apsup> Spelunky is legit hard. Pretty much never I felt like I was bullshitted by the game, death was (almost) always my fault.
[18:44:34] <Neito> There were two games named Ninja Gaiden, about 20 years apart.
[18:44:44] <apreche> NES
[18:44:47] <Neito> Ok.
[18:44:52] <lukeburrage> NES one was balls hard.
[18:44:53] <apreche> Ninja Gaiden XBOX WTF is that shit?
[18:45:00] <Apsup> Last weekend I saw a man almost beat the NES turtles game. He was one hit away from beating shredder.
[18:45:03] <aria> Oh NES is not legit hard
[18:45:14] <Neito> ... Can I buy you a welcome mat for the rock youv'e apparently been living under, Scott?
[18:45:33] <apreche> Neito: I know it existed, I just scoff at it
[18:45:38] <Neito> http://en.wikipedia.org(2004_video_game)
[18:45:41] <Neito> Ah.
[18:45:44] <Neito> I...
[18:45:44] <Apsup> Now now, Scott is part of PC master race, he doesn't have time for all out casual baby console games.
[18:45:45] <aria> My main problem with Slunky is that it was slow... But that might not be as much of a concern wwith more players
[18:45:57] <Neito> I really need to stop responding to things before my coffee hits.
[18:45:59] <Apsup> slow...it has a run button.
[18:46:04] <apreche> Problem with Spelunky multiplayer is lack of cooperation.
[18:46:10] <Apsup> talk.
[18:46:16] <Apsup> Shout if needed.
[18:46:17] <Neito> Wouldn't that be a problem with the players and not the game?
[18:46:27] <apreche> well Rym, worse co-op ever
[18:46:29] <Neito> That's kinda like saying "Counterstrike sucks because people teamflash".
[18:46:36] <aria> I always held down the run button
[18:46:39] <aria> still felt slow
[18:46:40] <Neito> Hit him with a rock.
[18:46:44] <aria> Also first shop keeper
[18:46:48] <aria> no matter what I did I couldn't kill him
[18:46:49] <lukeburrage> These "love" scenes are actually making me feel ill.
[18:47:02] <apreche> love scenes in what?
[18:47:04] <aria> In a good game, I can learn a dude with infinite retries and eventually kill him
[18:47:06] <Apsup> You are not supposed to kill shop keepers.
[18:47:08] <Neito> Rym's the kind of co-op partner who takes all the goodies and power-ups, isn't he?
[18:47:14] <lukeburrage> Love scenes in Attack of the Clones.
[18:47:14] <aria> Star Wars 2
[18:47:23] <Apsup> You can kill them it just takes luck and skill. You lack both.
[18:47:24] <apreche> why are you watching that?
[18:47:32] <apreche> Rym will not only eat all the food in Gauntlet
[18:47:39] <apreche> he will let death loose on you after you have no potions
[18:47:47] <apreche> also shoot foot you are about to eat if he doesn't need it, or can't get to it first.
[18:47:47] <Neito> "You deal with that unstoppable monster. I'm going to examine this treasure chest"
[18:47:50] <lukeburrage> Because I'm writing a book about Star Wars and the New Testament. I'm doing my homework.
[18:47:51] <aria> Then the game requires too much skill
[18:47:56] <Apsup> I gotta admit, co-op in Spelunky is hard mode on already hard game.
[18:48:21] <lukeburrage> Also I might do my own edit of the movie, like I did with Episode 1.
[18:48:23] <apreche> I wish the game swould just be honest
[18:48:26] <apreche> like Super Hexagon
[18:48:28] <apreche> which is legit
[18:49:17] <apreche> but it tells you up front, Hard, Harder, Hardest, Hardester, hardestest, hardestestest?
[18:49:21] <apreche> I never unlocked the last one
[18:49:32] <apreche> FTL is all lyaing with it's easy normal
[18:49:36] <apreche> should be hard/harder
[18:49:48] <aria> The dude who made FTL is good at FTL
[18:49:52] <aria> For him its easy
[18:50:02] <apreche> he has information we do not have
[18:50:04] <lukeburrage> This action scene is pretty good though. Boba Fett and Obiwan are hammering it out.
[18:50:04] <apreche> which is unfair
[18:50:07] <apreche> hidden rules
[18:50:10] <GauntletWizard> well, knowing the exact probabilities of everything is huge
[18:50:15] <apreche> exactly
[18:50:31] <apreche> if I knew the odds of a crazy guy on a rock being a crewmember vs. killing a crewmember
[18:50:36] <aria> I totally hear people call Dark Souls easy mode hard all the time. Im good at that game, I don't think its hard
[18:50:51] <apreche> I don't think Mega Man 2 is hard
[18:50:58] <apreche> but just watch people who didn't grow up with it try to play
[18:51:11] <apreche> Rym can beat Bionic Commando without getting hit almost
[18:51:16] <apreche> but watch me try to beat the second level even
[18:51:22] <aria> Rym is too good at Bionic Commando
[18:51:37] <aria> Is that Mega Man 2 easy or hard mode?
[18:51:44] <apreche> Mega Man 2 only has one mode
[18:52:01] <aria> Mega Man 2 totally has 2 mo-- Ima google
[18:52:08] <apreche> I guess the US cartridge has a baby mode for babies
[18:52:10] <apreche> but that does not exist
[18:52:22] <Neito> http://forum.cheatengine.org
[18:52:26] <bronzdragon> Poor US babies
[18:52:33] <bronzdragon> Always haveing to play really hard games
[18:52:37] <bronzdragon> They have it tough.
[18:52:49] <GauntletWizard> apreche: The crazy guy is like 90% kill, unless you have t2 medbay
[18:52:54] <apreche> Japan didn't have baby mode because there are no babies there.
[18:53:10] <aria> Then it does have easy mode!
[18:53:10] <bronzdragon> Everyone was born old
[18:53:11] <Apsup> Mega Man 2 has two modes, real manly mode and Amarican casual babby mode.
[18:53:23] <Neito> Actually, the irony is that some games are getting easier because the Japanese gamers are demanding them.
[18:53:30] <bronzdragon> ... which mode do you play if you're a lady?
[18:53:42] <Neito> The bullshit otaku "I just want to see the pretty girls" mentality.
[18:53:43] <apreche> True story
[18:53:48] <apreche> when I was a kid playing Mega Man 2
[18:54:06] <Neito> DMC's American Normal was Japanese Hard.
[18:54:09] <apreche> I would get to this part in Metal Man's stage where you had to drop down
[18:54:11] <apreche> to go forward
[18:54:19] <apreche> I had a memory that it was a trap
[18:54:25] <apreche> a false memory
[18:54:27] <aria> When people play Mega Man 2 for the first time and have not played any other Mega Man, it's totally fine to play easy mode
[18:54:27] <apreche> so I didn't go down there
[18:54:42] <apreche> eventually I went to that stage with the 1 and 3
[18:54:45] <apreche> and tried to go up
[18:54:47] <apreche> it did not work
[18:54:50] <apreche> obviously
[18:54:53] <apreche> just a 1-up up there
[18:55:02] <Apsup> When I was a kid I had all the maps for Mega Man 2 so I never got that testing and exploration part of that game.
[18:55:09] <apreche> so I went down, and for the first time saw the guys who dance on the gears
[18:55:13] <aria> Although I wouldn't let Bronz try easy mode when he asked if he could..
[18:55:13] <apreche> and was all ZOMG
[18:55:23] <apreche> that was after months, perhaps years, of owning it
[18:55:34] <apreche> first two NES games I got were Mario/Duck Hunt and Mega man 2
[18:55:56] <apreche> I should play some Mega Man 2...
[18:56:04] <Neito> I can't even remember my first games. We got our NES from one of my dad's employees who was giving it away.
[18:56:05] <Apsup> I was one year old when we got NES so my fist memories are from buch of games.
[18:56:10] <Neito> I remember Bionic Commando
[18:56:16] <Neito> And Zelda
[18:56:19] <apreche> I was 8,9,10
[18:56:19] <Apsup> I just this week beat Mega Man 2.
[18:56:20] <apreche> dont' remember
[18:56:24] <Neito> And Silent Service?
[18:56:26] <apreche> I got Zelda some weeks/months later
[18:56:30] <apreche> even though it had been out for awhile
[18:56:33] <Neito> I was five or six?
[18:56:48] <apreche> no wait
[18:56:53] <apreche> NES came out when I was 3,4?
[18:56:55] <Neito> And then we got our SNES around... 8? 9? It's really hard to remember, actually.
[18:57:07] <Neito> I kinda can't remember a time before I had my SNES.
[18:57:23] <Neito> It was like christmas or something, I think?
[18:57:41] <Apsup> Mario/Duck Hunt/World Cup Soccer, Mega Man 2, Duck Tales 2, Journey to silius, Shadow Gate, Ninja game which name I don't remember, maybe even some more. What we had.
[18:57:41] <aria> I can't remember a time before I had like 5 consoles. Yeah I'm young
[18:57:57] <Neito> It was at least 92, maybe 93, because my little brother was old enough to be getting toys for gifts....
[18:58:22] <Neito> See, Scott, this is where the difference in our ages comes in to play.
[18:58:27] <Neito> I was born the year the NES came out.
[18:58:44] <apreche> I grew up with Atari 2600, mostly NES, then a bunch of Genesis
[18:58:48] <Neito> I did not exist in a time when Nintendo was not a major part of my video gaming life.
[18:58:49] <apreche> and even some N64 before going to college
[18:58:59] <apreche> freshman in college just a few years under me
[18:59:02] <apreche> Playstation was their first console
[18:59:10] <apreche> they were fucked the fuck up
[18:59:11] <Neito> I had NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, PS2.
[18:59:18] <Apsup> For me it was NES -> PlayStation -> PlayStation 2 -> rest
[18:59:28] <apreche> GameCube was our system from sophomore year of college to the end
[18:59:45] <apreche> Playstation only used for DDR and a few Japanese games
[18:59:48] <apreche> PC used for all else
[18:59:52] <Neito> For handhelds it was Gameboy, GBC, GBA, DS, PSP, 3DS.
[19:00:07] <Neito> Had the PSP not been so easy to hack, I dobut I would've gotten it.
[19:00:08] <apreche> oh, all Nintendo handhelds were in full effect
[19:00:11] <aria> Wait, so you've only been out of college for a few years? Why do you act so old then?
[19:00:15] <apreche> I bought GBC, GBA, DS all on release day
[19:00:23] <lukeburrage> I had a Spectrum ZXII, an Amstrad 464, an Amstrad 6128, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, with a NES in there too. Then a Playstation, a N64… and a Wii. Plus PC gaming since 1996.
[19:00:34] <lukeburrage> And a Gameboy.
[19:00:41] <apreche> you are your weird UK systems
[19:00:41] <Neito> But for a hundred bucks and being able to play Project Diva: Hatsune Miku Exttend and a bunch of JRPGs when I ahve my infinite free time?
[19:01:01] <lukeburrage> Did you have Amiga in the USA?
[19:01:09] <apreche> yeah, but almost nobody bought one
[19:01:09] <Neito> Yes, but it wasn't a huge force.
[19:01:14] <Apsup> I have never bought any console non-used. DS, PSP, 360 all used and cheap.
[19:01:24] <Neito> The C64 was fairly huge over here for a while.
[19:01:32] <apreche> yeah, both my cousins had C64
[19:01:36] <lukeburrage> Amiga was pretty big in the UK.
[19:01:41] <Neito> My uncle gave us like three or four.
[19:01:44] <Neito> In 1993.
[19:01:46] <apreche> but all the classrooms in school had Apple //
[19:01:46] <Neito> So...
[19:01:47] <apreche> and Mac
[19:01:48] <Neito> yeah.
[19:01:53] <lukeburrage> Though I don't know a signle person who bought games. EVERYONE copied and shared them.
[19:02:02] <apreche> one friend has IBM Ps/1, but their dad still works for IBM
[19:02:05] <Neito> We finally bought a PC in 95.
[19:02:17] <Neito> Pentium 90, 16 megs of ram.
[19:02:21] <apreche> we bought the 486 in...
[19:02:24] <apreche> 95 also I think
[19:02:33] <Neito> And an 850 meg hard drive, because "Who's going to need a full gig?".
[19:02:35] <apreche> I built the Pentium 3 in '98 or '99
[19:02:55] <Neito> Thing set my family back like 3000 bucks.
[19:02:56] -!- ruffas has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[19:02:57] <lukeburrage> Not all those were mine. I have a twin, so we often had two different consoles or computers, one each.
[19:03:02] <Neito> Ran Windows 3.1.
[19:03:09] <Apsup> I only built my first computer. 1 and half months ago.
[19:03:10] <Neito> Remember Win3.1?
[19:04:14] <lukeburrage> Some fun action in the middle of Attack of the Clones. Every time it cuts back to Anakin I want to punch myself in the face.
[19:04:16] <Neito> Then we got a gateway something-or-other in 99. I rarely used that one, so I don't remember much about it. Same with the HP.
[19:04:26] <lukeburrage> I used Windows 3.11 for workgroups.
[19:04:31] <Neito> Then we just started getting laptops.
[19:04:40] <apreche> I had OS/2 Warp Dual booted with Windows 3.1
[19:04:43] <apreche> then went straight to '95
[19:04:59] <apreche> The Pentium /// ran 98SE and then 2000
[19:05:25] <Neito> We went 3.1 -> 95 -> 98 -> ME -> XP.
[19:06:00] <apreche> there's some kid sout there now
[19:06:01] <apreche> first OS
[19:06:02] <apreche> iOS
[19:06:08] <apreche> first console
[19:06:09] <apreche> Wii U
[19:06:24] <Neito> Remember that video (I think it was a TotD once) of someone upgrading all the way from Windows/286 to Win7?
[19:06:30] <apreche> good video
[19:06:36] <Neito> Loved taht vide.
[19:06:39] <Neito> video*
[19:06:47] <Neito> And yeah, Scott.
[19:06:53] <Neito> Like I said around the time of the last election.
[19:07:04] <Neito> There are kids voting now that are younger than my LoZ savegame.
[19:07:32] <Neito> Acutally, I think now it's up to LttP.
[19:07:48] <Neito> God, people who were born in years I clearly remember can vote.
[19:07:56] <Neito> Is this what it feels like to get old?
[19:08:25] <Neito> I don't like it.
[19:08:36] <lukeburrage> When I was visiting Liberty Island, I was standing next to a family. The 8ish year old son was asking about the new buildings over in Manhattan. He kept asking questions, and soon the father was explaining about the twin towers and how "bad men called terrorists flew planes into the buildings and knocked them down." As the son asked more questions, I realized this was the first time he'd ever heard about and understood 9/11.
[19:08:42] <apreche> think about how old people feel looking at us
[19:08:47] <apreche> that is why they are cranky
[19:08:56] <lukeburrage> It was quite poignant for me.
[19:09:07] <Neito> I refuse to believe that I'm turning 30 in three years.
[19:09:15] <Neito> I'm going to be 29 until the end of time, never aging.
[19:09:28] <apreche> Rym likes to say
[19:09:32] <apreche> people who saw the moon landing
[19:09:37] <apreche> had grandparents who fought in the civil war
[19:09:38] <Apsup> I'm older than my sister when she got her first kid. Sometimes that though confuses me.
[19:09:40] <Neito> yeah.
[19:10:03] <Neito> Apsup, I'm two years older than my mom was when she had me.
[19:10:09] <lukeburrage> I think next year I'll be the same age as my father when I was born.
[19:10:19] <apreche> Here's a guy on TV in 1956
[19:10:21] <apreche> http://www.youtube.com
[19:10:29] <apreche> He WITNESSES the Lincoln assassination
[19:10:35] <apreche> witnessed
[19:11:06] <lukeburrage> Read up on the other people in Lincoln's theater box. That's a crazy group of people!
[19:11:34] <lukeburrage> Attack of the Clones recycles soooo much music from The Phantom Menace, and it doesn't fit very well.
[19:11:58] <Apsup> Why does Steam hate me now?
[19:12:04] <bronzdragon> Because everyone does, Apsup
[19:12:07] <apreche> trying to remember if Attack of teh Clones had any good parts at all...
[19:12:19] -!- Kulag has quit [Ping timeout]
[19:12:20] <apreche> I guess big jedi battle near the end
[19:12:29] <lukeburrage> There are some good action sequences in the middle.
[19:12:51] <apreche> oh, I liked when they went to the clone factory
[19:12:51] <lukeburrage> If I do an edit, most of the rest of it will be cut.
[19:13:04] <Neito> Anyway, class.
[19:13:08] <lukeburrage> Obiwan just arrived there.
[19:13:19] <lukeburrage> Christopher Lee!
[19:13:26] <apreche> I like how they talk about master whatshisface who placed an order there
[19:13:31] <lukeburrage> The Techno Union Army!
[19:13:41] <lukeburrage> This is actually really fun.
[19:13:55] <lukeburrage> If it wasn't for Anakin's love story, this wouldn't be too bad.
[19:14:14] <lukeburrage> It's confusing how it cuts between two desert planets though.
[19:14:22] <apreche> you know
[19:14:33] <apreche> the only reason that love story is there
[19:14:36] <apreche> is because Darth Vader has to have kids
[19:14:39] <lukeburrage> Yup.
[19:14:42] <apreche> for the other trilogy to make sense
[19:14:50] <apreche> if they would have had some other excuse for him to make babies
[19:14:54] <apreche> they could have done with out that
[19:15:00] <apreche> he could have made babies with the force
[19:15:04] <apreche> or just plain old force
[19:15:07] <apreche> or techmology
[19:15:18] <lukeburrage> If it was just about Obiwan hunting down Christopher Lee and investigating the new Clone Army, it would work pretty well.
[19:15:46] <apreche> well, the awesome obi-wan/Grievous battle is in III right?
[19:16:04] <lukeburrage> I'm wondering if I could do an edit with no love story at all. Maybe some rape. Not so good for kids though.
[19:16:09] -!- Kulag [Kulag!~kulag@A89381D7.BE16B68E.80DE9213.IP] has joined #geeknights
[19:16:14] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[19:16:15] <lukeburrage> Yeah, that's in III
[19:16:20] <ProfPangloss|Work> The Grievous battle in III was weak compared to the ones in the animated series
[19:16:27] <apreche> that is very true
[19:16:43] <apreche> I love the animated one where Greivous fights a fist full of jedi at once
[19:16:49] <lukeburrage> So, my plan with a combined episode II and III edit is to make Grievous into Darth Maul.
[19:16:50] <apreche> with all the lightsabers at once
[19:16:57] <Apsup> It's not that romance itself is bad, but done poorly like in Episode 2, it's bad.
[19:17:07] <ProfPangloss|Work> That's when everyone first realizes "holy shit FOUR lightsabers? We thought two was fucking awesome"
[19:17:18] <apreche> I thought it was 6
[19:17:26] <Apsup> I have been thinking about watching the Clone Wars cartoon, it's just long long long.
[19:17:35] <apreche> long?
[19:17:40] -!- ProfPangloss|Work has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[19:17:41] <lukeburrage> In the same way that the chopped up Anakin is patched together into Vader, Maul's body is found and patched together into Grievous.
[19:17:41] <apreche> there are only a handful of episodes, and they are all shorts.
[19:18:39] <lukeburrage> So when Obiwan goes searching for Grievous in III, it makes sense that he runs off to find him, because he wants revenge on the Sith who killed QuiGon.
[19:18:57] <Apsup> I mean the newer one. It's so confusing when there are multiple things called the clone wars.
[19:19:48] <lukeburrage> I've never watched the Clone Wars animations.
[19:20:14] <lukeburrage> Wow, I totally forgot that Anakin actually meets his mother again on Tatooine!
[19:20:27] <lukeburrage> This is super bad.
[19:20:33] -!- ProfPangloss|Work [ProfPangloss|Work!8115fb6d@hide-B64552F4.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[19:20:34] <apreche> yeah, the sand people massacre is awful
[19:20:43] <lukeburrage> She was the best actor in the first movie.
[19:20:55] <lukeburrage> What?
[19:21:00] <apreche> I actually thought the flying jew bug was the best actor in the first movie.
[19:21:02] <lukeburrage> I don't remember this at all.
[19:21:16] <apreche> I JUST remembered it myself.
[19:21:39] <lukeburrage> Okay, I HAVE to do my own edit of this.
[19:22:28] <lukeburrage> Since doing my own edit of The Phantom Menace, my version (which is way better than the original) is now the default for my brain to remember.
[19:22:47] <apreche> lol
[19:22:51] <lukeburrage> And I get annoyed when seeing bits of the original movie.
[19:23:02] <apreche> that's something worth reseaching
[19:23:05] <lukeburrage> So if I do my own edit of this, I can have better memories.
[19:23:07] <apreche> memory modification through remixing
[19:23:12] <apreche> if you have a bad memory
[19:23:18] <apreche> make a recording of it or such
[19:23:22] <apreche> remix it to be good
[19:23:25] <apreche> and then watch it over and over
[19:23:34] <lukeburrage> Like I said, I'm writing a book on the subject.
[19:23:40] <lukeburrage> Not exactly that subject.
[19:23:49] <apreche> i thought you said your book was about star wars and jesus?
[19:23:57] <lukeburrage> Not about Jesus at all.
[19:24:29] <lukeburrage> It's about the New Testament, and the development of the texts, compared to the Star Wars saga, and the development of the movies.
[19:24:37] <lukeburrage> The subject matter is secondary.
[19:24:48] <apreche> oooh
[19:24:55] <apreche> That could actually be a legit book that makes money and sells copies
[19:25:06] <lukeburrage> But we know that the original conceptions of the Star Wars characters and world was once very, very different to the popular perception now.
[19:25:07] <apreche> you should put it in all the eBook stores
[19:25:32] <apreche> well, Star Wars Christmas special can tell you that much.
[19:25:40] <lukeburrage> We can see what people at the time though about Star Wars by reading books like Splinter of the Mind's Eye, which was written before Empire was made.
[19:25:43] <lukeburrage> Yeah.
[19:26:12] <apreche> I think I'm going to leave early and go podcast early and not come to the office tomorrow.
[19:26:31] <apreche> since nobody else seems to be coming in
[19:26:33] <lukeburrage> And, as it happens, we can know what problems people had with the Gospel of Mark (the first Gospel written) at the time, because we have two remixes of it in Luke and Matthew.
[19:27:24] <lukeburrage> So, as it happens, nobody remembers the original story as it is presented in Mark, Everyone's memory of Mark is coloured by Luke and Matthew.
[19:27:35] <lukeburrage> Anyway, this is enough to write a book about.
[19:27:41] <apreche> more than enough
[19:28:05] <lukeburrage> Back to watching episode II then… have fun at work!
[19:28:49] <apreche> you should also consider old testament
[19:28:54] <apreche> I read Crumb's book of genesis
[19:29:06] <apreche> and it made it much easier to see this one story that got repeated a whole bunch of times
[19:29:24] <lukeburrage> My book is called Matthew Mark Luke Skywalker. I'm not even touching John.
[19:29:43] <apreche> that is the best title I ever seen
[19:29:54] -!- Neito [Neito!cfceed88@hide-6C77D8AA.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[19:30:17] <lukeburrage> The So if I'm only writing in depth about six movies and three bible books, I'm not going to be able to say much about the entire Old Testament.
[19:30:51] <apreche> what's weird about that Genesis story
[19:30:57] <lukeburrage> I hope the book is popular. It'll be another 18 months before I'm even close to finishing the first draft though. It's taking a lot of reading and research!
[19:30:57] <apreche> is that it doesn't seem to be remixed very much
[19:31:02] <apreche> it's almost identical and repeated
[19:31:33] <apreche> It's like if Luke built four lightsabers
[19:31:34] <lukeburrage> I wrote a paper on the repeating stories of Genesis.
[19:31:36] <apreche> but only ever had one
[19:32:02] <lukeburrage> http://www.lukeburrage.com
[19:32:29] <lukeburrage> Also I made this: http://lukeburrage.com
[19:32:34] <Apsup> Well Steam hates me so I watch some arrow. And leave you to talk about yer movies and bilbes and books. Have fun.
[19:32:43] <apreche> I leave now
[19:32:48] <apreche> later
[19:32:49] <lukeburrage> Bye
[19:32:49] <bronzdragon> Wait, apreche
[19:32:51] <bronzdragon> I need you!
[19:32:58] <bronzdragon> to tell me what this picture is about! https://lh5.googleusercontent.com
[19:33:08] <bronzdragon> I don't get it, why is she dresssed like a tree?
[19:33:10] <bronzdragon> With fangs?
[19:33:45] <Apsup> It's a tree worlf thingie. And she is probably were-tree-wolf-thingie.
[19:34:02] <bronzdragon> There's not a specifc geek thing that is that?
[19:34:32] <Apsup> Tree-wolf-thingies had a spesific name in MLP but I don't remember it.
[19:35:07] <bronzdragon> I see
[19:35:56] -!- ProfPangloss|Work has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[19:42:38] <Neito> "The combination of hardware and software is called firmware"...
[19:43:02] <bronzdragon> I could see how you'd get to that conclusion
[19:43:05] <aria> It's not called "software that works"?
[19:43:09] <bronzdragon> I sometimes have firm wares... ^_~
[19:43:37] <Neito> The problem with that is that it's not some random guy trying to explain it to someone with limited computer experience.
[19:43:43] <Neito> That's my Comp Sci professor.
[19:43:56] <Neito> Talking to my comp sci class.
[19:46:02] -!- ProfPangloss|Work [ProfPangloss|Work!8115fb6d@hide-BF4D4B18.mibbit.com] has joined #geeknights
[19:49:56] <aria> Did you tell him he was wrong?
[19:50:04] <lukeburrage> The droid factory is actually quite fun. Pity the music doesn't fit.
[19:50:10] <Neito> No. I just bitched about it on IRC.
[19:50:27] <aria> You should probably tell him he's wrong
[19:50:53] <Neito> I don't care enough. I have a god-damned 95 in this class literalyl because I've actually done even the slightest bit of programming before. So I don't really care.
[19:51:25] <aria> Does it go to 100?
[19:51:39] <Neito> Yes.
[19:58:53] <Neito> Also
[19:59:00] <Neito> "Shit my computer science professor says"
[19:59:02] <Neito> "The combination of hardware and software is called firmware"
[19:59:32] <lukeburrage> A big monster fight! Pretty interesting.
[19:59:46] <Neito> Damnit.
[19:59:48] <Neito> Wwrong window.
[20:09:20] <lukeburrage> A can't believe that they're just reusing the same music for a different movie. It's like they didn't give a shit at all.
[20:24:40] <GauntletWizard> http://nicoviewer.net
[20:26:08] <Neito> I don't think you have to use nicoviewer anymore. Niconico.jp has an english version now.
[20:28:39] -!- Neito has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
[20:38:07] <Apsup> Gotta say that I've liked the new (Green) Arrow series so far. Though it's not fair for them to leave second episode in a row in cliffhanger.
[20:44:07] <aria> Nicoviewer? Not Nicovideo?
[20:44:42] -!- Neito [Neito!neito@CC88F599.6DD38336.5E4272EE.IP] has joined #geeknights
[20:46:32] <bronzdragon> Italia!
[20:46:33] <GauntletWizard> I dunno, I don't pay attention to Nico*
[20:46:47] <bronzdragon> Poor Nico, always ignored =(
[20:46:55] <aria> I didn't know nicoviewer was a thing
[20:47:04] <aria> Im used to the website being called nicovideo
[20:47:04] <GauntletWizard> as far as I'm concerned, it's a shitty, broken, incredibly overadvertised youtube knock off
[20:47:28] <aria> Adblock catches all the ads if it has any
[20:47:34] <GauntletWizard> aria: Based on inferences from neito's comments, I think it's a proxy for accessing nicovideo out of japan...
[20:48:00] <aria> Im outside of Japan and I've used that website for many years
[20:48:05] <aria> ever since beta 1
[20:48:12] <aria> alpha 1 actually
[20:48:25] <Neito> It used to be that you had to be in Japan, or have an account or something to view NicoVideos.
[20:48:51] <aria> Oh yeah you needed an account (unless embed, so a website that just does embeds makes sense now)
[20:48:55] <aria> I signed up for an account
[20:52:29] <aria> I will agree that youtube better though
[20:52:51] <aria> It used to be youtube with a comment overlay thing
[20:53:06] <aria> When they started their own hosting, they actually had better quality than youtube
[20:53:19] <aria> And they very early on started not compressing sound at all, which I like
[20:53:30] <aria> I believe they still default to mp3 at 320kbps
[20:54:05] <aria> Which sure, its 320kbps, but most of the time if you upload a song, it doesn't need to be reencoded and no data loss is present
[20:54:45] <GauntletWizard> Yeah, Nicovideo went hand-in-hand with Miku Hatsune videos
[20:55:07] <aria> But since youtube has become as good as it is, and Japanese content creators are posting to youtube along side nico nico, there really isn't any reason to go there anymore
[20:55:18] <aria> Haven't visited the site for over a year I believe
[20:55:27] <aria> (although I do see embeds every so often)
[20:55:58] -!- Neito has quit [Ping timeout]
[20:57:49] <yoshokatana> hey, anyone want to play a game?
[20:57:56] <bronzdragon> Wut kind?
[20:57:59] <aria> Ill play Dark Souls
[20:58:01] <yoshokatana> not sure
[20:58:08] <bronzdragon> Dominion?
[20:58:16] <bronzdragon> ... Xcom, I guess?
[20:58:19] <yoshokatana> I've got planetside 2 and mechwarrior beta (among others)
[20:58:20] <aria> Zelda Four Swords Adventure?
[20:58:25] <aria> I haven't played that
[20:58:27] <yoshokatana> I have't bought xcom yet
[20:58:37] <bronzdragon> Neither have I.... OH HO HO!
[20:58:48] <bronzdragon> ... I should, that game's really good
[21:00:06] <aria> (What he's saying is that it's piratable)
[21:00:45] <originalme8> ^
[21:00:50] <aria> Seriously though I wanna play Four Swords Adventures, if anyone is willing to coop with me over the interwebs, I'd be much pleased
[21:00:57] <aria> Would be best if it was your first time playing
[21:01:05] <aria> Cause watching people figure out puzzles sucks
[21:01:13] <aria> I played Portal 2 coop with someone who had already beaten it
[21:01:15] <originalme8> Didn't know that was possible :\
[21:01:16] <aria> It was no fun..
[21:02:42] <bronzdragon> that was quick
[21:03:53] <yoshokatana> hm?
[21:03:57] <bronzdragon> Nevermind
[21:04:09] <bronzdragon> or rather, don't ask
[21:05:08] <originalme8> Now I gotta know
[21:05:37] <bronzdragon> Aria said "I'm going to the bathroom
[21:05:40] <bronzdragon> Amd I want to
[21:05:50] <bronzdragon> *I went too
[21:05:51] <aria> "went too"
[21:05:53] <bronzdragon> *and
[21:06:06] <bronzdragon> Anyway, I saw he was here 1 minute after I came back
[21:06:08] <bronzdragon> so I was amazed
[21:06:41] <originalme8> lol
[21:06:53] <bronzdragon> Anyway, potty stuff
[21:06:59] <bronzdragon> They don't make for good stories
[21:07:29] <originalme8> It depends I have a great story about that stuff, but would take me forever to type in here.
[21:08:09] <aria> Please do share
[21:08:39] <originalme8> Man...gotta get it typed up in a text editor so I can copy and paste it when I need it.
[21:08:45] <originalme8> Give me a day or so :)
[21:08:55] -!- VentureJ [VentureJ!Adium@347A8266.6DDAEAC2.F5A3EBB7.IP] has parted #geeknights
[21:10:43] <originalme8> It must be written perfectly...so I need to hire someone good at English :)
[21:11:36] <aria> How long is this story?
[21:11:45] <bronzdragon> Jhonny English!
[21:11:47] <bronzdragon> Hire him
[21:12:23] <aria> For a moment there my mind went to Johnny Bravo when I read that
[21:12:23] <originalme8> It's a decently long story, and I am at work. Typing that much would finish me
[21:12:33] <originalme8> I will build it in Evernote and post it somewhere
[21:14:37] <aria> Excellent, we can't wait to see the fruits of your endever!
[21:14:42] <aria> (see what I did there?)
[21:15:41] <originalme8> You mean including everyone in the IRC with your statement?
[21:15:49] <aria> Yes!
[21:16:04] <aria> I also used fancy wording
[21:16:08] <aria> because talk of english
[21:16:30] <bronzdragon> Why use endever when you could've used labor?
[21:16:42] <bronzdragon> (because poop stories)
[21:16:47] <bronzdragon> (... y'know
[21:16:53] <bronzdragon> Because... pooping)
[21:17:22] <originalme8> lol
[21:18:54] <originalme8> aria: how do you play 4 swords over the internet?
[21:19:06] -!- creamsteak has quit [Quit: leaving]
[21:19:14] <aria> The linux version
[21:19:26] <originalme8> There is a Linux version? o.O
[21:19:35] <originalme8> I had no idea
[21:20:07] <bronzdragon> ... 'linux' version
[21:20:12] <bronzdragon> it runs on linux
[21:20:15] <bronzdragon> Via... softwares
[21:20:19] <bronzdragon> IE, firmwares
[21:20:25] <aria> https://launchpad.net
[21:20:26] <originalme8> Emulator?
[21:20:44] <GauntletWizard> wait
[21:20:51] <aria> Yes emulator
[21:20:57] <GauntletWizard> You can emulate internet connected controllers via dolphin?
[21:20:58] <originalme8> Ah ok
[21:21:04] <aria> ...Probably?
[21:21:10] <originalme8> No Fedora version?
[21:21:11] <GauntletWizard> I didn't need to go out and buy four GBAs?
[21:21:18] <aria> There is a fedora version
[21:21:27] <aria> Ive used Dolphin on fedora many a time
[21:21:45] <aria> Well you can emulate split screen
[21:21:50] <aria> 4 gc controllers on the same console
[21:21:53] <originalme8> Interesting
[21:21:53] <aria> also 4 wii motes
[21:21:58] <originalme8> I may have to look into this this weekend
[21:22:00] <aria> If it can do gba, it probably can do network gba
[21:22:06] <aria> Im not sure it can do GBA though
[21:23:44] <aria> I haven't actually tried four swords
[21:23:52] <aria> I would if I had friends =P
[21:25:21] <aria> Bronz says he tried it with his friend
[21:25:25] <aria> so there ya go, it works
[21:25:31] <originalme8> lol ok
[21:25:33] <bronzdragon> *On the wii
[21:25:40] <originalme8> Well if I actually get around to it, I will let you know
[21:25:46] <aria> Oh he tried with actual GBAs
[21:25:55] <bronzdragon> (sorry =P)
[21:26:47] <originalme8> oh lol
[21:27:07] <originalme8> Yea, from what I understood the GBA had some weird security thing that didn't allow internet play on emulators. :\
[21:28:05] <bronzdragon> ... what magic is that?
[21:28:06] <aria> How do you do that even?
[21:28:13] <aria> Once its emulated, its emulated, no?
[21:28:23] <bronzdragon> That sounds like a really interesting CS article
[21:28:42] <originalme8> I dunno, I have a buddy that works at Gameloft and I think he was telling me that.
[21:29:08] <originalme8> He wanted to play a GB DS game with me over the internet, but I don't own one. Thought he looked into emulation and thought it wasn't possible.
[21:29:53] <bronzdragon> But you wouldn't link them via Internet...
[21:29:57] <bronzdragon> Well, you'd sorta do
[21:30:17] <aria> I Pokemon GBAd over internet
[21:30:32] <aria> Or maybe that was 2 emulators on the same computer...
[21:31:35] <bronzdragon> http://lh4.ggpht.com
[21:31:46] <aria> But two different emulators (same program) were able to talk to each other anyway
[21:34:04] <originalme8> Only question is, can it do it over the web and not just on the same machine?
[21:34:19] <originalme8> Oh, Dolphin for Windows. I can put it on my work laptop :)
[21:34:43] <aria> In our experience, the Linux version works a hell of a lot better
[21:35:03] <aria> Our testing-experience is only with The Wind Waker
[21:35:07] <originalme8> I don't have a laptop that has Linux on it though :\
[21:35:41] <bronzdragon> It's my cake day!
[21:35:46] <bronzdragon> I only just now realized!
[21:36:02] <originalme8> lol
[21:36:09] <originalme8> Happy cakeday
[21:36:09] <originalme8> !
[21:37:07] <aria> Well, the wind waker ran perfectly with maxed out settings on Linux and lagged terrible under Windows. The second game we tried, Zangeki no Reginleiv did not run for shit even at lowest settings
[21:37:11] <aria> We didn't try that one on Windows
[21:37:27] <aria> so maybe its a game specific thing and that particular game would actually work perfectly under windows
[21:37:38] <originalme8> Possibly
[21:38:13] <originalme8> Looks like you have to tweak it per game
[21:38:25] <aria> You can get configs
[21:38:32] <aria> They have a repo
[21:38:38] <aria> Or maybe it's a ubuntu repo..
[21:38:43] <aria> we were able to get configs anyway
[21:38:55] <aria> Right clicking the game icon I belive
[21:39:21] <originalme8> I don't run Ubuntu anywhere
[21:39:56] <aria> Since its built into the UI, I think its global across every distro/probably OS
[21:41:09] <originalme8> Well I shall try getting it on my work laptop first, since it is portable. If it doesn't work I have a Fedora box at home.
[21:55:31] -!- Zappy has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
[21:56:29] <aria> Well good night folks
[21:56:39] <originalme8> see ya
[21:56:44] <originalme8> I'll let you know if I get the emu working
[21:57:02] <aria> Please do
[21:57:09] <aria> Also share the potty tale
[21:57:16] <originalme8> Ah yes
[21:57:20] <originalme8> Need to make a note of that!
[22:01:12] <originalme8> going home
[22:01:17] -!- originalme8 has quit [Quit: going home]
[22:03:49] -!- Zappy [Zappy!textual@hide-3F4E6465.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #geeknights
[22:07:44] -!- aria has quit [Ping timeout]
[22:22:08] -!- Zappy has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
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